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And the slope became steeper as the darkness of the sky remained black, the stars remained shining, and the wind blew endlessly. The boy was swift with each step and the girl followed dutifully hand-in-hand. Her eyes were sparkling, but the boy wasn’t sure whether she was sad or happy. “It’s getting cold,” the girl said. “I’m feeling alive,” the boy said. Soon their feet were covered in snow and their breaths materialized before them. Ascension had become a brisk yet tiresome experience. “Almost there,” said the boy. They had reached the top of the mountain and were looking out upon the dark expanse before them. A blanket of shadow was on the world as it was on them. “What now?” asked the girl. “Now,” said the boy. “We jump.” “I can’t.” Her voice shook.

Black Fox Literary Magazine Issue #3  

The Winter Issue of Black Fox Literary Magazine featuring new fiction, poetry, non-fiction and photography.

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