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“The IN”…the official Enewsletter of ‘BlackHand’

‘BlackHand’ ‘‘BlackHand’

From The Nest… HEY NOW…

This is going to be a ‘shorty’ this month, as there has just been an overabundance of gigging and activities that have required attention! We have some very exciting things coming down the pike…Stay Tuned!! It has come that time of year, where we first ‘spook’ ourselves to attention, give ‘Thanks’ for ALL the blessings we both receive as well as give, and make sure that ‘Peace’ gets a serious foothold & priority into the next year!! We ALL have much to be thankful for, and we encourage you while we do, to realize & appreciate every connection, moment, & lesson we are blessed with in this brief existence. It is, at least for me(ZZ), incredibly humbling to get knocked about & sometimes all-but broken…only to find inner strength & light that wasn’t apparent prior to that moment! Times can get very rough…but if you can find, hold, nurture, & support the folks who chose you in this life, you will find that their love is equal to yours!! We TRULY owe it to each other to take the extra step…to overcome our initial obstacles when dealing with each other, and find new & more powerful paths of connection & understanding. I love and am SO PROUD to call you all ‘Family’…and will renew my commitment to being a source of LIGHT to ALL, to the best of my ability. Please consider being a source of LIGHT on Earth. THANK YOU for your continued support, and please invite your friends to be recruited into the “BlackHand Army”!! Be Well…Stay Blessed! Support Live Local!

ZZ, Alex, John, & Kyle ~ “BlackHand”

“BlackHand” …is an American band which plays PsychodelicFolkRock in central PA, northern MD, & the entire east coast! The 'players' are: ZigZag-Guitar & Vocals; Alex-Percussion & Vocals; John-Piano & Vocals; Kyle-Bass & Vocals



“The IN”…the official Enewsletter of ‘BlackHand’ We cannot begin to thank each one of you nearly enough for your unwavering support of & commitment to ‘BlackHand’!! Your attendance & enthusiasm at our live shows is contagious…and we hope to always be worthy of that kind of deadication!! Our mission is to bring happiness to ALL…through music !

“BlackHand” Performance Schedule • EVERY ‘Black & Blue Wednesday’!! -

‘Blue and Gray Bar & Grill’ “Wood & Steel” (acoustic) 8-11pm! Gettysburg, PA • ‘Gettysburg Eagles’

“Chili Cook-Off”

Friday, 1st November 8:30ish-12am! Gettysburg, PA • ‘The Garryowen Irish Pub’ Friday, 8th November 9:30pm-1am! Gettysburg, PA

Ph.# (717)677-4978

• ‘The Mill at Scozzaros’ Friday, 15th November 9pm-1am! New Oxford, PA

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