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Selected Poems by John Grey The Man Who Killed His Guardian Angel The law will be here any minute though not the cops from the nearby precinct house. This is a SWAT team after your own heart. And they won’t bang the door down. They’ll slip easily through the walls. Forget fingerprints and DNA and all that TV drama crap. Their eyes will move from your face to the corpse and back again and that will be enough. And they won’t get sidetracked drumming up a motive. You’re all the reason they will ever need. Your punishment is that there’ll no longer be a guardian angel looking out for you. It could be worse, my man, up there in the rafters, swinging gently by the throat. They might have sentenced you

Black Fox Literary Magazine Issue #3  

The Winter Issue of Black Fox Literary Magazine featuring new fiction, poetry, non-fiction and photography.

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