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E E R F The Natural Bride Local Supplier Directory

Issue 1 ~ Autumn/Winter ~ 2014

The Creative Bride


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Welcome to our very first issue of

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We know this will be every couples ultimate wedding guide full of valuable, down to earth information for your Wedding planning. Including tips and real advice in finding the best local suppliers in Port Macquarie and the surrounding areas. This is such an amazing time in your life, so remember to enjoy the planning process. Stay focused on the reason why you are getting married, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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Guide for the Local Bride.

Jess and Jill xx

General Enquiries Jill Mckern & Jess Blanch Editor and Publishers: Jill Mckern and Jess Munro Design and Picture Editor: BlackDog Ink Photography: Matthew J Photography

11. Decorating. . . . . . . . . . Pg 36 12. Photography . . . . . . . . Pg 39 13. Videography. . . . . . . . . Pg 44 14. Transport. . . . . . . . . . . Pg 45 15. Entertainment. . . . . . . Pg 46 16. Hens Night . . . . . . . . . Pg 48 17. The Creative Bride. . . . Pg 52 18. Quick Index. . . . . . . . . Pg 53 All Materials in Guide for the Local Bride both written and Photographic is copyright. Strictly not to be reproduced unless Consent by the publisher.


THE RINGS Designing your Perfect Ring Decide on your budget and consider payment options to pay off your ring. de Silva Jewellers in Port Macquarie offer this service. Consider which type of gold you would like to wear for the rest of your life. Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, or consider Platinum. The material you choose will determine the price of your diamond ring. The cut of your diamond is another thing to think about. Brilliant Cut, Oval, Marquise, Heart Shape, Emerald Cut, Princess Cut and Cushion Cut. Choose a style you love.

When reasearching it will help to talk with proffesionals like David at de Silva Jewellers. Ask about the 4 C’s of Diamonds. Colour, Cut, Carat and Clarity. It can be very romantic to help design your rings together. Sit down with the jeweller and discuss your style - classic, trendy...Create a piece which is uniquely yours. de Silva Jewellers are Port Macquarie’s most sought after, trusted ring design specialists. You don’t have to do it on your own, located in the heart of town, David can help you with your rings from start to finish. The best part of working with de Silva Jewellers is you won’t see your ring on any other finger but yours.

Horton St, Port Macquarie


THE RINGS Finding the Perfect Ring

Your wedding ring is a symbol of love, commitment, trust, dedication and loyalty. Your wedding rings are worn on your left hand, as it has been said it is the finger with the vein running straight to your heart. The Engagement Ring The Wedding Band The Eternity Ring

Consider buying a full set of rings so it all matches, it may be hard to find a style of rings to fit perfectly with your engagement ring. Don’t choose the first ring you find, you will have it on your finger forever.

If you or your partner’s occupation is unsafe for wedding rings to be worn, consider still wearing them but in a safe place. Maybe on a necklace? (If your partner is a surfer or swimmer, remember fingers shrink in water.)

“A penguin only has one mate throughout their entire life, and the way they propose is by giving their mate a pebble.” Have your ring professionally cleaned before your Engagement Party, Hen’s Night, and your Wedding Day.

Keep your gorgeous “bling” constantly clean with this easy tip. Warm soapy water, with washing up liquid. Leave to soak for a few hours. Scrub softly with a toothbrush. Run ring under water.


ENGAGEMENT Ready, Set, Get Married

Inform your closest family and friends of your engagement. After your loved ones know, announce your happiness to the world! There’s no set time for your engagement party but traditionally around three months after your husband pops the question. Stick to a budget for your engagement party. Keep in mind weddings are expensive and you should start saving! Its costly to have all your friends and family at the wedding! So why not make the engagement party for everyone. With all the work you have cut out for you with your wedding it is more than OK to send your engagement party invites as texts, emails or phone calls.

Think about a date for your wedding, even if you don’t decide exactly, have an idea, as you are sure to have everybody asking you “so....when is the wedding?...”

Ingredients to the Best Engagement Party

The Bride, the Groom, the food, drinks, music and some good company. Ensure there is plenty to eat for your guests! Also music or entertainment to keep everyone amused and dancing. An Engagement Shoot gives you the opportunity to get a feel for your Wedding day or try some different locations.

If a pre shoot is not in your budget, grab your fiancé, take him to a special spot and take some cute selfies together...

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”


THE GUESTS Save the Date

To ensure your guests can make it, save the date in advance. There are many options. Visit Pose it Photo Booths for a cute save the date with that personal touch.

The Guest Favours (Bonbonnieres)

Stubby holders, shot glasses, wine glasses, key rings, small photo frames and much more. For an everlasting memory engrave at Port Badges and Engraving. Traditionally 5 sugar coated almonds were given to each guests, representing health, wealth, happiness, good luck and fertility. Recent trends include chocolate hearts and lolly buffets. Try a Pose It Photo Booth for guests to capture their fun memories.

A Wishing Well

Some couples may feel like asking for money is impolite, however these days it is more than common. Consider putting into your invitations, “More than just kisses we have shared so far. Our home has been made with love and care. Most things we need we already have. And in our home we can’t fit a lot! A donation to our wishing well would be great, But only if you wish to participate.” Hire a wide variety of wishing wells from your local decorators, see quick reference guide at back this magazine.

Popular Engraving Ideas

I love you Always and Forever Forever mine, forever yours, forever ours. My Very Best Friend Amor Vincit Ormina (love conquers all) To have and to hold Bride and Groom (names and date of Wedding) Never to part Your Nicknames You are so mine Love you to the moon and back Together as one, faith, hope and love.



Popular Local Ceremony Locations

Windmill Hill

Location: Pacific Drive opposite Windmill Ave Venue holds: Approx. 150 guests Parking: Adequate Amenities: No Power: No Access: Via a paved walkway Undercover area: No Bookings: PMQ Hastings Council, 02 6581 8111 Costs: Non-refundable fee of $110.00

Harry’s Lookout

Location: Pacific Drive opposite Wandella Drive Venue holds: Approx. 150 guests Parking: Adequate Amenities: No Power: No Access: Via a ramp and paved walkway Undercover area: No Bookings: PMQ Hastings Council, 02 6581 8111 Costs: Non-refundable fee of $110.00

Roto House

Location: Macquarie Nature Reserve, Lord St Venue holds: 200+ guests Parking: Adequate Amenities: Yes Power: No Access: Via paved walkways Undercover area: Yes Bookings: National Parks & Wildlife, 6584 2180 Costs: Non-refundable fee of $100.00

The Lighthouse

Location: Lighthouse Beach Road Venue holds: Approx. 150 guests Parking: Limited Amenities: No Power: No Access: Via stairs Undercover area: No Bookings: PMQ Hastings Council, 02 6581 8111 Costs: Non-refundable fee of $110.00



Popular Local Beach Ceremony Locations

Towns Beach

Location: William Street Venue holds: 200+ guests Parking: Adequate Amenities: Yes Power: No Access: Via paved walkway and stairs Undercover area: No Bookings: PMQ Hastings Council, 02 6581 8111 Costs: Non-refundable fee of $110.00

Oxley Beach

Location: Pacific Drive Venue holds: 200+ guests Parking: Adequate Amenities: No Power: No Access: Via steep paved walkway Undercover area: No Bookings: PMQ Hastings Council, 02 6581 8111 Costs: Non-refundable fee of $110.00

Shelly Beach

Location: Pacific Drive Venue holds: 200+ guests Parking: Adequate, limited in peak season Amenities: Yes Power: No Access: Via paved walkway Undercover area: No Bookings: PMQ Hastings Council, 02 6581 8111 Costs: Non-refundable fee of $110.00

Lighthouse Beach Watonga Rock

Location: Matthew Flinders Drive Venue holds: 200+ guests Parking: Adequate Amenities: No Power: No Access: Via paved walkway Undercover area: No Bookings: PMQ Hastings Council, 02 6581 8111 Costs: Non-refundable fee of $110.00


CEREMONY A Common Order of Ceremony

The procession – the groom will wait for the bride, while the father of the bride will walk her down the aisle. The Officiants opening remarks - “we are gathered here today…” The charge to the couple –Is the moment set aside to tell the significance of vows about to be taken Readings – you may wish to have someone special read a prayer or blessing. The exchange of vows The ring exchange The pronouncement of marriage The kiss A closing blessing - from the officiant The recessional – walk down the aisle as husband and wife Signing of the register

Our Local Churches

St Agnes Catholic Church

Hay Street, Port Macquarie 65849107

St Thomas Anglican Church

Hay Street, Port Macquarie 65841033

Port Macquarie Baptist Church 18 McIntyre Close 65822844

The Uniting Church

Cnr Oxley Hwy & Sherwood Road 65812414

Port Macquarie City Church

40 Munster Street, Port Macquarie 65846570

Seventh Day Adventist Church

500 Ocean Drive, Port Macquarie 65826561

Questions to ask your Celebrant

Do you work with us to create our own personal ceremony? Do you do all the paperwork and present it nicely? Do you have your own PA? Can you play our music for us? What will you be wearing? Do you do an on-site rehearsal with us? Do you include a signing table, is it nice and what if it’s windy? Do you supply sample vows for us? Do you have other weddings on the same day that limits your time? How long after the ceremony ends do you stay? Do you bring an assistant to help you along the way?



Weddings Commitments Namings Funerals


CEREMONY Ceremony Checklist

Approx. 20 chairs Water or refreshments Shade (consider hiring umbrella’s they also look great in photos) Signing table Blackboard or Bali flags (for guests to find easily)

Wet Weather Backup

Check a few days before your wedding for the forecast, but don’t stress, they have been known to be wrong more than once. If there are possible showers consider hiring wedding umbrellas (available at Wedding Perfection). On the morning, choose the plan at least 3 hours before you need to arrive. This time will give people involved a chance to make new arrangements.


The Vows

You can use Traditional Vows Example: I (name) take you, (name) to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do us part. You can make your own Vows Example: Today I will marry you my best friend, the one I laugh with, dream with, live for and love. I will try to be understanding, and I will trust in you completely. I promise to love you in good times and bad. I will love you always.


A Personal Touch From the Hastings Valley



When choosing a venue be sure to remember your budget and the amount of guests you are considering. Look around for a venue that suits most of what you are looking for. The best part is, it’s all about you! Oh of course and your man ;) if you can, try to reflect your couple style. Laurieton United Services Club With gorgeous views and a spacious room LUSC is a perfect venue for your wedding, with a wedding coordinator to assist you through you can’t go wrong. Providing a friendly and professional service, this venue will provide a wedding that will exceed your expectations. Contact operation manager on 65599110 for the wedding you’ve been dreaming of!


Ceremony Suggestions

Dunbogan river areas North Brother Mountain - Laurieton Lake Cathie Bartlett’s Headland – Bonny Hills Bartlett’s Beach – Bonny Hills Rainbow Beach – Bonny Hills *All with gorgeous surrounds making the perfect photo shoot locations. Bonny Hills Surf Life Saving Club Timber floors, high ceilings, flawless walls and surrounds, this immaculate venue offers a superior standard for a look of elegance and sophistication. Offering the most dedicated wedding coordinators and amazing catering by The Fat Fish located right next door, it will be a night remembered by everyone.



Winter, autumn, spring or summer, it’s always a great day for a wedding at Beaches.

Imagine your perfect beachfront wedding, with sensational coastal views stretching as far as the eye can see Picture how wonderfully well the day will unfold, how confident you’ll feel with the venue staff and how magnificent the photos will be.

The views are simply breathtaking

Whether the ocean is glistening under a blue sky or moodily subdued, there is simply no wedding venue more attractive and dramatic than Beaches at Bonny Hills WBH S.L.S.C Rainbow Beach. The views from the expansive balcony reach all the way up to Lighthouse Beach, which explains why it is popular with both local brides and those looking for a unique location not too far from home.

Such a stunning venue

Beaches at Bonny Hills modern, multi-million dollar development is ideally suited for wedding celebrations and other special events.

Flexible options cater for every budget With a fully-licensed bar and function room, there are a variety of competitive food and beverage packages to choose from. Beaches at Bonny Hills offers the bride and groom a great selection of fine catering thanks to the talented chef Karyn Bartholomaeus and her team from The Fat Fish Beachfront. Add our legendary customer service, professionalism, menu choices and it is no wonder Beaches at Bonny Hills is the venue of choice.

Table Setting Capacity: 160 with round tables. Full Licensed Bar Service Available Cocktail capacity: 200 Contact: For details please contact Rin Monaghan on 0402 450 698 or email:





Canapés on arrival (optional but a good idea. Keep in mind guests will be hungry and drinking!) Entrée (again optional) Main Meal (remember to order any special dietary required meals) Dessert, often the Bride and Groom will serve the wedding cake as dessert or others may serve alternate desserts and have the cake to be taken home.

A Cocktail Style Wedding

If a big wedding isn’t your style or in your budget a cocktail style wedding could be just perfect for you. Tables and chairs, but just a few, bar tables to stand around, decorations for a wedding look and finger food served all night, consider serving mini versions of your favourite meals.

Town Green Inn

Everything you desire, dedication, creativity, and quality service. Town Green Inn provides you with a wedding coordinator to help you through from start to finish. Set menu’s are provided, but at TG’s they will cater a menu limited only to your imagination. Overlooking the Hastings River with a private balcony, private bar and amenities, will all make your function personal. With 3 course meals starting at $40.00 per head you have no reason not to call TG’s.


YOUR RECEPTION Questions to ask your venue

What time do we have to be out? Can we extend the deadline? Are there noise restrictions? Do you have an on-site ceremony location? Do you cater for dietary requirements? Can we have a tasting of the menu? Are there alcohol packages? Is it BYO or can you order in my favourites? Is there a cake cutting and serving charge? Are there any gardens or poolside areas we can use, are there additional costs? What are the deposit and cancellation fees? What is included in their packages? How many can the venue hold? Is there air conditioning? Any wet weather backup options?

Essentials to check your venue supplies

Tables and chairs Table cloths & linen napkins Cutlery, crockery and glassware Present table & cake table Microphones

Additional extras the venue may supply

Bridal skirting Lectern IPod connection Dance floor

Gorgeous additions to consider hiring

Chair covers and sashes, ceiling draping, backdrop, fairy lights, tea-lights.

Seating Plan

The seating plan can be one of the most challenging jobs during your wedding planning, do it the week before to avoid changing the plan too many times. Keep in mind, things happen and guests may pull out unexpectedly.

Place Cards

Place cards are used so guests know where they are seated, but just knowing what table they are sitting at will do the job. Having your place cards organised in table groups and in order of where they are sitting, will make the job much easier for everyone involved on the day. Wedding Perfection can do affordable seating plans and place cards to match your theme, leaving you with one less job to worry about. Contact 65837500









Complimentary arrival canapés Private pre-reception area for bridal party

 Three course menu including alternate serve entree and main meal of your choice— followed by your wedding cake dressed and served as dessert  Herbal tea selections & coffee w/ Centro chocolates to finish  Complimentary wedding menu trial  5 hour beverage package—unlimited consumption  Toasting champagne to all guests  Full room hire and decorations  Skirting for bridal, cake & gift tables  White chair covers w/ sash colour of choice  Ceiling draping w/ fairy lights  Sheer white draped curtains  Wide selection of inspiring table centrepieces  Decorated wishing well Easel for guest seating plan  White Bali flags on outdoor terrace  PA system, microphone & lectern  Personal Function Planner  Professional table Service  Luxury Bridal Suite, on your wedding night  Special accommodation rates for guests Subject to availability and based on 60 or more adult guests


WEDDING ATTIRE There are so many different types and styles of wedding dresses. It helps to know your body type to find that perfect dress. Whatever shape you may be, there is a dress out there for you. Keep your mind open, and try dresses on, and you will be the most perfect bride. • • • •

Body Shape Figures Guide The Triangle figure The Rectangle figure The Apple & Pear figures The Hour Glass figure

Styles of Dresses

The Mermaid or Trumpet wedding dress, will hug the body, if you want to accentuate your curvy figure. This style is very popular and flattering, perfect for the hour glass figure.


The Empire wedding dress is a very forgiving style, great for many body types. It flatters the figure with a high waistline, just under the bust, the fabric falls gracefully to the floor. Its best suited to the pear and apple figure. The Ball Gown wedding dress. A fairy tale gown, usually fits well with a bodice, the dress flares out from the hips, adding glamour. Pear shapes love this style. The A-line dress is a great choice for lots of brides, this shape balances out top heavy figures, and it helps hide the tummy, best suited to all figures. The Column wedding dress runs vertically from top to bottom. The dress hugs the body to make the figure looked well balanced. The best suited body shape is the rectangle figure.

The Men

Dress your Groom from Head to Toe Shirt – a button up, always charming Tie – maybe to match with your girls Jacket – for the formalities Cuff links – a smart look but not essential Pants – to match the jacket Belt – to keep it all in place Underwear – a nice new pair or a lucky pair Flower Button Hole/Pocket Hankie - to match the wedding colour palette Socks – make sure he grabs a black pair. Shoes – plain and simple or make a statement

WEDDING ATTIRE Dressing the Groomsmen

Whether you would like them to be different to your Groom or keeping them all the same is a choice all for you and your man. Consider a different colour tie or pocket flower, but remember to keep them all matching when they are together, same with your bridesmaids.

Street Smart Clothing in Wauchope has got your man covered.

Don’t Forget Dad

Dad will be the 2nd centre of attention as your accessory down the aisle, make sure Dad is dressed to impress and he also could match your style or colours.



For the Bride

Your first fitting is generally 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding. When having a fitting, make sure you take along your shoes and your undergarments that you will be wearing on the day. It helps the bodice and the hem to be the exact measurements. Always make sure you are clean (not sweaty) so the dress doesn’t need dry cleaning before you wear it. Usually brides require 2-3 fittings to ensure the perfect look. Your final fitting should be approx. 2 weeks prior to the day.

Don’t forget the bridesmaids! Having bridesmaids from all over the place may make it hard to find the right fit from the start. Making sure the girls have got this sorted whether you go together or they DIY. The groom and groomsmen will also need to be fitted.

Take along someone to your fitting who will be helping you get dressed on the day. They will be able to practice getting those hard little tricks sorted. Practice makes perfect.



Unless your one of those lucky people, who never has any hassles buying something straight of the rack to fit you perfectly, then there is a good chance your bridal attire will need alterations.

Here’s what you need to do

Find a dress that is totally and utterly what you’ve been picturing yourself walking down the aisle in. Find your size or a size very close to it. Remember it is easier to take a dress in and up than to take out, and down. So the bigger the better, it’s harder to add a dress size, generally there is not much extra material in the seam for the dress maker to use.

WEDDING ATTIRE Even though you may want to lose weight before your wedding sometimes it just isn’t the right time in your life for that to happen. Giving into the urge for chocolate cake under the stress of wedding planning is understandable! Find a seamstress. Dancing Fabrics and Affordable Elegance in Port Macquarie are the most professional, helpful seamstresses and are there to help your dress fit you perfectly, no matter what shape or size you may be.

6583 5488



The Lingerie

When you know the style of your dress, you can find your perfect lingerie.

The fit of your dress is important, but you also need underwear that will work with your figure and the style of your gown. Wear your chosen lingerie to your dress fittings.

See Heart to Heart for your perfect lingerie, fitting specialists for every body. Bustier, strapless bra, shaping slip, underwear, seamless, stockings, robe or chemise Heart to Heart will provide a professional to help you.

Bridal lingerie should be comfortable, sexy, and do its job right. After all, you’ll be in front of a camera all day. Bridal lingerie doesn’t have to be white or ivory. Just make sure it is not going to pop out at all throughout your day.

Lingerie by Heart to Heart Lingerie

Be polite and smile all day and when everyone is gone reveal the Sexy Bride for his eyes only. Live up to your new name… The New Mrs… give him an extra reason to make him sure of why he said “I Do”.


Shop online Shop in store at Heart to Heart Lingerie

Shoes and Accessories Your Wedding Day Shoes

Spending a little bit extra on your feet to make sure they are comfortable, is one of the best things you can do. Your feet with thank you 8 hours later! Wear them in, but not the week before, around 6 months before to give your feet a chance to get over any issues they may have caused! If you can’t walk in stiletto’s either don’t bother or start practicing around the house! (Your fiancé won’t mind!) A back up pair of shoes is a clever idea, as is having a band-aid or 3 just in case. Consider heel stoppers for the grassed areas. No shoes for beach ceremonies is also a common choice.

WEDDING ATTIRE Writing on the bottom of both your wedding shoes can also look great in photos with your feet up! “I Do” Or “I stole her heart (on his) So I’m stealing his last name (on hers)”

Getting Original

More than once the bride has been known to go a bright and bold colour under the dress, whether it is the colour to match the wedding style or the groom’s favourite colour, this added touch of something different can look great and original especially for photos. Anything that you want to add, something uniquely yours is great!

The Accessories

Head piece or veil Jewellery, necklace, bracelet, earrings The perfume Handbag clutch or purse



The Mother of the Bride and Groom It has been said that mother of the groom and mother of the bride should talk about the colours they are wearing so they can look stunning together and perhaps so they don’t show up in the same dress! Corsages can make the mums feel special and stand out on your day. They are a gorgeous and affordable way to include important people.

“I loved you then, I love you now, I always have, I always will”

Style of Dress for Your Wedding

Speak to Charlize Rose in Wauchope, the professionals in dress wear. Formal Long dresses, heels and black tie. Semi-Formal Cocktail style dress, black tie optional. Smart Casual Mid length dresses, button up or collared shirt. If it means so much to you that you don’t want your guests to wear a particular colour, you can say, after all it’s your day! But don’t forget rules are made to be broken. Brush it off, care about you and your lover on your day.

Charlize Rose in

Wauchope is the Mid North Coast premier mother of the bride dress shop, with all class and nothing but outstanding customer service. From mothers of the bridal party to the last guest Charlize Rose is a must see for the perfectly dressed lady. Be sure to let mum know where to shop.


The Natural Bride

Eating for your skin Eat yoghurt, pomegranates, walnuts, sunflower seeds, kidney beans, oats, avocado, salmon, green tea, tomatoes, and eggs all benefiting your skin and available naturally from Organic Belly Port Macquarie.

“Don’t forget water is your skins best friend”

Visit the Organic Belly and find all the natural foods to detox and become the healthiest you on your big day. A great organic gift idea is Belly Bumps found only at Organic Belly. Finally it’s OK to give in to the chocolate craving, without the guilt.

BEAUTY Natural products for a calm bride

Try drinking these teas: Passionflower tea, chamomile tea, kava infused tea, lemon balm tea, all available at Organic Belly. Rescue Remedy: A blend of five bach flower remedies beneficial when you find yourself in stressful situations. Available in drops or spray from Organic Belly. Burn Oils: Lavender, ylang ylang, sandalwood, orange blossom and mandarin are all relaxing essential oils. Burn in an oil burner or in a warm bath place 2-4 drops of an essential oil into your bath. Be sure the oil is thoroughly mixed into the water. Play Music: Buy a calming, relaxing CD and take some time to chill out.

Natural Affordable Skin & Body Care Available at Organic Belly Port Macquarie. Eco Natural Tan Talavou Naturals Make Up Hemp Lipstick Natural Hair Colour Tints of Nature Hair Dyes

Natural DIY Facial Mask

Pamper yourself. These homemade facial masks, moisturises your skin and leaves it looking and feeling softer.

Mash one banana into a smooth paste Or Mash one avocado into a smooth paste

Apply to face and neck. Place slices of cucumber over your eyes and relax for 10-20 minutes, rinse off with cold water.



It is recommended to get your waxing done about 3 days prior to your wedding day, and before your spray tan. Waxing can last up to two weeks covering you from your wedding day through your honeymoon. From legs, bikini, underarms & eyebrows.


Fake eyelashes can be a gorgeous and an eye opening charm. Ensure it is done by a professional to avoid blinking and over flattering on the day, double check your mascara is lengthening, adds volume and is waterproof for your tears of joy.

Spray-tanning Ex-foliate a day before your tan. A spray tan is recommended to be done 48 hours before your wedding day. This allows the colour time to settle down, so your gown is protected against marks. Do not wear deodorants, moisturisers, or any creams before your spray tan otherwise the tanning solution will not distribute evenly over your body.


In store or at your location? Consider who will need to be with you for hair and makeup; it can be much more relaxed at your location.

BEAUTY Beauty for your wedding day doesn’t start the day before. It begins months in advance. So let’s get started on your skin. Try ex-foliating your skin on a weekly basis; use a good toner and moisturiser. Speak to Genevieve or Elysium Beauty about skincare products for your skin, they have been trained to know each individual skin type. It is not advised to experiment to close to your wedding day. Get a few massages throughout your planning to lower stress levels, our skin deals with stress in its own twisted way. Consider a few courses of teeth whitening, seen as though this will be the day you won’t stop smiling, it seems essential to be shining white.

Using nail care products will get you nicer nails, cleaner cuticles and softer hands. Acrylic nails are the most popular choice, other options include gel, shellac or a professional nail polish.

Don’t forget your feet, even though they won’t be seen much, this is the one day you should be perfect from head to toe, a mini pedicure should cover the basics.

Elysium Beauty Day Spa specialising in massage, facial and body therapies and offers a wide array of beauty treatments and professional take home products to get you well on the way to perfect skin.


HAIR It is really amazing how a hair style can complete your look on your wedding day, so it is important it all goes well. Start to think about the styles you like and after you have found the dress of your dreams, think about a hair style to compliment your dress. Consider the bridesmaids and mum coordinating with your chosen hair style. Look around for a hair style that grabs your attention, one you can’t take your eyes off! Trial it, your hair may not like it as much as you do.

Hair and Makeup By: Lovely Locks Photography by: Imprint Images

The Great Gatsby Shoot Hair By: Lovely Locks Make up By: Khym Mountain Photo: Joanne Jones Photography



Start growing your hair out (if it will play the game) you can always cut it closer to the wedding. Don’t forget hair extensions if worse comes to worse.

Get your hair in excellent condition a few months before your wedding. Speak with Milan’s or Lovely Locks for in store treatments or products perfect for your hair. Have a trial (maybe for your hens night, to look amazing). The style you choose should be a style you are truly comfortable with.

Decide whether or not you will visit your hairdresser or they will come to you on the big day. Ensure a reasonable amount of time is allocated either way.

Essential Tips from Milans Wear button up shirts or dressing gowns on the day to avoid touching your perfectly placed hair and makeup. Let your hairdresser know beforehand if you are wearing a headpiece or veil and make sure you have it readily available on the morning. Book the men in the bridal party in for a haircut and tidy up, the day before would be ideal, as long as your groom is groomed. Have an umbrella on hand, unless there is a 100% it is not going to rain.

Accessories A veil, A Tiara, Flowers, Bridal Comb Beaded Pins

Your Hair, Our Passion

Groom your Groom with Professional Barber services also available. 31

FLOWERS Planning a wedding is not easy. By working out the style and colour of your wedding flowers ahead of time will help you work with a theme to have the wedding of your dreams! Sarah j Hudson flowers and Touchwood flowers, will provide you with helpful advice and some great ideas, so be prepared to ask plenty of questions and to run ideas past these florist for professional information.

My Flower Ideas:

Considering the season of when your wedding falls will be helpful in your choice. Speak with these florists about which flowers will be in bloom around the time you are getting married. Colour is an important part of your decision, the choice of flowers or arrangements should reflect on a bride’s specific taste and personality. Flowers can provide that finishing touch to your very special day. Classic and popular wedding flowers are, Roses, Peonies, Lily’s, Orchids and Tulips. Current trends are using Baby’s Breath with hessian, twine and lace for that vintage style touch.


FLOWERS You need to think about where the flowers will take a role in your wedding day. The Bridal Bouquet

The Bridal Party Flowers

Your Ceremony

Your Reception

The Cake

The Throw Posey

Button Holes

Wrist Corsages

A Style Truly Yours

Every bride wants a unique wedding one that is unlike any other. A wedding that inspires guests while creating everlasting memories, a style that is truly yours. Flower head pieces by Touchwood Flowers. “Happiness is only real when shared� -Jon Krakaver, Into the Wild




CAKES Wedding Cake Tips

Set a budget. It will make the process much easier and smoother for both parties. Give your cake designer at least 12 week’s notice Follow your cake maker’s size suggestions for the amount of guests attending. Think about the style of the cake. When meeting the cake decorator for the first time bring along all your information and ideas. e.g. the style you like, the theme of your wedding, the colour of your dress, your flowers, accessories or pictures you love.

Flavour of the cake. The flavour of the cake doesn’t have to be the traditional fruit cake, it can be your favourite or a mix of tiers. Seriously any flavour you love! Have a taste testing of the flavours you will be using, making sure it tastes as good as it looks. Delivery and setting up of the wedding cake. Find out who will deliver your cake on the day and more importantly who will set it up so carefully. Displaying your wedding cake. Make sure a table is set aside just for your cake, usually close by the bridal table. Where your guests can see it and watch it be cut by you both.

Keep the top tier of your wedding cake. Make sure it’s a fruit cake, it’s the best one to freeze, wrapped and then into an airtight container. The special moment when you plan to re-use it, your first anniversary, the birth your first baby or something special to you both.


DECORATING Elegant or Classic Style Weddings

Colours - black, white, ivory, deep red, gold, silver... Flowers - Roses, Peonies, Calla Lilies, Oriental Lilies, Orchids, Tulips... Decorations - candlelight, pearls, diamantes, rhinestones, mirrors, lace, candelabras, chandeliers... Wishing Well - classic white wooden well decorated to match your colours and flowers

Bohemian or BoHo Style Weddings Hippy Inspired Colours - browns, bright bold colours, rust, mixed colours put together... Flowers - Sunflowers, Daisies, Carnations, bright flowers... Decorations - Hessian, coloured glass, crochet, hole punched tin cans or glass tied in trees, wooden boxes, cushions, ribbons tied on chairs... Wishing Well - hollow log...

A Marquee Wedding The Marquee, the floor, wall or ceiling lining or draping, tables, chairs, linen, cutlery, crockery, glassware just to get you started. Without a wedding coordinator, you could possibly have your hands full with this one. We strongly recommend serious planning with a realistic plan for the week pre wedding.


DECORATING Garden Style Weddings

Colours - lavender, jade, olive green, champagne, white, ivory, peaches, soft greens, yellows... Flowers - Cactus, Roses, vine greenery, Carnations, Gerberas, Peonies... Decorations - garden arches, paper lanterns, drink stations, umbrellas, dodo vine, mason vases, shepherd hooks with flower balls, living green... Wishing Well - bird cage...

Indoor Plant hire the most effective way to make your room come to life, with a fresh garden feel any room can be transformed with just a few plants. Plants from Living Green Indoor Plant Hire would be perfect in a marquee to have the outside feel come through inside. Plant hire is also a great idea for a surf club wedding. Try talking to Living Green Indoor Plant Hire about your needs. We’re loving it!

“We can never have enough of nature” Bring out the natural you, surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature with a calming and fresh feel though out your wedding, created by Port Macquarie’s local Living Green Indoor Plant Hire.


DECORATING Beach Style Weddings

Colours - blues, creams, whites, ivory, light yellow, coral, turquoise... Flowers - Frangipanis, Lilies, Daisies, Hydrangea’s... Decorations - sand, shells, starfish, coral, white washed wood, rope, bamboo, Bali flags, wooden palings, driftwood... Wishing Well - classic white wooden box with sand and shells...

Vintage Style Weddings

Colours - whites, creams, beige, browns, gorgeous pastels... Flowers - Baby’s Breath, Roses, Lisianthiums, Daisies, Cactus... Decorations - lace, burlap, twine, bunting, doilies, mason jars, vintage photo frames, bird cages, Hessian... Wishing Well - Vintage Suit case with lace and Hessian cards bunting...

wedding P E R F EC T I O N




PHOTOGRAPHY Local Photo Shoot Locations

Break wall, Towns Beach Town Wharf, Towns Green Our Gorgeous Beaches The Lighthouse Roto House A Friends Property A Kids Park Sea Acres A Vineyard A Boat Port Macquarie Glasshouse Billabong Zoo Timbertown Cassegrains A Carnival or Circus (if ones in town) Think of something original, or the style that suits you and your bridal party the most.


The Plan

Find a professional photographer, look through the weddings shoots they have done previously and recently, make sure you like the photographers style and editing features. Connecting with your photographer may be important to ensure they understand and listen to what you are after, looking back on these special memories is important, so a photographer with experience and quality equipment should be essential. Book your chosen photographer, pay a deposit to secure your day. Get all the required info while booking. The final meeting with your photographer to confirm all your details, and on the day plan.


0414 428 867




PHOTOGRAPHY Picture Poses not to be Forgotten

Questions to ask your Photographer

How many hours are included for your price? Your Rings How much experience do you have in wedding photography? Your Shoes, Perfume and accessories Have you photographed a wedding at my ceremony or reception location? Your Hair and make up Will there be a charge if the wedding You with intermediate family and friends runs over scheduled time, if so how much? You with your Bridesmaids How many photos will I receive? Groom with Groomsmen Do I receive prints or enlargements? How long till I receive my photos once All the guests together our wedding is over? Cake Cutting & First Dance Is an album included or available? Do I receive a written quote? Other Photos I can’t forget to tell my What are payment terms? photographer How many photographers will attend our wedding? How many locations will you attend? Do I receive a disc with all the photos? Your Dress


VIDEOGRAPHY When planning a videographer for your wedding, don’t risk it by getting a friend to do it, because they may be in a little over their heads.

“Today I will marry my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, Love”

Videographers are like magicians, there are tricks of the trade, and you don’t want to miss one special moment, so relying on a professional may save you a lot of heartache later on. You could use your special wedding day songs as background music to bring back even more amazing and unforgettable memories.

Videoing your wedding is a good option to consider if an ill family member can’t make it, sharing the video with them would come close to sharing your day.

A Sweet Thought Watch your wedding DVD on your anniversary with some bubbles, bringing back the amazing feeling of how much love rushed over you on the day of your wedding. Producing a film completing your very own love story Branch Productions is offering the latest and best technology on the market. Including DVD & Blu-ray, design & authoring, editing, effects, music videos, photo montages, pod casts, portrait films, short films, web videos and much more. Producing a wedding film that you and your partner can enjoy for a lifetime. Wedding packages come fully edited on both Blu-ray and DVD, with custom menus, Dolby Digital sound and are all personally and professionally presented. There’s also options for cinematic films, web trailers and unedited footage. Let your perfect moments be replayed!.





Complete wedding packages available from 46


Suggested Music for your Wedding Walking Down the Aisle

Have I told you lately – Rod Stewart Amazed – Lone Star

Entering your Reception

Garter Toss

We found love – Rhianna Marry You – Bruno Mars

You can leave your hat on – Joe Cocker It’s raining men – Gerry Halliwell

How Sweet it is – Marvin Gaye I’m yours – Jason Mraz

Forever – Chris Brown Just Dance – Lady Ga Ga I Gotta Feeling – Black eyed Peas Brown eyed girl – Van Morrison Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd Yeah – Usher Way you make me feel – Michael Jackson What I like about you - The Romantics Blister in the sun – Violent Femmes Nutbush City Limits – Tina Turner

Cutting the Cake First Dance

Feel the love tonight – Elton John Everything I do – Bryan Adams

Bouquet Toss

All the single Ladies - Beyonce

Popular Wedding Dance Songs


HENS NIGHT For the Bridesmaids 1. Discuss with the bride about 3 months before about what she wants and what she doesn’t want for her hen’s party, establish her comfort level 2. Review your options and budget 3. Set the date try to aim around 2 weeks before the wedding, any closer and it may come back on you on the day. 4. Create the guest list, check with the bride just in case. Send out invites, a shortcut is a Facebook event. 5. Start booking venues and activities, games and surprises for your bride.

Ideas for your Hen’s Night High Tea at World Par Tea, day spa at Elysium Day Spa, motel room at our local resorts, A night on the town with a visit from a stripper, horse riding or the races , burlesque or pole dancing classes, dinner or karaoke , surf lessons or kayaking, yoga or portrait sketching, wine tour or pub crawl. You can do absolutely anything, there are no rules with a hen’s party, except to keep the bride happy.

A good way to keep the party going with laughs and the guests feeling comfortable with each other is to play hens games. Hen’s Party Emergency Kits This is a cute way to thank your guests for coming and for them to escape those pop up sticky situations throughout a wild night. Panadol, band-aids, a tampon, breath fresheners, deodorant, mirror, nail file, double sided tape, safety pin, bobby pin, sewing kit, change for a phone call, chocolate , whistle and any little prize you can think of maybe even a dare card per person. Place them in a small tie up bag. Make enough for everyone, they will love it. It will bring lots of laughs, and it will come in handy on the night and in the future, guaranteed.


HENS NIGHT Theme It! There are many ways to style or theme a Bachelorette party. You can ask your guests to wear a certain colour or certain accessories, a sash, an outfit from Vinnie’s, whatever you or your bridesmaids decide. It may be naughty or nice! A theme will set a great party mood and atmosphere and also may give your guests something to talk about and another few laughs. Ideas you would love to put in your bridesmaid’s mind…

Games Pass the parcel, similar to the game you played as a child, except there will be some more exciting prizes, and maybe some embarrassing challenges throughout the parcel. You need – 1 major price, numerous small prizes, wrapping paper, tasks written on paper and music. Pin the hose on the fireman, another childhood game with a twist. You need – a blindfold, a fireman poster, a pecker drawing, blue tack and a prize. The purse game, this is a great game to get your guests mingling. Have each guest pull out one item from their hand bag, have everyone place it into the bag provided. The more exciting the better. Have the bride pull out one item at a time guessing who it belongs to. Every right answer for an item the guest it belongs to must have a shot. For every wrong answer the Bride will have a shot. (Please watch the brides alcohol intake, she could be really bad at this game!) You need – an empty bag and alcohol Design a wedding dress. This is a game that involves a lot of rolls of toilet paper. Everyone needs to break into teams. Each team needs to create a wedding dress. A 10 minute time limit is good, one team member will be the model and the bride picks the winner You need – toilet paper and a prize.





Style me Vintage at World Par Tea The Surprise Vintage Accessories found at World Par Tea

All your vintage accessories are now found at World Par-Tea. Now stocking Hell Bunny bridesmaid dresses.

The Classy Tea Party for any time of day. High tea is a great opportunity to frock up and feel glamorous, it involves good manners great company, entertainment, music and beautiful flowers more importantly the yummy teas, coffee, scones, muffins, macaroons, tarts, biscuits or sandwiches. High tea is an elegant way to entertain! High tea is a delight be sure that everyone’s phone has been turned off. “Friendship improves happiness and decreases misery, by doubling our joy and the dividing of our heartache”



So what now?

Photography by Matthew J Photography

Photography by Matthew J Photography

Model: Jasmine Langley Hair and Makeup: Tony Marchment Artistry Photo by and at: The Mil Studios Assistant: Rick Kober Contact details:


The overwhelming feeling of waking up the day after and knowing all the hard work, planning and time has now served its purpose and thinking “what am I supposed to do now?” Firstly, spend some lovely time with your gorgeous new husband (the honeymoon stage is the best!) Go on the honeymoon and enjoy every minute. Send out thank you cards, you could send out a picture from the wedding with a note written on the back. Get your photos back and make a scrapbook or have them framed at Sunset Framing. Print a canvas and decorate your house.

What do you do with the Dress?

Dry clean and store for a hand me down for the kiddies. Frame it at Sunset Framing 65834100 Re-invent it. Make it into to something that is used daily in your house hold. Maybe a quilt or cushion. Get your girls and trash it, this paint shoot was an absolute blast, so much fun and memories made. Try paint, mud, water, sparkles, coloured dye even a cake smash. Jump in a pool, the beach or under a waterfall for some amazing pictures. A gorgeous Couture Wedding Shoot, with the lack of time on the day, why not do it again at The Mil Studio. Donate it. For another person to enjoy. Sell it. You’ll always have your pictures.



Elysium Beauty

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Coast to Coast Golden Roast

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Ceremonies from Head Over Heels the Heart Ceremonies (02) 6559 6360 0427 432 787

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Hire Port

Living Green Indoor Plant Hire


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Wedding Perfection


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Genevieve’s Hair and Make up

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Pose It Photo Booths 0414 428 867

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Timeless Moments & Memories (02) 6559 9659 0410 486 146

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Port Badges and Engraving

Touchwood Flowers

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Flirt Sex Shop

World Par-Tea

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Little Glimpses Photography

Matthew J Photography

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Paper Girls


Reflectionz Photography 0423 615 457

Wedding Photography Printing & Framing Boutique


Beaches At Bonny Hills 0402 450 698

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Laurieton United Services Club

Mercure Centro Port Macquarie

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Sails Resort

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Branch Productions

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Dancing Fabrics and Alterations

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