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Journal of Deisgn Studio Air ABPL30048 Studio 10 Yao Han,531914 2013 Semester one

Content Previous experiment with digital deisign ------------------- 4 Architecture as discourse ------------------- 6 Comnputational architecutr ------------------- 10


Previous Experience with Digital Design I took four studio subject and three of final projects is represented with digital technology. Rhino is the first digital software that I know for the model making that is introduced in the virtual environment. In the virtual environment, we used surface paneling tool to deisgn the lamp for bodys. And in my first trial with digital modeling, it is mainly forcus on the surface creation rather than architectural desin. It is sure that digital design with architecture is more complicated than digital art.

In the second year of architectural studio, we made real design of archictectural building. But teh second year’s project were conducted by the other digital making software, 3Ds max. With 3Ds, I mainly experienced my design with rectileanear shape which is less interesting compare to project with rhino. So in this case I have less opportunities playing around with different complex geometry. And now moving on to the Grasshopper and Rhino....

Architecture as Discourse ‘Reading betweent the lines’ is a project done by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh on September 24th, 2011. The project is costing 30 tons of steel and 2000 columns to build up a transparent church structure on top of fundament of armed concrete. According to the reading of ‘Architecture and Visual Culture’ by Richard Wiliam this project would be describled as piece of art work rather than the architecture which is situated in the public space, constructed in the form of church and does not contain any welldefined function. The ‘church’ lead us to a visual experience of what a transparent building would look like.

The other favourite one of mine is the Denmark Pavilion designed by BIG with ARUP and 2+1 for 2010 Shanghai Expo. Basically, the ideas of this project was having a big loop for bicycle riding and a big pool with fresh water from Copenhagen’s harbor. It presents a suitable living environment of city like Copenhagen to the world. The whole forms of Denmark Pavilion is simple but meaningful that passing the message of green energy movement. The big loop allows people get close the to experience of riding without taking too much space and this sort of space arrangement both providing aesthetic vision and functional convenience.

Computational Architecture We have already acknowledge and experience that digital technology provide great improvement in the area of design providing another perspective view towards the world of nature. The famous precedence for BLOB architecture design, Montreal Biosphere, that created by visionary architect Richard Buckminster Fuller in 1990s, this structure can never be archieved without the involvement of computational technologies. By creating this dome, it provides new thinking of art design and philosophy, how people surrounded by universe. And I believe digital technology is help with the structural and geometric design of the dome. With natural load sharing ability of perfect sphere and rigidity of triangular structure.

Of course that, a great digital design has to encounter with the issue on frabrication and construction as only now digital program is a analytical tool on the problems. Zaha Hadid office has great ability of expressing the idea of of fluidity, velocity and lightness. But in terms of construction, every large structure has to be teared down into small piece and every large surface has to be consisted of small panels. Therefore, digitial technology show its expertise on ccalculations which enable modern architect such as Zaha Hadid to start an inovation on digital fabri-

cation and 3D printing. This proposal for a museum and cultural centre is creating a future architectural language that meets new technologies in order to articulate complexities and forwards the ongoing innovation,

Studio Air Journal  
Studio Air Journal  

ABPL30048 Design Studio Air by Student Yao (Brian) Han 531914 2013 semester one