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“The IN”…the official Enewsletter of ‘BlackHand’

‘BlackHand’ ‘‘BlackHand’

From The Nest… HEY NOW…

Thanks for taking a minute to check out the FIRST Enewsletter for 2014!! Last year was a brilliant one for the band, as we made quite a bit of headway along our goals!! We are ‘gelling’ in a way that only Good Friends, not simply bandmates, can enjoy. Finding accomplished musicians to share the dream is really just the start of the path for a successful live performing band. This particular genre of music, lends well to exploratory travel & flow between members…& if all goes as it should, there is a pinnacle to be reached that enables the ‘SUM’, to be FAR GREATER than its individual parts!! Think of it as an inherent & undeniable ‘Oneness’. This is the ultimate endeavor in AmericanPsychodelicFolkRock! (Jam) <Hate this term! We know that finding this path enables the band, as well as its audience, with the ability to be absorbed into & literally become a part of the music being created in that moment!! Many know this is the goal…few ever accomplish it!! Come & experience it yourself at a live BlackHand performance!! We have many exciting things for you to enjoy this year, to include many special events & a few Festivals, and the eventual completion of our oft’ spoken of but not yet completed Original Album. Thank You to ALL who have supported this band through its first 5 years…and we cannot wait to raise the bar even higher in attempts to keep you excited & entertained in 2014!! “BlackHand Stickers” are finally here & available!! They are very high quality 5 year outdoor vinyl…and show you’re a proud member of the “BlackHand Army”!! Help your friends find their way to the nearest recruiter’s office!!

We hope to see ya’ very soon! Be Well…Stay Blessed! Peace, Love, & Light!

ZZ, Alex, John, & Kyle ~ “BlackHand”

“BlackHand” …is an American band which plays PsychodelicFolkRock in central PA, northern MD, & entire east coast. The 'players' are: ZigZag-Guitar & Vocals; Alex-Percussion & Vocals; John-Piano & Vocals; Kyle-Bass & Vocals


NO TREES were harmed by this Enewsletter!!


“The IN”…the official Enewsletter of ‘BlackHand’ Stringz-n-Thingz… We are hitting our stride, Friendz!! Both the acoustic and electric manifestations of BlackHand are representative of the band’s ‘Live Voice’. It is not easy to make sure that there is a consistency of sound & energy in live performance, when changing up the instruments drastically. It has been a major goal of mine, as ‘soundman de facto’, to insure that whether it’s a lighter acoustic show or an energy-filled full equipment electric evening, you know EXCACTLY which band is playing when you walk in the door!! That ‘cosmic signature’ is more elusive than you may think, and the challenge only exacerbated by the overworked & underpowered live sound production equipment we use!! (I have used it for thousands of gigs, & it is literally older than our bassist Kyle!!) Side note: we are actively seeking a ‘millionaire uncle’ to help us with acquiring updated stuff, Apply Within!! I am willing to take on an enthusiastic ‘sound apprentice’ who may be looking to learn about live sound production to help out with our live sound during shows, in exchange for bragging rights & experience, so if you’re interested in acquiring a new skill…give me a shout!! I’d LOVE the help!!

~ ZigZag Da’ Gang “hammin’ it up”…while t he ‘grouch’ ain’t payin ’ at t ent ion !!

The Key is… With the New Year comes new resolutions, new opportunities, and a chance to erase all the bad from 2013. My number one resolution is to take my son, Gage, to more concerts, starting with RatDog next month and PeachFest in August. For a 13 year old, he's seen Phish (3), Phil and Friends, and Bill Frisell. On the BlackHand front, we are planning our attack on our first album, upgrading our sound equipment, and hopefully expanding our fan base by playing outside our local area. Last year was a great success, in my opinion. We played some large festivals, made a boat load of new friends, and melted faces from Philly to Gettysburg. I can't thank you all enough for your continued support of BlackHand. I wish you all the very best for 2014! ~ John


GO GREEN…or go home!!


“The IN”…the official Enewsletter of ‘BlackHand’ The Drum Circle… Friends, I just have to share a recent experience with you. I was coming out of a shopping center, and noticed a gentleman holding a sign that said (basically) "Former Veteran, Father of Four, Hard Times, Please Help". I had a couple bucks on me and handed them out the window to him and pulled up to the light. He comes up to the window again and says "Hey, can I ask you what that BH sticker on your car means?" I told him it represented my band BlackHand, and it’s awesome following. I then asked him why he wanted to know…He said that FOUR of the cars that had stopped to give him some cash that day…HAD THAT STICKER ON THEM!! I have never been so proud to have the friends that I have in all of you then on that day. I also observed on a recent Wednesday night show was attended by a few new friends that weren't from the ‘area’. I noticed some of you inviting them to come sit at your table, noticed that you are now social media friends, etc! Also, we were asked to do a gig that attendance of could have been somewhat controversial for some of you. I ‘put it out there’ to the folks that I thought might not be so pleased that we took it and all I got back from them was love and support!! (To let you know, we didn't take it - loss of integrity is much more expensive then turning down one gig). I can't explain what kind of feeling it is to know that I am a part of a "family" like this. Thank you all for the tremendous love and support you ALWAYS give us. ~ Alex

The Bomb Shelter…

Hopefully, we’ll hear from Kyle next month!!

Sorry…but ain’t she a beauty?!? Doesn’t hurt that she ROCKS!!!



“The IN”…the official Enewsletter of ‘BlackHand’ We cannot begin to thank each one of you nearly enough for your unwavering support of & commitment to ‘BlackHand’!! Your attendance & enthusiasm at our live shows is contagious…and we hope to always be worthy of that kind of deadication!! Our mission is to bring happiness to ALL…through music !

“BlackHand” Performance Schedule • EVERY ‘Black & Blue Wednesday’!! -

‘Blue and Gray Bar & Grill’ “Wood & Steel” (acoustic) 8-11pm! Gettysburg, PA • ‘The N.E.W. A-ville Inn’ “Electric Psychodelia” Friday, February 7 th… 8:30ish-12:30am! Gettysburg, PA • ‘The Garryowen Irish Pub’ “Gettysburg Rocks’14” Saturday, February 8 th… 10:00ish-11:30pm! Gettysburg, PA

Ph.# (717)677-4978

• ‘The N.E.W. A-ville Inn’ “Electric Psychodelia” Sunday, February 23 rd 3:30ish-6:30pm! Gettysburg, PA

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