Black Fox Literary Magazine #16

Page 104

Selected Poems by Lorraine Henrie Lins Waiting For Bobby RFK Funeral Train Trenton, New Jersey, June 8, 1968 I. We turn off of Bakers Basin bridge, just beyond the bend in the road, the dust chalking up our windshield, thick grit settling on the hood. We angle down the one-car path, slight branches slapping in through the open windows of our station wagon, scraping the side panels like fingered nails along fence pickets, rips of leaves settling in on the seat beside me. II. I’m six and the wait is too long. I stand between my father in his rolled shirtsleeves and my mother in her loafers and skirt. Kids slide pennies onto the tracks, lining them up, coin to coin along the glint of metal that stretches beyond where I can no longer see. III. I hear it before I see it. 103