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The Secret DVD is a movie purporting to teach the secrets of the great minds of history. Directed by Drew Heriot, The Secret holds as a central theme that there is one secret that society's most accomplished people knew. The use of this secret allowed them to excel in their respective fields. Claiming that the secret was passed down from generation to generation, the director makes the claim that the secret is now being offered for the first time to the general population. In essence the secret is a set of beliefs that allow an individuals creativity to flourish. While the motivational techniques might be effective, it is questionable if any of the mentioned people ever used them. And if individuals such as Plato, Newton, Carnegie, and Einstein ever used them is also questionable. Even if they did follow some of these motivational techniques, at best the followed them without realizing that they in fact comprised a deeply held secret. Motivational techniques are important, and can be very effective in helping people overcome their challenges and succeed at their goals, but most of these techniques are based on simple common sense, not on a deeply rooted secret supposedly passed down from generation to generation. What is more impressive about The Secret DVD is the compilation of motivational ideas, tools, and strategies that can be used to excel in life. The Secret can be helpful for those who are looking to develop a winning attitude and formulate a more positive mind set.

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==== ==== The Magic (The Secret) ==== ====

The Secret DVD A Critical Movie Review  

the magic (the secret)