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MIKE TYSON: UNDISPUTED TRUTH is a rare, personal look inside the life and mind of one of the most feared men ever to wear the heavyweight crown. Directed by Academy Award® nominee Spike Lee, this riveting one-man show goes beyond the headlines, behind the scenes and between the lines to deliver a must-see theatrical knockout. Written by: Damien Prout / December 4, 2012 2:30pm I was fortunate enough to participate in a conference call interview with the one and only former five time world heavy weight champion Mike Tyson. The main subject of this interview was to discuss his Broadway live stage show: MIKE TYSON - UNDISPUTED TRUTH (Directed by Spike Lee) The following article is based off of that conversation with Mr. Tyson.

I think it is fair to say that people may still hold many misconceptions about Mike. Though some of those misconceptions may have been spawned by the actions of Mike in his past life. The man that I interviewed seem to be very open and brutally honest about what was his many mistakes but he also sets the record straight about what were false media reports and hype and what’s the ‘UNDISPUTED TRUTH”.

The first thing that stood out about Mr. Tyson was his general attitude which seemed to be very upbeat and he was excited to talk about his Live On Stage event.

My first question to Mike was: Before he embarked on this project did he discuss with his family and friends the ramifications of him discussing his tumultuous past?


“As told my wife, who wrote it, she probably didn’t think it was true and she tried to sugar coat it at first and I had to explain to her that people know this guy, but they do not know the guy you fell in love with. So she had to write it down as I explained it to her… what kind of guy this guy was back then.”


If you were to compare the excitement and/or anxiety of doing this live on stage event to a heavy weight fight which fight would best compare to him being on stage in front of an audience?


“Believe it or not I have the same anxieties, but uhm..the only difference like I said before is at the end I don’t have to go to the hospital. But, the anxiety of failing…when an entertainer gets applause, the only applause he hears is the one who is not applauding… he doesn’t hear the 50,000 fans that are applauding, he only hears the one who’s not applauding, he might have dosed off in his chair or something, that’s what he hears, that’s what he looks for, the one who isn’t applauding…failing like that brings the most

anxiety.” BOE: I thought you were great in the Hangover 1&2, when I was watching hang over 2 I was hoping they had you in there somewhere, I was looking forward to that. So with that being said, instead of you just having a cameo scene in a movie would you consider playing a main character in a movie? MT:

Oh absolutely, absolutely I’m willing to do that as well, I’m open for pretty much everything, I’ve been very grateful for everything that has been happening to me…you know prior to this.


Let me tell you something brother, I appreciate that, but listen, you heard of the young football player who just kill the young lady and himself; are you familiar with that guy? The guy from Kansas City Chiefs…listen right, the fac you have to go through that moment in life in order to be a man, you have to go through everything, doesn’t me nothing until your heart is totally disgusted and shattered, for life is meaningless but we come back from it!....W come back…we don’t go the full 9 yards, Everybody has to go through moments like that to become a complete h man being, man and woman…you have to overcome it….

BOE: Yeah, you have to experience the lows in life in order to appreciate the highs in your life…. MT:

Oh absolutely, We have to realize that life is not over…it’s not over…our brains play tricks on us and sometimes wh it is; is not what it is.

BOE: Actually, I really understand that. Being a Black man and dealing with the things I had to deal with in life. MT:

That is so interesting that you say that; Black Americans look at themselves as “Americans” then Black too…we loo at ourselves in 2 perspectives.

BOE: Yeah, a friend of mine put it in an interesting perspective…he said that we have to be at least 3 different people all a once….One is the professional person when dealing with business, then we have to tone it down a bit so we won’t in timidate other people then we are also that person who can still be down with our boys and our people. MT:

…and while doing all three of those aspects we also have to allow our consciousness to supersede our color and loo at life for what it is.

BOE: Well Mike, I really appreciate your time and we look forward to you coming to Durham…. MT:

Do you know any Kirkpatricks from Charlotte, NC? My father’s a Kirkpatrick…

BOE: Not off the top of my head…but I know a lot of people, so I’m sure I know someone who probably knows a Kirkpat rick. MT:

Yeah, my father is a Charlotte Kirkpatrick, he had a lot of kids so there’s a lot of us. (chuckle)

BOE: Thanks for making time for me and again I look forward to seeing you when you come to Durham. MT:

Thank you very kindly

MIKE TYSON - UNDISPUTED TRUTH Live On Stage (Directed by Spike Lee) will arrive at The Durham Performing Ar Center (DPAC) on April 23rd 2013. Tickets are currently ON SALE NOW. If you are interested in learning more about th larger than life icon Mike Tyson; I would definitely recommend checking out this historic and eye opening performance.

We at Blackopps Entertainment are deeply appreciative to all of those involved with setting up this interview. I would like specifically thank: Suzanne Golden of Golden Relations, Emily Fox of Sunshine Sachs and of course the former 5 ti World Boxing Champion Mr. Mike Tyson. Written by: Damien Prout—for Blackopps Entertainment

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