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to report. I don't find either to take up much time, though I can't say the same for blogging. Blogging—and the reciprocity of commenting on others' blogs, which is a part of it—takes up a lot of time, and lately I've had to restrict my blogging to once per week because I just don't have enough time (and energy) to blog and write.

BF: Speaking of finding a balance, what does a typical day look like when you’re writing (for example, do you prefer to write at home or in public? Do you prefer to write in the morning, or at night while everyone else is asleep?)

JH: I write at home, in a designated home office that's all mine. Typically, I'll write with the door closed, and I'll have a cup of tea to my right and a lit candle to my left. I usually write in the afternoons, but I'll write well into the night if I

Black Fox Literary Magazine Issue #3  
Black Fox Literary Magazine Issue #3  

The Winter Issue of Black Fox Literary Magazine featuring new fiction, poetry, non-fiction and photography.