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decided that I would just ignore them. Most trans folk stick with the program, but it seems to me that the Benjamin Standards, as they’re called, must make transition almost unbearable. The Standards were invented decades ago by Dr. Harry Benjamin, a psychiatrist who worked with patients dealing with gender disorders. Over time, he worked out what must have seemed like an incredibly liberating structure for transition, back then: at least two years of therapy; a year of living in the desired gender fulltime; hormone therapy for at least a year; then surgery. For me, that would have meant starting therapy in my late 30s; living as a curvy, large-breasted man-like person for a year; living as a curvy, large-breasted hairy man-like person for a year; and then finally getting surgery in my early 40s. I considered that for less than a day. I had been trying to change for decades. In high school, I had tried living full-time as a boy, until my mother shut it down. As an adult lesbian, my increasing

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