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SHHH...SEALED SECTION! SPOOKY SNEAK PEEK It’s the night before Halloween, and

She hears a burst of laughter from the

a young woman is planning out her

trees. She whirls around, but sees no

perfect outfit. She has the dress, but

one. Instead she hears a voice, of a

it’s going to be chilly out, so she’s

young woman much like herself. The

going to need a coat as well.

voice is warm, and friendly.

She opens her wardrobe and shivers.

‘Welcome to Halloweenia!’ the voice says.

How is it so much colder here than in the rest of her house? And where are all her coats? She steps inside to feel around towards the back – and her feet crunch on snow. Impossible! She thinks. But she’s read plenty of fairytales before, and suddenly she’s excited. This must be a pathway to a magical land! She pushes deeper into her wardrobe. A snow-covered trail opens up before her, and she follows along, hugging her arms to keep warm. Something rests in the snow up ahead – what IS that? She creeps closer – and gasps. It’s a skull, and it’s spattered in blood. It’s too late to turn back – her wardrobe, and her world, have disappeared.


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Plastic Fantastic Sealed Section - Mobile  

Plastic Fantastic Sealed Section - Mobile