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It’s February 2016 and my iPhone is so cluttered with apps I’m reaching the point where I need to delete some. Are we reaching the tipping point with apps? Or are there some real life-changers out there? By Nadio Granata

We thought we’d save you time by providing a genuine, no holds barred review of one of our current favourite apps that could be useful to your business; askwhich1. “askwhich1 is a new social polling app that lets you find out exactly what people think! Whatever your question, whether it’s big or small, get votes from friends and users from all around the world.” Most of us are familiar with Survey Monkey, right? A smart, reliable research tool that enables the user to create stylized surveys with responses instantly collated and illustrated in tidy, well defined graphs. If you add to that the power and simplicity of Twitter and then

add the cherry on the top that is Instagram and you have askwhich1. Surveys or polls, whatever term you prefer to use, can be instantly created on your smartphone and you can add images from your own camera roll or by dragging images directly from Google, which are resized by the app. Then you select one of three question types from the simple menu and off you go. One click allows you to preview the survey before you publish it and links to Facebook, Twitter or your clipboard are generated so you can share it with your audiences. So that’s how it works. Is it any good? Yes!

It’s got that addictive factor that Twitter no longer seems to have and Pinterest used to have until it lost out to Instagram. It’s quick, colourful, and serves a purpose. There is also the added degree of vanity, as with all things related to social media, as you sit and watch your responses, or ‘votes’, come flooding in.. Any weaknesses? Yes, at the moment you’re not able to invite your contacts to use the app. There is also the issue of not being able to target your respondents. Although brilliant, the current group facility means that I’m relying too much on responses from random respondents rather than targeted individuals, but I’m told it is coming. I’m sure it won’t be long before it catches on. Score: 8/10



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