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Editors’ Note

Round three! We apologize for the delay in our winter issue but we are so elated to be back and continuing our goal of showcasing writers of various genres. Our contributors and readership continues to grow with each issue that we create and we are so pleased with the quality of submissions that we are receiving. This issue of Black Fox consists of outstanding poetry that evokes emotions and celebrates literature, as well as a nonfiction piece that will be sure to leave a lump in your throat. Of course, we cannot forget the superb fiction featured in this issue. The fiction we’ve selected is more quirky than you may have seen in the past, and this is something that we would love to see more of in our submissions. We desire to read more fiction that thinks outside of the confinements of stories that you may have read in the past, fiction that will inspire and entertain the

Black Fox Literary Magazine Issue #3  

The Winter Issue of Black Fox Literary Magazine featuring new fiction, poetry, non-fiction and photography.

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