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JULY 2012

This is a ‘Forest-Friendly’ publication!!

VOL 2, ISSUE 7 4 5

“The IN”…the official Enewsletter of ‘BlackHand’

‘BlackHand’ ‘‘BlackHand’

From The Nest…

HEY NOW… Hopefully by now, you have been able to attend our “Wood & Steel” acoustic shows every Wednesday evening at the new & brilliant “Blue and Gray Bar & Grill” in Gettysburg, PA!!! This house is AWESOME!!! These nights are SO MUCH fun, and the crowd has been CRAZY!!! The combination of upbeat ambiance, enthusiastic staff, outstanding food, & great acoustic folkrock has made this THE ONLY event in the ‘burg during the week to attend!! June was an extremely important month for the band, as we were blessed to perform at three large music festivals, and expose the unique BH music & experience to many, many new people!! We are pleased to say that we were extremely well-received, and have made some wonderful new friends that we have already found additional opportunities to perform with!! BlackHand is still hard at work, writing new original material for the upcoming, albeit delayed, studio album. We thank you all for your patience, as we endeavor to put together the best product possible!! Do you have questions, suggestions, or requests for the band? Have you seen, or created any band-inspired artwork you’d like to see us use? Have you considered becoming a member of the “BlackHand Army” by getting our tattoo? Please submit any ideas, as we are ALL in this together!! Let’s make the carnival even grander!! We’d like to take a moment to extend a very sincere THANK YOU to each & every one of you for taking the time to keep up with our news, lend us your encouragement, and continue to support this band...We Love You Very Much!!! ZZ, Alex, John, & Kyle ~ “BlackHand”

“BlackHand” …is an American band which plays PsychodelicFolkRock in the central PA, northern MD, & entire east coast. The 'players' are: ZigZag-Guitar & Vocals; Alex-Percussion & Vocals; John-Piano & Vocals; Kyle-Bass & Vocals

JULY 2012

NO TREES were harmed by this Enewsletter!!

VOL 2, ISSUE 7 4

“The IN”…the official Enewsletter of ‘BlackHand’ Stringz-n-Thingz…

I feel excitedly compelled this month, to tell a story about connection! For many years, I have been a big fan of the music, the voice, the spirit… of the wonderful singer/songwriter Toni Brown!! I have from afar, admired her truth & tenacity in a tough industry!! She, and her brilliant husband & musical partner Ed Munson, are amazing performers, deadicated in all ways, to the spirit of the Grateful Dead/Psychedelic community!! They are the most selfless and accepting musicians we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a performance stage with in many years!! While our connections started, ironically, many years ago…it was through the incredible new world of social media that we fostered a friendship that exposed common musical ground that we collectively couldn’t wait to explore!! We finally got those opportunities this month, and have made further plans to do more exciting projects together!! We LOVE you, Toni & Ed…can’t wait for the next phase!! ~ ZigZag

ZigZag & John stayin’ ‘colorful’ !!!

The Key is… What a great summer, so far! I got the chance to play a few really cool music festivals: ‘The Gettysburg Festival’, the ‘In and Out the Garden We Go’ festival at Snipes Farm, and the 2nd annual ‘PiggyPalooza’ at Ross Mill Farm! I got to meet a bunch of great musicians, sound techs, and fans. I got to finally meet, hang out, and jam with Toni Brown and Ed Munson, among other very talented artists. I have to say I'm still on cloud nine, thinking back on our performances and the crowds of people digging some BlackHand! The best’s only July! I hope you all are staying nice and cool! Peace and Love...check out our website Thank You! ~ John


JULY 2012

GO GREEN…or go home!!


“The IN”…the official Enewsletter of ‘BlackHand’ The ‘BlackBone’ The Drum Circle… "Music creates order out of chaos, for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous." Yehudi Menuhin

I had always wondered, but been afraid to ask for fear of being thought crazy, whether everyone always has a song going through their head, or if it was just me. I decided, loony bin be damned, to ask a few other friends of mine. I was surprised that most everyone I asked said "yes", but ALL of the musicians I asked, said yes. I don't know what I would do without music in my life. Even though there have been periods of time where I didn't perform music actively, it was never far from me. I enjoyed seeing live music, listening to new artists, "jamming" with friends. I am even guilty of an open mic night or two in there. I am glad to be back doing what I love on a more consistent basis these days. After these last few weeks and the incredible times we have had together, I can honestly say I feel like I am exactly where I belong again... ~ Alex

The Bomb Shelter… Bass Equipment Pt3: ‘The Hartke Half Stack’ - I use a 3500 head into a 410TP Cab. The TP cab is just like Hartke's standard 4x10, except it has aluminum cones and different magnets, shaving about 15lbs off its weight. The head pumps out 350 watts, but that's not why I bought it. Hartke attracted me because they build just for electric bass. The whole set up will allow cabs to be wired in series or parallel (allowing you to adjust output based on size of venue if you have a full stack), has active and passive inputs for more tonal control based on the bass being used, and features BOTH solid state and tubes which you can mix and match yourself. Basically, the whole rig was designed for complete tonal control - and as time progresses, I plan on using that! Peace! ~ Kyle

Alex & Kyle making up the ‘BlackBone’

JULY 2012

VOL 2, ISSUE 7 4

“The IN”…the official Enewsletter of ‘BlackHand’ We cannot begin to thank each one of you nearly enough for your unwavering support of & commitment to ‘BlackHand’!! Your attendance & enthusiasm at our live shows is contagious…and we hope to always be worthy of that kind of deadication!! Our mission is to bring happiness to ALL…through music !

“BlackHand” Performance Schedule

Ph.# (717)677-4978

• Every Wednesday!! – ‘Blue and Gray Bar & Grill’ “Wood & Steel” (acoustic) 8-11pm Gettysburg, PA •14 July - ‘Blue, Blues, & You’ 2:45-3:45pm • 22 July -‘The N.E.W. A-ville Inn’ 9pm-12am Arendtsville, PA • 28 July -‘The Pike Restaurant’ 9pm-12am Gettysburg, PA • 10 Aug –“Scozzaro’s Old Mill” 9pm-12am New Oxford, PA

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