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The Descendants of N1111am and Jane wmiams

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

William WILLIAMS (1800 -1878).

Jane WILLIAMS (1801 -1896) nee NELSON.

Photo from; Mrs M D B Hollinrake

Jane WILLIAMS (l so l -1896) nec NELSON.

Photo from: Mrs M D B Hollinrake

William WILLIAMS (1800 -1878).


The Descendants of W1111 am and Jane WHHams

Jane WILLIAMS (1801 -1896) nee NELSON.

William WILLIAMS (1800 -1878)

Photo from: Alexander Tumbull Library, Wellington, NZ.

William Leonard WILLIAMS (1827 - 1916) on left and Samuel WILLIAMS (1822 -1907) on right. Sitting, William Garden COWIE (1831 - 1902), formerly Bishop of Auckland and a member of the Anglican General Synod, Christchurch, 1898. He addressed the congregation at Henry's consecration ser/ice.


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane wmiams


Photo from: Alexander Tumbull Libraiy, Wellington, NZ

Photo from: Alexander Tumbull Libmry, Wellington, NZ

William WILLIAMS (1800 -1878).

William WILLIAMS (1800 -1878).

Photo from: Alexander Turabull Libraiy, Wellington, NZ.

Anna Maria WILLIAMS (1839 - 1929), Lydia Catherine (Kate) WILLIAMS (1841 -1931),, William Leonard WILLIAMS (1829 - 1916), Mary-Margaret BEETHAM (1848 - 1903) nee WILLIAMS, Mary WILLIAMS (1826 -1900) nec mLLlAMS,]ames Nelson WILLIAMS (1837 -1915), Jane WILLIAMS (1801 -1896) nee NELSON, Jane Elizabeth WILLIAMS (1827 - 1902) me wiLUAMS.Emma. Caroline WILLIAMS (1846 -1921) nee WILLIAMS, Marianne WILLIAMS (1843 -1932), Elina Mary WILLIAMS (1857 - 1910) iwe BRAITHWAITE (on step at front).


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane l/\imiams

Photo from: Mr H B N Williams

William WILLIAMS (1800 -1878).

Photo from: Alexander Tumbull Library, Wellington, NZ.

Jane WILLIAMS (1801 -1896) nee NELSON.

Photo from: Mrs M J Putt

Photo from: Mr 0 S Williams

Sarah WILLIAMS (1828 -1894) nee WANKLYN.

Sarah WILLIAMS (1828 -1894) «ee WANKLYN, Francis James Volkner (Frank) WILLIAMS (1866 -1938).


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane WHIIams

Photo from: Mr G S Williams

William Leonard WILLIAMS (1829 - 1916).

Photo from: Mr A C Williams

Frederick Wanklyn WILLIAMS (1854 - 1940).

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

At Te Rau Kahikatea: Sydney Leonard WBLLIAMS (1866 -1890), Agnes Maria WILLIAMS (1862 - 1921) mdGARDlNER, Francis James Volkner (Frank) WILLIAMS (1866 -1938), Edith Mary WILLIAMS (1859 -1939), Arthur Edward WU.LIAMS (1869 - 1930), Sarah WILLIAMS (1828 - 1894) nee WANKLW, William Leonard WILLIAMS (1829 -1916).


The Descendants of W1111 am and Jane wmiams

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

At Te Rau, Kahikatea: Sydney Leonard WILLIAMS (1866 -1890), William Leonard WILLIAMS (1829 - 1916), Agnes Maria WILLIAMS (1862 - 1921) mdGARDlNER, Francis James Volkner (Frank) WILLIAMS (1866 -1938), Sarah WILLIAMS (1828 -1894) nee WANKLW, Arthur Edward WILLIAMS (1869 -1930), Edith Mary WILLIAMS (1859 -1939).

Photo from; Mr 0 S Williams

Gerald Standish WILLIAMS (1915 -), Alien Craig WILLIAMS (1915 -), Peter Standish WILLIAMS (1913 -1992), Leonard Heathcote (Bill) WILLIAMS (1912 -1979), Janet Challis WILLIAMS (1909 -1979), Bevan Sydney WILLIAMS (1904 -1975).


The Descendants of W1111 am and Jane wmiams

Photo from: Mrs M J Putt

Agnes Sara GRAY (1887 - 1948) nee GRAY, Donald Camplin GRAY (1886 -1971), Sydney Thomas GRAY (1890 -1947), Robert Leonard GRAY (1883 - 1961), Douglas Wanklyn GRAY (1896 -1969), Norman William GRAY (1891 -1946), Emily Jane WK.LIAMS (1856 - 1942) nec WILLIAMS, Amy Margaret GRAY (1895 -1977), Edith Lucy GRAY (1893 -1947) nee GRAY.

Photo from: Mis M J Putt

Photo from: Mrs M J Putt

Charles GRAY (1840 -1918) 1918).

Emily Jane GRAY (1856 - 1942) me WILLIAMS.


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane WHHams

Photo from: Mrs MJ Putt

Mrs PARKER, Margaret Langford's mother, Margaret GRAY (1881 -1957) neeLANGFORD, Colin Falkland GRAY (1914 - 1995), Kenneth Neil GRAY (1914 -1940).

Photo from: Mrs M J Putt

Photo from: Mrs M J Putt

Amy Mary GRAY (1903 -) md WATSON,

Robert Wallis WATSON (1903 -1954),

Edith Hilda GRAY (1907 - l9l6).

Amy Mary WATSON (l 903 -) nee GRAY.


The Descendants of l/\imi am and Jane wmiams

Photo from; Mra M D B Hollimake

Photo from: Mrs M D B Hollimake

Emma Millicent GRAY (1896 - 1973) nee HALL.

Douglas Wanklyn GRAY (1896 - 1969).

Photo from: Mrs M D B Hollinrake

Charles Roderick (Rory) GRAY (1924 -1945).


The Descendants of WHI 1am and Jane W11 Hams

Photo from: Miss H M Maclcan

Christopher Haydon MACLEAN (1845 - i9i3).

Photo from; Rev J R Maclean

Photo from: Miss H M Maclean

Margaret Ellen MACLEAN (iss? - 1932) me WILLIAMS.

Margaret Ellen MACLEAN (1857 - 1932) nee WILLIAMS.


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane wmiams

Photo from: Miss H M Maclean

Dorothy MACLEAN (isss -1931) nee WARD, Leonard Herbert Lionel MACLEAN (issi -1967), Eric Wanklyn MACLEAN (1886 - 1940), Francis Sydney (Frank) MACLEAN (1892 -1966),

Frederick Hector MACLEAN (1894 - 1948), Edith Sarah (Sallie) MACLEAN (1890 -1971), Margaret Elizabeth MACLEAN (1884 - 1951) md CURRIE, William Haydon MACLEAN (1879 -1939), Christopher Nelson MACLEAN (1897 - 1982).

Photo from: Miss H M Maclean

Leonard Herbert Lionel MACLEAN (1881 -1967).

Photo from: Mr R S Maclean

Leonard Herbert Lionel MACLEAN (issi -1967),


The Descendants of W1111am and Jane Williams

Photo from; Miss H M Maclem

William Leonard WILLIAMS (1829 - 1916), Margaret Elizabeth CURRIE (1884 -1951) nee MACLEAN, Margaret Ellen MACLEAN (1857 - 1932), Margaret Isabel CURRIE (1908 -199?) md BLTTH.

Photo from: Miss H M Maciean

Photo from; Mr R S Maclcan

Margaret Elizabeth CURRIE (1884 - l95i) nee MACLEAN.

Christopher David MACLEAN (1923 -1944).


The Descendants of wm1am and Jane wmiams

Photo from; Mrs MWCorkill

Photo from: Mrs M W Corkill

Eric Wanklyn MACLEAN (1886 - 1940).

May Harcourt MACLEAN (1892 - 1984) nec TURNER,

Photo from: Miss H M Maclean

Photo from: Miss H M Maclean

Edith Sarah (Sallie) MACLEAN (1890-1971).

Dorothy MACLEAN (1888-1931).


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane N1111ams

Photo from: Miss H M Maclean

Francis Sydney (Frank) MACLEAN (1892 -1966).

Photo from: Miss HM Maclean

Frederick Hector MACLEAN (1894 - 1948).

Photo from: Miss H M Maclean

Christopher Nelson MACLEAN (1897 - 1982).

Photo from: Miss H M Maclean

Jessie Elizabeth (Betty) MACLEAN (1903 -1962) nee BAIRD.


The Descendants of WH11 am and Jane l/\imiams

Photo fi-om: Mis D E Dugdale

Herbert William WILLIAMS (i860 - 1937).

Photo from: Mrs D E Dugdale

Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS (1867 -1957) nee MASON.

Photo from: Mrs D E Dugdale

Herbert William WILLIAMS (I860 - 1937).


The Descendants of W1111 am and Jane WHHams SiSiiiSiSisiiSSiiSSs,

Photo from: Mrs C L Burbury

Herbert William WILLIAMS (1860 - 1937), Ursula WILLIAMS (1891 - i960), Zoe WILLIAMS (1889 - 1962), Bertha Louisa Gertrude WD-.LIAMS (1867 -1957) me MASON, Vera WILLIAMS (1893 -1984) mdSEWELL,

Denys William Wanklyn WILLIAMS (1894 -1975).

Photo from: Mrs C L Burbury

Zoe WILLIAMS (1889 -1962), Nigel WILLIAMS (1901 -1980), Herbert Meyric WILLIAMS (1903 - 1983), Vera SEWELL (1893 -1984) me WILLIAMS, Quentin WILLIAMS (1899 -1973), Ursula WILLIAMS (1891 -1960), Denys William Wanklyn WILLIAMS (1894 -1975), Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS (1867 -1957) me MASON.


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane WH Hams

Photo from: Mrs C L Burbury

Ursula WILLIAMS (1891 -1960), Zoe WILLIAMS (1889 -1962), Vera WILLIAMS (1893 -1984) mdSEWELL.

Photo from: Mrs D E Dugdale

Taare Warneford (Rua) SEWELL (1901 -1956).

Photo from: Mrs D E Dugdale

Vera SEWELL (1893 -1984) nee WILLIAMS.


The Descendants of l/\f1111am and Jane wmiams

Photo from: Mrs C L Burbury N Photo from: Mrs C L Burbury

Nigel WILLIAMS (1901 -1980), Quentin WD^LIAMS (1899 -1973),

Denys William Wanklyn WILLIAMS (1894 -1975).

In uniform of Wellington Mounted Rifles WW1

Denys William Wanklyn WILLIAMS (1894 -1975).

Photo from: Mrs C L Burbury

Photo from: Mrs C L Burbury

Denys William Wanklyn WILLIAMS (1894 -1975).

Margaret Ann WILLIAMS (1890 -1983) neeTHOMSON.


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane lAimiams

Photo from: Mrs C L Burbuiy

Photo from: Mr M R Harvey-Williams

Christine Louise (Kirsty) BURBURY (1928 -) nee wiLLlAk-E.

Alfred Henry WILLIAMS (1864 - 1939).

Photo from: Mrs C L Burbury

Kathleen Mary (Kate) BURBURY (1955 -) mdHOLDEN. Helen Christine Eleanor BURBURY (1952 -) md WILDWG, Christine Louise (Kirsty) BURBURY (1928 -) nec WILLIAMS, Duncan Edward BURBURY (1914 -1988), Nigel Duncan BURBURY (1953 - ), Amy Margaret BURBURY (1957 -) md MCGLASHEN.


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane wmiams

Photo from: Mr A R Gardiner

Edith Mildred GARDNER (1900 - 1983), Alien Francis GARDINER (1862 -1912), Alien William GARDINER (1890 -1913), George Falkland GARDINER (1892 - 1953), sitting in front, Agnes Maria WILLIAMS (1862 -1921) nee WILLIAMS, Sydney Reade GARDINER (1900 - 1968).

Photo from: Mr G S Williams

Edith Frances WILLIAMS (1880 - 1972) nee STANDISH.


Photo from: Rev 1 S Williams

Francis James Volkner (Frank) WILLIAMS (1866 -1938).

The Descendants of W1111am and Jane W11 Hams

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettie) WILLIAMS (1908 -1979) iwe WILLIAMS, Caroline Margaret WD-.LIAMS (1940 - ) mdlNGLE, Jon Standish WILLIAMS (1931 - ), Anthony Leonard WILLIAMS (1934 -), Bevan Sydney WILLIAMS (1904 -1975).

Photo from: Mr G S Williams

Alden William WILLIAMS (1905 - 1916).

Photo from: Mr 0 S Williams Sydney Leonard WLLUAMS (1866 1890).


The Descendants of W1111 am and Jane lAimiams c.v

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

James Nelson WILLIAMS (1837 - 1915), James Francis (Jim) NELSON (1903 -1995).

^t.f^A^ Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Arthur Edward WILLIAMS (1869 - 1930).

Photo from: Mr H B N Williams

James Nelson WILLIAMS (1837 - 1915).

Photo from; The Collection of the Hawke's Bay Cultural Trust - HB Museum, Napier

Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS (1848 -1903) nee BEETHAM.


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane l/\im tams

Photo from: MrHB N Williams

Heathcote Beetham WILLIAMS (1868 - 1961).

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Edric Beetham WILLIAMS (1884 - 1918), Cyril Nelson Beetham WILLIAMS (1877 -1918), James Nelson WILLIAMS (1837 -1915), Arnold Beetham WILLIAMS (1870 - 1965), Heathcote Beetham WILLIAMS (1868 -1961), Winifi-ed Beetham WILLIAMS (1872 - 1935) md NELSON, Gertrude Mary Beetham WILLIAMS (1873 -1964) md RUSSELL, Elsie Jane Beetham WILLIAMS (1874 - 1958).


The Descendants of W1111 am and Jane l/\imiams

:;.•;. '• i^^^^.s:VS9^MSS^!€VW^^


Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Winifred Beetham WILLIAM'S (1872 - 1935) md NELSON, Edric Beetham WILLIAMS (1884 - l9l8), Elsie Jane Beetham WILLIAMS (1874 -1958), Gertrude Mary Beetham WILLIAMS (1873 -1964) md RUSSELL, Cyril Nelson Beetham WILLIAMS (1877 -1918), Heathcote Beetham WH.LIAMS (1868 -1961), Arnold Beetham WILLIAMS (1870 - 1965), James Nelson WDLUAMS (1837 -1915),

Photo from: Mr H B N Williams

Photo from: Mr H B Williams

Heathcote Beetham (Bill) WILLIAMS (1922.).

Mary Anderson (Molly) WILLIAMS (1889 -1975) nee MWLL.


The Descendants of Will 1am and Jane wmiams

Photo from: Rev ) S Williams

Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettie) WILLIAMS (1908 -1979) md WILLIAMS, Timothy John Wilder WILLIAMS (1915 -1979), Maud Margaret (Pearlie) WILLIAMS (1879 -1959) nee WILDER, Bamabas Wilder (Barney) WttUAMS (1917 - 1991), Cyril James Wilder (Jim) WILLIAMS (1909 -1982), Patricia Faith WILLIAMS (1920 -1962) nee FOWLER, Joan Wilder WILLIAMS (1911 - 1990) md JONES.

Photo from: Rev } S Williams

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Cyril Nelson Beetham WILLIAMS (1877 -1918).

Maud Margaret CPearlie) WILLIAMS (1879 -1959) nee WLDER.


The Descendants of W1111 am and Jane wmiams

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Joan Wilder JONES (1911 - 1990) nee WILLIAMS.

Evan JONES (1907 -1969).


Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Photo from: Rev 1 S Williams

Timothy John Wilder WILLIAMS (1915 -1979).

Patricia Wilder KELLY (1912 - 1981) iwe WILLIAMS.


The Descendants of wm1am and Jane Winiams

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Anna Maria WILLIAMS (1839 - 1929), James Nelson WILLIAMS (1837 -1915).

Photo from: Alexander Tumbull Library, Wellington

Anna Maria WILLIAMS (1839 - 1929).


Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane 02> WILLIAMS, Wmiamm on 11.07.1825 to NELSON, Jane b 18.07.1800 d 09.02.1878 b 08.04.1801 d 06.10.1896 William b. at Nottingham, England, m. at Sheffield, England and d. and bd. at Napier. Jane, d/o James and Anna Maria Nelson, b. at Nottingham and d. and bd. at Napier. William was educated at a small private school then at Southwell Grammar School. He completed an apprenticeship with Mr Southwell, a surgeon, then attended Magdalen Hall, Oxford for two years. In 1824 he received a BA in Classics and was ordained a deacon then T; a priest by the Bishop of London. Following their marriage, William and Jane sailed for New Zealand on 14 August 1825 aboard the "Sir George Osborne" and, after staying a short time in Sydney, arrived at Paihia on 26 March 1826. With his scholarship and natural gift for languages, William quickly learnt Maori and took a leading part in translating the Bible and Prayer Book. He also taught at the mission school, acted as the doctor and assisted with the general maintenance of the buildings and facilities. In 1830 he built himself a two-storeyed stone house (which was destroyed by fire in 1856). In 1834 William made his first visit to Waiapu, travelling by sea, and conducting services there for large crowds of natives. This was followed by several more journeys. He sailed with William Fairburn and Rev J Wilson to assist them to set up the Puriri station, then led an expedition into the Waikato to prepare a site for a station at Mangapouri. He continued on to the Thames Valley and through to Tauranga. In 1835 William and Jane moved to Waimate where William supervised the missionary school, completed work on his Maori dictionary and continued with the translation of the New Testament. He made another visit to Poverty Bay in 1838, travelling overland from the East Cape to Turanga. Then, at the end of 1839, he and Jane and family moved to Turanga to establish a permanent mission there. He was appointed Archdeacon of East Cape in 1842 and in 1859 he was consecrated Bishop ofWaiapu. At the end of 1850 William left for England with Jane and two of their children. He presented a report to the parent Committee of the Church Missionary Society, and made an unsuccessful attempt to persuade them to reinstate his brother, Henry. They arrived back in Paihia in October 1852 and returned to Turanga eight months later. In 1857 the mission was moved to Waerenga-a-hika where there was land available for a mission farm and the establishment of training schools. During the early 1860's the Hauhau movement gained momentum, and their leaders declared their intention to kill William, whose influence was ft-ustrating their aims. Following the murder of Volkner at Opotiki in March 1865, William and his family left in April for Napier and Auckland. In 1867 William and his family moved to Hawke's Bay and Napier became the new headquarters of his diocese. During this period he worked closely with his son-in-law and nephew, Samuel Williams, in the establishment ofTe Aute College and Hukarere Maori Girls' School. Jane met William when she was engaged as a pupil teacher at the school in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, run by Williams's mother, Mary. Although never physically strong, she provided a constant support and assistance to William in all aspects of his work. She taught Maori girls and women the arts of household management and developed a close bond of friendship with many of their parishioners. During William s many long absences Jane supervised the day-to-day running of the mission. Her obituary stated: 'The treasure William Williams brought to these shores was that bright, intelligent, courageous and cheerful soul .

§ Publications by W Williams "Christianity among the New Zealanders", London,1867 "A Dictionary of the New Zealand Language", first published at Paihia, 1844

Bibliography "New Zealand Herald", II February 1878, Obituary. "Through Ninety Years", F W Williams, Auckland, 1939. "The Turanga Journals, 1840-1850", Ed F Porter, Wellington, 1974.

)1> WILLIAMS, Mary m on 30.09.1846 to WILLIAMS, Samuel b 21.04,1826 d 24.11,1900 b 17.01.1822 d 14.03.1907 Mary b. at Paihia and d. at Te Aute. Samuel, s/o Henry Williams and Marianne Coldham. Biographies and descendants of Mary and Samuel are listed under Samuel's entry in this Family Tree.

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Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Jane Elizabeth and WILLIAMS, Henry 02> WILLIAMS, Jane Elizabeth m on 15.02.1849 to WILLIAMS, Henry b 23.10.1827 d 27.05.1902 b 10.11.1823 d 06.12.1907 Jane b. at Paihia and d. at Pakaraka. Henry, s/o Henry Williams and Marianne Coldham. The biographies and descendants of Jane and Henry are listed under Henry's entry in this Family Tree.

03> WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard m on 06.06.i853 to WANKLYN, Sarah b 22.07.1829 d 24.08.1916

b 09.05.1828 d 18.12.1894

4> WILLIAMS, Thomas Sydney b 09.02.1831 d 11.06.1847 Thomas b. at Paihia and d. at St John's College, Auckland.

05> WILLIAMS, James Nelsonm

on 22.oi.i868 to BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret

b 22.08.1837 d 11.06.1915

b 25.05.1848 d 25.02.1903

)6> WILLIAMS, Anna Man a b 25.02.1839 d 05.05.1929 Maria b. at Waimate and d. at Hukarere, Napier. Maria was Lady Superintendent ofHukarere Girls' School which first opened at Hukarere Road, Napier in 1875. She kept the accounts and conducted the correspondence of the school from its inception and generally supervised the matron and teachers until these duties were taken over by the officers of the Te Aute Trust Board in 1911. Maria with her sisters, Lydia and Marianne were known within the family as the Hukarere Aunts. The following is a memoir on these three ladies, written in 1973 by their grandniece, Bettie Williams: 'I was often taken to visit the Hukarere Aunts, the unmarried sisters of my grandfather, J N Williams. Even then they seemed like something out of another age and dressed much as their mother would have done - always in black and in a simplified version of the style of the 1890's. This was in the second decade of the 20th Century. The black was unrelieved except for a little white ruff at the neck and a frilled white lace cap. Aunt Marianne, the youngest, wore no cap and a long-sleeved blouse in a fine granny print with her plain black skirt. Aunt Maria would have been in her seventies and, though she lived to be ninety, seemed to us very old. Tiny, fragile and crippled with arthritis, she walked with a stick and spent most of her time on a horse-hair sofa or the cane and mahogany couch now in Waipare Gran's bedroom, not very comfortable for old bones. Aunt Kate, two years younger, was the lively one. Tall, thin and vivacious, I believe she had been very beautiful in her youth. She spent her life in good works and taught for some years at the Hukarere Maori Girls' College. We loved her and she took great pains to make our visits fun. Always a party tea round the dining room table bread and butter with hundreds and thousands and a little cut glass dish of boiled sweets for each child. A cupboard full of dolls and other toys, the home-made bricks we have at Hapua among them. They were given to Jan by Aunt Marianne. The house was dark and very Victorian - horsehair and bamboo, probably much as in their parents' day. Aunt Kate died in 1931 after she was injured in the Cathedral wrecked by the earthquake in February of that year, a few weeks before Jon's birth and two years after the death of Maria. Marianne died the following year. Aunt Kate once stayed with us at Atua, I think after my father died. I remember her in a voluminous apron, lace cap and all, making cherry jam.

07> WILLIAMS, Lydta Catherine (Kate) b 07.04.1841 d 04.02.1931 Kate b. at Kaupapa, Turanga and d. at Awatoto, Hawkes Bay, as a result of the Napier earthquake.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111 am and NELSON, Jane 08> WILLIAMS. Mananne b 22.08.1843 d 02.09.1932 JMarianna b. at Kaupapa, Turanga and d. at Hukarere, Napier. She lived at Hukarere, Napier, and I'served on the Committee of the Hawkes Bay Children's Home.

09> WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline m

on 29.ii.i884 to NELSON, Hill 1 am b 15.02.1843 d 16.11.1932

b 20.02.1846 d 11.09.1921

WILLIAMS, W1111 am Leonard = WNKLYN^ Sarah


T Frederick Wanklyn

Emi1y Jane

Margaret Ellen

•(D8RATHWAITE. Elina Mary

•GRAY. Charles

-HACLEAN. Omstooher Havdon

I -WILLIAMS. Ronald Uanklyn -FITZROY. Louisa EwndoHne I'Strang -(2)STAN01SH. Kate Constance ..WILLIAMS. Peter Standlsh -hWTE, LaHa Hoore (Kehpie) ••WILLIAMS. Alien Craig -d Win. Joyce Edna (Juliel -(2WHALO. Betty Knox.

1 >GRAY. Robert Leonard -LAHEFORD. Margaret »GRAY. Donald Camplin -HAY. Frances Ethel ..GRAY. Agnes Sara -BLUflT. Hugh Roper ><RAY. Sydney Thomas "LAHE. Doris Audrey -GRAY. Norman U11)iam -GRAy. Edith Lucy -ORHEROO, 01 in Barton -GRAV. Amy Margaret ••GRAY. Douglas Uanklyn


Edith Mary Herbert WiHiam -MASON. Bertha Louisa Gertrude

1 rHACLEAN. U11 Ham Haydon


Agnes Maria -GAROINER. Alien Francis



..GARDINER. Alien William

-(t)Hc8ETH. Keitha Kate Florence


-GARDINER. George Falkland

-(Z1AWRY, HHdred Ethel

..U1LL1AHS. Vera

..HACLEAN, Leonard Herbert Lionel -<l)WW. Oorothy Isabel

-SEUELL. Taare Uarneford IRua I -WILLIAMS. Denys UiHiam Uanklyn -THOI-EOH. Margaret Ann

-(ZIHOUIE. Inez Rose

-MACLEAN. Kenneth Edward

-UILLIMIS. Quentin

-dlPAUfR. Beatrice Daisy

-HICKS. Bliidys •GARDINER. Evelyn Ruth

>GARDINER. Edith Mildred .GAROINER. Sydney Reade -SAKER. Christine Helen

-PARK. Marion Tory

-(2WcU[LLlM. Huriel Hary Annie


tHACLEAN. Margaret Elizabeth



-CURRIE. George W Hi am

>MACLEAN. Erie Uanklyn

-nm'IER. June

-JVRHER. Hay Harcourt

-HALL. Earn HHHcent ••HACLEAN. Dorothy

tWCLEAN. Edith Sarah (SalHe) tHACLEAN, Francis Sydney (Frank) -AHSOH. Janet Margaret ••HACLEAN. Frederick Hector -REtO. Vermce Ethel tMACLEAN. Christopher Nelson

-BAIRO. Jessie Elizabeth (Betty) WILLIAMS. WilHam Leonard - UANKLYN. Sarah (cont)

At fred Henry

Francis James Volkner (Frank)

-HARVEY. Lucy Caroline Slmpson

-STANDISH, Edith Frances



..HARVEY WILLIAMS. Samuel Frederick -WILLIAMS. Bevdn Sydney -COOK. Oorothy Helen -UILLIMS. Hary Margaret Wider (Settle) WILLIAMS. James Leonard Harvey -WILLIAMS. Alden W1H1am "TAIT. Susan Proudfock ••HARVEY UILL1AHS, Richard Stuart -CHEER. Elsie Haie rUILLIAHS. Nancy Edith Harvey -COXUCiL. Cecil Maurice


••UILL1AHS. Janet Challts ••WILLIAMS. Leonard Heathcote (Bill) •UILLWIS. Janet Hary -WILLIAMS. Gerald Standish -KOLLESTOH. Rwhel Pane


Sydney Leonard Arthur Edward -TURNER. Caroline Emily (EnnjQ


•WILLIAMS. Hargery Turner -WILLIAMS. Charles Leonard Frederick Tun -FAULKNER. Eugenle Louise


WILLIAMS, Frederick Wanklyn

WILLIAMS, Frederick Wanklyn

= STAND IW Kate Constance

= BRATHWAITE. E1ina Mary

Peter Standlsh Alien Cra1g -WHITE. Laila Hoore (KewBM -(l)SHITH. Joyce Edna (Jul1e) I rWILLIAHS. Brian Cra1g WILLIAMS. Gary Standish •-UILL1WS. Jeremy Peter -(IIPKICE. Carolyn Joy "(ZIDONALO. Betty Knox -(ZIHAHT. JacqueHne

Ronald Wanklyn -FITZROY. Louisa GwendoHne 1' String

tUILLIAMS. Gay Constance -HORH. Steuart Poppleton

WILLIAMS, Emily Jane


° GRAY. Charles

Robert Leonard

Donald Camplin

Agnes Sara

Sydney Thomas

-LANGFORD. Margaret

-HAY. Frances Ethel

-BLUNT. Hugh Roper

-LANE, Doris Audrey



-GfiAY. Edith HHda

•GRAY. Godfrey Brett -HEEARFf. Shells Monica

-GRAY. Charles Leonard Alan

-(IWIBBY. Phy111s Mary •(ZiTARRY. PhiHis Harjorie -GRAY. Co11n Falkland •OIHHIE. Betty Lois


••GRAY. Audrey Louise

»BUM. Barbara Aldham

••BLUNT. H1chae1 Hugh •(IISEAHWK. Uinffred -(ZIREEO. Christfne Stwart -FIELD. Suzanne Mary

-UATSOH. Robert Ha II is ••GRAY. Dorothy Eva

-ORHEROD. 011n Barton



-GRAV. Maxwell CampHn

-GRAY. Amy Mary

Nomun WHHam Edith lucy

..ORHEROO. Shfrley

rORHEROD, Charles Fray

-HOLOSUORTH. John Chambers ••GRAY. Charles lan

-tWEWEHHY. Robena Louise (Penny) ••BLUNT, Richard Mark -BIRD. Ruth Esther -(DSELDOH-TRUSS. Adrien HILLl/ms. Emily Jane - GRAY. Charles (cont) -(Z1LEE. Patricia Eileen """J-

•GRAY. James Erro)

-YELLOHLEES. Ruth Brace •GRAY. Ivan Donald

Amy Margaret Douglas Wanklyn

-FiAHAULT. Madeleine Anns

-HALL. Emma H1111 cent


..GRAY. Kenneth NeH >.G(Wr. Lesley Margaret

••GRAY. Charles Rodenck (Rory)

-CAHPBELL. John Haldane (Jock)

>-GRAY. Mar-y Damans Bryony

-HOLLIHRAKE. Harold Acheson (Buds

••GRAY. Beverley Jane -GRAY. Robert Howbray

>GRAV. Fabian Douglas Hall (Tim)

>GRAY. OHve SheHa

-HEUWH. Eve Rosanne

-(DmSLESOH. Michael John -(21SHERRIFF. Francis Patrick (Paddy)

>GRAY. Ann Julia -HEW-W.H. Trevor


WILLIAMS. Margaret Ellen = MACLEAN.. Christopher Havdon

William Haydon

Leonard Herbert Lionel

Kenneth Edward

Margaret Elizabeth

Eric Wanklyn

-(DHcBETH. KeHha Kate Florence

-(l)UARO. Dorothy Isabel

-d)PALMER, Beatrice Daisy

-CURRIE. Georqe W

-TURNER. Hay Harcourt

>.KACLEAN. Margaret Jean

rHACLEAN. Antony RusseH

-TVLLOCH. Leone Leith -AWREUS. Frederick Robert W 11 lam ..HACLEAN. Peter AUoway -(2)AWDRY. HHdred Ethel -HACLEAN. Christopher Edward Awdry (Ted) -(tlHAUKWS. Felicity Anne -(Z)TWRH. Hary Eleanor -(DWREHAH. E1s1e Elaine -(Z)KEY. Huriel ..HACLEAN. Alan Haydon Awdrey

..MACLEAN. Anne Margaret Palmer

-BLfTK. Harrfson David

-ROSS. Charles Hacdonald

-d)MH£R. Beatrice Hait land -(ZXULLEH. daire Harjorie

-?EK, ZiSKe Elizabeth

rHACLEAN. James Nelson (J1m) -UILUAHS. Elizabeth Jean

••HACLEAN. Helen Margaret

••HACLEAN. Mary Way -CORKILL. Thomas Mackenzie (Torn,

-HACLEAN. Patience Elliot -KEARHS. Bernard John

..CURRIE. Joyce Bertha Earle

••MACLEAN. John Raglan

rHACLEAN. Roger Stephen -(Z)HOUIE. Ine; Rose


rCURRtE. Margaret Isabel

•HACLEAN. Kenneth Joseph Palmer (Joe) ••CURRIE. Jean Elizabeth -SYHE. David Ath'n -UHITCC?E. Joan Mary Scmerset

..mCLEAN. Christopher David

-(DUARHER. Margaret

-(2 SELL. Gladys Hary





"(ZlHcUILLIW. Hunel Hdry Anme

-SHERRIFF. Dudley Albert rCURRIE. Robert George Hanson (Robin) -(DFWER. Harie HSHamsre -<2)ERAY. Patricia Issbel >CURRIE. Leslie Pamela

-SROSHAHAM. Terence Charles


UILLIWS. Margaret Ellen - HACLEAN. Christopher Haydon (cent)

Dorothy Edith Sarah (SaUle) Francis Sydney (Frank) -ANSON. Janet Margaret


Frederick Hector

Christopher Nelson

-REIO. Verntce Ethel

-BAI RD. Jessle Elizabeth (Betty)



-HACLEAN. Margaret Esther ••HACLEAII. Michael Anson -(IMLLIHEHT. Winifred Wary -KLEE. Victor George °'(2}PAINE, Anne t-HACLEAH. Richard Hector

^HACLEAN. Elizabeth Susan -HACLEAN. Janet Beatrice -eiSHOP. John Vincent

.HACLEAH. Dorothy Margaret -LOFFLER. Evelyn Carolina -HACLEAH. Helen Mary -HACLEAN. Jean Elizabeth



WILLIAMS. Herbert Will 1am = MASON. Berth a Louisa Gertrude

Zoe Ursula Vera -SEWELL. Taare Uarneford (Rua)

Oenys WU11am Wanklyn




-THOMSON. Margaret Ann

-PARK. Marion Tory




1 I.UILLIAMS. Mary Jean >UILLIWS. WHUam Hartyn -EALBREATH. Robin Scott -BARKER. George Teiple •UALLIS. Kathleen Mary I.SEUELL. Kay U11)1am Warneford •.WILLIAMS. Christine Louise (Mrsty) •WILLIAMS, Christina Lfndsay Ferguson rSEUELL. Harie Vera

-ATKIH. Janet EHen

-DUEDALE. Alan El Us

-BU5BY. Elizabeth Anne -U1LUAMS. Margaret Anne (Peggy)

-MSSALL. Henare Jane Shearburr. -SHITH. Anthony WHiam ..WILLIAMS. Christopher Dan

-LELIEVELO. Mrianus Harinus Cornelis

-SALHOMO. Tessa Hope ..UILLIAHS. Megan

-KR06H. Severin Ca 1

-GMDIHER. Lexia Her1e

1 rUILLimS. Warwick Rodney ..WILLIAMS. Cynthia

rUILLIAHS. EsteHe Ruth

•.UILLWIS. Adrian Herbert

••SEUELL. Bernard Malcolm

-WILL1W1S. Pr1scil1a Jane

-WOE. Mchael Douglas

-BURBURY. Buncan Echard

••SEUELL. Ofnah Eketuranga

..UILLKWS. Kathleen Sheila

-PAYTOH. Oermot Hurlston

-WILLIWS. Ralph Wanfclyn

..SEWELL. 01ga Helen

-HcFADYEH. Hargaret-Anne


WILLIAMS, Agnes Man a - GARDINER. AHen Francis

Evelyn Ruth Edith Mildred Sydney Reade

Alien VMUiaffl George Falkland

-BAKER. Christine Helen

-HICKS. Gladys

I -GARDINER. Anthony Reade

t ..GAR01NER. JiH


-OAVIES. Hichae] de la Cour '

-GAROINER. John Alien

>.GARDINER. Jocelyn Mary -HILL. Robert Francis

-PIKE. Diana


WILLIAMS, Alfred Henry = HARVEY. Lucy Caroline Simoson

Samuel Frederick James Leonard Harvey Richard Stuart

Nancy EdUh Harvey

-COOK. Dorothy Helen -TAIT. Susan Proudlock <HEER. Elsie Male

-COXWELL. Cecil Haunce




..HARVEY WILLIAMS. NevH Thurstan -WILLIAMS. Robert John Harvey ..HARVEY-WILLIAMS. Jennifer Joyce -PICOT. Richard Leonard

-TAHHER. Penelope Anne

I -COXUELL. JHIian Cecilia -WHH. Dugald John David

•HARVEY-UILLIAHS. Malcolm Richard

••HARVEY WILLIAMS. Barbara Louise

-ASHFORD. Eva Anne

-OA Y. Jeremy John


WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) = STAND ISH. Edith Frances Bevan Sydney -W1LL1WS. Mary Harqaret WHder (Bettie)

t rUILLIAMS. Jon Standish -SAHKUP, Helen Rymer ..WILLIAMS. Julian -WILLIAMS. Anthony Leonard -fWttS. Oinah Allison -UILUWS. Caroline Margaret -IHELE. Wchael Peter ••WILLIWS. Francis James Ntgel

Alden UHHam Janet Chains

Leonard Heathcote (8111)

Gerald Standlsh

•41ILLIWS. Janet Mary

-ROLLESTON. Rachel Fane



••WILLIAMS. Andrew Leonard Heathcote i••WILLIAMS. tUILLIWS. James Leonard Heathcote

UHnam Rolleston Standish (BH1)

-OAVEY. Ji11 lan Myrtle

-VIGORS. Sarah Ann (SaHy) i-WILLIAMS. Anna Mary i-UILLIAHS. Simon Leonard Heathcote i••WILLIAMS. Louise Rachel ••WILLIAHS. Sarah Standlsh

-PEMBERTOH. Douglas Gregory

•GRIFFIH. Richard Geoffrey (Rick) ..WILLIAMS. Julia Mary >.UILLIWS. Matthew Leonard Heathcote

-PEAKSOH. Fiona Campftell

WILLIAMS, Arthur Edward


= TURNER. Caroline Emily (Efmv)



Hargery Turner Charles Leonard Frederick Turner -FAULKNER. Euqenie loui'se

I -WILLIAMS. Daphne Jean Turner


..U1LLIWS. Rosemary Lucy Turner

Descendants of WILLIAMS, wm1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah 03> WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard b 22.07.1829

on 06.06.1853 to WANKLYN, Sarah

d 24.08.1916

b 09.05.1828 d 18.12.1894

'•>.• Leonard b. at Paihia, m. in England and d. at Taumata, Napier. He was Bishop of the Waiapu Diocese. Sarah, d/o John Bradshaw Wanklyn ofHalecat, Westmorland. As a teenager Leonard used to accompany his father on some of his many journeys around the country, travelling through the bush with the help of Maori guides. In 1847 he was sent to England and completed a BA degree with honours at Oxford University. He then offered his services to the Church Missionary Society and was admitted to Deacons Orders in May 1853.

flemet Sara ^wIiiIsTvisitihg his aunt, Mrs Heathcote, and they sailed for New Zealand in June 1853, shortly after their marriage. At the time of Sarah's eighth confinement in 1866, there was much unrest among the Maoris caused by Te Kooti and his Hau Hau warriors, who at one stage threatened to kill Bishop William Williams. In January of that year William and Sarah moved into a small cottage at the foot of Kaiti Hill and close to the mouth of the Turanganui River near where the Cook Monument now stands. This was considered to be reasonably safe. There was considerable speculation amongst the local Maoris, who were both loyal and friendly, as to whether the new child would be a boy or a girl, or even more than one, Maori kuia summed up the situation by saying, "Waikahua - Waikatohu". (Who knows? - Who can tell?). Thus when Frank and Sydney were born in December of that year they were dubbed by the Maori Waikahua and Waikatohu. The cottage where William and Sarah lived near Gisborne became known as Waikahua Cottage. Leonard took little part in public life, spending his time in the service of the CMS, mainly among the Maori people. He was consecrated 3rd Bishop ofWaiapu in 1895 and held the position until 1909. Throughout his life Leonard continued to work on the Maori Dictionary producing a 3rd edition which was published

in London in 1871 and a 4th edition published in Auckland in 1892. This was many times larger and more comprehensive than the 1st edition which had been compiled by his father, William at Paihia in 1844. (A 2nd edition had been published in London in 1852). In later years Leonard and his son, Herbert worked on a revision, finally

published by Herbert as the 5th edition in Wellington in 1917. Leonard was a keen botanist and acquired considerable knowledge in this field. At Hick's Bay near the East Cape he discovered a native broom which was named Carmichaelia Williamsii after him.

§ Mangatai Comprising 495 hectares, "Mangatai" is located at the junction of the Waipoa and Mangatu Rivers at Whatatutu. It was part of the larger holding of Bishop William Leonard Williams, "Mangataikapua", which was cut up during the years of World War 1 . Several sections were settled by returned soldiers from that war whilst the Homestead was retained by the Williams family. During 1989 the property was sold to an outside interest.

)1> WILLIAMS, Frederick Wanklyn m on 13.09.1883 to (l)BRAITHWAITE, EHna Mary b 13.10.1854 d 27.07.1940 b 11.02.1857 d 27.12.1910 g Frederick b. at Whakato, Poverty Bay and d. at Napier. He spent his childhood at I Waerenga-a-Hika mission station until 1875 when his family had to leave on account of the Hau Hau outbreak. He was educated at St John's College and the Church of England Grammar School, Auckland, and in 1873 he entered the office of Messrs Kinross & Company in Napier. In 1880 he started in business on his own account and a few years later he entered into partnership with Nathaniel Kettle. In 1891 the business became known as

H^T^KSBIe Ltd and Frederick became Chairman of Directors, a position he held until his

retirement in 1918 (although he remained a director of the company until his death). In association with George Edward Gordon Richardson, Frederick was involved in the founding of the shipping company later known as Richardson & Company Ltd, and was Chairman from 1900 to 1940. For over 50 years he was a committee member of the Hawkes Bay Permanent Building and Investment Society, and Chairman for 28 years. He was also a member of the Napier Harbour Board (1899-1919) and Chairman for a period. He served at various times on the Hawkes Bay Agricultural and Pastoral Society, the Hawkes Bay Children's Homes and the Hawkes Bay Education (1893-99) and High School Boards. He was elected Mayor of Napier in 1903 and re-elected the following year. For many years Frederick was trustee of the Foster, Nairn and Makarini Trusts. He took a particular interest in church matters holding positions of superintendent of the Sunday School and church warden and vestryman of St John's Anglican Church. He was also treasurer of the original Cathedral Building Fund. He was a member of the Waiapu Diocesan Synod, of the Auckland and Waiapu Clergy Pension Board and of the St John's College Trust. In his younger days, Frederick was one of the original members of the Napier Rowing Club and also a keen rifle (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Frederick Wanklyn and BRAITHWAITE, EHna Mary WILLIAMS, Frederick Uanklyn and BRAITHWAITE, EHna Mary (cont...) shot. He was a constant attendant at the New Zealand Rifle Association meetings and a member of its council. When in England in 1899 he won the armourer's prize for 900 yards at Bisley. For several years he acted as range officer for the Coleman Shield competition. At 80 years of age he began to write his memoirs which was published just prior to his death.


Publications by F W Williams "Through Ninety Years".

Ol> WILLIAMS, Ronald Wanklyn

m on

\. 09.1918 to FITZROY, Louisa Gwendoltne 1'Strang ^ ** ** ****

b 01.09.1884 d **.**.1963 Ronald b. at Napier and d. at Wellington.

01> WILLIAMS, Fredenck Wanklynm on 03.07.1912 to (2)STANDISH, Kate Constance b 13.10.1854 d 27.07.1940 b 08.03.1878 d 16.04.1961 Frederick m. at Ashburton. Kate, d/o Frank Burgon Standish and Fanny Hould. She was a sister to Edith Standish who married Francis James Volkner Williams under whose entry are some notes about Kate's father.

)1> WILLIAMS, Peter Standtshm on 06.09.1939 to WHITE, Laila Moore (Kewpte) b 09.04.1913 d 26.02.1992 b 18.11.1917 Peter b. at Napier, m. at Hastings and d. at Taupo. Kewpie, d/o Norman Moore White and Constance Richmond. Peter gained a Sheep Farming Diploma at Massey College in 1935 and was a sheep and cattle farmer at "Rotokare" in Hawkes Bay (1933-79). He retired to Taupo. Refer to "The Family of Thomas and Jane Mason ofTaita" published by Evagean Publishing in 1994 for records ofKewpie's family.

)1> WILLIAMS, Gary StancHshm on 12.06.1971 to (l)PRICE, Carolyn Joy b 23.09.1947 b 09.04.1950 Gary b. at Napier and m. at Sydney, Australia. Carolyn, d/o I B Price, b. at Sydney.

)1> WILLIAMS, Tara Gay m on 30.05.1998 to KLOSE, Malcolm Jeffrey b 02.11.1972 b 02.12.1970 Tara b. at Hastings. She was educated at Napier Girls' High School and BIT. She toured Europe, the British Isles and Africa in 1994-95 and worked for a merchant bank in London during that time. She is now employed by Ericsson Communications in Napier.

()2> WILLIAMS. Emma Jean b 02.05.1974 Emma b. at Hastings. She was educated at Napier Girls' High School and graduated Bachelor of Food Technology CHons) from Massey University in 1996. She is currently Assistant Wmemaker at Stoneyridge Vineyard on Waiheke Island.

03> WILLIAMS, Bennet Standish b 20.05.1977 Bennet b. at Hastings. He was home schooled and has spent two years at Castlepoint Station in the Wairarapa where he is head shepherd. He has his private pilot's licence.

6l> WILLIAMS, Gary Stanchsh m on 04.08.1984 to (2)NANT, Jacqueltne b 23.09.1947 b 28.01.1949 Marriage dissolved 5 July 1989. Address: Rotokare, PB 6301, Napier. Gary farms the family property, "Rotokare", a dry hill-country grazing property 10km inland from Napier. He is a keen forester and has a small import and distributing business dealing mainly in a wood treatment and oil finishes for wood.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON. Jane WILLIAMS, Wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Frederick Wanklyn and STANDISH, Kate Constance WILLIAMS, Peter-Stand! sh and WHITE. Lai'la Moore (Kewpte) WILLIAMS, Gary Standtsh and NANT, Jacqueline 01> WILLIAMS, Adam Gareth b 02.08.1985 Adam b. atNapier.

02> WILLIAMS, Gay Constance m on 15.01.1971 to HORN, Stewart Poppleton b 27.10.1950 b 10.01.1948 Address: "Berrilea", Millar Road, Hastings. Stewart is an orchardist.

)1> HORN. Sarah Eugeme b 22.09.1973 Sarah b. at Hastings.

02> HORN, James Poppleton b 06.02.1977 James b. at Hastings.

03> HORN, Katie Natasha b 07.11.1979 Katie b. at Hastings.

2> WILLIAMS, Alien Cratgm on 06.09.1946 to (l)SMITH, Joyce Edna (JuHe) b 07.04.1915 b 19.04.1921 Alien b. and m. at Napier. After leaving school Alien worked for Williams & Kettle for a couple of years then went to England to study at the College of Aeronautical Engineering (1934-38). He qualified with an Honours Diploma and was also awarded the Olley Challenge Trophy in his last year. He went first to North Eastern Airways and later British Airways working as an aircraft engineer. With the start ofWW2, British Airways was merged with Imperial Airways to form the British Overseas Airways Corporation. About a year after the war started Alien was 'manpowered' to an aero engine repair depot being established at Burtonwood just out of Manchester and was appointed chief engine inspector. In 1942 he joined the Fleet Air Arm with the rank of Lieutenant and his tune in the Service was divided between HMS Kestrel and the Directorate of Aircraft Maintenance and Repair in Admiralty. Returning to New Zealand after the war, Alien joined the staff of Tasman Empire Airways (which later became Air New Zealand) working first as engine inspector then chief inspector and finally as chief maintenance engineer. In 1961 he left the airline and joined Brown and Dureau, an importing and agency company, in the capacity of aviation manager. In 1972 he was promoted to general manager, the position he held when he retired in 1976. Alien is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Ol> WILLIAMS, Brian Craig b 17.12.1947 Brian b. at Auckland. Address: Greentiles, 3 Common Road, Stock, Essex, England.

02> WILLIAMS, Jeremy Peter b 15.10.1949 d 23,06.1985 Jeremy b. at Auckland and d. at Sydney, Australia.

)2> WILLIAMS, Alien Craig m on is.07.i962 to (2)DONALD, Betty Knox b 07.04.1915 b 20.01.1925 Alien m, at Auckland. Betty, d/o William Donald and Nelly Lawrence. Address: 82-57 Richard Farrell Avenue, Remuera, Auckland.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN. Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles 02> WILLIAMS. Emily Jane m on 26.07.1882 to GRAY, Charles b 07.03.1856 d 27.06.1942

b 22.10.1840 d 08.03.1918

Emily b. at Whakato, Poverty Bay and d. at Gisborne. Charles, s/o Charles Gray (Rector of Godmanchester, England) and Agnes Norris (who was d/o John Norris of Hughenden Manor, Bucks. After the death of John Norris, Hughenden was sold to Benjamin Disraeli, Earl ofBeaconsfield). Charles was b. in England and spent some years at sea earning his Master's Certificate. He was an officer in the English Merchant Service and took part in the running of the blockade to the Southern States during the American Civil War. He later joined his brother, Robert, and cousin, Ernest Henry, in pioneering the Hughenden district (named

after the old family home) in Queensland. He previously married in 1863 to Lucy Sarah Waters who died in 1879. Lucy was a talented artist and her account of her arrival at Hughenden is preserved in the Queensland State Archives. The climate at Hughenden did not suit his wife's health so he sold out to Robert and moved to New Zealand where he purchased "Waiohika" station in 1877. He was very active in local affairs and was a foundation member of the Gisborne Club. Grays Bush and Grays Hill in the Gisborne district are both named after him.



Waiohika, six miles out ofGisborne City, was purchased by Charles Gray in 1877. It comprises 2,008 acres and is situated on the northern side of the Poverty Bay flats, off the Waimana Valley Road. About one tenth of the land is flat and the rest is hill country. After Charles' death, "Waiohika" was managed by his son Camplin and others. The station was auctioned on 14.11.1980 and bought by Mangatu Blocks. It finally passed out of Gray ownershipon31.03.1981. In the 1920s, Emily employed architect J A Louis Hay (who happened to be her son Camplin's brother-in-law) to design a house which was built on a rise overlooking the flats. Louis Hay was strongly influenced by the American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the house he designed was reminiscent ofWrights "Prairie Houses" (see "New Zealand Architecture" by Peter Shaw, pp 96-97). The former house was demolished and some of the materials were used in the construction of the new homestead. The door from the old house can still be seen in what was the men's quarters. Some time after Emily's death this house and several acres surrounding it were cut off from the rest of the property and sold. It is now owned by Mr and Mrs D Witters and has become something of a showpiece. "Waihora", 43 km from Gisborne in the Waihora Valley, was also owned by the Gray family. It was sold at the same time as "Waiohika".

1> GRAY, Robert Leonard m on **.**. 1902 to LANGFORD, Margaret b 11.10.1883

b 17.08.1881 d **.**.1957

d 28.06.1961

Leonard b. at Waiohika. He studied Electrical Engineering in Vancouver, British Columbia, and then at the Armour Institute of Technology in Chicago, graduating BSc. He worked for a year in Sydney, Australia, where the family lived at Fivedock. He then returned to New Zealand and worked on the reticulation of power from Lake Coleridge. Later he became Chief Electrical Engineer with the Tararua Electric Power Board with responsibility for the electrification of the district. He then became a consultant in Wellington and formed Technical Publications, editing the New Zealand Electrical Journal. He later lived for some time in Napier and finally retired to Gisbome where he lived in Russell Street and served for some time on the Power Board.

Margaret had a lovely voice and was quite well known as a singer. In later years she became a champion bridge and croquet player.

1> GRAY. Amy Mary

m on

21.09.1927 to WATSON, Robert Wall 1s b 09.03.1903 d 04.10.1954

b 29.08.1903

Amy b. at Vancouver, Canada, and m. at Gisborne. Robert, s/o Archibald Robert Watson and Ella Mary Wallis. Address: Te Wiremu House, 621 Aberdeen Road, Gisborne. Amy was educated at St Margaret's, Christchurch, and Chilton House, Wellington. For almost the whole of her married she lived on "Linburn" Iff Bi. "M Station, where Robert was farming. They moved to Wainui Beach a year before his death. Amy continued to live at Wainui, and later at Whitaker Street, Gisborne. During this time she became an active member of the Canoe and Tramping Club and the Forest and Bird Protection Society. (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN. Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Amy Mary and WATSON, Robert WalHs GRAY, Amy Mary and WATSON, Robert Wa111s (cont,..) She also made several overseas trips and travelled widely in England, Europe and Australia, and even further afield. In the 1960s she and her friend Phyllis Grahame went walking in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, travelling in the Middle East and India, and bike riding around Kathmandu long before it became a popular travel destination. She continues to enjoy remarkable health for her age. Robert was educated at Christ's College, Christchurch and spent most of his life farming on "Linburn" Station. He had a marvellous sense of humour, but he was a very large man, and did not keep good health. He died in his early fifties.

§ Linburn Station Strangely enough, "Linburn" was at one time owned by Charles Gray. However, he sold it to Dods who, in 1907, sold it to Archie Watson. It was farmed successively by Archie Watson, Robert Watson, then by managers for a few years, and then by Gerard Watson, who continues to farm it with the help of his two sons, Mark and Timothy. "Linburn" is situated some 15 miles out of Gisborne on the Waimata Valley Road. However, because it is on the opposite side of the river from the road, it has been quite isolated in the past. The river crossing was very unreliable. In 1951 it was only open for six weeks in the whole year and they were unable to get their wool out. In the early days, if the crossing was blocked, people had to ride out to the road through properties to the south of "Linburn". Later there was a cage across the river for a short while and after that a foot swing bridge. In the 1950s and 60s a low level bridge was constructed, but it was often blocked by floods. It was not until a high level bridge was built in the 1980s that access became easy. "Linburn" used to have about 1,000 acres in the Waimata catchment and 500 in the Ormond Valley. Recently, however, Watsons have bought a property in the Ormond Valley which backs onto "Linburn" and complements it.

)1> WATSON, Margaret Jane m on 17.02.1951 to PUTT, Col1n Kelston b 16.10.1929 b 15,09.1926 Jane b. at "Linburn", Waimata Valley, Gisborne and m. at St Luke's Church, Waerenga-a-hika, Gisborne. Colin, s/o Charles Ernest Henry Putt and Dorothy Antoinette Home. Address: 28 Riverview Avenue, Dangar Island, NSW 2083, Australia. Jane was educated by correspondence then at Woodford House, Havelock North and Canterbury University College, where she worked as a librarian. She graduated BA in 1951. Since her marriage she has lived for the most part in Sydney, first at Maroubra, then at Hornsby (1957-90) and now on Dangar Island in the Hawkesbury River. The years 1971-76 were spent in England, living at Reading, Berkshire, and at Goring-on-Thames. During this time she undertook historical smdies at King's College, London, From 1980-85 she lived in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, where she joined the Order of St Luke and became secretary of the local branch. Since then she has spent the better part of two years at Kaitaia in North Auckland, and is now enjoying life on Dangar Island. Jane is interested in the education of handicapped children and was a foundation member of SPEED

(NSW) and AFASIC (England) and has been the Berkshire County representative to the National Deaf Children's Association in London. For the past ten years she has taught Special Religious Education at various local primary schools. She has also trained as a counsellor. Her main sport is tramping (or bushwalking as it is known in Australia) and she has tramped and climbed in Australia, New Zealand, England and Norway. She also sailed across the Tasman from New Zealand to Australia with Colin, on the return from his last trip to the Antarctic. Music and reading are other interests, and she is at present struggling to develop a large bush garden. Colin comes from a pioneering New Zealand family. His great-grandfather, Henry Putt, arrived at New Plymouth on the "William Bryan" on 31.03.1841. Colin was educated at St Heliers Primary School, King's College, Otahuhu, Auckland University College and Canterbury University College. He

graduated BSc and BE(Chem) in 1950 and moved to Australia. From 1950 to 1980 he worked for ICI Australia at their Botany site, apart from the years 1971-74 which were spent in England as a (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, N1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY. Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Amy Mary and WATSON, Robert Wall 1s WATSON, Margaret Jane and PUTT, Col1n Kelston WATSON, Margaret Jane and PUTT, Co11n Kelston (cont...) Research Group Manager of Id's Corporate Research Laboratory at Bozedown House, Whitchurch near Reading. From 1980-85 he was ICIANZ's Quarry and Saltfields Manager based at Penrice near Angaston in the Barossa Valley of South Australia. After he retired from ICI he spent a couple of years at Kaitaia working on the Kaurex project. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers

(England) and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Colin is a well-known sailor and mountaineer and has participated in a number of expeditions. In 1961 he led the New Zealand Alpine Club's expedition to the Carstenz Mountains in West New Guinea (now West Irian). In 1964-65 he participated in the South Indian Ocean Expedition to Heard Island and was one of the party who reached the summit of Big Ben. He has tramped and climbed extensively in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. In 1970 he sailed across the North Atlantic to Greenland with H W Tilman. In 1984-85 he was ship's engineer with the Project Blizzard expedition which sailed to repair Mawson's hut at Commonwealth Bay in the Antarctic. In 1985 he participated in the Sarimanok canoe voyage from Bali to Madagascar, though illness forced him to come ashore at the Cocos Islands. In 1988 he was ship's engineer (but not one of the climbing party) for the Australian Bi-Centennial Expedition which sailed to Cape Hallett in the Antarctic and climbed Mount Minto. At present he lectures part-time at Sydney University and also does consulting work.

ilL> PUTT. Robert Col1n b 31.03.1952 d 02.04.1952 Robert b. at Camperdown, Sydney, Australia and cremated at Botany, Sydney.

02> PUTT. Margaret Ann (Peg) m on **.**. 1977 to (l)HUTCHESON, Richard b




Peg b. at Camperdown, Sydney, Australia. Divorced 1979.

02> PUTT, Margaret Ann (Peg) de facto (2)LIDDELL, Ne11 (May) b




Nav, s/o Norman and Joyce Liddell.

)1> LIDDELL, Alice Nom b 19.01.1980 Alice b. at Hornsby, Sydney. Address: 133 Patrick Street, West Hobart, Tasmania 7000, Australia. Alice has been educated at primary schools at Brooklyn, NSW, Cygnet, Tas, and Trinity Beach, Qld, and at Wbodbridge and Taroona High Schools in Tasmania. She is at present attending Nelson College, Hobart and is particularly interested in ceramics.

02> LIDDELL. Eleanor Louise b 13.12.1982 Eleanor b. at Mount Barker, South Australia. Address: 133 Patrick Street, West Hobart, Tasmania 7000, Australia. Eleanor has been educated at Cygnet Primary School and Ogilvy Girls' High School in Hobart. She is interested in singing and in 1997 she toured England, Germany and Japan as a member of the Ogilvy Concert Choir.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. lAimiam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD. Margaret ^GRAY. Amy Mary and WATSON, Robert Wait 1s WATSON, Margaret Jane and PUTT, Col1n Kelston ^PUTT, Margaret Ann (Peg) and GRAHAM, AHstatr Menztes 02> PUTT, Margaret Ann (Peg) de facto (3)GRAHAM, AHstair Menzies b 05.06.1953 b 31.05.1953 Alistair, s/o Robert and Sheila Graham. Address: Rocky Bay Road, Rocky Bay, Cygnet, Tas 7112, Australia, and 133 Patrick Street, West Hobart, Tasmania 7000, Australia. Peg was educated at Waitara (Sydney) and Artarmon Primary Schools, Hornsby Girls' High School, the Australian International Independent School and Sussex University, Brighton, England. On her way to England in 1971 she travelled through Asia with a friend. They were trapped in New Delhi by the India-Pakistan war and eventually evacuated from Bombay. She studied International Relations at Sussex University and during the vacations travelled throughout Europe, always on a shoestring. When returning to Australia, she travelled from Pakistan through South East Asia. The war in Laos had just ended and she was one of the first people to travel north through Laos as far as Luang Probang. On one occasion she and Richard found themselves at a Red Army briefing. On her return to Australia she worked on pollution control at ICI Botany. She then travelled through much of Australia, lived on a commune at Nimbin, and later in an Aboriginal settlement at Galiwinku. For a few months she lived in the Barossa Valley in South Australia and then moved to Dangar Island where she met Alistair. In 1987 they moved to the Huon Valley region of Tasmania. It was not long before she became spokesperson for the Huon Protection Group. She established the Threatened Species Network in Tasmania then became Director of the Tasmanian Conservation Trust, and in 1993 was elected to the House of Assembly of the Tasmanian Parliament as a member for Dennison (Hobart), representing the Tasmanian Greens. Alistair was educated at Trinity College, Oxford, England, and Lincoln College, Canterbury, New Zealand where he studied forestry. While in New Zealand he became interested in conservation matters and was a member of the Native Forest Action Council. He became a New Zealand citizen and has been a New Zealand non-governmental organisations representative at many overseas conservation conferences. In 1985 he moved to Sydney to take up a position with the World Wildlife Fund. In 1987 he went to Tasmania where, for several years, he was Director of the Wilderness Society. He set up the International Biodiversity Network, and continues to work in the area of conservation. In 1998 he established ISOLFICH, and international organisation working to end illegal fishing and longlining in the Southern Ocean.

)3> PUTT, Gerard Charles m on 01.04.1977 to (DMcCORMICK, Fiona Anne b 19.07.1955 b 14.12.1955 Gerard b. at Camperdown, Sydney, Australia. Divorced 1986.

)1> PUTT, Amber b 05.06.1977 Amber b. atWahroonga, Sydney, Australia. Address: 18 Duffy Avenue, Thornleigh 2120, NSW, Australia. Amber is a merchandising assistant for Woolworths. She enjoys skiing and water skiing.

(')3> PUTT, Gerard Charles m on 16.07.1986 to (2)McLEOD, Elizabeth

Jervis (L1z)

b 19.07,1955 b 24.09.**** Address: 29 Riverview Avenue, Dangar Island, NSW 2083, Australia. Gerard was educated at Waitara (Sydney) Primary School, Barker College, Sydney, Theale Green Grammar School, Reading, Berkshire and Sussex University, Brighton, England. He is a systems (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Amy Mary and WATSON, Robert Wall is WATSON. Margaret Jane and PUTT, Col1n Kelston iPUTT, Gerard Charles and McLEOD, Elizabeth Jervts


PUTT, Gerard Charles and McLEOD. Elizabeth Jems (Liz) (cont...) engineer and has also worked as a luthier, a builder and in air conditioning. In 1986-87 he joined his father in working on the Kaurex Project in Kaitaia. He is now a senior technical officer for Woolworths where he manages a NATA approved testing laboratory. He enjoys sailing and bushwalking. Liz works as an analyst for Sydney Water. She also enjoys sailing and bushwalking.


> PUn, Amy Beltnda b 27.07.1986 Amy b. at Dangar Island, Sydney, Australia. Address: 29 Riverview Avenue, Dangar Island, NSW 2083, Australia, Amy has been educated at Mooney Mooney Primary School, Berowra (Hillcrest)

Primary School, and in the Opportunity Class at Waitara (Sydney) Primary School, and is now at Kuringai High School. She enjoys sailing and bushwalking.

04> PUH, Henry Richard (Harry) b 11.06.1960 Henry b. at Hornsby, Sydney, Australia. Address: 28 Riverview Avenue, Dangar Island, NSW 2083, Australia. Harry was educated in Special Language classes at Waitara (Sydney) Primary School, and at North Ryde and Gordon West and Thealgreen Comprehensive School, Reading Berks. He was then accepted for the Mary Hare Grammar School for the Deaf, Newbury, Berks, England, where he studied for three years. On his return to Australia he attended the Australian International Independent School, Sydney and then continued his studies at Meadowbank Technical College, Sydney, where he trained as a fitter. He has worked as a fitter and at various other occupations and is at present retraining as an electronics technician.

05> PUTT, Sarah Ethel Jane m on 15.09.1983 to MURRAY, Michael Thomas


b 25.11,1962 b 02.09.1960 Sarah b. at Hornsby, Sydney, Australia. Michael, s/o Thomas and Helen Murray. Address: 65 Burdett Street, Hornsby 2077, NSW, Australia. Sarah was educated at Waitara (Sydney) Primary School, Overdown Road Borough School, Reading, Berks, Hornsby Girls' High School, the Australian International Independent School and the Ryde School ofHorticulture. She has a Diploma in Nursery Trade Practice, has taught aerobics and worked at various other jobs. Mick and Sarah have their own landscape gardening business. Sarah is at present studying for a Diploma in Applied Science (Landscape). Mick trained as a spray painter but as soon as he finished his apprenticeship he retrained himself as a landscape gardener. He is a qualified Landscape Technician.

)1> MURRAY, Kyla N1 cole b 15.10.1982 Kyla b. at Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia. Address: 65 Burdett Street, Hornsby, NSW 2077, Australia. Kyla was educated at Hillside Primary School and at the Berowra Christian Community School. She now attends Asquith Girls' High School. Her sport is netball.



Descendants of-WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON. Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY. Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Amy Mary and WATSON, Robert Wa111s WATSON, Margaret Jane and PUTT, Col1n Kelston ^PUTT, Sarah Ethel Jane and MURRAY, Michael Thomas (Mtck) 02> MURRAY, Matthew Col1n b 11.11.1985 Matthew b. at Hillside, Sydney, Australia, Address; 65 Burdett Street, Hornsby, NSW 2077, Australia. Matthew has attended Berowra Christian Community School and is now at Kuringai High School. He plays rugby league.

03> MURRAY, Mtchelle Sarah b 31.08.1989 Michelle b. at Hillside, Sydney, Australia. Address: 65 Burdett Street, Hornsby, NSW 2077, Australia. Michelle attends Berowra Christian Community School and plays netball.

02>'WATSON, Edith Ruthm on 23.os.i953 to (l)TOMBLESON, Martin Grahame b 03.12.1923

b 06.07.1933

Ruth b. and m. at Gisborne. Divorced. Martin, s/o Thomas Waddingham Grahame (farmer at Nuhaka) and Dorothy Mary Mander.

§ Newstead Station The land which was to become "Newstead" station was originally purchased by Robert Espie in 1843 for the price of some blankets, a filly foal and 10 Ibs of tobacco and later sold it to his son, J

E (Eddie) Espie. These transactions were the 15th to be officially approved in the Poverty Bay/ East Coast area. In 1898 Espie sold 156 acres to Captain John Tombleson who used it as a lowland grazing block to supplement "Otonga", his Waimata farm. He passed the property on to Thomas Wadding Grahame Tombleson who passed it in turn to Martin Grahame Tombleson. Various parcels of the original 156 acres were sold off and the farm now comprising 67 acres is owned by Robert Grahame Tombleson. The access road to the farm is known as Newstead Lane, being so named in 1967.

1> TOMBLESON, Jacqueltnem on 20.12.1975 to SLAVICH, John Kenneth

Mary b 12.04.1954 b 19.07.1953 Jacqueline b. at Gisborne and m. at the Makaraka Catholic Church, Gisborne. John, s/o Nikolas Slavich and Delma Vlahovich, b. at Paeroa. Address: 59 Berkley Avenue, Hamilton. Jacqueline is a trained primary school teacher and an active member of the Waikato Playcentre Association. John is a chartered accountant and partner in BDO Hogg Young Cathie.

)1> SLAVICH, Kirsty Alice b 25.02.1980 Kirsty b. at Hinton, Alberta, Canada.

(')2> SLAVICH, Andrew John b 27.09.1982 Andrew b. atEdmonton, Alberta, Canada.

(J)3> SLAVICH, Stephanie Mary b 26.06.1987 Stephanie b. at Hamilton.


7 8 9


Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY. Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY. Amy Mary and WATSON, Robert Wall 1s WATSON. Edith'Ruth and TOMBLESON, Martin Grahame ^TOMBLESON, Natalie C1at re and PETERSON, Bruce St C1air 02> TOMBLESON, Natalie C1 awe

on is. 02.1978 to (l)PETERSON, Bruce St C1 air

b 18.08.1955

b 25.12.1953

Claire b. and m. at Gisborne. Divorced. Bruce, s/o Gilbert Blanc Peterson and Agnes Tail Sinclair, both from the Shetland Islands.

02> TOMBLESON. Nataltem on 19.02.1994 to (2) HARPER, Timothy Tane C1 at re (T1mm) b 22.06.1960

b 18.08.1955

Natalie m. at Palmerston North. Timothy, s/o William Harper and Valerie Joan Figg. Address: 6 Rata Street, Wanaka. Claire began general nursing training after leaving school and completed two-thirds of the training course. At age 19 years she left nursing to join the New Zealand Police Department in 1975. She was a Police Constable for 15 years and was stationed firstly in Napier and then in Gisborne and Rotorua. After 14 years service she was awarded her Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Due to illness, she was medically retired in 1990. Claire is now living in Wanaka with Timm and their two boys. Timm is a teacher and Head of the Information Technology Department at Mount Aspiring College. Both Claire and Timm are keen skiers and bushwalkers.

L> HARPER, Benjamin Will 1am b 12.08.1994 Benjamin b. at Palmerston North,

02> HARPER, Robert Mitchell b 10.09.1996 Robert b. at Palmerston North.

03> TOMBLESON, EHzabethm on 03.05.1985 to DRYSDALE, Nell Edward


b 23.01.1957 b 16.07.1954 Phillipa b. at Gisborne and m. at Hornsby, Sydney, Australia. Address: 6 Flounder Road, Ettalong 2257, NSW, Australia, Neil was a shunter on the NSW Railways for 13 years and is now a self-employed lawn maintenance contractor.

)1> DRYSDALE, EHza Claire b 08.05.1986 Eliza b. at Camperdown, Sydney, Australia. She attends Ettalong Primary School.

02> DRYSDALE, Laura Ruth b 11.08.1988 Laura b. at Gosford, NSW, Australia. She attends Ettalong Primary School.

03> DRYSDALE, Stuart Douglas b 07.08.1991 Stuart b. at Gosford, NSW, Australia. He attends Ettalong Primary School.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles . ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LAN6FORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Amy Mary and WATSON, Robert ?1115 WATSON, Edith Ruth and TOMBLESON, Martin Grahame ^TOMBLESON, Elizabeth Phi 111 pa and DRYSDALE, NeH Edward 04> DRYSDALE. Renee Louise b 25.01.1994 Renee b. at Gosford, NSW, Australia.

04> TOMBLESON, Robert Grahame m on 24.oi.i98i to JEFFARES, Kem Mae b 28.08.1958

b 12.01.1962

Grahame b. at Gisborne and m. at Taradale. Kerri, d/o Barrie Thomas Jeffares and Shiriey Beverly Oliver. Address: C/- Post Office, Makaraka, Gisborne. Grahame graduated in 1977 with a Diploma of Horticulture in Orchard Production and is horticultural farming at Makaraka, Gisborne in partnership with his wife. He was also Unit Commander of No 14 "City ofGisborne" Squadron, Air Training Corps and holder of a New Zealand Cadet Forces Medal for long and meritorious service (12 years commissioned officer rank). He resigned from the Corps in 1991.

Kerri has a Certificate in Early Childhood Education from Massey University in 1996 and is now a special needs educator with the Special Education Service.

>1> TOMBLESON, Emma Rachael b 10.03.1986 Emma b. at Gisborne.

)2> TOMBLESON. Anya Mane b 02.08.1988 Anya b. atGisborne.

05> TOMBLESON, John Roger m on 05.07.1980 to DYKE, Jennifer Anne b 23.12.1959 b 10.08.1959 Roger b at Gisborne and m. at Feilding. Jennifer, d/o Stewart lan Dyke and Colleen Ruth Wilson, b. at Feilding. Address: 14 Woodlands Street, Linton Camp, Palmerston North. Roger enlisted with the Army as a regular soldier in 1979. After completing his basic training at Waiouru, he joined the Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps as a Supplier. He was posted to 5 Logistic Regiment then to 21 Field Supply Company at Linton Camp, Palmerston North. He acted as Company Sergeant Major for two years and was then posted to the operational HQ of the 2nd Land Force Camp in Linton.

Ol> TOMBLESON, Adam John b 16.10.1983 Adam b. at Palmerston North.

02> TOMBLESON. Joshua Ryan b 14.03.1986 Joshua b. at Taihape.

03> TOMBLESON, Isaac Martin b 25.01.1991 Isaac b. at Lower Hutt.


7 8 9


Descendants of WILLIAMS, N1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. WH11am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Amy Mary and WATSON, Robert Wall 1s WATSON, Edith Ruth and TOMBLESON, Martin Grahame 1TOMBLESON, John Roger and DYKE, Jennifer Anne 04> TOMBLESON, Leah Anne b 04.04.1994 Leah b. at Lower Hutt.

2>'WATSON, Edith Ruth m on 19.11.1982 to (2)CARTER, Dudley Robert (Nick) b 06.07.1933 b 13.04.1931 Divorced. Address: 33a Whitaker Street, Tauranga.

3> WATSON. Gerard Robert Graym on **.oi.i958 to WAKELIN, Greta Rosemary


b 05.08.1936 b 28.03.1938 Address: "Linburn", Rural Bag 7411, Gisborne.

)1> WATSON, Mark Robert m on 02.05.1987 to WHITFIELD, Karen Patncia b




Mark b. at Hamilton and m. at Gisborne. Karen, d/o Ralph Whkfield and Delma Carron. Address: "Linburn" PB 7411, Gisborne. Mark was educated at Waimata Valley Primary School near Gisborne, then St Paul's Collegiate, Hamilton. He graduated DipAg from Massey University and is now a farmer.

Ol> WATSON, Robert Paul b 09.02.1989 Robert b. at Gisborne.

02> WATSON, Thomas George Mark b 11.05.1994 Thomas b. at Gisborne.

02> WATSON, Wendy Jane m on i7.os.i980 to SHANKS, Col 1n b 14.07.1959 b 09.04.1958 Address: "Emirau" Station, RD 3, Whangara, Gisborne.

01> SHANKS, Ross Alexander b 21.06.1985

02> SHANKS, Kate Rosemary b 21.04.1988

3> SHANKS. Hannah Maree b 26.05.1993

03> WATSON, Julia Mary and ENGLAND, Jonathan b 09.03.1961 b 21.06.**** Address: 13 Park Street, Bulli 2516, NSW, Australia.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, N1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY. Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Amy Mary and WATSON, Robert ?111s WATSON, Gerard Robert Gray and WAKELIN, Greta Rosemary Ethel WATSON, Julia Mary and ENGLAND, Jonathan 01> ENGLAND, Lucy b **.**.1996


04> WATSON, Bel1nda Rosemary and (l)LAMB. Peter b 12.09.1963 b **.**,****

Address; 1 Boundary Road, Hamilton.

1> LAMB, Georgtna ^ **^**^****

4> WATSON, Beltnda Rosemary m on 01.01.1994 to (2)ROBINSON, Tony b




Address: 316 Ruakura Road, Hamilton.

1> ROBINSON, Max ^ **^**^****

2> ROBINSON, Hugo b **,**.1997

05> WATSON, Timothy Gerard b 17.11.1965 Address: Maranui Station, RD, Gisborne.

02> GRAY, Dorothy Eva b 17.01.1905 d 28.06.1906 Dorothy b. at Vancouver, Canada and d. at Chicago, USA.

03> GRAY, Edith Hilda b 08.04.1907 d 18.08.1916 Hilda b. at Chicago and d. as a result ofrheumatic fever at Waiohika near Gisborne.

04> GRAY, Charles Leonard Alan m on 25.09.1937 to (l)BIBBY, Phyllts HOT} b 28.07.1912 d 12.10.1997 b 25,09.1915 d 28.08.1971 Alan b. at Sydney, d. at Taupo and bd. at Onga Onga. Mary bd. at Onga Onga. Alan was a sheep and cattle farmer. He retired in 1971.

1> GRAY, Mary b **.09.1938 d **.10.1938



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Win 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emtty Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Charles Leonard Alan and BIBBY, PhylHs Mary ^GRAY, Susan Mary and PASSMORE, Robert Gordon 02> GRAY, Susan Mary m on 01.12.1962 to PASSMORE, Robert Gordon b 20.07.1940 d 05.04.1993 b 04.11.1934 Susan b. at Waipawa, m. at Blackburn Road, Onga Onga, and bd. at Taupo. Robert, s/o Gordon Passmore and Helen Fraser. Address: RD I, Taupo. Robert is a sheep and cattle farmer.

il > PASSMORE, Helen Jane m on 01.05.1993 to HAYCOCK, Phmip b 01.04.1964 b 20.09.1964 Jane b. at Waipawa and now working in Taupo.

l> HAYCOCK, Elotse Susan b 08.04.1994

02> PASSMORE. jmianMarym on 21.01.1995 to GRIGG, Stmon Christopher b 29.04.1966 b 14.11.1964 Jillian b. at Dannevirke. Simon, s/o Christopher and Robyn Grigg ofAkaroa. Address: 64 Sherman Street, Marton. Jillian graduated BEd from Massey University.


L> GRIGG, Mm 1 cent Susan b 06.02.1996

2> GRIGG, Laura Constance Mary b 04.10.1997

03> PASSMORE. Robert Mark b 04.12.1968 d 11.07.1993 Mark b. at Dannevirke, d. in a road accident at Taupo and bd. next to his mother at Taupo. He graduated BBS and was working in banking at Wellington.

03> GRAY, Robyn m on io.os.i968 to PLOWMAN, Michael Vemon b 22.11.1943 b 22.04.1941 Robyn b. at Waipawa and m. at Havelock North. Michael, s/o Vernon Plowman and Margaret Hutton.

Address: Mill Road (PO Box 63), Clive, Hawkes Bay. Robyn is a secretary and Michael is a chartered accountant and general manager.

)1> PLOWMAN, Catherine m on 25.04.1998 to STRACHAN, Andrew Kenneth Louise b




Catherine b. at Hastings and m. at Clive. Andrew, s/o James Strachan and Myrna Nees. Catherine graduated LLB from Canterbury University and is presently Human Resource Advisor at Massey University. Andrew is a software engineer.

)2> PLOWMAN, Gregory Michael b 13.08.1972 Gregory b. at Napier, He graduated BHB, MBChB from Auckland University and is now working in Auckland.


7 8 9


Descendants of WILLIAMS, N1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Charles Leonard Alan and BIBBY, PhytHs Mary ^GRAY. Robyn and PLOWMAN, Michael Vemon 03> PLOWMAN. Andrew John b 19.11.1975 Andrew b. at Napier. He graduated BCom from Canterbury University and is a software consultant in Auckland.

04> GRAY, Anthony Charles m on 19.06.1971 to (l)RATHBONE, Prudence Anne b 23.07.1948 b 31.01.1950 Anthony b. at Waipawa and m. at Havelock North. Divorced 04.11,1987. Prudence, d/o Arthur Rathbone and Trixie Fairhall.

11> GRAY, Jonathan Charles b 12.01,


Jonathan b. atWaipukurau.

12> GRAY. Belinda Elizabeth b 14.07.


Belinda b . atWaipukurau.

13> GRAY, Kirsty Man'anne b 22.09. 1978 Kirsty b. at Waipukurau.

04> GRAY, Anthony Charles m on 29.09.1989 to (2)MABEY, Ga11 Ann McLaren b 23.07.1948 b 10.04.1955 Anthony m. at Waipukurau. Address: "Hughenden", RD 1, Onga Onga. Anthony is a sheep, cattle and deer farmer.

04> GRAY, Charles Leonard Alanm on 22.02.1973 to (2)TARRY, PhtlHs Marjone b 28.07.1912

d 12.10.1997 b 25.11.1915

Alan m. at Kawakawa, Northland. Phyllis, d/o Thomas Wagstaffand Edith Webb, b. at Baling, Middlesex,

England. Address: (Phillis) 28 Humphrey Street, Taupo, Phillis was educated in England and moved to New Zealand in 1955.

(]5> GRAY, Col 1n Falklandm on 20.10.1945 to DINNIE, Betty Lots b09.11.1914 d 01,08.1995 b26.01.1923 Colin b. at Christchurch and m. at Waerenga-a-hika. Betty, d/o Clair Cook. Address: (Betty) 4 Hurworth Grove, Waikanae. Colin was educated at Huntley School, Marton, Christ's College, Christchurch, Wellesley

College, Wellington and Napier Boys' High School. He was farming from 1933 until he joined the RA.F in 1939. He was a fighter pilot throughout WW2, seeing action at Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, Malta and Sicily. He flew approxunately 550 operational sorties, mostly in Spitfires and destroyed 27Vi enemy aircraft. He was awarded the DSO and DFC and two bars. After the war he continued to serve in the RAF until 1961 when he retired with the rank of Group Captain. From 1961 to 1979 he was National Personnel Manager and a Director ofUnilever NZ Ltd. He was a committee member of the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce from 1964 to 1973 (President in 1971). He was the author of "Spitfire Patrol" published in 1990. His interests included golf and fishing.

)1> GRAY, Margaret Gillian m on **.**.**** to

^ ** -k-k ****

b 31.08.1946 Divorced.


(l)MARTELL, phnip


Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY. Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Coltn Falkland and DINNIE, Betty'Lots ^GRAY, Margaret GUI tan and WALLACE, Graeme 01> GRAY, Margaret GIIHanm on **.**.**** to (2)WALLACE, Graeme b




Margaret and Graeme have spent the last two years cruising the high seas.

02> GRAY, Felicity Elizabeth m on **.**.**** to (l)HILL, Richard b




)2> GRAY, Felicity EHzabethm on **.**.**** to (2)BACHALI, Coltn b 15.11.1947

|3 ********

3> GRAY. Patrick Timothy b 05.03.1950 Address: 22 Punjab Street, Khandallah, Wellington.

Timothy works for Mobil Oil.

04> GRAY, Peter David Kenneth m on 09.08.1986 to DAVENPORT, Moya T1 are b 01.04.1951

b 18.03.1952

David b. at Bethseda, Maryland, USA and m. at St Andrew's Cathedral Chapel, Hawaii, Honolulu. Moya, d/o Richard Norton Davenport and Alita Arkin Salve, b. at Santa Monica, California, USA. Address: 1283 Honokahua Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825. David was educated at Changi, Singapore; Oakhurst Grange at Caterham, Surrey, England; and at Wellesley College, Scot's College and Wellington Polytechnic, Wellington. He worked for Brickell Moss Rankine & Hill in Wellington (1971-75) and spent six months in Western Samoa doing survey work on the cross-island road. He lived in Afif, Saudia Arabia while employed by Ballast-Nedam MV to build accommodation for the Saudi Arabian Air Force. On his return to New Zealand in 1977 he joined Downer and Co and remained with them until 1985. During this time he was Site Engineer for the Wellington Milk Treatment facility, Project Manager for the Stockton Open Cast Mine on the West Coast of New Zealand, and Site Engineer for the Warangoi Hydroelectric Power Scheme in Papua New Guinea. Upon his return from PNG he went to head office in Wellington where he was estunator on major projects in New Zealand and on all international projects. He moved to Honolulu, Hawaii in 1985 where he is Vice President of Command Construction Company. Moya received her Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii, Manoa and her Juris Doctorate at the William S Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii. She worked as a lawyer with Ferenz, Williams, Gruskin and Ashton in Guam until 1985 and then with Wong and Oshima in Honolulu. She now has her own private practice and is a hearings officer with the State of Hawaii.

01> GRAY, Michael Col1n Davenport b 03.12.1985

02> GRAY, T1are Ka'utlam Davenport b 16.08.1991

06>'GRAY, Kenneth Ne11 b 09.11.1914 d 01.05.1940 Kenneth b. at Christchurch, d. in WW2 and bd. at Dyce Old Churchyard in Scotland. He was a bomber pilot in the RAF and was awarded the DFC in 1939 and the Czech War Cross about the same time.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY, Lesley Margaret and CAMPBELL. John Haldane (Jock) 07> GRAY, Lesley Margaret m on 07.10.1939 to CAMPBELL, John Haldane (Jock) b 22.01.1918 b 10.10.1916 Lesley b. at Christchurch and m. at Gisborne. John b. at Gisborne. Address: 3/50 James Street, Rotorua.

Lesley worked as a typist before her marriage and as a librarian in later years. Jock qualified as an accountant and set up business in Whakatane. This grew to three partners by the time he retired.

)1> CAMPBELL, Adnenne Joan m on 15.04.1961 to (l)VANSTONE, Kevin WHfred b




Adrienne b. at Gisborne and m. at Sydney, Australia. Divorced 1973.

)1> VANSTONE, Nicholas m on 25.10.1986 to VAN DEN BEUKEN. NelHe


b 17.10.1962 b 02.03.**** Nicholas b. at Sydney, Australia. Address: Pauls Road, RD 2, Whakatane.

Ol> VANSTONE, Ashley N1 cole b 20.11.1989 Ashley b. at Whakatane.

02> VANSTONE, Robyn Lesley m on to SILVESTER, Peter Kenneth b 21.03.1964 b 11.03.1960 Robyn b. at Opotiki. Address: 24 Coleraine Street, Cromwell, South Island.

)1> SILVESTER, Dame11e Kate b 29.06.1995 Danielle b. at Cromwell.

02> SILVESTER. Jamte Peter b 09.09.1997 Jamie b. at Clyde.

(')1>'CAMPBELL, Adnenne Joan m on 05.04.1974 to (2)SIMS, Leonard Graham b 26,08.1940 b 13.04.1943 Adrienne m. at Auckland. Leonard, s/o Keith Balfour Sims (stepfather) and Joy Madeleine Bryant, b. at Auckland. Address: 17 North Ridge Drive, RD 1, Horsham Downs, Hamilton. Adrienne has worked as a legal secretary and is now a part-time word processor in Leonard's business. Leonard is a partner and director in a computer publishing company.

01> SIMS, Antony Balfour b 18.11.1971 Antony b, atTauranga. Address: London, England.

()2> CAMPBELL, D1ane Margaret m on i5.04.i963 to HEMINGWAY, David b




Diane b. at Gisborne. Address: Tomsetts Road, RD 1, Omanawa, Tauranga. Diane worked as a shorthand typist before her marriage. She and David now have their own dairy farm.

1> HEMINGWAY, Cratg b **.**.1965 d **.**.1966



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret ^GRAY. Lesley Margaret and CAMPBELL, John Haldane (Jock) ^CAMPBELL, Dtane Margaret and HEMINGWAY, David 02> HEMINGWAY, Warren David b 18.07.1967

3> HEMINGWAY, Lance Campbell b 19.08.1970 Address; 162 Poike Road, Ohauiti, Tauranga.

03> CAMPBELL. Fay Heather m on 05.05.1973 to COUPER, Peter John b 14.01.1948 b 22.11.1939 Fay b. at Gisborne and m. at Ashburton. Divorced 1990. Peter, s/o Robert Peter Couper and Elizabeth Muriel Kelman, b. atTimaru. Address: 16a Corlett Street, Rotorua. Fay is a primary school teacher and Peter is a farmer.

01> COUPER, Raewyn Anne b 03.03.1975 d 06.03.1975 Raewyn b. at Christchurch, d, and bd. at Ashburton.

02> COUPER. Andrew John and LEVITT, Ch1a b 26.04.1976 b **.**.****

Andrew b. at Timaru.

1> LEVITT, Daniel Floyd b 12.02.1997 Daniel b. atAshburton.

03> COUPER, Ltndsay Peter b 26.08.1977 Lindsay b. at Christchurch.

04> COUPER, Stewart Robert b 12.03.1979 Stewart b. at Christchurch.

05> COUPER, Heather Lesley b 02,03.1981 Heather b. at Christchurch.

M> CAMPBELL, Graeme Haldanem on **.**. 1975 to GARNER, Beverley b




Graeme b. at Gisborne. Graeme spent some time with the New Zealand Army in Singapore. He is now manager of the Mangere Airport branch of New Zealand Post.

08> GRAY, BeveNey Jane b 04.10.1919 d **.05.1921 Beverley b. at Christchurch and d. at Gisborne.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Mm 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD, Margaret 09> GRAY, Robert Nowbray b 04.04.1922 d 14.08.1944 Robert b. at Gisborne and killed in WW2.

0> GRAY, OHve Shell a m on 08.06.1946 to (l)TOMBLESON, Michael John b 23.07.1923

b 25.08.1921 d 22.08.1971

Sheila b. at Eketahuna and m. at Gisborne. Michael, s/o Percy Douglas Tombleson and Mary Dods, killed in a car accident and bd. at Morrinsville. Sheila was a landgirl during the war. Michael was a sheepfarmer. They farmed at "Okiwa" Station, Waimata Valley, Gisborne after the war and then at Te Akau in the Waikato (1957) before moving to Morrinsville in 1966.

)1> TOMBLESON, Carol Mary m on 13.01.1968 to SHERRARD, Lester Albert b 01.10.1947 b 24.10.1942 d 23.02.1982 Carol b, at Gisborne and m. at Morrinsville. Lester, s/o John and Mabel Sherrard, b. at Dannevirke and d. and bd. at Ngaruawahia. Address: 9 Old Taupiri Road, Ngaruawahia. Carol attended Woodford House and Hamilton Teachers' College. She returned to teaching in 1980 and is now at Taupiri Primary School.

il > SHERRARD, Amanda Lee b 02.10.1970 Amanda b. at Huntly. She works for the New Zealand Dairy Board at the Livestock Improvement Centre in Hamilton.

02> SHERRARD, Kam Michael b 03.09.1972 Karn b. at Huntly. He attended Waikato Polytech in 1991 and now works as a technician for U-Bix in Hamilton.

02> TOMBLESON, Guy Leonard m on 27.os.i983 to PEACOCK. Ruth b 25.10.1949 d 30.03.1992 b 24.06.1953 Guy m. at Redmire, North Yorks, England. Ruth, d/o Tom and Annie Peacock ofRedmire. Address: Priory House, Redmire, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, England DL8 4ED. Guy had an antique shop in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, before returning to New Zealand. After his death in Auckland, Ruth returned to England with the two girls.

)1> TOMBLESON. Annie Louise b 08.02.1986

2> TOMBLESON, Sophie May b 10.12.1988

t3> TOMBLESON, Anne Julietm on 12.03.1988 to PINCHEN, WHfred b 01.01.1956 b 13.02.1944 Anne b. at Gisborne and m. at St John's Anglican Church, Albany, Western Australia. Wilfred, s/o Norman Arthur Pinchen and Nora Teasdale, b. at Hartepool, England. Address: RMB 8626c Lower Kalgan, Albany 6330, West Australia. Anne attended Te Akau Primary School then Morrinsville College where she was a Prefect, Chairman of the School Council, House Captain and captain of the girls' hockey team. She graduated from Hamilton Teachers' College in 1976. She quit teaching after a short time and held several diverse positions around Auckland and Pukekohe. In 1984 she went to Albany where she managed a fast food outlet for four years and it was during that time that she met and married Wilf who was a storeman at Albany Hospital. Wilfwas in the British Army for ten years before emigrating to Australia in (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Robert Leonard and LANGFORD. Margaret ^GRAY. OHve Shell a and TOMBLESON, Michael John J/TOMBLESON, Anne Juliet and PINCHEN, WHfred TOMBLESON, Anne Juliet and PINCHEN. WHfred (cont...) 1978 with his first wife and two daughters, Patricia Louise and Ruth Elizabeth, Anne joined the Commonwealth Bank where she remained for eight years. She now has a casual office job with a newspaper delivery round and Wilf is now an orderly at the hospital. Anne has held the office of Treasurer of St John's Anglican Church for eight years and is also a member of the Parish Council. She and Wilf live on a small farmlet in a mudbrick house which they built themselves over several years. They both enjoy gardening and golf and Anne is still playing hockey.

0> GRAY, OHve Sheilam on 12.12.1986 to (2)SHERRIFF. Francis Patnck (Paddy) b 23.07.1923 b 28.01.1920 Sheila m. at Taupo. Paddy, s/o Albert Dunlop (Laddie) Sherriffand Esther Malone. Address: 4 Fair view Terrace, Taupo.

Paddy is a retired sheepfarmer.

02> GRAY. Donald Campllnm on 31.08.1911 to HAY, Frances Ethel b 24.07.1886 d **.**.1971 b 17.04.1884 d 29.04.1972 Camplin b. at Waiohika. He managed his father's estate consisting of "Waiohika", "Waihora" and "Mangarara" stations. II.N4j

)1> GRAY, Maxwell CampHnm on 03.03.1940 to (l)SEAMARK, Winifred b 30.12.1912 d 28.09.1995 b **.**.1910 d 11,03.1968 Maxwell b. at Whataupoko, Gisborne and m. at St George's, Bloomsbury, London. Winifred, d/o William Seamark, b. in India, d. at Stanwell, Middlesex and bd. at Leatherhead.

Ol> GRAY, Maxwell CampHnm on 10.07.1969 to (2)REED, Chnsttne Stewart b 30.12.1912 d 28.09.1995 b 21.06.1921 Maxwell m. at Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Christine, d/o David Moncrieffand Christina Campbell, b. at Anstruther, Fife, Scotland. Address: 45 Gilmais, Great Brookham, Leatherhead, KT23 4RP, Surrey, England. After graduating as an architect from Auckland University, Maxwell worked in Auckland and Wellington before travelling to England to further his architectural experience. When war broke out he joined the Army and was posted to the Royal Engineers. With them 'he'served "in India, first on the North-West Frontier but mainly on the Burma Front, laying out and constructing military roads through very difficult landscapes. He attained the rank of Major and was awarded the MBE, being also twice mentioned in dispatches. Returning to England after the war, he joined Hertfordshire County Council's Architectural Department, working on its extensive post-war school expansion programme. He then set up his own architectural practice in Bedford Street, London, where he developed a reputation for sound practical design with projects completed on time and always within budget. His practice developed into a partnership and eventually moved out of central London to Sutton in Surrey. Meanwhile he and Christine had moved home to Great Bookham near Leatherhead. Max, after the death of his first wife Winifred, had married Christine who was a widow with a son John and a daughter Moira. John moved with his wife and children into Max's former house only a mile or two away so Max and Christine, in their new home, were able to enjoy seeing the three grandchildren as they grew up. During the whole of his time in the UK, Max enjoyed an intense passion for gardening where his creative skills and considerable technical expertise produced spectacular results which filled every visitor to

his delightful garden full of admiration. (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Donald CampHn and HAY, Frances Ethel iGRAY, Maxwell CampHn and REED, Chnsttne Stewart GRAY, Maxwell CampHn and REED, Christine Stewart (cont..,) Unfortunately, Max s heart become troublesome and eventually required a by-pass operation which was successful. However, as he became older, his heart condition slowly deteriorated over the remaining years and eventually required extensive medication, periods in hospital and considerable discomfort which he bore over a long period with great courage, supported with loving care by Christine until his death. Max was a man of outstanding integrity, upright, honest, completely loyal to those around him and generous in his support of his family and friends.

02> GRAY, Godfrey Brett m on 14.04.1948 to HEGARTY, Shetla Momca b 21.09.1914 b 31.10.1922 Brett b. at "Waiohika", Gisborne. Sheila, d/o William and Agnes Hegarty ofPymble, NSW, Australia, Address: 14c Ruataniwha Street, Waipawa. Brett went to Essex House in Gisborne for his early schooling, then to Gisborne High School and to Wanganui Collegiate School in 1929-31. He was a member of the rowing crew in 1931. After leaving school he worked on farms on the East Coast then joined the Army and served in Greece, North Africa and Italy. He was a sergeant in the 7th Anti Tank Regiment. In 1945 he managed "Hore Hore" station out from Ruatoria, a property where everything came in and out by packhorse. He then moved to Gisborne to manage "Waiohika", the family station. Brett met Sheila when she was visiting relatives in the Gisborne district. After their marriage they lived at "Waiohika" until Brett drew a Rehab farm at Argyll. He farmed there until his retirement and now lives in Waipawa.

1> GRAY, Campltn wmiamm on 01.09.1973 to

COMPTON, Karen b 15.01.1952

b 22.01.1949 Address: RD 6, Te Puke.

Cam was educated at St Patrick's College, Silverstream, and is now a dairy farmer. He is a keen hunter and enjoys sailing. Karen works in livestock improvement.

)1> GRAY, Ktrsten Anna b 13.08.1977

)2> GRAY, Benjamin C b 06.09.1978

)3> GRAY, Samuel b 24.12.1982

02> GRAY, Agnes Mary m on 13,03.1971 to SMYTHE, Brian J b 05.10.1950 b 09.10.1946 Address: 3 McGuigans Way, Dalwood Acres, Branxton 2335, NSW, Australia. Brian works in gold and coal mining. They have recently moved from Queensland to New South Wales and are involved in planting and growing trees.

1> SMYTHE, Rachel Anne m on 07.01.1995 to BAUER, Ame Andrew b 12.09.1971

b 05.04.1972

1> BAUER. Christopher Luke b 03.08.1994



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Donald CampHn and HAY, Frances Ethel ^GRAY, Godfrey Brett and HEGARTY, Shell a Mom ca ^GRAY, Agnes Mary and SMYTHE, Brian J ^SMYTHE, Rachel Anne and BAUER, Arne Andrew 02> BAUER, David Jon b 21.01.1996

02> SMYTHE, Leanne K1m b 15.10.1973

03> SMYTHE, Michael Col1n b 28.12.1976

3> GRAY, Dianna Frances m on 01.04.1972 to STEVENSON, Frednck b 10.02.1952 b 11.08.1952 Address: PO Box 8022, Havelock North. Fred has been a farmer and an orchardist and now has a home security business called Home Safe. He and Dianna have fostered a number of children. Dianna has done counselling with adolescents, especially girls with eating disorders, and she is now involved in counselling therapy.

)1> STEVENSON, Matthew m on 02.12.1995 to HARRIS, Andrea b 30.07.1973 b 09.12.1972 Matthew is in partnership in Home Safe.

02> STEVENSON. Tama (Tammy) b 16.03.1975 Tania manages the Wellington branch of Home Safe.

03> STEVENSON, Odette Jane b 27.07.1977 Odette works in business and travel at Wairakei.

04> STEVENSON, Luke Andrew b 30.10.1979 Luke works in Home Safe in Wellington.

(')4> GRAY, Barbara Monica m on 29.11.1980 to HAMILTON, John Charles b 25.02.1953 b 10.10.1950 Address: Elsthorpe Road, RD 2, Otane, Hawkes Bay. Barbara has worked with the handicapped. John is a bulldozer operator, raises calves and grows squash.

)1> HAMILTON, Ntchola Clare b 24.08.1982

)2> HAMILTON, Kathenne Lee b 11.01.1984

^3> HAMILTON, Sarah Louise b 02.05.1985

4> HAMILTON, Timothy John b 24.10.1987



Descendants of WILLIAMS, WHHam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Donald CampHn and.HAY, Frances Ethel

^GRAY, Godfrey Brett and HEGARTY, Shell a Momca ^GRAY, Barbara Monica and HAMILTON. John Charles 05> HAMILTON, Loma Mary b 01.08.1990

06> HAMILTON, Erica b 05.08.1992

07> HAMILTON, Brett b 05.08.1992

05> GRAY, Kerry Anne m on 07.01.1977 to (l)WILLIAMS, Br-ian b 19.12.1956 b **.**.****

Brian lives in Auckland. He has his Master's Certificate and is working on ships between Australia and New Zealand. The girls visit in the school holidays.

)1> WILLIAMS, Deborah b 01.05,1979

2> WILLIAMS, Joch b 24.08.1980

05> GRAY, Kerry Anne m on ii.os.i984 to (2)LAURENT, Wayne b 19.12.1956 b 04.10.1960 Address: 26 Tamanu Road, Waipawa, Hawkes Bay. Kerry is a good sewer and a keen gardener. She assists Wayne in his business of woodworking and making furniture from recycled timber.

)1> LAURENT, Jacqueltne b 17.11.1985

06> GRAY, Audrey Louise b **.**.1958

Address: 2/53a Omahu Road, Remuera, Auckland. Audrey is a trained nurse and while travelling overseas she nursed in England and the Australian outback. She trained in intensive care work and, following a period in Saudi Arabia, is now with the cardiac intensive care unit at Mercy Hospital, Auckland. She has completed a year's training in beauty therapy and also works in this field.

3> GRAY, James Errol m on 23.12.1946 to YELLOWLEES, Ruth Grace b 10.02.1917 b 05.05.1923 Errol b. at Waiohika, Gisborne and m. at Waerenga-a-hika, Gisborne, Ruth, d/o Robert Yellowlees (builder) and Rose Elizabeth Whitlow, b. at Kaiapoi. Address: 3 Haig Street, Whakatane. Errol (CA) was a county clerk at Kaitieke, Waimate West, Hobson and Whakatane counties. Ruth (BHSc, DipEd) taught at schools in the various towns in which they lived.

)1> GRAY, Timothy Donald m on 21.02.1975 to LOCK, Cherece Nonce b 28.03.1949 b 25.11.1953 Donald m. at New Plymouth. Address: 4 Pall Mail Avenue, Currumbin, Qlnd 4223, Australia. Donald gained a building qualification at a technical institute and now has a building business which he operates from his home.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Donald CampHn and HAY, Frances Ethel ^GRAY, James Errol and YELLOWLEES, Ruth Grace ^GRAY, Timothy Donald and LOCK, Cherece Nonce 01> GRAY. Cherdon b 29.12.1979

02> GRAY, Zane b 06.12.1985

2> GRAY, Barbara Judith m on 02.12.1972 to SALISBURY, John Gordon b 17.06.1952 b 17.06.1949 Judith b. at Raetihi and m. at Whakatane. Address: Ashfield, Orari Station Road, RD 22, Geraldine. Judi graduated BSc and John LLB from Canterbury University. They run a market garden at Geraldine and John works as a solicitor in Timaru.

il > SALISBURY, Tamara b 16,12.1977

I)2> SALISBURY, Susan b 03.03.1980

03> SALISBURY, Robert b 21.07.1981

04> SALISBURY, Ann b 15.10.1983

)3> GRAY, Juliet Helen b **.**.1954 d **.**.1956

04> GRAY, Ivan Donald m on 16.05.1950 to FLAHAULT, Madeleine Anne b 14.02.1923 d 16.08.1994 b 05.10.1921 Ivan b. at Gisborne and m. at Vancouver, Canada. Madeleine, d/o Jean Flahault and Madeleine Heather, b. at Montreal, Canada. Address: 47 Tambourine Bay Road, Lane Cove 2066, NSW, Australia. Ivan was raised at "Waiohika" and attended boarding school at Wanganui. He was a radio operator in the

Merchant Navy through WW2 and survived the sinking of his ship by torpedo in 1943/44. He met Madeleine in Montreal in 1944. He returned to New Zealand at the end of the war and in 1947 he moved to Montreal to be reunited with Madeleine. At the end of 1949 Ivan moved to Vancouver and was joined a few months later by Madeleine and they married in 1950. In 1965 they moved to Sydney, Australia, with their four children. Ivan worked in the insurance industry. Madeleine was born in Montreal of a French father and English mother. She lived for several years in France and attended boarding school in Ireland. She returned to Canada during the war and, having completed her schooling, worked as a children's tutor before moving to Vancouver to marry Ivan. In later years, when most of her children had finished school, she worked in the direct mail industry.

)1> GRAY, Anne Cecil e m on 03.10.1970 to (l)DUFF, Barry b 11.08.1951 b 28.06.1950 Anne b. at Vancouver, Canada, and m. at Sydney, Australia, Barry, s/o Stanley Duffand Lilian Pattison, b. atBoggabri, NSW, Australia.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, WHI 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Donald CampHn and HAY, Frances Ethel ^GRAY. Ivan Donald and FLAHAULT, Madeleine Anne ^GRAY. Anne Cecile and DUFF, Barry 01> DUFF, Jason James b 02.02.1971 Address: WestPennant Hills, Sydney, Australia. Jason works in pool maintenance.

01> GRAY, Anne Cecil e m on 17.07.1992 to (2)RODRIGUES, Maune b 11.08.1951 b 21.06.1940 Anne m. at Sydney, Australia. Maurie, s/o Edmund Rodrigues and Vera Shrieve, b. at Adra, India. Address: 75 Winbourne Street, West Ryde 2114, NSW, Australia. Anne moved to Sydney in 1965 and trained as a teacher in 1970-73. Maurie moved to England in 1947 and to Australia in 1955. He lived in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and back to Sydney. He has two daughters from a previous marriage, and is a computer consultant.

02> GRAY, Jane EHzabethm on 25.11.1972 to ALLEN, John Francis b 25.04.1953 b 27.02.1948 Jane b. at Vancouver, Canada, and m. at Sydney, Australia. Divorced. John, s/o John Alien and Frances Rooney, b. at Liverpool, England. Address: 33a Mons Avenue, West Ryde 2114, NSW, Australia. Jane moved to Sydney in 1965, completed high school matriculation and trained as a travel consultant as well as continuing studies in Indonesian language. She worked for the Dutch and then the Indonesian national airlines until she left to start her family in 1979. For the next few years she remained involved primarily with her children and their activities, and was coordinator of the local playgroup. Jane lived with her family in Jakarta, Indonesia, for two and a half years, from 1987 to 1989, then returned to Australia and resumed work for the Indonesian national carrier in 1990. She is currently Australian Marketing Coordinator.

)1> ALLEN, Joshua John Francis b 14.11.1979

)2> ALLEN, Ktmberley Jane b 19.10.1981

'3> ALLEN, Madeleine Maree b 24,08.1983

03> GRAY, Robert Charles m on 24.02.1978 to (l)WHITE, Anne b 16.11.1956 b 23.09.1953 Robert b. at Vancouver, Canada, and m. at Adelaide, Australia. Divorced. Anne, d/o Keith and Gwen White, b. at Adelaide, Australia.

01> GRAY, Alexander b 20.01.1982

02> GRAY, Todd Errol b 21.04.1984

03> GRAY, Mtkala b 09.02.1986



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Emily Jane and GRAY. Charles ^GRAY. Donald.CampHn and HAY, Frances Ethel ^GRAY, Ivan Donald and FLAHAULT, Madeleine Anne ^GRAY. Robert Charles and LYONS, K1m 03> GRAY, Robert Charles m on 05.06.1993 to (2)LYONS, K1m b 16.11.1956 b 30.03.**** Robert m. at Sydney, Australia. Address: 56 Castlereagh Street, Tahmoor 2573, NSW, Australia. Robert moved to Sydney in 1965 and completed high school matriculation. He travelled around Australia for a couple of years before returning to Sydney and training as a chartered accountant. He lived in Toronto, Canada, for a little over two years from late 1986 to early 1989. He is currently working as a chartered accountant. Kim has one child from her first marriage. She is a teacher and an accomplished artist.

il > GRAY, Uam David b 09.06.1996

04> GRAY. Jacqueltne She-ila Mlchellem on os.o4.i989 to HINCHLIFFE, Nell b




Jacqueline b. at Vancouver, Canada, and m. at Sydney, Australia. Neil, s/o Brian and Edith Hinchliffe, b. at Manchester, England. Address: 188 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge 2063, NSW, Australia. Jacqueline moved to Sydney in 1965 where, after completing high school, she worked as a finished artist in the advertising industry. She travelled extensively and lived and worked in Vancouver for about a year. She is currently undertaking studies in horticulture. Neil moved to Australia in 1987 and is a podiatrist.


HINCHLIFFE, Oscar George .b 20.06.1991


HINCHLIFFE, Charles Louis b 18.07.1993


HINCHLIFFE, Max Donald b 02.11.1995

03>'GRAY, Agnes Sara m on 13.10.1915 to BLUNT, Hugh Roper b 08.11.1887 d **.03.1948 b **.**.1874 d **.**.1931 Agnes b. at Waiohika and d. at Gisborne. Hugh b. in England and d. at Srinagar, Kashmir. Hugh attended Radley School in England and trained as a civil engineer. He went gold mining at Ross, British Columbia, Canada about 1900 and in 1910 he went to Kashmir where he 'built' the road to Gilgit via Burzil Pass. Subsequently he was manager of a carpet factory.

01> BLUNT, Barbara Aldham b 25.11.1918 d **.**.1967 Barbara b. at Srinagar, Kashmir and d, at Gisborne.

02> BLUNT, Michael Hugh m on 15.11.1958 to FIELD, Suzanne Mary b 05.03.1920 d **.06.1983 b 03.08.1924 d 18.01.1983 Michael b. at Srinagar, Kashmir and d. at Wellington. Michael qualified MRCVS, London, and served in the 14th Army and a veterinary officer during the re-capture of Burma. He was later a veterinarian at Ruatoria and Gisborne. He graduated PhD from the University of New England, NSW and undertook research in haematology at Augusta, Georgia, USA, and returned to New Zealand to take up a position of Assistant Director, Animal Health Division with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Upon retirement, he became Executive Director of the New Zealand Veterinary Association.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Wmiam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY. Charles 1GRAY, Agnes Sara and BLUNT, Hugh Roper ^BLUNT, Michael Hugh and FIELD, Suzanne Mary

^BLUNT, Gerald Hugh Lawson and ARMES, Emma Tamstn Harcour't

01> BLUNT, Gerald Hugh Lawson m on 08.12.1990 to ARMES, Emma Tamstn Harcourt b 27.12.1959 b 10.12.1960 Gerald b. at Armidale, NSW, Australia, and m, at Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, England. Emma, d/o Philip Arthur Harcourt Armes and Elizabeth Mona Edith Violet, b. at Hurstpierpoint. Address: 63 Barnard Street, Wadestown, Wellington. After pursuing a variety of career paths, Gerald returned to university as a mature student to fulfil a lifelong desire and complete a degree in architecture. He is now in private practice as an architect in Wellington.

L> BLUNT, Isabella Rose Henrietta b 13.04.1992

)2> BLUNT, Madeleine Suzanne Mona b 14.07.1994

)3> BLUNT, Sylv-ie Prudence Felt d a b 14.05.1996

03>'BLUNT, Richard Markm on **.**. 1952 to (1) SELDOM-TRUSS, Adn'en b 25.04.1924

b **,**.1928

Mark b. at Srinagar, Kashmir and m. at Ticehurst, Sussex, England. Marriage dissolved 1963. Adrien, d/o Leslie Seldon-Truss and Kathleen Hornung.


BLUNT, Teresa June b 13.06.1953 Teresa b. at London, England. Address: 27 Taxiarchon, Kalamaki, Athens 17455, Greece. Teresa was educated at Berkhamsted School for Girls, Hertfordshire (1965-71) and University of

Oxford (1972-76) graduating with BA(Hons) in Classics. She gained her MA Librarianship from the University of Sheffield (1977-78) and her RSA Certificate in TEFL from International House, London (1987). Teresa worked in libraries until 1988 when she went to Athens, Greece as a teacher of English. She is also an assistant librarian at the British Council Library in Athens and oral examiner in English for the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate. She has served as secretary of the Oxford Council of Churches and done volunteer work for Disablement Information and Advice Line in Oxford. She is interested in folk dancing and is presently a member ofTa Ellinika, a Greek folk dance group.

03> BLUNT. Richard Mark rn on **.**. 1963 to (2)LEE, Patnda EHeen b 25.04.1924 b 28.06.1939 Patricia, d/o Walter Stanley Lee and Eileen Mary Stent, b. at Perth, Western Australia. Address: 2/17 Lorikeet Court, Stirling 6021, Western Australia. Richard was educated at St George's Preparatory School, Wanganui, and Wanganui Collegiate School. He was a Royal Navy Special Entrance Cadet in 1942 and was posted as a Midshipman to HMS Rodney. He saw the invasion ofSicily, Salerno and D-Day of the Normandy beaches. He served on HMS Nubian and HMS/M Virulent and was a Sub-Lieutenant aboard HM Submarine Sportsman. After the war he was with the 4th Submarine Flotilla in HMS Adamant and HMS/Ms Amphion and Affray, based in Hong Kong. He resigned his commission as a Lieutenant in 1949. Richard then worked for Hawker Aircraft at Kingston-on-Thames, England, in the Planning and Buying Departments when they were building the Hawker Hunter. He then became an instructor at the London School of Air Navigation, and Base Navigator for Hunting Clan Aviation at London Airport under Freddie Laker. He wrote teach-yourself programmed texts for International Computers and Tabulators at (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Agnes Sara and BLUNT, Hugh Roper iBLUNT, Richard Mark and LEE, Patnda E1 teen BLUNT, Richard Mark and LEE. Patricia EHeen (cont...) Brandenham Manor, Bucks, once the home of Isaac Disraeli, father of Benjamin (see below under Williams, Emily Jane). He met Patricia in England and went with her to Australia. There he worked for International Computers and Tabulators as Training Manager in Sydney (1965-67) and since then they have lived in Perth where Richard worked for Golden Fleece Petroleum for eight years. He was made redundant when the company closed down in Australia. Richard is a member and past-president of the North Perth Probus Club.


BLUNT, David Mark b 06.07.1967 David b. at Sydney, NSW, Australia. David graduated BMechEng(Hons) from the University of Australia. He is currently a research engineer in the Airframes and Engines Division of the Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory of the Department of Defence.

02> BLUNT. Georgia AH son b 09.06.1969 Georgia b. at Perth, Western Australia. She is a doctor of medicine at the University of Western Australia.

04>'GRAY, Sydney Thomas m on 02.02.1926 to LANE, Dons Audrey b 04.04.1890 d 14.06.1947 b **.**.1903 d **.**.**** Sydney b. at Waiohika and d. at Gisborne.

)1> GRAY, Audrey Louise m on 29.01.1955 to HOLDSWORTH, John Chambers b 14.11.1933 d 17.03.1985 b 04.08.1929 Audrey b. at Otahuhu and m. and d. at Gisborne. John, s/o Bernard John Holdsworth and Jean Black. Address: Waikohu, Te Karaka, Gisborne.

)1> HOLDSWORTH, Deborah Jean b 23.09.1955 Deborah b. at Gisborne. Address: 10 Windsor Court, Moscow Road, London W2, England. Deborah was educated at Marsden College, Wellington. After graduating from the Wellington Polytechnic as a graphic designer she worked for two years as a graphic designer/ teacher before going overseas. She has combined 13 years in London with travelling, working and studying art related subjects. She is now working in the antiques field and paints portraits.

02> HOLDSWORTH, N1111am Bernard b 25.06.1957 d 09.06.1968

")3> HOLDSWORTH, Cynthia Amy m on 23.01.1982 to JURIE, Gerald Michael b 10.11.1959 b 01.07.1959 Cynthia b. at Gisborne. Gerald, s/o Andrew Gerald Jurie and Helen Mary Southworth, b. at Wellington. Address: 17 Myrtle Street, Lower Hutt. Cynthia is a secretary.

01> JURIE, Will 1am Southworth b 30.09.1984

02> JURIE, Amelia Holdsworth b 22.10.1986



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles '1'GRAY, Sydney Thomas and LANE, Dons Audrey

^GRAY, Audrey Louise and HOLDSWORTH, John Chambers

^HOLDSWORTH/Cynthia Amy and JURIE, Gerald Michael 03> JURIE. Timothy Andrew b 15.08.1988

04> HOLDSWORTH, Sarah Louise m on 30.oi.i987 to SMITH, Spencer Gannon


b 28.11.1961 b 30.12.1961 Sarah b. and m. at Gisborne. Spencer, s/o Spencer Gannon Smith and Marie Christine D'ath, b. at Wellington. Address: 8 Orangikaupapa Road, Wellington. Sally is an interior designer and Spencer is a lawyer accountant.

01> SMITH, Spencer John b 08.10.1993

02> SMITH, Albert Sydney Gray b 11.10.1997

05> HOLDSWORTH, Rachel Margaret b 06.06.1969 Address: 123 Bayswater Road, London, England.

06> HOLDSWORTH, Bernard John b 21.06.1971

2> GRAY, Charles lan m on **.**.**** to BIRD, Ruth Esther ^




Address: 39 Kalengo Street, Porirua East, Wellington.

)1> GRAY, Tama Maree b 24.02.1964

02> GRAY. Helen Lee b 01.09.1965

03> GRAY, Sean Michael b 24.04.1969

05> GRAY, Norman Will 1am b 20.10.1891 d 19.12.1946 Norman b. at Waiohika and d. at Gisborne,

)6> GRAY, Edith Lucy m on 04.03.1916 to ORMEROD, 011n Barton b 18.03.1893 d 16.03.1947 b 22.05.1893 d **.01.1967 Lucy b. at Waiohika and d. at Gisborne. Lucy was educated at the Diocesan School for Girls in Auckland. Between school and marriage she visited England with her mother and sisters where she met a number of relatives of her father's family. After

marrying in 1916 she and Olin lived at Ruakituri (1916 to 1920), atWaiatai near Wairoa (1920 to 1926), and after an interlude back at her mother's home, Waiohika from 1926 to 1930, following the loss of the family property at Waiatai they moved to Mangarara in 1930. The homestead there was neither gracious nor comfortable and was located on a very exposed site at an altitude of approximately 1800ft. Lucy made the (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles 1GRAY, Edith Lucy and ORMEROD, 011n Barton GRAY, Edith Lucy and ORMEROD, Olin Barton (cont...) most of it and developed a very attractive garden. Mangarara is isolated and at that time bread had to be made at home, as well as butter. The road was only metalled in parts and access was problematical in wet weather. Winter stores included one ton of flour and half a ton of sugar. There were never less than two single men on the place and Lucy had to recruit and train a succession of girls to cook and cater. Electricity did not reach Mangarara till long after Lucy's lifetime. She supervised Fray's correspondence lessons as best she could but Fray was probably more stimulated by station life than either of his parents and his concentration on things academic was spasmodic at best. Lucy must have been vastly relieved when he went to boarding school in 1935. Despite isolation and restrictions on petrol availability during the long war years, Lucy made many good friends. She gave Olin sterling support in what was often a discouraging job at Mangarara. In 1945 she was diagnosed as suffering from cancer and given a terminal prognosis. Shiriey, still in England at the time, was able to get home and gave her some support. She displayed incredible courage during the final months of her life and died on 16th March 1947, two days before her 54th birthday and one day before Fray's return to New Zealand after an absence of five and a half years. Olin was born in England and arrived in New Zealand with his parents on 6th Nov 1899. The ship was named Wakanui. He was educated at Waitaki Boys' High School. He farmed in the Ruakituri Valley on a property believed to have been leased from Maori owners, which may have been called "Tauwharetoi". While there he married Lucy and in 1920 they moved to the Waiatai Valley near Wairoa. That venture ended sadly in the recession of 1926 when his mortgagee foreclosed. They lived somewhat uneasily with Lucy's family at Waiohika until 1930 when they moved to Mangarara which Olin managed for the Trustees of Charles Gray's Estate. Farming revenues were far from buoyant in the 1930s but after a few very difficult years it became possible to carry out some vital improvements such as subdivision, the provision of holding paddocks and additions to the woolshed. Gradually Mangarara became more workable and with steady improvement in the prices of primary produce the returns from the property rose to a reasonable level. The outbreak of War in 1939, of course, brought its own difficulties and Olin struggled on through those years with a totally inadequate labour force. Tragically, with peace in sight, he was confronted with the prospect that he would lose his wife. Throughout his life Olin had had a strong interest in horses and derived considerable pleasure from Shirley's ability as a rider and her many successes in showjumping. He served on the Committee of the Gisborne A&P Society and was in due course appointed to the Judge's List. This resulted in invitations to judge Hacks and Jumping events at A&P Shows throughout the country and gave him considerable pleasure. Had it not been for Lucy's illness he would almost certainly have been able to pursue this interest much farther. Early in the War his ability as a judge of horses was recognised by the Army. Strange as it may seem, the military establishment in New Zealand contemplated the use of Mounted Rifles and a large number of horses were required in an urgent sense. These were to be conscripted and Olin, amongst others, was given the task of selecting suitable animals. Horses were still in universal use on the larger sheep stations and Olin travelled quite extensively in order to pick up the necessary numbers. On some properties the offering was large and varied. After sorting the sound from the unsound, Olin's next requirement was that the horses should be shown to be tractable enough to be ridden. In some instances this produced a further drastic reduction in the offering! It is understood that the Army's equestrian adventure was comparatively short lived and that most animals found their way back to where they came from.

After Lucy died Olin married again and lived quietly in the Gisborne district until he died in 1967.

)1> ORMEROD, Shirley b 10.12.1916 Shirley b. at Waiohika. Address: 8 Pukeko St, Woodlands, Waikanae 6454. Shirley was educated by correspondence and at Gisborne High School. In 1938 she went to England to gain experience in the fashion industry and was there at the outbreak ofWW2. She first joined the Field Ambulance Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) and subsequently the ATS, in which she was commissioned. At the end of the War she held the rank of Junior Commander. Returning to New Zealand in 1945, she held a position as manager of a factory owned by a company called Fashions Ltd, located in New Plymouth. In 1952 she went overseas again and on her return established her own business in Hawkes Bay. She lived (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, lAimiam Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Edith Lucy and ORMEROD, 01 in Barton ORMEROD, Shi r1ey and (cont...) for many years in Havelock North. From 1973 to 1977 she was secretary to Waiapu House. In July 1996 she moved to Waikanae.

02> ORMEROD, Charles Fray m on 26.11.1944 to MONEYPENNY, Robena Louise (Penny) b 23.12.1920 b 09.09.1919 Fray b. at Gisborne and m. in London. Penny, d/o Edward Montague Moneypenny and Hannah Fairweather, b. in South Africa. Address: PO Box 203, Waikanae 6454. Fray was educated by correspondence and at Wanganui Collegiate School from 1935 to 1938. In his last year he was a prefect in Harvey House. In 1939 he took a position as a junior master at Waihi School in South Canterbury as an intermission before moving on to University. With indications that war was coming, this may not have been the most appropriate advice, but perhaps that year contributed to a better result in the end. Most of 1940 was spent at Victoria University College in Wellington and towards the end of that year he enlisted in the RNZAF, He was not called up until June of 1941 and in August he sailed with a large contingent for Canada and joined the Empire Air Training Scheme. His group reached England in February of 1942 and in September he and his crew were posted to No 75(NZ) Squadron a unit of No 3 Group RAP Bomber Command. In May of the following year they were one of the first three crews to complete a tour of operations in that interval of eight months. In that time the squadron had lost a total of twenty eight other crews of which a small number of individuals survived as prisoners and an even smaller number successfully evaded and returned to England. In February 1944 Fray returned to No 75 Squadron in an executive capacity and flew on another eighteen operations with ten different crews. By this time the survival rate was much improved but after the War 75 was estimated to have suffered heavier losses than any other squadron in the whole of Bomber Command, except for one. At the end of the war Fray held the rank of Squadron Leader, had been awarded the DFC and been Mentioned in Dispatches. After the War Fray looked for employment in England because his lack of qualifications and the uncertain prospects at home made return to New Zealand rather speculative. He flew with what is now British Airways on flying boats between UK and Singapore for a year, but a high tone deafness attributed to war-time flying threatened the renewal of his licence and he was forced to resign. He secured a position with Vickers Armstrong but shortly afterward was oifered a Short Service commission with the RNZAF. Since this provided him with secure employment prospects in New Zealand and an opportunity to get his wife and daughter out of England, it was accepted. Two years into that engagement he was offered a permanent commission but once again his hearing disability prevented him from pursuing this. The RNZAP agreed to release him at his discretion and he cast about for other opportunities.

At about this time the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, now known as BP, had formed a joint venture company with the New Zealand Government and was recruiting staff. Fray applied to them and was accepted. He joined in 1949 and served with the Company in Gisborne, Wellington, Christchurch and London. By 1970 he was Assistant General Manager and after five years in that position he assessed that farther advancement was problematical and invoked a clause in his contract which allowed him to take early retirement at the age of 55. In early 1976 Fray and Penny built an additional house on "Mangarara" Station and moved up there to live. In 1977 Fray was elected to the Cook County Council, and in 1980 was elected Chairman. It would be true to say that coming from a commercial background he found much that he believed could be changed for the better. Naturally these views were not universally accepted and he was strongly challenged in 1983. Rather than face the prospect of presiding over what was likely to be a divided council, he withdrew his nomination and two years later resigned in his third term prior to moving to Waikanae where he and Penny now live. Penny was educated at Girls' High School in Pretoria and when her parents and sister Frankie moved to England in 1938 she remained in South Africa to study art and drama. She joined her family in England in 1941. After a short spell as VAD, she joined the WAAF, training near Lossiemouth in the north of Scotland. In 1943 she was posted as a Sergeant to the RAP station at Meepal in East Anglia and it was there that she met and married Fray. After moving to Gisborne, Penny found limited opportunities to pursue her interest in art so she turned her attention to drama, taking leading roles in various

productions by Gisborne Repertory and in many play readings. In 1952 the family moved to Wellington (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Edith Lucy and ORMEROD, 011n Barton ^ORMEROD, Charles Fray and MONEYPENNY, Robena Louise (Penny) ORMEROD, Charles Fray and MONEYPENNY, Robena Louise (Penny) (cont...) where she continued her drama acting in productions by the Karori Dramatic Society, Wellington Repertory and by Nola Miller. After her health deteriorated in 1953 she underwent pioneering heart surgery by Douglas Robb and Brian Barrett-Boys. On her recovery she renewed her interest in art and studied with Bare and later Rachel Miller, who had recently returned from France. This yielded a portfolio sufficient to be accepted into a general design course organised by Paul Olds and run at

Wellington Polytechnic in 1966-68. This included studies in lithography and printmaking under the tuition of John Drawbridge and it was here that Penny found her niche. Over the next few years she exhibited mainly with the New Zealand Academy, the Antipodes and Brett Duncan Galleries in Wellington and the New Vision Gallery in Auckland. She was also a regular contributor to Print Council exhibitions which travelled throughout New Zealand and occasionally overseas. For much of 1969 and 1970 Penny and Fray were in London and Penny took advantage of the time to study

lithography at the London City and Guilds Art School. She also fiirthered her interest in theosophy which she shared with Kees and Tina Hos, among others, and which had a profound influence on her prints, notably the previously released "Agony of Man" series for which she is well known. On their way back to New Zealand they spent time in South Africa and is was from this visit that the "Mating Dance" and "Wild and Free" series were derived. The political situation had always been of interest to her, but now "Amos and Gerta" and a number of other unages including the "Absolam" series were worked and reworked. To Penny, the prospect of moving to Gisborne in 1976 was inconceivable. She found that exhibiting in Wellington, both individually and collectively provided one outlet, and later she secured a QEII grant to study printmaking in London and lecture for a short time at the Gippsland Institute in Melbourne. Three years before Penny and Fray left Wellington, a group of Gisborne artists had brought an exhibition to the city at which they had met Penny and John Drawbridge. Doreen Costello maintained contact and, encouraged by a local interest in printmaking, sought a press for Lysnar House. It arrived in pieces some months after Penny and Fray were installed in the Waimana Valley, and Penny's assistance was indeed useful. About the same time the experience ofBronwyn Holdsworth and Joan Sinclair in organising a workshop for potters was soon to be exploited by a group interested in printmaking and Waikato University Extension agreed to support it. The workshop, held in October 1976, was so successful that printmakers' group was formed within the Gisborne Artists' Society and in 1977 monthly Sunday workshops were held at Lysnar House. Although the constitution of the group has changed, the regime continues today. From the beginning, Penny's involvement in the group was pivotal to its success and Gisborne opened unforseen opportunities for her. She soon became undeterred by the isolation, although she used to hate the drive down the Waimana Valley. She also revelled in country lifestyle, often entertaining friends in memorable style. In 1983 Penny was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, aggravated by severe arthritis and osteoporosis. By 1991 she was unable to print and in 1992 her press was given to Jean Johnston in Gisborne. Since then she has drawn stimulation from artists like Grace Manning, working when she could in her studio at Waikanae. She has also tried, at times, water colour painting and some work with pastels. During the last two or three years, Penny has been unable to create new plates or mb up existing ones and in the tradition of many overseas printmakers, Grace and John Drawbridge have done this for her. Where possible she has hand coloured and used collage for farther develop her images but gradually over the past few months, this too has come to an end. Among her personal papers there is a note written on a small scrap of paper in red biro: it has no origin but simply states that, "if you are given a gift and the intelligence to use it, it is a sin not to share it."

§ Mangarara "Mangarara" was originally taken up as a Small Grazing Run (SGR) and leased from the Crown by Charles Gray (husband of Emily Jane Williams). This property, together with "Waiohika", and a third which was called "Waihora", constituted his estate when he died in 1918. "Mangarara" had been managed by OIin

Ormerod since 1927 or 1928 and he and Lucy lived there until Lucy died in 1947, Shortly thereafter the property was purchased from Charles Gray's estate by the Ormerod family consisting ofOlin, Shirley and (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY. Charles ^GRAY, Edith Lucy and ORMEROD, 011n Barton ^ORMEROD, Charles Fray and MONEYPENNY, Robena Louise (Penny) ORMEROD, Charles Fray and MONEYPENNY, Robena Louise (Penny) (cont...) Fray in partnership with the Estate of Sydney Gray, one of Lucy's brothers. After Olin's death in 1967 Shirley and Fray bought the S T Gray interest and freeholded the property. "Mangarara" was never a 'gracious' property and was vulnerable to drought and prone to erosion. With careful management it was capable of producing moderate financial rewards. There were, however, better investments available and without any younger family members interested in taking over, the sensible thing to do was to sell. In the late 1980s forestry interests were becoming quite active in the district. There was intense hostility to forestry from many of the older farmers but it had been obvious for many years that large parts of "Mangarara" would be better retired from grazing and planted in trees if the soil cover was to be preserved. Thus it was that an approach from Fletcher Forests, who by then had acquired a small forest estate, had to be taken seriously. A sale was completed in early 1980. Fletcher Forests subsequently formed a joint venture company called Hikurangi Forest Farms with Fray's former employers, BP (New Zealand ) Ltd. This caused some amusement and possibly a few snide remarks, but Fray was not able to say that he had planned it all that way. At the time of the sale the Fletcher's staff involved were not aware that BP was a prospective partner in the company. Subsequently BP sold it's interest to Fletcher's and more recently, in 1997, Fletcher Forests, having acquired substantial forest interests in the central North Island from the Crown, sold in turn to a company believed to be Chinese owned. One might wonder what Charles Gray would have thought of these developments.


ORMEROD. Robin Ann b 31.01,1946 Robin b. at London, England. Address: 49 Bombay Street, Ngaio, (PO Box 22082) Wellington. Robin moved to New Zealand with her parents in 1948 and was educated in Wellington. Currently she is a freelance researcher and writer based in that city. She qualified with a Diploma in Journalism in 1968 and spent two years with Sentinel Newspapers working with organisations of all types for coverage in their five community newspapers. Subsequently she spent two years with an oil company in London, operating an international feature service. Returning to New Zealand, she took up a position with Cherrington Public Relations, editing the "New Zealand Economist" and "Church and People" before joining the Department of Health in 1973. During late 1976 she was seconded to Scott Base in Antarctica for three months as information officer/ photographer. In 1980 she went to Victoria University to complete a BA, begun at Massey, and subsequently Honours in History. Robin then worked in partnership with a fellow student, publishing two short union histories. For the next twelve years Robin researched, wrote and edited "Antarctic", an international quarterly produced for the New Zealand Antarctic Society, and spent a considerable tune working on a biography due for publication early in 1999. She resigned from "Antarctic" in October 1995 and has since been working on a number of organisational histories as well as editing on a freelance basis.

07> GRAY, Amy Margaret b 02.01.1895 d 11.11.1977 Amy b. at Waiohika.

08> GRAY, Douglas Wanklyn m on 31.01.1923 to HALL, Emma N1111 cent b 03.11.1896 d 25.02.1969 b 18.12.1896 d 03.11.1973 Douglas b. at Waiohika and d. at "Gunyah", Hororata, cremated and interred. Emma d. at Christchurch and bd. at Hororata. Emma, d/o Wilfred and Millicent Hall. A memorial stone with both names is in the churchyard at St John's Church, Hororata, the same church in which they were married. Douglas was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School and as soon as possible afterwards, went to England to train as a pilot with the Royal Naval Air Service during WW1. He reached the rank of Captain and was also in the RAF for a short while before returning to (cant...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles 1GRAY, Douglas Wanklyn and HALL, Emma Mil 11 cent GRAY, Douglas Wanktyn and HALL, Emma MHHcent (cont...) New Zealand. He continued to fly, giving joy rides and flying some of the first air mails. After their marriage Douglas and Emma went to live at Arero for a time so that he could learn about farming from his uncle, Frank Williams. He then purchased "Glenwai", a farm of 1,400 acres in the Wairarapa, 18 miles SE from Pongaroa. The family stayed there until 1946 when they took over half of Wilfred Hall's property at Hororata in Canterbury, after his death. The house on this property was known as "Gunyah" although the farm, of 1,500 acres, was known at this time as "Farfield". It was a small part of the original "Terrace" station which had been owned by Wilfred Hall's father, Sir John Hall. Douglas took an active interest in public life, being a member of the Akitio County Council for some years before moving south. He was also active in Federated Farmers in Pongaroa and Dannevirke. He later became President of the North Canterbury branch of Federated Farmers and was a member of the Marginal Lands Board.



The "Terrace" station at Hororata in Canterbury was first taken up by Sir John Hall and the portion called "Farfield" later passed to his son, Wilfred Hall. "Farfield" comprises 1,500 acres and was taken over by

Douglas Wanklyn and Emma Millicent Gray in 1946 (Emma was the daughter ofWilfred Hall). The homestead on the property, built by Wilfred, was known as "Gunyah". In 1962 a third of the farm, later known as "Taitua", was leased by Fabian Douglas Hall (Tim) Gray. After the death of his father Tim acquired ownership of the remaining two thirds and moved with his family to "Gunyah". "Taitua" went to his sister, Ann Julia Newman (nec Gray). Since Tim's death in 1990 both properties have been sold and "Gunyah" is now run as a guest house with a small piece of land.

01> GRAY, Charles Rodenck (Rory) b 20.10.1924 d 04.08.1945 Charles b. at Christchurch and d. in a flying accident near Ohakeajust before VJ Day. He is bd. at Palmerston North. Charles was educated at St George's School, Wanganui and Wanganui Collegiate School and

qualified as a pilot in the RNZAF.

02> GRAY, Mary Damans Bryony m on 29.07.1961 to HOLLINRAKE, Harold Acheson


b 03.09.1927 b 15.06.1929 Bryony b. at "Glenwai", Pongaroa, Wairarapa and m. at St Paul's Church, Vancouver, Canada. Harold, s/o Harold Acheson and Lilian Hollinrake, b. at New York, NY, USA. Address: 7251 Schaefer Avenue, Richmond, British Columbia,

Canada V6Y 2W7. Bryony was educated at Selwyn House School, Christchurch and Nga Tawa, Marton. She did some nursing at Christchurch Hospital then turned her attention to music. She worked at various jobs while taking lessons in singing and performing in that art. She spent two years in London (1949-51) working and studying singing then returned to New Zealand, spending two years in Christchurch. This was followed by three years in Sydney, Australia where she sang in radio broadcasts, concerts and stage shows. She returned to Christchurch for a further two years then went to Canada for a 'quick tour' and remained to marry. This ended her singing career but in 1981 it was been revived in a small way by joining the Vancouver Bach Choir. She retired from the choir in July 1997 and is now pursuing an interest in photography. Harold has practised law in Vancouver and for two years (1978-79) he was a lecturer in law at Victoria University in Wellington. He is now a judge of the Appeal Court of British Columbia in Vancouver.

)1> HOLLINRAKE. Kathryn Ann b 05.06.1964 Kathryn b. at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Address: 276 Carlawe Avenue 204, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4M 3LI. Kathryn received her primary and secondary education at Vancouver except for two years (1978-79) at (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Em11y Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY. Douglas Wanklyn and HALL, Emma MHHcent ^GRAY, Mary Daman's Bryony and HOLLINRAKE, Harold Acheson (Bud) HOLLINRAKE, Kathryn Ann and (cont.. .) Upper Hutt College. After completing one year of a general arts degree course at the University of British Columbia she attended Ryerson Polytechnic in Toronto, Ontario where she obtained a Bachelor of Technology degree and was awarded a Gold Medal for achievement. She joined the Kodak Company for two years as a technical sales representative then spent a short tune with a photography studio. In mid 1991 she moved to Toronto to start a new career as a commercial photographer.

02> HOLLINRAKE, Mansa Jane b 20.11.1965 Marisa b. at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Address: 7251 Schaefer Avenue, Richmond, BC

Canada V6Y 2W7. Marisa received her primary and secondary education in Vancouver except for a year(1978) at Fergusson Intermediate School, Upper Hutt and a year at Upper Hutt College. She gained a BA degree, majoring in French at the University of British Columbia then spent a year at Paul Valery University, Montpellier, France. She worked as a personal loans officer at the Royal Bank of Canada in Vancouver and is presently touring and working in New Zealand and Australia. She has developed an interest in photography and enjoys skiing and white-water kayaking.

03> HOLLINRAKE, Douglas Harold b 13.03.1971 Douglas b. at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Address: 7251 Schaefer Avenue, Richmond BC,

Canada V6Y 2W7. Douglas received his primary and secondary education in Vancouver except for two years (1978-79) at Silverstream School, Upper Hutt. He graduated BA in History from the University of British Columbia in 1993 and is currently producing video games for Electronic Arts Sports. He spent three years in a band called Treehouse and released one CD whilst with them. He is about to release his first solo CD with a band called The Grangers.

3> GRAY, Fabian Douglas Hall (T1m) m on 10.03.1962 to NEWMAN, Eve Rosanne b 08.03.1931 d 04.05.1990 b 31.10.1933 d 09.03.1986 Fabian b. at "Glenwai", Pongaroa and m. at Gisborne. Eve, d/o Mr and Mrs L Newman of Gisborne. Both bd. at "Gunyah", Hororata.

Tim was educated at St George's School, Wanganui and Christ's College, Christchurch. He also did a short course at Lincoln College. He did his Compulsory Military Training in the Army then worked on farms in Canterbury and Hawkes Bay. After their marriage Tim and Eve returned to Canterbury to lease a third of the "Farfield" property. After the death of his father he acquired ownership of the remaining two thirds of the farm and moved with his family to "Gunyah" whilst the section he had been leasing went to his sister, Ann. Since Tim's death the farm has been split up and sold and the "Gunyah" home has been turned into a guest house. Tim qualified to fly small aircraft and also flew gliders. He also served as a member of the regional committee of the Historic Places Trust.

)1> GRAY, Jennifer Mary Ann m on i6.os.i986 to GREEN, David b 10.09.1963 b 11.08.1966 Jennifer b. at Darfield and m. at Hororata. Separated. David, s/o Noel George Delbridge Green and Daisy Beryl Judd, b. at Christchurch. Address: 44 Norwood Street, Beckenham, Christchurch. Jenna is a gardener, tour hostess and music teacher. David was a boilermaker/ welder and is now a wood contractor. He purchased land at Manuka Bay near Cheviot and has become involved in tree farming. Jenna now lives in Christchurch where she is developing a career in radio and photo journalism, and interests in yachting and music.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Emily Jane and GRAY, Charles ^GRAY, Douglas Wanklyn and HALL, Emma N1111 cent ^GRAY, Fabian Douglas Hall (T1m) and NEWMAN. Eve Rosanne ^GRAY, Jennifer Mary Ann and GREEN, David 01> GREEN, Holly Rosanne b 02.02.1988 Holly is developing a career in childhood education.

02> GREEN, Damelle Ktn-Hana Daisy b 02.11.1991 Dani is beginning a career in primary education and associated recreational activities.

02> GRAY. Anthony Malcolm b 26.04.1965 Address: Old West Coast Road, RD, West Melton, Canterbury.

04> GRAY. Ann Julia m on **.**. 1957 to NEWMAN, Trevor b 06.08.1932 d 25.08.1992 b **.**.**** d **.10.1994 Ann b. at "Glenwai", Pongaroa and m. atHororata.

Ann was educated at the Friends' School, Wanganui and Craighead, Timaru. After their marriage she and Trevor lived at "Farfield" where Trevor farmed with his father-in-law. Following her father's death. Aim obtained ownership of the third of "Farfield" which had formerly been leased by her brother, Tim. This property, known as "Taitua" was sold

in April 1991.

03>'WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen m on 27.02.1878 to MACLEAN, Chnstopher Haydon b 03.12.1857 d 25.09.1932 b 05.11.1845 d 18.07.1913 Ellen b. at Waerenga-a-hika, m. at Gisborne and d. at Napier and bd. at Old Napier Cemetery. Christopher b. at Trehudreth, Blisland, Cornwall, England, m. at Gisborne, d. at Napier and bd. at Old Napier Cemetery. He was baptised atBlisland on05.01.1846 and was the last of the family with the surname, Lean, before it was restored to Maclean.

Christopher came to New Zealand with his family in 1860 on the SS "Rob Roy". He was educated at St John's College, Auckland, then joined the Inspector's Office of the Bank of New Zealand in Auckland in 1871. He was subsequently Accountant for that Bank at Napier and then successively agent and relieving officer at Russell, Wairoa, Kaikoura South, Rakaia, Foxton, Waipawa and Gore. He was appointed Manager of the Palmerston North branch in July 1895 and whilst there he and Ellen were both active members of All Saints' Church. Christopher was a member of the vestry and the choir and secretary of the local St Barnabas Association while Ellen was described as being 'greatly to the fore in all benevolent works'. When they left Christopher was presented by the choir and officers with a handsome pair of carvers 'as a token of esteem and affection'. His final posting was as Manager of the Bank at Napier, from which he retired in 1907. Ellen became part owner of "Puha Tikotiko" farm near Te Karaka. Refer to "The Macleans ofHowick and Tamaki" published by Evagean Publishing in 1997 for details of Christopher's family.

1> MACLEAN, Will 1am Haydon m on 29,03.1910 to (l)McBETH, Kettha Kate Florence b 29.01.1879 d 22.12.1939 b 07.01.1879 d 21.08.1912 i Haydon b. at Gisborne and m. at Wanganui. Keitha, d/o John Frank McBeth and Helena Meyler I Perkins, d. atHunterville.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane


W1111 am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, William Haydon and McBETH, Kettha Kate Florence ^MACLEAN, Margaret Joan and ANDREWS, Frederick Robert Will 1am


01> MACLEAN, Margaret Joan m on 19.01.1940 to ANDREWS, Frederick Robert wm-fanT b 16.08.1912 d 31.10.1986 b 16.11.1909 d 22.03.1985 Joan b. at Hunterville and m. at Taihape. Frederick b. at Wellington. Joan and Frederick were both cremated and their ashes scattered over the Lady Norwood Rose Garden. They had lived in Wellington since 1948, for the most part at Melrose. Joan was educated first by a governess and then at Clifton House and finally at Nga Tawa College in Marton. She then trained as a Karitane nurse at Wanganui. Her interests were golf and bridge and later in life she became an active member of the Miramar Bridge Club. Fred was educated at Marlborough College and became a journalist and then editor with the Taihape Times before becoming a journalist with The Press in Christchurch. He joined the Territorial Army and then the Airforce prior to WW2. He served in the Pacific and rose to the rank of Squadron Leader after which he joined Civil Aviation where he became a Regional Director before retirement. He was a keen amateur radio operator, a life member of the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters and a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Electronic Engineers.

)1> ANDREWS, John Robert Haydon m on 09.11.1968 to GROVER, Pamela Jean b 28.10.1940 b 30.09.1945 John b. at Christchurch and m. at St Ninian's Church, Karori, Wellington. Pamela, d/o Kenneth Frank Russell Grover and Lucy Dorothy Boshier, b. atWanganui. Address: 136 Cheviot Road, Eastbourne, Wellington. John was educated at Scots and Rongotai Colleges and Victoria University, completing a PhD in 1969. He has carried out research in parasitology and medical entomology at the University ofBern and the University of Massachusetts. An interest in New Zealand science history led to the publication of "The Southern Ark". He served terms as Chairman of the School of Biological Sciences and Academic Dean of Science, at Victoria University. Currently he is Associate Professor at the School of Biological Sciences. Pamela was educated at Palmerston North Girls' High School and Victoria University where she obtained degrees in Arts and Law. She has worked for the Justice Department, Consumer Organisation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before entering legal practice. She is currently a partner in Kensington Swan. She is a director of Ruapehu Alpine Lifts and shares an interest in skiing with her family.

01> ANDREWS, Sarah Kathenne b 21.10.1973 Sarah b. at Lower Hutt. She was educated at Queen Margaret College and graduated BA and BSc from Victoria University. She is interested in music represented her school and region in national competitions in skiing and athletics. She is now working for Telecom New Zealand in communications.

02> ANDREWS, Benjamin Haydon b 11.07.1974 Benjamin b. at Lower Hutt. He attended Wellington College and is completing a BSc degree at Victoria University. He is a commercial pilot and flying instructor at the Wellington Aero Club and he also enjoys skiing.

(")2> ANDREWS, Kettha Susan m on ii.oi.i969 to PAINE, Niven Charles b 17.11.1943 b 05.06.1944 Susan b. at Wellington and m. at Nurses' Chapel, Wellington Hospital. Niven, s/o Alfred Charles Paine and Nyall Mary McKay, b. at Blenheim. Address: 2/20 Totara Crescent, Lower Hutt. Susan is a medical laboratory scientist working as a cytologist at Valley Diagnostic Laboratories, Lower Hutt. She was educated at Wellington East Girls' College and trained as a medical laboratory

scientist at Wellington Hospital (1968). (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane


Wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon 1MACLEAN, Wmiam Haydon and McBETH, Kettha Kate Florence ^MACLEAN, Margaret Joan and ANDREWS, Frederick Robert Will 1am ^ANDREWS, Kettha Susan and PAINE, Ntven Charles

ANDREWS, Keitha Susan and PAINE, Niven Charles (cont...) Niven is a systems consultant currently employed as Communications Manager at Valley Diagnostic Laboratories, Lower Hutt. He trained as a medical laboratory scientist and completed a Diploma of

Business Administration at Victoria University (1986). Susan's interests include music, both orchestra! and choral. She is a member of the Orpheus Choir and St James' Church Choir, Lower Hutt and is the current librarian for the Orpheus Choir. Niven's interests include woodturning and involvement in information technology issues. Both are keen on gardening.

)1> PAINE, David Charles Haydon b 05.04.1972 David b. at Lower Hutt. Address: 32 Santiago Crescent, Glenfield, Auckland. David was educated at Hutt Valley High School and completed a BCA at Victoria University and a NZCE at the Central Institute of Technology, Heretaunga. He is currently employed as a systems engineer at Macro Automation in Auckland. His interests include information technology and automobiles.

02> PAINE, Fiona Margaret b 29.10.1973 Fiona b. at Lower Hutt. She was educated at Hutt Valley High School and completed a National Diploma of Hospitality Management at the Central Institute of Technology, Heretaunga. She is currently employed as a hospitality manager with Candor Ferries ofGuernsey based in Poole, England. Her interests include travel, theatre and aerobics.

3> ANDREWS, Elizabeth Ellen m on 09.09.1957 to BOURN, Christopher James b 01.03.1945 b 26.07,1938 Elizabeth b. at Wellington and m. at St Thomas' Church, Newtown, Wellington. Christopher, s/o Norman Charles Bourn and Kathleen Wilson Stuart, b. at Wanganui. Address: 20 Wendover Road, Glendowie, Auckland.

Elizabeth was educated at Lyall Bay School and Wellington East Girls' College. She joined Radio New Zealand in 1963, then became one ofTVNZ's early announcers, remaining with them for 17 years. She performed in many theatrical productions with the Wellington Operatic Society and Hutt Repertory and continued that interest in Auckland at Mercury Theatre and North Shore and Howick Operatic Societies. She became a Christian in 1991 and is very active in her church, Eastern Bays Christian Fellowship at Mission Bay where she is currently serving as a deacon. Christopher was educated at Stratford Technical High School and Palmerston North Teachers' College. He was a primary school teacher for 7 years before joining Television NZBC in 1964 as a producer of sport and entertainment programmes. He became Head of Presentation, Promotion and Publicity then Head of Entertainment and Head of Video Production. In 1993 he joined Tiger Films as Producer/Director.

)1> BOURN, Simon Charles m on 14.02.1992 to CAMERON, Heather Janet


b 05.12.1969 b 15.12.1970 Simon b. at Wellington and m. at St David's Church, Hamilton. Heather, d/o Neil and Linda Temple Cameron, b. at Te Kuiti. Simon was educated at Eastern Hutt School and Hutt Valley High School where he was Head Boy then graduated BA from Auckland University. He taught English as a foreign language at the International Academy of Languages in Auckland before studying for two years with Heather at Bethany College of Missions in Minnesota, USA. On returning, he took up a teaching position at Languages International in Auckland and has also taken on Assistant Pastorship at Eastern Bays Christian Fellowship at Mission Bay, Auckland. (cont,..)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, lAimiam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN. Sarah WILLIAMS Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Will 1am Haydon and McBETH, Keitha Kate Florence ^MACLEAN. Margaret Joan and ANDREWS, Frederick Robert Will 1am ^ANDREWS, Elizabeth Ellen and BOURN, Christopher James ^BOURN, Simon Charles Robert and CAMERON, Heather Janet BOURN. Simon Charles Robert and CAMERON, Heather Janet (cont...) Heather was educated at Piopio Primary School, Piopio College and Hamilton Girls' High School then graduated BA from Auckland University before studying at Bethany College of Missions with Simon. She is now running a business from home, arranging host families for international students of English. >

BOURN , Man a Linda b 25.05 .1994


BOURN , Laura Elizabeth b 25.12 .1996

02> BOURN, Mel ante Jane m on 26.02.1994 to LAFOTANOA. Paul b 21.10.1972 b 06.07.1968 Melanie b. at Wellington and m. at Allely House, Kumeu. Paul, s/o Vaia Falaniko and Pauline Gandy. Melanie was educated at Eastern Hutt Primary School, Hutt Valley High School and Selwyn College, Auckland. She spent a year touring New Zealand and Australia as a dancer with Y-One where she met Paul. She worked at World Vision for four years and currently works part-tune at ASB Bank. Paul, who is of Samoan heritage, was educated at Mount Albert Grammar School. He is a professional musician and plays in two bands and also tutors aspiring drummers.

)1> LAFOTANOA, Sophie Alice b 11.01.1997

01>'MACLEAN, WHHam Haydon m on 20.05.1914 to (2)AWDRY, Mildred Ethel b 29.01.1879 d 22.12.1939 b 22.03.1893 d 08.06.1972 Hay don m. at Hunter ville and d. at Taihape. Mildred, d/o Alfred Edward Awdry (master mariner) and Ada Susannah Bray, b. at Marton and d. at Wanganui. Haydon was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School where he was a prefect and winner of a Junior University Scholarship. On leaving school he had some commercial experience with Messrs Williams and Kettle and then entered the legal profession in Palmerston North. He became a solicitor and was partner in the firm of Meldrum, Maclean and Davies in Hunterville and then in Maclean and Kincaid in Taihape. He served on many semi-public and public bodies, being at different times President of the Taihape Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Taihape Borough Council and of the Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board. In the Order of Freemasons, he was a Provincial Grand Master. On the sporting field he played representative hockey for Manawatu.

But his chief interest outside his profession lay in the service of the church in the Diocese of Wellington. He was for many years a member of the Standing Committee of the Diocesan Synod and Chairman of Committees in the Synod itself. He also gave most useful service as a member of the Diocesan Board of Nomination and of the Whanganui College Board of Trustees, The interests of the school were always very close to his heart. Some weeks after his death the Taihape Law Society met to pay their tribute to his memory. Mr Ongley said: "To him the practice of the Law was not merely a possible source of wealth. He loved the study of the Law. He was very sensible of the splendid traditions of his profession and held the Law in high esteem, demanding a like respect from those he came in contact with." Further tributes were paid by the Stipendiary Magistrate and a sergeant of the Police Force,

In the Church Chronicle the Bishop of Wellington wrote of him as follows: "His passing at the comparatively early age of 60 is a grievous blow to the Diocese. He was outstanding in both the quantity (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN. Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN. Christopher Haydon iMACLEAN, Wm1am Haydon and AWDRY, Mildred Ethel MACLEAN, Uniiam Haydon and AWDRY, Mildred Ethel (cont...) and the quality of his service... The Church was his deepest interest; he gave its service first place in his life; he spent hundreds of hours in the train on his way up and down to Diocesan meetings, his attendance at which was never surpassed by those who live in Wellington. His legal acumen and sound judgment of men and things gave an added value to the service he so ungrudgingly and self-sacrificingly gave to the Church. And to crown it all he was a devoted Christian."

L> MACLEAN, Christopher Edward m on 17.04.1941 to (l)WAREHAM, Elste Elatne

Awdry (Ted)

b 04.06.1915 d 09.01.1996 b 19.12.1920 Edward b. at Hunterville and m. at Woodville. Elaine, d/o Norman Wareham and Elma McLeod, b. at Woodville,

1> MACLEAN, Barbara Awdry Steele m on 29.( i. 1964 to McMECHAN, J Peter b 30.10.1940

b 16.04.1942 d 08.02.1998

Barbara b. at Woodville and m. at Holy Trinity Church, Gisborne. Peter, s/o James William McMechan and Mary Catherine (Maisie) McKenzie, b. atWinton. Address: 39 Ann Street, Dunedin. Barbara was Head Prefect at Gisborne Girls' High School and Peter at Southend Boys' High School. Both graduated MA from Otago University. After marriage, Barbara and Peter both taught in Hastings secondary schools and then in England (1967-68), touring Europe extensively on vacations. A further year in Hastings followed and in 1970 Peter took a position at the University of the South Pacific, Suva. Barbara did some part-time teaching at the University and was much involved in the Anglican Cathedral Parish, school organisations and the University Boat Club. Both were very active in Arts Club drama and musical productions, Peter as director of many major shows. They settled in Dunedin in 1979 when Peter was appointed Director of Extension Services at the University of Otago. Both became deeply committed to a number of University and community interests: Peter was a long-serving board member and Chairman of both the Knox-Salmond College Council and the Fortune Theatre while Barbara returned to teaching, served as a Justice of the Peace and was a member of All Saints' Vestry, Selwyn College Board of Governors, Otago University Graduates' Association, Otago University Staff Wives' Association and the Labour Party. The family moved its base to Vancouver in June 1989 when Peter accepted a long-term contract as a senior vice-president in the newly-formed Commonwealth of Learning. Barbara and family returned to New Zealand at the end of 1995 and she died in 1998, after an eight-year battle with cancer.

)1> McMECHAN. Julian James b 24.10.1969 Julian b. at Levin. Address: Hamilton. Address: 6 Glenross Street, Kaikorai Valley, Dunedin.

)1> McMECHAN, AH d a Barbara Margaret b 25.04.1997

02> McMECHAN. Catherine Elaine b 05.07.1970 Catherine b. at Suva, Fiji. Address: 83 Volga Street, Island Bay, Wellington. Catherine graduated MA with Distinction from the University of Otago and is now a policy analyst with the Ministry of Education.

03> McMECHAN, AH stair Donald b 28.09.1974 Alistair b. at Suva, Fiji. Address: 130 Cargill Street, Dunedin. Alistair attended Lord Byng secondary school, Vancouver, BC. After completing an honours degree in History, he is now completing an honours degree in Law at the University ofOtago.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Wm1am Haydon and AWDRY. Mildred Ethel ^MACLEAN, Christopher Edward Awdry (Ted) and WAREHAM, El ste Elaine ^MACLEAN, Barbara Awdry Steele and McMECHAN, J Peter 04> McMECHAN, Rachel Jane b 11.09.1977 Rachel b. at Suva, Fiji. She was a student at Prince of Wales secondary school, Vancouver, BC

and is now studying Zoology and History (BSc/BA) at Otago University.

02> MACLEAN, Norman Haydon m on **.**.**** to FRASER, Isla Mary b 20.02.1946 b 04.04.1949 Norman b. at Marton. Isla, d/o Walter and May Burgess ofDunedin. Address: 1 Central Street, Gisborne. Norman was educated at Gisborne Boys' High School and trained as a teacher at Ardmore Teachers' College. He taught primary school for 2'/z years before being appointed Head of the Art department at Gisborne Boys' High School. In 1970-71 he travelled to Israel, Britain and Europe, returning to Gisborne Boys' High School then becoming Head of Art at Lytton High School in Gisborne. He has been a part-time teacher of Classical Studies at both Lytton and Gisborne Boys' High Schools and full-time teacher of drama at Gisborne Boys' High School. As an artist, Norman has exhibited in Gisborne and other centres. He is a founder member of the Gisborne Printmakers' Society. He specialises in zinc-plate etching, is a broadcaster on National Radio and directs theatre productions in Gisborne. He is also a public speaker and lecturer for Continuing Education courses, a writer of published articles and short stories and is currently engaged in major writing projects. Recently he was Tour Leader for a party visiting Jordan, Israel and Greece.

03> MACLEAN, Gavtn Wareham m on 25.11.1975 to MACDONALD, Catherine Flora b 07,05.1947 b 04.05.1947 Gavin b. at Wanganui and m. at St Barnabas Church, Kensington, London. Catherine, d/o Kenneth Macdonald and Catherine Mary Clements, b. at Hamilton. Address: "Cullerlie", RD 1, Gisborne. Gavin discovered music while studying physics at Otago University, met Catherine while singing in

the Auckland Dorian Singers and teaching at Lynfield College (1970-72), and found green politics while singing with various teachers and small opera groups around London. This brought Gavin and Catherine back to the Gisborne homestead in 1976, as a base for low-impact living. Gavin works as a singer, singing teacher, woodturner, grower of trees, political activist, stage director, and conductor of the Gisborne Choral Society (since 1979). Catherine directs the music at St Andrew's Church and accepts solo singing engagements in opera and oratorio nationally.

)1> MACLEAN, Amanda Mary b 25.03.1983

2> MACLEAN. Beltnda Elsie b 08.11.1985

Ol>'MACLEAN, Christopher Edward Awdry (Ted) m on 25.02.1961 to (2)KEY, Munel b 04.06.1915 d 09.01.1996 b 29.08.1922 Ted m. at New Plymouth. Muriel, d/o William Key and Emily Frances Jarvis, b. at Wimbledon, England. Ted was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School and was a retired journalist. He was advertising executive both for Wanganui and Taranaki Heralds. Muriel was a teacher. During WW2 Ted served in 27

NZMG Battalion and 4 Battalion, Fiji Forces.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Wn11 am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN. lAimiam Haydon and AWDRY, Mildred Ethel ^MACLEAN, Alan Haydon Awdrey and WARMER, Margaret 02> MACLEAN, Alan Haydon Awdreym on 25.09.1943 to (l)WARNER. Margaret b 02.08.1917 d 06.07.1997 b 26.02.1923 Alan b. at Hunterville and m. at Finchley, London. Margaret, d/o Harold Leonard Warner and Lillian Emily Long, b. at Finchley, St Albans, England. Alan was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School then worked as a law clerk, a civil servant, a F/0 in the RNZAF (1939-46), then in the State Advances offices at Masterton and Whangarei.

1> MACLEAN, Wendym on 09.02.1963 to GURD IT-SINGH, Parl b 24.09.1944 b 19.12.1931 Wendy b, at Fulmer Chase, Buckinghamshire, England. Parl, s/o Dula Gurdit-Singh and Eliza Florence Emily Smith, b. at Taupo. Address: 36 Bright Crescent, Napier. Wendy emigrated to New Zealand with her parents in 1946 and has worked as a dressmaker and sewing upholstery. Parl was a colour offset printer, has a signalman's ticket with the Railways, was a concrete technician and mix designer and coordinating stores foreman at the Whirinaki Pulp Mill. They are now partners in a cottage industry, Bay Bright Monograms

1> GURDIT-SINGH, Chandram


'fc'^f 'k'h 'fck'k'^f

to McLEOD. Warren Morrell


b 14.11.1963 b 06.08.1958 Chandra b. at Napier. Warren, s/o Lancelot Hugh McLeod and Elizabeth Maureea Stevens, b. at Tapanui, Southland. Address: 65 Nuffield Avenue, Napier. Chandra was educated at Colenso High School and qualified as a NZ Registered Nurse via psychopaedic nursing. She was working in the paediatric ward at Hastings Public Hospital. They now own a butcher's shop in Taradale.

)1> McLEOD, Rebecca Leigh b 10.02.1985 Rebecca b. at Palmerston North.

02> McLEOD, Lance Parl b 20.04.1989 Lance b. at Lower Hutt.

02> GURDIT-SINGH, Dahl b 25.11.1965 Dahl b, at Napier. Address: 45 Cherry Way, Market Drayton, Shropshire TF9 IQW, England. Dahl was educated at Colenso High School, Napier and served an apprenticeship in horticulture with the Napier City Council. He worked as overseer on the Marine Parade floral clock and the Centennial Gardens for three years before going overseas. He now has a landscaping business in England.

03> GURDIT-SINGH, Khanm b 12.05.1971 Kharim b. at Napier. Address: Isabel Hale, IHC Home, Cnr Geddis Avenue and Riverbend Road, Napier. Kharim was born intellectually handicapped and works in the IHC Vocational Centre for adults.

62> MACLEAN, Ntgel Alan m on 19.12.1972 to ROSS, Jennifer Mabet b 17,03.1949 b 09.11.1954 Jennifer, d/o Donald Edward Ross and Jean Milicent Burton. Address: 3 Madeira Steps, Napier. Nigel was educated at Napier Boys' High School and started work for a commercial cleaner. Following eye surgery in Australia he worked for McWilliams Winery and is now employed by the Napier Public (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, wmiam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN. Sarah WILLIAMS. Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Chnstopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Wm i7 am Haydon and AWDRY, Mildred Ethel ^MACLEAN, Alan Haydon Awdrey and WARNER, Margaret ^MACLEAN, N1 gel Alan and ROSS, Jennifer Mabel MACLEAN, Nigel Alan and ROSS, Jennifer Nabel (cont...) Hospital.

> MACLEAN. Jason John b 02.05.1973 Address: 204 Avondale Road, Greenmeadows, Napier.

02>MACLEAN. Alan Haydon Awdreym on i6.06.i962 to (2)DELL, Gladys Man b 02.08.1917 d 06.07.1997 b 24.12.1922 Alan m. at Wanganui. Mary, d/o George Frederick Haar and Elsie Maude Hunt (of French Farm, Akaroa), b. at Hunterville. Address: 36 Stafford Street, Springvale, Wanganui.

2> MACLEAN. Leonard Herbert Lionel m on 26.05.1917 to (l)WARD, Dorothy Isabel b 22.07.1881

b 29.10.1892 d 31.03.1971

d 06.01.1967

Lionel b. at Foxton and m. at Napier. Dorothy, d/o Edgar Ward and Agnes Isabel Alloway, d. at Auckland. Lionel was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School then served abroad for some years in the Eastern Telegraph Company before taking up farming about 1906. During WW1 he was a

Lieutenant in the 1st NZEF (Nth Akld MR, Akld InfBn, NZMGC) and served in Egypt, Gallipoli, France and Belgium. He returned to take up the managership of Puhatikotiko Station, of which he became part owner, and from which he retired in 1953. He served at various time on the Cook Hospital Board, Poverty Bay Electric Power Board and Waikohu County Council and was a director of the New Zealand Co-operative Wool Marketing Association.

1> MACLEAN, Antony Russell

on 21.08.1945 to TULLOCH,

Leone Let th

b 25.06.1912

b 04.04.1918

d 03.07.1996

Antony b. at Napier, Leith, d/o Lawrence Boysen Tulloch and Ivy Myrtle Gallie. Address: 1/302 Childers Road, Gisborne. Antony was educated at Te Karaka High School and worked as a farm manager at Puha, Poverty Bay. During

WW2 he served with the NZ Division in North Africa and Italy.

")1> MACLEAN, Shona Leith m on 17.02,1973 to (l)WEBB, lan b 03.02.1949 b 14.05.1946 Shona b. and m. at Gisborne. lan, s/o William Webb and Ann King, b. at South Shields, England. Shona was educated at Auckland Diocesan School for Girls and University of Otago. lan is an accountant.

Ol> WEBB, Michael b 04.08.1978 Michael b. at Wellington. He is a BCom/BA student at the University of Auckland.

1> MACLEAN, Shona Letth m on to (2)JARAY, Robert Samuel b 03.02.1949 b 19.08.1945 Shona m. at Wellington. Robert, s/o Walter Karl Jaray and Rozet Vies, b. at Nelson. Address: 2 Mitchell Street, Brooklyn, Wellington. Shona has her own private practice as a sports dietitian at Wakefield Sports Medical Clinic in Wellington. Robert and Shona own a company which imports coffee machinery and green coffee which is roasted

daily to supply the hospitality industry.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, N1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Leonard Herbert Lionel and WARD, Dorothy Isabel ^MACLEAN, Antony Russell and TULLOCH, Leone Let th" ^MACLEAN, Ktrsty Mary and COLLISTER, Paul Chnstopher 02> MACLEAN. KirstyMarym on 03.05.1985 to COLLISTER. Paul Christopher b 27.09.1951 b 26.10.1958 Kirsty b. at Gisborne and m. at Auckland. Paul, s/o George Christopher Collister and Winifred Mary Kearns, b. at Liverpool, England. Address: 23 Stratford Street, Parnell, Auckland. Kirsty grew up in Puha, Gisborne and was educated at Auckland Diocesan School for Girls. She trained as a nurse at Greenlane Hospital and is currently working as a practice nurse in Parnell, Auckland. Paul emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand at the age of nine and was educated at Westlake Boys' School. He graduated MEng from Auckland University and is currently working for an engineering consultancy in Auckland.

L> COLLISTER, Emma Louise b 21.03.1986 Emma b. at Auckland. She is a pupil at Parnell District School.

02> COLLISTER, Jeremy Paul b 04.08.1988 Jeremy b. at Auckland. He is a pupil at Parnell District School.

02>'MACLEAN, Peter Allowaym on 22.07.1944 to (l)HAWKINS. Feltdty Anne b 11.04.1920 b **.**,**** d 10.08.1982 Peter b. at Gisborne and m. at Fremantle, Western Australia. Felicity, d/o George Blundell-Bruce Hawkins and ?? Stapleton, b. at Bombay, India, d. at Sydney, NSW and bd. at Chatswood, NSW. Felicity was a nursing sister. She joined Qantas and later she was involved in community nursing at the University of New South Wales.

)1> MACLEAN, AllowayAnnem on 03.os.i964 to EVANS, Grahame Edwyn b 25.05.1945 b 28.05.1944 Anne b. at Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia and m. at All Saints' Church, Ainslie, ACT. Grahame, s/o Roy Thomas Evans and Mavis Adelaide Rice, b. at Armidale, NSW. Address: 9 Oceanside Drive, Caves Beach 2182, Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Anne was educated at Abbotsleigh Private School in Sydney and Canberra Girls' Grammar School in ACT. She trained as a medical technician then worked as a clerk in the ACT Public Service. She is now a Tupperware dealer. Grahame was educated at various schools in New South Wales, gaining his Intermediate Certificate at Braidwood Central School. He joined the Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd and advanced to manager at St Marys, assistant manager at Canberra and manager at Newcastle West then Blacktown. Following the merger with the Bank of New South Wales to form Westpac, he was manager at Blacktown Central, Wentworthville, Auburn and Bankstown then commercial manager at Gosford. He retired in 1995 due to

ill health.

)1> EVANS, Raymond Peter Roy b 11.08,1971 Raymond b. at Canberra, ACT. Address: 8 John Street, Arncliffe 2205, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Ray was educated at Rosebank Avenue Primary School, Greystanes, Sydney, NSW; Weston Primary School, Weston, Canberra, ACT; Adamstown Heights Primary School, Newcastle, NSW; West Pennant

Hills Primary School, Sydney, NSW; and Carlingford High School, Carlingford, NSW. He graduated BCom in Management from the University of Western Sydney then joined Philips Lighting in 1992. He is currently employed by them as Wholesale Representative. He is also undertaking a Master of Commerce in Information Systems and Management at the University of NSW, Kensington, Sydney.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, wmiam Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Leonard Herbert Lionel and WARD, Dorothy Isabel ^MACLEAN, Peter Alloway and HAWKINS, Felicity Anne ^MACLEAN, Alloway Anne and EVANS, Grahame Edwyn 02> EVANS, Sonya Anne b 20.09.1972 Sonya b. at Sydney, NSW. Address: 1/17 May Street, Eastwood 2122, NSW, Australia. Sony a was educated at Weston Prunary School, Weston, Canberra, ACT; Adamstown Heights Primary

School, Newcastle, NSW; West Pennant Hills Primary School, Sydney, NSW; and Carlingford High School, Carlingford, NSW. She joined Westpac Bank before transferring to Barclays Bank and subsequently to transferring to Citicorp. She works in their International and Treasury Services.

03> EVANS, Tracy Leanne b 10.07.1974 Tracy b. at Sydney, NSW. Address: 1/17 May Street, Eastwood 2122, NSW, Australia. Tracy was educated at Adamstown Heights Primary School, Newcastle, NSW; West Pennant Hills

Primary School, Sydney, NSW; and Carlingford High School, Cariingford, NSW. She joined a real estate agency, advancing to Marketing Manager at Eastwood Shopping Centre, Sydney. She has studied through Meadowbarik TAPE in Sydney and completed Property Agency and Marketing courses.

)2> MACLEAN, John David Bruce b 04.04.1949 John b. at Wellington. Address: 64 Orwell Street, Blacktown 2148, NSW, Australia.

)2> MACLEAN, Peter Allowaym on 12.05.1967 to (2)THORN, Mary Eleanor b 11.04.1920 b 23.03.1917 Peter m. at Canberra, ACT, Australia. Mary, d/o Alfred Thorn and Elsie Millner Davidson, b. at Angaston, South Australia. Address: 6 Riley Street, Narooma, NSW 2546, Australia. Peter was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School and gained a BSc at London University. He joined the mercantile marine and was a Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy during WW2. After the war he was Deputy Director of Lighthouses and Navigation, South Australia, and a senior computer programmer with the Australian Defence Department in Canberra. He retired from the Department of Defence in 1980 and started an accountancy practice in Narooma, NSW, finally retiring in 1997. He is involved in the Life Education Programme and Rotary. Mary was educated at Angaston Girls' Grammar School, Presbyterian Girls' College in Adelaide, Chartres Business College in Adelaide and as a part-time external student at New England University in NSW. She saw war service in 1943-45 in Australia and New Guinea as a Welfare Officer in the Australian Women's Army. She did voluntary work in Adelaide, Canberra and Narooma involving community organisations and stood for the local council in 1983. In 1992 she was awarded New South Wales State Citizen of the Year for general community work. Her other interests include music, painting and writing. Mary has children Richard, Marguerite, Spencer, Jeanette and Anne from a previous marriage and her grandchildren are Kate, Anna, Patricia, Andrew, Jessica, Melissa, Cathryn, Belinda, Paul, lan, Benita, Matthew and Tania.

03> MACLEAN, Christopher David b 08.09.1923 d 18.09.1944 David b. at Gisborne and killed in action in the south-west Pacific. He was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School and Auckland University where he was studying for an Engineering degree. He left to join the RNZAF and became a Pilot Officer.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Leonard Herbert Lionel and WARD, Dorothy Isabel ^MACLEAN, Roger Stephen and MEEK. Zelte Elizabeth" 04> MACLEAN, Roger Stephen m on 03.02.1951 to MEEK, Zelte Elizabeth b 15.02.1925 b 11.03.1927 Roger b. at Gisborne and m. at Auckland. Zelie, d/o William Wood Meek (barrister of Auckland) and Sybil Carter. Address; 2/226 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Auckland 5. Roger was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School and Auckland and Massey

Universities (BAgSc). He worked for ICI(NZ) Ltd in Wellington (13 years) and Auckland, holding a number of senior appointments culminating in CEO of Fibremakers NZ Ltd. He retired in 1983 and practised for the next ten years as a management consultant in Auckland. Both Roger and Zelie were active with the Samaritan Movement during their years in Wellington. During WW2 he served in the Royal Navy (on secondment from the RNZN) in the Indian Ocean and Europe. Zelie was educated at Diocesan School for Girls in Auckland and trained as a kindergarten teacher, leaving the service as a director to marry. She trained as a singer and became well-known in Auckland as a soprano. She is presently one of an A Capella trio performing regularly in Auckland.


MACLEAN, Vtctona Clalrem on 09.10.1987 to SHAKES, Bn'an Grant b 20,10.1957 b 14.01.1960 Victoria m. at Auckland. Brian b. at Auckland. Address: 79 Waiatarua Road, Remuera, Auckland. Victoria was educated at Diocesan School for Girls in Auckland and Queen Margaret College in Wellington. She trained as a legal secretary and is now working with special needs children. Brian was educated in Auckland and graduated BSc and MSc(Hons) from Auckland University. In 1994 he gained his MBA and is now working as a project manager with Telecom.

)1> SHAKES, Jessica El-izabeth b 10.02.1989 Jessica b. at Auckland.

02> SHAKES, Thomas David b 08,12.1990 Thomas b. at Auckland.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1 am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Leonard Herbert Lionel and WARD, Dorothy Isabel ^MACLEAN, Roger Stephen and MEEK, Zelte Elizabeth' 02> MACLEAN. Christopher Stephen b 24.10.1960 Address: 36 Ladies Mile, Remuera, Auckland. llji Christopher was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School and Onslow College and is a

.|5g|i!|N|| landscape gardener.

2> MACLEAN, Leonard Herbert Lionel b 22.07.1881

on **.**. 1944 to (2)HOWIE, Inez Rose

d 06.01.1967

b 23.05.1900 d 03.05.1984

Lionel m., d. and bd. at Gisborne. Inez, d/o James Oliver Howie and Helen Eugenie Murphy, d. and bd. at Gisborne.

1> MACLEAN, Helen Margaret m on 08.09.1962 to BROSNAHAN, Terence Charles b 26.10.1938 b 02.06.1939 Helen b. at Wellington and m. at Gisborne. Helen was the daughter offaez Rose Howie and was adopted by Lionel Maclean in 1944 when her surname was changed from Howie to Maclean. Terence, s/o Ernest Thomas Brosnahan (lawyer) and Gertrude Louisa Galliers (doctor), b. at Gisborne. Address: 66 Gillies Avenue, Taupo.

Helen and Terence were farmers and then moteliers. Terence is now a boat skipper.

)1> BROSNAHAN, Maree Therese m on 20.04.1935 to NATZKE. Peter Wmiam b 12.06.1963 b 11.12.1956 Maree b. at Hunterville and m. at Piopio. Peter, s/o William Grice Natzke and Ellen Mary Ibertson. Address: 51 Mangarino Road, Te Kuiti. Maree was educated at Pio Pio College. Maree and Peter were sheep and cattle farmers. Peter is now a stock agent.

)1> NATZKE, Michael Will 1am b 07.01.1989 Michael b. at Taumarunui.

02> NATZKE. PhHHp Charles b 22.03.1990 Philip b. at Taumarunui.

03> NATZKE, Todd Gnce b 12.05.1993 Toddb. atKurutau.

(")2> BROSNAHAN, Susan Annette m on 15.11.1986 to SPEEDY, Lewis Havelock b 07.10.1964 b 11.09.1961 Susan b. at Gisborne and m. at Taupo. Lewis, s/o Robert Havelock Speedy and Patricia Gray Patterson, b. at Waiuku. Address: RD 1, Te Kauwhata. Susan was educated at Pio Pio College. Lewis was educated at St Paul's Collegiate and graduated DipAg from Lincoln University in 1982. Susan and Lewis are dairy farmers.




of WILLIAMS, William and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, W1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Leonard Herbert Lionel and HOWIE, Inez Rose ^MACLEAN, Helen Margaret and BROSNAHAN, Terence Charles ^BROSNAHAN, Susan Annette and SPEEDY, Lewis Havelock

01> SPEEDY. Samuel Havelock b 31.03.1988 Samuel b. at Huntly.

02> SPEEDY, Meredith Ann b 12.01.1990 Meredith b, atHuntly,

03> SPEEDY. Hale David b 29.04.1991 Hale b. atHuntly.

03> BROSNAHAN, David Charles m on 27.03.1992 to BLAIKIE, Georgtna Margaret


b 26.02.1966 b 01.11.1966 David b. at Gisborne and m. at Wanganui. Georgina, d/o John Blaikie and Pamela Wyllie, b. at Mosgiel. Address: Tokomaru West Road, RD 1, Wanganui. David was educated at Pio Pio College and is now a stock manager. Georgina was educated at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School.

)1> BROSNAHAN, Stuart David b 02.02..1995 Stuart b. at Wanganui.

l2> BROSNAHAN. Oliver Richard b 08.11..1996 Oliver b. at Wanganui.

03>'MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward m on 13.11.1914 to (l)PALMER, Beatrice Dat sj b 26.01.1883 d 22.08.1943 b 09.11.1879 d 03.09.1920 Kenneth b. at Foxton, m. at Sydney and d. at Hastings. Daisy, d/o Joseph Palmer (stockbroker) and Annie Maria Smith, b, and d. at Sydney. The family firm of Joseph Palmer and Sons, stockbrokers, founded in 1872, is still trading in Sydney as a family partnership. Kenneth was educated at Heretaunga, Wanganui Collegiate School, Jesus College, Cambridge (MA) and Cuddesdon College, England, and was ordained in 1911 at Parnham, Surrey, in the Diocese of Winchester. He served as Curate ofPortsea (1911), and as Vicar ofRotorua

(1914), ofWoodville (1918) and ofHavelock North (1921).

)1> MACLEAN, Anne Margaret Palmer m on 10. os. 1940 to ROSS, Charles Macdonald b 27.08.1915 b 13.10.1906 d 01.07.1976 Anne b. at Rotorua and m. at Edinburgh. Charles, s/o Rev Harry Ross and Helen Mary Smith, b. at Edinburgh and d. and bd. at Fladbury, Wares, England. Address; 53 Norwood Park, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 2RZ, Scotland. Anne was educated at Woodford House and Canterbury University. She has a BA, a Diploma of Education, London and a Certificate of Mental Health, London. She has served as chairman of Friends ofHollymoor Hospital in Birmingham, District Commissioner for Guides, branch secretary of the Birmingham Visiting Service for Old People, Citizens' Advice Bureau, Worcester and a bereavement counsellor for 'Cruse', Worcester.

Charles graduated MBChB and DPM (Edinburgh) and FRC(Psych). He was Deputy Medical Superintendent at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital (1938-42) then served as a Major in the RAMC until 1946. From then until 1971 he was Medical Superintendent at Hollymoor Hospital in Birmingham. He played the double bass in (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. W1111 am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward and PALMER, Beatrice Daisy <IMACLEAN, Anne Margaret Palmer and ROSS, Charles Macdonald MACLEAN, Anne Margaret Palmer and ROSS, Charles Macdonald (cont...) the Birmingham and, after retirement, in the Worcester Concert Orchestra.

)1> ROSS, Jennifer Helen Maclean m on 20.05.1967 to DUNACHIE, Paul McNell b 28.08.1941 b 15.03.1934 Jennifer b. at Edinburgh and m. at Birmingham. Paul, s/o James Dunachie and Anna Ritchie, b. in China. Address: 1 Campbell Drive, Bearsden, Glasgow, Scotland G614NF.

Jennifer qualified SRN (1963), SCM (1966) and HV (1981) and is a health visitor. Paul was a consultant with Computer Search and Selection in Edinburgh and is now a self-employed recruitment consultant.


DUNACHIE. Gmian Clare m on 29.02.1995 to RIELLY, Jon b 03.07.1969 b 03.11.1973 Gillian b. and m. at Glasgow, Scotland. Jon, s/o John Reilly and Kathleen Gannon, b. at Edinburgh, Scotland. Address: 20 Temple Park Lane, Edinburgh, EH11 1HT, Scotland.

Gillian graduated BSc in Biology from the University of Edinburgh in 1990 and worked as a marine biologist at Environment and Resource Technology Ltd, Edinburgh and at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. She is now a clinical data associate for Quintiles, a pharmaceutical research organisation. Ion works for Environment and Resource Technology in Edinburgh, carrying out survey work for the offshore oil industry.

02> DUNACHIE. Rachel Anne b 27.02.1971 Address: 2F2 16 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh, Scotland AH11HT. Rachel graduated MA in History and Politics from the University of Edinburgh in 1992 and is now a press officer at the Scottish Office.

03> DUNACHIE, Susanna Jane b 25.07.1973 Address: 47 Stratford Street, Oxford, England 0X4 ISP. Susannah is a final year medical student at New College, Oxford.

02> ROSS, Kenneth Charles m on 28.07.i984 to VERSCHOORE, Hilda Armanda Lynton Esther Frandsca b 20.07.1946 b 25.05.1961 Address: Orchard View, 4 Sturt Street, Haslemere, Surrey, England GU27 3SB. Kenneth graduated BSc, CEng and FIMarE and is President of Rush Johnson Associates.


L> ROSS, Emily Jana b 27.05.1985

2> ROSS, Carolyn Anne b 26.05.1987

03> ROSS, Martin John m on 30.09.1994 to BEST, Jane Susan b 28.11.1955 b **.**.1952 Susan, d/o Billy and Lucy Best. Address: Ropery House, Castle Eden, Hartlepool, Cleveland, England. Martin HND, DOT, 1st Class Certificate of Competency Steam and Motor. He is a 1st Engineer with P&O Line. They each served in the RAF during WW2 then established a business selling bathroom and kitchen furniture. Susan now manages it.




of WILLIAMS, wm1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, lAimiam Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah

WILLIAMS Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN. Kenneth Edward and PALMER, Beatrice Daisy ^MACLEAN. Anne Margaret Palmer and ROSS, Charles Macdonald

'1'ROSS, James Alexander and JOYCE, Sarah Louise

04> ROSS, James Alexander m on 29.11.1986 to JOYCE, Sarah Louise b 28.11.1955 b 01.01.1959 James b. at Birmingham and m. at Kimmeridge, Dorset, England. Sarah, d/o Eric Joyce and Rosemary Gardner, b. at Windsor. Address: Kimmeridge House, 4 Windmill Gardens, Staverton, Daventry, Northants, England. James was educated at King's School, Worcester and Durham University and qualified BACDurham) ACIB. He is now a member of the senior management team in Barclay's Bank's credit card division, Barclaycard, Northampton. Sarah was educated at Mayfield School, Putney, and Hounslow College and is currently graphic designer with York Fitness UK Ltd.

L> ROSS. Thomas Charles b 07.08.1990

)2> ROSS, Angus Enc b 21.02.1995

2> MAC LEAN, Kenneth Joseph m on 22.02.1949 to WHITCOMBE, Joan Mary Somerset

Palmer (Joe)

b 12.01.1917 d 14.08.1992 b 14.04.1916 ^1 Joseph b. at Rotorua and m. at St Mary's Church, Merivale, Christchurch. Joan, d/o Bertie Ernest Hawkes Whitcombe and Fannie Allingham Morrow. Address: 2/23 Box Hill, Khandallah, Wellington. Joe was educated at Hereworth School (1927-30), Wanganui Collegiate School

(1931-34), Canterbury University College (1935-38, BA) and Pembroke College, Cambridge (1938-40, MA). He was attached to the Ministry of Supply in the UK (nominally in RAP VR) from 1940 to 1945 and served on the Control Commission for Germany from 1945 to 1947. He held a succession of positions with Shell Oil (NZ) Ltd from 1947 to 1976, retiring as Personnel Manager. He attended Victoria University of Wellington (1977-78) and graduated BA(Hons). He was a selection adviser for Volunteer Service Abroad (and an honorary Life Member) and served as Vestryman and Peoples' Warden for St Mary's Church, Karori. Joan was co-author, with her son, Christopher, of "Waikanae - Past and Present". She also served on the Board of Governors of the NZ Hearing Association.

)1> MACLEAN, Sarah Frances m on 06.12.1975 to MATHESON, James Michael b 02.02.1951 b 29.01.1952 Sarah b. at Wellington and m. at St Luke's Church, Waikanae. James, s/o Alexander Matheson (farmer) and Patricia Wall (social justice worker), b. at Palmerston North. Address: RD, Otaki. Sarah works as a tutor in the field of early childhood education for the Massey University College of Education.

)1> MATHESON, Michael Joseph b 16.07.1977 Michael b. at Otaki. He is a trainee chef at Te Papa Tongarewa.

)2> MATHESON, Alannah Mary b 24.12.1979 Alannah b. at Otaki. She is a student at the University of Canterbury.

03> MATHESON, Donald Christopher b 31.03.1985 Donald b, at Otaki. His main interests are computing and sport.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, wmiam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. W1111 am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward and. PALMER, Beatrice Daisy 1MACLEAN, Kenneth Joseph Palmer (Joe) and WHITCOMBE, Joan Mary Somerset ^MACLEAN, Sarah Frances and MATHESON, James Michael 04> MATHESON, Patnda Joanna b 09.11,1986 Patricia b. at Otaki. She enjoys reading and netball.

02> MACLEAN, Christopher Whitcombe and RODGERS, Pauline May b 26.12.1952 b 16.11.1958 Christopher b. at Wellington. Pauline, d/o Ivan Peter Rogers and Dorothy May Voyce, b. at Rotherham. Address: 39 Bruce Avenue, Brooklyn, Wellington, Christopher was educated at St George's, Wanganui, Wanganui Collegiate School and Victoria University of Wellington (BA). He is a stained glass artist, photographer and writer. With his mother, he was co-author of "Waikanae - Past and Present" and with Dr J 0 C Phillips, he was co-author of "In the Light of the Past - Stained Glass in New Zealand Houses" and "The Sorrow and The Pride" about New Zealand war memorials. His most recent work includes "Tararua - The Story of a Mountain Range" (1994). Pauline was educated at Marlborough Girls' College and University of Canterbury and is a teacher.

)1> MACLEAN. Samuel Whttcombe b 12.12.1989

)2> MACLEAN, Julia May b 25.09.1994

3> MACLEAN. Margaret Helen m on 27.01.1979 to du BERN, Gregory Emtle b 01.10.1954 b 04.06.1947 Margaret b. at Wellington. Address: 19 Longitude Place, Whitby, Porirua. Margaret was educated at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, Wellington. She trained as a nurse in Christchurch and later worked at hospitals in Wellington, London and Sydney, where she was a relieving sister at the Royal North Shore Hospital. Gregory is a computer manager with the Bank of New Zealand.

Ol> du BERN, Daniel Christopher Emtle b 09.12.1980

02> du BERN, Oliver James Emtle b 11.09.1982

)3> du BERN, Nicholas Will 1am Emlle b 26.11.1986

03>'MACLEAN. John Raglanm on 05.07.1955 to (l)TURNER. Beatrice Mattland b 02.03.1919 b 17.01.1926 John b. at Woodville and m. at St Luke's Church, Havelock North. Beatrice, d/o Arthur William Lindesay Turner (secretary of the Planters' Association, Kandy, Ceylon) and Gladys Marjorie Walker, b. at Kandy, Ceylon. John was educated at Hereworth School, Wanganui Collegiate School, University of Canterbury (BA) and Cuddesdon College. He was ordained in Bristol in 1950. He has served as Parish Priest at Moorfields,

Bristol (1950); Mahora, Hastings (1953); Whakatane (1958); Gisborne (1964). He was Canon of Waiapu (1966-70) and Priest at Sunnynook, Auckland (1970); Mount Albert (1971); Grey Lynn (1973). He is the seventh descendant of Benjamin and Elizabeth Anne in Holy Orders.

John served in the 2nd NZEF 25th Battalion (1940-44) and was awarded the Military Medal. He has been a (cont..,)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WLLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward and PALMER, Beatrice Daisy ^MACLEAN. John Raglan and TURNER, Beatrice Matt1and MACLEAN, John Raglan and TURNER, Beatrice Maitland (cont...) member of the Henry and William Williams Memorial Trust (Inc) since 1977. He was a foundation member ofBirthright in Hastings, Whakatane and Gisborne, and ofArohanui in Auckland. Beatrice, known as Betty, was an only child. She was educated in England at an Anglo-CathoIic Convent and then at Headington School, Oxford. She joined the WRNS in 1944 then trained as a radiographer at Middlesex Hospital, London in 1947-49. She worked in London until emigrating to New Zealand in 1954 then worked at Auckland Hospital until her marriage in 1955. She married again to R J M Coates on 18.08.1973.


MACLEAN, Fiona Mary m on 07.os.i988 to CRON IN, Michael George b 24.07.1956 b 08.08.1946 Fiona b. at Hastings and m. at Auckland. Michael, s/o Arthur George Cronin and Joy Frances Barnett, b. at Takaka, Nelson. Address: 269a Mount Albert Road (PO Box 16-184), Sandringham, Auckland 3. Fiona was educated at the Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland and the Auckland Technical Institute where she did a one-year secretarial course in 1974. Her first secretarial position was at the University of Auckland where she was encouraged to enrol for part-time study. She initially studied towards a BA but switched to a BCom which she completed in 1991. The following year she completed a Diploma of Commerce. Between 1975 and 1991 Fiona worked at the University of Auckland in increasingly senior administrative positions, taking time out only for an 18-month trip overseas. In 1993 she began working as an accountant and, having completed all the requirements, qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1996. Michael was educated at Nelson, Christchurch Teachers' College and the University of Auckland,

graduating BA in 1990. He taught at primary and intermediate schools (1966-79) before joining the administrative staff at the University of Auckland. He has been the Group Manager for Admissions and Enrolment since 1995. Michael has three children, Gareth (b. 1975), Bridgette (b. 1977) and

Julian (b. 1983).

02> MACLEAN, Benjamin John b 10.09.1957 Benjamin b. at Hastings. He is severely mentally retarded. He was admitted to Kingseat Hospital in 1959 and moved from there to Mangere Hospital in 1966. With the health sector reforms that resulted in Mangere Hospital being de-gazetted and patients moved to community houses, Ben moved to Gilead Farm, Helensville in 1993. Gilead Farm is run by the Spectrum Care Trust Board which contracts with the Regional Health Authority to provide long-term residential care for people with intellectual disabilities. Clients are carefiilly placed in community houses and are cared for by local residents trained to look after them on a rostered basis, 24 hours a day. Ben is with about five or six others in a house set on about two acres. He enjoys the space, both in the house and its environs. He will stay at Gilead Farm as long as it suits him. He enjoys the one-to-one attention that is available and has thrived in the de-institutionalised environment. For years family members have been visiting Ben frequently and taking him for walks and drives, for both of which he shows eagerness. He has no speech but has some understanding and responds, if he so chooses, to suggestions as to what he might do. He can also make his needs known, for example, when he wants a cup of tea. Ben is an epileptic and has seizures, but otherwise requires no special medical treatment.

03> MACLEAN, Hugh Will 1am b 16.03.1960 Hugh b. at Wellington. He is the 3rd child of the 3rd child of the 3rd child of the 3rd child of the 3rd child of Bishop William Williams. Address: 2 Riverina Avenue, Pakuranga, Auckland. Hugh was educated at Takapuna Grammar School then joined the Bank of New South Wales (now Westpac Trust) at Birkenhead in 1977. Several branches and promotions later, he is now a Manager of the Property Finance Division of the Auckland Head Office. Hugh enjoys sport, both actively and passively, participating in social sporting activities, and (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, N1111 am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward and PALMER. Beatrice Daisy ^MACLEAN, John Raglan and TURNER, Beatrice Mattland MACLEAN, Hugh Will 1am and (cont...) supporting Auckland and New Zealand teams. He is good company with his laconic sense of humour

being appreciated by his family and friends.

03> MACLEAN. John Raglanm on 26.07.1981 to (2)CULLEN, Clatre Marjone b 02.03.1919 b 01.08.1936 John m. at St Columba's Church, Grey Lynn, Auckland. Claire, d/o Austin Cullen (of Westmere, Auckland) and Marjorie Anita Bell. Address: 2/10 Charles Fox Place (PO Box 87-193), Auckland 5. John served as Priest at Mangonui (1985-88) and is now retired. In his retirement he is sharing in the Auckland Cathedral's ministry and preaching. He was awarded an MBE in 1988 for services to the community and in 1994 he received from the Helenic Republic, the Greek Commemorative Medal for war service in 1941. John researched the material for a book of the Maclean Family over a period of 54 years. Claire was a public servant.

04> MACLEAN. James Nelson (J1m) b 02.03.1919

on 15.02.1947 to WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean b 16.04.1926

d 24.04.1991

James b. at Woodville, m. at Pukehou, d. at Hastings and bd. at Pukehou. Jean, d/o Charles Athol Williams and Mary Russell Burr. Athol is a descendant of both Henry and William Williams. Address: 9 Greenwood Road, Havelock North. Jim was educated at Hereworth School and Wanganui Collegiate School. He was then employed by the National Bank at Hastings and Dannevirke until enlisting, and, in Napier, from 1945 until taking up farming. He

served in Greece, North Africa and Italy with the 2nd NZEF 25 and 22 Battalions (1940-45), and was promoted to the rank of Captain (Acting Major). In Greece he and his brother John together manned a light machine-gun in the Anti Aircraft Platoon. During the 19-day retreat from the Aliakmon Line, north of Mount Olympus, their task was to engage low-flying Stuka dive-bombers and fighter-bombers attacking the crowded road convoy, in the slim hope of repelling them. Their unit was part of the final evacuation of New Zealand troops at Monemvasia in the far south of the Peloponnese. This involved sliding down a rock face by rope in the small hours to reach the craft that ferried them to the destroyer "Griffin" of the Royal Navy. Jim's lengthy war service saw him rise from Private in the Headquarters Company of one battalion to Officer Commanding the Headquarters Company of the other. From 1947 he was manager of "Te Aute" station until his retirement to Havelock North in 1979. He was Chairman of the Te Aute Trust Board, Chairman of the Te Aute College Board of Governors, Chairman of the Henry and William Williams Memorial Trust Inc, member of the Parish Vestry and Synod, member of the Pihopatanga 0 Aotearoa Trust Board and member ofTe Runanganui 0 Te Pihopatanga 0 Aotearoa, Jean was educated at Woodford House. She served on the Woodford House Trust Board. She is active in Anglican Church life, is a member ofTe Runanganui 0 Te Pihopatanga 0 Aotearoa and continues to take the leadership role which she and Jim shared in the educational thrust of the Church towards bi-cultural development and partnership. She is a keen gardener and musician.

)1> MACLEAN, Malcolm James m on 13.05.1972 to CAMPBELL, Jennifer Fay b 29.10.1948 b 12.03.1949 Malcolm b. at Hastings and m. at Takapuna. Jennifer, d/o John Campbell and Hazel Campbell, b. at Tokoroa. Address: 107 Market Road, Epsom, Auckland. Malcolm was educated at Pukehou School, Hereworth School and Wanganui Collegiate and graduated BAgSc from Massey University. He joined the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Economics

Division in 1972. Jennifer was educated at Tokoroa Primary and High Schools and graduated BA from Auckland University. She then taught at Freyberg High School in Palmerston North. She was a Waikato Junior tennis representative. (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, N1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN. Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward and PALMER, Beatrice Daisy ^MACLEAN, James Nelson (Jim) and WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean ^MACLEAN, Malcolm James and CAMPBELL, Jennifer Fay MACLEAN. Malcolm James and CAMPBELL, Jennifer Fay (cont...) In 1973 Malcolm and Jennifer served with Volunteer Service Abroad for two years in Sarawak and one year in Khon Kaen, North East Thailand. In Sarawak Jennie taught at the Junior Secondary School for Girls and Malcolm at the Boys' Farm Training Institute. In Thailand Malcolm was in the Agriculture Faculty ofKhon Kaen University with a United Nations agricultural development team whilst Jennie taught English as a second language at Khon Kaen University. They then spent a year travelling in Europe and the UK. A visit during this time to Swiss L'Abri (the home of Dr Francis and Edith Schaeffer from whose ministry in post-war Europe had grown a wide-reaching Christian Fellowship) led Malcolm and Jennie to spend three months at English L'Abri in the South of England, led by Schaeffer's daughter Susan and her husband Ranald, In 1977 they returned to Pukehou, New Zealand, where Malcolm began working on "Te Aute" Station, and on his father's retirement he took over management and part ownership of the farm. Jennie began teaching again at various of the neighbouring and Hastings high schools. When the children were younger, she took an active part in Playcentre, gaining her Supervisor's Certificate and supervising local area playcentres. In 1989 "Te Aute" Station was sold, Malcolm and Jennie making the decision to move with their family to Auckland. Malcolm returned to University to smdy Law, graduating LLB(Hons) in 1990 and joining the firm of Sunpson Grierson where he is now a Senior Associate. During the last five years Jennie has returned to teaching at both Epsom Girls' Grammar and Auckland Diocesan School where she now teaches English.

Both Malcolm and Jennie take a full part in the life of St George's Anglican Church in Epsom where Malcolm is presently Vicar's Warden and he and Jennie lead a youth group.

Ol> MACLEAN. Melante Ruth b 11.01,1979 Melanie b. at Hastings. She was educated at Pukehou School, Remuera Intermediate and Epsom Girls' Grammar. She is now in her second year at Auckland University studying towards a BMus in Performance Cello. She also has Grade VI classical guitar and is a member of the Auckland Youth Orchestra.

02> MACLEAN, Hamtsh John b 29.09,1980 Hamish b. at Hastings. He was educated at Pukehou School, Cornwall Park School in Auckland, Remuera Intermediate and is now at Auckland Grammar School. He plays cricket and rugby, his school team winning the Secondary Schools competition in their weight grade in 1997. He has his Duke of Edinburgh Silver Medal and is a keen surfer.

03> MACLEAN, Simon Paul b 30.07.1982 Simon b. at Hastings. He was educated at Pukehou School, Cornwall Park School in Auckland and Remuera Intermediate and is presently at Auckland Grammar School. He is head chorister with the Auckland Boys' Choir, plays the clarinet and enjoys hockey and fishing.

04> MACLEAN, Marianne Kate b 14.05.1984 Marianne b. at Napier. She was educated at Pukehou School, Cornwall Park School in Auckland and Remuera Intermediate and is now at Epsom Girls' Grammar School. She plays the french horn and is a keen netball player and cross-country runner.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward and PALMER, Beatrice Daisy ^MACLEAN, James Nelson (J1m) and WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean ^MACLEAN, Malcolm James and CAMPBELL, Jennifer Fay 05> MACLEAN. 011 via Rachel b 30.07.1986 Olivia b. at Hastings. She attended Cornwall Park School and is now at Remuera Intermediate. She plays the viola and enjoys netball and cross-country running.

02> MACLEAN, jmianMarym on 08.11.1975 to DOHERTY, Paul Michael b 21.04.1951 b 28.02.1950 Jillian b. at Hastings and m, at Pukehou. Paul, s/o Jack and Doris Doherty, b. at Manly, NSW, Australia. Address: 18 Willowtree Close, Narara, Gosford 2250, NSW, Australia. Jillian was educated at Pukehou School and Woodford House where she was a school prefect. She became a NZ Registered Nurse at Auckland Hospital and was industrial nursing in London then was Sister in charge of social welfare at Ballarat Base Hospital, Australia. She worked as a sister at local Gosford hospitals on an on-call basis. She now has a wholesale plant nursery and works as a garden designer. Paul was educated at North Narrabeen Boys' High School where he was Senior Prefect. He is a civil engineer and is Operations Manager of the Waste Services Department with the Gosford City Council. He enjoys the beach, surf lifesaving and water sports as well as music and the outdoors.

DOHERTY. Matthew James b 28.09.1978 Matthew b. at Ballarat. He was educated at Niagara Park School where he was a vice sports house captain, and was then a foundation pupil at Narara Valley High School in Gosford. He is currently completing a degree in Landscape Management and Conservation at the University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury, where his great-grandfather, Athol Williams, was an agricultural student in 1920. Matthew is an active member of the college community and a member of the Junior Common Room Committee. He enjoys adventurous sports and activities.

)2> DOHERTY, Claire Simone b 29.05.1980 Claire b. at Ballarat. She was educated at Niagara Park School and currently attends Narara Valley High School in Gosford. She has a love for music and art and her adventurous spirit leads her to all outdoor sports including trekking, skydiving and abseiling. She has the Duke

of Edinburgh Silver Medal.

03> DOHERTY, Joanna Megan b 27.09.1982 Joanna b. at Gosford. She was educated at Niagara Park School and is currently attending Narara Valley High School in Gosford. She is a successful sports person in the school community. Her swimming ability has taken her to representation in major swimming meets including Country and State competitions.

03> MACLEAN, Timothy Wmiams m on 09.07.1977 to DRUMMOND, Pamela Anne b 10.02.1953 d 09.11.1995 b 02.11.1956 Pamela, d/o Leonard Colin Drummond and Jean Emma Hansen. Address: (Pam) 5 St Hill Lane, Havelock North. Timothy was educated at Pukehou School, Hereworth School and Wanganui Collegiate School. After leaving school he did a diploma course at Lincoln University, working on farms in both the North and South Islands. He also gained his Trade Certificate in carpentry and commercial building. After his marriage to Pam he gained further experience working on farms as a shepherd. Paul and Kate were born during these years. Then came the longed-for opportunity to own their own farm at Te Apiti Road, Waimarama, and Sam was (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward and PALMER, Beatrice Daisy ^MACLEAN. James Nelson (J1m) and WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean ^MACLEAN, Timothy Wmiams and DRUMMOND, Pamela Anne MACLEAN, Timothy Williams and DRUMMOND, Pamela Anne (cont...) born. There Tim and Pam worked as a team building up their small farm and aiming for excellence in every aspect. They raised the lambing percentage, planted thousands of trees for both amenity and land conservation and produced wool from their Romney flock to rival the best in the district. They were both keen members of a land care group. Tim was innovative and imaginative. As a 'lay' geologist he became very knowledgeable about the land formation of the Waimarama district and the farm gave him ample scope to exercise his skills as a 'lay' engineer. He also enjoyed mountaineering, sailing, hang-gliding and travelling. He and Pam spent four years travelling the world together, working as they went, she as a nurse and he as a builder. They climbed in the Himalayas and dived in the Red Sea, living for a time in a Bedouin hut on the Sinai Peninsula. After a year in London, they went to the United States, then on to Southern India and Australia. There they spent a year in Brisbane and hitch-hiked across the Nullabor Plains from Perth to Adelaide. Tim learnt to sail a catamaran, later owning one of his own at Waimarama.

Tim was a skilled musician, playing the guitar and harmonica (simultaneously), and had a great sense of humour. He and Pam both gave strong support to the Waimarama School where Tim was Chairman of the Board of Trustees until his accidental death on the farm. Since then Pam has coped with the sale of the farm and a move to Havelock North where she and the children are building a new life together. She is a registered nurse and is presently working for Healthcare Hawkes Bay.

)1> MACLEAN, Paul Timothy b 11.04.1983 Paul b. at Hastings. He attends Havelock North High School and his interests include mountain hiking, motocross, tennis and guitar.

02> MACLEAN. Kate Jean b 05.06.1985 Kate b. at Hastings. She attends Havelock North Intermediate and her interests include violin, swimming and reading.

03> MACLEAN, Samuel Thomas b 09.03.1989 Samuel b. at Hastings. He attends Te Mata Primary School in Havelock North and his interests include soccer, swimming, nature and animals.

04> MACLEAN, Peter Samuel m on 07.04.1984 to TYLEE, Ann Patnda (Am) b 12.11.1956 b 31.08.1958 Peter b. at Hastings and m. at Pukehou. Ann, d/o Michael Tylee and Jane Nelson, b, at Hastings. Address: 132 Main Road, Clive, Hawkes Bay. Peter was educated at Pukehou School, Hereworth School and Wanganui Collegiate School (school prefect) and spent two years at Massey University. He is a self-taught craftsman in wood and in 1996 he built his present workshop at Clive. He works part-time in the Art Department at Hawkes Bay Polytechnic as a tutor in wood and he is the recipient of two grants from the QEH Arts Council. Ani was educated at Woodford House and has a BA in Social Sciences. She has done further tertiary study in practical art, marketing and New Zealand arts. She is active in the Hawkes Bay arts community and in 1997 she started working as secretary of the H&W Williams Memorial Trust. Ani and Peter both belong to a discussion group covering current issues, ideas, literature and media.

)1> MACLEAN, Holly Frances Tylee b 17.09.1984 Holly b. at Napier. Her interests are piano, art, hockey, canoe polo and tennis.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen andMACLEAN, Christopher Haydon 1MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward and PALMER, Beatrice Daisy ^MACLEAN. James Nelson (J1m) and WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean ^MACLEAN, Peter Samuel and TYLEE, Ann Patricia (Am) 02> MACLEAN. Ella Fnmley Tylee b 08.03.1987 Ella b. at Hastings. Her interests are sport and music.

03> MACLEAN. P1era Rose Palmer Tylee b 30.06.1993 Piera b. at Hastings. Her interests are gymnastics and swimming.

03>MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward m on 26,04.1927 to (2)McWILLIAM, Munel Mary Annie b 26.01.1883 d 22.08.1943 b 28.03.1883 d 02.07.1957 Kenneth m. at St Luke's Church, Havelock North, and d. and bd. at Hastings. Muriel, d/o Rev James McWilliam (Maori Missioner ofOtaki) and his wife, Emily, b. at Otaki and d. at Hastings. Kenneth was Canon ofWaiapu (1918-30), Archdeacon ofHawkes Bay (1930-43) and Vicar General (1933-38). He was the author of "The Living Church", "A Religion for Monday Morning", "The Pearl Merchant" and "Our Reasonable Service". Muriel was a nursing sister before her marriage. She had become co-founder, co-owner and co-matron of Royston Hospital, Hastings.

04> MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth m on 07.11.1906 to CURRIE, George Wmiam b 04.10.1884 d 29.05.1951 b 19.02.1878 d 16.04.1958 Elizabeth b. at Foxton, m. at Napier and d. at Wanganui. George d. at Wanganui. George was a barrister and solicitor at Wanganui. He served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees ofWanganui Collegiate School.

1> CURRIE, Margaret Isabel m on 31.07.1934 to BLYTH, Hamson David b 29.08.1908 d 05.07.1997 b 22.11.1904 d 10.07.1996 Margaret b., m. and d. at Wanganui. Harrison, s/o David Laing Blyth and Jeannie Hunter. Margaret was educated at Nga Tawa and Harrison at Wanganui Collegiate School. They farmed "Harakeke", a 5,000 acre coastal property near Wanganui. The farm has recently been sold and is now planted in pines and known as Harakeke Forest. Margaret and Harrison moved to Wanganui in 1988.

)1> BLYTH, Gillian Jean m on 13.03.1957 to GOURLAY, John Francis Stewart b 15.01.1937 b 15.03.1935 Address: Auchencheyne, Moniaive, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire DG3 4EP, Scotland. Gillian was educated at Nga Tawa (prefect) and John at Loretto, Musselburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland. John is a farmer.

1> GOURLAY, James Stewart m on i6.o4.i983 to MACLEOD, Sara Helen b 02.01.1959 b 14.03.1960 James b. at Dumfries, Scotland and m. at Plymouth, Devon, England. Sara, d/o Peter Thomas Macleod and Valarie Northcott, b. at Fulford, Yorkshire, England. James was educated at Loretto and is an Aircraft Engineering Officer (Lt Cmdr) in the Royal Navy. Sara is an aerobics instructor.

01> GOURLAY. Harm sh John Stewart b 20.08.1985 Hamish b. atTruro, Cornwall, England.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN. Sarah WILLIAMS. Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth and CURRIE, George WHHam ^CURRIE, Margaret Isabel and BLYTH. Harnson David ^BLYTH, GUI tan Jean and GOURLAY, John Francis Stewarfc ^GOURLAY, James Stewarfc and MACLEOD, Sara Helen 02> GOURLAY, Angus Kenneth Ham son b 20.04.1988 Angus b. at Plymouth, Devon, England.

03> GOURLAY. Arabella AH son b 07,06.1990 Arabella b. at Yeovil, Somerset, England.

)2> GOURLAY, Ne11 Ham son m on 12.02.1985 to CARVER, Mary Elisabeth b 23.04.1960 b 24.08.1959 Address: High Craigneston, Moniaive, Thornhill, Dumfrieshire DG3 4EP, United Kingdom.

il > GOURLAY, Ham son Robert John b 21.10.1988

03> GOURLAY, John Charles m on 06.05.1990 to STEVENS, 01111 an Louise Stewart b 14.05.1963 b 01.08.1962

11> GOURLAY, James Daniel b *********

12> GOURLAY, Dugald b 19.05.1996

04> GOURLAY, AHson Margaret m on 09.08.1997 to SMITH, Alastatr b 22.05.1965 b 14.11.1963 Alison b. at Dumfries, Scotland. Alastair b. at Huddersfield, England. Address: 12 Adie Road, Hammersmith, London W60PW, England. Alison was educated at Queenswood School, Herts, and Loretto, Edinburgh. Alastair was educated at Sidbergh School and is a Chartered surveyor.

62> BLYTH. James Wmiamm on i6.ii.i969 to (l)AUSTIN-SMITH, Susan b 15.01.1945 b 18.10.1946 James b. at Wanganui and m. at Masterton. Susan, d/o John Austin-Smith and Carol Austin.

)1> BLYTH, David James b 16.06.1971 Address: C/- Annedale Station, RD, Tinui, Masterton.

02> BLYTH, John Ham son b 04.01.1973 Address; 16 Harleston Road, Mount Albert, Auckland.

03> BLYTH, Richard Austin b 16.12,1986



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth and CURRIE, George W1111am 1CURRIE, Margaret Isabel and BLYTH, Harnson David ^BLYTH, James Wm1am and DRAIN, Joanne Elisabeth 02> BLYTH, James wmiamm on 12.06.1995 to (2)DRAIN, Joanne Elisabeth b 15.01.1945 b 14.01.1960 James m. at Palmerston North. Joanne b. at Christohurch. Address: Annedale, Tinui, Wairarapa. James was educated at Huntley School and Wanganui Collegiate School (cricket eleven, house prefect) and is farming on the property once owned by T C Williams,

02> CURRIE, Jean Elizabeth m on 28.12.1935 to SYME, David Atktn b 08.05.1910 d 13.01.1984 b 20.11.1900 d 21.02.1991 Jean b. at Wanganui and m. at Christ Church, Wanganui. David, s/o George Syme and Amy Sargeant, b. at Midhurst, Taranaki. Jean was a Karitane nurse and David was a manufacturer's representative.

L> SYME, Janet EHzabethm on 26.oi.i963 to WOOD, David Edwin b 23.02.1940 b 28.08.1938 Janet b. at Wellington and m. at St Mary's Church, Karori. David, s/o Theo Wood and Margaret May, b. at Wellington. Address: 53 Raroa Terrace, Linden, Wellington. Janet trained as a Karitane nurse and also does interior decorating. David is Manager Coqiorate Reporting with the New Zealand Fire Service.

)1> WOOD, Catherine Elizabeth b 27.12.1963 Catherine is a registered nurse. She travelled overseas during 1987-91 and is presently working in the Oncology Unit at Wellington Hospital.

)2> WOOD, Helen Amanda m on 25.10.1986 to MOORE, Peter b 08.08.1965 b 21.09.1965 Address: 31 Redwood Avenue, Tawa, Wellington. Peter is a shop manager.

1)1> MOORE, Matthew David b 24.03.1992


MOORE , Jonathan Bruce b 09.08 .1994


MOORE , Rachel Elizabeth b 09.12 .1997

C)3> WOOD, Sarah Ann Louise m on 25.03.1995 to HOLDAWAY, Allan b 27.02.1969 b 08.06.1970 Address: 4 Mercury Way, Whitby, Wellington. Sarah graduated BCA in May 1991. She is an office manager and Allan manages a factory making blinds.

62> SYME, Diana Mary m on 24.11.1962 to PETERSEN, David Man us b 18.03.1942 b 14.09.1937 Diana b. at Wellington and m. at St Mary's Church, Karori, Wellington. David, s/o Carl Marius Petersen and Laila Bessie Eddy, b. at Waipawa. Address: Te Puna, Farm Road, RD 4, Waipukurau. Diana is an ex-nurse and a partner in an antique business. She is a councillor for the Central Hawkes Bay District Council. David is a farmer.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth and CURRIE, George WHI 1am ^CURRIE, Jean Elizabeth and SYME, David Atkin" ^SYME, Diana Mary and PETERSEN, David Man us ^PETERSEN. Michael Carl and IRVINE, Rachael Marjone 01> PETERSEN, Michael Carl m on 18.02.1994 to IRVINE, Rachael Marjone b 03.09.1963 b 15.11.1970 Address: Te Rina, Farm Road, RD 4, Waipukurau. Michael is a farmer and Rachael is a nurse.

L> PETERSEN, Benjamin Carl b 09.07.1996 Benjamin b. at Waipukurau.

02> PETERSEN, Richard David m on 13.03.1993 to FORSYTH, Deborah Kay b 16.11.1964 b 13.10.1965 Richard b. at Waipukurau and m. at St Mary's Church, Karori, Wellington. Deborah, d/o Donald Eric Forsyth and Helen Margaret Aitken, b. at Wellington. Address: 44 Braithwaite Street, Karori, Wellington 5. Richard was educated at Terrace Primary School in Waipukurau and Central Hawkes Bay College (1978-82). He attended Victoria University of Wellington in 1983-85 and graduated Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, majoring in Business Administration. He worked as a sharebroker for Jarden and Co in 1986-88. Deborah was educated at Karori Normal Primary School and Queen Margaret College (1977-83). She attended Victoria University of Wellington in 1984-87 and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, majoring in Accountancy.

Richard and Deborah both travelled to the UK in 1988. They lived and worked in London until mid-1990 in between travelling through parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Back in New Zealand Richard joined his present employer, Fixed Interest Securities (NZ) Ltd, in 1991 as a money market broker. Deborah worked for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu as a tax consultant during 1991-95 then continued part-time until 1997. Richard and Deborah lived at Hataitai for five years before moving to their present address in Karori in 1997.

)1> PETERSEN, Samuel James b 19.08.1995 Samuel b. at Wellington.

)2> PETERSEN, Thomas Will 1am b 27.10.1997 Thomas b, at Wellington.

()3> PETERSEN. Susan Jean m on 16.11.1991 to HEWITT, James Donald b 18.03.1967 b 15.12.1965 Susan m. at St Mary's Church, Waipukurau. James, s/o Peter David Hewitt and Heather Jean Donald. Address: Takapau, RD 1, Waipukurau. Susan is in marketing and James is a farmer.

)1> HEWITT, Anna Charlotte b 06.05.1994 Anna b. at Palmerston North.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, wmiam Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret EHen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth and CURRIE, George Wmiam ^CURRIE, Jean Elizabeth and SYME, David Atktn' ^SYME. Diana Mary and PETERSEN, David Man'us ^PETERSEN, Susan Jean and HEWITT, James Donald 02> HEWITT. Harm sh WHI 1am b 21.08,1996 Hamish b. at Pahiatua.

03>SYME, Lesley Ann m on 23.os.i964 to (l)JOLL, lan Matthew b 22.09.1944 b 04.12.1934 lan is a farm management consultant.

01> JOLL. David Matthew b 08.06.1965 David b. at Waipukurau. Address: 11 Manapouri Crescent, Palmerston North.

02> JOLL, Christopher Mark m on 25.01.1997 to ROBERTS, Sandra Ruth b 26.09.1967 b 20.11.1972 Christopher b. at Palmerston North and m. at Henderson, Auckland.

)3> SYME, Lesley Ann m on 17.09.1988 to (2)TAYLOR, Coltn Stewart b 22.09.1944 b 18.09.1931 d 12.06.1997 Lesley m. at Waipukurau. Address: 9 Mount View Place, Waipukurau. Lesley is an office manager.

03> CURRIE, Joyce Bertha Earlem on 14.09.1938 to SHERRIFF, Dudley Albert b 14.12.1912 d 12.08.1983 b 23.09.1913 d 22.08.1972 Joyce b. at Wanganui. Last address: 6 Tukura Road, Gisborne. Joyce was educated at Nga Tawa and after leaving school became governess for the Williams family at Matahiia near Ruatoria where she met Dudley. Dudley had shepherded in the Ruatoria area at Matahiia and Waingakia before being appointed manager of HoreHore. Joyce and Dudley started their married life at HoreHore where their only access was the notorious HoreHore pack track, passable by horses only. Shortly after the birth of Peter they moved to Mangaheia Station near Tolaga Bay where Dudley managed from 1940 to 1972. There he developed his interest in horses, not only riding and playing a bit of polo, but also becoming a noted breeder of station hacks. He was also a very successful sheep dog trialist, winning the New Zealand Zig-zag Hunt in 1962. Joyce was an avid reader and also spent a lot of time supporting Dudley as he competed at and

judged sheep dog trials.

1> SHERRIFF, Peter Dunlopm on i8.i2.i965 to FRASER, Judith Amanda b 26.05.1940 b 30.09.1944 Peter b. and m. at Gisborne. Judith, d/o Colin Gordon Fraser and Ngaire Amanda Skeet. Address: "Matarangi", RD 1, Wanganui. Peter left Gisborne in 1979 to farm in the Brunswick district, Wanganui. He is a member of the Wanganui Rural Community Board.

)1> SHERRIFF, Ben Dunlop b 23.10.1968 Ben b. at Gisborne. Address; 65 Wairere Road, Wainui Beach, Gisborne. Ben attended Palmerston North Boys' High School then worked as a management trainee for Carter Holt Building Supplies before becoming a sales coordinator for Carter Holt Harvey Timber until 1992. He toured overseas for 3'/z years and is now an arable land technician and harvest supervisor for Coxco Squash Packers Ltd in Gisborne.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Wm1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah ^WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN. Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth and CURRIE, George lAimiam ^CURRIE, Joyce Bertha Earle and SHERRIFF, Dudley Albert ^SHERRIFF, Peter Dunlop and FRASER, Judith Amanda 02> SHERRIFF. Karl Fraser b 13.04.1972 Karl b. at Gisborne. Address: 35 Marne Street, Palmerston North. Karl attended Palmerston North Boys' High School and is now working for Westpac Trust in Palmerston North.

03> SHERRIFF, Dudley Patrick b 23.07.1974 Patrick b. at Gisborne. Address: Ohinewairua Station, Pte Bag, Taihape. Patrick was educated at Palmerston North Boys' High School. He worked as a shepherd at Aerial Station, Gisborne for three years and is now head shepherd on Ohinewairua Station.

2> SHERRIFF, David Wmiamm on os.n.1967 to (l)De COSTA. Anna Mathea b




David b. and m. at Gisborne. Divorced 1982. Anna is remarried to Derek Galloway and they are orchardists and packhouse operators in Hastings.


> SHERRIFF, N1 gel Dudley b 15.11.1974 Nigel attended Lindisfarne College then worked at agricultural contracting before going overseas.

02> SHERRIFF. Paul Will 1am b 26.05.1978 Paul attended Lindisfarne College and Dannevirke High School.

02> SHERRIFF, David Wmiamm on 29.10.1988 to (2)McCARTHY, Bn'gid Joan Pearcey b 15.05.1942 b 25.10.1953 David m. at Gisborne. Brigid, d/o Rt Hon Sir Thaddeus Pearcey McCarthy and Joan Margaret Miller, b. at Wellington. Address: "Rawiri", RD Matawai, Gisborne. In his younger days David worked at Waiau, Ihungia and Mount Linton Stations. After his marriage he managed Bushy Knoll Station for eight years prior to acquiring a 561-ha property at Matawai through the Lands and Survey Settlement Scheme. David has been a Federated Farmers branch chairman, President of the Poverty Bay centre of the New Zealand Sheep Dog Trial Association and President of the Poverty Bay Agricultural and Pastoral Association.

}3> SHERRIFF, John Richard m on 21.04.1973 to WINCHCOMBE, Ngatre Frances b 12.02.1944 b 03.03.1949 John b. at Gisborne and m. at Taihape. Ngaire, d/o Montague William Winchcombe and Dulcie Margaret Donald, b. at Taihape. Address: Braemar Road, RD 2, Whakatane. John was raised at Mangaheia Station, Tolaga Bay, and educated at Gisborne Boys' High School. He served as a platoon commander in 7 Wellington and Hawkes Bay Territorial Force Regiment, and then joined the New Zealand Regular Army in 1967. He served overseas for five years, including two tours of service in South Vietnam. During the first tour he was wounded and evacuated after being shot in the leg. After specialising in Training Systems, John became the Officer Commanding of Training Methods School at Waioum with

the rank of Major. He resigned in 1980 to establish a family home in the Bay of Plenty. John and Ngaire purchased a small farm and established an asparagus block. John continued his profession in Training Systems at the Kawerau Paper Mills, and also served for five years as (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN. Sarah WILLIAMS. Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth and CURRIE, George lAimiam iCURRIE, Joyce Bertha Earle and SHERRIFF, Dudley Albert 1SHERRIFF, John Richard and WINCHCOMBE, Ngatre Frances SHERRIFF, John Richard and WINCHCOMBE, Ngaire Frances (cont...) Eastern Bay of Plenty Manager for the Kiwifruit Marketing Board.

1> SHERRIFF, Craig wmiam b 13.09.1976 Craig b. at Sydney, Australia. He completed five years secondary education at Hamilton Boys'

High School.

02> SHERRIFF, Damelle Frances b 15.03.1978 Danielle b. at Sydney, Australia. She completed four years secondary education at Hamilton Girls' High School then spent a year in Chile as an AFS International Exchange Smdent. She is now completing her third year of a Diploma of Tourism at Waikato Polytechnic and during the course she was successfiil in gaining a tourism education exchange to Singapore.

03> SHERRIFF, Megan Frances b 17.11.1980 Megan b. at Whakatane. She completed four years secondary education at Hamilton Girls' High School where she represented the school at rowing. She is presently on a year-long AFS Intercultural Exchange in Argentina.

04> SHERRIFF, Laurence Patrick m on 28.09.i967 to TULLOCH, Jesste Mary


b 08.04.1945 d 21.07.1984 b 06.12.1946 Paddy b. at Gisborne and m. at Otorohanga and d. at Masterton. Mary, d/o Alan Espie Tulloch and Mary Isabel Anne McNeil, b. at Gisborne. Address: (Mary) Glenmoa, lOc RD, Oamaru. Paddy was educated at Gisborne Boys' High School (1958-63). He worked as a shepherd on "Huiarua" station (1964-66); married shepherd on "Rototahi" station, Tolaga Bay (1967-69); managed "Kahuiti" station, Masterton (1970-75) and managed "Waikohi" station, Masterton (1975-82). He bought his own farm, "Tarohiwi", at Mount Bruce, Masterton in 1982. Paddy played rugby for the East Coast in 1968 and was a member of the Wairarapa A Polo team for two years. Mary was educated at Otorohanga then trained and worked as a beauty consultant. After Paddy's death she married John Foley whose wife, Anne Myra McLennon had died in 1985. John and Annie had a daughter, Ginny Anne Foley born in 1984.

)1> SHERRIFF, Ktrsty Jane b 03.03.1971 Kirsty b. at Masterton. She attended primary school in Masterton then went to St Matthew's College, Masterton for five years before training as a nurse at Wellington Polytechnic. She nursed at Gisborne Hospital in 1993-95 and at Burwood Spinal Unit, Christchurch in 1995-97. She is presently overseas.

02> SHERRIFF, Alan Samuel b 14.06.1972 Samuel b. at Masterton. He attended primary school in Masterton then went to Rathkeale College in Masterton for four years. He was then farming until travelling overseas.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN. Chnstopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth and CURRIE, George WHI 1am 1CURRIE. Joyce Bertha Earte and SHERRIFF, Dudley Albert ^SHERRIFF. Laurence Patrick (Paddy) and TULLOCH, Jesste Mary 03> SHERRIFF. Sail1e Joyce b 19.12.1974 Sallie b. at Masterton. She attended primary school in Masterton then went to St Matthew's College, Masterton for five years before attending Otago University in 1993-96. She graduated BCom and is now working for the Christchurch City Council.

05> SHERRIFF, Margot Elizabeth m on 09.05.1975 to WILLOCK, Patnck David b 14.01,1949 b 28.11.1949 Margot b. at Gisborne and m. at Tolaga Bay. Patrick, s/o Peter Reginald Willock and Pamela Mary Chrisp, b. at Gisborne. Address: Waiomoko Road, RD 3, Whangara, Gisborne. Margot was educated at Tolaga Bay School and Nga Tawa in Marton. She worked for the Gisborne Vet Club for three years after leaving school, then went overseas for three years. After her return she worked as a hotel receptionist in Gisborne and Masterton until her marriage. Patrick was educated at Mangapapa Primary School, Ilminster Intermediate in Gisborne and Wanganui Collegiate School. He worked on farms around Gisborne and in 1970-71 he went to Massey University to gain a Diploma in Sheepfarming. He spent several months overseas before returning to the family farm. He has been a Gisborne District Councillor (Uawa Ward) since 1989 and Provincial President of Federated Farmers (1995-98).

)1> WILLOCK, N1 col a Jane ti 08.03.1979 Nicola b. at Gisborne. She was educated at Whangara Primary School, Gisborne Intermediate and Gisborne Girls' High School then spent 1996 in Thailand as an AFS exchange student. In 1997 she completed a Travel and Tourism Diploma in Christchurch.

02> WILLOCK, Deborah Margot b 24.12.1981 Deborah b. at Lower Hutt. She was educated at Whangara Primary School and Ilminster Intermediate and is now at Gisborne Girls' High School.

03> WILLOCK. Will 1am Patrick b 13,04.1983 William b. at Gisborne. He was educated at Whangara Primary School and Ilminster Intermediate and is now at Gisborne Boys' High School,

04> WILLOCK, Paddy Shemff b 01.10.1985 Paddy b. at Gisborne. He was educated at Whangara Primary School and is now at Ilminster Intermediate.

4>'CURRIE, Robert George Manson m on 18.02.1950 to (l)POWER, Mane wniamere


b 18.01.19liTd 30.05.1986 b 28.01.1918 d 26.04.1969 Robin b. at Wanganui and d. at Wellington.

)1> CURRIE, Elizabeth Anne m on 26.07.1975 to BURTON, Robert Wmiam b 29.12.1953 b 07.04.1948 Anne b. and m. at Wellington. Robert, s/o Robert Burton and Doris Sanders, b. at Harwich, England. Address: 2 Stroud Way, Newlands, Wellington. Anne is involved in the publishing of local newspapers and Robert is a storeman.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret EH en and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth and CURRIE, George N11 Ham ^CURRIE, Robert George Manson (Robin) and POWER, Mane WHIamere ^CURRIE, Elizabeth Anne and BURTON, Robert Wm1am 01> BURTON, Andrew David b 16.02.1979

02> BURTON, C1at re Louise b 09.09.1981

02> CURRIE. Ne11 Robert b 17.11.1955 Address: 502 Evans Bay Parade (PO Box 14586), Kilbirnie, Wellington.

03> CURRIE, Ross Wmiamm on 01.02.1978 to FENNAMAN, Donna Lyn b 09.12.1957 b 26.08,1960 Address: 22 Bayside Drive, Brown's Bay, Auckland.

)1> CURRIE, Daniel Ross b 08.05.1979

I)2> CURRIE, Paul Timothy b 15.12.1980

)3> CURRIE, Emma Lynn b 02.03.1982

04> CURRIE, V1ck1 Margaret b 01.05.1984

04>'CURRIE, Robert George Manson m on 28.07.1977 to (2)GRAY, Patricia Isabel


b 18.01.1918 d 30.05.1986 b 23.01.1928 Robin m. at Wellington. Patricia nec Meldrum. Address: 47a Plassey Street, Havelock North.

05> CURRIE, Leslie Pamela b 23.04.1924 Pamela b. at Wanganui. Address: 7/16 Helmore Street, Wanganui. Pamela was educated at Clifton House School, Wanganui Girls' College and Nga Tawa School, Marton. She

served in the RNZAF (1943-45) then joined the staff of the Wanganui Public Library in 1946. In 1968, as Deputy City Librarian, she left to become the Librarian in Charge of the School Library Service of the National Library of New Zealand, retiring in 1984. Her interests include the Citizens' Advice Bureau, the Cancer Society ofNZ and Save the Children Fund.

65> MACLEAN, Enc Wanklyn m on 18.06.1924 to TURNER, May Harcourt b 13.07.1886 d 09.12.1940 b 26.11.1892 d 24.06.1984 Eric b. at Foxton and m. and d. at Wellington. May, d/o Charles Harcourt Turner and Annie Way. She was a great grand-daughter of Nathaniel Turner, a Methodist » missionary, who came to New Zealand in 1823. Eric was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He was an engineer and managing director ofJJ Niven & Co, which he joined in

1910. During WW1 he served in the NZ Expeditionary Force leaving with the main TOyaas sTn^mber of th^Tluckland Infantry Battalion. While he was on Gallipoli he received his commission and in France he served in the Machine Gun Corps, later being appointed instructor at the Grantham Machine (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN. Enc Wanklyn and TURNER, May Harcourt MACLEAN, Erie Wanktyn and TURNER, May Harcourt (cont...) Gun School. He was at different times President of the New Zealand Ironmasters' Federation and President of the New Zealand Employers' Federation, and he was also a member of the Economic Commission appointed by the Government in 1940. He also commanded the Lower Hutt Company of the Wellington Battalion of the National Military Reserve.

> MACLEAN, Mary Waym on 09.12.1950 to CORKILL, Thomas Mackenzie (Tom) b 22.05.1925

b 16.09.1926 Mary b. and m. at Lower Hutt. Thomas, s/o Dr Thomas Frederick Corkill and Edith Annie Morrison, b. at Wellington. Address: la Trelissick Crescent, Ngaio, Wellington 6004. Mary was educated at Chilton Saint James. She trained as a Karitane nurse and later was librarian at the Dominion Physical Laboratory. She was President of the South Canterbury Writers' Guild, a foundation member of the South

Canterbury Community Arts Council and a member of the NZ Women Writers' Society. Her interests include writing, painting, spinning, croquet and tramping, Tom was educated at Scots College and Otago University. He trained for the Presbyterian ministry at Knox College, Dunedin and Westminster College, Cambridge and served in parishes at Westport; Maori Hill, Dunedin; Timaru; Napier and Motueka. In 1980 he was Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of NZ. Mary and Tom live in retirement in Wellington.

)1> CORKILL, Bruce Andrew m on 20.06.1987 to WALLACE, Manlyn Ann b 01.02.1952 b 05.09.1950 Bruce b. at Cambridge, England and m. at Wellington. Marilyn, d/o John Wallace and Elizabeth Mary Dickie, b. atBlenheim, Address: 37 Grant Road, Thorndon, Wellington. Bruce was educated at John McGlashan College, Dunedin and Otago University. He practices as a barrister in Wellington. Marilyn was educated at Marlborough Girls' College and Otago University. She practises as a barrister in Wellington.

01> CORKILL, Alexander Wallace b 22.02.1988 Alexander b. at Wellington.

2> CORKILL, Gillian Mary m on 08.01.1977 to LAWRENCE, Richard Hume b 18.03.1954 b 03.09.1952 Gillian b. at Wellington and m. at Timaru. Richard, s/o Peter Lawrence and Morag Matheson, b. at Christchurch. Address: 8 Fleming Place, Chedworth Park, Hamilton. Gillian was educated at Columba College, Dunedin, Timaru Girls' High School, Otago University and Dunedin Teachers' Training College. She was Assistant to the Secretary of the Negotiating Churches Unity Council and is presently librarian for Environment Waikato. Richard was educated at Christchurch Boys' High School and Otago University. He trained for the Presbyterian ministry at Knox College, Dunedin. He has served in parishes at Picton, Johnsonville Union, Wellington and St Andrew's, Hamilton.

)1> LAWRENCE, Christopher Benjamin b 19.04.1984 Christopher b. at Blenheim.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. Wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS,_Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Enc'Wanktyn and TURNER, May Harcourt ^MACLEAN, Mary Way and CORKILL, Thomas Mackenzie (Tom) ^CORKILL, GHHanMary and LAWRENCE, Richard Hume 02> LAWRENCE, Bridget Rosemary b 04.02.1986 Bridget b. at Wellington.

)3> CORKILL, Susan Jane m on 30.04.1988 to PYNENBURG, Ronald John


b 07.09.1957 b 15.09.1959 Susan b. at Dunedin and m. at Wellington. Ronald, s/o Jan Antoon Gerard Pynenburg and Elizabeth Maria Van Hassel. Address: 32 Ottawa Road, Ngaio, Wellington. Susan was educated at Timaru Girls' High School. She did her general nursing training at Christchurch Public Hospital and midwifery at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester. Currently she is a staff nurse at the Wellington Hospital. Ron was educated at Upper Hutt College and Victoria University. He is an architect and principal in the firm ofPynenburg and Collins Architects Ltd.

)1> PYNENBURG. Samuel Nicholas b 16.08.1989 Samuel b. at Wellington.

02> PYNENBURG, Rachael Elizabeth b 05.12.1990 Rachael b. at Wellington.

04> CORKILL, Ruth Margaret m on 30.os.i987 to NOAKES, Charles Patrick b 13.06.1960 b 17.05.1961 Ruth b. at Dunedin and m. at Motueka. Charles, s/o Raymond Noakes and Kathleen Rising, b. at Pahiatua. Address: 217 Cockayne Road, Ngaio, Wellington. Ruth was educated at Timaru Girls' High School and Otago Polytechnic. She is a physiotherapist and is a partner in private practice at Island Bay. Charles was educated at Tararua College and is a consultant for Telecom.

L> NOAKES. Tessa Mary b 29.01.1994 Tessa b. at Wellington.

02> NOAKES, Annabel Kate b 08.11.1995 Annabel b. at Wellington.

fi5> CORKILL, AHson Maclean m on i9.oi.i985 to CRUM, David Gordon b 01.10.1961 b 08.12.1960 Alison b. at Dunedin and m. at Napier. David, s/o Albert lan Crum and Marjorie Eleanor Woollett, b. at Auckland, Address: 37 Golf Road, Epsom, Auckland. Alisdn was educated at Timaru Girls' High School and Otago University and is a dental surgeon. David was educated at Green Bay High School and Otago University. He is a dental surgeon and partner in the Avondale Dental Centre.

)1> CRUM, Emma May b 28.01.1989 Emma b. at Auckland.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS,^Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Erie Wanklyn and TURNER, May Harcourt ^MACLEAN. Mary Way and CORKILL, Thomas Mackenzie (Tom) ^CORKILL, AHson Maclean and CRUM. David Gordon 02> CRUM. Elizabeth All son b 10.08.1991 Elizabeth b. at Auckland.

03> CRUM. Georgina Mary b 23.11,1993 Georgina b. at Auckland.

2> MAC LEAN. Patience Elliot m on 11.06.1950 to KEARNS, Bernard John b 14.01.1928 b 13.01.1925 Patience b. at Lower Hutt and m. at Melbourne, Australia. Separated. Bernard, s/o John Joseph Kearns and Margaret Mary Donaghue, Address: 9 Malcolm Avenue, Christchurch. Patience graduated BA from Canterbury University. She toured to Australia with the Canterbury Student Players, with Ngaio Marsh. Whilst in Melbourne married Bernard, and their first daughter, Elizabeth, was born there. They returned to New Zealand in 1950. I '"^^^ When the children were grown, she taught primary school for 20 years. Her interests are patchwork quilting (one of her commissioned works hangs in the Oncology Department of Christchurch Hospital, and she has participated in several exhibitions), gardening and family research. Bernard was a radio broadcaster.

1> KEARNS, Elizabeth Patience m on 3i.o3.i97i to (l)RIDDER, Peter John b ********

b 24.03.1950 Elizabeth b. at Melbourne, Australia.

)1> KEARNS, Elizabeth Patience m on 28.10.1993 to (2)BEALE, wmiam John b 24.03.1950 b 15.06.1948 Elizabeth m. at Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. William, s/o Cyril Claude Beale and Rhoda Marion Koerbin, b. at Lower Hutt. Address: 11 Joll Street, Karori, Wellington 5. Elizabeth was educated at Cottesmore College, Cashmere High School and Canterbury School of Fine Arts and graduated BA and Diploma of Library Studies from Victoria University. She worked for 17 years in the Victoria University Library, was Executive Assistant at the Hutt City Council, and is currently Administrator of the Friends of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Her interests, shared by her Burmese cats Pomme and Flora, include travel, gardening, cooking, traditional decorative painting and trompe 1'oeuil. She was Secretary of the Friends of the City

Opera (now National Opera of Wellington) and is Membership Secretary of the Wellington Film Society. William was educated at Hutt Valley High School and graduated MSc from Victoria University. He is Managing Director of Fujitsu New Zealand.

02> KEARNS, Jennifer Mary m on **.**. 1979 to SMITH, Benjamin b 07,07,1951 b 20.06.1951 Jennifer b. at Christchurch and m. at Melbourne, Australia. Benjamin, s/o Albert Smith and Betty Aarons, b. at Melbourne. Address: 14 Toogoods Rise, Box Hill North 3129, Vie, Australia. Jennifer was educated in Christchurch and gained her New Zealand Library Associates Certificate, She worked in several libraries before moving to Melbourne, Benjamin lived in Israel in 1964-74, He graduated as an engineer and now runs his own consulting company.

)1> SMITH, Jonathan Andrew b 04.07.1986



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, W1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Enc Wanklyn and TURNER, May Harcourt ^MACLEAN, Patience El Hot and KEARNS, Bernard John YEARNS, Jennifer Mary and SMITH, Benjamin 02> SMITH, Mtnam May b 17.11.1988

03> KEARNS, Kathenne Susan (Kate) b 10.01.1954 Address: 16 Conway Street, Spreydon, Christchurch 2. Kate completed general nursing training at Christchurch Hospital School of Nursing in 1978 then nursed in Christchurch, Sydney and London. She returned to New Zealand and did BA(Hons) in 1985

and Dipl TESL in 1984 at Victoria University then did her PhD in Linguistics at MIT. She now teaches in Canterbury University Department ofLinguistics, specialising in syntax and semantics. Her interests include reading, gardening and cinema.

04> KEARNS, Knstin Clare b 14,06.1956 Kristin graduated LLB. Address: 36 Laura Avenue, Brooklyn, Wellington.

05> KEARNS, Nicholas Bernard m Francis


24.01.1997 to MORRIS, Amanda Christina b 21.12.1959

b 21.09.1958 Address: 171 Victoria Street, Devonport, Auckland.

Nicholas graduated MSc (Resource Management) fi-om Lincoln University then worked for three years with Bayer New Zealand Agrichemical. He taught science at Carmel College for three years and at King's College for four years then left teaching in 1997 to establish his own bakery business. His interests include yachting and music (he has written and performed his own works).

)1> NORRIS-KEARNS, Fraser Lyle b

** ** ****

)2> NORRIS-KEARNS, Eleanor Rose b

** ** ****

06> KEARNS, Leah Prudence Jane m on 25.01.1989 to SMITH, Murray b 02.11.1961 b 17.06.1956 Leah is known by her maiden name. Russell, s/o Roy Joseph Smith and Jean Marion McKane, Greymouth, Address: 37 Stanbury Avenue, Christchurch 2. Leah graduated MSc from Otago University then worked for three years as a research biochemist. She completed her PhD in Microbiology at Canterbury University and spent a further three years researching bacterial disease in pipfruit before raising a family. Murray is a general practitioner.

)1> SMITH, Elliot Joseph b 01.05.1992

02> SMITH, Rory Benedict b 17.08.1994

03> SMITH, Helena Jean b 15.11.1997



Descendants of WILLIAMS. N1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN. Sarah WILLIAMS. Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon 06> MACLEAN, Dorothy b 07.05.1888 d 03.02.1931 Dorothy b. at Waipawa and d. in the Napier earthquake. She was educated at Napier Girls' High School and lived at home as a companion to her mother.

07> MACLEAN, Edith Sarah (Sail1e) b 23.09.1890

d 05,12.1971 Sarah b. at Waipawa and d. at Napier. She was educated at Chilton House, Wellington and lived at home as a companion to her mother. Sallie became the central link of the family, lively, entertaining and much loved and respected.

08> MACLEAN, Francis Sydney (Frank) m on 21.12.1927 to ANSON, Janet Margaret b 29.05.1892 d 22.12.1966 b 05.12.1897 d 02.05.1982 Francis, b. at Waipawa, m. at Lower Hutt and d. at Karori, Wellington. Janet, d/o George Edward Anson (MD of Wellington) and Margaret Emily Greenstreet. Janet was educated at Chilton House, Wellington and Victoria University (BSc). She worked as a teacher and, later, encouraged her children's interest in science. She was active in the League of Mothers. She always had a strong interest in singing, both as a solo singer and in church choirs. She was a fine embroiderer. Frank was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School and Jesus College, Cambridge where he graduated BA with Rons in Natural Science in 1914. War interrupted his medical training and for three years he was on active service as a Lieutenant in the Royal Field Artillery serving in France, Salonika and Palestine. He was

called back to complete his medical training at Middlesex Hospital, qualifying MRCS LRCP in 1920 and MB BChir (Cantab) in 1921. For a few years he was in private practice at Te Karaka before joining the Health Department in 1927. He transferred to Dunedin that year and was appointed to Wellington in 1930. He became

Medical Officer of Health for the Wellington district in 1936. In 1941 he was promoted to Head Office as the first Director of the Division of Clinical Services, charged with the administration of the new medical benefits under the Social Security Act. In 1944 he was promoted to Director, Division of Public Health which position he held until his retirement. During WW2 Frank was a Major in the NZ Medical Corps and served as Assistant Director of Hygiene, Central Military District, in addition to his departmental duties. Frank was chief New Zealand delegate to five World Health Assemblies, served twice on the International Quarantine Committee of the World Health Organisation and attended many Regional Committee meetings of WHO. He was a founder of the NZ Branch of the Royal Society of Health and served on the executive and as President and editor of the Branch journal. For a short period after his retirement he was a WHO consultant to the Government of Malaysia and he served on the NZ Board of Health from his retirement to just before his death. He was author of "Challenge for Health" (a history of Public Health in New Zealand) and of "Hydatid Disease in New Zealand".

)1> MACLEAN, Michael Anson m on 21.08,1954 to (l)WILLIMENT, Wtmfred Mary b 19.12.1930 b 06.03.1933 Michael b. and m. at Wellington. Mary, d/o Frank Oliver Williment and Margaret Spence Maclaurin, b. at Wellington. Michael was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School, Victoria University (MSc Hons) and Manchester University (PhD), He was an electronics and computer engineer with the Canadian Defence Research Board and the Canadian Department of Communications in Ottawa, Ontario, and was involved in engineering work for the Alouette II and ISIS-A ionospheric research satellites. In 1972 he returned to New Zealand and was a founding member of the Computer Science Department at Canterbury University where he worked until (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS. W1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS,_Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon 1MACLEAN. Francis Sydney (Frank) and ANSON, Janet Margaret ^MACLEAN, Michael Anson'and WILLIMENT, Wtmfred Mary MACLEAN, Michael Anson and UILLIMENT, Uimfred Mary (cont...) his retirement at the end of 1990. He enjoys music and for a number of years sang in choirs in both Ottawa arid Christchurch. Nowadays he plays the bassoon in a chamber music group and two amateur orchestras, one of which made a six-week tour to cathedral cities in Britain, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Italy at the end of 1990. Mary was educated at Wellington Girls' College and Victoria University (BSc). In Manchester she worked as a chemist at the Wythenshawe laboratory of the British Rayon Research Association. During the years she spent in Ottawa she developed a strong interest in hand-built pottery which continued after returning to New Zealand in 1972.

)1> MACLEAN, AH son Margaret b 31.07.1958 Alison b. at Ottawa, Canada. Alison was educated at Buroside High School in Christchurch, Canterbury University and Auckland University (BFA). She has written and directed films in Auckland and Sydney ("Talkback", "Kitchen Sink", "Crush") and is currently working as a free-lance film director in New York.

02> MACLEAN, Roger Francis m on 23.11.1985 to PRIESTLEY. Dtnah Margaret b 10.06.1960 b 01.10.1964 Roger b. at Ottawa, Canada and m. at Christchurch. Dinah, d/o Clive Brian Priestley and Vera Pennell, b. at Birmingham, England. Address: 90 St Claire Avenue, Nepean, Ontario K2G2A6, Canada. Roger was educated at Burnside High School and the University of Canterbury, graduating with a

BE(Hons) degree in 1981 and an ME in Mechanical Engineering in 1982. He worked for the North Canterbury Hospital Board until 1985, where he was in charge ofaFACS TV Flow Cytometer, an instrument for analysing and sorting cell samples. Dinah moved with her family to Christchurch in 1974 and attended Rangi Ruru Girls' School. She then graduated MA in Economics from the University of Canterbury and worked for the Department of the Treasury in Wellington for two years. After their marriage, Roger and Dinah moved to Lower Hutt where Roger worked until 1988 in the Physics and Engineering Laboratory of what was then the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. There he was responsible for writing and maintaining computer aided design (CAD) software for VLSI and thick film circuit design. They moved to Ottawa, Canada in 1988 and until 1993 Roger worked as a software engineer for Geo Visions Systems Inc, a software company that built a Geographic Information System called Vision. In 1993, after GeoVision's bankruptcy, he joined SHL Systemhouse Inc as a technical architect working on the same software as at Geo Vision (Systemhouse had purchased the assets following the bankruptcy). He left Systemhouse at the end of 1994 and joined a newly-formed company called Televitesse Systems Inc as its third employee. There he is one of the main architects and developers for its product, accesTV, a PC software product for searching and recording broadcast television signals and distributing them over computer networks. After moving to Ottawa, Dinah worked for two years as a consultant with an economic consulting firm called Global Economics. Since 1990 she has worked for the Bank of Canada where currently she is working part-time as a senior economist on issues related to the quarterly projection and model development. Roger enjoys reading, music, computers, hiking, canoeing and cross country skiing whilst Dinah's interests include reading, music, canoeing and cross country skiing. She sings in an amateur choir.

)1> MACLEAN, Nicholas Charles b 31.01.1991 Nicholas b. at Ottawa, Canada.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS,_Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^.MACLEAN, Francis Sydney (Frank) and ANSON, Janet Margaret 1MACLEAN. Michael Anson and WILLIMENT, Wtmfred Mary ^MACLEAN, Roger Francis and PRIESTLEY. Dtnah Margaret 02> MACLEAN, Adrian Mark b 10.11.1992 Adrian b. at Ottawa, Canada.

03> MACLEAN, Lesley Janet b 29.09.1962 Lesley b. in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Address: 32 Dominion Avenue, Christchurch 2.

Lesley was educated at Burnside High School in Christchurch, Christchurch Polytechnic (Diploma of Visual Communications) and Auckland University. She spent three years at Urasenke Gakuen Chado Senmon Gakko in Kyoto, Japan, earning a diploma of Japanese Tea Ceremony (in the midorikai program). Subsequently she lived and worked at the Lama Foundation (educational and retreat centre) in New Mexico, USA and was coordinator there for two years. In 1998 she moved back to New Zealand where she works as a graphic designer and instructor of Japanese Tea Ceremony.

01> MACLEAN, Michael Anson m on 01.07.1977 to (2)PAINE, Anne b 19.12.1930 b 23.12.1933 Michael m. at Christchurch. Anne, d/o of Leonard Charles Horwood and Irene Annie Elizabeth Taylor, b. at Lower Hutt. Address: 7 Pembridge Lane, Westmorland, Christchurch 3. Anne was educated at Christchurch Girls' High School and Kindergarten Teachers' College (Kindergarten Teaching Diploma). She also has a Diploma of Recreation and Sport. She has worked as a teacher, Arts administrator, Director of Christchurch YWCA, and Community Affairs Officer for a local authority. She is a justice of the Peace. In 1990 she was a co-founder and the first administrator of the Gestalt Institute of NZ as well as its first Diploma graduate. She is now in private practice as a Gestalt psychotherapist and supervisor and a consultant in Human Resource Management. She has three grown-up children and six grandchildren.

02> MACLEAN, Dorothy Margaret b 04.03.1933 Dorothy b. at Wellington. Address: C/- 7 Pembridge Lane, Westmorland, Christchurch 8003. She was educated at Nga Tawa, Marton, and Victoria University (BSc). She worked as a laboratory technician at Wellington Hospital. She has a major interest in music and plays the cello in chamber music groups and the Wellington Chamber Orchestra.

09> MACLEAN, Frederick Hector m on 27.01.1922 to REID, Vemtce Ethel b 25.05.1894 d 07.11.1948 b 03.09.1895 d 07.08.1977 Hector b. at Waipawa, m. at Waipukurau and d. at Dunedin. Vernice, d/o John Emslie Reid and Esther Amelia Young, d. at Gisborne. Hector was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School where he was Head Prefect. He worked in Williams and Kettle's store before going farming with his brother Lionel at Puha about 20 miles from Gisborne. Vernice spent her early years on a farm near Whangaehu before her family moved to farm in Hawkes Bay on land now partly occupied by the township ofWaipukurau. She was educated at Chilton House, Wellington, then worked in a bank for several years before training as a Karitane nurse. Hector and Vernice spent several years at Puha after their marriage before moving to Toromiro, a sheep farm on the Whakarai Road, 40 miles from Gisborne. Because of Hector's poor health, they had to leave the farm about 1946 and move to Gisborne. There Hector worked for several years in the office of Odlin Timber Company.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Wmiam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Frederick Hector and REID, Vermce Ethel ^MACLEAN, Margaret Esther and KLEE, Victor George 01> MACLEAN, Margaret Esther m on 24.04.1954 to KLEE, Victor George b 11.01.1923 b 18.09.1909 d 25.01.1981 Margaret b. at Gisborne and m. at Wellington. Victor, s/o George Klee (army) and Gertrude Violet Martha Foley, b. and d. at Wellington and bd. atKarori. Address: 123 Onepu Road, Wellington 3. Margaret was educated at Chilton Saint James and spent two years in the land army, two years in the UK and a year in Tasmania. She was a Burroughs operator/ accounts clerk and Victor was a printer.

)1> KLEE, Lionel Victor m on 16.04.1977 to PECK, Margaret Lynn b 04.12.1954 b 20.07.1956 Lionel b. at Wellington and m. at Raetihi. Lynn, d/o Rev Robert Peck and Margaret Cooper, b. at Ohio, USA. She emigrated with her parents to Taranaki in 1964. Address: 35 Glen Road, Kelburn, Wellington. Lionel was educated at Seatoun Primary, Friends School, Wanganui, Rongotai College and Victoria

University of Wellington (BA(Hons)Geography). Between 1977 and 1985 he worked for the Town and Country Planning Division of the Ministry of Works and Development in economic and regional planning. This included two years at Nottingham University where he completed an MA(Environmental Planning), Lionel developed an interest and skills in computing, and in 1985 he joined Databank Systems. In 1987 he moved to Bull Information Systems as a systems consultant, followed by three years at Capital Coast Health. Since 1996 Lionel has undertaken contract work as an information technology consultant. Lynn was educated at Manaia Primary School, Taranaki; Wadestown Primary School and St Mark's

School, Wellington; Wellington Girls' College and Victoria University (BA(Hons) in English Literature). Lynn has worked for various government departments and service organisations in public relations and media positions and, since 1986 has run a freelance editorial and publishing business.

)1> KLEE, Rebecca Ellen b 19.02.1982 Rebecca b. in Wellington. She was educated at Kelburn Primary School and Wellington East Girls' College.

02> KLEE, Amka Margaret b 10.02.1984 Anika b. in Wellington. She was educated at Kelburn Primary School and Wellington East Girls' College.

02> KLEE, Susan AH son m on 07.01.1978 to HAVER, Anthony Henry Peter b 02.05.1956

b 21.03.1959

Alison b. and m. at Wellington. Anthony, s/o Peter Haver and Helen Buis, b. at Wellington. Address: 410 Broadway, Miramar, Wellington 3. Alison was educated at Seatoun Primary School, Evans Bay Intermediate and Queen Margaret College. She has worked in a bank and as an accounts administrator for several firms and currently works in this position for the Institution of Professional Engineers. Her interests include oil painting, reading and dancing. Anthony was educated at St Patrick's College, Wellington, and worked for the Post Office as a radio technician for several years. He now works as Victoria University.

)1> HAVER, Benjamin Victor Peter b 24.01.1981 Benjamin b. in Wellington. He attended Holy Cross Primary School and is now at St Patrick's College, Wellington.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Frederick Hector and REID, Verm'ce Ethel ^MACLEAN, Margaret Esther and KLEE, Victor George ^KLEE, Susan Alt son and HAVER, Anthony Henry Peter 02> HAVER. Timothy James b 03.12.1982 Timothy b. in Wellington. He attended Holy Cross Primary School and is now at St Patrick's College, Wellington.

2> MACLEAN, Richard Hector m on 20.02.1953 to LOFFLER, Evelyn Carolina b 27.05.1924 d 06.02.1985 b 13.09.1928 d 21.01.1991 Richard b. and m. at Gisborne. Evelyn, d/o Harold Thomas Loffler and Kathleen Fitzgerald. Richard was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School. He worked in a bank for 20 years before becoming a farm manager at Gisborne.

)1> MACLEAN, Mark Haydon m on 21.10.1978 to GOOD, Jane Elizabeth b 22.12.1956 b 12.10.1956 Jane, d/o Kenneth Arthur Good and Muriel Dorrington. Address: 211 Fisher Parade, Farm Cove, Auckland. Mark is a farmer and Jane is a laboratory assistant.

Ol> MACLEAN. Paul Haydon b 17.01.1984

02> MACLEAN, Sarah Vyvten b 10.07.1985

02> MACLEAN. Donald Richard b 01.04.1959 Address: 120 Sheehan Street, Gisborne, Donald is a technician with Telecom.

03> MACLEAN, Judith Evelyn Marym on 02.04.1988 to BENNETT, Mark Ferguson b 27.05.1962 b 19.05.1957 Judith m. at the Church of St David and St Paul Church, Kaiti, Gisborne. Mark, s/o Robin Bennett and Janet Ferguson. Address: C/- Pharmacy 257, Main Road, Mount Maunganui. Judith is a pharmacist at Pharmacy 257, Mount Maunganui and Mark is a pharmacist at Cherry wood Pharmacy, Tauranga.

)1> BENNETT, Hugh Richard b 02.08.1992

)2> BENNETT, Guy Robin b 16.04.1995

03>'MACLEAN, Jean Elizabeth b 18.08.1925 Elizabeth b. at Gisborne. Address: 5 Gordon Avenue, Christchurch. Elizabeth was educated at Nga Tawa School. She was a Karitane nurse (1944-54) then a librarian with the National Library of New Zealand, driving one of their book vans around the South Island for ten years. She was a library adviser for the next 18 years, and also relieved on the library vans when necessary

until she retired in 1988. Elizabeth has a tin trunk containing family letters and memorabilia from the early 1800's plus a collection of historical photographs,



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. Wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Chnstopher Haydon ^MACLEAN, Christopher Nelson and BAIRD, Jesste Elizabeth (Betty) 10> MACLEAN, Christopher Nelson m on 20.12.1928 to BAIRD, Jesste Elizabeth (Betty) b 03.04.1897 d 18.09.1982 b 14.01.1903 d 24.09.1962 Nelson b. at Palmerston North and m. and d. at Wanganui and cremated. Elizabeth, d/o Dr William Stephen Baird and Jessie Davidson Gilmour, b. at Otautau, Southland, d. in London and cremated. There is a memorial plaque to both in the chapel of the Wanganui Collegiate School. Nelson was educated at Heretaunga School, Havelock North and Wanganui Collegiate School (1911-1916) where he learned the organ, edited the "Collegian" and was a Prefect. He taught at a preparatory school at Waihi in South Canterbury for a short period until he joined the NZFA and served in France as a gunner in WW1. Through the generosity of his uncle, James Nelson Williams, he went to Jesus College, Cambridge (MA) and Dijon University, France (Certificat d'Etudes Superieures de la Langue Prancaise). He was a schoolmaster at Cranbrook, England (1922-23) and Wanganui Collegiate School (1923-61). He was House Tutor then House Master ofSelwyn House (1932-46) and Second Master (1956-61). He was Senior History Master for 35 years, Librarian for 25 and Editor of the "Collegian" for 20. For many years he was in charge of rowing and also Careers Master. During WW2 he was

F/Lt commanding ATC (1942-45), Over the 20 years following Betty's death, when he lived with his daughter Helen, he maintained his interest in music, gardening, reading and travel, and continued an active association with the Collegiate School and the many friends he made there. He edited the Wanganui Collegiate School Register 1964 (4th edition) and was author of an autobiography, 'A Lifetime at School',

1982. Betty was educated at Columba College, Dunedin and Wanganui Girls' College and obtained her ATCL (singing). She took a Brownie Pack before her marriage, and later did Meals on Wheels. She was a full-time wife, mother and house-master's wife and nursed her mother for several years. She enjoyed caravan holidays with the family, and two overseas trips in later years. Her interests were dressmaking, knitting, crochet, reading and theatre-going.

)1> MACLEAN, Elizabeth Susan b 18.06.1932 Susan b. at Wanganui. Address: 9 Cedar Drive, Aramoho, Wanganui. Susan went to Wanganui Girls' College (1945-49) where she was Head Prefect and Dux. In 1949 she won an essay competition sponsored by the London Daily Mail and spent two months in England as one of two New Zealand representatives, attending schools and taking part in youth forums, along with young people from 12 other Commonwealth and European countries. From 1950 to 1953 she smdied history, political science and languages at Canterbury University

College. She was Head Student at Helen Connon Hall in 1953 and graduated (MA(Hons) in History in 1954. She attended Christchurch Teachers' College in 1954 then taught at Feilding Agricultural High School (1955-56), Wanganui Girls' College (1957-64) and Rangitikei College, Marton as Senior Mistress (1965-88), In Marton she was Teacher-Librarian and assisted with the annual drama productions. After retirement in 1988 Susan trained as a SPELD teacher to help young people with learning difficulties and was a committee member for several years. She also trained as a volunteer worker with the Citizens Advice Bureau and has been Chairperson since 1995. She is a committee member of Chamber Music Wanganui and President of the Wanganui Branch of the Federation of University Women. Her other interests include reading, gardening, cryptic crosswords, photography and travel. Since 1985 she has been researching a book on the church architecture of Frederick de Jersey Clere which she hopes to see published by the year 2000. To redress the emphasis on the Williamses and the Macleans, she has recently been studying the history of her mother's family.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Wm1am and NELSON, Jane

WILLIAMS, wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon ^MACLEAN. Christopher Nelson and BAIRD, Jesste Elizabeth (Betty) ^MACLEAN, Janet Beatrice and BISHOP, John Vincent

02> MACLEAN, Janet Beatrice m on 15.12.1965 to BISHOP, John Vincent b 19.02.1935 b 11.04.1930 Janet b. and m. at Wanganui. Vincent, s/o Frederic John Bishop and Mary Catherine Vincent, b. at Auckland, Address: 17 Parkes Avenue, St John's Hill, Wanganui. Janet was educated at Wanganui Girls' College (Prefect and Dux), Canterbury

College (MA(Hons) in English) and Christchurch Teachers' College, She taught at Linwood High School, Christchurch (1958-60) then lived in the United Kingdom and Europe for two years, teaching English for some months at Pitman's College, London. On her return to New Zealand she joined the staff of Wanganui Girls' College. She returned to Wanganui Girls' College on a part-time basis in 1975-76, when her children were of school age. In 1986 Janet retrained as a SPELD teacher so that she could help children with specific learning disabilities on a one-to-one basis, and on many occasions she has been a reader/writer for candidates needing such assistance during examinations. Her other interests include such handcrafts as basketry, rugmaking and needlepoint and embroidery, and she has recently tried her hand at producing books suitable for young grandchildren. She and Vincent share an interest in reading, cryptic crosswords and travel and they are both members of the Historic Places Trust. Over recent years they have travelled extensively in Australia and the UK with shorter visits to North America, Asia and Continental Europe. They have a collection of prints, posters and books acquired on these travels. For many years Janet was directly involved with life at Wanganui Collegiate School as a Housemaster's wife. In fact her connection with the school covers over half a century (1935-90), first as the daughter of a Housemaster and Second Master and then as the wife of a Housemaster and Second Master, and also as a parent of a pupil. For 27 of these years she lived in school houses: Selwyn (1935-46), Marris (1966-78) and the Second Master's residence (1988-90). Vincent was brought up on a farm in the King Country and was educated at Tuhua Primary School then at

King's College, Auckland, Auckland University College (BE(Hons), BSc) and Massey University (BA, DipSocSci(Dist)). He taught at King's College, Auckland, St Kentigern's College, Auckland, St Paul's Collegiate School, Hamilton then from 1962 to 1990 at Wanganui Collegiate School. There he was at various times, Head of Maths, Housemaster ofMarris (1964-78), CO of the School Cadet Corps (attaining the rank of Major and being awarded the CFM), a rugby referee, in charge of outdoor education, and Second Master (1988-90). He was awarded an Honours Tie by Wanganui Collegiate School in 1990. His interests include building and computing, tramping and camping, and clocks and cats. His garden produces a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to feed the family and friends all year round.

)1> BISHOP, Catherine Elizabeth m on 15.05.1993 to HOWLETT, N1ge1 John b 10.04.1967 b 11.01.1962 Catherine b. at Wanganui and m. at Goff's Oak, Herts, England. Nigel, s/o Sidney and Kathleen Hewlett, b. in England. Address: 5 Tixall Road, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 ORU, England. Catherine was educated at Wanganui High School (prefect and Dux), Victoria University, Wellington (BA in History and Mathematics, BA(Hons) in History) and Australian National University, Canberra (MA in History). She was both a Junior and Senior University Scholar and studied at Canberra on an ANU post-graduate scholarship. In 1983 she was a Rotary Exchange Student to Australia under the Twin-Exchange Scheme. She taught mathematics at Stowe School, UK in 1991-92 and she now works for Waterstone's Booksellers in Leamington Spa, Her interests include music, reading, gardening and travel.

Nigel was educated at Newcastle University and is a chartered civil engineer working in the railway sector in Britain. His interests include DFf, cooking and football.

)1> HOWLETT, Elizabeth Susan Bishop b 30.01.1997 Elizabeth b. at Solihull, England.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, William and NELSON, Jane

WILLIAMS W1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS Margaret Ellen and MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon

^MACLEAN, Christopher Nelson and BAIRD, Jesste Elizabeth (Betty) ^MACLEAN, Janet Beatrice and BISHOP, John Vincent ^BISHOP, John Brenchley and GYDE, Mtchelle Anne 02> BISHOP, John Brenchleym on 07.12.1991 to GYDE, Mlchelle Anne b 06.05.1968 b 04.02.1969 John b. at Wanganui and m. at New Plymouth. Michelle, d/o Dennis Graeme Gyde and Julie Phillipa Reynolds, b. at New Plymouth. Address: 3 Inlet Waters, Whitby, Wellington. John was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School and Victoria University, Wellington (BCA in Economics and Accountancy, ACA). He won the NZSOA Financial Accounting Prize in 1989. On leaving school in 1985 he was awarded a Post Office Bursary to study Economics and on graduating he worked for Telecom (NZ) as an economist. In 1990 he became an accountant with Trans Power in Wellington. In 1994 he was seconded to Georgia Power and Southern Company Services (Inc) in Atlanta, Georgia,

USA where he and Michelle lived for 18 months. They travelled widely in North America during that time and then spent three months travelling in Europe before returning to New Zealand. John was then appointed Assistant Treasurer ofTrans Power and in 1996 became Treasurer ofTrans Power, a job which involves some travel in USA, Asia, Europe, UK and Australia. He enjoys following all sport and is an active participant in golf, tennis and touch rugby.

Michelle was educated at New Plymouth Girls' High School and Victoria University of Wellington (BCA in Accountancy, ACA). In 1990 she became an accountant with ANZ Banking Group, and in 1993 was appointed Project Accountant with NZ Income Support Service. On returning to New Zealand she was appointed Finance Manager - Information Systems with NZ Income Support Service. In 1997 she left the paid workforce to start a family. She enjoys playing golf and doing cross-stitch.

il > BISHOP, Matthew James b 02.03.1997 Matthew b. at Lower Hutt.

03>'MACLEAN. Helen Mary b 28.03,1937 Helen b. at Wanganui. Address: 9 Cedar Drive, Aramoho, Wanganui. Helen was educated at Wanganui Girls' College where she was a Prefect and Dux. She was

awarded the Lissie Rathbone Scholarship (English and History) and the Helen Macmillan Brown Bursary to Helen Cannon Hall. She went on to graduate from Canterbury College with an MA(Hons) in English, and from Christchurch Teachers' College. She taught

English, French and Social Studies at Rangi Rum School, Christchurch (1960-61), then spent two years overseas travelling in the United Kingdom and Europe and teaching English for a few months at Pitman's Commercial College in London. She returned to Wanganui in 1964, taught for two years at Wanganui High School, then became Head of English at Wanganui Girls' College until 1978. In 1979 she passed her ACTL on the violin and became a Registered Music Teacher and since then she has taught the violin (and some viola, cello and double bass) both privately and at Wanganui Collegiate School, High School, Girls' College, St George's Prep School, and Saturday morning classes. She also plays in a string trio which entertains at functions. Since 1976 Helen has been the Regional Representative for World Vision and has visited some projects in Asia and Africa. She teaches Bible in Schools, served for some years on the vestry of Christ Church and takes the church choir. She is secretary of the Wanganui Branch of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers. Her other interests include gardening, travel, chamber music, the Schola Sacra Choir and family history.

04>'WILLIAMS, Edith Mary b 28.03.1859 d 03.10.1939 Edith b. at Waerenga-a-hika and d. at Napier.


7 8 9


Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude 05> WILLIAMS, Herbert Wmiamm on 27.09.1888 to MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude b 10.10.1860 d 06.12.1937 b 25.03.1867 d 08.01.1957 ;j Herbert b. at Waerenga-a-hika and d. and bd. at Napier. Bertha, d/o S L Mason, b. at Edinburgh, Scotland and d. and bd. at Gisborne. Herbert was educated at Church of England Grammar School, Parnell; Grammar School, Napier; Christ's College (1874-78, Head of School, Senior Somes Scholar, captain of

1st XV, University Scholarship). After graduating BA in New Zealand (1880) he studied at Jesus College, Cambridge (BA 1884, MA 1886). He was assistant master at Haileybury College, Herts (1885-86), tutor at West Wratting Park, Cambridge (1886-88) and was ordained priest in 1888. Back in New Zealand he became tutor at Te Rau, the Maori theological college, Gisborne (1889-94) and Principal (1884-92). Herbert was superintendent of the Maori Mission for the East Coast Region (1902-29), Archdeacon of

Waiapu (1907-29) and in 1930 became the sixth Bishop ofWaiapu. Herbert was a member of the General Synod (1904-) and of the Board of Theological Studies (1910-). He was editor of the important 5th Edition of the "Dictionary of the Maori Language" (refer also entry for

William Leonard Williams) and produced a revised Maori translation of the Bible published about 1924. His other publications include "Greek in Type", "Ministry of Healing" and "Bibliography of Printed Maori to 1900", 1924, and its supplement to 1928. For these works he received honorary doctorates from the University of New Zealand and Cambridge University.

He was also president of the Polynesian Society (1929), president of the Royal Society of New Zealand (1935) and a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute. He received the King's Jubilee Medal in 1935.

§ Ruangarehu Comprising 1,721 ha of East Coast hill country, "Ruangarehu" is situated 20 km inland from Te Puia Springs and was originally part of the "Waipiro" block. It has been farmed by three generations of the family since it was surveyed as a separate property in 1920. "Ruangarehu" was acquired by Archdeacon Herbert William Williams in 1920 and leased to his two eldest sons, Denys William Wanklyn Williams and Quentin Williams who ran it as a partnership. In 1925 a private company, Ruangarehu Company Ltd, was formed to farm the property. The original shareholders were the seven children of H W Williams and the property was managed for the company by Denys Williams. At the same time the Ruangarehu Company bought "Mangatai", a 506 ha hill country property near Whatatutu. This was managed by Quentin Williams. "Mangatai" was the homestead block of a large property known as "Mangataikopua" owned by Bishop William Leonard Williams. The property having been cut up during WW1, "Mangatai" was sold to William Martyn Williams and his family in 1975 and farmed as a partnership. Martya's

death in 1984 led to the family selling the property in 1989. In 1952 Quentin sold his shares in Ruangarehu Co Ltd to his 16 nieces and nephews. Upon his retirement in 1955, Denys passed on the management of the farm to his second son, Adrian Herbert Williams. During the following years the children ofDenys bought the Ruangarehu Company shares from the other family members. A

partnership comprising Adrian and his two sisters, Christine Louise (Kirsty) Burbury (nec Williams) and Margaret Anne (Peggy) Krogh (nec Williams) bought the farm from the Company in 1975. The Company retained the ownership of the stock until selling to the partnership in 1990, when the Company was wound up. In the same year another farm was purchased. This was "Highland" station, a 898 ha hill country farm, originally part of "Tahora" station near Wharekopai in the Matawai district. Adrian retired in 1991 leaving his eldest son, Mark Busby Williams, to manage "Ruangarehu" with his other son, Guy Leonard Williams managing "Highland". station. The partners were then Adrian, his wife, Anne, and his two sons, Mark and Guy. Following the sale of "Diungia" station (the neighbouring property) to forestry, and the closure of the local school, it was decided to sell "Ruangarehu" station. An agreement was reached in July 1996 to sell to Ernslow One Ltd, a Malaysian forestry company, and the new owners of "Ihungia" station. As part of the agreement. Mark is to graze the property until May 1999 when it will be planted in Radiata pine. So, about one hundred years after it was cleared of forest and scrub for pastoral farming, the land will once again be covered in trees. With the completion of the sale, the partnership between Adrian and Anne and their two sons, Mark and Guy, was wound up in February 1997. Guy and his wife Rebecca took over the ownership of "Highland" station while Mark and his wife Angela will farm "Ruangarehu" until it is planted.

123456789 554


of WILLIAMS, 1 11111am and NELSON, Jane

WILLIAMS, W1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude

01> WILLIAMS, Zoe b 30.10.1889 d 18.02.1962 Zoe b. and d. at Gisborne. Because of her mother's ill health, Zoe took over the management of her parents' household, particularly at Bishop's Court, Napier, in the period from 1929 to 1937. She was housekeeper for her brother Quentin at "Mangatai" station (1937-45) and then lived in Gisborne. She was an accomplished needlewoman and a much respected aunt to the younger members of the family.

02> WILLIAMS, Ursula b 15.05.1891 d 19.06.1960 Ursula b. at Gisborne, d. at Porirua and bd. at Wellington. Ursula was educated at Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland, and was a VAD at Trentham Military Hospital after WW1. She worked as an aide at maternity hospitals in Hawkes Bay and lived at "Mangatai" station from 1937 to 1945. In her later years she lived in Gisborne and followed her interest in gardening. For many years she was a member of the Poverty Bay Gardening Circle.

03> WILLIAMS, Vera m on 27.04.1926 to SEWELL, Taare Wameford (Rua) b 19.05.1893 d 28.07.1984 b 27.04.1901 d 21.09.1956 Vera b. and d. at Gisborne. Vera and Taare both bd. at Taruheru Cemetery, Gisborne. Vera was educated at Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland, where she developed her artistic talents, particularly in sketching and water-colour painting. She was a VAD at Trentham Military Hospital after WW1. In her later years she was a keen walker, and won prizes at the Poverty Bay A&P Show for her tapestry. Rua was educated at Palmerston North Boys' High School. He worked as shepherd on "Ruangarehu" station, "Puketoro" station and "Mangatai" station. In 1928 he purchased the 50 acre property, "Whaiti" at Patutahi where he became a dairy farmer and pig breeder. He was a member of the Pig Industry Council, chairman of the Patutahi School Committee, a member of the Cook County Council and on the Board of Governors of the Gisborne High School.

)1> SEWELL, Mane Vera m on 02.02.195210 BARKER, George Temple b 10.01.1927 d 19.04.1980 b 22.07.1924 Marie b. at Gisborne. Address: 150 Landing Road, Kerikeri. Marie was educated at Gisborne High School and was a school dental nurse. George was educated at Christ's College, Christchurch, and was a sheep farmer in Canterbury, Otago and Taranaki.

)1> BARKER, Ntcola Temple m on **. 06.1978 to McLAUGHLIN, Avon b 16.12.1952 b **.**.**** Address: Deep Creek Road, RD 1, Reparoa. Nicola is a physical education teacher and Avon (BAgCom) is a farm consultant.

)1> McLAUGHLIN, Benjamin b 22.06.1981

02> McLAUGHLIN. Amy Mane b 05.11.1983

03> McLAUGHLIN, Hamtsh b 06.12.1984



Descendants of WILLIAMS, N1111 am and NELSON. Jane WILLIAMS. Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, Vera and SEWELL, Taare Warneford (Rua) ^SEWELL, Mane Vera and BARKER, George Temple 02> BARKER, Shona Temple b 25.01.1954 Address: 9/46 Beach Road, Bondi Beach 2026, NSW, Australia. Shona is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and works in Sydney.

il > BARKER, Gabnel Zach b 16.04.1980

03> BARKER, Paul Arthur Temple b 26.08.1958 Address: 108 Purchas Street, StAlbans, Christchurch.

> BARKER. Oliver b 01.06.1993

04> BARKER, Lucy Temple m on 19.12.1985 to BELLA. Mohammed b 26.05.1960 b 21.05.1959 Lucy b. at Mosgiel and m. at Casablanca, Morocco. Mohammed b. at Essaouira, Morocco. Address: 1/48 Beach Road, Bondi Beach 2026, NSW, Australia. Lucy graduated BA from Canterbury University in 1983 and is now office manager for a large medical centre in Sydney.

)1> BELLA, Allya b 18.03.1988

)2> BELLA. Soumla b 15.11.1989

02>'SEWELL, Kay William Warnefordm on 10,05.1958 to ATKIN, Janet Ellen b 28.09.1928 d 17.11.1989 b 17.04.1930 Kay b., m. and d. at Gisborne and bd. at Taruheru Cemetery, Gisborne. Janet, d/o John Atkin and Janet Barbour, b. at Gisborne. Address: 592 Wharekopae Road, RD 2, Gisborne. Kay was educated at Patutahi School, Dilworth School, Auckland, and Gisborne

High School. He started work about 1946 with the Ministry of Works in Wellington as an engineering cadet and in 1950 he returned to work on the family farm before going to Australia in 1952. There he worked in Moss Vale, NSW, initially on a dairy farm and then in the cement works. In 1955 he returned from Australia, working briefly for a local builder before working once again on the family property. He took over management of the farm in 1956 following his father's death, finally purchasing the property in 1962. After his father's death he sold off the dairy cows to concentrate on pig breeding and cropping, which he continued to pursue until semi-retirement in 1983, when he sold off the pigs. He was a member of the Pork Industry Council (1969-82) and was chairman for six years. During the period 1950-60 he won many awards in the Pork and Bacon Competitions at both local and national levels. Kay was a keen sportsman and represented Poverty Bay at both cricket and soccer, finally retiring from competitive club soccer just before his 40th birthday. In his later years he was a cricket umpire for the Poverty Bay Cricket Association. He was also a member of the Patutahi School Committee and at the time of his death was also on the committee ofTe Wiremu House Retirement Home.

Janet was educated at Ormond Primary School and Te Karaka District High School and briefly at Napier Girls' High School following the sudden death of both her parents. In 1946 she started work for The Acetone Illuminating and Welding Co Ltd but after the company's relocation to Petone she remained in (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Herbert Will 1am and MASON. Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, Vera and SEWELL, Taare Warneford (Rua) ^SEWELL, Kay Wm 1am Wameford and ATKIN, Janet Ellen SEUELL, Kay uniiam Uarneford and ATKIN, Janet Ellen (cont...) Napier and worked as a law clerk. During her time in Napier she was involved with the Presbyterian Sunday School, played netball (captaining a team which won the B grade competition), badminton, tennis and softball, and was a member of the Napier Sailing Club. In 1953 she returned to Gisborne, continuing to work as a law clerk. Following her marriage, Janet took up an active interest in gardening (especially vegetables) and was involved in the Patutahi Parent Teacher Association. She is now enjoying her retirement years and is a keen member of the Gisborne Horticultural Society, the Gisborne Garden Club, the Gisborne Canoe and Tramping Club, and Sport Eastland's 50s Forward Group.

)1> SEWELL, Grant Kay b 27.09.1962 Grant b. at Gisborne. Address: 592 Wharekopae Road, RD 2, Gisborne. Grant was educated at Patutahi Primary School and Gisborne Boys' High School, graduated BAgSc from Massey University then worked in Hamilton for Winstone Ltd in 1985-86. He moved to Sydney and for two years was involved in the construction of several irrigation systems, including Bicentennial Park (Homebush Bay) and the Sydney Football Stadium. He then worked as a sales engineer for Toro Australia Pty Ltd, mostly involved with golf courses, until his return to New Zealand in 1992. Since then he has been involved in the refurbishment of the family home and farm (Whaiti), overseas travel (South East Asia, United Kingdom, Austria, South Africa and Ireland), and a brief stint back in Sydney as a consultant for an engineering services company (involved with the Sydney 2000 Olympic site). Grant enjoys skiing, squash, scuba diving, hunting and fishing.

02> SEWELL. HHIary Janet b 20.11.1964 Hillary b. at Gisborne. Address: 1 Firth Road, Grey Lynn (PO Box 109371, Newmarket), Auckland. Hillary received her primary and secondary education in Gisborne. In 1983 she moved to Auckland and attended Auckland University. She graduated BA in Archaeology and Ancient History and also gained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing. She has worked in various marketing management roles with several companies and has now set up her own marketing consultancy company.

03> SEWELL, Dtnah Eketuranga m on 21.05.1955 to DUGDALE. Alan Ellls b 10.10.1929 b 29.03.1930 Dinah b. at Gisborne and m. at Holy Trinity Church, Gisborne. Alan, s/o John Ellis Dugdale and Mary Whiteley. Dinah's birthdate was the birthday of her grandfather and also the day of his consecration as a Bishop. She was given her Maori name as a tribute to the family from the Maori people. Address: 71 McCaul Street, Taringa 4068, Brisbane, Australia. Dinah attended Gisborne High School and has a Diploma in Medical Technology, 1953. She is a member of the Queensland Embroiderers' Guild. Alan was educated at Timaru Boys' High School and Otago University. He was a Medical Officer in the

British Colonial Service in Fiji (1955-57) then graduated MRACP (1958) and MD (Otago, 1960). He was Medical Officer at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Perth, Western Australia (1960-63);

Lecturer in Child Health at the University of Queensland (1963-67); Professor of Paediatrics at the University ofMalaya (1967-72); Associate Professor of Child Health at the University of Queensland (1972-91). He received the awards Damk Paduka Makhota and Johan Setia di-Raja in Malaysia.

6l> DUGDALE, Melamem on 11.11.1995 to WARK, La1th b 03.02.1957 b 29.01.1971 Melanie b. at Suva, Fiji. Address: 4/12 Dyne Street, Red Hill 4059, Qld, Australia. Melanie attended the International School, Kuala Lumpur, and Indooroopilly High School, Queensland.

Her further qualifications are: A Music Piano (Aust), B Electrical Engineering (Qld), M Electrical Engineering (Brunel), PhD (NSW) Microelectronics. She lectures in Data Communications at the (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Wnitam Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, Vera and SEWELL, Taare Wameford (Rua) ^SEWELL, Dtnah Eketuranga and DUGDALE, Alan EIHs ^DUGDALE, Met ante and WARK, Latth DUGDALE. Melame and MARK. Laith (cont...) Queensland University of Technology.

02> DUGDALE, Susan Mary b 14.12.1958 Susan b. at Dunedin. Address: 27 Giles Street, Alice Springs, NT, Australia. Susan attended Indooroopilly High School, Queensland, and has a B Architecture (RMIT) Victoria and BDesSt from University of Queensland. She is a registered architect and was a part-time lecturer at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She is now managing architect at the Tangentyere Council, Alice Springs.

03> DUGDALE, Brett EIHsm on 01.11.1997 to QUINN, Etmear b 24.03.1960 b 26.05.1964 Brett b. at Perth, Western Australia. Address: 10 Dunstan Street, Moorooka 4105, Qld, Australia, Brett attended Toowoomba Grammar School and Indooroopilly High School, Queensland, and is a telecommunications technician and an amateur motorbike racer.

14> DUGDALE, Megan Vera b 24.01.1963 Megan b. at Perth, Western Australia. Address: 71 McCaul Street, Taringa 4068, Qlnd, Australia.

Megan attended Indooroopilly High School, Queensland and has a B Applied Science (Built Environment) and a BArch (QUT). She is an architect/project manager with Austotel, Sydney.

4> SEWELL, Bernard Malcolm

on 04.oi.i958 to GARDINER. Lexia Merle b 22.12.1929

b 09.04.1932 d 18.12.1981

d 17.07.1995

Bernard b. at Gisborne and m. at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Gisborne. Merle, d/o Reginald Keith Gardiner and Florence Madeline Witty. Both cremated and ashes lodged at the Taranaki Crematorium, Bernard was educated at Dilworth School, Auckland and Gisborne High School. He was a dairy farmer in Taranaki, starting off on the demonstration farm at Midhurst before buying a farm at Omata. In 1988 he moved to New Plymouth and worked for the New Plymouth Electricity Department as a draftsman. He was an elder of the Presbyterian Church. He was also a keen actor in amateur theatricals and a past-president of the Little Theatre Society in New Plymouth. Merie was a primary school teacher at Gisborne and New Plymouth. She grew up in Oamaru and attended Waitaki Girls' High School before completing her schooling at Gisborne and teacher training at Wellington. She set up a branch of Counterstroke in New Plymouth in the mid 1980s, along with a library in her then local church, St Andrew's, New Plymouth. Her other interests were piano playing, oil and watercolour painting, gardening and reading.

)1> SEWELL, Kenneth Malcolm m on 24.10.1987 to BROSNAN, Judith Anne b 30.12.1958 b 19.11.1961 Kenneth b. at Stratford and m. at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, New Plymouth. Judith b. at Dannevirke. Address: 74 Cumberland Street, New Plymouth. Kenneth is salesperson and Judith was a factory hand before marriage. Kenneth participated in a Youth Exchange to Japan. Kenneth now works at Toops Wholesale and at Pizza Hut. Judith looks after Barnados children.

)1> SEWELL, Alexander James b 04,12,1990 Alexander b. at New Plymouth.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. Wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS. Vera and SEWELL, Taare Warneford (Rua) ^SEWELL, Bernard Malcolm and GARDINER, Lexta Merte ^SEWELL, Kenneth Malcolm and BROSNAN, Judith Anne 02> SEWELL, Benjamin Mark b 06.06.1993 Benjamin b. at New Plymouth.

02> SEWELL, Graham Bernard m on 12.04.1990 to FRASER, Ngaira Jayne b 14.10.1960 b 11.04.1961 Graham b, at New Plymouth and m. at St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Oamaru. Ngaira, d/o William James (Bill) Fraser and Patricia Wilma Schriffer, b. at Invercargill. Address: 278 Whiterocks Road, Weston, Oamaru.

Graham attended Spotswood College, New Plymouth, and Victoria University (BA in History). He started as a filing clerk with the New Plymouth City Council then became Committee Administration Officer. In 1987 he was appointed Deputy Town Clerk for the Oamaru Borough Council and became Acting Town Clerk in 1989. Upon Local Government reorganisation in 1989 he was appointed Community Services Manager for the Waitaki District Council. He is presently completing the requirements to obtain a Master of Public Policy degree from Victoria University. A keen comet player, Graham played for the New Plymouth City Band, the St Kilda Band, Dunedin, and the Oamaru Garrison. He has also played trumpet for various operatic productions. He is the original secretary of the Oamaru Whitestone Civic Trust and the Waitaki Development Board. His other interests include swimming, tennis and gardening. Ngaira was educated at the James Hargest High School, Invercargill, Waitaki Girls' High School, Oamaru (Head Girl, 1979), and Otago University CBCom in Marketing). She worked at various offices in Dunedin before taking up secondary teaching in 1987. In the early 1990s she taught at the Oamaru campus of the Otago Polytechnic. She is a keen craftsperson and a member of the Oamaru and Otago Patchworkers Guild. Other interests include gardening and hockey.

)1> SEWELL, Lucy Jayne b 30.04.1992

02> SEWELL, Fraser Bernard b 30.10.1994

)3> SEWELL. Marion Ruth b 13.04.1965 Marion b. at Hawera. Address: 1 Firth Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland. Marion attended Massey University and graduated BBS in Accountancy in 1986. She was admitted ACA in


05> SEWELL, 01ga Helen b 23.07.1934 d 03.08.1934 Olga b. and d. at Gisborne.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, Denys WHI 1am Wanklyn and THOMSON, Margaret Ann 04> WILLIAMS, Denys Unitam Wanklynm on 11.12.1925 to THOMSON, Margaret Ann b 01.10.1894 d 11.03.1975 b 07.03.1890 d 28.03.1983 Denys b. at Gisborne, m. at Tokomaru Bay and d. at Napier and bd. at Tokomaru Bay. Margaret b. at Alloa, Scotland, d. at Gisborne and bd. at Tokomaru Bay, Denys was a sheepfarmer on "Ruangarehu" station, Tokomaru Bay, a company director and local body member. He was educated at Heretaunga School, Hastings, and

Wanganui Collegiate School. During WW1 he served in the 9th Wellington Mounted Rifles, 1st NZEF and fought at Gallipoli. Denys was chairman ofRuangarehu Ltd and a director of the Gisborne Sheepfarmers Mercantile Company and the Gisborne Sheepfarmers Freezing Company Ltd. He served on the Waiapu County Council (1929-62, chairman 1932-60), the No 4 District

Highways Council (1932-75); the Tokomaru Harbour Board (1929-62, deputy chairman 1934-44); the Poverty Bay Power Board (1944-50); the Poverty Bay Catchment Board (1945-50); and the Te Puia Domain Board (chairman 1932-60). He was on the executive of the Gisborne East Coast Regional Planning Council and was a member of the Soil Conservation Council and the New Zealand Counties Association (1954-62). In 1953 he was awarded the Coronation medal and received the OBE in 1961.

WILLIAMS, WmiamMartynm on ii.oi.i963 to WALLIS, Kathleen Mary b 24.09.1927 d 04.06.1984 b 14.11.1941 Martyn b. at Gisborne and m. at the Manutuke Anglican Church. Kathleen, d/o Frederick Edgar Bruce Wallis and Maida Grace Saunders, b. at Gisborne. Address: PO Box 1225, Nelson. Martyn was educated at Dilworth School, Auckland, and trained for farming at Flock House, Bulls. He gained farming experience in England (1952-57) and returned to take over the management of "Mangatai" Station, Whatatutu, Gisborne, where he remained until his death. Kathleen was educated at Patutahi Primary School and Gisborne Girls' High School. After Martyn's death she continued with "Mangatai" until the sale of the property in 1989. She then studied at the Bible College of New Zealand in 1992-94 (3yr Dip Ministries). She was deaconed at All Saints Church, Nelson, on 12 February, 1995 and priested at Christ Church Cathedral, Nelson, on 02 May, 1995. She served as assistant priest at All Saints, Nelson in 1995-97 and is presently priest in charge at Golden Bay Parish.

)1> WILLIAMS, William Andrew m on 16.03.1991 to SEWELL, Ph111ppa Blackwood b 12.08.1964 b 29.03.1963 Andrew b. at Gisborne and m. at the Oratia Combined Church, Oratia, Auckland. Address: PO Box 459, Taupp. Andrew was educated at Whatatutu School, Waikohu College and Edmond Campion College, Gisborne. to 1981 he completed a course at Flock House Farm Training Institute and won a scholarship to Brooksby Agricultural College, Leicestershire, England, which he took up in 1982-83. In 1984 he returned to New Zealand and worked in both stock and horticultural farming until 1992. In 1993 Andrew and

Philippa left Auckland and moved to Taupo, where they established and opened a sporting goods retail outlet. Andrew is a keen hunter and sportsman. Philippa lived in Rotorua where she completed her primary education at Malfroy Primary School. She then moved to Auckland and completed her secondary education at Green Bay High School. At school she was a keen and successful sportswoman, holding various athletic and long-distance running titles and since school, has been a representative badminton player. She graduated as an Enrolled Nurse in 1981 and then as a Registered Comprehensive Nurse in 1991 and has many years of nursing experience.

01> WILLIAMS. Jessica Amy b 23.03.1992 Jessica b. at Auckland.

02> WILLIAMS, Soma-Rae b 04.09.1994 Sonia-Rae b. at Auckland.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS W1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS Denys Will 1am Wanklyn and THOMSON, Margaret Ann WILLIAMS W1111am Martyn and WALLIS, Kathleen Mary WILLIAMS, Will 1am Andrew and SEWELL, PhlHppa Blackwood 03> WILLIAMS, Fraser Andrew b 01.03.1996 Fraser b. at Auckland.

02> WILLIAMS. Geoffrey Martyn b 08.09.1966 Geoffrey b. at Gisborne. Address: University Chemical Lab, Lendsfield Road, Cambridge CB2 1EW, England. Geoffrey received his early education at Whatatutu School (Dux 1977). He then attended Edmond Campion College, Gisborne, and Wanganui Collegiate School (Grey, 1980-84). In 1988 he graduated BSc(Hons) in Chemistry from Massey University and, on being granted a Vice-chancellor's Study Award, continued with postgraduate study at Massey. In 1988 he was awarded a scholarship from the Australian National University which enabled him to undertake research there for a short period. In 1990 he received a Royal Society (NZ) Young Scientist's Award for travel in Australia. In January 1992 he completed a Doctorate of Philosophy in chemistry and has since accepted a postdoctoral fellowship to undertake research in the Organic Chemistry Department at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Geoffrey is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry and has published a number of papers in various international chemistry journals. During his time at Massey Geoffrey was faculty representative to the Doctoral Research Committee and chairman of the Chess Club. He completed the silver grade of the New Zealand Federation of Dance Teachers and took an active interest in road cycling and tramping.

03> WILLIAMS, Jennifer Robyn b 15.09.1967 Jennifer b. at Gisborne. Address; C/- ASB Bank Auckland Branch, PO Box 35, Auckland 1015. Jennifer attended lona College from 1981 to 1984. During 1985-89 she was employed by the Westpac Banking Corporation. In 1990 she undertook training at the Joyce Blok School of Beauty Therapy and Electrology, Auckland and qualified as a therapist. She then established a clinic associated with La Rouge Perfumery in Rotorua. She left Rotorua in 1992 and travelled overseas for a year. She is now an account manager with ASB Bank in Auckland.

(!)2> WILLIAMS, Chnsttne Louise m on 24.05.1951 to BURBURY, Duncan Edward


b 02.09.1928 b 11.05.1914 d 26.11.1988 Christine b. at Gisborne and m. at Tokomaru Bay. Duncan, s/o Edward Percy Harold Burbury and Amy Leslie Rutherford, b. at Christchurch, d. at Taradale, cremated and ashes bd. atHavelock North. Address: 5 Simla Avenue, Havelock North. Kirsty was educated by Correspondence School and at Woodford House. She trained as a Karitane nurse. After marriage she became involved in community work and at varying times served on school committees, Waiapu House for the Elderly (committee), Community Arts Council (secretary), Musica Viva (secretary) and Association ofNZ Embroiderer's Guilds (regional representative). She served on St Luke's Church vestry, taught Sunday school and Bible in schools, was secretary to Family Fellowship and leader of the Missionary Guild in the parish. She is currently an accredited visitor for Age Concern. She is a foundation member and past president of the Hawkes Bay Embroiderer's Guild and has been made a life member. She tutors at workshops for Embroidery Guilds throughout New Zealand. She enjoys travel, tramping and reading. Duncan was an orchardist. He served in the airforce in WW2.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, Denys WHI 1am Wanklyn and THOMSON, Margaret Ann WILLIAMS, Chnsttne Louise (Ktrsty) and BURBURY, Duncan Edward ^BURBURY, Helen Chnsttne Eleanor and WILDING, Edwyn Peter 01> BURBURY, Helen Christine m on 10.07.1990 to WILDING, Edwyn Peter Eleanor b 04.09.1952 b 15.05.1930 Helen b. at Hastings and m. at Christchurch. Peter, s/o Edwyn Arnold Fraser Wilding (ofTe Manaia, Parnassus, North Canterbury) and Esther Victoria Armstrong (ofAkitio, Dannevirke). Address: Lake Hayes, RD 1, Queenstown. Helen is a secretary and prior to marriage was Executive Assistant in Washington DC to Dr Omar Zawawi, KCMG, Special Advisor to the Sultan, Muscat, Oman. Peter farmed at Wilanda Downs, Ohai, Southland. He was a member of the Wallace County Council

(1962-89), Chairman (1973-76 and 1986-89); member of the Southland United Council (1981-89), Chairman (1986-89); member of the Southland Regional Development Council (1973-89), Chairman (1973-82); an inaugural member of the New Zealand Planning Council (1977-80). He is a director of the Alliance Freezing Co (1973-91). Peter is a Justice of the Peace and has been awarded the OBE.

02> BURBURY, Ntgel Duncan m on 17.12.1977 to STAINER, Jacqueltne b 22.05.1953 b 12.03.1954 Nigel b. and m. at Hastings. Jacqueline, d/o Patrick Stainer and Anita Missen, b, at Dunedin. Address: "Te Hapua", Moore Road, RD 2, Hastings. Nigel and Jacqueline are orchardists, producing peaches and pears for canning and apples for export. Together with their five children, they enjoy a large garden in the picturesque Tukituki Valley. Jacqueline works part-time as an activities coordinator with the elderly. They both enjoy tennis, running, gardening and small scale wine making.

)1> BURBURY, Caleb Denys b 22.05.1980 Caleb b. at Hastings.

02> BURBURY. Zoe Louise b 05.01.1982 Zoe b. at Hastings.

03> BURBURY, Joseph Will 1am b 02.01.1984 Joseph b. at Hastings.

04> BURBURY, Seth Patnck b 22.11.1985 Sethb. at Hastings.

05> BURBURY, Keztah Grace b 16.10.1987 Keziah b. at Hastings.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS W1111am Leonard and WANKLYN. Sarah WILLIAMS Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Berfcha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS Denys Will 1am Wanklyn and THOMSON, Margaret Ann WILLIAMS Chnstine Louise (Ktrsty) and BURBURY, Duncan Edward ^BURBURY, Kathleen Mary (Kate) and HOLDEN, Warren Lyatt 03> BURBURY, Kathleen Mary (Kate) m on 23.03.1985 to HOLDEN. Warren Lyall b 04.09.1955 b 30.07.1946 Kathleen b. at Hastings and m. at Havelock North. Warren, s/o Sidney Eric Holden and Elsie Rountree. Address: 892 Park Road South, Hastings. Kate was educated at Queenswood Rudolf Steiner School in Hastings and St

Mary's School in Stratford and graduated BA and DipTchg from Victoria University and the Wellington College of Education. She is a primary school teacher and has worked for the Palmerston North College of Education as a lecturer and music advisor, and set up a keyboard music tuition programme in Hawkes Bay schools. She plays the violin in the Hawkes Bay Regional Orchestra and the Hastings Sinfonietta. Kate is president of the Hawkes Bay Regional Orchestra, vice-president of the Hawkes Bay Orchestral Society and a member of the Hawkes Bay Society for Music Education Committee. She has sat on the Hastings Hillary Commission and Creative New Zealand ftmding distribution committees. She is actively involved in promoting music education and is at present working on music programmes with the elderly and babies. Warren was educated in Foxton and is a trained sheetmetal engineer and presently works for the Hawkes Bay BIT as a horticultural technician. He is a keen sportsman and is involved in local tennis and cricket clubs.

> HOLDEN. Jack Sidney Duncan b 24.01.1998 Jack b. at Hastings. He was the youngest descendant to attend the 175th Williams Family Reunion in 1998, being three months old at the time.

04> BURBURY, Amy Margaret m on 24.10.1981 to McGLASHEN, Col1n b 29.08.1957 b 08.07.1953 Amy b. at Hastings and m. at Havelock North. Colin, s/o Donal James McGlashen and Gaie Hamill, b. atWhakatane. Address: 15 PO Box 85, Whakatane. Amy graduated as an occupational therapist (1977). She is currently working with primary school children who have special needs. Colin qualified in accountancy in 1977 and is now a business manager.

)1> McGLASHEN, John Richard b 13,03.1986 John b. at Whakatane.

02> McGLASHEN, Ham-ish Ralph b 19.10.1988 Hamish b. at Whakatane.

03>'WILLIAMS, Adrian Herbert m on 07.09.1957 to BUSBY, Elizabeth Anne b 10.05.1930 b 09.07.1936 Adrian b. and m. at Gisborne. Anne, d/o James Busby and Winifred Mary Cullwick, b. at Gisborne. Address: Nobhill, PO Box 3060, Gisborne. Adrian was educated at St George's School and Wanganui Collegiate School (1944-47). He farmed on "Ruangarehu" station at Tokomaru Bay from 1955 to 1990 then retired to Gisborne, He served on the Waiapu County Council from 1971 to 1989. Anne was a trained dental nurse.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Mm 1am and NELSON, Jane


Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah Herbert Wmiam and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude Denys Will 1am Wanklyn and THOMSON, Margaret Ann Adrian Herbert and BUSBY, Elizabeth Anne Mark Busby and FUNNELL, Angela Jane

01> WILLIAMS, Mark Busbym on 22.02.1991 to FUNNELL, Angela Jane b 05.03.1960 b 17.03.1964 Mark b. at Te Puia Springs and m. at Gisborne. Angela, d/o Neil Ralph Funnell and Stephanie Anne Forbes Orsler, b. at Gisborne. Address: Ruangarehu Station, RD 1, Tokomaru Bay.

Mark was educated at Hereworth School (1971-73) and Wanganui Collegiate School (1974-77). He gained a DipAg at Lincoln College in 1981 and a Certificate in Farm Management (NZ Trades Certification Board, 1987). In 1981 he was accepted on the Minnesota International Student-Trainee Agricultural Exchange Program through the University of Minnesota in the USA. That involved spending two years in America, living and working on farms in Minnesota, Montana, and Oregon, and also spending the 1981-82 winter quarter at the university as a student. In July 1986 he returned to Ruangarehu to help his father and took over management in 1990. Not having the resources to buy out the other family members, "Ruangarehu" was sold in September 1996 to forestry interests and Mark and Angela are currently grazing it until it gets planted in 2000. Angela was educated at Manutahi Primary School and Napier Girls' High School. In 1997 they purchased a house in Gisborne and moved there in 1998, nearer to a school and a kindergarten, to start educating their children.

L> WILLIAMS, Melante Anne b 16.02.1993 Melanie b. at Te Pda Springs. She attends Gisborne Central School.

02> WILLIAMS, Victoria Kathryn .b 09.02.1994 Victoria b. at Te Puia Springs. She attends Mangapapa Kindergarten.

2> WILLIAMS. Kathryn Anne b 29.10.1961 Kathryn b. at Te Puia Springs. Address: Unit 5 66 Taylor Road, Mount Albert, Auckland. Kathryn was educated at Woodford House (1974-78), Gisborne Technical Institute (1979, Cert in Sec Studies) and Central Institute of Technology (1980-82, Dip in Hotel and Catering Administration). She is currently working as an area manager for a contract catering company.

3> WILLIAMS, Guy Leonard m on 31.03.1990 to JAMES, Rebecca Susan b 14.09.1963 b 30.04.1965 Guy b. at Te Puia Springs and m. at Gisborne. Rebecca, d/o Thomas Brynley James and Margaret Rose Meredith, b, at Caerphilly, Wales. Address: "Highland" Station, Private Bag, Gisborne.

Guy was educated at Hereworth School (1972-75) and Wanganui Collegiate School (1976-81). After spending two years travelling overseas he returned to New Zealand and is now farming "Highland" station at Tahora, Gisborne. Rebecca has a BSc(Hons) in Estate Management and worked in property management in Cardiff, Wales before marriage.

)1> WILLIAMS, Hamet Rose b 17.11.1997 Harriet b. at Gisborne.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, Denys Will 1am Wanklyn and THOMSON. Margaret Ann WILLIAMS, Margaret Anne (Peggy) and KROGH, Sevenn Cal 04> WILLIAMS. Margaret Anne (Peggy) m on 13.07.1967 to KROGH, Sevenn Cal b 18,09.1931

b 14.08.1917

d 14.08.1997

Margaret b. at Gisborne and m. at Vancouver, Canada. Cal, s/o Severin C Krogh and Florence Hooper, b. at Los Angeles, California, USA and d. at Howick, Auckland. Address: 15 Galsworthy Place, Bucklands Beach, Auckland. Peggy was educated through the Correspondence School and at Woodford House. She travelled widely before marriage then lived and worked at Long Beach, California. Cal worked for Howard Hughes. He was a photographer in the US Air Force in the Pacific area during WW2. He later mined industrial diamonds in Guyana, the former British Guiana. He flew weather planes out of Panama and was an air traffic controller in Hawaii. Before retirement to New Zealand, he was a buyer of pharmaceuticals for Kaiser Hospital in Harbour City, California.

5> WILLIAMS, Ralph Wanklyn m on 26,07.1958 to McFADYEN, Margaret-Anne bl8.09.1931 bl0.01.193l Ralph b. at Gisborne and m. at Tauranga. Margaret-Anne, d/o Frank Alexander McFadyen and Agnes Florence Bayley Mclldowie, b. at Gisborne. Address: 13 Douglas Street, Gisborne. Ralph was educated at home by Correspondence School for six years then attended St George's School and Wanganui Collegiate School (1945-48). He farmed on "Ruangarehu" station, Te Puke, "Castle Point" station, Wairarapa and at Te Puia Springs before managing "Mangaroa" station near Tokomaru Bay. Margaret-Anne is a registered nurse.

§ Mangaroa Station This property was purchased in 1961 by brothers William Martyn Williams, Adrian Herbert Williams and Ralph Wanklyn Williams and farmed in partnership under the management of Ralph. In 1969 Martyn and Adrian were bought out and since 1986 Ralph and his son Graeme Denys Williams have been farming the property in partnership. "Mangaroa" station currently consists of 802 ha of freehold steep hill country. Maori leasehold land of 324 acres was freeholded in 1967 and a further 284 acres was freeholded in 1971. The station is situated on Waiau Road, approx 80 km north of Gisborne and carries 400 Angus breeding cows and 2800 Romney breeding ewes plus all replacements. Since 1961 more than 33,000 willow and poplar poles have been planted for erosion control.

']!> WILLIAMS, Leslie Ga11 m on 27.08,1982 to SAVORY, Peter John b 13.05,1960 b 18.09.1959 Leslie b. at Te Puia Springs and m. at Gisborne. Peter, s/o John Christopher Savory and Margaret Gillian Clarke, b. at Pahiatua. Address: 459 Gluepot Road, Oropi, RD 3, Tauranga. Leslie was educated at Tokomaru Bay Primary School and lona College. In 1978-81 she completed a Diploma in Teaching and a Bachelor of Education at Massey University then taught in Hawkes Bay and Christchurch before travelling overseas. On her return she worked as a computer operator for Databank Systems, and as a lending officer for the National Bank in Nelson. Peter was educated at Manawahe Primary School in the Bay of Plenty and at Nelson College. In 1979-81 he completed a Bachelor of Agriculture at Massey University. He then worked for Fruitfed Supplies Ltd for 11 years in Christchurch, Nelson, and Auckland as irrigation designer and market development manager. He is now working for Watkins/Yates as Territory Manager in the commercial nursery sector.

After spending four years in Auckland, Leslie and Peter moved to a lifestyle block at Pyes Pa, Tauranga, where Leslie is doing teacher aide work and voluntary work for special needs children. She is a member of the Board of Trustees for Oropi School.

)1> SAVORY, Kate Sarah b 12.06.1988 Kate b. at Nelson. She started school at Hobsonville Primary and is now at Oropi Primary School.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS W1111 am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS Herbert WHI 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS Denys Will 1am Wanklyn and THOMSON, Margaret Ann WILLIAMS Ralph Wanklyn and McFADYEN, Margaret-Anne WILLIAMS, Leslie GatF and SAVORY, Peter John 02> SAVORY, Samantha Jane b 24.02.1990 Samantha b. at Nelson. She is a student at Oropi Primary School.

03> SAVORY, Rebecca Charlotte b 26.08.1992 Rebecca b. at Auckland. She is a student at Oropi Primary School.

02> WILLIAMS, Graeme Denys m on 03.03.1990 to McKAY, Seann Florence b 26.10.1961 b 30.10.1960 Graeme b. at Te Puia Springs and m. at Havelock North. Seann, d/o William McKay and Alison Joyce Hogan, b. at Hastings. Address: Mangaroa Station, RD, Tokomaru Bay. Graeme was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School (1975-78, awarded a scholar's tie) and Flock House (1979). He gained a scholarship at Brooksby Agricultural College, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, where he passed the National Certificate in Agriculture with distinction. He returned to New Zealand in 1982 and mustered and shore in Matawhai and the Upper Rangitata Gorge high country before returning to farm at "Mangaroa" in partnership with his father in 1986, taking over the property in 1998. He obtained a Certificate in Farm Management in 1984 and published a book of poems, "Ribtickling Rhymes", in 1990. Graeme is a keen mountaineer - in 1995 he climbed Whanokao and Hikurangi on the same day and the following year he climbed Hikurangi, Wharekia and Aorangi on the same day. He climbed Mount Cook

via the Linda Glacier in 1997 and Ruapehu in 1998. Later in 1998 he joined Russell Brice's expedition to climb Mount Everest via the North Ridge in Tibet. Whilst Graeme was evacuated, the others in the party were successful in reaching the summit. Seann was educated at Te Mahia, Mangateretere and Parkvale Schools, Hastings Intermediate, Poringland School, Norwich, England (1969) and Karamu High School, Hastings. She worked for a year on dairy and sheep farms and trained racehorses at Te Puke, then attended Lincoln College to gain a Diploma in Horticulture. She attended Palmerston North Teachers' College (1981-84) and qualified as a primary school teacher. From 1985 to 1987 she worked in the feral deer and goat recovery industry, driving, farming and selling. She then taught at Flaxmere Intermediate, Whatatutu and Tolaga Bay. Her interests include painting, horses and breeding black angora goats.

)1> WILLIAMS, Anna Belle b 03.04.1991 Anna b. at Gisborne.

02> WILLIAMS, Amanda Lee b 08.11.1992 Amanda b. at Hamilton.

03> WILLIAMS, Tessa Rose b 21.11.1996 Tessa b. at Gisborne.

03> WILLIAMS, Judith Mary m on 15.07.1995 to MERWOOD, Robert David b 09.08.1965 b 29.03.1967 Judith b. at Te Puia Springs. Rob, s/o Vincent and Valerie Merwood, b. at Taihape. Address; 20 Trafalgar Street, Johnsonville, Wellington. Judith was educated at Tokomaru Bay Primary School and lona College, Havelock North. She was head ofMcNeil House in the 6th form, a member of the junior and senior netball teams, a member of the junior diving and trampoline clubs, and junior and senior singles and doubles tennis champion. (cont.,.)

1 2 3



Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, Denys W1111 am Wanklyn and THOMSON, Margaret Ann WILLIAMS, Ralph Wanklyn and McFADYEN, Margaret-Anne WILLIAMS, Judith Mary and MERWOOD, Robert David WILLIAMS, Judith Mary and MERWOOD, Robert David (cont...) During 1983-85 she completed a Diploma in Comprehensive Nursing at Taradale Community College. She worked at Waikato and Gisborne Hospitals before travelling overseas in 1987. She travelled between short term nursing contracts and returned to New Zealand in 1990. She completed further study and worked for a time as a medical representative for Lederle Laboratories. Rob was educated at Whangaehu, Wallingford and Punawaitai Primary Schools and St Patrick's College, Silverstream (1980-84). He started work with the Lands and Survey Department as a photogramatist then joined Colonial Mutual Life as a computer operator. After nine months living in New Caledonia, he returned to CML as a systems programmer. In 1991 he took a similar position with Comtex where he is now a computer consultant. In 1993 Judith and Rob went oversees again on a trip that included 7 Vi months travelling overland from Cairo to Capetown. Judith now enjoys walking, tramping, tennis, cuisine and renovating their

1910s villa.

L> MERWOOD, Isabelle Jane b 21.04.1997

05> WILLIAMS, Quenttnm on 27.11.1945 to PARK, Marion Tory b 10.03,1899 d 16.02.1973 b 24.07.1919 d 15.09.1989 Quentin b. and m. at Gisborne and d. at Morrinsville. Marion b. at Gisborne and d. at Morrinsville. Quentin was educated at Heretaunga School, Hastings, and Wanganui Collegiate School. He was a sheepfarmer and served on many local bodies. He was a rider and judge of horse events and a successful dog-trialist. He played tennis all his life and devoted much time to coaching. His other interests included gemstone jewellery, woodwork and metalwork and growing prize vegetables and flowers.

)1> WILLIAMS, Mary Jean m on i6.09.i967 to GALBREATH, Robin Scott b 11.09.1946 b 08.12.1935 d 30.06.1989 Mary b. at Gisborne and m. at Morrinsville. Robin, s/o George (Rob) Robertson and Dolce Elizabeth Spurdle, b. at Napier and d. and bd. at Te Puke. Address: 22 Gilmore Street, Te Puke. Mary is a kiwi fruit quality control grader and is studying extramurally at Massey University. She has a large collection ofcactii and is active in the NZ Cactus and Succulent Society. She is also interested in embroidery and repertory.

)1> GALBREATH, Helen Margaret b 24.12.1973 Margaret b. at Tauranga.

02> GALBREATH, Jennifer Mary b 25.08.1976 Jennifer b. at Te Puke.

02> WILLIAMS, Chnsttna Undsaym on i5.06.i968 to WADE, Michael Douglas Ferguson b 17.06.1948 b 18.05.1949 Christina b. at Gisborne and m. at Morrinsville. Divorced. Address: C/- N Z Post, Paengaroa, Te Puke. Christina has an International Correspondence School Diploma in Animal Care. At one time she was involved in the training and showing of pedigree dogs, especially Border Collies, and she still has two of these. She is also interested in horses and riding, farming, reading, writing and music.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane


W1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Berfcha Louisa Gertrude Quenttn and PARK, Marion Tory Chnsttna Undsay Ferguson and WADE, Michael Douglas

01> WADE, Geoffrey W1111 am b 05.01.1975 Geoffrey b. at Morrinsville.

03> WILLIAMS, Estelle Ruth

on 12.06.1976 to LELIEVELD, Adnanus Man'nus


b 16.12.1949

b **.**.1927

Ruth b. at Gisborne and m. at Morrinsville. Divorced and now known by her maiden name. Address: PO Box 261, Hamilton. Ruth attended Morrinsville College and graduated BA from Massey University. She worked for Telecom for a number of years and currently holds a position with OSH, a division of the Department of Labour. Her interests include reading, tapestries and home decorating.

06> WILLIAMS, Ntgel m on 01.02.1937 to CASTEL. Nora b 23.03.1901 d 25.07.1980 b 20.09.1902 d 27.06.1996 Nigel b. at Gisborne and m. at St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore, d. at Wellington, and interred at Waikanae. Nora, d/o William and Miriam Castel, b. at Sheffield, England, and d. and interred atWaikanae. Nigel was educated at Heretaunga School, Hastings, Wanganui Collegiate School (1914-18),

Canterbury University College CBA 1922) and Jesus College, Cambridge (BA 1925, MA 1928). He ^ was a foundation member of the Canterbury University College drama society and in the first plays produced by James Shelley. At Cambridge he was awarded his Half Blue for lacrosse. He was ordained deacon in 1926 by the Bishop ofWakefield and priested in 1927. He was curate of St Paul's, Birkenshaw

(1926-28); chaplain at Telok Anson, Malaysia (1928-30); Malacca, Malaya (1931-32); North Perak, Malaya (1934-36); assistant chaplain St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore (1930-31 and 1932-34); chaplain to the Public Hospital, Wanganui (1938-42); assistant chaplain to Wanganui Collegiate School (1942-44); Vicar of Marton (1945-51); Vicar of St Thomas', Wellington (1951-62); superintendent of the Chinese Mission (1954-59); chaplain to Porirua Hospital (1962-68); Honorary Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, Wellington (1961-68) and Canon emeritus (1968). During the tune he was in Wellington he served on the Diocesan Standing Committee and was Bishop's Commissary for the Bishop ofMelanesia. He also worked with the National Council of Churches Christmas Campaign Committee which was responsible for the introduction of Christmas stamps. He retired to Waikanae in 1968. Nigel served on the board of the Parklands Trust and on the committee organising the Williams Family Reunion in 1973. He compiled and published "The Williams Family in New Zealand, 1823-1973". Nora did her nursing training at West London Hospital and her midwifery training at Dundee, Scotland, and worked at Taiping, Malaya, in 1935-36. She was an honorary life member of the Wellington Branch of the National Council of Women and of the Wellington Embroiderers' Guild.

)1> WILLIAMS, Kathleen Shell a b 21.02.1939 Sheila b. at Wanganui. Address: 6/25 Madras Street, Wellington 4. Sheila was educated at Wellington Diocesan School for Girls, Nga Tawa, Marton, and Victoria University of Wellington (MA(2nd Class Rons)

in English, 1960). She gained a New Zealand Library School Diploma in 1960 and worked at the Alexander Turnbull Library (1961-79), the National Library of New Zealand (1979-90), Victoria University Library (1990 -) and was lecturing in the postgraduate library programme at Victoria University from 1993 to 1997. She was Honorary Secretary of the New Zealand Library Association (1975-82), a Fellow of the New Zealand Library Association (1985) and Assistant Editor of volumes 1 and 5 of "The New Zealand National Bibliography to the year I960".



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Herbert lAimiam and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, N1 gel and CASTEL, Nora 02> WILLIAMS, Pnsdlla Jane b 17.06.1940 Priscilla b. at Wanganui. Address: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Private Bag, Wellington. Priscilla was educated at St Stephen's School, Marton, Nga Tawa School, Marton and

Victoria University of Wellington (MA in History, 1963). She joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1961. She has held the positions of3rd/2nd Secretary at the New Zealand High Commission in Malaysia (1964-66); 1st Secretary at the New Zealand

Permanent Mission in New York (1969-74); Counsellor at the New Zealand Embassy to Thailand (1977-80); Head of Information Division, Wellington (1980-83); New Zealand High Commissioner to Tonga (1983-85) and Deputy High Commissioner, Australia (1986-89). From August 1989 until December 1992 she was New Zealand's High Commissioner to India with cross-accreditation as Ambassador to Nepal, High Commissioner to Bangladesh and responsibility for the relationship with Bhutan. On her return to New Zealand she was Director of the Environmental Division for two years, and then Director of the United Nations and

Commonwealth Division from the beginning of 1996 until April 1998. In May 1998 she took up the appointment of New Zealand Consul General for New South Wales and Queensland, resident in Sydney, Australia.

07> WILLIAMS, Herbert Meyricm on 20.12.1933 to PLUMMER, June b 07.01.1903 d 22.11.1983 b 03.04.1912 Meyric b. at Gisborne, m, at Tokomaru Bay and d. at Hastings. June, d/o Sidney James Plummer (b. in England) and Mary Alice Whitelaw (b. at Auckland). June b. at Auckland. Address: 56 Essex Street, Masterton. Meyric was educated at Heretaunga School, Hastings (1912-15) and Wanganui Collegiate School and was a farmer. He became an expert on trees and was a pioneer in the use of trees to stop soil erosion. He was a foundation member of the Hawkes Bay branch of the New Zealand Farm and Forestry Association and was made a life member. June was educated at Woodford House, Havelock North. During WW2 she was a signaller with the Women's War Service. She has had an active involvement with the Plunket Society.

)1> WILLIAMS, Warwick Rodney m on 05.03.1957 to HASSALL, Henare Jane Shearbum b 10.10.1934 b 25.05.1934 Warwick b. at Te Awamutu and m. at Woodford House. Henare b. at Hastings. Address: "Erinui", Mount Erin Road, RD 2, Hastings. Warwick was educated at Nelson College and is now an orchardist. Henare was educated at Woodford House,

)1> WILLIAMS, Hamtsh lAlarwick Hassall m on 11.02.1984 to (l)THOMAS, Bronwyn b




Hamish b. at Waipawa.

)1> WILLIAMS, Hamtsh Warwick m on 01.05.1993 to (2)DAVIES, Ph111ppa Jane


b 06.10.1958 b 12.01.1960 Address: "Pamber", Bowstridge Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire HP8 4KB, England. Hamish was educated at Nelson College and Massey University.

I)l> WILLIAMS, Hannah Lucy b 06.04.1994 Hannah b. at London.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Mm 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Herbert Wm1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, Herbert Meync and PLUMMER, June WILLIAMS, Warwick Rodney and HASSALL, Henare Jane Shearbum WILLIAMS, Hamtsh Warwick Hassalt and DAVIES, PhtHppa Jane 02> WILLIAMS, Katie Emma b 19.09.1995 Katie b. at London.

02> WILLIAMS. Rachael m on i9.oi.i985 to DICKERSON, Gregory b 12.09.1960 b 10.10.1960 Rachael b. at Waipawa and educated at Woodford House. Address: C/- W R Williams, Mount Erin Road, RD 2, Hastings.

L> DICKERSON, Alice Jane b 12.06.1989 Alice b. at London, England.

02> DICKERSON, Montque Anne b 15.09.1991 Monique b. at Singapore.

03> DICKERSON, HolHe Elizabeth Marjone b 04.02.1995 Hollie b. at Singapore.

03> WILLIAMS, Michael Warwick b 25.06.1962 Michael b. at Waipawa. Address: C/- W R Williams, Mount Erin Road, RD 2, Hastings. Michael was educated at Nelson College and is an orchardist.

04> WILLIAMS, Jeremy Warwick m on 07,01.1994 to LARKWORTHY, Mary Jane b 04.09.1964 b 25.09.1965 Jeremy b. at Waipawa. Address; 52 Reynolds Road, Havelock North. Jeremy was educated at Nelson College and is an orchardist.

)1> WILLIAMS, Sophie Ann b 28.01.1997 Sophie b. at Hastings.

02>'WILLIAMS, Cynthia m on 19.01.1957 to SMITH, Anthony Will 1am b 09.03.1937 b 26.09,1929 d 04.03.1995 Cynthia b. at Te Awamutu and m. at Omakere, Hawkes Bay. Anthony, s/o William Wilkinson Smith and Sybil Ida Walker, b. at Gisborne. Address: 91 Harley Street, Masterton. Cynthia and Anthony are retired farmers.

Ol> SMITH, Wendy June b 01.03.1958 Wendy b. at Gisborne. Address; llOb Victoria Street, Onehunga, Auckland.

02> SMITH, Simon Anthony m on to STEVENSON, Sara b 24.03.1960 b 13.06.1962 Simon b. at Gisborne. Sara, d/o Rick and Anne Stevenson, b. at Wellington. Address: 40 Dexter Avenue, Mount Eden, Auckland.

Simon was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School (1973-77) and Lincoln University (1979-81), (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS. W1111 am and NELSON, Jane

WILLIAMS, W1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Herbert Will 1am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, Herbert Meyric and PLUMMER, June WILLIAMS, Cynthia and SMITH, Anthony W1111 am ^SMITH, Simon Anthony and STEVENSON. Sara SMITH, Simon Anthony and STEVENSON, Sara (cont.,.) graduating BAgCom in 1982. He became a Registered Valuer in 1985 and now pursues a career in real estate in Auckland.


SMITH , Henn Will 1am b 30.11,


Henri b. at Auckland.


SMITH , George Michael b 13.06..1991 George b . at Auckland.


SMITH , Louis Stevenson b 27.12.,1993

03> SMITH, Anna Christine b 30.09.1962 Anna b. at Gisborne. Address: 30 Hornsey Road, Melrose, Auckland.

04> SMITH, AHster Meync Wmiamm on 16.10.1993 to REA, Maree Ann b 22.07.1965 b 16.06.1970 Alister b. at Gisborne and m. at Taihape. Maree, d/o James Robert Rea and Judith Ann Weir, b. at Taihape. Address: C/- Siberia Station, PB, Taihape.

)1> SMITH, Jarrad Will 1am b 12.08.1995

03>'WILLIAMS, Christopher Dan m on 30.09.1966 to SALMOND, Tessa Hope b 15.05.1940 b 17.02.1944 Dan b, at Te Awamutu and m. at St Simon Zelotes', Knightsbridge, London. Tessa, d/o lan Reid Salmond and Tune Roma Hope, b. at Auckland. Address; 235 Normandale Road, Lower Hutt. Dan was educated at Nelson College and Victoria University and is a partner in the Wellington office of the international accountancy firm ofDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Tessa was educated at Chilton Saint James School, Woodford House and Victoria University and has her BA

(1965) and BA(Hons) (1991-92). She is a trustee and teacher at the Wellington RudolfSteiner Kindergarten and also runs a small business called Anthroposophical Books,

)1> WILLIAMS, Camma June b 19.07.1969 Camilla b. at Upper Hutt. Address: 10 Davis Street, Wellington. Camilla was educated at Chilton Saint James School, Rudolf Steiner Schools in Wellington and Auckland, Woodford House and University of Canterbury where she graduated BA in 1990. She travelled overseas for several years and is currently working in Wellington at the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts. She is also running her own retail business and completing her MA at Victoria University.

02> WILLIAMS, Oliver Meyn'c b 19.05.1971 Oliver b. at Upper Hutt. He was educated at Wellington Rudolf Steiner School and Rathkeale College and attained his BBS from Massey University in 1992. He is currently working and travelling overseas.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, lAimiam and NELSON, Jane


, W1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah , Herbert N1111 am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude , Herbert Meync and PLUMMER, June

, Christopher Dan and SALMOND, Tessa Hope

03> WILLIAMS, Thomas Will 1am b 20.03.1976 Thomas b. at Upper Hutt. He attended Wellington Rudolf Steiner School and Rathkeale College and is currently studying towards his BComm at Lincoln University.

34> WILLIAMS, Christian Leonard b 09.09.1980 Christian b. at Silverstream. He attended Wellington Rudolf Steiner School and is now at Rathkeale College.

")5> WILLIAMS, Charlotte Hope b 21.02.1983 Charlotte b. at Silverstream. She attended Wellington Rudolf Steiner School and Wbodford House and is now at Wellington Girls' College.

04> WILLIAMS, Meganm on 30.03.1968 to PAYTON, Dermot Hurlston b 03.08.1944 b 19.02.1945 Megan b. at Waipawa and m. at St Luke's Church, Havelock North. Dermot, s/o Joseph James Payton and Rosalie Hallsey Bates, b. at Carterton. Address: Brookfield, RD 1, Masterton. Megan was educated at Omakere School and Woodford House, Havelock North, then graduated DipHSc from Otago University. She qualified as a dietitian in 1965. She worked as a dietitian at the Masterton Hospital in 1968-69 and 1979-81. After this she and Dermot were involved in farming Cashmere goats. Since 1988 Megan has been teaching at St Matthew's Collegiate in Masterton. She plays squash and tennis and enjoys gardening, tramping, sewing and working as an AFS volunteer. Dermot was educated at Hadlow Preparatory School and Wanganui Collegiate and has been a farmer and contractor all his life. He represented Central Districts in Shell Cup cricket for ten years, and later coached and managed the Central Districts Shell Senior XI. Since 1987 he has coached the Wanganui Collegiate 1st cricket XI. He has also represented the Wairarapa at cricket, rugby and badminton.

)1> PAYTON, Richard Wmiamm on 15.02.1997 to COWE, Melinda b 02.02.1970 b 13.10.1969 Richard b. at Masterton. Melinda, d/o David and Kay Cowe of Greytown. Address: 16 Wood Street, Greytown.

Richard was educated at Fernridge School, Hadlow Preparatory School and Wanganui Collegiate School. He has a keen interest in sport and has represented Wanganui (Junior) and Wairarapa at badminton. He also plays cricket and rugby. He is currently farming and contracting with his father at Brookfield. Melinda was educated at Kuranui College and graduated BA from Victoria University. She is currently completing a Teaching Diploma.

02> PAYTON, Emma Louise b 11.03.1972 Emma b. at Masterton. Address: 152a Calliope Road, Devonport, Auckland. Emma was educated at Fernridge School and St Matthew's Collegiate in Masterton. After leaving school, she went on an AFS exchange to Italy (1989-90) then completed a BA at Victoria University. After working overseas for several years, she is now employed by Sovereign Financial Services in Auckland.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, ^11111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Herbert N1111am and MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude WILLIAMS, Herbert Meync and PLUMMER. June WILLIAMS, Megan and PAYTON, Der-mot Hurtston 03> PAYTON, Lucy Jane b 10.10.1973 Lucy b. at Masterton. She was educated at Fernridge School and St Matthew's Collegiate School in Masterton then graduated BA and DipTchng from Victoria University and Wellington College of Education. She taught at Eastern Hutt School where she gained her registration. In 1991 Lucy travelled to Nepal with the Youth to Everest Programme. Currently she is living in London doing relief teaching and travelling wherever possible. Her interests include reading, embroidery, mountain hiking, tramping and computers.

06>'WILLIAMS, Agnes Man am on 10.12.1889 to GARDINER, Alien Francis b 21.07.1862 d 15.08.1921

b 15.02.1862 d 28.05.1912

Agnes b. at Waerenga-a-hika and d. at Napier. Alien, s/o Alien Weare Gardiner and Rose Lloyd, b. in England and d. at Oxford, England. Alien joined the Royal Navy and travelled around the world as a midshipman. He was invalided out and went to Pembroke College, Cambridge. Again, on account of ill-health, he came out to New Zealand to join the family who had migrated there. He was ordained a Deacon on 03 February 1889 by Edward Stuart, Bishop ofWaiapu, and a Priest on 09 March, 1890. He was Curate ofGisborne (country districts), 1889-93; Vicar ofWaipawa, 1893-98; Locum Tenens at Marton, 1898-99; and Vicar ofHavelock North, 1900-11.

)1> GARDINER, Alien Will 1am b 15.10.1890 d **.**.1913 Alien b. at Gisborne. He was head shepherd on "Te Aute" Station, Hawkes Bay where he died oftyphoid. He is bd. at Pukehou.

)2> GARDINER, George Falkland m on 04.03.1926 to HICKS, Gladys b 20.05.1892 d 20.02.1953 b 29.10.1894 d **.10.1978 Falkland b. at Gisborne and d. at Napier. Gladys b. at Ipswich, England and d. at Napier. Gladys has a daughter, Audrey Jane Bernau (b. 19.11,1916 in British Colombia, Canada). Falkland was a sheepfarmer, served in France in WW1 and was a public accountant in Napier until his death. He was secretary of the Henry and William Williams Memorial Trust for 25 years.

)1> GARDINER, JHI m on 11.12.1954 to DAVIES, Michael de la Cour b 26.05.1928 b 25.08.1923 Jill b, and m, at Napier, Michael, s/o Henry Cornwall Davies and Bertha Grace Matthews. Address: 17 Meeanee Road, Taradale. Jill is a registered nurse, enjoys embroidery and golf and is a Trustee of the Henry and William Williams Memorial Trust. Michael is a retired medical practitioner with interests in video and distillation technology.

)1> DAVIES, Peter Cornwall m on 28.02,1987 to YOUNG, Susan Gaye b 18.04.1956 b 08.11.1959 Peter b. at Wellington and m. at Christchurch. Susan, d/o Eric Wilson Young and Peggy Ethel Gluestein. Address: 3 Brighton Road, Whangarei. Peter is a commercial pilot of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters and is working for the Northern Emergency Services Trust on the rescue helicopter in Whangarei and Auckland. Sue is a secondary school and piano teacher,

L> DAVIES, Simon James b 20.04.1992 Simon b. at Aberdeen, Scotland.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. N1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Agnes Man'a and GARDINER, Alien Francis 1GARDINER, George Falkland and HICKS, Gladys 1GARDINER, JtH'and DAVIES, Michael de la Cour iDAVIES, Peter Cornwall and YOUNG, Susan Gaye 02> DAVIES, Andrew Michael b 28.04..1995 Andrew b. at Aberdeen, Scotland.

3> DAVIES, Emma CattHn b 21.04..1997 Emma b. at Christchurch.

)2> DAVIES, Susan (Sue) m on 03.09.1988 to PANTON, Hamlsh Bruce b 16.10.1957 b 06.12.1955 Susan b. and m. at Napier. She is known by her maiden name. Hamish, s/o Walter McGill and Betty Irene May Finch, b. at Timaru. Address: 103 Puketapu Road, Taradale. Sue is a registered nurse and Hamish is a mechanical engineer and a keen yachtie,

)1> PANTON, Charlotte Grace Davtes b 27.07.1990

]2> PANTON, Sophie Rose Davies b 05.09.1992

3> PANTON, Marcus Henry Davtes b 06.09.1995

03> DAVIES, Judy m on 30.ii.i985 to RAINEY, Jonathan Barton b 03.05.1960 b 22.02,1954 Judy b. and m. at Napier. Jonathan, s/o Richard Rainey and Molly Griffin, b. at Nelson. Address: 36 Alfred Street, Nelson. Jonathan is an industrial designer.

)1> RAINEY, Elizabeth May Davies b 31.03.1987

)2> RAINEY, Annabel Mary Davtes b 20.04.1989

3> RAINEY, Thomas Michael Barton b 05.07.1993

4> DAVIES, PhtHppa b 22.06.1961 Philippa b. at Napier. Address: 2/14 Matipo Road, Mairangi Bay, Auckland. Philippa was educated in Taradale schools. From 1980 to 1986 she lived in Dunedin exploring personal artistic expression. She moved to Auckland then to London in 1987, working as costume designer for a theatre company. She returned to Auckland in 1989 and bought a home in Grey Lynn.

)1> DAVIES, Samuel Jthan b 20.12.1989 Samuel b. at 50 Tuarangi Road, Auckland. His father is Refik Niyazi (b. 31.05.1956 in Cyprus of Turkish heritage).



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, 1^1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Agnes Maria and GARDINER, Alien Francis ^GARDINER, George Falkland and HICKS, Gtadys ^GARDINER, JHI and DAVIES, Michael de la Cour 02> DAVIES, Isla Yasmtn b 07.02.1995

05> DAVIES, Margaret b 11.11.1965 Margaret b. atNapier. Address: 165 GraftonRoad, Hataitai, Wellington. Margaret has a Diploma of Fine Arts (Otago) and is exhibition officer at the Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt.

06> DAVIES, Sally b 08.09.1968 Sally b. at Napier. Address: 79 Lonsdale Street, New Brighton, Christchurch.

Sally has a BPhysEd (Otago) and was a New Zealand under 21 hockey rep. She played in the World Cup at Ottawa in 1989. She is presently teaching.

02> GARDINER, John Alien m on 08.10.1955 to PIKE, Diana b 16.04.1930 d 04.12.1982 b 15.07.1935 John b. at Napier. Diana remarried to William Davidson. Address: 16 Muritai Crescent, Havelock North.

)1> GARDINER, Robyn Marianne m on 06.10.1996 to REID, John Anthony b 17.08.1957 b 08.09.1962 Address: 5 Rautara Street, Orakei, Auckland.

)1> REID, Samuel John Antone b 30.09.1997

02> GARDINER, Jennifer Jane

m on

26.03.i983 to HAMMOND, Mark James b 24.08.1956

b 26.08.1958 Address: 171 Rosebank Drive, Hamilton.

)1> HAMMOND, Nicholas John b 25.08.1986

12> HAMMOND, Charl otte Sarah b 28.09.1988 Twin.


011v1 a Jane

b 28.09.1988 Twin.

03> GARDINER, Thomas Falkland m on 19.02.1993 to CAMERON, Penny Jo-Anne b 18.08.1961 b 03.03.1963 Address: 14a Formby Avenue, Point Chevalier, Auckland.

)1> GARDINER, John Cameron b 28.12.1993

2> GARDINER. Samantha Jane b 21.10.1995 d 10.11.1995



Descendants of WILLIAMS, WHI1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. N1111 am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Agnes Maria and GARDINER, Alien Francis ^GARDINER, George Falkland and HICKS, Gtadys ^GARDINER, John Alien and PIKE, Diana ^GARDINER, Thomas Falkland and CAMERON, Penny Jo-Anne 03> GARDINER, Allayne Diana b 30.09.1996

03>'GAftDINER, Evelyn Ruth b 11.05.1899 d 11.12.1899 Evelyn b. at Marton and d. at Napier.

04> GARDINER, Edith Mildred b 21.04.1900 d 01.03.1983 Edith b. at Napier, d. at Auckland and bd. at Napier. Edith was a registered nurse and midwife and had her own maternity hospital in Hastings in the late 1930's. She lived in Napier until 1974 when she moved to Howick, Auckland. She was decorated with the Order of St John for her work with the St John Ambulance.

05> GARDINER, Sydney Reade m on 19.01.1933 to BAKER, Chnsttne Helen b 21.04.1900 d 25.07.1968 b 09.05.1909 d 11.09.1973 Sydney b. at Napier. Christine d. at Howick and bd. at Napier.

Sydney worked as a clerk (1920-23) with the Sydney stock and sharebroking firm of Joseph fri: Palmer and Sons before entering Jesus College, Cambridge. On gaming his MA he attended Cuddesdon Theological College, Oxford, was made a deacon in 1927 and ordained a priest in the Diocese of Worcester in 1928. He served as a curate in Kidderminster before returning to New Zealand to become curate at St John's Cathedral, Napier. He served in parishes at Waverley, St Augustines in Napier, Dannevirke and Te Puke and retired to Napier. He was a Canon in the Diocese ofWaiapu (1948-61) and served for 20 years as a member of the Diocesan Standing Committee. For eight years he was Chairman of the Dannevirke High School Board of Governors, and became a Vice-president of the New Zealand Secondary School Boards Association.

)1> GARDINER, Anthony Reade m on 16.12.1972 to ABERNETHY, Nancy b 11.05.1935 b 01.07.1930 Anthony b. at Waverley and m. at St George's Anglican Church, Whakatane. Nancy, d/o William Frank Angus Rocke and Myrtle Augusta Andrews. Nancy has children David (b. 15.06.1955), James (b. 04.04.1957), Peter (b. 21,04.1959), Stephen (b. 01.09.1960), Andrew (b. 24.03.1963), and Jonathan (b. 28.08.1966) from a former marriage, all with surname Abernethy. Address: The Vicarage, Down St Mary, Crediton, Devon EX17 6EF, England. Anthony graduated BA from Canterbury University, trained at Cuddesdon Theological College, Oxford and was ordained at Newcastle on Tyne. He served in Gosforth (UK), Te Karaka, Edgecumbe-Kawerau, Eltham, Trentham and Waipukurau, and at Nelson Cathedral as Chaplain. He is now Vicar at four parishes in mid-Devon, UK (Down St Mary with Knowle, Clannaborough, Stockleigh Pomeroy and Newbuildings). Nancy trained as a primary school teacher. Her interests include patchwork and quilting.

Ol> GARDINER, Rachel Elizabeth b 19.10.1975 Rachel graduated BA(Hons) in Psychology from the University of Otago and is now studying Clinical Psychology at Victoria University and completing a PhD at the same time. Email: rachel .gardiner@vuw. ac. nz.

02> GARDINER, Jocelyn Mary m on i6.02.i963 to HILL, Robert Francis b 06.05.1938 b 05.07.1934 Jocelyn b. at Hastings and m. at Te Puke. Robert, s/o F P Hill and I S Gray, b, at Christchurch. Address: 124d Sandspit Road, Howick, Auckland. Jocelyn is a piano teacher and involved in music with pre-schoolers. Robert was a civil engineer with (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane


W1111am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah Agnes Maria and GARDINER, Alien Francis Sydney Reade and BAKER, Christine Helen Jocetyn Mary and HILL, Robert Francis

GARDINER, Jocelyn Mary and HILL, Robert Francis (cont...) Carter Holt Harvey Ltd in Auckland and is now retired.


HILL, Catherine Ann and BROWN, James Seymour b 07.01.1966 b 01.04.1966 Catherine b. at Ipoh, Malaysia. James, s/o Tim Brown and Beryl Ireland. Address: 124 Daniell Street, Newtown, Wellington; Email: Catherine has an MA(Hons) in French and is completing her PhD in French Literature after spending 1996 in Montreal, Canada, and Dijon, France, on a scholarship.

L> HILL. Anna Mtchelle b 13.05.1997

02> HILL, Andrew Francis b 02.10.1967 Address: 23c Boundary Road, Hamilton. Andrew has a BE and BSc. After three years of overseas travel, he is now working for NIWA in Hamilton.

03> HILL, Penelope Chnsttne b 09.09.1969 Penelope has a BA and a Dip Media Studies. After three years of extensive travel, she is now working in the ski industry and is involved in drama in Queenstown.

7>'WILLIAMS, Alfred Henry m on 03.08.i899 to HARVEY, Lucy Caroline Stmpson b 08.05.1864 d 15.09.1939 b 30.11.1869 d 22.01.1940 Alfred b. at Waerenga-a-hika and d. and bd. at Roffey, England. Lucy, d/o Captain Frederick Harvey, RN and Lucy Maria Beer, b. at Cheltenham and bd. at Roffey. Alfred was educated at Christ's College, Christchurch (1877-1882) and Edinburgh University (1883-87). At Christ's College he was Head of School, Head Prefect, Senior Somes Scholar, captain of rugby football and athletics champion. He continued his athletic successes at ^. Edinburgh, gaining his rugby blue in each year and playing first class tennis at which he won several trophies. He qualified as a medical doctor and worked initially at the Middlesex and Brompton Hospitals in London before signing on for a while as a ship's doctor with the New Zealand Shipping Co. After this he joined a private practice in Harrow which included two of the houses of Harrow School. He was Harrow Police Surgeon and was largely responsible for the initiative to build Harrow Cottage Hospital on Roxeth Hill. In 1918 he gave up general practice and transferred to the Military Pension Department of the War Office, working first in Lancashire and Cheshire and then in Brighton. He moved to Roffey near Horsham in 1923. He was an authority on New Zealand flora, of which he had a fine collection at his home in Roffey, and he contributed regularly to gardening journals. He was the author of a book entitled "New Zealand and Her Plants". His abiding passion, however, was breeding roses. He was on the Council of the National Rose Society for many years and was President in 1933/34. His two most successful roses were Emily Gray (1916) named after his eldest sister and Blushing Lucy (1938) named after his wife. Emily Gray is commercially available and Blushing Lucy has survived by the efforts of his descendants and now graces the gardens of many friends.

1> HARVEY WILLIAMS. Samuel Frederickm on 26.07.1928 to COOK, Dorothy Helen b 20.08.1900

b 23.09.1897 d 04.11.1992

d 09.01.1985

Samuel b. at Harrow, m. at Rusper and d. at Ashley Green and cremated. Dorothy, d/o William Wilson Cook and Louise Elizabeth Roberts, b. at Nottingham. Samuel was educated at Orley Farm and Harrow School. In 1918 he took the regular army entrance exam and entered the Indian Army, his training being carried out at Wellington Cadet College in the Nilgiri Hills, South India. He was commissioned in 1920 into the 121st Pioneers, at Kirkee near Poona and with them saw (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Wn Ham Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Alfred Henry and HARVEY, Lucy Caroline Stmpson ^HARVEY WILLIAMS, Samuel Frederick and COOK, Dorothy Helen HARVEY WILLIAMS, Samuel Frederick and COOK, Dorothy Helen (cont...) two years active service in Waziristan on the North West Frontier. Following this he transferred to the 107th Pioneers and spent two years in Iraq. On his return to India the five Pioneer regunents were combined into the Bombay Pioneers and he served with them until they were disbanded in 1932, in a further reorganisation of the Indian Army. He was then posted to the 7th Gurkhas and remained with them until his retirement in 1947. With the Gurkhas he saw service in Chaman on the Afghanistan border; at Shillong where

the regiment was commanded by Bill Slim (later Field Marshall Lord Slim who remained a personal friend); at Staff College in Calcutta and, eventually, as 2nd in command of the 3,7th Gurkhas in the 14th Army in Burma, where he was wounded. After the war his regiment was heavily involved with the Hindu/Muslim riots at the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 and, shortly after this, he retired with the rank ofLt-Col, in command of the Regimental Centre at Palampur. On his retirement back in England, Sam initially took on voluntary work such as Treasurer of the local division of the Red Cross and on a committee for helping the blind. The Army had just started a scheme to provide employment for retired officers as temporary civil servants in administrative situations to enable younger officers to be released for more military duties and Sam became an R03 for nearly ten years. Following this, he obtained a job as a school bursar until he finally retired in 1968 to pursue his interests as a keen gardener, with a particular interest in herbs. He lived for a while at Farnham in Surrey, then at Crondall where he was treasurer of the local church and chairman of the Parish Council for several years and, finally, atAshley Green near Chesham.

)1> HARVEY WILLIAMS. Nevtl Thurstan m on 14.04.1956 to TANNER, Penelope Anne b




Nevil b. at Horsham, Sussex and m. at Farnham, Surrey. Divorced 1986. Penelope, d/o Guy Charles Lethbridge Tanner and Nora Rowlatt, b. at Liphook, Surrey. Address: 8 Wyndham Close, Oadby, Leicester LE2 4HR, England. Just before the Second World War, Nevil's mother had gone to India to spend a short period with his father so, instead of her returning to the UK, Nevil and his sister were evacuated to India by sea in 1940. He attended Sheikh Bagh Preparatory School in Kashmir until 1944, when he returned to England, with his mother and sister, to complete his education at Marlborough College. He then trained as an electrical engineer but also had to do two years National Service, which he served with the Royal Engineers in the Canal Zone, Egypt. He played hockey for the Army in Egypt. On leaving the Army he first worked for a firm of Consulting Engineers in London but, after a few years, moved to become a Management Consultant with the P-E Consulting Group. One assignment took him to West Africa for a year, working with the newly independent Government of Sierra Leone, He left P-E in 1972 and since then has worked in his own business. Nevil has been an enthusiastic researcher of the Williams family during the periods they lived at Gosport, Nottingham and Southwell.

)1> HARVEY WILLIAMS, Simon PhiHpm on 26.03.1988 to SAMUEL, Angela Mary b 22.07.1957 b 06.02.1955 Simon b. at Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, England and m. at Chelsea Registry Office. Angela, d/o Gwilym David Samuel and Mary McAllister, b. in Hampshire, UK. Address: Trewint Cottage, 64 Agraria Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 5LG, England; Email:; URL: http ://www .harvey-Williams .co .uk. Simon was educated at Uppingham School, Loughborough College of Art and Design, Teesside Polytechnic, and The Royal College of Art. He gained BA(Hons) in Industrial Design Engineering at Teesside, and went on to study Environmental Design at the RCA. For eight years he ran his own company specialising in high quality project supervision and execution for some of London's leading interior designers and architects. Building on this experience, Harvey Williams Associates was formed to undertake the specialist design and manufacture of bespoke fiirniture for this market. During the last ten years the business has established itself as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of specialised control consoles required for the broadcasting industry. Family history is an active interest of Simon's, and he would be delighted to meet any relatives who may be passing by, or who wish to make contact via the Internet. A spectacular honeymoon in (cont...)

1 2 3



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Alfred Henry and HARVEY, Lucy Caroline Stmpson 1HARVEY WILLIAMS, Samuel Frederick and COOK. Dorothy Helen 1HARVEY WILLIAMS. Nevtl Thurstan and TANNER, Penelope Anne 1HARVEY WILLIAMS, Simon PhtHp and SAMUEL, Angela Mary HARVEY WILLIAMS, Simon PhiHp and SAMUEL, Angela Mary (cont...) India and the Himalayas helped to enliven an abiding passion for travel. His other interests include art, architecture, history, photography, music, films and theatre.

Angela was educated at Aldershot County High School for Girls and The University of Sheffield, where she graduated with an Honours degree in Ancient History, Before starting a family, Angela lived in London for ten years and worked in public relations in the professional theatre. She was also an active member of a number of amateur dramatics groups, so theatre formed a major part of her life. To enable her to bring up their two children, Angela took a career break, and also helped Simon with the financial administration of their business partnership. Recently she has started a teacher training course with The Open University, with the intention of becoming a secondary school history teacher. Angela's interests include walking, swimming, reading, travel, history and heritage. She lived in France for a year and speaks French well.

HARVEY WILLIAMS, Anna Mary b 06.02.1989 Anna goes to school at Queen Eleanor's Junior School in Guildford. She likes school and her favourite subject is art. She particularly enjoys model-making. She plays her recorder in assembly each day, and is a talented violinist; she has recently been asked to take part in the BBC TV programme "Songs of Praise" with a group of pupils from her school. Anna also enjoys swimming, reading, drama and dance.

02> HARVEY WILLIAMS, Frederick Amadeus b 16.07.1991 Freddie goes to St Nicolas C.E. Primary School in Guildford. He is very keen on football, and plays both at school and with other friends in the local community. He plays the recorder well and is eager to play the saxophone. His favourite subject is art, and he draws beautifully! Riding his bicycle, swimming and making things are other interests of his.

02> WILLIAMS, Richard John Harvey m on 3o.os.i986 to BALL, Marion Helena b 04.09.1958 b 06.01,1956 Richard b. at Walton-on-Thames and m. at the parish church in Hedsor, Bucks. Marion, d/o James Sidney Ball and Helena Ann Winnecki. Address: September Cottage, Old Vicarage Way, Woodburn Town,

High Wycombe, Bucks HP10 OQS, England. Richard was educated at Rugby School and Edinburgh University. He gained Second Class Honours in Engineering Science at Edinburgh and won the R B Campbell Memorial Prize for physical education. He was Vice-President of the Sports Union and (after his great grandfather) renewed the family links with the Edinburgh University Cycling Club where he served as President for two years. He took a post as instructor at Strathcona Park Outdoor Centre on Vancouver Island and spent a sabbatical year in Canada before returning to engineering. He worked for GEC Turbine Generators in Rugby for five years, specialising in quality control and becoming Chief Inspector of the High Pressure Turbine Division. More recently he has been working for Mars Confectionery in Slough, applying quality assurance techniques to the field of health and safety management and to manufacturing management in general.

)1> WILLIAMS, Samuel Harvey b 25.06.1987

02> WILLIAMS, Helena Jayne b 23.08.1988



Descendants of WILLIAMS, WH11 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, WH11am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Alfred Henry and HARVEY, Lucy Caroline Simpson ^HARVEY WILLIAMS, Samuel Frederick and COOK, Dorothy Helen ^HARVEY WILLIAMS, Nevtl Thurstan and TANNER, Penelope Anne WILLIAMS. Richard John Harvey and BALL, Marion Helena 03> WILLIAMS, Joseph Harvey b 11.06.1990

03> WILLIAMS, Caroline Harvey b 19.02.1964 Caroline b. at Epsom. Address: PK 36 Urgup, Nevesehir, Turkey; Email:,tr. After leaving school in 1980, Caroline spent a year working as a Community Service Volunteer with old people and handicapped children. The next two years were spent in London working for W H Smith, and then the British Medical Association, as an assistant in the Industrial Relations Office. A need for dramatic change took her north to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, where she worked as a barmaid at the County Hotel in Stornoway. From 1984-85 she attended the Nicholson Institute, Stornoway as a mature student where she gained the three Scottish Highers which enabled her to go to University. Her place at Newcastle University was deferred for a year, and she took this opportunity to further her travels. Seasonal work enabled her to travel widely and indulge in a full season of skiing in Austria. While studying anthropology at University, she became fascinated by Sudan, and spent the summer of 1988 teaching English to university students at Omdurman. She gained her BA(Hons) in Combined

Studies in 1989. In October, 1989 she took an English Language teaching qualification CRSA TEFL). She moved to Istanbul in January, 1990, where she taught English for four years. During her time there she began organising and leading bicycle and multi-activity tours and she eventually gave up teaching to work in the outdoor activity field full-time. She spent two years in Cappadocia leading bike tours, and writing and translating from Turkish to English. In 1996 she returned to England and began working as a full-time tour leader for Exodus, with whom she has so far led trekking tours in Turkey and Nepal. Caroline's heart is in the mountains and she enjoys all outdoor activities, as well as writing, languages and music.

04> HARVEY WILLIAMS, Anne m on 09.09.i989 to HOGG. Lloyd b 31.07.1965 b 20.05.1960 Anne b. at Epsom and m. at Leicester. Lloyd, s/o George Roy and Marie Ellen Hogg. Address; 16 Warren Drive, Linton, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE12 6QP, England. After leaving school Anne studied to become a medical secretary. She worked in a group medical practice for some years, then at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, and is now at Burton General Hospital. Lloyd is an accountant. Their interests include walking, travelling, theatre and cinema, music, computers, stamps and antiquarian books.

02> HARVEY WILLIAMS, Barbara Louise m on 15.10.1955 to DAY, Jeremy John b




Barbara b. at Rangoon, Burma, and m. at Crondall, Hants. Jeremy, s/o Col John Day RE and Ada Kathleen Douetil. Address: BaUiffs, Little Gaddesden, Berkhamsted,, Herts HP4 1PN, England. Barbara was at school in Kashmir from 1941-44 and on returning to England went to the Royal School for Daughters of Army Officers at Bath. She spent a year in France before training as a nursery nurse at Windsor. Then followed two positions with families and one as a school matron. Being married to an officer of the Royal Marines meant constant moves, including postings to Central Africa and Singapore. Jeremy was made a CBE in 1970 and retired as a Colonel in 1971. He then became a school bursar at Berkhamsted for 14 years. Barbara and Jeremy are both active workers in their village church.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON. Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Alfred Henry and HARVEY, Lucy Caroline Stmpson ^HARVEY WILLIAMS, Samuel Frederick and COOK, Dorothy Helen ^HARVEY WILLIAMS, Barbara Louise and DAY, Jeremy John 01> DAY, Crispin Mark Jererny b 15.08.1960 Address: Bailiffs, Little Gaddesden, Berkhamsted, Herts, England HP4 1PN; Email:, Crispin was educated at Chafyn Grove School in Wiltshire and then Wellington College in Berkshire. In 1979 he was commissioned into the Royal Marines and saw service in England, Northern Ireland and Norway. In 1984 he left the Marines to move into the world of Polar travel and field guiding. His first major expedition in 1984-85 was as part of a 3-man 9-month over-wintering trip at latitude 80 north. He followed this with a fiirther winter in Svalbard. In 1986 he went south to Antarctica for 2',2 years as a field guide for the British Antarctic Survey. He returned home to become Pole team reserve and base camp manager for the 1989 Icewalk International North Pole Expedition. He had a brief stint working for the Expedition Advisory Centre at the London based Royal Geographical

Society before joining the Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme (GASP). From 1990 -1994 he was the logistics and field program manager for CASP and was field leader for five arctic seasons for them and a further three Antarctic Seasons for the British Antarctic Survey. In 1994 he left GASP to complete a Trans- Greenland ski crossing and then become one of the team members of the Tandem One Step Beyond South Pole Challenge in celebration of UNESCO'S 50th Anniversary during which he and two companions completed a 1 ,000-mile ski trek from the South Pole out to the Antarctic coast using kite power alone to pull their sledges. In the northern hemisphere winter of 1997-98 he was a team member of Dogtrek, a Trans-America Dogsled Expedition, raising funds for International Cancer Charities.

02>'WILLIAMS. James Leonard Harvey m on 15.01.1946 to TAIT, Susan Proudlock b 29.10.1901 d 14.03.1989 b 15.07.1909 d 15.10.1981 James b. at Harrow, England, m. at Bombay, India and d. and bd. at Rudgwick, Sussex, England. Susan also bd. at Rudgwick. Jim was educated at Orley Farm and Harrow School, where he won his fez for Harrow football. After leaving Harrow he worked on a farm for three years until, in 1921, he went to University College, Reading to take a two year Agricultural Diploma course. He played tennis and hockey at Reading and was Captain of tennis. In 1924 he joined Tea Estates India, a subsidiary ofBrooke Bond Ltd, and was successively Manager of Monica

Estate (1929-39), Visiting Agent (1939-42) and Chairman (1942-56). Returning to England in 1956, he settled at Rudgwick and joined Francis Peek & Co, another subsidiary ofBrooke Bond, retiring as Chairman in 1967.

)1> WILLIAMS, Robert John Harvey b 21.03.1948 d 10.09.1965 Robert b. at Ootacamund, South India and bd. at Rudgwick, Sussex, England. Robert was educated at Harrow School but, in the summer holidays before what would have been his last term there, whilst working on a farm of an old friend of his father, at Wormleighton, Warwickshire, he was tragically killed when the car he was driving ran off the road and hit a tree.

03> HARVEY WILLIAMS, Richard Stuart m on 06.06.1934 to CHEER, Elste Male b 17.04.1905 d 12.06.1981 b 21.01.1909 d 30.12.1987 Richard b. at Harrow, England. Elsie, d/o Henry Walter Cheer and Lucy May Haycock, b. at Elsthorpe. Dick was educated at Orley Farm, Bowden House and Harrow School. His life-long passion was cars and he worked for a time in a garage but he then emigrated to New Zealand in March 1922. He worked as a shepherd on farms in Ruatoria and Omakere until 1948 when he bought "Brooklands" at Glen Murray. There he was a committee member of the Te Akau North Rabbit Board, the St John's vestry in Tuakau and the Glen Murray Tennis Club. Elsie taught piano, was a keen supporter of the Red Cross, a social worker for Kingseat Hospital and a member of the Country Women's Division of Federated Farmers and the Indoor Bowling Club. They retired to Pukekohe in 1966 where they were active members of St Andrew's Anglican Church. In 1979 they moved to Cambridge.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Wm1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Alfred Henry and HARVEY, Lucy Caroline Stmpson ^HARVEY WILLIAMS, Richard Stuart and CHEER, Etsie Male ^HARVEY-WILLIAMS, Jennifer Joyce and PICOT, Richard Leonard 01> HARVEY-WILLIAMS, Jennifer Joyce m on **.**. 1958 to PICOT, Richard Leonard b




Jennifer b. at Waipawa and m. at Hamilton. Richard, s/o Alec and Dora Picot, b. at "Hilltop", Pepepe. Address: 224 Bedford Road, RD 8, Hamilton. Jennifer trained as a Karitane nurse and Richard is a farmer.

)1> PICOT, Andrea Jane m on 29.01.1984 to SMITH. Peter b




Andrea b. at Huntly. Divorced, Address: Peppe Valley, RD 2, Huntly.

)1> PICOT. Jaclyn b 19.02.1996

02> PICOT, AHson Marym on 10.02.1990 to GREENE, Antony WHson Clayton b




Mary b. at Huntly. Separated. Address: Pepepe Valley, RD 2, Huntly.

03> PICOT, Michelle Anne m on 05.11.1994 to FORDE, Glen b




Michelle b. at Huntly and m. at Hamilton. Glen, s/o Tom Forde and Patricia Giles, b. at Tuatapere. Address: Merrivale, RD 2, Otautau, Southland. Glen is a shearer and he and Michelle are farming in Southland.

L> FORDE, Tina Mane b 30.08.1995

2> FORDE, Kelly b 29.06.1998

02>'HARVEY-WILLIAMS, Malcolm Richard m on o8.oz.i969 to ASHFORD, Eva Anne b 25.08.1947

b 06.10.1939

Malcolm b. at Waipawa and m. at the First Presbyterian Church, Papakura. Anne, d/o Harold Ashford and Hilda McPherson, b. at Eltham. Address: 23 Kauri Road, Whenuapai, Auckland. Malcolm was educated at Elsthorpe, Glen Murray and Wesley College, Paerata. He joined the RNZAF as a cadet in 1956, qualifying as an aero engineer in 1958. He saw active

service with No 75 Squadron in Malaya during 1959/60. In 1966 he completed Wasp helicopter and Royal Navy Navigator courses in the United Kingdom and became the first aircrewman afloat on the HMNZS Waikato on her maiden voyage to New Zealand in 1967. From 1968 he was a member of No 3 Helicopter Squadron at Hobsonville and spent several years on mercy missions and military exercises in the South Pacific Islands. He retired in 1979 as F/Sgt in charge of Sioux and Iroquois helicopter servicing. Malcolm now works for a Toyota cars agency in Kumeu. He has been an executive committee member of the Hobsonville RSA since 1982. His leisure pursuits include boating and fishing. Anne was a member of the WRNZAF from 1965 to 1967. She has been an administrator at The University of Auckland since 1984. Her interests include botany and geology and she is a keen supporter of the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society.

)1> HARVEY-WILLIAMS, Paul Richard b 26.10.1969 Paul b. at Helensville. He was educated at Whenuapai and St Peter's School, Cambridge, where he represented the school at rugby. He completed a plumbing apprenticeship in 1990. Since 1997 he has been employed as a heavy haulage and earthmoving driver in Tauranga. Paul's interests include (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Wm1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Alfred Henry and HARVEY, Lucy Caroline Stmpson HARVEY WILLIAMS, Richard Stuart and CHEER, Elste Mate ^HARVEY-WILLIAMS, Malcolm Rtchar-d and ASHFORD, Eva Anne HARVEY-WILLIAMS. Paul Richard and


fishing, archery and martial arts.

02> HARVEY-WILLIAMS, Caren Mae b 12.09.1971 Caren b. at Helensville. She was educated at Whenuapai and Massey High School. Caren has several qualifications in secretarial skills and excels in fine art work. She is employed as a graphic designer for a sign writing company in West Auckland. She has been a competitive horsewoman and a member of Pony and Hunt Clubs for ten years.

04> WILLIAMS, Nancy Edith Harvey m on 16.12.1933 to COXWELL, Cecil Maunce b 19.02.1907 b 30.05.1900 d 15.02.1986 Nancy b. at Harrow, England and m. at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Address: 20 Cedar Court, Crockford Park Road, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2LQ, England. Nancy was educated at Southlands Private School, Harrow. She lived at Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo where Cecil was employed by the shipping firm of E Johnson & Company. During WW2 he was co-opted by the British Government to be in charge of all European ships that entered Brazilian waters.

)1> COXWELL, jmian Ceclllam on i6.04.i960 to MUNN, Dugald John David b 18.06.1935 b 26.11.1937 Jillian b. at Niteroi, Brazil and m. at Woking, Surrey, England. Dugald, s/o John Dugald Munn (d. 1959)

and Sylvia May Cardew (d. 1985).

)1> MUNN, Nancy Elizabeth m on **.**. 1993 to MORGAN, PhtHp b




Nancy b. atAldershot, England. Address: 10 Ashley Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 2TG, England.

08>'WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) b 14.12.1866

on 23.01.1903 to STANDISH, Edith Frances

d 22.11.1938 b 20.03.1880 d 21.08.1972 "Ey Frank b. at Waikahua Cottage near Gisborne harbour mouth, m. at St Stephen's Church, I Ashburton and d. at Wellington. Volkner was dropped from his name when he was married. Edith, d/o Frank Burgon Standish and Fanny Hould, b. at "Longbeach", Canterbury, where her father was stock manager. (Her grandparents had come from Lancashire to settle in New Plymouth in 1842. In March 1860 when her father was a Lieutenant in the Militia defending New Plymouth, he rode 270 miles to Wellington in just 55 hours to summon

help for the hard-presse

few Plymouth garrison (refThe Taranaki Herald, 14 Dec 1957). He also served with

distinction in the battle ofMahoetahi in Nov 1860), Frank was always known to the Ngati Porou as Waikahua (for the story of how he came by this name see his parents' entry). After attending school at Christ's College he joined the staff of Williams and Kettle, working in their office at Port Ahuriri. Seeing no future in doing something that he did not enjoy, he left after nine years and went up the coast to work at "Waipiro" station, then managed by A H Wallis. In 1894 he formed a partnership with Raymond Kemp and Reginald Gardiner which purchased "Waipare" Station, Anaura Bay, East Coast. A keen student ofNgati Porou folklore, Frank assembled a notable collection of Maori artefacts most of which is now in the Napier Museum. He was widely respected by the Maori people of the East Coast and, being fluent in the Maori language, he was better able to understand their attitude to problems. Frank served on the Waiapu County Council for a period during the 1920s.

§ Waipare Station A block of 10,000 acres known as "Waipare" was sold by the Maoris to Colonel Porter, probably through his Maori wife. He later sold it to James Nelson Williams and in 1894 is was purchased from him by a partnership comprising Francis James Volkner Williams, Raymond Kemp and Reginald Gardiner. Frank bought out his two partners sometime before 1903. The original block comprised 5,000 acres of freehold which stretched from the (cont...)


7 8 9


Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) and STANDISH, Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) and STANDISH, Edith Frances (cont...) coast at Anaura Bay inland to the Hikuwai River, and 5,000 acres of Maori leaseholding which ran up the coast towards Tokomaru Bay. Like most Maori leases in those days, it was not renewable and when it ran out in the early 1900s, Frank Williams bought a 5,000 acre block from the Fitzgerald Brothers inland from Tolaga Bay, thus restoring the station to its original size. Frank and his family lived in the homestead at Anaura Bay until 1938 when a flash flood made the manager's house unsafe. The manager moved into the homestead and Edith Williams and her daughter, Jane moved to Hastings. A manager ran the property from then until it was sold to R

R Shanks in 1956. "Waipare" was situated on marginal land and about 20% of its area was, and still is, totally unproductive. In 1966 Bob Shanks sold it to the Government for re-settlement but, due to the unsuitable nature of the country this did not occur and the property is now leased to a forestry company and most of it has been planted in pine trees. Shanks retained the homestead and about 15 acres of land which was next to the beach.

WILLIAMS, Bevan Sydney m on 08.01.1930 to WILLIAMS, Mary Margaret Wilder


b 29.03.1904

d 18.06.1975 b 13.02.1908 b 13.02.1908 d 29.11.1979 Bevan b. at Napier and bd. at Elsthorpe. Bettie, d/o Cyril Nelson Beetham Williams and Maud Margaret Wilder, b. at Taradale and bd. at Elsthorpe. Bevan farmed at "Hapua" near Havelock North, Hawkes Bay. He was on the executive of the old Farmers' Union in Hawkes Bay. In 1945 this body was restructured to become Federated Farmers and he was its first Hawkes Bay Provincial President until 1949 and again between 1952 and 1956. He held the position of Provincial

Treasurer from 1957 until his death. In 1948 he joined the Board of the Wellington Farmers' Union Insurance Company and in 1956 became its Chairman. In 1956 when the Company was restructured and became Dominion Farmers Mutual Insurance Co he remained as Chairman until 1962 when the Company was again restructured to become the Primary Industries Insurance Co. He was its Deputy Chairman until he retired in 1971. He also chaired a group of farmers that investigated the possibility of establishing a fertiliser works in Hawkes Bay. In 1949 the East Coast Farmers Fertiliser Co was registered and Bevan was Chairman of Directors until he resigned in 1974. Bettie was a keen painter and a producer of amateur dramatics, She was for many years a member of the Elsthorpe Branch of the NZ Red Cross and served for a short time as president.

)1> WILLIAMS, Jon Standlshm on 07.04.1958 to SATTRUP, Helen Rymer b 23.02.1931 b 16.07.1933 Jon b. at Waipukurau and m. at St Cuthbert's Church, Governor's Bay. Helen, d/o Charles Rymer Sattmp and Mavis Clare Bargh, b. at Dannevirke. Helen's forebears were Danish. Address: 25 Colenso Avenue, Napier. Jon was educated at Hereworth School and Christ's College. He graduated BA from Canterbury University College (College House) and BD from Otago University. Jon was ordained an Anglican priest in 1964 and has served as Vicar ofChartwell, Okato, Stratford, Raglan and Puketapu. He was a member of the Commission which produced "A New Zealand Prayer Book, He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa". Jon continues a lively interest in prayer and evangelism and in the discoveries of science. He is a student of local history and enjoys tramping. Helen was educated at Dannevirke High School and graduated MA in English from Canterbury University College. She has her ATCL and has been teaching piano. She enjoys accompanying soloists and has been an accompanist for the Napier Competitions Society. Jan and Helen are involved in the St John's Cathedral Parish, and the Napier Civic Choir.

)1> WILLIAMS, Rachel Margaret m on 12.01.1985 to CHIBNALL, Brett Edward b 17.12.1961 b 05.10.1960 Rachel b. at Dunedin and m. at St Michael's Church, Puketapu. Brett, s/o Francis Edward Chibnall and Barbara Anne Hyde, b. at Hamilton. Address: 63 Masters Avenue, Hillcrest, Hamilton. Rachel was educated at St Mary's School, Stratford; Stratford High School; Massey University and Waikato Polytechnic. Since 1984 she has worked for the Ministry of Works, the Education Department (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) and STANDISH, Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Bevan Sydney and WILLIAMS, Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettte) WILLIAMS, Jon Stand!sh and SATTRUP, Helen Rymer WILLIAMS, Rachel Margaret and CHIBNALL, Brett Edward WILLIAMS, Rachel Margaret and CHIBNALL, Brett Edward (cont...) and the University ofWaikato in administrative positions. She is currently working as Academic Planning Administrator for Waikato Management School and has just completed a Diploma in Communication. Brett studied at Waikato University completing a Bachelor of Science degree in 1981. From then until 1987 he worked as a social worker in Hamilton and Napier. In 1988 he completed a Diploma of Teaching at Hamilton Teachers' College and since then has been teaching at Hillcrest High School, Hamilton. He is currently a Form Dean and HOD Biology.

)1> CHIBNALL, Alice Margaret b 03.02.1991 Alice b, at Hamilton, She attended Hillcrest High School Community Childcare Centre from the age of 14 months, until she began work at Silverdale Normal School. She enjoys art and has had a picture hung in the Waikato Society of Arts gallery.

02> CHIBNALL, Grace Clare b 06.12.1993 Grace b. at Hamilton. She has attended Hillcrest High School Community Childcare Centre since she was six months old

02> WILLIAMS, Timothy Charles Stand!sh b 22.03.1964 Timothy b. at Hamilton. He attended Stratford High School and Raglan Area School. He completed School Certificate in 1980 and passed three sixth form exams in 1981. He has also done some Polytech papers, but now has some disagreements with "mainstream" education (eg: its methods; its scope with regards to data and knowledge in general). He has been doing a variety of seasonal work since 1991, and in 1996 bought shares in a 'new technology' company in Mount Maunganui.

03> WILLIAMS, Martin Jon Evan b 29.11.1966 Martin b. at Stratford, Address; 12 Tuarangi Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland; Email:

Martin was educated at Stratford, Raglan, St Peter's School, Cambridge, and Massey University where he gained a BSc (Hons) in 1990. After two years travelling overseas, he returned to complete a law degree at Waikato University and graduated LLB(Hons) in 1995. He has since worked for Russell McVeagh Bartleet and Co in their environmental practice group, and is interested in continuing his career in the environmental law/consultancy field.

04> WILLIAMS, Emily Clare b 11.10.1970 Emily b. at Tauranga, She went to primary schools at Stratford and Raglan and then attended Taradale High School. She has completed TCB qualifying courses in Catering and professional Cookery at Central Institute of Technology and Wellington Polytechnic. After two years working in Queenstown, Emily was overseas for five years. She worked in Sydney, on the Queensland coast, and in Europe, latterly on ocean going yachts in the Baltic and Mediterranean. She also worked in the Caribbean and in the Indian Ocean at Seychelles. She is now studying in New Zealand.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, 1^1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Francis James Volkner (Frank) and STANDISH, Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Bevan Sydney and WILLIAMS, Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettte) 02> WILLIAMS, Cyril Julian b 27.10.1932 d 28.07.1933 Julian bd. at Havelock North Cemetery.

03> WILLIAMS, Anthony Leonard m on 26.os.i962 to MORRIS, Dtnah AIHson b 24.08.1934 b 05.02.1941 Anthony b. at Napier and m. at St Peter's Church, Waipawa. Dinah, d/o Thomas j Seton Norris and Rita Jessie Allison, b. at Wellington. Address: 5 Ritchie Place, Havelock North. Anthony was educated at Hereworth School and Christ's College. Until the end of 1994 he farmed "Hapua" station near Havelock North. He and Dinah operated a successful farmstay business from 1977 to 1991, hosting over 1,000 guests from all over the world. Following on from this Dinah was involved for several years until 1990 with the promotion of tourism to Hawkes Bay, for two years (1989-90) serving as Chairman of the Hawkes Bay Tourism Promotion Board. Anthony has been a trustee of the Henry and William Williams Commemorative Trust since 1968 and was Chairman from 1989 to 1997. He and Dinah were members of the organising committee for the Williams Family Reunion of 1973 and Dinah wrote an historical booklet for that event. Anthony also served for many years on Henry and William Williams Memorial Trust. Dinah has been involved in local government since 1989. She served for six year on the Hawkes Bay Regional Council and has just been elected for a second term on the Hastings District Council. She also served on the New Zealand Casino Control Authority from 1990 to 1996. Anthony and Dinah moved to Havelock North at the end of 1994.

Ol> WILLIAMS, Belinda b 09.07.1963 d 26.07.1966 Belinda b. at Hastings and bd. at Elsthorpe Cemetery.

02> WILLIAMS, Jeremy William Thomas m on 18.03.1995 to COUSENS, Andrea b




Jeremy b. at Hastings. Andrea, d/o Graeme Charles Cousens and Margaret Rose Tate, b. at Havelock North. Address: 16 Mallard Grove, Churton Park, Wellington. Jeremy completed a Degree in Agricultural Science and a Diploma in Business Studies from Massey University. Following the completion of his studies, he travelled overseas for two years. Upon returning to New Zealand, he worked in the meat industry and then the horticultural industry with Yates New Zealand Ltd as National Sales Manager. Presently he works with New Zealand Post in Wellington as a Strategic Account Manager. Andrea attended Massey University in 1988, studying Psychology and Education. She then travelled overseas for two years overseas and returned to New Zealand to further her studies, subsequently completing a Diploma in Business Studies(Traming and Development). She worked for Toyota New Zealand for several years. Currently she works for Ockwell Ltd in Wellington as a Training and Development Consultant specialising in developing training programmes for clients.

03> WILLIAMS, Amanda Jane m on 07.03.1992 to WALLACE, Duncan Ross b 30.09.1966 b 13.02.1967 Amanda b. at Hastings. Duncan, s/o lan and Noreen Wallace. Amanda attended Massey University (BHort, Dip Bus Studies, 1989) then worked as personnel manager with Weddel NZ Ltd in Wellington. She then joined Trust Bank in Hastings, then moved to Hamilton where she worked for Health Waikato as a remuneration officer. After she and Duncan moved back to Wellington, she worked for National Insurance Company where she was a senior fiumaiTresources consultant until resigning in 1997 to have their first child. Duncan attended Otago Boys' High School and Otago University. He was an accounting officer with Jacques Martin NZ Ltd. He then joined U-Bix NZ where he is now a senior sales consultant in Wellington. He is keenly interested in rugby and cricket.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, WHI1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) and STANDISH, Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Bevan Sydney and WILLIAMS, Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettte) WILLIAMS, Anthony Leonard and NORRIS, Dtnah All 1 son WILLIAMS, Amanda Jane and WALLACE, Duncan Ross 01> WALLACE. Will 1am Duncan Anthony b 09.11.1997

04> WILLIAMS, Chnsttna Mary b 21.04.1969 Christina b. at Hastings. She completed a Diploma in Business Studies at Massey University and has recently spent 18 months in London working for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank as a purchasing officer. Back in New Zealand, she is now an Information Technology Manager for Boots Healthcare in Wellington.

04> WILLIAMS, Caroline Margaret m on 22.02.1966 to INGLE, Michael Peter b 19.02.1940 b 18.07.1933 Caroline b. at Napier and m. at Havelock North. Michael, s/o Louis Sobaux Ingle and Doreen Joyce Knox-Homan, b. at Southsea, Hampshire, England. ^»: Address: 23 Kopanga Road, Havelock North. Caroline was educated at Woodford House and trained as a Karitane nurse at


Christchurch. Michael joined the 7th Gurkha Rifles in 1952 and served in Malaysia, Brunei, Sarawak, Nepal and Hong Kong. They lived in Hong Kong for three years whilst inflie^Army and Michael retired as a Major in 1969. He then worked for the Brewers Society in London. For many years they let their spare bedrooms to visitors for bed and breakfast. Caroline was a member of the voluntary staff at a local hospital and was involved in several village activities. They moved out to New Zealand in October 1996 and now live at Havelock North.

INGLE, Vtctona Louise b 13.07.1967 Victoria b. at Hong Kong. Address; Basement, 8 Minford Gardens, London W14 OAN, England. Victoria was educated at St Mary's, Shaftsbury, and trained in cordon bleu cooking and secretarial work. She has lived in London for twelve years, excluding a year spent travelling around the world in 1989. She has worked for the same marketing company since 1987 (returning there after her travelling) and has built up, and now manages, their ever-growing IT department.

02> INGLE, Alexandra Caroline b 25.03.1969 Alexandra b. at Hong Kong. She was educated at St Mary's, Shaftesbury. She lived in London for four years working in interior design, followed by three years in Sydney working with the Victim's Compensation Tribunal. She now lives in New Zealand.




Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) and STANDISH, Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Bevan Sydney and WILLIAMS, Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettte) WILLIAMS, Caroline Margaret and INGLE, Michael Peter 03> INGLE. Henrietta Mary b 29.11.1972 Henrietta b. at Haslemere, Surrey, England. She was educated at St Mary's, Shaftesbury, and St Catherine's, Bramley, then graduated from University College, London, with BSc(Hons) in Psychology. She now works as a management consultant for Andersen Consulting. She enjoys travel and had toured through much of Europe and Asia.

05> WILLIAMS, Francis James N1 gel m on 03.02.1957 to PEARSON, Fiona Campbell b 29.05.1942 b 15.12.1945 Nigel b. at Napier and m. at St John's Church, Trentham. Divorced 1988. Fiona, d/o Archdeacon Tom Vivian Pearson and Ngara Scott Mackay, b. at Wellington. Address: "Foxhollow", 8 Waiwhero Street, Rotorua.

Nigel was educated at Christ's College and Victoria University (BSc Botany) then went on to gain an honours degree in forestry from Bangor, North Wales. He was then a forester with the Forest Service at Bulls, the Forestry Training Centre at Rotorua and Kaingaroa. Since 1979 he has been with the Forest Research Institute at Rotorua where he is Software Manager and Research Cooperative Manager, Fiona was educated at Marsden School and Victoria University (BA in Education and Psychology and later

MA in Social Work). She has had extensive (psychiatric) social work experience in Wellington (Child Welfare, Hutt Hospital) and Rotorua (Social Security and Hospital). She is Support Services Coordinator with the Wellington Cancer Society.

)1> WILLIAMS, Michael Thomas b 19.02.1969 Michael b. at Bangor, North Wales. Michael was educated at Edmund Rice College, Rotorua, Wellington High School and Victoria University (BSc in Computer Science). He has since worked in Auckland and Wellington and is currently in London.

02> WILLIAMS, Emma Louise b 09.01.1972 Emma b. at Marton. She was educated at Wellington High School and graduated BSc in Plant Science from Canterbury University. She has since worked with the Office of the Film and Literature Classification Authority and is currently with the New Zealand Embassy in Washington, DC.

02>'WILLIAMS, A1den Will 1am b 26.09.1905 d 21.01.1916 Aldea b. at Waipare, Anaura Bay, d. at Gisborne and bd. at Waipare.

03> WILLIAMS, Janet ChalHs b 31.03.1909 d 28.11.1979 •&s>t>' Janet b. at Napier and d. in the Erebus crash. Jane lived for many years in Hastings as a companion to her mother and took a warm and lively interest in the younger members of her \S family. She and was an active member and supporter of the Hastings Branch of the NZ Red NK) Cross.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. I 11111 am and NELSON, Jane

WILLIAMS, Win 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) and STANDISH, Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Leonard Heathcote (BUD and WILLIAMS, Janet Mary

04> WILLIAMS, Leonard Heathcote (BUD b 27.05.1912

on 06.02.1948 to WILLIAMS, Janet Mary

d 28.11.1979

b 16.07.1918 d 28.11.1979

Leonard b. at Napier and m. at Gisborne. Janet, d/o Heathcote Beetham Williams and Mary Anderson Myhill, b. at Gisborne. Bill and Jan both d. in the Erebus crash in Antarctica. Bill went to school at Huntley and Christ's College, attended Woolwich Military College

(1931-32) and Cambridge University (BA, Engineering, Mech Science Tripos 1934). Before WW2 Bill served in Mandalay (Burma) and north India. While he was surveying in the foothills of the Himalayas his tent was struck by lightning and Bill was severely burned. During the war he was stationed in Persia and later in England and Singapore, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Jan also graduated BA(Literature) from Cambridge and later taught at Woodford House, Havelock North, Bill and Jan purchased "Longacre" farm near Havelock North in 1956. They designed the homestead, extensive garden, plantations and lake and farmed there until their deaths, They set up the Springhill Charitable

Trust in 1967 and the Frimley Charitable Trust in 1975.

)1> WILLIAMS, Andrew Leonard Heathcote b 17.01.1949 d 29.12.1985 Andrew b. and d. at Hastings.


Samuel Leonard

b 28.04.1979

Samuel b. at Hastings.

it 02> WILLIAMS, James Leonard m on 02.07.1977 to VIGORS. Sarah Ann (Sally)


b 13.04.1950 b 26.11.1946 James b. at Gisborne and m. at Straffan, Co Kildare, Eire. Sally, d/o Tim Vigors and Jan Murray. Address: Longacre, RD 12, Havelock North. James was educated at Hereworth School, Christ's College and Otago University (BA, 1972). In 1969 he was a VSA volunteer to the Solomon Islands. In 1981 James and Sally moved to "Longacre" where they are now farming.

II Ol> WILLIAMS, Tarka James Arnold b 12.04.1978 Tarka b. at Rotorua. After leaving Havelock North High School in 1996, Tarka completed a course with Youth With a Mission in 1997.

02> WILLIAMS, Oscar Timothy Leonard b 31,07.1979 Oscar b. at Hastings. He left Wanganui Collegiate School in 1997 and is presently tutoring at the Royal Guildford Grammar School in England.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, wm1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner- (Frank) and STANDISH, Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Leonard Heathcote (BUD and WILLIAMS, Janet Mary WILLIAMS, James Leonard Heathcote and VIGORS, Sarah Ann (Sally) 03> WILLIAMS, Jonathan Matthew Leonard b 15.07.1981 Jonathan b. at Hastings. He is a pupil at Wanganui Collegiate School.

04> WILLIAMS, Annabel Jan b 20.02.1985 Annabel b. at Hastings.

03> WILLIAMS, Simon Leonard Heathcote b 19.10.1951 Simon b. at Singapore. Address: 4301 Hamilton Avenue, Oxnard, California 93033, USA. Simon is a welfare worker.

04> WILLIAMS. Sarah Standtshm on 20.03.1975 to GRIFFIN, Richard Geoffrey


b 13.10.1953 b 30.07.1949 Sarah b, at Hastings and m. at Longacre, Havelock North. Address: 145 Hill Street, Richmond, Nelson. Sarah and Rick farmed at Coromandel until 1985 when they moved to Nelson. Rick is self-employed and is a Councillor on the Tasman District Council, Sarah completed a Teaching Diploma in 1991.

)1> GRIFFIN, Fleur Tnmty b 16.11.1977 Fleurb. at Thames.

02> GRIFFIN, Rachel Clare b 29.05.1979 Rachel b. at Thames.

03> GRIFFIN. Matthew Robert b 16.10.1980 Matthew b. at Thames.

05> WILLIAMS, Julia Mary b 06.03.1955 Julia b. at Hastings. Address: PO Box 152, Hana, Maui, Hawaii 96713, USA.

06> WILLIAMS, Matthew Leonard Heathcote b 23.08.1958 d 17.01.1979 Matthew b. and d. at Hastings.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, N1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN. Sarah WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) and STANDISH, Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Gerald Stand!sh and ROLLESTON, Rachel Fane 05> WILLIAMS, Gerald Stand! shm on 22.06.1946 to ROLLESTON, Rachel Fane b 10.08.1915 b 10.05.1919 Gerald b. at Waipare, Anaura Bay, East Coast and m. at Timaru. Rachel, d/o Francis Joseph Rolleston (solicitor ofTimaru) and Mary Winifred Blair, b. at Timaru. Address: 41 Rokino Road, Taupo. Gerald was educated at Hereworth School and Christ's College. After a few years spent gaining farming experience he joined the RAP in 1939 and trained as a pilot. In 1941 his aircraft failed to return from a raid on Turin. He and the other crew of his four-engined Halifax were captured and became POWs. In 1942 he and a South African friend escaped from Oflag Vffl, north-west ofKassel, and 17 days later, having walked 275 miles through Central and Southern Germany under cover of darkness, they were both recaptured in the Black Forest, 70 miles from the Swiss frontier. He returned to New Zealand after the war and in 1951 was able, with the assistance of a Rehabilitation Loan, to purchase a 330 acre property near Takapau, Hawkes Bay, where he and Rachel farmed until it was sold in 1973. They then moved to Taupo and were, for some years, involved in managing tourist lodges in Fiordland and other areas. Gerald's interests include wildlife and trekking in mountainous areas. Rachel was educated at Craighead and Woodford House. During the war she did secretarial work for her father in Timaru and after her marriage she farmed with Gerald. She has played golf and tennis competitively. Since moving to Taupo she has been involved in community work including the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the Hospice Movement.


WILLIAMS. Will 1am Rolleston Stanch'sh (Bill)

m on

27.01.1973 to DAVEY, J111 tan Myrtle b 02.11.1946

b 20.07.1947

Bill b. at Hastings and m. at Takapau. Jill, d/o Jack Ferguson Davey and Myrtle Farquhar Smith. Address: 61 Balmain Road, Birkenhead, Auckland 10. Email: wrs. williams@auckland. ac. nz. Bill was educated at Hereworth School, Christ's College, Victoria University

of Wellington (LLB, 1970) and Canterbury University (Dip in Journalism, 1972). He has worked as a law clerk, as a sub-editor for the New Zealand Press Association, as a reporter for newspapers in Auckland (Auckland Star), Johannesburg (Johannesburg Star) and Cardiff (South Wales Echo), and as an editor and administrator for the Auckland District Law Society. Currently he is Public Relations Officer at the University of Auckland. Jill graduated from Ardmore Teachers' College in 1965, and from Massey University with a BA in 1967 and DipSLT in 1989. She teaches English as a Second Language at Westlake Girls' High School, Takapuna, Auckland.

)1> WILLIAMS, Frances Rachel b 18.01.1976 Frances b. at Newport, Wales. Address: Christchurch. Frances was educated at Westlake Girls' High School. She graduated BSc from the University ofOtago in 1997 and is currently studying towards an MSc in Industrial Psychology at the University of Canterbury.

2> WILLIAMS, Clare Jane b 20.12.1977 Clare b. at Auckland. She was educated at Westlake Girls' High School and commenced a Bachelor of International Communications course at Unitec Institute of Technology

in 1998.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane

WILLIAMS, W11 Ham Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah

WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) and STANDISH, Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Gerald Stand!sh and ROLLESTON, Rachel Fane WILLIAMS, Wmiam Rolleston Standish (B111) and DAVEY. jmian Myrtle 03> WILLIAMS, Benjamin Gerald b 20.12.1977 Benjamin b. at Auckland. He was educated at Westlake Boys' High School and is now completing a Certificate in Graphic Pre-Press at Auckland Institute of Technology, with a view to a career in desktop publishing.

02> WILLIAMS, Anna Mary b 23.10.1949 Anna b. at Hastings. Address: 99 Grafton Road, Roseneath, Wellington.

Anna gained a BA Degree in 1971 and a Diploma in Social Work in 1982, both from Victoria University, and gained a Certificate of Hand Loom Weaving fi'om Nelson Polytechnic in 1977. She works as an Oriental Rug Repairer and Restorer.

)1> WILLIAMS, A1den Norman b 27.05.1986 i Alden b. at Wellington.

03> WILLIAMS, Louise Rachel m on 10.05.1975 to PEMBERTON. Douglas Gregory b 30.04.1951 b 28.02.1948 Louise b. at Hastings. Gregory, s/o Ernest Louis Bain Pemberton and Elsie MillicentCribb, b. atTimaru. Address: 10 Douglas Street, Whakatane. Louise graduated BA from Canterbury University in 1972. She worked as a eyl'A./;;;:-li'i



medical social worker and gained a Certificate in Social Work in the same year. After gaining her Diploma in Teaching in 1975, she taught in Nelson for two years.

Greg graduated MAgEng from Canterbury University in 1975 and he and Louise lived in Barbados from 1977 until 1980. Greg worked as an agricultural engineering consultant with the Caribbean Development Bank and Louise taught both primary and secondary students, as well as English to foreign students. In 1981 Greg, Louise and her father, Gerald, sailed their nine-metre yacht from Barbados, through the Panama Canal, to Auckland. They settled in Whakatane in 1984. Louise is job sharing a primary teaching position and Greg is a director with Environment Bay of Plenty.

)1> PEMBERTON, Matthew Gerald b 02.03.1983 Matthew b. at Nelson.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Will 1am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS. Francis James Volkner (Frank) and STANDISH. Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Gerald Standtsh and ROLLESTON, Rachel Fane ^WILLIAMS, Louise Rachel and PEMBERTON. Douglas Gregory 02> PEMBERTON, Dam el Will 1am b 30.08.1985 Daniel b. at Whakatane.

03> PEMBERTON, Joshua Gregory b 13.12.1988 Joshua b. at Whakatane.

09> WILLIAMS, Sydney Leonard b 14.12.1866 d 04.01.1890 Sydney b. at Waikahua, Poverty Bay and d, at Edinburgh, Scotland. He was a medical student at Edinburgh University and was killed in an accident. At the time of his birth Sydney was named "Waikatohu" (who can tell?) by the local Maoris. Archdeacon Samuel Williams offered to send either Sydney or his twin brother, Frank to Edinburgh to study medicine. Sydney was chosen.

10> WILLIAMS, Arthur Edward b 17.09.1869

on io.07.i90i to TURNER, Caroline Emily (Emmy)

02.05.1930 b 19.03.1872 d 13.12.1978 Arthur b. at Parnell, Auckland and d. at Napier. Emily b. in Ayrshire, Scotland. Arthur was educated at Christ's College, Christchurch (1883-87, Head of School) and gained a Senior Soames Scholarship in 1886. He went to Jesus College, Cambridge, England (where he rowed for the College) and graduated BA with Honours in Mathematics in 1891. He became a civil engineer working in India, Russia and Germany. He was secretary of the NZ War Contingent Association in London during WW1. He returned to

New Zealand in 1919 to become Diocesan Secretary of the Waiapu Diocese, living first at Taradale and then at Havelock North. He was also a member of the Diocesan Standing Committee, Diocesan representative on the General Synod and lay representative on the Cathedral Chapter. He served for some years on the Napier Harbour Board and was Vice-President of the Automobile Association. His other interests included drama, horticulture and fishing. In the 1920's Emmy was involved in the establishment of Country Women's Institutes first in Hawkes Bay then m other parts of New Zealand. She was a founder of the Te Awapuni Maori Institute and was its president for many years. She was also an active member of the Red Cross. Shortly after the Napier earthquake she staged plays on the back of four lorries parked in the grounds of St Columba's Presbyterian Church. She was a fine needlewoman and made many beautiful tapestries.

L> WILLIAMS, Margery Turner b 16.03.1906 d 04.03.1997 Margery b. in England and arrived in New Zealand with her parents in December 1918. Margery was assistant matron ofHuntley School, Marton, then held various housekeeping jobs in Hawkes Bay. She was Assistant Secretary of the National Party in Hastings for eight years and was manager of the Hastings Farm Information Centre for fourteen years, retiring in 1979. During the war, Margery was a Sergeant in the WAAC Camp at Miramar. As S/Sgt she was attached to the 10th Heavy Artillery Regiment in charge of 14 radar trained girls who operated their own equipment each night. (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Wnitam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, WH11am Leonard and WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, Arthur Edward and TURNER. Caroline Emily (Emmy) WILLIAMS, Margery Turner and (cant...) They were the first WAACS to be attached to the Regiment. Margery was the only woman in the Sergeant's Mess. She was transferred to headquarters at Fort Dorset as Staff Sergeant and later (due to her mother's illness) she moved to Hawkes Bay where she was a Corporal in headquarters at Napier until the end of the war.

02> WILLIAMS, Charles Leonard m on **.**. 1938 to FAULKNER, Eugeme Louise Frederick Turner b 11.10.1907 d **.**.1976 b **.**.**** d **.**.1978

Charles was educated at Heretaunga School, Havelock North; Christ's College and Canterbury University. He became an electrical engineer and joined Turnbull and Jones where he became client advisor on the price of copper on the world market. His interests included miniature rifle shooting and he was several times champion of the Brooklyn Miniature Rifle Club and once represented New Zealand against Australia.

)1> WILLIAMS, Daphne Jean Turner b **.**.1939

02> WILLIAMS, Rosemary Lucy Turner b **.**.1941

Pholo from: Mrs M J Putt

Emily Jane GRAY (1856 - 1942) nee WILLIAMS, Margaret Jane WATSON (1929 -) md PUTT, Amy Mary WATSON (1903 - ) nee GRAY, Amy Margaret GRAY (1895 -1977), Marianne WILLIAMS (1843 -1932).


6789 594

The Descendants of Will 1am Leonard and Sarah wmiams

Photo from: Mrs M J Putt

Photo from: Mra M J Putt

Margaret GRAY (issi -1957) neeLANGFORD,

Lydia Catherine (Kate) WILLIAMS (1841 -1931),

Robert Leonard GRAY (1883 - 1961).

Barbara Aldham BLUNT (i9is - 1967).

Photo from; Pamela Currie

Photo from: Mrs M J Full

William Haydon MACLEAN (1879 - 1939).

Margaret Jane PUTT (1929 -) me WATSON.


The Descendants of Will 1am Leonard and Sarah wmiams

Photo from; Rev J R Maclean

Leonard Herbert Lionel MACLEAN (1881 -1967), Kenneth Edward MACLEAN (1883 -1943), Francis Sydney (Frank) MACLEAN (1892 -1966), William Haydon MACLEAN (1879 -1939), Eric Wanklyn MACLEAN (1886 - 1940), Frederick Hector MACLEAN (1894 -1948), Christopher Nelson MACLEAN (1897 -1982), Jean Elizabeth CURRIE (mo - 1984) mdSYME, Margaret Isabel CURRIE (1908 -1997) mdBLTTH, Mildred Ethel MACLEAN (1893 - 1972) neeAWDRY, Dorothy MACLEAN (1888 -1931), Janet Margaret MACLEAN (1897 - 1982) neeANSON, Christopher Haydon MACLEAN (1845 -1913), Margaret Elizabeth CURRIE (1884 - 1951) nec MACLEAM, Edith Sarah (Sallie) MACLEAN (1890 -1971), Dorothy Isabel MACLEAN (1892 - 1971) nee WARD.

Pholo from: Rev J R Maclean

Anne Margaret Palmer ROSS (1915 -) nec hUCLEAN, Kenneth Joseph Palmer (Joe) MACLEAN (1917 -1992), John Raglan MACLEAN (1919 -), James Nelson (Jim) MACLEAN (1919 - 1991).


The Descendants of Will 1am Leonard and Sarah wmiams

Photo from: Rev J R Maclean

Photo from: Rev J R Maclean

Kenneth Edward MACLEAN (1883 - 1943).

Anne Margaret Palmer ROSS (1915 -) me M/iCLEAN, Kenneth Charles Lynton ROSS (1946 -), John Raglan MACLEAN (1919 - ).

Photo from: Rev J R Maclean

Photo from; Rev J R Maclean

James Alexander ROSS (1955 - ),

Joan Mary Somerset MACLEAN (1916 -) nee WHITCOMBE,

Martin John ROSS (1955 - ).

Kenneth Joseph Palmer (Joe) MACLEAN (1917 -1992).


The Descendants of Will 1am Leonard and Sarah wmiams

Photo from: Mr/s Kate + Warren Holden

Kathleen Mary (Kate) HOLDEN (1955 -) nee BVRBURY, Warren Lyall HOLDEN (1946 -), Jack Sidney Duncan HOLDEN (1998 -).

Photo from: Mrs C M Ingle

(1) Caroline Margaret INGLE (1940 -) me WILLIAMS, (2) Bevan Sydney WILLIAMS (1904 - 1975),

(3) Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettie) WILLIAMS (1908 -1979) nee WILLIAMS, (4) Francis James Nigel WILLIAMS (1942 -), (5) Fiona Campbell WU.LIAMS (1945 -) me PEARSON, (6) Helen Rymer WILLIAMS (1933 - ) nec SATTRUP,

(7) Jon Standish WILLIAMS (1931 -), (8) Dinah Allison WILLIAMS (1941 -) nee MORRIS, (9) Anthony Leonard WILLIAMS (1934 -), (10) Henrietta Mary INGLE (1972 -), (1 1) Emma Louise WILLIAMS (1972 -), (12) Rachel Margaret WILLIAMS (1961 -) mdCHlBNALL, (13) Amanda Jane WILLIAMS (1966 -) md WALLACE,

(14)Victoria Louise INGLE (1967 - ), (15)Martin Jon Evan WD-.LIAMS (1966 -), (16)Jeremy William Thomas WILLIAMS (1965 -), (17) Christina Mary WILLIAMS (1969 -), (18) Michael Thomas WILLIAMS (1969 -), (19) Alexandra Caroline WGLE (1969 - ), (20) Emily Clare WILLIAMS (1970 -), (21) Timothy Charles Standish WILLIAMS (1964 -).


The Descendants of W1111am Leonard and Sarah wmiams

Photo from: Rev J S Williams

Francis James Volkner (Frank) WILLIAMS (1866 -1938). Wairere Homestead, Anaura Bay

Photo from: Mrs C M Ingle

Victoria Louise LNGLE (1967 - ), Alexandra Caroline D'-TGLE (1969 -), Michael Peter INGLE (1933 -), Caroline Margaret ENGLE (1940 - ) nec WILLIAMS, Henrietta Maiy INGLE (1972 -).



WILLIAMS. James Nelson = BEETHAH. Harv-Haraaret

Heafchcote Beetham

Arnold Beetham

Winifred Beetham

Gertrude Hary Beetham

-tlVHILL. Mary Anderson (HoHy)

"8EALE. Emma Reremoana

-NELSON. Francis Ernest

-RUSSELL. Andrew Hamilton

t t »WILLIWS. Arnold Kenneth Beale -NELSON. Alice Ruth •UILLIMS. Leonard Heathcote (SH1) ••WILLIAMS. Desmond Ornunde Beale ••NELSON. Winifred GwendoHne -UILLIAHS. James Nelson (Jack) -WILLIAMS. Margaret Octavla iWDCT. Henry ••WILLIAMS. Heathcote Beetham (BUD -UILLWIS. Anthony John Osw1d tNELSON, James Francis (J1m) t

••U1LLIWS. Janet Mary

E1s1e Jane Beetham

I -RUSSELL. Katherfne Mary -OEAHS. UH Ham ••RUSSELL. Janet Margaret

-KEtSALL. Vero El Hot

-(11PAL?R. Patricia Florence ••RUSSELL. Andrew Hamilton

-HOLAH. Patricia Elizabeth

-(ZIRIWRDS. Yvonne -1-hSUEEHY. Eve

..RUSSELL. John T1ns1ey -ROLLESTOH. Rosamond ..RUSSELL. Margaret Gertrude (Hargot) -lOhRf, Thorns Colanan crom; UILLIWS. James Nelson • BEETHAH. Hary-Hargaret (cont)



Cyril Nelson Beetham Edric Beetham •WILDER. Haud Margaret (PearHe) -HcKEHZIE. Christina Barbara



••Wn-LlWIS. Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettle) ..WILLIAHS. Mary Heggie •UILLIAHS. Bevan Sydney

-JMES. Sidney

-WILLIWS. Cyril James Wilder (Jim) -CRW-PTOH. Kathleen Hary

>.U[LLIAHS. Christina E)s1e -OUCKhVRTH. Auberon Charles Man Caapbell

••WILLIAMS. Joan Wilder -JOMES. Evan ••WILLIWS. Patricia Wilder "KELLY. George Murray Swinburne ••WILLIAMS. Timothy John Wilder

-(IIFOULER. Patricia Faith •(ZWIH50ALE. Agnes Will (Hancy) ^WILL1AMS. Bamabas UHder (Barney) -(1WL2IELL. Kathleen KeHy -(2)JWIESOH. Hoira Jane


WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham = HYHILL Marv Anderson (Mo11y)

Janet Mary -WILLIAMS. Leonard Heathcote (BUD

James Nelson (Jack)

Heathcote Beetham (Bin) -NOLAN. Patricia Elizabeth


See Chart 2.03.08

I.UILLIAHS. James Nelson Marcus ••WILLIAMS. Susan Rosemary •KEMP. Gerald Bruce I.UILLIAHS. Hanrish Beetham No1an

-BEAH[SH. Angela ..WILLIAMS. PhfUida Anne

-EIVERS. Mchael Patrick I.UILLIAMS. Oav1d Heathcote Beetham -UlLSOtl. Kirsty Anne

rWlLLIAMS. Arnold Henry Beetham ••WILLIAMS. Amanda Mary •CHRISP. lan Duncan


WILLIAMS, Arnold Beetham = BEALE, Emma Reremoana

Arnold Kenneth Beale Desmond Ormande Beale Margaret Octavia -WILLIAMS. Anthony John Oswald See Chart 1.01.03



WILLIAMS, Winifred Beetham =__NELSON. Francis Ernest

Alice Ruth Utnifred Gwendoline

James Francis (Jim) •(l)PALHER. Patricia Florence

•HALDEN. Henry

t ••NELSON. Jane Palmer

-TYL£E. Robert Hlchael ••NELSON, Mil Ham Palmer

•HAGEOORH. Caroline Rosemary ••NELSON. James Palmer -ORR. Helen Anne -NELSON. Christine Winifred Palmer

-PASTOH. John UilHaia (Captnl -(2)RICHARDS. Yvonne


WILLIAMS. Gertrude Mary Beetham ° RUSSELL. Andrew Hamilton

Katherine Mary

Janet Margaret

-DEANS. W1111 am

•KEMBALL. Vero El Hot



Andrew Hamilton John Tins ley Margaret Gertrude (Hargot) -HcSWEENV. Eve -ROLLESTON. Rosamond -LOURY. ThonHS Coleman (Tom)




••KEHBALL. Katharine Veronica ••RUSSELL. Catherine Hary -RUSSELl. Elizabeth Katharine ••LOURY. Margaret Ann

••DEANS. Jane Gertrude

-DEANS. U1111 am RusseU -OSBOSHE-SHITH. June SheiI a CTopsyl

-SEVERHE. John de HHt

-CAVE. Adrian Michael -BLAKER. John -nHaHEY. Peter W 11 lam ..RUSSELL. John RoHeston ..LOWRY. Thofms Russell (Tom) -OWWIO. Phillida Ann -de CRUCHY. Margaret Jane ••RUSSELL. Rdchel Gertrude ••LOWRY. Edward Patrick -HEUin. Jane Hary ••LOWRY. Caroline Mary •mRIE. Phih'ppe Gilbert Alfred


WILLIAMS, Cyril Nelson Beetham = MILDER. Haud Haraaret (Pearl ie) Timothy John Wilder -(DFOULER. Patnda Faith t

Mary Margaret UHder (Bettle)

CyrH James UHder (J1m) Joan WHder

Patricia Wilder

-WILLIAMS. Bevan Sydney

<RWTON. Kathleen Mary -JONES. Evan

-KELLY. George Murray Swinburne

See Chart 2.03.08

t -WILLIAMS. James Timothy UIHIam

••KELLY. Joan Margaret

••WILLIAMS. Hark Antony

-GRIFFITHS. Ull 1 lan Hugh -KELLY. Michael George (Hick)

>.W[LLIAHS. Susan Faith

-SMVHS. Jocelyn ••UILLIAHS. Elizabeth Erica Mary •mmER. Richard Arthur Cooper


-H£LI-?E. Victoria Frances

-AWERSOM. Timothy Derek

•Sir. Christine

••UILLIWS. Virginia Margaret (Gee)

••WILLIAMS. Adrian Christopher Charles

••KELLY. Teresa Mary

••UILLIAHS. un 11 am Cyril

-SHIJH. Patrick John -d IFRASiR. Clyde Eduard George -(2JHXRISW. Roderlck Charles Ha1co<m -(2)DINSOALE. Agnes Hill (Nancy) >KELLY. Elizabeth Janet

UILL1AHS. Cynl Nelson Beetham - UILOER. Haud Margaret (Pearlie) (rant)

-TArtOR. Wchael

Bamabas Wilder (Barney) -(DOALZIELL. Kathleen Kellv -UILLIfWS. Judith Margaret Uudy) -MIGHT. Oavid Philip "(ZUAHIESON. Molra Jane


WILLIAMS, Edric Beetham = McKENZIE. Christina Barbara

1 Hary Heggie

Christina Elsie

-JAMES. Sidney -OUUWORTH. Auberon Charles Aliin Camobell



..JOHES. Reina Christina ••DUCKWORTH. Jane Margaret Christina Victoria

-(tlSUTCLIFFE. Mchael -BLAKEHEY. Hugh -(ZlRElNSTflH. Michael >DUCKWORTH. Andra Julia Mary -(11BAIH. Angus

-(ZIGRACEf. Peter ••DUCKUORTH. BeHnda Cecil Anne -KUSEL. Hichael


Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret 05> WILLIAMS, James Nelson m on 22.01.1868 to BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret b 22.08.1837 d 11.06.1915 b 25.05.1848 d 25.02.1903 James b. at Waimate, m. at Lower Hutt and d. at "Rouncil", Havelock North and bd. at Havelock North. Mary-Margaret, d/o William Beetham (a noted portrait painter) and Mary Horsley, d. in London. (Mary Williams' family came from Frimley Hill, Surrey, arriving in Wellington on 01.12.1885 to farm in the Wairarapa. Her sister Annie married Thomas

Coldham Williams). James went to Turanga with his parents as an toddler, in 1839, and attended St John's College in Auckland in 1846-48. He accompanied his parents to England in 1850-53. As a young man James was in charge of the farming work at the Waerenga-a-Hika Mission. He went to Hawkes Bay in 1857, and after a short period with Samuel Williams at Te Aute, he took up "Kereru" station. In 1864 he bought and moved to Frimley where he built his home. His developments here played a major part in the growth of Hastings. Dissatisfied with the poor soil, JN sold "Kereru" and in 1875 bought the "Apley" portion ofRissington, some 15,000 acres, which he subdivided, selling off farms in 1879 when he bought "Edenham". Already in 1876 he had purchased "Mangakuri" which was passed to Samuel Williams. A journey of exploration of the northern East Coast region in 1883 led to the development of the Waipiro Lease. JN was behind many business ventures for the development ofHawkes Bay: there were attempts to establish a harbour at Clifton, a steamship company, goldmining and a woollen mill. More successful were the Northern Investment Company of New Zealand, and his partnership with William Nelson in what became the Tomoana Freezing Works. He served on the Hawkes Bay County Council for its first 24 years, the Napier Harbour Board, the Hospital Board and the Acclimatisation Society. He donated a ward to the Napier Hospital. He was involved in timber milling ventures in Queensland, in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne and near the main trunk railway south of Taumarunui. JN's granddaughter Bettie has written, "Though we went often to Frimley, children in those days were kept much in their nurseries and he seemed a kindly, but remote figure. Occasionally I sat on his knee and played with his watch and chain. Such a large expanse of waistcoat that I was hardly aware of the bearded face above it. I remember being taken to see him at Rouncil shortly before his death and being much upset when he died."

§ Kereru Adjoining the Ruahine foothills west of Hastings, "Kereru" comprised some 20,000 acres of a purchase by the Crown in 1857 from Te Hapuku. It included the properties later known as "Big Hill" and "Whanahahana". James Nelson

Williams held it from 1857 until 1875, and lived there until his move to "Frimley" in 1864. From 1865 until 1873 he was in partnership with Colonel J L Herrick, who lived there between 1864 and 1869. By the time the property was sold the sheep flock numbered 22,000. For several years the property was managed by Alien Marsh Williams before he left to manage "Te Aute". After World War 2 the sisters, Alice Ruth Nelson and Winifred Gwendoline Maiden (nee Nelson), purchased "Kereru" and, on their deaths, bequeathed the station as an educational trust.

§ Frimley Originally 3,000 acres in a north-south strip, "Frimley" comprised two of the twelve sections (hence Hawkes Bay's 'Twelve Apostles") of the "Heretaunga" block. This block was first leased by James Nelson Williams from the chief, Takamoana Karaitiana and from Henare Tomoana in 1864. The lease was made official in 1867 and the block was freeholded, not without much pressure on the owners, in 1870. Validation of the purchase took 25 years, became a political football and involved expensive court judgements. Kay Mooney, Hawkes Bay County historian, says, "The Angel Gabriel would have to apply to his superior before he could make moral judgements on it. (Part 2, p 19). The property was managed for about twenty years (1887-1907) by Joseph Heathcote Williams. "Frimley" was bounded on the east by Thomas Tanner's "Riverslea", and included most of the north and west (the Mahora-Stortford Lodge areas) of modern Hastings. Much was swamp land which was drained by Irish labour, fenced and sold off in 200-acre lots. Following an exploratory trip to Britain, France and North America in 1890, J N Williams established an orchard on a co-operative basis around the site of the Hastings Hospital. Later he also introduced pea growing. In 1904 Hawkes Bay's first canning factory was installed in the "Frimley" woolshed. In 1958 the remaining acreage was gifted to the people of Hastings and is now known as Frunley Park.

§ Apley "Apley" was part of "Rissington" station west ofNapier, owned by Major General Hon Sir George Stoddard Whitmore. Comprising 15,000 acres of freehold, it was purchased by W T Buckland in 1873. A year later the land plus 9,000 sheep was purchased by James Nelson Williams from the proceeds of the sale of "Kereru". He sold the property in smaller lots in 1879.

§ (cont...)

123456789 602

Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret (cont...) Edenham In 1879 James Nelson Williams bought what he considered his best farm land. Lying south ofElsthorpe, it comprised

some 8,000 acres of the block, part of the Hapuku purchase, which had originally been taken up in 1851 by Alfred Chapman and Captain Rhodes. With further purchases J N Williams' acreage evenmally totalled 16,500. Some flat areas were subject to flooding, and in 1889 there were severe sheep losses. However, in 1900 some 27,000 sheep were being grazed. "Edenham" was managed in its early years by A H Wallis, and for a period before 1901, by Heathcote Beatham Williams. Over the next few years J N Williams subdivided the property amongst members of his family. The homestead block went to Winifred Beetham Nelson (nee Williams) who sold it in 191 1. Another subdivision was named "Waipuna" and went to Edric Beetham Williams. Mangakuri The 21,000 acre 'Hapuku" block situated about 10 miles south-east ofElsthorpe was taken up about 1853 by Frederick Hargrave and Peter Couper. In 1859 the lease was taken over by Lt-Col Andrew Hamilton Russell. In 1862 Russell purchased 2,000 acres of the leasehold and by 1866 the remainder of the property had been made freehold. In 1876 A H Russell sold 21,000 acres freehold to James Nelson Williams for £50,750. Ownership subsequently passed to Samuel Williams ofTe Aute. He had a church built on "Mangakuri" and services were taken by George Coldham Williams who managed the station. On the death of Samuel Williams in 1907 the property was subdivided. "Clareinch" went to his nephew, Alien Douglas Williams and the "Waipari" block to his daughter, Lucy Frances Warren (nec Williams). "Rangitapu" went to George Coldham Williams and the "Mangakuri" homestead block of about 5,400 acres went to

William Temple Williams. "Rangitapu" was later divided amongst his family by G C Williams. It was run as an estate until after the death of

his wife, Mary (Molly) Williams (nec Mollat). A part of the station was sold shortly after World War 2 and the remainder about 1982.

§ Tuakau A lease on this property was taken up by James Nelson Williams in the 1880's. It was later made subject to a charitable trust set up as a memorial to H H Beale and A K Williams who lost their lives in World War 2.



In 1883, seeking pastoral land for the family, James Nelson Williams explored the East Coast north ofTolaga. After three years of negotiation some 37,000 acres, centred on Waipiro Bay, were leased from the Ngati Porou. The land was to prove of varying quality, cattle died from tutu poisoning, and the original Lincoln sheep did not thrive. Its eventual prosperity owed much to A H Wallis, the first manager, who gave able leadership to the development of both land and community until 1901. Arnold Beetham Williams came to "Waipiro" in 1892 and Heathcote Beetham Williams in 1901, from which date both brothers carried on the management. Access was by sea at Waipiro, which remained an important centre until the development of the inland road following World War 1. The lease played a vital part in the development of farming throughout the whole of the Waiapu area. J N Williams was able to purchase a number of properties, some mainly in bush, whose holders had found the conditions too difficult. These were taken up at various stages by relatives, and by his sons, A B and H B Williams. By 1900 J N Williams "controlled by one tenure or another, more than 100,000 acres." ("Land of the Sunrise", A B Williams, pl9). In the mid 1890s J N Williams and others were suffering criticism for their aggregation of large land holdings and, partly to counter this, "Waipiro" was offered to the Government for closer settlement. After inspection in 1896 by the Land Settlement Board the Chairman, James McKerrow concluded that it was unsuitable for settlement and the offer was declined. Believing that Williams had made a bad bargain on the property, credit sources withdrew their support. However the establishment of the freezing industry in Gisborne in the late 1890s brought a change of fortune. In 1894 the lease of "Waipiro" was held to be deficient and a new 21-year lease was negotiated. When this expired in 1915 the block was returned to its Maori owners.

)1> WILLIAMS. Heathcote Beetham m on 01.09.1917 to MYHILL, Mary Anderson (Molly) b 02.12.1868 d 03.05.1961 b 28.03.1889 d 15.02.1975 Heathcote b. at Frimley, Hastings, m. at Sydney, Australia and d. at Gisborne. Molly b. at Napier and d. at Gisborne. Heathcote was educated at French Farm Prep School, Akaroa; Christ's College (head prefect, 1st

XI, 1st XV); and Cambridge University (BA in Law, Jesus College 1st XV). He managed his father's farming interests in Hawkes Bay until 1903 when he moved to Turihaua. He became involved in business and served as Director ofGisborne Sheepfarmers Mercantile Co Ltd; Gisborne Sheepfarmers Freezing Co Ltd; Wanganui Woollen Mills Ltd; Dominion Life Assurance ofNZ Co Ltd; Portland Cement (cont...)

123456789 603

Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM. Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham and MYHILL, Mary Anderson (Molly) WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham and MYHILL. Mary Anderson (Molly) (cont...) Co Ltd; Ngarere Goldfields Ltd; and Kerridge Odeon Group of Companies. He established Huiarua Ltd, a family farming company which owned "Huiarua" station, "Matanui" station inland from Tokomaru Bay (purchased in 1966 from the Estate ofEP Murphy), Paradise Farm Horticulture near Puha, Gisborne and "Ohinewairoa" station near

Taihape. He established the Turihaua Angus Stud in 1906 and set up the J N Williams Memorial Trust in 1945 in memory of his son. Jack. Mary established the M A Williams Charitable Tmst in 1968.


Turihaua Station

Located on the coast 16 km north ofGisborne, this property was purchased from the Maoris in 1884 by Alan McDonald. Comprising some 5,000 acres, it was mortgaged to the Bank of New Zealand which finally bought it in 1890. In 1894 it was purchased by James Nelson Williams of "Frunley" much as it is today. He first used it as a fattening farm for his Waipiro Bay properties. In 1896 it was offered for sale but, there being no takers, it was withdrawn two years later. In 1901 James leased "Turihaua" to his son, Heathcote Beetham Williams snr who ran it from Hawkes Bay until 1905 when he came to live on the property. He established the, now famous, Turihaua Angus Cattle Herd and also a purebred Romney (unregistered) Hock which is still going today. He

completed felling of some of the Puriri bush still standing in 1905. On 14 Sep 1942 H B Williams transferred the property to Trusts for his sons, James Nelson Williams and Heathcote Beetham (Bill) Williams. James was killed in the war in 1942 and since then the property has belonged, through trusts, to several family members. Hamish Beetham Nolan Williams has controlled the station since 1986 and, besides continuing the successful operation of the Angus Stud, he has introduced a registered Romney Stud. A deer farm has operated since 1980 under the control of James Nelson Marcus Williams and a small horticultural block adjoining "Turihaua" was purchased in 1987.

)1> WILLIAMS. Janet Mary m on 06.02.1948 to WILLIAMS, Leonard Heathcote (BUD b 16.07.1918 d 28.11.1979 b 27.05.1912 d 28.11.1979 Janet b. at Havelock North and m. at Gisborne. Leonard, s/o Francis James Williams and Edith Frances Standish, b. atNapier. Jan and Bill were second cousins. Their biographies and descendants are listed under Bill's entry in this Family Tree.

02> WILLIAMS, James Nelson (Jack) 21.02.1921

d 19.12.1943 Jack b. at Gisborne. He attended Christ's College where he was a school prefect and athletics champion in 1939. He became a flying officer in the RNZAF (1940-1943). He was killed in action at Rabaul, New Guinea.

03> WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham


on 09.11.1946 to NOLAN, PatMda Elizabeth b 30.05.1924

b 16.08.1922

Bill b. and m. at Gisborne. Patricia, d/o Henry Clyde Nolan and Sylvia Mary Westenra. Address: Turihaua Station, RD 3, Gisborne. Bill was educated at Hereworth School and Christ's College (head prefect, captain of 1st XV). He joined the armed forces and spent a year in the Pacific in a Lt Anti-Aircraft Unit as a Lieutenant. He returned to farm at "Turihaua" with his father and later took over the running of the property. He became involved in business and has served as Director ofGisborne Sheepfarmers Mercantile Co Ltd; Gisborne Sheepfarmers

Freezing Co Ltd; Crown Consolidated; Dalgety Crown; Wanganui Woollen Mills Ltd; Ormond Motors Ltd and J L Primrose Ltd. He has also served on the Gisborne Harbour Board for a number of years.

Bill set up the Turihaua Charitable Trust in 1962 and the Turanga Charitable Trust in 1975. In 1963 he bought the Eastwoodhill Arboretum which was given to the Nation in 1975 under a special Act of Parliament.


7 8 9


Descendants of WILLIAMS. Wm1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham and MYHILL, Mary Anderson (Molly) WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham (BHI) and NOLAN. Patricia Elizabeth WILLIAMS, James Nelson Marcus and SEBTI, Stmtn 01> WILLIAMS, James Nelson Marcus m on 04.02.1995 to SEBTI. S1m1n b 01.11.1948

b 15.09.1962 Marcus b. at Gisborne. He and Sunin had a second Persian marriage ceremony on 15.09.1995 in California. Address: Ohui, PO Box 997, Gisborne. Marcus was educated at Hereworth School, Christ's College (prefect, 1st hockey XI, 1st rowing Vffl, gymnastics) and Canterbury University (BCom). He imported the first Gelbvieh cattle into Australasia in 1977 and began farming deer a year later. His primary farming interests involve deer at Tolaga Bay and Turihaua

with a strong emphasis on organics. He maintains a keen interest in alternative health, environmental and social matters. Simin comes from Iran which she left in 1984 to study at the University of Canterbury. She graduated BE(Hons) in electrical engineering by which time she had chosen New Zealand as her 'home'. Her application for New Zealand Residency was only achieved after much persistence and endorsement by the then Prime Minister, Geoffrey Palmer. Her family now live in California.

il > WILLIAMS. Serena Mttra b 07,01.1997 Serena b. at home in a birthing pool.

02> WILLIAMS, Susan Rosemary m on 27.03.1975 to KEMP, Gerald Bruce b 10.03.1950 b 13.03.1947 Susan b. and m. at Gisborne. Gerald, s/o Brian Kemp and Nancy Bruce, b. at Gisborne. Address: Pouriwai, PB 7618, Gisborne. Susan was educated at Woodford House and trained at Christchurch Public Hospital as a registered nurse (1971). Gerald was educated atWanganui Collegiate School and is a stock farmer specialising in Simmental stud cattle.

)1> KEMP, Caroline Rose b 27.07.1978 Caroline b. at Gisborne. She was educated at Woodford House where she was Head of House and a Prefect, and she is completing a course in Resource Studies and Tourism at Lincoln University.

)2> KEMP, Jeremy Arnold b 09.03.1980 Jeremy b. at Gisborne. He was educated at Hereworth School and Wanganui Collegiate School where he was in the swimming team and the tennis team. He is now studying Viticulture at Lincoln University.

03> KEMP, Hamtsh Gerald b 05.06.1982 Hamish b. at Gisborne. He was educated at Hereworth School where he was Head Prefect, and is now at Wanganui Collegiate School and a member of the 1st rugby XV.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, WHHam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham and MYHILL, Mary Ander-son (Molly) WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham (BHI) and NOLAN, Patnda Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Haimsh Beetham Nolan and BEAMISH, Angela 03> WILLIAMS, Hanrish Beetham Nolanm on 30.06.1979 to BEAMISH. Angela b




Hamish b. at Gisborne and m. at Crownthorpe, Hastings, Angela, d/o Michael Beamish and Patricia Holden, b. at Crownthorpe. Address: "Turihaua", RD 3, Whangara, Gisborne. Hamish was educated at Hereworth School and then at Christ's College (house prefect, captain ofgymnastic team, member of swimming team). After leaving school he gained practical farming experience at "Diungia" Station and Turanganui Romney Stud before purchasing "Maungaorangi" Station, 50 minutes north ofGisborne. He farmed and developed the property for 18 years before selling. In 1986 he moved with his family to "Turihaua" Station to run the property for family members. He also supervises "Ohinewairau" Station, a family property in Taihape, and is a director for Williams and Kettle and for several family companies. The Angus Stud is his passion and he enjoys the challenge that the stud stock industry demands. He maintains a keen interest in the sheep, deer and bloodstock industries. He is a strong believer in 'sustainable farming practices' and has established plantings of various tree species for land erosion, timber and fodder crops. Hamish is involved in the Farm Cadet Scheme (now known as AITO), and with the New Zealand Beef Council at a local level. He is also a Councillor for the New Zealand Angus Association. Angela was educated at Woodford House and is a qualified speech and language therapist. She is directly involved in farming affairs and the Stud and is actively involved in the education of their three children.

)1> WILLIAMS. Toby Heathcote Beetham b 23.12.1980 Toby b. at Gisborne. He attended Wainui Beach School, Gisborne, and Hereworth School and is now in his last year at Christ's College where he is a house prefect.

02> WILLIAMS, Beltnda Patricia b 31.08.1982 Belinda b. at Gisborne. She attended Wainui Beach School and Gisborae Intermediate and is now in her third year at Woodford House.

03> WILLIAMS. Paul Michael b 15.07.1985 Paul b. at Gisborne. He attended Wainui Beach School and is now at Hereworth School where he is a school prefect and a member of the school 1st soccer XI as well as a Havelock North representative player.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM. Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham and MYHILL, Mary Anderson (Molly) WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham (8111) and NOLAN, Patnda Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Phmida Anne and EIVERS, Michael Patnck 04> WILLIAMS, PhmidaAnnem on 22.10.1976 to EIVERS, Michael Patnck b 28.09.1954 b 31.05.1952 Phillida b. and m. at Gisborne. Michael, s/o Robert (Bob) Eivers and Annette Barker. Address: Hiwinui Station, RD 2, Gisborne. Phillida was educated at Woodford House and Michael was educated at St Paul's College, Hamilton. They are farming at Ngatapa, Gisborne, in partnership.

L> EIVERS, George Wynn b 09.01.1978 George b. at Gisborne.

02> EIVERS. Rebecca Sylvia b 23.11.1979 Rebecca b. at Gisborne.

03> EIVERS, Will 1am Michael b 25.03.1983 William b. at Gisborne.

04> EIVERS, James Robert b 05.10.1984 James b. at Gisborne.

05> EIVERS, Henry Beetham b 12.01.1986 Henry b. at Gisborne.

05> WILLIAMS, David Heathcote Beetham m on 25.02.1934 to WILSON, Ktrsty Anne b




David b. at Gisborne and m. at Wellington. Kirsty, d/o Dr A L Wilson, b. at Wellington. Address: Waikuriwai, RD 1, Gisborne. David was educated at Hereworth School and Christ's College and is a horticulturist on "Waikuriwai" farm at Makauri, Gisborne.

U> WILLIAMS, Anna N1 col a b 22.10.1987 Anna b. atGisborne.

02> WILLIAMS, Ltbby Anne b 27.06.1989 Libby b. at Gisborne.

03> WILLIAMS, N1 col a Emma b 05.09.1991 Nicola b. at Gisborne.

6> WILLIAMS, Arnold Henry Beetham b 11.11.1960 d 23.05.1962 Arnold b. at Gisborne.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, wmiam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham and MYHILL, Mary Anderson (Molly) WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham (BUD and NOLAN, Patnda Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Amanda Mary and CHRISP, lan Duncan 07> WILLIAMS, Amanda Marym on to CHRISP, lan Duncan b 27.06.1963

b 10.04.1962

Amanda b. and m. at Gisborne. Duncan, s/o Tony Chrisp and Betty Grey, b. at Gisborne. Address: PO Box 220, Silverdale, Auckland. Amanda was educated at Woodford House and Duncan was educated at King's College, Auckland. They are exporters of natural products and manufacturers and wholesalers of ski clothing..

Ol> CHRISP, Matthew Arnold b 15.03.1992 Matthew b. at Auckland.

02> CHRISP, Aana Elizabeth b 22.05.1994 Aana b. at Auckland.

03> CHRISP, Annabel b 22.05.1994 d 22.05.1994 Annabel b. and d. at Auckland.

02> WILLIAMS, Arnold Beetham m on **.**.**** to BEALE, Emma Reremoana b 19.04.1870 d 28.12.1965 b 16.05.1887 d 31.07.1959 Arnold b. at Frimley, Hastings and m. at Waipiro Bay. Emma nec Brown was previously married to Arthur Merritt Beale. There were eight Beale children, three of whom were adopted by Arnold. Arnold spent his childhood at Frimley and was educated at Heretaunga School, Hastings (1st pupil), French Farm Bay, Banks's Peninsula and Christ's College (school prefect, athletics champion and NZ 440 yds title holder,

1st cricket XI, 1st rugby XV). He attended Cambridge University (Jesus College 1st rugby XV in 1890-91). He also played rugby for the Blackeath Club while in England. He worked with the London Woolbrokers for two years, then was called home by his father to supervise his farming operations in the Waiapu County, making his headquarters at Waipiro Bay. He eventually settled at "Puketiti" Station, Te Puia Springs. Arnold served on the

Waiapu County Council (1895 -1927), the Tokomaru Bay Harbour Board (1921 - 1924) and the Waiapu Hospital Board (1903 - 1944). Along with his cousin, K S Williams, and T F Sherwood-Hale, he assisted in the establishment of the Te Puia Springs Hospital. Many fine trees around his homestead bear testimony to his interest in conservation. After WW2 he set up a Trust as a memorial to his two sons who were killed in the war, and this has helped many local organisations. He also helped to establish sports, particularly rugby, in the Waiapu district. Arnold was a successful racehorse breeder and owner, winning many of the major races in New Zealand and Australia. Amongst his outstanding horses were Rapine, Star Stranger and Bandmaster.

Publications by A B Williams


"Land of the Sunrise", cd Gordon Tones

)1> WILLIAMS, Arnold Kenneth Beale b 07.11.1915 d **.**.1943 Adopted. Arnold served in a Cavalry Regiment in the Middle East in WW2 and was killed in action in Italy.

02> WILLIAMS, Desmond Onnonde Beale b 03.11.1917 d **.10.1997 Adopted. Desmond was educated at Hereworth School and Christ's College. During WW2 he served in the 22nd Wellington Battalion and the Long Range Desert Group and saw action in the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and Italy. Desmond is a long serving member of the Waiapu Hospital Board and the Tairawhiti Area Health Board and also served on the East Cape Catchment Board. He has a great interest in sport, particularly athletics, and is active in conservation.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret ^WILLIAMS. Arnold Beetham and BEALE, Emma Reremoana WILLIAMS. Margaret Octavta and WILLIAMS, Anthony John Oswald 03> WILLIAMS, Margaret Octavlam on i7.os.i946 to WILLIAMS, Anthony John Oswald b 31.05.1920 b 31.03.1918 Margaret b. at Waipiro Bay (adopted) and m. at Te Puia Springs. Anthony, s/o of Oswald Temple Williams and Violet Lethridge Wood, b. at Gisborne. Biographical notes and descendants of Margaret and Anthony are listed under Anthony's entry in this Family Tree.

3> WILLIAMS, Winifred Beetham m on 23.11.1893 to NELSON, Francis Ernest b 18.01.1872 d 17.03.1935 b 16.01.1869 d 26.07.1937 Winifred b. at Frimley, m. at St Matthew's Church, Hastings and d. at "Rouncil". Frank, s/o Charles Nelson of Kenilworth, Warwicks, England. Winifred was a foundation trustee ofWoodford House School, Havelock North, and also ofRoyston Hospital. At "Rouncil" she established a collection of native trees. On coming to New Zealand, Frank worked for his uncle, William Nelson, at Tomoana Freezing Works. On their marriage they built "Eversleigh". After a period in England in the family Gelatine business he returned to Hawkes Bay and farmed at "Rouncil". He was also involved in J N Williams' timber milling interests, often having to travel to Australia and the central North Island, and was a director ofOdlin's Timber Co.

Ol> NELSON. Alice Ruth b 22.08.1894 d 24.07.1977 Ruth b. at Eversley. Following a trip to Europe in the 1920's where she met leading anthroposophists, Ruth was instrumental in the development of the movement in New Zealand and it became her lifelong interest. In 1946 Ruth, with her sister, Gwen, purchased "Kereru" station which had at one time belonged to their grandfather, J N Williams, and under their ownership it became one of the leading pastoral properties in Hawkes Bay. In 1966 Ruth and Gwen each formed their share of the station into a charitable trust which continues to support a range of activities. Ruth was largely responsible for the establishment of the Rudolph Steiner School in Hastings. In 1950 she and others bought the then Queenswood School for this purpose. Ruth also carved the altar in the Woodford House Chapel at Havelock North.

02> NELSON, Winifred Gwendoltne b 15.07.1897

on **.**. 1945 to MALDEN, Henry

d 13.12.1973

b **.**.**** d 17.05.1963

Gwendoline b. at Eversley. Gwen was interested in the arts and was well regarded as a painter herself. In recognition of her support of the Hawkes Bay Museum in Napier, the Gwen Maiden Gallery was named after her. She took an active part in the Anthroposophical Movement and was responsible for the establishment of Weleda in Hawkes Bay.

03> NELSON, James Francis (J1m) m on 19.10.1935 to (l)PALMER, Patnda Florence b 23.04.1903 d 17.10.1995 b 15.05.1914 d 18.01.1968 Jim b. at Kenilworth, England. He was educated at Heretaunga and Christ's College (head prefect) and Merton College, Oxford. He was then involved with the Oxford Bermondsey Boys' Club in the East End of London. He attended Cuddesdon Theological College for a year before returning to New Zealand. He became involved with many educational, religious and social organisations especially Hereworth School, Hawkes Bay Childrens' Homes and St Luke's Church, Havelock North. He did Home Service in the NZ Army during WW2. Jim was chairman of the organising committee for the Williams Family Reunion held at Paihia in 1973.

1> NELSON, Jane Palmer

m on

i4.oi.i956 to TYLEE, Robert Michael b 26.11.1930

b 27.09.1936

Jane b. at Hastings and m. at St Luke's Church, Havelock North. Michael, s/o John Perry Tylee and Alice Helen Miller. Address: Te Mata-Mangateretere Road, RD 2, Hastings. Jane and Michael farmed at Elsthorpe, Hawkes Bay for 28 years and are now orcharding at Mangateretere.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Winifred Beetham and NELSON, Francis Ernest ^NELSON, James Francis (Jim) and PALMER, Patricia Florence ^NELSON, Jane Palmer and TYLEE, Robert Michael ^TYLEE, Michael Palmer and HAINES, Robin 01> TYLEE, Michael Palmer m on 28.oi.i984 to HAINES, Robin b 04.10.1956 b 11.09.1957 Robin, d/o D J Haines and P Robinson. Address: 10 Burn Street, Karori, Wellington. Michael was educated at Hereworth School, Wanganui Collegiate School and Canterbury University (BE) and is an electrical engineer with Telecom.

01> TYLEE, George Richard Nelson b 07.09.1986

02> TYLEE, Alice Elizabeth Jane b 01.03,1990

13> TYLEE, Elizabeth Mary Hatnes b 24,02.1995

02> TYLEE, Ann Patnda m on o6.04.i984 to MACLEAN, Peter Samuel b 31.08.1958 b 12.11.1956 Ann was educated at Woodford House and Massey University (BA).

L> MACLEAN. Holly Frances b 17.09.1984


Ella Friml ey

b 08.03.1987

13> MACLEAN, Ptera Rose Palmer b 30.06.1993

03> TYLEE, Tessa Alice b 03.07.1960 Tessa b. at Hastings. Address: 18 Wolsely Street, Mount Albert, Auckland. Tessa was educated at Woodford House and Canterbury and Otago University (BCom). She has worked as a radio copywriter, television promotions director, television promotions manager and television producer. She has two cats and enjoys gardening.

62> NELSON. Will 1am Palmer m on 01.02.1964 to HAGEDORN, Caroline Rosemary b 01.02.1939 b 13.10.1940 William b. at Hastings and m. at Hereworth School, Havelock North. Caroline, d/o Friedrick Max Hagedorn (Company Director of Industrial Adhesives, Richmond, Surrey) and Hon Gertrude Eleanor Rosemary St John, b. at Bath, England. Address: "Rouncil", PO BOK 8095, Havelock North. William is a farmer. He was on "Parikanapa" Station, Gisborne, for 20 years and has been on "Rouncil" station in Hawkes Bay for 10 years.

)1> NELSON, Charles Wnitam b 28.03.1966 Charles b. at Gisborne. He was educated at Hereworth School, King's College, Auckland, and Lincoln College (1984-88, BAgCom in Marketing and Bus Adm). He worked in export marketing in Wellington for 18 months before travelling overseas. He worked for Lowe Walker Export Co in Hawkes Bay for 31/2 years and is now working for the New Zealand Lamb Co in White Plains, New York.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, N1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret ^WILLIAMS, Winifred Beetham and NELSON, Francis Ernest ^NELSON, James Francis (J1m) and PALMER, Patricia Florence ^NELSON, Will 1am Palmer and HAGEDORN, Caroline Rosemary ^NELSON, Rosemary St John and ACLAND, John Barton 02> NELSON. Rosemary St John m on 09.02.1991 to ACLAND, John Barton b




Rosemary b. at Gisborne and m. at Woodford House, Havelock North. John, s/o John Acland snr and Rosemary Hobson snr. Address: "Mount Peel", Peel Forest, South Canterbury. Rosemary completed a three year physiotherapy diploma at Otago Polytechnic. John is farming on Mount Peel station.

il > ACLAND, John Frederick Nelson b 11.12.1993

)2> ACLAND, Arthur Will 1am Nelson b 30.08.1995

)3> ACLAND. Oscar Ormond Nelson b 09.07.1998

03> NELSON. Emma St John b 28.05.1971 d 12.09.1974

")4> NELSON, Guy Will 1am b 21.12.1972 Address: 21 Marchwiel Road, Timaru. Guy was educated at Hereworth School, King's College and Christ's College. He worked as a shepherd in Hawkes Bay then in 1995 he began a BAgComm degree at Lincoln University and graduated with a double major in Valuation and Farm Management in 1995. In 1996 he worked for the National Bank in Invercargill as Rural Manager and he is now in Tunaru working for Ag New Zealand as a farm advisor.

05> NELSON, Samuel Will 1am b 05.06.1975 Samuel was educated at Hereworth School, Hastings Boys' High School and King's College and is now in completing a Law degree at Canterbury University.

06> NELSON, Sarah St John b 01.08.1977 Sarah was educated at Havelock North Primary and Intermediate and Woodford House then took a year out of school and worked in England for part of 1996. She is now studying Arts at Canterbury University.

3> NELSON, James Palmer m on 11.05.1968 to ORR, Helen Anne b 09.09.1941 b 22.06.1943 James b. at Hastings and m. at St Luke's Church, Havelock North. Helen, d/o Charles Ronald Orr and Joan Sarah Mackay, b. at Waipawa. Address: PO Box 2440, Stortford Lodge, Hastings. James has farmed at "Kaikoura" station, Gisborne, since 1965 and is presently an apple orchardist in Raupare Road, Hastings.

)1> NELSON, Kathenne Anne b 03.12.1969 Katherine b. at Gisborne. Address: 3/8 Temple Street, Gisborne. Katharine was born with cerebral palsy and as a result some of her motor functions are impaired. In spite of this, she leads a busy life, aided by a motorised scooter. She has worked in a voluntary capacity for CCS for a number of years. She has noticed over the years that the (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Winifred Beetham and NELSON, Francis Ernest

-1.NELSON, James Francis (J1m) and PALMER, Patnda Florence

^NELSON, James Palmer and ORR, Helen Anne NELSON, Kathenne Anne and (cont...)

attitudes of society towards people with disabilities has changed considerably. Many of her activities involve social contacts and activities with a variety of people. Her interests include writing and flying and she is hoping to publish a book at a later date.

4> NELSON, Chn'stine Winifred Palmer m on 19.10.1968 to PASTON, John wmiam b




Christine b. at Hastings and m. at St Luke's Church, Havelock North. John, s/o William Albert Fasten and Mildred Helen Baker, b. at Devonport, England. The Paston family originated in France and moved to Britain to settle in Norfolk where there are many places of historic interest concerning the family. Address: PO Box 93, Bay View, Napier. John is a master mariner with ANL, Australia, and a commander in the RANR. He is a keen follower of

English football in which his son Mark is a player.

ilL> PASTON, James Will 1am b 01.02.1972 James b. at Sydney, Australia. He is a civil engineer with Higgins Contractors, Napier.

02> PASTON, Simon Christopher b 28.12.1974 Simon b. at Hastings. He is working in Auckland as an aeronautical engineer with Air New Zealand.

03> PASTON, Andrew John b 13.12.1976 Andrew b. at Hastings. He is completing a business studies course in Napier.

04> PASTON, Mark Nelson b 13.12.1976 Mark b. at Hastings. He is completing a computer science degree at Victoria University. He plays

football and is an All White.

05> PASTON, Joanna Kathenne b 18.08,1978 Joanna b. at Hastings. She attended Napier Girls' High School and is now studying Resource Management, specialising in Forestry, at Lincoln University.

03>'NELSON, James Francis (J1m) m on 14.08.1972 to (2)RICHARDS, Yvonne b 23.04.1903 d 17.10.1995 b 01.08.1915

4> WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham m on 05.os.i896 to RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton b 09.09.1873 d **.03.1964 b 23.02.1868 d 02.12.1960 Gertrude b. at Frimley, Hastings, and m. at St Matthew's Church, Hastings. Andrew, s/o Andrew Hamilton Russell and Katherine Sarah Tinsley, b. at Redcliffs, Hawkes Bay. Andrew, Major General Sir Andrew Russell, KCB, KCMG, was educated in England at Twyford School and Harrow, then attended the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, graduating with the Sword of Honour. He spent five years with the British Army in India before returning to New Zealand where he took over the running of "Tuna Nui" station, and a block of land at Twyford near Hastings. He was also involved in the development of the New Zealand Territorial Forces. On the outbreak ofWWl he was commander of the Wellington Mounted Rifle Brigade and went overseas with the Main Body of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. After commanding the Anzac Force in the withdrawal from Gallipoli, he was given command of the New Zealand Division with the rank of Major General, and was created a KCMG in 1915. He served in France for the remainder of the war and afterwards he joined the Army (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Wm1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham and RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham and RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton (cont...) of Occupation on the Rhine. He was made a KCB in 1917. After the war he played a major part in setting up the British Empire Servicemen's League and the New Zealand Returned Services' Association, serving as Dominion President for two years. He continued to farm at "Tuna Nui" for the rest of his life but retained many other involvements and interests, both public and private. These included the Hawkes Bay Farmers Co-op Association, Barraud and Abraham and the Hawkes Bay Agricultural and Pastoral Society. In 1940 he emerged from retirement to take up an appointment as Inspector-General of the Forces in New Zealand. He was also responsible for the purchase of Mount View" station at Mangamahu, which is still owned by descendants.


Tuna Nui

Located some 25 miles west of Hastings, "Tuna Nui" comprised 31,000 acres of land which was leased in 1862 and later freeholded by brothers William Russell Russell and Andrew Hamilton Russell. The Maori owners, including Paora Kaiwhata and Renata Kawepo later attempted to have the purchase set aside, but in this they were unsuccessful. Part of the property is now known as Sherenden.

1> RUSSELL. Kathenne Mary m on 29.oi.m9 to DEANS, William [-) ******** (j **.**. 1990

b 11.08.1897 d **.**.1974 Katherine b. at Frimley.

01> DEANS, Jane Gertrude b 09.01.1920 d **.**.****

Jane b, at Christchurch.

02> DEANS, William Russell m on **,**.**** to OSBORNE-SMITH, June Shetla


b 12.11.1921 d **.**.1985 b **.**.****

Russell b. at Christchurch.

)1> DEANS. Wmiam George Russell m on 07.04.1984 to WAKEMAN, Ann Louise b 28.04.1955 b 11.01.1962 Address: Sandown, Darfield, Canterbury.

William is farming in partnership with his brother Philip. Refer to "The Genealogy of the Narbey Family of Long Bay, Banks Peninsula" published by Evagean Publishing in 1993 for records of Ann's family.

)1> DEANS, Ben Will 1am b 15.07.1985

)2> DEANS, Henry George b 09.02.1987

02> DEANS, Philip Russell m on 22.11.1986 to MIDDLETON, Jocelyn Lee b 17.08.1957 b 10.03.1962 Philip b. at Darfield and m. at Christchurch. Jocelyn, d/o Donald Middleton and Helen Margaret (Sally) Wigley, b. atTimaru. Address: Rowallan, RD 1, Darfield. Jocelyn trained as a nurse. She and Philip are now farming in Canterbury.

)1> DEANS, Amelia Kate b 16.12.1988

2> DEANS, Matthew Phil1p b 27.02.1991



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham and RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton ^RUSSELL, Kathenne Mary and DEANS, Will 1am ^DEANS, Wmiam Russell and OSBORNE-SMITH, June Sheila ^DEANS, Phi Hp Russell and MIDDLETON, Jocelyn Lee 03> DEANS, Derek Douglas b 15.08.1995

03> DEANS. Kathenne Russell b 29.08.1958 Katherine b. at Darfield. Address: 75 McBride Street, Frankton, Central Otago. Katherine was educated at Selwyn House, Christchurch, and Craighead, Timaru. In 1979 she gained a Diploma in Horticulture and in 1984, a Diploma in Landscape Technology, both from Lincoln University. During 1979-82 she completed Stages I and 2 of the New Zealand Ski Instructor's course, as well as the Coaches course. In 1990 she completed the Avalanche Course 1 and in 1995, a Mountain Skills course. From 1979, Katherine worked as a ski instructor in Australia, New Zealand and America. In 1984-86 she worked as a designer for Canterbury Landscapes and in 1987 she moved to Queenstown and worked for Boffa Miskell until 1994. Since then she has been a self-employed landscape designer in Queenstown and a part-time heli-guide in the winter. She has been involved with large landscape projects, two of which won National Architectural Awards - Millbrook Resort and THC Gardens in Queenstown. She was also involved in restoring the gardens of Riccarton House where the Deans first settled in Christchurch.

Katherine has a passion for skiing and won the New Zealand Powder Eight Ski Competition in 1992 and 1992. She represented New Zealand in this competition in Canada and was placed twelfth in 1990 and 4th in the Women's World Powder Eight in 1993. She has skiied in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, America, India and Alaska, Her other interests are tramping, climbing, mountain hiking, tennis, running and dancing.

04> DEANS. Fiona Jane Russell m on 20.11.1991 to HUMPHREY, Russell Ne11 b




Fiona b. at Christchurch. Address: 29 Larnach Street, North Beach, Christchurch.

Ol> HUMPHREY, Cushla Bianca b 02.09.1986 Cushla b, at Christchurch.

02> HUMPHREY, Daisy Jane b 10.08.1995 Daisy b, at Christchurch.

02>'RU$SELL, Janet Margaret m on 20.07.1925 to KEMBALL, Vero EIHot b 25.09.1898 d 12.10.1987 b 23.01.1893 d **.06.1963 Janet b, at Frimley. Vero, Capt(E) RN Retd.

)1> KEMBALL, Katharine Veronica m on 10.11.1951 to SEVERNE, John de MHt b 05.05.1926 b 15.08.1925 Katharine b. at Blackheath, England and m. at Bredon, England. Address; Jarvis House, Burton, Stogursey nr Bridgewater, Somerset TA5 1QB, England. John, Air Vice-Marshall Sir John Severne KCVO, OBE, AFC, DL. RAP 1944 - 1989.

)1> SEVERNE, Veronica Jane m on 06.ii.i982 to DUNNE, Martin Francis Gerard b 23.08.1952 b 25.05.1947 Veronica b. atBredon, England. Address; Mill Cottage, Southwold Road, Wrentham, Suffolk, England. Martin is a solicitor.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM. Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham and RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton 1RUSSELL, Janet Margaret and KEMBALL, Vero EIHot ^KEMBALL, Kathanne'Veromca and SEVERNE, John de MHt '1'SEVERNE, Veronica Jane and DUNNE, Martin Francis Gerard

01> DUNNE, James Martin Gerard b 12.11.1983

32> DUNNE. Peter John Gerard b 29.10.1988

)2> SEVERNE, Amanda Carol m on 24.09.1977 to BAYFORD, Robin b 13.10.1953 b 22.09.1949 Amanda b. atBredon, England. Address: 8 Birchlands Avenue, London SW12, England. Robin is a chartered accountant.

)1> BAYFORD, Camilla b 27.10.1981

2> BAYFORD, Alec b 27,07.1984

03> SEVERNE. Chnsttna Anne m on **.**.**** to MORRIS, Gordon b 18.04.1956 b 07.01.1951 Christina b. in West Germany. Gordon is a serving officer in the RAP,

Ol> MORRIS, Sarah b 14.11.1984

02> MORRIS, David b 19.06.1986

03>'RU$SELL, Andrew Hamilton m on **.**.**** to McSWEENY. Eve b 11.01.1903 d 28.05.1970 b 06.06.1900 d 13.08.1979 Andrew b. at Frimley. Eve nec Barry. Andrew purchased "Mangatoitoi" station in 1930 and farmed there until he retired to Gisborne in 1966,

§ Mangatoitoi Station Andrew Hamilton Russell purchased "Mangatoitoi" station in 1930 from Randall Sherratt and farmed there until he retired to Gisborne in 1966. He was one of the pioneers of aerial topdressing and this greatly improved the productivity of this medium to steep hill country property. After he retired the property was farmed by his daughter, Katherine Mary Cave (nee Russell) and her husband Adrian Michael Cave. In 1989 their eldest son, Philip Russell Cave, became involved in the running of the property.

)1> RUSSELL, Kathenne Mary m on 26.04.i96i to CAVE, Adrian Michael b 05.07.1939 b 01.11.1934 Adrian, s/o H E Cave and J K Gardner. Address: Mangatoitoi, RD 2, Ngatapa, Gisborne. Mary and Adrian have lived and farmed on "Mangatoitoi" station since 1966.

)1> CAVE. PhtHp Russell m on **.**.**** to PARSONS, Maree Colleen b 05.03.1963 b 12.09.1964 Maree, d/o William Charles Parsons and Colleen Thelma Mary Riddall, b. at Te Kuiti.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Wmiam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham and RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton ^RUSSELL. Andrew Hamilton and McSWEENY, Eve ^RUSSELL, Kathenne Mary and CAVE, Adrian Michael ^CAVE, PhtHp Russell and PARSONS, Maree Coileen 01> CAVE. Rebecca Mary b 12.02.1995 Rebecca b. at Gisborne.

02> CAVE, Nicholas Will 1am b 25.10.1996 Nicholas b. at Gisborne.

02> CAVE, Kathenne Susan and de REUCK, Jacques Paul Robert b 23.. 03.1964 b 19.05.1951 Katherine b. at Gisborne. Jacques, s/o Paul de Reuck and Denise Gertrude Bally, b. at Eupen, Belgium. Address: 25 Vine Street, St Marys Bay, Auckland.

)1> de REUCK. Pascal Ywan b 18.03.1994 Pascal b. at Auckland.

02> de REUCK, Alexandre Paul b 01.01.1996 Alexandre b. at Auckland.

03> CAVE, Chnsttne Mary b 01.10.1965 d 17.08.1966 Christine b. and d. at Gisborne.

04> CAVE, Annabel Jane m on 24.01.1998 to HAMLING, Guy Coulton b 10.. 11.1967 b 11.01.1968 Annabel b. at Gisborne and m. at Mangatoitoi. Annabel is known by her maiden name. Guy, s/o Peter Wilfrid Hamling and Shirley Marlene Reed, b. at New Plymouth. Address: 20 Tutanekai Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

05> CAVE, Andrew Hugh b 19.11.1970 Andrew b, at Gisborne.

06> CAVE, Christopher Francis b 05.11.1975

04>'RUSSELL, John Ttnsleym on **.**.**** to ROLLESTON, Rosamond b 11.11.1904 d 06.09.1942 b 29.09.1910 d 04.10.1980 John b. at Twy ford. Rosamond, d/o Francis Joseph Rolleston ofTimaru. John was educated at Christ's College, Christchurch, and Sandhurst Military College. On completion of his training he was gazetted a Second-Lieutenant in the Border Regiment. He served for a time in China then was seconded to the Iraq Irregular Levies. After serving in the British Army for about five years he retired in 1929 and returned to New Zealand. He took up farming in Hawkes Bay buying "Gola" which had originally formed part of the "Tunanui" station first taken up by his grandfather. Captain A H Russell. He retained his interest in the Armed Forces and commanded a troop of the Wellington East Coast Mounted Rifles. At the outbreak ofWW2 he volunteered and was posted to the Second Division Cavalry as a Major. After serving in the campaigns in Greece, Crete and Libya he was killed in action in the Western Desert while commanding the 22nd Wellington Battalion of which he had been made Lieutenant-Colonel.


7 8 9


Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham and RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton ^RUSSELL. John Ttnsley and ROLLESTON, Rosamond ^RUSSELL. Elizabeth Katharine and BLAKER, John 01> RUSSELL. Elizabeth Kathanne m on **.**. 1957 to BLAKER, John b




Address: Stanton's Farm, East Chiltington, Near Lewes, Sussex, England.

)2> RUSSELL, John Rollestonm on i5.i2.i963 to ORMOND, Phmida Ann b 06.06.1938 b 03.05.1941 John b. at Hastings and m. at St Luke's Church, Havelock North. Phillida, d/ W E W Ormond and Una Constance Herrick. Address: "Tunanui", RD 9, Hastings. John is a sheep farmer. He was Chairman ofMt Vernon Farms near Wanganui from 1974-84. He served on the Hereworth School Board (1985-98). He enjoys flying and was on the executive of the Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aero Club for 25 years, and a director of New Zealand Aerial Mapping for ten years. Phillida has redeveloped a fine old garden so that it can be more easily maintained and enjoys sharing


it. . "

L> RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton b 02.12.1964 Andrew was educated at Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, England, gaining a Certificate of Merit in Agriculture. He farms at "Tunanui" and is a jet boat enthusiast.

02> RUSSELL, Rachel Ann m on o6.oi.i996 to SLEIGH, Michael James b 07.06.1967 b 02.11.1967 Rachel m. at St Luke's Church, Havelock North. Address: 84 Knowles Street, St Albans, Christchurch. Rachel graduated BBS and has worked in product marketing with Telecom. Michael is a lawyer with Chapman Tripp.

)1> SLEIGH, Charles Ralph b 16.01.1998

03> RUSSELL, Sam Walcot b 22.09.1968 Sam graduated DipAg from Lincoln College. He worked for a year as a cowboy in New Mexico, Arizona and Montana in the USA and how farms at "Tunanui". He is a finalist for the 1998 Farmer of the Year.

U> RUSSELL, Damel John b 27.09.1970 Daniel was christened at Paihia at the Williams Reunion of 1973. He is a pilot with Eagle Air and in 1998 is sitting his captain's exam.

03> RUSSELL, Rachel Gertrude b 06.10.1939 Rachel b. at Hastings. Address: 4 Trigon Road, London SW 8, England. Occupation: Rachel has worked for Christies in London for many years and is head of the antique glass department.

05> RUSSELL, Margaret Gertrude m on 10.06.1933 to LOWRY, Thomas Coleman (Tom)


b 06.07.1906 d 13.07.1993 b 17.02.1898 d 20.07.1976 Margot shared Tom's enthusiasm for horses and racing and was always warmly interested in people. Tom was educated at Christ's College (Prefect, Captain of Cadets, captain of 1st rugby XV, captain of 1st

cricket XI). He served in the RFC (RAF) in WW1 . (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham and RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton ^RUSSELL, Margaret Gertrude (Margot) and LOWRY, Thomas Coleman (Tom) RUSSELL, Margaret Gertrude (Margot) and LOWRY, Thomas Coleman (Tom) (cont...) Tom was an outstanding cricketer. At Cambridge University he was in the XI, 1921-24 (captain 1924). He

captained the Wellington XI from 1927 to 1933 in many provincial and international matches and led the New Zealand side in Australia (1925-36) and England (1927 and 1931), and the home team on a number of occasions. Tom was manager of the New Zealand team in England in 1937. He was chairman of the New Zealand Cricket Council and a life member of the MCC. Tom farmed at Taihape and later at Okawa where he was keenly involved with thoroughbred horses, serving for a period as President of the Thoroughbred Breeders' Association.

1> LOWRY, Margaret Ann m on 24.02.1962 to PINCKNEY, Peter Wmiam b 24.09.1934 d 14.05.1982

b **.04.1927 d 14.05.1982

1> PINCKNEY, David Umiamm on os.o9.i989 to PHELPS-BROWN. Kathryn


b 16.09.1963 b 01.05.1959 David b. at Gore, Southlaad and m. at Holy Trinity Church, Knightsbridge, London. Kate, d/o Colin Brown and Susan Hood, b. at Marsden Green nr Birmingham. Address: Glenaray Road, Waikaia, Southland. David was educated at Waihi School and Christ's College then graduated BAgCom from Lincoln University and gained his Advanced Diploma in Farm Management from the Royal Agricultural College in 1987. He has been Managing Director ofWPinckney Ltd since 1991. Kate grew up in Berkshire and Dorset and worked in London for nine years before marrying and moving to New Zealand.

)1> PINCKNEY, Georgia Harriet Ann b 16.01.1993 Georgia b. at Invercargill.

02> PINCKNEY, Rose Alexandra Phelps b 13.07.1995 Rose b. at Invercargill.

03> PINCKNEY. Wmiam Guy b 01.01.1997 William b. at Invercargill.

02> PINCKNEY, Thomas Peter b 05.07.1965 Thomas b. at Gore. Address; Northburn, RD 3, Cromwell. Thomas was educated at Waihi and Christ's College. He graduated BComAg from Lincoln College and gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Agricultural Business Management at the Royal Agricultural College in 1990. He is now farming merinos at Northburn near Cromwell. He is interested in flying.

03> PINCKNEY. Anna Mary b 25.05.1970 Anna b. at Gore. Address: 14a Taylors Avenue, Bryndwr, Christchurch. Anna travelled overseas and studied food and wine and she now markets and sells wine for a North Canterbury vineyard from her home in Christchurch.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, WHI1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham and RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton ^RUSSELL, Margaret Gertrude (Margot) and LOWRY, Thomas Coleman (Tom) ILO^IRY, Thomas Russell (Tom) and de GRUCHY, Margaret Jane 02> LOWRY, Thomas Russell (Tom) m on 22.01.1960 to de GRUCHY, Margaret Jane b 13.05.1936 b 13.05.1938 Address: Okawa, RD, Fernhill, Hastings. Tom is a farmer and thoroughbred breeder. Three Legs, one of his stallions, was champion sire over three years. He has been President of the Hawkes Bay Jockey Club and is a member of the Racing Conference. Jane's interests include dramatics and gardening.

L> LOWRY, Caroline Jane b 10.10.1961 Caroline lives at Okawa. She has been working in television and as a salesperson for Susan Paul.

02> LOWRY, Georgtna Catherine m on 12.12.1992 to MASON, Martin Gilbert b




Georgina m. at Okawa. Martin, s/o Bernard Gilbert Mason and Nancy Hotene, b. at Te Puke. Address: 4 Kilmister Street, Avalon, Lower Hutt. Georgina is an artist and a nanny and Gilbert is a fitter and turner. To both of them, their Christian faith is very important.

03> LOWRY, Alessandra Mary m on 12.02.1988 to WYNNE-LEWIS. Richard Enc


b 21.09.1965 b 12.02.1963 Richard, s/o David Canning Wynne-Lewis and Shirley Anne Todd. Address: RD 4, Waipukurau. Descendants and biographies ofSana and Richard are included under Richard's entry in this Family Tree.

04> LOWRY, Thomas Graham W1111am b 16.12.1969 Tom is managing Okawa.

3> LOWRY, Edward Patrick m on 12.11.1965 to HEWITT, Jane Mary b 27.10.1940

b 17.06.1939

Edward b. at Hastings and m. at St John's Church, Trentham. Jane, d/o T B Hewitt and Betty Smart Wilson, b. at Wellington. Address: Kiwitahi, RD 1, Taupo. Pat is a farmer and has been involved in breeding racehorses and also running a romney stud. He is master of the Taupo Hunt and President of the Taupo Racing Club.

)1> LOWRY. Patrick Henry b 16.03.1968 Patrick attended Huntley School and Christ's College then graduated BAgCom from Lincoln University. He spent four years overseas and now manages "Kiwitahi", His interests include trout fishing and power boat racing.

02> LOWRY, Edward Guy b 24.05.1970 Guy attended Huntley School and Christ's College and then Marcus Oldham College in Geelong, Victoria, specialising in thoroughbreds. He has been involved in horse breeding in Australia and in Ireland and the USA. He then trained horses and was stable foreman in Melbourne. At present he is working as a trainer in Hastings.

03> LOWRY, Kate Margot b 06.07.1971 Kate attended Woodford House and completed a cordon bleu course in London. She is now working in wine promotion at the Montana outlet in Church Road, Taradale.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham and RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton ^RUSSELL, Margaret Gertrude (Margot) and LOWRY, Thomas Coleman (Tom) ^LOWRY, Edward Patrick and HElAlITT, Jane Mary 04> LOWRY, Mark WHson b 21.03.1973 Mark attended Huntley School and Christ's College. He has been shepherding in the Gisborne district and is presently overseas.

04> LOWRY, Caroline Mary m on 20.12.1972 to MARIE, PhHlppe Gilbert Alfred b




Philippe b. at Normandy, France. Divorced 1987. Address: "Wairewa", Little River, Banks Peninsula, Canterbury.

Caroline graduated BA from Victoria University in 1989 and BMus from Canterbury University in 1993.

01> MARIE, Cednc Gilbert Thomas b 28.09.1973 Cedric is studying Commerce at Otago University. He enjoys skiing.

02> MARIE, Alexandra Gtsele Helene b 27.10.1974 Address: 2 Sandilands Road, Fulham, London SW6 PAP, England.

05> WILLIAMS. Elste Jane Beetham b 16.12.1874 d 01.10.1958 Elsie b. at Frimley, Hastings and d. and bd at Havelock North. Elsie adopted her nieces, Christina and Meggie Williams, on the death of their parents in 1918. She lived at Frimley, Hastings until it was burnt down. She and her brothers gifted the land and garden to the City as Frimley Park. Elsie was for many years president of the Hastings Plunket Society. She was involved in the Girl Guide Movement, and during WW2 was acting New Zealand Chief Commissioner. She was also a foundation trustee ofWoodford House School.

)6> WILLIAMS, Cyn'1 Nelson Beetham m on 29.01.1907 to WILDER, Maud Margaret (Pearl 1e) b 01.11.1877 d 05.12.1918 b 17.05.1879 d 21.07.1959 Cyril b. at Frimley, Hastings, m. at St Matthew's Church, Fernside, Canterbury and d. and bd. at Trentham. Pearlie, d/o Edmond Wilder and Emily Maud Warner, b. at Marwell Lodge, Ouslebury, Hampshire, England. Cyril fought in the Boer War and farmed at "Atua" station, Elsthorpe. He died in the 1918 'flu epidemic at the military camp where he had gone to nurse his brother Edric. Pearlie was for some years President of the Elsthorpe Country Women's Institute and served on the Dominion Executive. She was also an active member of the Elsthorpe Branch of the NZ Red Cross.

§ Atua Originally part of "Edenham" station, "Atua" is located 11 km from Elsthorpe at the end ofAtua Road. It was farmed first by Cyril Nelson Beetham Williams who divided in into three section, Cyril James Wilder Williams

got "Atua" (485 hectares) and his son, James Timothy William Williams joined him in partnership in 1963. Adrian Christopher Charles Williams joined the partnership in 1973. Of the other sections, Timothy John Wilder Williams received "Aramutu" (615 hectares) and Barnabas Wilder Williams received "Papahope" (451 hectares). "Aramutu" is now farmed by Mark Antony Williams.

1> WILLIAMS, Mary Margaret Wilder m


b 13.02.1908


08.oi.i93o to WILLIAMS, Bevan Sydney

d 29.11.1979 b 29.03.1904 d 18.06.1975

Bettie b. at Taradale and bd. at Elsthorpe. Bevan, s/o Francis James Williams and Edith Frances Standish, b. at Napier and bd. at Elsthorpe. The biographical notes and descendants ofBettie and Bevan are listed under Bevan's entry in this Family Tree.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1 am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Cynl Nelson Beetham and WILDER, Maud Margaret (PeaNte) WILLIAMS, Cynl James Wilder (Jim) and CRAMPTON, Kathleen Mary 02> WILLIAMS, Cyril James Wilder (Jim) m on 22.09.1937 to CRAMPTON, Kathleen Mary b 30.06.1909 d 08.07.1982 b 22.03.1912 d 06.04.1985 James b. at Hastings and m. at St Luke's Church, Havelock North and d. at Havelock North. Jim farmed at "Atua" station until he retired in 1978 to live at Havelock North,

)1> WILLIAMS, James Timothy wmiamm on 27.06.1964 to SIMMONS, Jocelyn b




Timothy b. at Hastings and m. at St Columba's Presbyterian Church, Hastings by the Rev I Muir. Jocelyn, d/o Wallace Simmons and Elizabeth (Betty) Runciman. Address: 3 Belmont Street, Havelock North. Tim was farming at Elsthorpe until 1973 and then worked as a fitter/ welder in Hastings. He is now semi-retired. Jocelyn is a trained nurse.

Ol> WILLIAMS, Jonathan lan b 04.09.1965 Jonathan b. at Hastings. Address: 413 Moa Place, Hastings.

02> WILLIAMS, Caroline Anne m on 20.01.1990 to GREENWOOD, Paul Desmond b 11.12.1967 b 01.11.1965 Caroline b. at Hastings and m. at St Luke's Anglican Church, Havelock North by the Rev A Chalmers. Paul, s/o Desmond Greenwood and Judith Boyce. Address: 50 Yarmouth Road, FIaxmere, Hastings. Paul is factory manager at Greenwood Industries, Hastings.

)1> GREENWOOD, PhHHpa Rita b 19.10.1988 Phillipa b. at Hastings.

02> GREENWOOD. Scott Timothy b 10.10.1990 Scott b. at Hastings.

03> WILLIAMS, David m on 29.03.1996 to PHELPS, Kathleen Fay b 23.07.1969 b 13.04.1961 David b. at Hastings and m. at the Hastings Courthouse. Kathleen, d/o David William Harris and Fay Violet Horton, b. at Hastings. Address: 206 N Riverslea Road, Hastings. David is an orchard worker.

02> WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Encam on 21.08.1978 to MATHER, Richard Arthur Cooper

Mary b 17.06.1943 b 08.02.1948 Elizabeth m. at Fareham, England. Separated. Richard, s/o Arthur Mather and Maude Cooper. Address: 56/3 Napier Road, Havelock North.

03> WILLIAMS, Adrian Christopher Charles b 19.03.1945 Adrian b. at Hastings. Address: Atua, RD 14, Havelock North, Adrian is a farmer at "Atua".

04> WILLIAMS, Will 1am Cynl b 29.10.1946 d 31.03.1947 Cot death.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS. Cyrtt Nelson Beetham and WILDER, Maud Margaret (Pearlte) WILLIAMS, Joan WHder and JONES, Evan 03> WILLIAMS, Joan Wilder m on 09.09.1936 to JONES, Evan b 12,06.1911 d 17.05.1990 b **.**.1907 d 20.09.1969 .Joan b. at Napier and m. at St Stephen's Church, Elsthorpe. Evan b. at ; Cardiganshire, Wales. Evan was educated at Towya Grammar School and smdied medicine at St Thomas'

Hospital, London (MB 1931). He became Resident Medical Officer at the National Heart Hospital and later returned to St Thomas' as Senior Physician. i For many years they lived at Heatherwood, Pirbright, where many New Zealand relations were made warmly welcome.

04> WILLIAMS, Patnda Wilder m on 27.02.1942 to KELLY, George Murray Swinburne b 19.10.1912 d 31.05.1981 b 14.02.1904 d 22.05.1970 Patricia b. at Napier and m. at St Matthew's Church, Hastings. Swinburne, s/o George Kelly and Janet Murray Poison. Pat and Swinburne farmed at "Rotoma", Hastings. Swinburne was educated at Heretaunga School and Wanganui Collegiate. He was a co-founder of the New Zealand Pony Club and a keen polo player. ti»« Pat was a skilled gardener. A founding member of the Waipahihi Botanical Society in Taupo, she was part of a small group which established and developed the Botanical Gardens at the top of Shepherds Road. In an area of the memorial section of the Gardens dedicated to her memory, there is an unusual and attractive weeping camellia which was transplanted from her own garden after her death.

)1> KELLY, Joan Margaret m on 27.02.1965 to GRIFFITHS. WHHam Hugh b 28.03.1943 b 17.10.1940 Joan b. at Hastings and m. at St Mathew's Church, Hastings. Hugh, s/o Col R F V Griffiths and M Spence, b. at Bath, England. Address: Glen-Yr-Afon, RD 7, Feilding, Joan was educated at Raukawa School, Queenswood School and Woodford House. Her interests include golf and dog trials. Hugh was educated at Cheltenham College, England and is a farmer and dog trial judge. Their farm, "Glen-yr-Afon" at Poukiore, Hunterville comprised 380 acres purchased in 1970 with a further 360 acres purchased in 1974 and 450 acres at Ohingaiti purchased in 1984. They were all sold in 1989 when Joan and Hugh purchased a 470 acre sheep and beef property at Kimbolton, also called "Glen-yr-Afon".

)1> GRIFFITHS. Bridget Jane m on i8.os.i996 to LITTIN, Jeffrey Donald b 18.03.1966 b 18.05.1996 Bridget b. at Hunterville. Address: 60 Ranstead Road, RD 4, Hamilton. Bridget was educated at Hunterville and Wanganui Girls' Collegiate and graduated BA in English and French from Waikato University (1984-86) and BAg from Massey University. She and Joff have a dairy farm near Cambridge.

)1> LITTIN. George Jeffrey b 11.10.1997

02> GRIFFITHS. Anna Maree m on 11.12.1987 to ROBERTSON, John Barry b 18.03.1966 b 20.10.1965 Anna b. at Hunterville and m. at St John's Anglican Church, Hunterville. Address: 3 Dalkieth Lane, Belmont, Lower Hutt. Anna was educated at Hunter ville Consolidated Primary School, Wanganui Girls' College (1979-83, boarder), Massey University (1984-86, BSc in Geography) and Palmerston North Teachers College (1987-88, DipTchg). In 1983 she was Wanganui Schools representative on an Australian cross country tour. Anna is a primary teacher at Muritai School, Eastbourne (1989-92). Her interests include triathlons and running. She is actively involved in the Lower Hutt Baptist Church.

John attended Wanganui Collegiate School (1979-83) and Massey University (Bachelor of Bus Studies). He holds an ACA and is an accountant with Sherwin Chan & Walshe in Lower Hutt. His interests (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, WHHam and NELSON. Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS. Cyril Nelson Beetham and WILDER, Maud Margaret (Pearlie) WILLIAMS, Patnda Wilder and KELLY, George Murray Swinburne 1KELLY, Joan Margaret and GRIFFITHS, WHHam Hugh ^GRIFFITHS, Anna Maree and ROBERTSON, John Barry GRIFFITHS, Anna Maree and ROBERTSON, John Barry (cont...) include marathons and mountain running, fishing and golf.

01> ROBERTSON, Laura Bridget b 09.02.1993

02> ROBERTSON. Timothy WHI 1am b 05.08.1995

03> GRIFFITHS, Richard Paul

on 3i.o5.i997 to LAMBERT, Laura

b 21.09.1968

b 17.10.1971 Paul b. at Hunterville and m. at St John's Church, Hemel Hempstead, UK. Laura, d/o Bob Lambert and Jean Ford, b. at Watford, England. Address: Haus Steinbock, Murren 3825, Switzerland. Paul was educated at Palmerston North Boys' High School and Hunterville. He was a long-distance runner, He attended Massey University for a BBS then travelled overseas. He is now working in the hotel industry in

Switzerland. His interests include snowboarding, mountain hiking and mountain running. He completed the 1997 Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland. Laura was educated at Boxmoor JMI, Tring Arts Education College and West Oxfordshire College (equine science). She also now works in the hotel industry in Switzerland and her interests include snowboarding and equestrian sports.

02> KELLY, Michael George (Mtck) m on 07.06.i969 to SLY, Christine b 02.03.1947

b 14.10.1944

Mick b. at Hastings and m, at Spalding, Lines, England. Christine, d/o Harold Sly and Alice Annie Gascoigne, b. at Spalding, Lines, England. Address: RD 1, Whangamata. Mick and Chris are farmers. Mick was educated at Hereworth School and Wanganui Collegiate School. He had three years shepherding on "Diungia" station before taking over the family farm, "Rotoma", near Hastings. "Rotoma" was sold in 1979 and Mich and Christine bought their present property on the coast nearWhangamata.

)1> KELLY, Atmee Cathenne Alice b 01.04.1971 Aimee b. at Napier. Address: South Rauceby Lodge, Thorpe Drove, South Rauceby, Sleaford, Lines,

England NG34 8P4.

02> KELLY, Jessie Elizabeth b 04.04.1973 Jessie b. at Napier. Address: 7 Carnell Street, Napier.

03> KELLY, Emily Georgina b 28.08.1974 Emily b. at Napier.

(")3> KELLY, Teresa Mary m on i5.03.i969 to (l)FRASER. Clyde Edward George b 19.08.1949 b 21.03.1946 Teresa b. at Hastings and m. at Havelock North. Divorced 1981. Clyde, s/o Frank Fraser and Doris Steele. Teresa and Clyde farmed a 365 acre property named "Eddydale" which was sold in 1981.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON. Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret ^WILLIAMS, Cynl Nelson Beetham and WILDER, Maud Margaret (PearHe) WILLIAMS, Patnda Wilder and KELLY, George Murray Swinburne ^KELLY, Teresa Mary and FRASER, Clyde Edward George iFRASER, Deborah (Debbte) and HARVEY. Simon 01> FRASER, Deborah (Debbie) m on 21,03.1992 to HARVEY, Simon b




Deborah m. at Glayva. Address: Sydney, Australia. Debbie is a travel consultant and Simon is a sales and marketing manager for an engineering firm.

02> FRASER, David b 26.07.1971

03> KELLY. Teresa Mary de facto (2)MORRISON, Rodenck Charles Malcolm b 19.08.1949 b 30.05.1943 Address: "Glayva", RD 14, Havelock North. Teresa is a community service manager for the Intellectually Handicapped Children's Society. Teresa bought "Glayva", an 18 acre orchard in 1981 which she and Rod ran together. They sold it in 1990 and moved to an eight acre lifestyle block near Elsthorpe, retaining the name, "Glayva".

04> KELLY, Elizabeth Janet and TAYLOR, Michael b 31.10.1951 b 18.07.1949 Elizabeth b. at Hastings. Michael, s/o Albert Taylor and Patricia Simpson, b. at Preston, Selford, England. Address: 30 Wiremu Street, Auckland 4. Elizabeth was educated at Ruakawa School, Queenswood Rudolph Steiner School and Woodford House. She

graduated BA from the University of Canterbury in 1973 and in 1974 she obtained a London Chamber of Commerce Private Secretary's Certificate from Guildford Technological College in Surrey, England. Michael emigrated to New Zealand in 1962 and was educated at Horowhenua College. He obtained a

DipFA(Hons) from the University of Auckland (Elam) in 1972, a DipTchg from Auckland Teachers' College in 1972 and a Diploma from the New Zealand Library School, Wellington, in 1976. Elizabeth has worked in publishing, bookselling and tertiary education. She has been at the Auckland Institute of Technology since 1988 and is currently the Registrar for the Faculty of Arts. Michael taught art after graduating from training college, and has been a librarian and practising artist since 1977.

il > TAYLOR, Grace b 01.11.1980

05>'WILLIAMS, Timothy John Wilder m on **. 11.1943 to (l)FOWLER, Patnda Faith b 21.08.1915 d 08.01.1979 b 29.12.1920 d 05.11.1962 Timothy b. at Napier. Patricia bd. at Elsthorpe. Tim attended Christ's College (shooting VHI 1932-33) and farmed at "Aramutu" station (formerly part of "Ama"), Elsthoqie. He was a Pilot Officer in WW2 flying bombers over Europe and transports to the Middle East and was awarded the DFC and Bar. Pat was head prefect at Wellington Diocesan School for Girls,

1> WILLIAMS, Mark Antony m on 23.01.1970 to HELMORE, Victoria Frances b 11.12.1945 b 29.01.1946 Mark b. at Hastings and m. at Crownthorpe, Hawkes Bay. Victoria, d/o John Desmond Helmore and Deirdre Frances Williams. Address: Black Dog Cottage, RD 14, Havelock North. Mark was educated at Hereworth School and Christ's College and is a farmer on "Aramutu" station.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS. Cyril Nelson Beetham and WILDER, Maud Margaret (Pearlte) WILLIAMS, Timothy John Wilder and FOWLER, Patnda Faith WILLIAMS, Mark Antony and HELMORE, Vtctona Frances 01> WILLIAMS. George Timothy b 15,06.1971 George was educated at Hereworth School and Christ's College.

02> WILLIAMS, Susan Faith m on 26.ii.i976 to ANDERSON. Timothy Derek b 23.12.1947 b 25.04.1947 Susan b. at Hastings and m. at Elsthorpe. Timothy, s/o Derek Arnott Anderson and Pamela Vernon Ashbolt. Address: Kalimera, Hundalee, Parnassus RD, North Canterbury. Susan was educated at Elsthorpe Primary School, Queenswood and Nga Tawa and is a Karitane nurse, teacher, school bus driver and member of the School Committee. In her earlier years she spent four years overseas, mainly in the UK and Europe, travelling home overland through Asia. Timothy is a farmer.

L> ANDERSON, Tiffany Patnda b 17.08.1977 Tiffany b. at Christchurch. She was educated at St Margaret's College, Christchurch then spent a year in Edinburgh as a GAP student. She studied interior design at Polytechnic.

)2> ANDERSON. Sophie Susan b 21.03.1979 Sophie b. at Kaikoura. She was educated at St Margaret's College, Christchurch and is now at Lincoln University.

)3> ANDERSON, Vlctona Pamela b 30.01.1983 Victoria b. at Kaikoura. She is a student at St Margaret's College, Christchurch.

]4> ANDERSON, Edward Timothy Derek b 03.04.1987 Edward b. at Christchurch. He has attended schools at Parnassus and Cheviot before going to Christ's College, Christchurch.

(")3> WILLIAMS, Virginia Margaret (Gee) m on 31.07.1982 to SMITH, Patnck John b




Virginia b. at Hastings and m. at Auckland. Patrick, s/o Charles Gilbert Smith and Florence Annie Gram. Address: 15 Tongariro Street, Mount Eden, Auckland 3. Gee was educated at Elsthorpe Primary School, Queenswood School and Wellington Diocesan School for Girls, Nga Tawa where she was Head Prefect. She then studied for a degree in veterinary science at Massey University graduating in 1971. After a year in practice she spent two years in South America. Later she travelled again in America, Europe and Africa before settling in Auckland. Gee now pursues her veterinary career with an increasing interest in the area of veterinary acupuncture. Patrick is a writer and actor.

)1> SMITH, Benjamin Timothy b 03.03.1984 Benjamin b. at Auckland.

02> SMITH, Toby James b 31.03.1988 Toby b, at Auckland.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Cyril Nelson Beetham and WILDER, Maud Margaret (Pearl1e) WILLIAMS, Timothy John Wilder and DINSDALE, Agnes Hill (Nancy) 05> WILLIAMS, Timothy John Wilderm on 21.12.1963 to (2)DINSDALE, Agnes N111


b 21.08.1915 d 08.01.1979 b 17.11.1921 Timothy bd. at Elsthorpe. Nancy nee Tullis. Address: 14 Kohatu Parade, 3 Mile Bay, Taupo.

D6> WILLIAMS, Bamabas Wilder m on **.**. mi to (l)DALZIELL, Kathleen Kelly


b 17.07.1917 d 31.05.1991 b 22.09.1906 d **.11.1975 Barney b. at Hastings. He attended Christ's College (shooting 1932-33-34) and farmed at Elsthorpe then at Whangaroa. He was an RNZAF fighter pilot in WW2 in the Solomons and the Pacific and was awarded the Air Medal (USA). He was New Zealand Champion shotgun shot winning the Old Man of the Sea Cup.

WILLIAMS. Judith Margaret (Judy)

on 24.11.1966 to WRIGHT, David PhlHp

b 23.07.1942 d 27.12.1996

b 24.11.1942

Address: Riverslea Road, Hastings. Judy was educated at Elsthorpe Primary School, Queenswood School, Woodford House and Victoria University. She was at Queenswood when it was just becoming a Rudolf Steiner school and later became the first ex-pupil to have received Steiner education there and to return as a teacher. At Woodford, she was music prefect and developed a lifelong interest in the piano, particularly Beethoven's piano works. After leaving school, she embarked on nursing training at Hastings Memorial Hospital, but left before completing the full course though she subsequently worked at the National Women's Hospital in Sydney. After a short spell in Australia, she travelled to London, where she joined the staff of the Tavistock Institute and worked as a research assistant to R D Laing and Aaron Esterson. This work resulted in books including Laing & Esterson's "Sanity, Madness & the Family" and Laing, Esterson & Phillips' "Interpersonal Perception". At this stage she had no formal training in psychology and so returned to New Zealand in the mid-1960s to study for a B A at Victoria University. During this period, she married David and suspended her university studies when Mark was born. Later, over a number of years, she pursued her interest in psychology through encounter groups and training in several forms ofpsychotherapy, including gestalt, psychodrama and transactional analysis. This enabled her to take up counselling work, which she continued for many years, at times on a full-time basis but mostly part-time. As an antidote to the isolation of suburban living, the family joined several experiments in community living, both urban and rural. When Judy's mother Kath became ill in 1975, the family moved to Hawke's Bay where both Judy and David eventually became teachers at the former Queenswood School, by now the RudolfSteiner School, Hastings. Judy taught drama and choir and from this time became interested in RudolfSteiner's Anthroposophy. This led her into organisational work where she worked with other consultants to various public companies, government organisations and Steiner schools to assist them develop and improve their social processes.

She nursed a close friend, and later her father, and these experiences lead Judy into working with the dying. She subsequently nursed several other people through the final days of their lives. David graduated BSc(Hons) from Victoria University. He was a publisher's editor for several years followed by several years of market gardening. He was a class teacher (primary) at the Rudolf Steiner School, Hastings for ten years, and is now Executive Secretary of the Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association in New Zealand (Inc).

Ol> WRIGHT, Mark Andrew b 09.08.1967 Mark attended the Rudolf Steiner School, Hastings; Havelock North High School and Victoria University where he studied Computer Science. He is currently working in software development within the banking industry.



Descendants of WILLIAMS. lAinHam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS, Cynl Nelson Beetham and WILDER, Maud Margaret (Peartte) WILLIAMS, Bamabas WHder (Barney) and JAMIESON, Motra Jane 06> WILLIAMS, Bamabas Wilder (Barney) m on **.**,**** to (2)JAMIESON, Motra Jane b 17.07.1917 d 31.05.1991 b **.**.**** d **.05.1984

7> WILLIAMS, Ednc Beetham m on 02.03.1910 to McKENZIE, Chnsttna Barbara b 06.07.1884 d 22.11.1918 b **.**.**** d 25.11.1918 Edric b. at Frimley, Hastings, d. at the Trentham military camp in the flu epidemic and bd. in a soldier's plot at Trentham. Christina d. and bd. at Trentham. Edric was farming at "Waipuna", formerly part of "Edenham".

1> WILLIAMS, Mary Meggie m on **.**.**** to JAMES, Sidney b 24.08.1913 d 10.04.1977 b 08.05.1913 d 26.04.1976 Meggie b. at Napier. She was adopted by her aunt, Elsie Jane Beetham Williams, on the death of her parents in 1918. Sidney was the actor who so successfiilly partnered Tony Hancock and went on to star in the "Carry-On" series. He continued to work on stage, screen and television. Divorced 1952.

il > JAMES, Reina Chnsttna m on 10.04.1965 to (l)SUTCLIFFE, Michael b 26.04.1947 b 27.12.1945 Reina b. and m. at London, England. Divorced 1971.

Ol> SUTCLIFFE, Jonathan b 18.08.1965 Jonathan b. at London, England.

01> JAMES, Re1na Christina m on 02.07.1991 to (2)REINSTEIN, Michael b 26.04.1947 b 04.08.1953 Reina now known as Reina James Reinstein. Michael, s/o Louis Renton and Beatrice Friend. Michael changed his surname by deed poll from Renton to Reinstein. Address: 38 Church Lane, Crouch End, London N8, England. Reina is an astrologer and Michael is a writer.

2> WILLIAMS, Christina Elstem on 02.03.1940 to DUCKWORTH, Auberon Charles Alan


b 25.11.1918 b 15.02.1907 d 17.04.1987 Christina was adopted by her aunt, Elsie Jane Beetham Williams, on the death of her parents in 1918. Address: "Myskyns", Ticehurst, Sussex, England. Auberon was a Captain in the Royal Navy (retd). He was naval officer in charge at Auckland from 1948 to 1950. He was awarded the DSO and bar and the DSC.

)1> DUCKWORTH, Jane Margaret Chnsttnam on 10.02.1970 to BLAKENEY, Hugh Victoria b




Address: Inverallon House, Granton-on-Spey, Moray shire, Scotland.

)1> BLAKENEY, Christina b 22.03.1973



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, James Nelson and BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret WILLIAMS. Edrtc Beetham and McKENZIE, Christina Barbara WILLIAMS, Christina El ste and DUCKWORTH, Auberon Charles Alan Campbef ^DUCKiAlORTH, Jane Margaret Christina Victoria and BLAKENEY, Hugh 02> BLAKENEY. Julia b 09.02.1976

02> DUCKWORTH, Andra Julia Marym on **.**.**** to (l)BAIN, Angus b




32> DUCKWORTH, Andra Julia Marym on 04.02.1989 to (2)GRACEY, Peter b




03> DUCKWORTH, Beltnda Cecil Anne m on is.07.i967 to KUSEL, Michael b 23.01.1945 b 15.08.1945 Address: "Myskyns", Ticehurst, Sussex, England.

)1> KUSEL, Sophie b 02.08.1969

2> KUSEL, Matthew b 15.04.1972


Photo from: Mr J M Williams

James Nelson Marcus WILLIAMS (1948 -), Simin WILLIAMS (1962 .) nec SEBTI, Serena Mitra WILLIAMS (1997 - ).



The Descendants of James Nelson and Mary-Margaret WHHams

Photo from: Mr R P Griffiths

Jeffrey Donald LITTIN (1996 - ), Bridget Jane LITTDSf (1966 -) me GRIFFITHS, Mai WELBT-EVERARD, William Hugh GRIFFITHS (1940 - ), Joan Margaret GRIFFITHS (1943 -) me KELLY, Timothy William ROBERTSON (1995 -), Laura Bridget ROBERTSON (1993 - ), Richard Paul GRIFFITHS (1968 -), Laura GRIFFITHS (1971 -) nee LAMBERT. Jean LAMBERT, Bob LAMBERT, Mark LAMBERT,Anna Maree ROBERTSON (1966 - ) nee GRIFFITHS, John Barry ROBERTSON (1965 - ).

Photo from; Mr H B N Williams

Hamish Beetham Nolan WILLIAMS (1952 -).



WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline - NELSON. W111 am

mIda Margaret OTTER ILL. George Robert 1

Lionel (Jack) <HAHBERS. Esther Margaret t

>.COHERILL. Emd Mary

-NELSON. Beatrice Esther

-STEMRT. Eric Joseph ••COHERILL. George W1111am

•SCHUCARD. Carl ••NELSON. Hugh Douglas -S-lin. Cynthia Helen Margaret

-NELSON. John Dudley -SARLL. Georgina Sybil Gratulck

-NELSON. Guy Harold -W.rrHEUS. Rhoda Ame Harriott (Babble) ^NELSON. Kathleen Margaret -TMISOH. Charles Herbert ••NELSON. Michael -AWB. Jean Emily


NELSON. Lionel (Jack) = CHAMBERS. Esther Margaret

Beatrice Esther Hugh Douglas

John Dudley

Guy Harold

-SCHUCARD. Carl -SMITH. Cynthia Helen Margaret

Kathleen Margaret

-SARLL. Georglna SybH Gratwick

-MATTHEWS. Rhoda Anne Harnott (Bobbie)

-THOMSON. Charles Herbert

••NELSON. Rosemary Margaret

••NELSON. Anne Caroline

••THOMSON. Malcolm UilHam (BUD

i-NELSON. Jennifer Helen -HUHT. John Hamilton

-KEHP. Kenneth Peter

-NELSON. Derek Anthony -NELSON. Timothy Oem's

-NELSON. Janet -(DALiEH. Robert -(2KOOPER. Anthony S

••NELSON. Richard Rupert Lionel

••NELSON. UfUiam Lionel


-UESSTER. Elizabeth

-HILSOH. Robin John Douglas -NELSON. Mary Jane Rosamond •t-WDlE. John Eisdell ••NELSON. Virginia Frances

••THOMSON. Anne Mary (H1n) -(t)REEVES. lan Jamss Stewart

-SURPCE. Sandm Jean


-STRATFORD. Uarw-ick ••THOMSON. Christine Margaret •PWER. Jeremy Dorian

•HcKEHHA. Jesnne ..NELSON. John Mason

NELSON. Lionel (Jack) - CHAMBERS. Esther Margaret (cont)

-BENHETT. Lyndon -THOMSON. Nancy Patricia

~(2)LEE. Hike

••NELSOII. James Edward -rnBEY, Bridget Ann ••NELSON. George Stephen -WSOII-ELUOn. Diana Hary

Michael -ADAMS. Jean Emily

1 -NELSON. Linda Ruth •SIHflER. Jams Albert

NELSON, Hilda Margaret

••NELSON. Cnstobal Mi'gue)

= COTTERILL. George Robert

•LAUSON. Uendy ••NELSON. Xlirena Jean

II Emd Mary George William -STEUART. Erie Joseph

I -STEUART. Sally -TURNER. Henry Thcmas ..STEWART. Ann -HcLACHLAH. Edward Harris ..STEWART. Janet Mary -TAYLOR, Hervyn (Buster) ..STEWART. JHI -UORLEY. John Henry



Descendants of WILLIAMS, N1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON, Will 1am 09> WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline m on 29.11.1884 to NELSON, Wmiam b 20.02.1846 d 11.09.1921 b 15.02.1843 d 16.11.1932 Emma b. at Whakato, Turanga, m. at Te Aute and d. at Waikoko near Hastings. William, s/o George Nelson and Sarah Philbrick, b. at Warwick, Warwickshire, England. William was educated at Warwick College, leaving at the age of 15 to work in a tannery, a cement works and in the manufacture ofgelatine. He, with his elder brother Frederick, sailed from England on 26 Oct 1862 on the "Devonshire", arriving at Auckland on 4 February 1863. They had introductions to Henry and William Williams and this may have influenced their decision to settle in Hawkes Bay. They were met in Napier by J N Williams and taken by him to "Kereru" Station. In 1864 they purchased "Poporangi", an adjoining property and the following year William returned to England to marry Sarah Newcombe Bicknell. In the meantime Fred had purchased "Arlington", a 14,000-acre property near Waipukurau from Captain Alfred Newman and William and Sarah settled there. In 1869 the brothers purchased the Maungateretere East Block of 2,047 acres near Hastings and built their house, known as "The Lawn". The property included a flax swamp and William set up a flax mill, intent on exporting flax fibre. However, the market slumped, as did the wool market, and this, along with plague ofgrasshoppers, forced them to surrender the Arlington and Kereru properties to the mortgagee. Leaving Fred to run the Maungateretere Block, William took his family back to England and worked again in the gelatine business at Warwick, In 1880 William returned to New Zealand and he and Fred established the company of Nelson Brothers and Williams Ltd, building a plant at Tomoana to can, boil down and treat wool and pelts. When, two years later, the "Dunedin" shipped the first cargo of frozen meat to London, Nelson Brothers Ltd was formed in London to take over the assets of the canning works and quickly set up a freezing works. The first frozen meat left Napier at the end of 1883. . As the new industry developed, the Nelsons began purchasing suitable properties for fattening and soon owned 19 farms totalling 60,000 acres, as well as holding the lease on "Loch Inver", a 30,000-acre run. In 1889-90 they opened works in Gisborne, Waipukurau, Woodville and at Ocean Beach in Southland. The also bought their own refrigerated vessel, the "Prince of Wales". During their married life, William and Sarah had a family of five sons and four daughters before Sarah's death at "The Lawn" in 1883. A year later William married Emma Caroline and they made their home at "Waikoko", a property near Tomoana that William bought from Robert Wellwood in 1884. In 1882 William was instrumental in establishing Heretaunga School in Hastings. The buildings were moved to Havelock North in 1912 and later became Hereworth School. He also set up Woodford House as a boarding school for girls. He was involved in the reclamation of Napier South and Nelson Park in Napier was named after him in recognition of his enterprise. William was a long-time member of the Hawkes Bay Club and Patron of the Hawkes Bay Cricket Association and the Hastings Horticultural Society. Following Emma's death in 1921, William married Katharine Maud Orford on 16 September 1922. "Waikoko" was purchased by the Hawkes Bay Agricultural and Pastoral Society in 1933 and is used by it on show days.

)1> NELSON, Lionel (Jack) m on 15,04.1909 to CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret b 23.10.1885 d 23.08.1937 b 21.01.1888 d **.**.1961 Jack b. at Waikoko, d. while on holiday in Fiji and bd. in Suva. Esther, d/o Thomas Mason Chambers and Margaret Madge McLean. Jack gained an engineering degree at Cambridge and was Managing Director ofJJ Niven & Co Ltd. Esther had a beautiful singing voice and had been trained in Paris. She is remembered by a granddaughter as "an amusing, irreverent conversationalist and a slightly wild driver, a most interesting and forthright character.

)1> NELSON, Beatrice Esther m on **.**. 1946 to SCHUCARD, Carl b 26.08.1910 d 07.09.1981 b **.**.**** d **.**.****

Beatrice graduated in Medicine at Otago University (MB, ChB). In 1939 she joined the staff of the Townsville Hospital, North Queensland for several years before taking up a general practice in Townsville. She spoke Italian fluently and did much to help Italian immigrants. She helped to inaugurate the Marriage Guidance Council in the Townsville area and became a well known and respected personality in the city.

02> NELSON, Hugh Douglasm on 11.04.1939 to SMITH, Cynthia Helen Margaret b 20.10.1912 b 24.05.1917 Hugh b. at Napier and m. at Havelock North. Cynthia, d/o Ernest Smith and Emma Harding. (Ernest Smith was a descendant ofDr Livingstone of Africa. His father started the first savings bank in Dunedin). Address: 38/88 Wallis Street, Woollahra, NSW 2025, Australia. (cont...)

123456789 631

Descendants of WILLIAMS, WHHam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON, W1111 am ^NELSON, Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret ^NELSON, Hugh Douglas and SMITH, Cynthia Helen Margaret NELSON. Hugh Douglas and SMITH, Cynthia Helen Margaret (cont...) Hugh was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School (1927-31) and Canterbury University College (1931-35) and graduated as BE(Mech)(Hons). He worked as an engineer in UK, Europe and New Zealand (1935-43) then served with the Indian Army finishing as Chief Instructor, Major, at the SME, Roorkee, India (1944-47), He worked as a chemical engineer with an American international company in Nassau, Bahamas (1947-55). In 1955 he founded Ornel Pump Co Pty Ltd in Australia which specialised in the designing and manufacture of pumps

mainly for irrigation. He qualified as a Fellow of the IMechE(UK) and was awarded the Prince Philip prize for Australian Industrial Design. He was President of the Australian Pump Manufacturers' Association and presented technical papers in Australia, UK and Singapore, He travelled worldwide designing irrigation and supplying pumps in Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. From 1976-80 he was consulting for a pump manufacturer in UK. His leisure interests are mountaineering and sailing. Cynthia was a teacher and later a voluntary guide at the Sydney Art Gallery.

)1> NELSON, Jennifer Helen m on to HUNT, John Hamilton b 24.02.1940 b 16.11.1934 Jennifer b. at Wellington and m. at Sydney, Australia. Separated 1989 and divorced 1993. John, s/o James Threlfall Hunt and Edna Hogbin, b. at Nyngan, NSW. Address: 2/189 Coode Street, Como 6152, (PO Box 759, Subiaco 6904), WA, Australia; Email; Jennie trained as a radiographer and worked in a variety of settings before marriage and during the years of marriage. In 1986 she gained a certificate in welfare work. Since then she has graduated twice, first gaining a Graduate Diploma in Social Communication at Hawkesbury Agricultural College and in 1994 a Masters Degree in Social Ecology at the University of Western Sydney - Hawkesbury. Since 1986 Jennie has worked in the specialised area ofAlzheimer's disease and the related disorders, both in practical care settings and in management as the Executive Director of the Alzheimer's Association WA. Currently she is the specialist aged care lecturer at Central Metropolitan College of TAPE in Perth. Jennie enjoys choral singing and has been a member of the Sydney Philharmonia and Perth Oratorio Choirs. She has sung on three occasions with the World Festival Choir in Sydney and Verona, Italy. She is an active member of Rotary and also enjoys outdoor activities such as tramping, cycling and tennis.

John is the Director ofRadiology at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

1> HUNT, Andrew James m on 20.10.1991 to DARVAS, Kathenne Ann b 01.05.1965 b 24.10.1965 Address: 71 Jerome Street, Medford, Ma 02155, USA. Andrew graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales and Sydney University. He was an AFS exchange student in Malaysia, is now employed with Sun Microsystems in Boston, USA. Kate graduated in Pharmacy from Sydney University.

)1> HUNT, Stephanie Louise b 05.12.1997

02> HUNT, Geoffrey Douglas b 27.04.1967 Address: 5/25 Elamang Avenue, Kirribilli 2061, Sydney, NSW, Australia; Email: Geoffrey was educated at Knox Grammar School in Sydney (1979-84). For the nine years after he left school, he worked as a recording engineer in the music business, spending seven of those years in London and another six months in New York. During those years he had the fortune to work with some of the world's biggest names, ranging from Tom Jones and Cliff Richard through to DT Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and Massive Atack. In 1993 Geoffrey returned home to Sydney where he took six months off. He is now part owner of a multi-media company in Sydney that produces CD-ROMs and internet sites for the music and entertainment industries, Geoffrey won the award for Programmer of the Year at the 1997 Australian Multi-Media Industry Awards.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, W1111am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON, Wmiam NELSON, Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret ^NELSON. Hugh Douglas and SMITH, Cynthia Helen Margaret ^NELSON, Jenmfer'Helen and HUNT, John Hamilton 03> HUNT. Julie Elizabeth b 27.04.1969 Address: 3/19 Glenview Street, Greenwich, NSW 2065, Australia. Julie has a Diploma in Graphic Art and Photography from Nepean College of Advanced Education, NSW.

She has worked in the field of photography, graphic design and exhibition display. She travelled in South America for seven months. She is currently working in the printing industry.

2> NELSON, Derek Anthony m on 06.09,1969 to GREENOUGH,


b 27.11.1941 b 18.03.1943 Address: PO Box 29, Botany, NSW, Australia.


NELSON. Saffron Rachel and BENNETT, Simon R b 16.04.1972 b **.**.****

Saffron b. at London, England. Address: 25/14 Watson Street, Neutral Bay 2089, NSW, Australia. Saffron emigrated to Sydney, Australia, at eight months. She grew up on a seven-acre hobby farm in West Pennant Hills and completed her secondary schooling at Ascham School, Edgecliff, then

graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical) from the University of Sydney in 1996. At university, she was active in extra-curricular activities and was the president of Aeronautical Engineering Social club as well as co-editor of the year book. After graduation Saffron travelled throughout the USA and Europe until coming back to Australia and accepting a position with the Department of Defence in Canberra in March 1997. She lived in Canberra while working on Tank Simulators for the Australia Army. At the completion of this "rotation". She was transferred to work back in Sydney at Boeing in North Ryde on the integration of GPS into various military aircraft. During this time she was offered a contract position in the Structures Engineering Division at QANTAS Airways where she has worked since January 1998. Saffron is a keen skier, snorkler and sailor and has competed in Sydney Harbour yacht racing as well as represented her University in downhill skiing competitions. She also has a great interest in flying.

3> NELSON, Timothy Oems b 08.07.1943 d **.02.1968

Timothy graduated in Medicine on 13 Feb 1968.

4> NELSON, Richard Rupert Lionel m on **.**.**** to WEBSTER, Elizabeth b




Address: Dental Surgery, 23 Fitzroy Street, Tumut 2720, NSW, Australia.

Richard graduated in Dentistry (BDS) at Sydney University.

)1> NELSON. Sarah Kate b 11.11.1974 Address: 7 Paisley Street, Sumner, Christchurch.

02> NELSON, C1 at re Minama b 28.01.1976



Descendants of WILLIAMS, WHHam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON. Wniiam ^NELSON, Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret ^NELSON, John Dudley and SARLL, Georgtna Sybtl Gratwtck 03> NELSON. John Dudley m on 21.10.1936 to SARLL, Georgtna Sybtl Gratwtck b 03.01.1914 d 05.06.1982 b 18.07.1913 Dudley b. at Wellington. Georgina, d/o Captain T W H Sarll and Sybil Athelstan Smith. Address: Shore Cottage, 42 Shore Road, Warsash, Hants SOS 9FU, England. Dudley was a regular officer (Group Captain on retirement) in the Royal Air Force and saw active service in WW2. He trained at Cranwell RAP College and flew Lancasters during WW2 in bombing raids on Germany. He was awarded the DFC. He was also a keen yachtsman. Following the war, Dudley and Georgina spent six years in New Zealand before returning to England.

L> NELSON, Rosemary Margaret m on 31.12.1960 to KEMP, Kenneth Peter b 06.02.1938 b 22.11.1940 Rosemary b. at Hornsea, Yorks and m. at Leanagden, Herts, England. Kenneth, s/o Richard Kemp and Josephine Leverett, b. atBurnwell, Norfolk, England. Address: 3 Halifax Road, Bicester, Oxon 0X6 SLY, England. Rosemary trained as a dental nurse, served in the WRAP and worked as a physiotherapy aide. Kenneth served in the RAP for 22 years and has been a prison officer for the last 11 years.

)1> KEMP, Melame Susan m on 29.05.1986 to SILVER, Brett b 08.03.1962 b 23.10.1959 Melanie graduated BA(Hons). She and Brett both work in Marks & Spencers in management.

)1> SILVER, Charlotte Kate b 29.05.1986

02> KEMP, Paul Richard m on 02.09.1989 to ALLEN, Elizabeth b 08.01.1965 b 23.07.1967 Paul is an editorial assistant in a publishing firm and Elizabeth is an occupational therapist at a hospital in Oxford.

03> KEMP, Catherine Janet b 09.12.1973

02> NELSON, Janet m on **.**.**** to (l)ALLEN, Robert b 05.07.1939 d **.08.1984 b **,**.**** Janet m. at Garston, Watford, Herts, England. Divorced.

)1> ALLEN, Dudley Falconer b 19.07.1962

)2> ALLEN. Miles Jeffrey b 05.09.1966 Miles changed his surname to Cooper by deed poll.

03> ALLEN, Samantha Ann b 19.12.1968 Samantha lived with George and Diana Nelson after her mother's death. She has now moved to New Zealand.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON, W1111am NELSON, Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret ^NELSON, John Dudley and SARLL. Georgtna Sybtl Gratwtck NELSON, Janet and ALLEN, Robert 04> ALLEN, Jonathan Undsay b 04.10.1971 Jonathan lived with William and Jeanne Nelson after his mother's death. He is now studying Design Technology at the University of Reading.

02> NELSON, Janet m on **.**.**** to (2)COOPER, Anthony S b 05.07.1939 d **,08.1984 b **.**.**** d **.**.1984

03> NELSON, Will 1am Lionel m on to McKENNA, Jeanne b 07.06.1943 b 09.11.1933 William b. at Dorking, Surrey and m. at Warsash, Hampshire, England. Jeanne, d/o Alexander McKenna (army officer, Major on retirement) and Jane Hamilton Ferguson, b. at Glasgow, Scotland. Address: Willums Cottage, Waterloo Farm, Burford, Oxfordshire 0X8 4BZ, England. William works in farm management and is a keen yachtsman, Jeanne is a state registered nurse.

L> NELSON, Thomas Michael Will 1am b 07.08.1969 Thomas served in the Royal Navy for five years and is currently reading Engineering at College.

02> NELSON, Scott Alexander b 20.09.1970 Scott has served four years in the British Army RA. He was based in Germany, served in Northern Ireland for six months and was in the Middle East during the Gulf War.

03> NELSON, Will 1am Hugh b 03.08.1972 William worked as a motor mechanic for two years and is now with a landscaping firm.

04> NELSON, John Mason m on i6.03.i967 to BURPEE, Sandra Jean b 21.05.1944 d **.08.1977 b **.**.**** Sandra remarried to J A Burns.

)1> NELSON, Michael John b 27.05.1968 Address: Casilla209-12, Santiago, Chile.

02> NELSON, Susan b 25.05.1969 Address: RR#3 Keene Road, Ladysmith, British Columbia VOR 20E, Canada.

5> NELSON, James Edward m on 07.05.1977 to MABEY, Bridget Ann b 28.07.1947 b 26.09.1949 James b. at Hastings and m. at West Wittering Church, Sussex, England. Bridget, d/o Bevil Guy Mabey and Tune Penelope Peck, b. at Redhill, Surrey, England. (Bevil was a director of a bridge building company and won three Queen's Awards for Export and a CBE). Address; "Brielen", Arnewood Bridge Road, Swa, Hampshire, England. James is a carpenter and a wind surfing instructor. Bridget is an infant school teacher (main subject is art) and a ski instructor.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON, Will 1am NELSON, Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret ^NELSON, John Dudley and SARLL, Georgtna Sybtl Gratwtck ^NELSON, James Edward and MABEY, Bridget Ann 01> NELSON, Dam el Guy b 20.08.1978 Daniel is a keen sportsman involved in ski racing, tennis and water sports.

02> NELSON, Ross Duncan b 01.11.1980 Ross participates in tennis and ski racing.

03> NELSON, Tara Joanne b 10.10.1982 Tara's interests include dancing, music, singing, gymnastics and tennis.

06> NELSON, George Stephen m on **.**.**** to MASON-ELLIOTT, Diana Mary b 25.07.1950 b 28.04.1949 George b. at Hastings and m. at a Registry Office in Gloucester, England (blessing of marriage at St Leonard's Church, Bursledon, Hants). Diana, d/o George Edgar Newlyn Mason-Elliott and Mary Purdon. Address: 34 Heathville Road, Gloucestershire GL1 3DS, England. George is a lecturer for hearing impaired students in further and higher education.

)1> NELSON, Uza Rachel b 10.06.1973 Liza adopted by George.

02> NELSON, David Nicholas b 21.06.1975 David adopted by George.

03> NELSON, Amy Estelle b 13.06.1981

U> NELSON. Alice Margaret b 06.11.1983

(U>'NELSON, Guy Haroldm on 21.01.1941 to MATTHEWS, Rhoda Anne Marnott (Bobbie) b 19.03.1917 b 01.04.1916 Guy b. at Wellington and m. at St Mary's Church, New Plymouth. Bobbie, d/o Charles Wilfred Arthur Matthews and Anne Vickers. (Charles Matthews was s/o Caroline Jollie who was d/o Edward Jollie, an early NZ surveyor). Address: RD 1, Takapau. Guy was educated at Wanganui Collegiate School and Lincoln College (DipAg). He was a farmer and stud sheep breeder (Suffolk and South Suffolk) and is now retired. He was also active in Federated Farmers and on the Smedley Board for farm cadets for many years. Bobbie maintains a large garden mostly on her own. She was involved in the Guiding Movement in the 1950s and '60s, She now enjoys tapestry and embroidery and reading The Economist and The Guardian Weekly.

Ol> NELSON, Anne Caroline m on 28.ii.i964 to HILSON, Robin John Douglas b 04.10.1942 b 28.07.1941 Anne b. at Hastings and m. at Takapau. Robin, s/o Alastair Hilson and Grace Mabin. Address: 89 Gordon Street, Dannevirke. Anne was educated at Woodford House and Canterbury University (BSc(Hons)) and Massey University (Dip Women's Studies). She was formerly a wildlife biologist, secondary school teacher, university tutor, and farmer. She is currently strategic planner for the Tararua District Council in Dannevirke. Robin has an MSc. They are involved in sheep breeding - Perendale/ Texel and Oxford Down, etc. Anne is (cont...)



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. Emma Caroline and NELSON, Will 1am NELSON. Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret 1NELSON, Guy Harold and MATTHEWS, Rhoda Anne Marnott (Babble) ^NELSON, Anne Caroline and HILSON, Robin John Douglas NELSON, Anne Caroline and HILSON, Robin John Douglas (cont...) a member of the Rural Women's Education Trust Board and is a past member of the East Coast National Parks and Reserves Board.

)1> HILSON, Richard Patnckm on 18.04.1998 to NIDDELBERG. Karen Elizabeth Nelson b 15.03.1967 b 04.11.1966 Richard b. at Waipukurau. Karen, d/o Albert and Kay Middelberg. Address: Cf- Vet Services (HB) Ltd, PO Box 503, Waipukurau. Richard was educated at Rathkeale College and Massey University (BVSc). He worked in North Canterbury for a year and is now a partner in a veterinary practice in Waipukurau, with a professional interest in farm animals, especially sheep, deer and cattle. Karen is also a veterinarian, working mainly with small animals. They both enjoy the great outdoors, tramping, fishing and travelling,

)1> HILSON, Rebecca Anne Mtddelberg b 02.01.1998 Rebecca b. at Waipukurau.

02> HILSON, Jane JolHe m on 14.11.1992 to TUCKER, Timothy Peter b 14.03.1969 b 31.05.1968 Jane b. at Palmerston North and m. at Woodford House Chapel, Havelock North. Timothy, s/o Peter Tucker and Kathleen Sturrock, Address; 33 Whitby Road, Nelson. Jane was educated at Woodford House and Massey University, graduating BRP with 1st Class Honours in 1990. She worked in private practice in Christchurch for three years and is now a planning and resource management consultant with Staig and Smith Ltd, Nelson. Tim is a Dean and Head of History at Nelson College. He is a keen competitive mountain biker.

03> HILSON, Alastatr b 08.11.1971 Alastair attended Rathkeale College and gained a Certificate in Landscaping from Hawkes Bay Polytechnic. He then worked in horticulture then for an agricultural contracting firm in England. He is now a freelance production assistant in the film industry in Hollywood. Alastair walked and cycled on his own across the widest part of Africa, from west to east, a trip lasting a year. Whilst in Africa he designed a permaculture centre in Uganda and studied permaculture in Zimbabwe.

2> NELSON, Mary Jane Rosamond m on i8.os.i967 to MOODIE, John Eisdell b 22.01.1944 b 15.05.1942 Jane b. at Hastings and m. at St Mark's Church, Takapau. John, s/o John (Jack)

Ernest Moodie (b. 1916, d. 1941, fighter pilot) and Mildred (Mim) Lofthouse (b. 02.10.1916 in England, remarried to Hugh Noakes in 1949). Address: 78 la Bruntwood Road, RD 3, Hamilton. Jane was educated at Woodford House and graduated BSc(Hons) from Otago University. She did biochemistry research at Otago University and at Ruakura Research Station prior to motherhood. John was educated at King's College, Auckland then studied Medicine at Otago University. He and Jane met through a shared interest in tramping whilst at Otago. They lived in the UK in 1973-76 with Sarah and Anna while John studied Anaesthesia at Liverpool and Glasgow. They returned to Hamilton where John took up an anaesthetic consultancy and is now also doing analgesic research. He was President of the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists in 1983-84. Jane was a founding editor of the local monthly newspaper, and is currently on the Board of Trustees of (cont...)


7 8 9


Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON, Wmiam 1NELSON, Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS. Esther Margaret NELSON, Guy Harold and MATTHEWS, Rhoda Anne Mamott (Bobbte) ^NELSON, Mary Jane Rosamond and MOODIE, John Etsdelt NELSON, Mary Jane Rosamond and MOODIE, John Eisdell (cont...) St Peter's School, Cambridge. She has recently completed an MA in History at Waikato University and has a particular interest in oral history. Both enjoy running a ten acres and large garden. They were previously involved in youth work in the Church. They continue to enjoy tramping when time allows, and also movie-going, theatre and opera. John maintains an interest in wood-turning.

ilL> MOODIE, Sarah Caroline b 10.07.1970 Sarah b. at Hamilton. She was educated at Tamahere Primary School and Hamilton Girls' High School then graduated BA in Art History from Canterbury University. She spent several years in the United Kingdom, working in Derby as a vocational guidance officer, and travelling in Europe. She returned to complete a journalism course in Wellington then worked for the Rotorua Daily Post for several years. She was then a Parliamentary Press Secretary and is currently writing a book. Sarah's interests include white-water kayaking, rock and ice climbing and writing.

2> MOODIE. Gabnelle Anne b 22.04.1972 Anne b. at Hamilton. She was educated at Tamahere Primary School and Hamilton Girls' High School and spent a year in Bogor, Indonesia as an American Field Scholar, She

graduated BA in English and Classics from Canterbury University and LLB from Victoria University. She was admitted to the Bar in September 1997 and is currenfly practising in Rotorua. Anna's interests include dancing, kayaking and skiing.

03> MOODIE, Thomas John b 17.01.1979 Thomas b. at Hamilton. He was educated at Tamahere Primary School, Southwell School and St Peter's School, Cambridge, and is now studying Medicine at Otago University while living at Knox College. He enjoyed success at rowing at a national level while at St Peter's and is an enthusiastic skier and kayaker.

3> NELSON, Virginia Frances b 29.12.1946 Virginia b. at Hastings. Address: 74 Abberley Crescent, St Albans, Christchurch 1. Virginia was educated at Woodford House and graduated BA from the University of Canterbury. She joined the Justice Department as a probation officer and is now a service manager for the Community Probation Service.

05> NELSON, Kathleen Margaret m on 15.04.1941 to THOMSON. Charles Herbert b 07.08.1918 d 15.06.1997 b 15.05.1908 Kathleen b. at Wellington and d. at Acacia Bay, Taupo. Kathleen had a diverse array of talents, all of which she took to a pitch of excellence. She was an actor, designer and wardrobe mistress for local theatre productions, an accomplished landscape painter particularly in water colours, a designer in miniature screen painting and craftsperson in sewing, spinning, wool dyeing, weaving and ornate rug making. Charles was a general practitioner and obstetrician with a very large country practice. Later in his life he was Chief Medical Officer on Niue Island. From 1970 until his retirement he practised in Taupo.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON, Will 1am ^NELSON, Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret ^NELSON, Kathleen Margaret and THOMSON, Charles Herbert ^THOMSON, Malcolm Wmiam (6111) and BENNETT. Lyndon 01> THOMSON, Malcolm WHHam (Bill) m on 09.oi.i965 to BENNETT, Lyndon b




Bill b. at Christchurch. Lyndon, d/o C D Bennett and V E E Crosse. Address: Ramarua, RD, Norsewood.

Bill lived in Hastings from the age of 3 Vi and Hereworth School (1952-55), Wanganui Collegiate School (1956-59) and Lincoln College (1960-62). After his marriage to Lyndon, they moved to their present address, a farm which they first managed and then leased from the family. In 1973 they bought the family out. Lyndon is a trained teacher and did some part-time teaching at Norsewood School during some of their early married years, until family commitments became a priority. Later she took a more active role m the farm, particularly in the planning and financial management. She also initiated a speakers' forum where local women could socialise. Bill was a member of the Norsewood School Committee for ten years, four of them as chairman, More recently he spent six years as the elected member for Norsewood on the Dannevirke Community Board. His interests have included fishing, diving, tramping and power-boat racing.

)1> THOMSON, Michael Charles m on 05.12.1992 to DUFFY, Chn'stina Mary b 20.05.1967 b 15.12.1965 Michael b. at Hastings and m. at Taupo. Christina, d/o John Percy Duffy and Janice Amy Drysdale, b. at Eketahuna. Address: 2 Kempton Place, Taupo. Michael lived at Norsewood until 1991, and was educated at Te Aute College (1980-82) and Dannevirke High School (1983). He then worked for a Mitsubishi garage in Dannevirke where he started his

apprenticeship in 1983. Christina lived at Eketahuna until 1987 and went to Solway College in Masterton (1979-82). She then worked at the Mitsubishi garage in Pahiatua as an office junior. After six months she was promoted to office senior and 1987 she was transferred to Dannevirke when the head office of the garage was moved there. Michael and Christina worked in Dannevirke until 1991 when they both moved to Taupo and worked in the Mitsubishi garage there until the opened their own garage in Taupo in 1993. Michael runs the workshop and Christina, in between looking after the children, does the bookkeeping.

)1> THOMSON. Gene Michael b 02.08.1994 Gene b. atRotorua.

02> THOMSON, Tama Mat re b 17.01.1998 Tania b. at Rotorua.

02> THOMSON, Elizabeth Kate m on 10.03.1990 to SMYTH, Christopher b 07.02.1969 b 31.07.1963 Christopher, s/o Harley James Smyth and Elizabeth Rosemary Russell. Address: Atrig Station, RD 10, Dannevirke; Email: Kate works for an accountant, looks after the books for the farm, and enjoys theatre work both on and off the stage. Kate went to lona College in Havelock North then to teachers' college for two years before deciding to follow an interest in computers. She went to polytech then joined an accounting firm, working for four years before having her first child. Five years later she started work for another accountant.

Chris is also descended from William Nelson, but from his first marriage. He was educated at Motea School and Rathkeale College in Masterton. He started his farming career working for a neighbour in 1980 then worked at the freezing works for two years before returning to work on the family farm. Kate and Christopher took up a lease on the family farm of 472 hectares in 1995. Chris is interested in all motorsports and races motorbikes.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON, Will 1am ^NELSON, Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS. Esther Margaret ^NELSON, Kathleen Margaret and THOMSON, Charles"Herbert ^THOMSON, Malcolm Will 1am (BUD and BENNETT, Lyndon ^THOMSON, Elizabeth Kate and SMYTH, Christopher' 01> SMYTH. Ryan James b 05.05.1993 Ryan attends Motea School.

02> SMYTH, Stacy Adam b 26.01.1995 Stacy goes to Central Kindergarten.

03> THOMSON. W-ilHam James b 29.09.1972 Address: PO Box 1267, Taupo.

02> THOMSON, Nancy Patndam on 20.10.1969 to STRATFORD, Warwick b 14.03.1944 b 01.10.1939 Nancy b. at Westport and m. at Havelock North. Warwick, s/o H Stratford and N Reynolds. Address: 862 Wily Terrace, Taupo. Nancy moved to Hastings with her parents about 1947. She was educated at Mahora School, Queenswood School and Marsden School, Wellington (boarder, 1957-60). She did her nurses training at Christchurch Hospital, graduating in 1965. After their marriage, she and Warwick ran a sheep and cattle farm at Norsewood where Nancy was District Nurse for 10 years. On moving to Palmerston in 1989 she has worked as a practice nurse.

In 1995 Nancy was a crew member on the delivery voyage of the "Edna Kate", a fishing boat purchased by sister Min and her partner, Mike Lee, in Japan. Nancy has been living at Acacia Bay, Taupo since February 1998.

01> STRATFORD, Benjamin John b 04.05.1972 Benjamin b. at Dannevirke and educated at Norsewood School and Palmerston North Boys' High School. He graduated BAgSc from Massey University in 1994 then spent two years at Williams Lake, Canada, working for an irrigation company. On his return to New Zealand he took over the management of a pump company in Taupo in 1998.

02> STRATFORD, Anthony Warwick b 05.02.1974 Anthony b. at Dannevirke and educated at Norsewood School and Palmerston North Boys' High School. He completed a building apprenticeship in Palmerston North in 1997 and is now a self-employed builder.

)3> STRATFORD, Peter James b 24.02.1975 Peter b. at Dannevirke. He attended Norsewood School and Palmerston North Boys' High School and is now completing an MSc(Marine) degree at Otago University.

04> STRATFORD, Samuel Charles b 26.02.1977 Samuel b. at Dannevirke. He attended Norsewood School and Palmerston North Boys' High School and is now completing a NZ Architectural Draughting Certificate at Otago Polytechnic.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, lAlHHam and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON, Will 1am ^NELSON, Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS. Esther Margaret ^NELSON, Kathleen Margaret and THOMSON, Charles Herbert ^THOMSON, Christine Margaret and PYNER, Jeremy Don an 03> THOMSON. Chnsttne Margaret m on 25.06.1975 to PYNER, Jeremy Donan b 29.08.1947 b 02.06.1949 Christine b. at Hastings and m. at Napier. Jeremy, s/o Geoffrey Pyner and Marjorie Francis Nelson. Christine played the piano at school. She did an Arts Degree and Fine Arts study and became an art teacher, then married and went to Australia. She painted heraldic crests, had babies and reared orphan kangaroos. She decided to become a vet and graduated (Queensland) in 1982 at age 35 then set up her own practice in a country town. She recently learnt to fly and now takes family trips to see Australia.

)1> PYNER, Morgan Charles b 17.02.1977

)2> PYNER, Acada Marjorte b 14.01,1979

04> THOMSON, Anne Mary (M1n) m on 14.04.197310 (l)REEVES, lan James Stewart b 06.09.1948 b 12.12.1945 Min b. at Hastings and m. at Havelock North. Divorced 1987. lan, s/o Stanley Reeves and Blanche Stewart. Min attended Marsden College, Wellington and trained as a registered nurse at Middlemore Hospital and worked as a practice nurse. She travelled to England where she met lan. Following her marriage she became a professional exporter of orchids. Min is a proficient keen horse rider.

)1> REEVES, Angus James Stanley b 02.08.1975 Angus is a drama student at Northland Polytechnic and his interests include lighting, sound and motorbikes.

02> REEVES. Nicholas Charles b 27.08.1976 Nicholas is a drama student at Northland Polytechnic and his interests are drama generally and motorbikes.

04> THOMSON, Anne Mary (M1n) and (2)LEE, Mike b 06.09.1948 b 18.04.1951 Mike b. at Manakau Peninsula. Address: Stuart Road, Mcleod Bay, RD 4, Whangarei. Min was coordinator of Youth Help, an organisation which assists young people and their families. Mike worked in a similar organisation and they live at McLeod Bay with four teenagers from their combined families plus assorted animals. They recently went to Japan and brought back a 27m squid/longlines fishing boat which they operated out of Nelson and Rarotonga for 18 months.

06> NELSON, Michael m on 19.07.1955 to ADAMS, Jean Emily b 14.10.1928 b 13,04.1932 Michael b. at Wellington and m. in Sussex, England. Jean, d/o Ernest Adams and Jean West. Address: Carlos Ossandon 1682-D, La Reina, Santiago, Chile. Michael is a resource economist working on natural resource issues throughout Latin America. Jean was an Olympic skiier in her youth, She taught history and geography for many years. Both Michael and Jean have continued skiing and mountaineering and have recently taken up sailing.



Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline and NELSON, N1111am 1NELSON, Lionel (Jack) and CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret NELSON, Michael and ADAMS, Jean Emily NELSON, Linda Ruth and SINNER, James"Albert 01> NELSON, Linda Ruth m on os.n.1986 to SINNER, James Albert b 02.12.1957 b 04.06.1959 Linda b. at Palo Alto, California, USA and m. at Washington DC. Linda is known by her maiden name. James, s/o George Sinner (Governor of North Dakota, 1985-92) and Jane Baute. Address: 27 Victoria Heights, Nelson; Email: Linda graduated PhD from Cornell University and is now a policy analyst with the Ministry of Fisheries, and a member of the Environmental Risk Management Authority. James graduated MSc from Cornell University and is now a consultant in resource economics and trade policy.


SINNER. M-ichael Nel son b 19.07.1993

)2> NELSON, Monica Jane Sinner b 01.12.1995

02> NELSON, Cnstobat Miguel m on 06.02.1993 to LAWSON, Wendy b




Cristobal b. at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Address: 37 Rocking Horse Road, Christchurch.

Cristobal completed an MSc in Geology at Auckland University. Wendy graduated PhD from Cambridge University and is now lecturing in the Department of Geography at Canterbury University.

)1> NELSON, Sarah Kate 'A"A' 'k'k 'ff'k'k'^c

)3> NELSON, Ximena Jean b 11.02.1975 Ximena b. at Mexico City. Address: 134 Canon Street, Christchurch. Ximena was educated at the Grange School in Santiago and graduated MSc from the University of Canterbury in 1998. Her thesis concerns behavioural patterns in spiders. She is a keen skier and has continued her interest in outdoor pursuits since living in New Zealand.

02>'NELSON, Hilda Margaret m on 15.09.1910 to COTTERILL, George Robert b 21.11.1888 d 21.07.1918 b 02.11.1879 d **.**.1956 Hilda b. at Waikoko and d. at Hastings.

)1> COTTERILL, Emd Mary m on 03.09.1939 to STEWART, Enc Joseph b 20.06.1911 b 11.05.1907 d 20.12.1951

)1> STEWART, Sally m on 06.06.1964 to TURNER, Henry Thomas b 31.08.1940 b 28.09.1931

1> TURNER, Robert Stewart m on **.**.**** to RICHARDSON, Sandra b



1> TURNER, Thomas James b 16.11.1996




Descendants of WILLIAMS, Will 1am and NELSON, Jane WILLIAMS. Emma Caroline and NELSON, Wmiam NELSON. Hilda Margar-et and COTTERILL, George Robert ^COTTERILL, Emd Mary and STEWART, Enc Joseph ^STEWART, Sally and TURNER, Henry Thomas ^TURNER, Caroline Mary and JORDAN, Crispin Hugo 02> TURNER, Caroline Mary m on 02.04.1997 to JORDAN, Cn'sptn Hugo b 12.04.1968 b 14.01.1970

)2> STEWART, Ann m on 03.04.1974 to McLACHLAN, Edward Morns b 13.12.1941 b 14.11.1921

)3> STEWART, Janet May m on 29.09.1967 to TAYLOR, Mervyn (Buster) b 11.05.1944 b 06.11.1940

L> TAYLOR, Will 1am Ronald Stewart b 22.08.1970

2> TAYLOR, Annabel Josephtne b 23.10.1972

04> STEWART. JHI m on 25.10.1973 to WORLEY, John Henry ** ** ****

b 04.04.1946

02> COTTERILL, George Will 1am b 22.04.1916 d 08.11.1945 George was educated at Christ's College (1931-33). He served in the RAF in WW2, attaining the rank of Flight Lieutenant and being awarded the DFC. He was killed in an aircraft accident.

Photo from; Mr H D Nelson

Hugh Douglas NELSON (1912 - ). Receiving the Prince Philip Prize for Australian Industrial Design from Prince Phillip. Supported by Bob Menzies and Jack McEwan.




MATTERS The Third Reunion The 175th anniversary of the establishment of the Wiliams Family in New Zealand was marked by a family reunion held at Paihia over the weekend

of 16 -19 April 1998. Some 800 family members gathered from throughout New Zealand and around the world to renew old acquantances and make new ones, to reminisce and to look forward to the future. The venue was the Copthorne Resort Hotel at Waitangi where a huge tent was erected on the lawn to serve as the locale for many of the activities. These included a welcome onto the Waitangi Marae and a pageant depicting the arrival

of Henry and Marianne Williams at Paihia in 1823. There were sporting contests for those with energy to spare, and mountains

Photo from: Brian Morgan, Paihia Photography

Descendants of both Hemy and William paddle the waka during the re-enactment

of the landing at Paihia during the 1998 family reunion.

of food for the multitude. Locations relating to the history of the family were visited by coach tours and cmises and the

spiritual heritage of the family was evident in the large attendance at the church

services held each day. A highlight of the proceedings was a seminar held to explore the significance of the family's contribution to the history of New Zealand.

The Right Reverend Bishop John Patterson, Anglican Bishop of Auckland, and a student of our early history, led the panel with a review of the lives of Henry

and William both before and after their arrival in New Zealand. He was followed by Rev Jacob Huranga Hakaria, Anglican Priest, who grew up in nearby Ngawha and is currently writing a Maori history of pre-Treaty days. Next was the Right

Photo from: Brian Morgan, Paihia Photography

Local Ngapuhi iwi give challenge at Waitangi. Bill HB Williams (hat left), Tom Reed and Bishop Ben Te Haara (hat right) led the family onto the Waitangi National Marae.

Reverend Bishop Ben Te Haara, Tai Tokerau Maori Bishop, who grew up in

Paihia and is descended from Te Koki, the original chief of the area. Te Koki and his chieflainess, Ana Hamu, placed Henry and Marianne on Paihia soil. Rev Joan Cook, Anglican Vicar ofWhangarei, used the audience to demonstrate aspects of the Treaty ofWaitangi as seen by the majority partner and by various minority groups. Rev Peter Sykes, Anglican Vicar of Mangere and a family member who helped organise the discussion, provided inspiration to the younger members of the family to continue the family tradition of service into the new millennium. The session ended with comments fi-om the floor, many of them providing food for thought, as well as resounding calls to action, on issues of the day. Audio tapes of the Family Seminar are available from Michael Ludbrook,

Photo from: Brian Morgan, Paihia Photography

The organising committee of the 175th Reunion hear the Blessing given by Bishop Godfrey' Wilson: Bishop Ben Te Haara, Godfrey Wilson, Marty Robinson, Jacob Hakaraia, Lady Elizabeth Reed, Virginia Robinson, Alistair Robinson, Bill (WA) Williams, Elisabeth Liidbrook, Bill (H B) Williams, Phillida Eivers, Michael Ludbrook.


Ohaeawai, RD 2, Kaikohe (Ph 09-405 9887. Video tape of the early history and sites of the areas with attached family reunion footage are available from

Videomix, PO Box 349, Paihia, Bay of Islands (Ph/ fax 09-402 7733). Books on family history available to us at cost from H B Williams, PO Box 169, Gisbome or Elisabeth Ludbrook, 1 1 Veronica Street, Paihia, Bay of Islands. They are; Te Wiremu by L M Rogers, Marianne Williams by S Woods, Samuel

Williams ofTe Aute by S Woods, Sheild of Faith by George Davies, Land of the Sunrise by A B Williams, and East Coast Pioneers, a Williams Family Portrait.

Family Pride The 175th anniversary reunion demonstrated once again the strength of puropose and depth of family pride that has always been a feature of the Williams family. From the first days in New Zealand, Henry and Marianne, and later William and Jane, maintained contact with family in England with a continuous flow of letters back and forth. They also sought and received advice and support, both practical and financial, from sister and brother-inlaw, Lydia and Edward Garrard Marsh, as well as others in the family. The pleasure expressed by Marianne at the arrival of William and Jane to lend support to their early endeavours at Paihia, was real and heartfelt. The two brothers and their wives worked together Photo from: Brian Morgan, Paihia Photograph

The Challenge

as a team, lending support to each other throughout their lives. The closeness of the two families carried on into the next generation with two marriages between cousins. And when Henry was beset by attacks from Grey and others during the 1840s,

William took up the battle on his behalf and travelled to England to plead his cause. Henry's woes wree caused, of course, by his concern for the future of his children. And they, in their turn, provided solace and a secure refuge for their parents at The Retreat at Pakaraka. Over the ensuing years it became customary for the family to look out for each other in a variety of ways. There was the particular example of Samuel

in the way in which he helped others in the family to become established on farms on the East Coast. He


was also instrumental in establishing the Henry and Williams Memorial Trust as a means of perpetuating


his work. Of course, a major objective was the support of various religious and social causes, but the welfare of family was not forgotten. No member

of the extended Williams family has failed to gain an education through lack of the money to pay for it. And many have gained their first job and their training in farming by working on the farms of other family members. It is interesting to note that this book records 198 sons of the family who have received their education at Wanganui Collegiate School. The land and the Church have continued to be significant influences in the family throughout their history in this country. Farming still provides for the largest occupational group in the family, whilst the tradition of service to the Church, both within the ministry and as laity, is very strong in all branches of the family. Of course, as the family has grown in Photo from: Brian Morgan, Paihia Photograph

Tom Reed accepts the challenge.


size, it has also grown in diversity. Family members have served in high office in law, medicine,

Photos by Brian Morgan, Paihia Photography

The consecration of the stained glass window in St Paul's Church, Paihia, on 19 April 1998. The window was

donated by Sir Nigel and Lady Reed in memory of P T Williams and Eila Reed and was designed and created by Stephen Hutton.


government and the military and have

Williams were welcomed onto the

great length on whether to sign the

made their mark on the sporting fields and

Waitangi Marae yesterday. The

Treaty of Waitangi."

on the boards and committees of a

welcome was the highlight of the four-

multitude of service and community

day family reunion which celebrated

organisations. Henry himself was an artist

the 150th anniversary of the landing

of distinction, and many of the family have

of the two missionary Williams

also excelled in various aspects of the arts.

brothers in the Bay of Islands.

The bell was dedicated by the Bishop ofAotearoa, the Rt Rev Manu Bennett and mng by the Bishop of Waiapu, the Rt Rev Paul Reeves. The welcome began with a Maori challenge

The fostering of family solidarity has

During one heavy shower a bell

that ended in a Williams descendant

been pursued with vigour over the years. The first major event was probably the

was presented by the head of the

chasing the challenger back to the

Williams family, Dr Henry Williams,

100th anniversary of the arrival of the

ofChristchurch, to theNgapuhi tribe.

marae. A welcoming speech was given by Mr J C Henare who said the two

family, held at Paihia in 1923. This was

The bell, cast by the Whitechapel

missionary brothers had come to New

the occasion of a gathering of the family

at which photographs of The

Bell Foundry, London, had the inscription "Te Wiremu 1823 - 1973"

Grandchildren and The Great-

on it. It stands in a belfiy designed

Grandchildren of Henry and William was taken.

and carved by Mr John Taiapa's School of Carving in Rotorua.

The First Reunion

Presenting the bell, Dr Williams

said he could not help thinking the

Zealand with the three greatest weapons any may possess - faith, hope and charity. It was up to the young Williams descendants and young Maoris of today to continue the work into the future, he said. "The missionaries gave

marae was almost as important as the

their yesterday for our today and

Family Reunion at Paihia to mark the

Treaty House. He said the Marae was


150th anniversary of the arrival of Henry

part of a block of land his great-great-

Despite the rain, the 750

and Marianne in New Zealand. The

grandfather. Henry Williams, had

descendants of Henry and William

following is an extract of a report on the

given the Maoris as a seaside camp. It

Williams enthusiastically listened to

event in the Northern Advocate:

songs by 9 Maori choirs from the Bay

"During sudden showers the

was now considered a national marae and it was on the land "that Maori

descendants of Henry and William

chiefs met, deliberated and debated at

the ceremony a hangi was served."

In May 1973 the family held their first

of Islands College, Kawakawa. After

Photo from: Ms Wendy Davies

Susan Murray (nee Davies), Wendy Davies and George Davies.

Photo from: Brian Morgan, Paihia Photograph

Marcus Williams and Miti-a Williams, hvo of the actors in the re-enactrnent of the arrival ofHemy and Marianne.


? ^



% t "&


Grandchildren of Henry and Marianne Williams and William and Jane Williams taken on the occasion of the dedication of the Williams Memorial Church at Paihia in 1924. (1) Henry Samuel (Harry) LUDBROOK (1859 -1949), (2) Winifred Beetham NELSON (1372 -1935) nee WILLIAMS, (3) Heathcote Beetham WILLIAMS (1868 - i96i), (4) John William (Jack) WILLIAMS (1867 -1950), (5) Eila Mabel REED (1876 -1959) nee WILLIAMS, (6) William Williams LUDBROOK (1865 - 1938), (7) Francis Carleton HADFIELD (1874 -1947), (8) Samuel Blomfield LUDBROOK (i86i -1942), (9) Percy Temple WILLIAMS (1866 -1933), (10) Sarah Catherine (Kitty) TAPLIN (1876 -1956) ,,ee WILLIAMS, (11) Kenneth Stuart WILLIAMS (i8?o -1935), (12) Guy Coldham WILLIAMS (1868 -194?), (13) Norman Theodore WILLIAMS (1864-1928), (14) Arthur Frederick WILLIAMS (i860 -1936), (15) Marion Jane LUDBROOK (is63 -1935), (16) Lydia Catherine (Kate) WILLIAMS (i84i -1931), (17) George Coldham WILLIAMS (isss -1944), (18) Ethel Alice RUSSELL (1863 -1949) nec WILLIAMS, (19) Edward Heathcote WILLIAMS (1359 - i93i), (20) Gertrude Mary Beetham RUSSELL (1373 -1964) nee WILLIAI/IS, (21) Herbert William WILLIAMS (iseo -193?), (22) Francis James Volkner (Frank) WILLIAMS (1866 - 1938).

?l.'811'%,laA.^®0 Art .1^


Great Grandchildren of Henry and Marianne Williams and William and Jane Williams (1) Cecil Edward Blomfield LUDBROOK (1902 -1988), (2) Samuel Marsh WILLIAMS (i9os -), (3) Bmce Buchanan WILLIAMS (1903 - ****), (4) Not identified, (5) Alister Coldham WILLIAMS (1903 -1971), (6) Kenneth William LUDBROOK (i9os -1952), (7) Paul Henry Metcalfe WILLIAMS (1908 -1976), (8) Geoffrey Valentine LUDBROOK (1904 -1989), (9) Herbert Meyric WILLIAMS (1903 -1983), (10) Patrick Heathcote Temple WILLIAMS (1909 -1974), (11) Wilfrid Gaster WILLIAMS (1882 -1953), (12) James Francis (Jim) NELSON (1903 -1995), (13) Claud Herbert WILLIAMS (1876 -1970), (14) Barbara Hope DEANS (1906 -1972) nee WILLIAMS, (15) Jean Anabelle PARKER (1907 -1997) nee FAULKNER, (16) George Murray Swinburne KELLY (1904 -1970), (17) Sarah Cooper (Sally) WIGLEY (1907 -1987) nee WILLIAMS, (18) Joan Elfie DILLON (1913 -) nee WILLIAMS, (19) Amy Margaret (Meg) TRIPE (1910 -) nee WILLIAMS, (20) Margaret Gertrude LOWRY (1905 -1993) nee RUSSELL, (21) Winifred Gwendoline MALDEN (1897 -1973) nee NELSON, (22) Joan Wilder JONES (1911 -1990) nee WILLIAMS, (23) Nancy Mary CACCIA-BIRCH (1904 -1972) ,,ee WILLIAMS, (24) Mary Temple WILLIAMS (1912 - 1993), (25) Nancy Hope BORTHWICK (1910 -1984) nee WILLIAMS, (26) Jocelyn Anne PERRY (1909 - 1940) nee WDBROOK, (27) Ellen Mary (Molly) WILLIAMS (1903 -), (28) Emestine Miriam HADFIELD (1903 -1959), (29) Ethel Ida BIRCH (isse - "**) ,,ee RUSSELL, (30) Not identified, (31) Ursula WILLIAMS (i 891 -1960), (32) Vera SEWELL (1893 - 1984) nee WILLIAMS, (33) Beatrix Hamilton RUSSELL (isss - ****), (34) Dorothy MACLEAN (isss - 1931), (35) Thomas Walton REED (1910 -), (36) John Kinsella LUDBROOK (1910 -1992), (37) Morvyn (Tim) WILLIAMS (1910 -1989), (38) Not identified, (39) Evelyn Gillian (Jill) BARTON (1919 -1985) nee WILLIAMS, (40) Janet Mary WILLIAMS (i9i8 -1979) me WILLIAMS, (41) Elfie Clare Temple ELLIOTT (1917 -1991) nec REED, (42) Not identified, (43) Not identified, (44) Not identified, (45) Not identified, (46) Shona Mackintosh KERSEY (1914 -1994) nee WILLIAMS. (47) Not identified,



11'" Wl4iy

Left: The Reunion Committee for the 150th Anniversary Reunion at Paihia - May 1973 (1) Nigel WILLIAMS (1901 - 1980), (2) James Francis (Jim) NELSON (1903 -1995), (3) Charles Kenneth WILLIAMS (is99 -1978), (4) Charles Athol WILLIAMS (1899 -1990),

(5) Leonard Heathcote (Bill) WILLIAMS (1912 -1979), (6) William Athol (Bill) WILLIAMS (1928 - ), (7) Heathcote Beetham (Bill) WILLIAMS (1922 -), (8) Thomas Walton REED (1910 -), (9) Hannah Eleanor Evelyn REED (1921 -1995) nee HENDERSON, (10) Anthony Leonard WILLIAMS (1934 -), (11) Cecil Edward Blomfield LUDBROOK (1902 -1988), (12) Nora WILLIAMS (1902 -1996) nee CASTEL, (13) Miss J CRAIG (Secretary)^ 14) Sarah Cooper (Sally) WIGLEY (1907 -1987) nee WILLIAMS, (15) Janet Mary WILLIAMS (i9is -1979) nee WILLIAMS, (16) Elfie Clare Temple ELLIOTT (1917 -1991) nee REED, (17) Patricia Elizabeth WILLIAMS (m4-)i,eeWLAN, (18) Mary Temple WILLIAMS (1912-1993), (19) Dinah Allison WILLIAMS (1941 -) nee NORRJS.


The original Tupe Tupe homestead photographed in 1885, showing Mrs H S Ludbrook and her sisters and their husbands. When Samuel and Caroline Ludbrook went to Tup Tupe, part of the house in which they had been living at Prospect was moved there as a temporaty home. Their new home, consisting of nine rooms was built alongside this and was joined to it by a covered passageway.A modern homestead was built in 1920.

Commemorating the 100th anniversaiy of the purchase of Tape Tnpe Station by Cecil Edward Blomfield Ludbrookfrom his brother-in-law, John William Williams in 1860. Leaving the Holy Trinity Anglican Church at Pakaraka after the Tlwnksgiving Se>-vice.


Some of those at the Tupe Tupe centennial pageant moving around the lawn. In the centre are Peter and Winsome Ludbrook who took the part of George dark, founder ofTe Waimate Mission, and his wife Martha.

Cecil and Margaret Ludbrook with their children and sons-in-law at the Tupe Tupe centennial celebrations.



the two foundation sides ofNgapuhi.

and fortifications inNorthland and indeed is unique to New Zealand,

Uenuku's daughter was Maikuku.

Furthermore, as well as being a She was beautiful and an expert in poi and significant contributor to the heartland of Pouerua is part of the property haka and weapons. She was set apart as a Ngapuhi Hapu, it was the site of early


purchased in 1835 by Henry Williams. puhi and lived in the village and the well European settlement and is well described The subsequent dispute surrounding this guarded cave called Ruarangi near where in the English language narratives. purchase was not only devastating for the Waitangi Hotel now stands. Radical changes in the economics of Henry and Marianne and their children, Huatakaroa of Whangaroa heard of Maori, the shifts to the coast, and but has continued to concern members of her beauty and came in search of her settlement from Europe led to the the family through to the present day. The through the Tokerau channel passage. He abandonment and sale of Pouerua and following account of the historical and heard the wailing of her guardian and got surrounding lands to Henry Williams in archeological significance of the site has to her by tracking her guard through the 1835 as a farm for his children.

been compiled from notes supplied by Bill underwater entrance and found Maikuku.

It was fanned by Henry Williams' The name "Waitangi" comes fiom that sons and in 1895 it was taken over by his Pouerua is the birthplace of Te Taha event. Their first child Te Raa (the sun) grandsons. Henry Samuel Ludbrook and Wahine, "the female side" ofNgapuhi. was born there at Waitangi. Maikuku and William Ludbrook. In 1858 Henry's [refer to The Puriri Trees are Laughing Huatakaroa then went and lived at Pouema daughter Caroline married Samuel by Jeffrey Sissons, Wirimu Wihongi and and all their children were born there. Blomfield Ludbrook and in 1860 they Pat Hohepa.] Maikuku's eldest son Te Raa stayed on at purchased part of this land from Caroline's The founding (but not eponymous) Pouema and it is his direct descendants brother John, Ludbrook.

ancestor of Ngapuhi was a man named who hold mana over Pouerua on behalf

Rahiri who married Ahuaiti of Ngai ofNgati Rahiri.

Dr Aidan Challis of the Science and Research Division of the Department of

Tahuhu. After a dispute, Rahiri

Amongst the descendants and cmcial Conservation has had 20 years of leaders who held this mana between 1700 involvement with heritage protection. He and departed to Hokianga, to the village and 1850 were Kauteawha, Topi, describes Pouerua as a "world class and pa of Pakanae where his second son Tekemara, Mahikai and Marupo. They cultural monument" and he says that Kahaurau was born. Ahuaiti gave birth maintained the Mana Whenua of Ngati "Pouerua and the main cone and to a son Ueauku and both mother and son Rahiri from Pouema to Waitangi. Allied associated lava, is a historical landscape lived at Pouema in the house ofAhuaiti's to them and occupying the surrounding of outstanding significance... It has ancestors of Tahuhunuiorangi of Ngai volcanic pa sites were Ngati Hine, Ngati outstanding integrity as a landscape... It Tahuhu. Rangi and Ngare Hauata. is representative because, although there The descendants of Kaharau in the Ngapuhi ancestors descending from were once large horticultural maori abandoned Ahuaiti, who was pregnant,

Hokianga district and the descendants of "te taha wahine" (or the female side) settlements throughout New Zealand, all Uenuku in inland Bay of Islands around occupied Pouerua Mountain and but Pouerua have been destroyed". Pouema were subsequently reconnected surrounding lands making it the birthplace Dr Challis believes that, "Pouerua through the marriage of Kaharau's son of the majority of the hapu or sub-tribes through the benign management practised Taurapoho to Uenuku's daughter ofNgapuhi.

by the Williams and Ludbrook families From 1982 to 1987 Dr Doug Sutton for 154 years until it was mistakenly sold Thus both sides made a contribution of University of Auckland ran a project to John White in 1989, has meant that the


to the establishment of Ngapuhi.

of archaeological and historic research in full protection and preservation ofPouerua Hokianga's side can be referred to as "te Central Northland. Pouerua was chosen has been allowed to occur". taha tane" (the male side) and the Pouema as a focus of the project because it is the "The New Zealand historical and side as "te taha wahine" (the female side). only large and intact archaeological unspoilt significance to Pouema could be Rahiri and his warrior son lived at landscape example (in its entirety) ofprelikened to Hadrian's Wall in England or Hokianga and Ahuaiti and her non- European Maori field systems, settlements the pyramids in Egypt or the Colosseum fighting son lived at Pouerua. These are in Rome. Such comparisons, however, are

meaningless, as Pouerua relates specifically and solely to New Zealand as a cultural monument dating back to 1200 AD. It remains intact and unspoilt as it was during human occupation hundreds of years ago."

Since Pouema left the protection of the Ludbrook family it has become almost completely covered in gorse, and other weeds. Pastures have deterioated and fences have broken down to an alarming extent.

In 1996 a Ludbrook Family Trust was formed to attempt to purchase back the 66 ha. of the Pouema Mountain from the Tai Tokerau Maori Trust Board and to maintain it as an historical site. However, there was opposition to the proposal and the offer was subsequently withdrawn.

Poiierua Mountain


TAIAMAI Near the house at Taiamai is a sacred rock which has hollows that are often filled with water. One day a large white bird came to drink from one of these hollows. The people did not know where the bird had come from, and called their chief, Kaitara. Kaitara then proclaimed, "My people, this beautiful bird has come from Hawaiki and is a welcome guest that has been wafted inland by the winds of Tangaroa, the God of the Sea. Therefore let us call him Taiamai. He will be our bird and I declare him tapu. Do not venture near but view him from afar. He will bring us great mana." Every afternoon Taiamai settled on the rock to sip water from one of the 'basins' and the presence of this mysterious bird see for the last time the rock where to placate the spirits within it and ensure did indeed add greatly to the mana of Taiamai had rested, travelled several miles them a safe journey. Kaitara and his people in the eyes of the for this purpose. The chief Kaitara gave this rock the other tribes. On his arrival he sat gazing at it in title of "Te Tino o Taiamai" and before One evening a neighbouring chief, deep meditation for many hours. It is said long the district too became known as jealous of the mana it gave Kaitara, tried that after his death the chiefs spirit fused Taiamai". From this legend of Taiamai to capture the bird but to his horror, into the rock with that of Taiamai, thus came the Ngapuhi greeting to a welcome Taiamai vanished by melting into the rock making it doubly tapu. visitor, "Ka Kata Nga puriri o Taiamai and was never seen again. Terrified lest a For many generations, any Maori The puriri trees are laughing". curse be put upon him, the chief fled. passing by the rock of Taiamai would Some time later, a dying chief wishing to pluck any green twig and lay it at its foot


Wendy Davies, great-great- arrival at Paihia, William, with help from to Paihia on hearing of the death of her granddaughter of Marianne and Rawiri Taiwhanga, completed the granddaughter, Maria Jane. Whilst Christopher Pearson Davies, and a construction of a stone house for his awaiting the sailing of the Pandora to take landscape architect, is leading a campaign growing family. One of the rooms in the her home in early February 1856, the old to have a small area ofPaihia designated house was probably used as a schoolroom. stone house was destroyed by fire. Jane as an historical precinct. The area extends However the family occupied the house wrote, "The stone house, the walls of roughly from Kings Road northwards to only until 1835 when William was the Village Green and from Marsden Road transferred to the mission at Te Waimate.

which you may perhaps remember were built by William's own hands some six

back to the hill, and incoiporates several After William Colenso's arrival at the end and twenty years ago, was destroyed by sites that are connected with the early days of 1834, he lived initially in a lean-to fire." She continued: "The crew and of both Henry and Marianne Williams and attached to the Chapel, moving into part Master of the Osprey were also very William and Jane Williams. The project of the vacated house after William and active, and were chiefly instrumental in has the support of the Henry and William family left. In 1840 Colenso's printing preserving Christopher Davies' house Williams Memorial Trust and is being press was moved from its earlier location from the effect of the pieces of burning considered for incorporation into the in Mr Baker's house and installed in a part material... but had not the two Mariannes Paihia District Plan. The sites of particular of the stone house. Colenso moved to Te and Mary Ann Preece, with one or two interest to the Williams family are:

Waimate in 1843 and the printing press natives, made almost incredible exertions

The ruins of William and

was moved there some time later.

Jane's house. Around 1830, four years after their

in getting blankets saturated with water

At the end of 1855, Jane Williams, laid on the roof before others could get to then living at Waerenga-a-hika, travelled their assistance, that house must have gone


Map of PatMa showing extent of proposed Historic Precinct.

too. Humaaly speaking the family living

in the building were by the help of their neighbours able to save nearly all of their property." The ruins are located today directly

behind Mr Tom Reeds property in

1. Canon Percy Temple MilHams house and the ruins of Hugh

Marsden Road and are indicated by a

Carleton's house.

for its preservation was prepared in 1987

2. The Norfolk pine tree planted by Henry. 3. Church of St Paul and Henry Williams Memorial.

plaque. A report on the site and proposals

by Joan Maingay for the Historic Places Trust. This also contains descriptions of the layout and constmction of the original house. The report highlights the archeological value of the site, the vulnerability of the mins and the need for urgency in establishing a conservation

4. Ruins of William Williams' house and wniiam Colenso's printing workshop. 5.The site of the launching of the ship, Herald.


Canon Percy Temple Williams' house. Although of more recent construction, this house and property has served as a home base in Paihia for many of the recently deceased or still living members

of the family. Built in 1924 by Canon Percy, it occupies land that was originally

purchased by Henry Williams on behalf of the Church Missionary Society on 19 November 1827. Part of this land was sold

in 1851 to W L Williams and R Burrows and in 1891 they sold 474 acres to the New Zealand Mission Trust Board. Canon Percy Williams purchased his site in January 1920. It was occupied at that time by the old house that had been home to

Lydia and Hugh Carlton and he demolished this to make way for the construction of his house in 1924. A remaining outhouse of the Carleton dwelling was retained and used as a storehouse, and is still there today.

In 1967 Mary Temple Williams sold the property to The Northland Harbour xs9:s'niss(k-w -^^?*'?;</^.,'-'"^^ -/ ' ,^ . ^.::^^K ^''•^:%S^i&s,^^^

Board on condition that the open area known as The Village Green would remain forever as open space. Over


Photos from: Ms Wendy Davies

The ruins of William Williams ' house and William Colenso 's prwting workshop.

succeeding years she campaigned vigorously against several attempts to circumvent this proviso. The property passed to the Bay of Islands County

Council in 1981 and following the formation of the Bay of Islands Mission Heritage Trust in 1993, with Mary Williams as a foundation member, stewardship of the property was assumed by the Trust. A conservation plan for the preservation and future use of the house and property was prepared by Salmond Architects in 1997. Efforts are continuing through the Mission Heritage Trust to ensure the survival of both the house and the Green, and an unbuilt open space. The present Council has not yet given assurances of their support.

Bill Thompson, Mr McGillivray and

Church of St Paul

others to protect and preserve the history

Following the holding of a family

and heritage of the area and suggests that

reunion on Paihia in August 1923 to

the present generation owes it to them to

commemorate the centenary of the arrival

continue to be vigilant against neglect and

of the Williams family in New Zealand,

inappropriate development of the area.

the H and W Williams Descendants

Wendy continues: "At present these

Commemoration Trust Board was

few sites are marked only by separate

established to construct a memorial church

plaques facing the footpath and this is

to honour the missionary brothers. The

totally inadequate as a way of preserving and informing about the history ofPaihia's

foundation stone was laid on 17 March

1925 by Thomas Sydney Williams and the

early beginnings. The whole story need

church was opened on 27 January 1926

to be presented together, bringing together

by Bishop Herbert Williams who was then

the historic and the scenic aspects ofPaihia

Bishop of Waiapu. The altar hangings,

so as to ensure the retention of all natural

presented by H B Williams and family, were made and embroidered by the Queen's Royal School ofNeedlewomen.

Photo from: Ms Wendy Davies

The gate at the entrance to St Paul's

elements which frame the area - the

beachfront and the hill behind, from the

grassed and open village green in the In 1998 the stained glass windows above Church. It was brought from England by centre of modem Paihia down to Kings the altar were donated by Sir Nigel and The lectern inside the church was Road. Lady Reed. presented by Charles, Lord Bledisloe, "The fact that the original settlement The present church occupies the site Govemor-General of New Zealand, and buildings have been replaced by the time

of the original raupo chapel built atPaihia Elaine, his wife, in 1934 and dedicated 175 years have passed is not very

by Henry in 1823. This was replaced in "To the Glory of God, to the memory of significant in terms of accepted 1828 with a lath and plaster structure, members of the Williams family who international criteria for the valuation of which served until 1856 when a wooden faithfully preached the Gospel of Christ historic places. Most of the dwellings that church was built. This served until 1874 in this place..." have replaced them still convey the when it was dismantled and another Just south of the Church is the Norfolk ambience of the area because they wooden church erected, incorporating pine tree which was planted by Henry and continue the building scale, domestic much of the old timber. This last wooden is seen on some of the early sketches of character and high proportion of grassy structure was dismantled and moved to the Paihia mission. Henry's house was open space in relation to the area of the Taumarere in sections in 1925 to make located just behind this tree. Further south buildings. The purpose of the application way for the present stone church. again is a small reserve and a plaque for a heritage precinct is to protect this In the lawn in front of the church is a marking the site of the launching of the character and to halt the progression of monument erected by local Maori in 1876,

shortly after Henry's death, as a memorial and "a token of love to him from the Maori Church..." Adjacentto the monument, and

commercial development in buildings of

Herald in 1826.

a completely different character, some of The establishment of the proposed

behind the church, are the graves of many Historic Precinct is of special significance early residents of Paihia. Amongst the to all members of the Williams family, as

those having already taken up some of these waterfront sites. "Commercial use is possible in buildings of a residential character, and

Williams family members buried or it embodies the cradle of their roots in New that has occurred in the old house next to memorialised there are: Maria Jane Zealand. In a recent report to the H and the church where there is now a restaurant. Williams (1850 -1855), Samuel Williams W Williams Descendants Trust Board, Local business people and some (1846 -1846), Eliza Pearson Davies (1860 Wendy Davies noted that area is the councillors were briefed on this at a "physical and spiritual centre of the - 1861), Christopher Pearson Davies seminar arranged by Elisabeth Ludbrook (1811 - 1861), Samuel Blomfield missionary settlement that was the in August. Ludbrook (1861 - 1942), Edward foundation of present day Paihia." She "The public should have the paid tribute to the work done by local

Reginald Ludbrook (1872 - 1937), and people like Mary Williams, Tom Reed, opportunity to visit the actual sites and Sarah Hutton( 1829- 1866). have the history interpreted in an

interesting way. A path could provide public access to the rear of existing buildings where the historic cemetery and the ruins of William's house could be restored and interpretation of the early settlement could be displayed. The possibility exists for a heritage walk through from Marsden Road, passing the church, the old graveyard and crossing into the site of the ruin and rejoining the

path by the old Norfolk pine. "We are seeking assistance in the form of historic research of all kinds, photographs of the mission at any earlier time, and suggestions for possible land Photo from; Ms Wendy Davies

purchase. Members of the family who

The remains of Hugh Carleton 's house in the garden behind Canon Percy

wish to assist with this project in any way

Williams' house.

should make contact with Wendy Davies or Elisabeth Ludbrook."


WILLIAMS FAMILY TRUSTS The Henry and William diocesan budgets they, nevertheless, give ^he Henry and William . , ^ , no directions as to how the funds are to „,.„.

Williams Memorial Trust ^g spent"'" "" ~ " ~ " ~" ~" ~ Williams Descendants'

The Trust was established in 1901 by „ Commemoration Trust Archdeacon Samuel Williams ofTe Aute, Grants Board. Hawkes Bay, in memory of his father and Their purpose is to enable diocesan uncle, Henry and William William. synod7andtiiei7standingcommittees"(or „ ™s Trost was,settled ,on the lst

During his lifetime Samuel gave large equivalent-bo7ies7toTeVetterfan^^^^^^^ November.l926by44descendantsofboth sums of money to many missionary causes the programme determined by bishop, tamules'_ Tteor^na tees werc E H across the world while serving the Maori cTereva^dTaitv'toeether""" "' """"I" WiUiams,H W Williams, GC Williams, people as priest, benefactor and founder ""^..^Z"1.Z^ "„„'„..„„.,.. <.„„„ H B Williams Snr, C H Williams, C K

rfTe'A'u'teCollege;""In old ageTe ^^OTS!a\^Tar^=TrentlLb.eing Williams and James Nelson. The initial estabHshed~th"e"TnTsttomamtambsuch mdetoAlA^gl!canDiocese.s of&an: Trust capital amounted to £1,250 which financmTs\>pportrappomtingas"ini^l potynela^a!lT^ama^alweua^m^ was surPlus to funds which had been tru^teZ: feU^desTendanTs oYthos'e ^de!Lthrouo?.the New^eaoland^hur^h donated earlier by family members to erect whom''theTmstcommemo"rates" """' M^ona^socletyandThesouthpacific the Paihia Church in 1923 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of

The Trustees bought the 13,414 acre - Z"'."17.'."7*.7'^-M'-7_ '.^".""T

B5m^T^S£^: TePihBPata"Sa 0 A»tearoa tSt;Si6u'^"p^;.mdf Bay. A further farm, "Puketona" some „,.„.„. ^ „.,

38mile7west'ofNapierwas"bou^t"m , within this country Te Pihopatanga AeTru_stwastoaPPlyfan_d^^^ 19747to which wars7ater~addeTthe ° Aotearoa is assisted with both a maintenance and repair of the Church

purchase of"a"neighbouring"property; se"etariat grant and funds which its buildings and grounds. providing the Tmst with a holding of mman8a alrccTS: The Trust was the residuary 1432 acres (688.4 ha). 1- to support and encourage self-help beneficiary of the Estate of P T Williams Though a commercial property in as much as Possible- and andaftCTthe.deathofMiss Mallwilliams Petone was purchased by a partnership of 2. to support and encourage new on..^u^emDCT_ly9;i;_Me,lmst,was

theTmstandTeplhopatan7aO*Aot^ work which has\he potential of becommg ^vlsed,by^th^?w^zealan^ p7ovidmg1ncomefromits7ease;the'Trust self-supporting. ' ~ ImslcoLtd(the .TTTOS.OftheE_state)

of the Estate amounted

remains primarily farming-based. Reinforcing Ae Trust's grant, many ^^,^^ THO,'OOO^I^

^endants^iLHenry anlwH"am receiving these farther fands;the'TruM Williams contributed to a special fund Board passed the necessary r^okrtionsto The trustees neither gave nor own the towards the^ endowment ^ ^Te ^ ^ g^ authority to distribute the assets of the Trust; their duty is to Pihopatanga,^ This amounted to $37,550 fncome to a wider group oT charitable administer the Trust in tei-ms of the Deed given in 1983. organisations. using their time and skills towards In addition a limited^sum is devoted ^ ^ ^ December 1997 (the balance preserving and enhancing those assets and to assist the education, in Christian Church ^ ~^^~ T^t)~the net assets." which maintainingrevenuetofandashighalevel schools, of children or grandchildren of consist of various investments'in shares of grants as possible, stipendiary Maori clergy, andtonds, amounted to"$2To;834.' The trustees are not paid for their work Samuel Williams once remarked "I am ^ Trust Board and continue to be drawn from the not in the habit of beginning something I DecemberT997-were: descendants of Henry and William cannot finish"; though he died in 1907 his Williams in a tradition of service. benefactors are continuing through the _ H B williams (chair>> _ Mrs w E

While they prefer that monies Trust in extending the Kingdom of God Da^s^LPTrus;M;s,JLGOr^' distnbut'ed slwuld^erve a7:-star^up: throughout the world; they'should keep ^WNe?onA A ^ob;n^n' M",H A funding to enable new work rather than muuipiymg lur ever nappny ^^ their grants becoming locked in to commemorating the names of two "II""1"remarkable men of God.


SOME FINAL THOUGHTS preserve as much as possible of its history. them to Rex and Adriene Evans for digital There are many artifacts and heirlooms copying. Some of the family mw count nine ^at are held by family members and it Finally, as we move into the 21st generations from Henry and Marianne, has been suggested that a register of these century, "it has been'suggested "that'the William and Jane ^and as the older be established. George Davles has shown family establish a web siteon the Internet members of the family pass on, there are ^e way on this by submitting a list of the This' coulcTserve' as' 7 "means "of fewer and fewer who can claim personal items held by him. Others who would like communication between family and also acquaintance with jsven the third ^ support (or oppose) such a register as a source of factual information on the generation. In another 25 years, when the ^ight like to make contact with George, family for the use of others." This could

MT^VTnaZ!Lhl^e^^^ 'In Preparing this book, Evagean be usefiil, for example, when controversies b^teH'T^^e^escuend^and Publish^ h"avTassembled"an archive of arise over matter^ such as Henry's land t.hlh^l7.tttLe familywi" be evenmore family'^sandphotograpb^whichare purchases. Countering misinformation is now being stored on CD-Rom. Family always difficult, but may be made easier Several initiatives have been discussed members who would like to add their own by having a well constructed web site. in recent times to help maintain the pictures to this archive are invited to send Thoughts on this could be communicated cohesion of the family as a unit and to " to Wendy Davies.


FAMILY STATISTICS The following table shows the growth of the family in each principal family line and by generation. Each of the children of Henry and Marianne are indicated by an alpha code commencing with "A" and William and Jane's children have codes commencing with "B". The totals for each of the principal families are in the columns headed "A" and "B". The fast row contains the numbers of grandchildren of Henry and William in each family line. The great grandchildren are in row 2, great-great grandchildren in row 3, and so on.

Row 7 contains the total number of descendants to date in each family line and row 8 is the total number of spouses. Note that columns AC and BA are duplicated in that they refer to the same family, that of Henry's son Samuel and William's daughter Mary. Likewise, columns AD and BB are also duplicated, betag Henry's son Henry and William's daughter Jane EUzabeth.

AA .1

2 3 4 5 6 „

7 en en



38 75 174

277 42 620 289

AB 8 19 31

72 148 20 299




AD 7 7


22 44 52







27 43 85 16


13 30 70 90


104 64


10 15 24

7 14 34

52 46

95 60

148 66




AK 0


696 753







185 83






75 151 302

1 1


2058 923


BB 7

BC 1


22 44 52 133



BE 7


22 38 88 35


218 287 60 1 1













Edward Marsh and Jane Williams Marianne and Christopher Pearson Davies Samuel and Mary WiUiams Henry and Jane Elizabeth Williams Thomas Coldham and Anne Pahner Williams John William and Sarah Williams Sarah and Thomas Biddulph Hutton Catherine and Octavius Hadfield Caroline Elizabeth and Samuel Blomfield Ludbrook Lydia Jane and High Francis Carleton Joseph Marsden Williams

BA Mary and Samuel Williams BB Jane Elizabeth and Henry WilUams BC William Leonard and Sarah WiUiams BD Thomas Sydney WUIiams BE James Nelson and Mary Margaret Williams BF Anna Maria Williams

BG Lydia Catherine Williams BH Marianne Williams BI Emma Caroline and William Nelson




B 2 8





27 81 185

49 8



1142 494


382 60

Index of Names ??, Catherine




m to COLLETT, Roy Earle

??, Christina m to JACKSON, John ??, Colin

** *>i! >|:*!|i*



** ** ***!)!



** !|!!|S *!j!!|!*


ANDERSON, Sophie Susan ANDERSON, Tiffany Patricia ANDERSON, Timothy Derek

^if SfSe ****


m to PETHERBRIDGE, Peter Michael



ANDERSON, Victoria Pamela ANDREWS, Benjamin Haydon ANDREWS, Elizabeth Ellen


ACLAND, Arthur William 30.08.1995 *1|! ** !|;***

611 611



625 625 625

17.08.1977 25.04.1947


625 513 514







ANDREWS, Sarah Katherine ANGELOV, Antony Rossen

21.10.1973 07.01.1950

513 122 121

ANDREWS, Frederick Robert William

ACLAND, John Frederick

30.01.1983 11.07.1974

m to MACLEAN, Margaret Joan 11.12.1993 09.07.1998 06.05.1952

ANDREWS, John Robert Haydon

611 611 298

m to GROVER, Pamela Jean

ANDREWS, Keitha Susan

m to BARTON, William Paul

ADAMS, Donald Wilson

** ** sn^^m

m to BOURN, Christopher James

m to NELSON, Rosemary St John

Nelson ACLAND, Oscar Ormond Nelson ADAMS, Carol Joan


m to WILLIAMS, Susan Faith

m to GARDINER, Anthony Reade Nelson ACLAND, John Barton


m to BRESSOLLES, Shane Michel

m to ARNOLD, Laurence Edward

??, Marita


m to WILLIAMS, Edward Egerton

m to KEMP, Delwynne Gae

??, Dorian

** *1|! >|!!)!!]S!|;

m to WILLIAMS, Lois Gwendoline

m to PAINE, Niven Charles 17.11.1946


m to SINCLAIR, Bridget




m to NELSON, Michael ADAMS, John Wilson Sinclair

ANGELOV, Rossen Dimitrov m to RENNIE, Christina


ADAMS, Joshua Donald Busby


ANGELOVA, Catherine Rossen (Katie)


ADAMS, Richard Donald AITKEN, Penny


214 215 215 241

ANSON, Janet Margaret


ADAMS, Jean Emily


m to MACLEAN, Francis Sydney (Frank)

m to WARREN, Peter Cory





123 123 123



and WARREN, Rachel Dinah ARUDGE, Antonia Marion



ARUDGE, Jessica Elizabeth ARLEDGE, Robert Brett

ALLEN, Dudley Falconer


ALLEN, Elizabeth


634 634

ARLIDGE, William

m to KEMP, Paul Richard ALLEN, John Francis



Nicholas Salmond ARMES, Emma Tamsin Harcourt

ALLEN, Jonathan Lindsay ALLEN, Joshua John Francis ALLEN, Kimberley Jane ALLEN, Madeleine Maree


ARMISTEAD, Cyril James

ALLEN, Miles Jeffrey ALLEN, Robert


635 501 501 501 634 634 634

ARMSTRONG, Debbie Jane ARMSTRONG, Hamish Anthony ARMSTRONG, Jonathan

ALDERTON, JoAnne Frances m to ARMSTRONG, Mark James

ALISON, Audrey May m to WILLIAMS, Garthowen

14.11.1979 19.10.1981 24.08.1983 *<i >H* !t:!|l>i:!|!

19.12.1968 11.04.1963


ARMISTEAD, David James ARMISTEAD, Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, Anthony Winchester m to WILLIAMS, Jane Keiller




** ** ****




m to HADFIELD, Georgina

ALTMAYER, Ann Elizabeth

123 503



23.01.1973 27.09.1974

264 264



22.10.1970 24.01.1989

286 286






286 323

m to MUTCH, Alison Louise


m to KEMP, Hayward Francis




m to BUNNY, Beveley Ann

m to ZOHRAB, Penelope Susan (Penny)

ALLISON, Ruby Mary


m to BLUNT, Gerald Hugh Lawsoa

m to NELSON, Janet

ALLISON, Andrew Richard (Andy)


m to SALMOND, Caroline Margaret

m to GRAY, Jane Elizabeth

ALLEN, Samantha Ann

122 546

m to ALDERTON, JoAnne Frances

ARMSTRONG, Matthew John ARNDT, Alice May m to HUTTON, Edward George

m to HADFIELD, Alexander Charles Fulford

ANDERSON, Edward Timothy Derek 03.04.1987





AVERY, Norman Alfred 01.12.1898

ARNOLD, Gigi **.**. 1969 m to WOODARD, ??


m to WILLIAMS, Esther Margarita AVERY, Peter

ARNOLD, Kattlyn


ARNOLD, Laurence Edward


178 178

m to (1)??, Dorian ARNOLD, Laurence Edward m to (2)CIGRAND, Elizabeth




178 367



m to GRAY, Felicity Elizabeth BAIN, Angus

ARNOLD, Edgar Lamson Jnr 10.08.1915 m to DA VIES, Gwen Rosemary Alma

ARNOLD, Nicholas ASCHE, Catherine Gillian

AVERY, Philip AWDRY, Mildred Ethel

AYNSLEY, Lindsay Cyril


m to HARVEY-WILLIAMS, Malcolm Richard ASHLEY-WILSON, Camilla Jane 14.09.1968 ASHLEY-WILSON, Paul 01.09.1970

295 295


** *!|! **>|<>|;




m to MACLEAN, Christopher Nelson BAKER, Christine Helen 09.05. 1909



m to GARDINER, Sydney Reade BAKER, Elizabeth Ann 19.04.1949



BAKER, Marie Noelene 19.09.1964

m to DISBROWE, Pamela Lois AUBREY, Casey William 05.01.1978 AUBREY, Chanelle Sarah 20.08,1982 AUBREY, Melanie Louise 28.08 . 1979 AUBREY, Peter Robert 12.04.1954


BAKER, Peter de Bree 16.12.1915

AUSTIN, Anna Clementine 21.02.1967

156 341 341 341 340 341 291


m to WILLIAMS, Richard John Harvey BALUCH, Susan Beth 27.12.1964



BANFIELD, Mary **.**^***



BANKS, Barbara Susan (Tosti) 19.03.1914


m to LUDBROOK, Kenneth William BANNISTER, Dorothy Margot 24.11.1957


m to GOODIN, Steven Jeffrey 23.10.1990

AVERILL, Marion Caroline


AVEMLL, Morris Hanson


382 382 381

BANNISTER, Eva Jane 19.07.1956 m to PATTERSON, Owen Jack (Owie) Hursthouse 20.04.1922

102 294 294


382 382

m to BURNETT, Peggie Patience BARCLAY, Nicholas Peter 08.05 . 1997 BARCLAY, Warren Ross 23.04.1965


m to ROBINSON, Belinda Eleanor 13.11.1985


m to WILLIAMS, Kirsty Ruth BARKER, Gabriel Zach 16.04.1980


AVERILL, Timothy Rochford


381 381

BARKER, George Temple 22.07.1924

AVERILL, William

m to HANSEN, Warwick Harry


m to DONKIN, Patrick Canning


382 382 229 229



24.10.1992 13.09.1995 **.**.1922

m to GORDON, Gonda

AVERY, Juliet Elizabeth

556 555

m to SEWELL, Marie Vera

BARKER, Janet Leslie 27.08.1939

m to GRAHAM, Susan Fay

m to COTCHING, Nigel MacKenzie AVERY, Jonathan



AVEMLL, Sarah Lucy AVERILL, Thomas Graham Rochford

AVERY, Elizabeth Anne


and AVERILL, Morris Hanson

m to LUDBROOK, Caroline

AVERILL, Zizi Lucy AVERY, (dau)


m to CROSSE, Robert Oliver Courtenay

m to BLYTH, James William



BAKER, Sally Ruth 08.07 . 1950 m to BERRY, Richard John BAKER, Wilson 17.04.1940 m to BESTEBREURTJE, Mary Anne BALL, Marion Helena 06.01.1956

m to VIVIAN, Richard Anthony Hussey 18.10.1946


m to REED, Barbara Ann

m to KEMP, Louise Janet

AUBREY, Timothy Robert 04.07.1975

George Michael


m to BRA.MLEY, Peter Rhys Ealand

ATKIN, Janet Ellen 17.04.1930 m to SEWELL, Kay William Warneford ATTWOOD, John 21.07.1922

and BANFIELD, Mary AVERILL, Nina Margareta AVERILL, Samuel Rochford

D!* Hi* !|;*>|!!j!

Elizabeth (Betty) 14.01.1903

m to LUDBROOK, Andrew Duncan

AVERILL, Hannah Dorothy


m to HOLDEN, Roger Thomas

ATCfflSON, Suzanne Joy 12.01.1963

Rochford Hanson


m to DUCKWORTH, Andra Julia Mary BAIRD, Jessie

m to HUTTON, Bruce



m to KEMP, Morven Baith

ASHLEY-WILSON, Roger Richmond 26.09.1933 m to WILLIAMS, Robyn Priscilla Gerard ASHTON, Seona Winifred 26.09.1953


m to KEMP, Morven Baith

m to LUDBROOK, Guy Lawrence



231 231 515

31.07.1962 29.11.1966

m to MACLEAN, William Haydon

AYNSLEY, John Charles



BARKER, Lucy Temple 26,05 . 1960


m to BELLA, Mohammed

BARKER, Nicola Temple 16.12.1952


m to McLAUGHLIN, Avon BARKER, Oliver 01.06.1993 BARKER, Paul Arthur Temple 26.08.1958 BARKER, Shona Temple 25.01. 1954

556 556 556

27.11.1960 231


BARKER, Victoria Jane


BAYENS, Philip




27.07.1984 22.09.1949

615 615 615

BEALE, Barbara Lillian



m to HERRICK, Dennis Anthony BEALE, Emma Reremoana m to WILLIAMS, Arnold Beetham



BEALE, William John





m to LUDBROOK, Edward Sayers

m to WARREN, Fiona Mary

BARNES, Kathleen Penelope (Penny) 06.01.1920 m to WILLIAMS, Wilfrid Maurice Chalk ilk

BARR, Agnes Lyall








333 333

m to SEVERNE, Amanda Carol

m to DA VIES, Thomas Marsh

BARRETT, Bertha m to CANNING, John Davis (Jack)

BARRETT, Kailey Jordan BARRETT, Simon Ritchie


m to STEELE, Dallis Clare

m to KEARNS, Elizabeth Patience

BARTHOLOMEW, Betty Eyre Godson

BEAMISH, Angela ** ** ***!|!










m to WILLIAMS, Hamish Beetham Nolan

m to DOVE, Arthur Julian Hadfield

BARTLETT, Michael John m to KEMP, Gail Beryl

BARTLEY, Simon John

m to WILLIAMS, Evelyn Gillian (Jill) BARTON, Amanda Lucy 09.05.1966 07.11.1991 08.11.1969

BARTON, Anna Louise


BARTON, Annabelle Mary BARTON, Belinda Mary

07.04.1998 21.03.1947





123 327 327

Richard David


BEATTIE, Harriet Amy BEATTDE, John Stuart

m to MINTY, Dene Jonathan

BARTON, Andrew Alan Hugh BARTON, Andrew William


m to RAINE, Mark Nevil BEATTIE, Andrew James

BEATTEE, Angus Joseph BEATTffi, Cushla Marie BEATTIE, Garth Ryan BEATTIE, George

m to NILSSON, Sally Vivianne

BARTON, Alan Roy Bidwill

BEARE, Lynette

m to HUTTON, Alison Eileen

m to DYMOCK, Rachel Marianne

BARTON, Alan John

298 91 297 91 297

BARTON, Catherine Carne

14.02.1978 05.11.1991 19.02.1990 ** ** *>|!*si!

124 124 123

m to SALMOND, Anne Claire 25.02.1973

BECKER, David James BECKER, Grace Kathleen


BECKER, Paul Daniel



327 166 166 165

m to SYKES, Raylene Patricia 02.02.1979 25.06.1852

297 323

m to HUTTON, George Thomas Frederick ;rick

BARTON, Charles John BARTON, Guy Paul Adams


BARTON, James Michael Adams



BARTON, Richard Hugh


297 298 298 90

BARTON, Richard Mark m to CROWL, Julia Mary BARTON, Richard Samuel BARTON, Sarah Jessica



165 166







BEGG, Janet Lillian



m to LUDBROOK, David Wilson BELL, Amelia Ann

BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret m to WILLIAMS, James Nelson

BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret 29.08.1964








BELL, Charles Michael Dillon




BELL, Eleanor Caroline

08.10.1994 18.10.1990



BELL, Emma Mary BELL, Francis Michael

260 260 259




186 318

18.04.1995 07,09.1957

259 259



m to WILLIAMS, James Nelson

m to ADAMS, Carol Joan

BASSETT, Timothy Charles


BECKER, Susannah Mary BEETHAM, Anne Palmer


m to VERBIEST, Mark

BARTON, William Paul

BECKER, Rachel Jane

m to WILLIAMS, Thomas Coldham

m to BUNNY, Jillian Mary


m to MILLER, Helen Jane

BASSETT, Zachary Bernard BATE, Charles m to BRANCH, Olive Winifred


BATHGATE, Vivienne Cecilia

27.07.1927 12.09.1971


BAUER, Christopher Luke


BAUER, David Jon BAYENS, Hamish Philip BAYENS, Heidi Rachael BAYENS, Kate Fiona


497 498 241 241 241

m to SMYTHE, Rachel Anne

03.03.1992 25.05.1993 06.03.1990

m to BORTHWICK, Patricia Mary BELL, Harry Dillon BELL, Henry Dillon


m to WILLIAMS, William Athol (Bill) I BAUER, Arne Andrew


BEATTIE, Rhys Paul

m to MAY, Anthony Stanley

BARTON, Caroline Bridget


m to LAWRENCE, Rebecca Ann

BELL, Jeanette Storey m to WILLIAMS, John BELL, Johnathan Dillon




m to GRAHAM, Lilias BELL, Jonathan Charles



m to MURPHY, Deborah Enid BELL, Nicola Mary



m to WILKINS, Marcus

BELL, Sarah Mary



BEVIN, Hilary Ngawai

m to BROUGHTON, Roger

BEVIN, Linda Florence

BELLA, Allya


BELLA, Mohammed


556 556

m to HUTTON, Peter Clayton

BEVIN, Nicholas Peter

m to BARKER, Lucy Temple BELLA, Soumia


BENNETT, Guy Robin BENNETT, Hugh Richard BENNETT, Lyndon

16.04.1995 02.08.1992 03.06.1943

556 550 550 639

BEVIN, Sylvia Rose BEZETT, Anton Selwyn BEZETT, Gareth Allan BEZETT, Grant Michael

ill) m to THOMSON, Malcolm William (Bill) 19.05.1957 BENNETT, Mark Ferguson


m to MACLEAN, Judith Evelyn Mary BENNETT, Nicola Josephine

BEZETT, Olivia Noelene BIBBY, Phyllis Mary


** ** imm^

BTOMEAD, Yield Ann •^^t ^t^ ^^


BIGENI, Anna Clare 15.07.1955


BIGENI, Matthew Michael BIGENI, Mike



and PETHERBRIDGE, Rosalind BIGGS, Clare Mignon


BINGHAM, Andrew William


*!)! ** ****


BERRY, Richard John



BIRCH, Charles Victor

107 107

BHICH, Cyril William BIRCH, Mary Rowena (Molly)


BERSCH, Barbara Margaret


107 134

BmCHALL, Beverley Edna



BIRD, Ruth Esther

30.07.1915 14.05.1878


BEST, Jane Susan


133 133


133 525

10.04.1967 552 06.05.1968 553



BISHOP, Matthew James

BISSET, Bridget Holly 04.12.1916


BISSET, Joanne Atarua BISSET, Jonathan Maia Robert



BISSET, Noel John

11.04.1930 552 02.03.1997 553 21.12.1989 327 06.02.1988 326 23.10.1982 326 03.05.1958 326

m to HUTTON, Georgina Ann

BISSET, Thomas Steven 03.09.1981 14.11.1954

134 134

Margaret Wyllie m to BROSNAHAN, David Charles

134 134

BLAKENEY, Christina BLAKENEY, Diana Helen Eila BLAKENEY, Guy Edward Weare

** !)!!]! ***!|1


BLAKENEY, Henry John Mervyn m to WILLIAMS, Verity Maria



BESTEBREURTJE, MEartha 19.07.1985 27.09.1948

m to BAKER, Wilson


m to FAULKNER, Jeremy John



01.11.1966 524 22.03.1973 627 26.09.1975 251 29.08.1973 251 16.02.1938 251 09.12.1933 627

m to DUCKWORTH, Jane Margaret Christina Victoria


m to HUTTON, Maia Thomas

BEVIN, George Alister 16.05.1989

25.04.1984 326

BLAIKIE, Georgina

m to BUTTON,Don


28.02.1961 155

m to MACLEAN, Janet Beatrice


BEVERIDGE, Joyce Elizabeth

******** 505

m to HOWLETT, Nigel John BISHOP, John Brenchley BISHOP, John Vincent

m to BERSCH, Gertrude Maud

BEUTH, Heidi

29.02.1956 339

m to GYDE, Michelle Anne

m to CASH, Donna


16.05.1914 100

BISHOP, Catherine Elizabeth

m to ROSS, Martin John


24.07.1880 100

m to MURPHY, Belinda Mary

BERSCH, Marie Cecil (Mariele)

BESTEBREURTJE, Kathleen Erin (Katie) BESTEBREURTJE, Martha Jane

** ** !|!l|!*!t; ^54

m to GRAY, Charles lan

m to WILLIAMS, Violet Maud

Hendrielye Maud m to ZIRINSKY, Michael Paul

21.06.1974 331

m to KEMP, William Henry (Bill)



21.09,1926 139

m to HERRICK, Dennis Trevelyan

m to HEER, Heinrich Herrmann


24.02.1993 386 13.07.1997 386 08.11.1957 386

m to WILLIAMS, Violet Isabel

m to BAKER, Sally Ruth

BERRY, Toni Ruth

BERSCH, Ludwig


m to RUSSELL, Ethel Ida

BERRY, Julie Ann

m to HAGGENMACHER, Ulrich BERSCH, Gertrude Maud


m to FULTON, Caryl Renee

m to HAWKES, Grant Douglas

BERSCH, Elizabeth Luise

18.02.1997 343 25.09.1915 489

m to MACKAY, Denis Handcock

m to CACCIA-BIRCH, Virginia Rose

BERRY, Jenifer Jane

195 343 343 343

m to SYKES, Peter Brian

m to DA VIS, Wayne Rex

Wilfred Beauvoir

15.01.1987 19.09.1994 08.06.1979 09.11.1953

m to GRAY, Charles Leonard Alan

and NELSON, Saffron Rachel

BERENS, Camilla Nancy BERENS, Richard


m to DA VIS, Josephine Gail

BENNISON, Anne Katherine Mary


m to VICKERMAN, Judith Anne

m to REED, Teremy William


15.03.1984 195 25.05.1955 326

09.02.1976 628


** ** *it;*>i;


BONHAM CARTER, Daphne Maryl8.02.1917

m to RUSSELL, Elizabeth Katharine

BLASroS, Betty Ann (Betts)



m to ROBINSON, Nicholas John

BLITHE, Allan Noel



m to LAMBESS, Julie Anne BLITHE, Barren Ewan


BLITHE, David Leslie


168 167

m to WILLIAMS, Peter Temple BOOL, Melanie

** ** ****

BOOL, Michelle

** ** ****

BOOL, IMurray Lawrence

** ** ****

m to WILLIAMS, Susan Elizabeth BOOL, Scan

** ** ****

BORTHWICK, Andrew Hamish


m to McENNIS, Melissa Margot-Marie

BLITHE, Graham William


BORTHWICK, Angus Patrick BORTHWICK, Belinda Hope

05.12.1987 24.09.1985 ** *!|: >t;**!H

279 279 212



BLUNT, Barbara Aldham


BLUNT, David Mark


BLUNT, Georgia AIison BLUNT, Gerald Hugh Lawson


502 504 504 503


Suzanne Mxrna

BLUNT, Michael Hugh

13.04.1992 14.07.1994 05.03.1920 25.04.1924 25.04.1924

BLUNT, Teresa June BLYTH, David James

BLYTH, Gillian Jean

14.05.1996 13.06.1953

16.06.1971 15.01.1937

m to (l)AUSTIN-SMITH, Susan BLYTH, James William m to (2)DRAIN, Joanne Elisabeth BLYTH, John Harrison BLYTH, Richard Austin BOARD, Jennifer Susan




BORTHWICK, Thomas Linden


BORTHWICK, Thomas Malcolm


261 259 259




m to WOOD, Wendy Alison BOURN, Christopher James m to ANDREWS, Elizabeth Ellen



BOURN, Laura Elizabeth BOURN, Maria Linda BOURN, Melanie Jane m to LAFOTANOA, Paul BOURN, Simon Charles Robert


515 515 515




253 252

503 503 502

503 503 534 533

BOWERING, Harriot Morvyn BOWERING, John





BOWERING, Theodora Frances


BOWLER, Rosalee Vita


253 97






m to ROBINSON, Hugh Carleton BOYD, Patricia Rosemary m to ZOHRAB, James Hadfield BOYLAN, Aaron Michael




BOYLAN, Aimee Michelle BOYLAN, Ashleigh Marie



534 534 183




BOYLE, Janet m to WILLIAMS, Algar Temple

339 339 268














m to KEMP, Michelle Marie

BRAITHWAITE, Elina Mary 320

m to WILLIAMS, Frederick Wanklyn

BRAITHWAITE, Ethel Norma 321

m to WILLIAMS, George Coldham

BRAMLEY, Frank William 320

(Bill) m to DAVIES, Margaret Dorothy



m to HUTTON, James Frederick

m to BRANCH, Ann Christine

BONE, Sarah Elizabeth


m to WILLIAMS, Antonia Helen

m to DAVIES, Kathleen Edith Rosalie 31.12.1954 BONE, David Forbes m to NICHOLAS, Wendy Elizabeth 15.03.1957 BONE, Heather Louise m to CORRAN, John David BONE, John Brown


m to CAMERON, Heather Janet

m to MACKAY, Graeme Alexander

BOARD, Timothy


261 259 259

m to McGREGOR, Robin BORTHWICK, Shamus James

m to INNES-JONES, Evan Duncan

BOARD, Julie Anne


m to WILLIAMS, Nancy Hope

m to CURRIE, Margaret Isabel

BLYTH, James William




m to GOURLAY, John Francis Stewartt

BLYTH, Harrison David


261 261 261

261 259

m to (2)LEE, Patricia Eileen BLUNT, Sylvie Prudence




m to (l)SELDON-TRUSS, Adrien

BLUNT, Richard Mark


BORTHWICK, Geoffrey Robert BORTHWICK, Hamish Charles

BORTHWICK, Patrick Andrew BORTHWICK, Patrick John

m to FIELD, Suzanne Mary

BLUNT, Richard Mark

259 260

m to BELL, Francis Michael Dillon

m to GRAY, Agnes Sara

BLUNT, Isabella Rose Henrietta BLUNT, Madeleine

BORTHWICK, Fiona Anne Jeane

BORTHWICK, James Patrick BORTHWICK, Nigel BORTHWICK, Patricia Mary

m to ARMES, Emma Tamsin Harcourt **.**.1874

13.12.1960 27.11.1963

m to CAMERON, Anne Florence

m to WILLIAMS, Penelope Jane

BLUNT, Hugh Roper

278 261

m to MURRAY, Andrew Brent

m to COWAN, Bryce


278 278 278

m to STOREY, Cindy-Anne


m to WILLIAMS, Cecil Jeanette

BLUNDELL, Alice Penelope BLUNDELL, Henry Denis BLUNDELL, Maire




BRAMLEY, Hannah May 09.04.1989 BRAMLEY, Michael Guy 24.03.1964 m to NORTON, Kiri Terehea BRAMLEY, Peter Rhys Ealand 07.11.1961 m to BAKER, Marie Noelene

BRAMLEY, Rachel Stacey 12.09.1994 BRAMLEY, Rebecca Julia 07.01.1995 BRAMLEY, Rhain Daniel 07.12.1990 BRAMLEY, Susan Margaret 28.05.1960 m to van der VLOODT, Frederik Hendrik

BRAMLEY, William Rhys 03.07.1992 BRANCH, Ann Christine 28.03.1927 m to BONE. John Brown

BRANCH, Colin Rex 05.03.1922 m to JACOB, Cathleen Emma

BRANCH, Freda Christine 12.12.1887

197 BROSNAHAN, Oliver Richard 08.11.1996 524 198 BROSNAHAN, Stuart David 02.02.1995 524 BROSNAHAN, Susan Annette 07.10.1964 523 197 m to SPEEDY, Lewis Havelock BROSNAHAN, Terence Charles 02.06.1939 523 198 m to MACLEAN, Helen Margaret 198 BROSNAN, Judith Anne 19.11.1961 558 198 m to SEWELL, Kenneth Malcolm 197 BROUGHTON, Belinda Mary 22.07.1985 259 BROUGHTON, Roger 27.02.1958 259 198 m to BELL, Sarah Mary 320 BROUGHTON, Rosie Amanda 14.09.1989 260 BROUGHTON, Thomas George 24.12.1986 259

321 BROWN, Christopher William Kirk 23.10.1989 86 318 BROWN, Gillian Elizabeth 13.10.1948 322

m to TUCKEY, Arthur William BRANCH, Helen **.**. 1930

BRANCH, Henry (Harry) 27.12.1857 m to HUTTON, Anna Maria

BRANCH, Henry Christopher 05.04. 1934 m to MARSH. Mavis Primrose

BRANCH, Henry Kenneth 10.06.1891 m to NICHOLLS, Elsie BRANCH, Howard Anthony 09.02.1967 BRANCH, Joan Mavis 11 .04.1922 m to WATSON, Donald Cameron

BRANCH, Leslie Roy 17.06.1895 m to (l)NIXON, Annie BRANCH, Leslie Roy 17.06.1895 m to (2)LEACH, Nora BRANCH, Leslie Roy 17.06.1895 m to (3)FISHER, Jacqueline BRANCH, Nora Patricia 22.07.1926 m to BRUNT, Ronald Herbert (Bully) BRANCH, Olive Winifred 22.12.1885 m to BATE, Charles

m to BRUNT, John Howard

323 BROWN, James Seymour 01.04.1966 576 318 and HILL, Catherine Ann BROWN, Kathryn Jean 27.12.1945 251 321 m to WILLIAMS, Hugh Patrick BROWN, Marcus Andrew 17.01.1962 379 318 m to LUDBROOK, Katherine Ann BROWN, Noel Graeme 12.06.1925 351 321 m to COOPER, Vivienne Jean

318 BROWN, Rosemary Jewell 11.01.1967 386 BROWN, Sally Jewell 30.09.1961 386 321 BROWN, Steven Jewell 29.06.1962 386 BROWN, Terence Jewell 16.07.1935 386 321 m to LUDBROOK, Dorothy Winsome BROWN, Valerie Louise 21.03.1953 319 323 m to WATSON, John Anthony BRUNT, Alexander Richard 17.10.1981 322 322 BRUNT, Alice Elisabeth 24.07.1989 323 BRUNT, Claire Patricia 10.12.1990 323 318 BRUNT, Eleanor Clare 14,11.1989 323 BRUNT, Harriet Patricia 26.10.1985 322

BRESSOLLES, Shane Michel 01.05.1971

321 BRUNT, Henry Steven 21.08.1991 323 BRUNT, John Howard 10.03.1952 322 324 m to BROWN, Gillian Elizabeth 324 BRUNT, Louise Rosalie 31.08.1978 322 BRUNT, Nicola Clare 31.01.1981 322 324 BRUNT, Oliver Howard 11.11.1982 322 BRUNT, Olivia 10.04.1988 323 324 BRUNT, Richard Neil 24.03.1949 322

m to ANDERSON, Sian BRIGHT, Belinda Mary 10,08.1960

348 BRUNT, Roger Martin 15.10.1954 322

BRANCH, Robert Henry 04.05.1964 m to Da COSTA, Christianne

BRESSOLLES, Barbara Lise 13.02.1977 BRESSOLLES, Karen Marie 02.09.1978

BRESSOLLES, Michel PauIMarie 15.08.1948 m to HUTTON, Alexia Lynnette

m to HADFIELD, Anthony Barry BROAD, Anna Morris 26.08.1965 m to NEEDHAM, Reece

BROAD, Erica Mary 30.06.1970 m to McNEIL, Simon John

BROAD, Kim Lowther 03.05.1937 m to WILLIAMS, Philippa Anne BROAD, Michael Lowther 23.01.1969 m to WILLOCK, Joanna Mary (Janna)

BROAD, Penelope Catherine 13.05.1967 m to JONES, Paul Robert

m to CROSS, Linda Rosalie m to ROGERSON, Susan Claire

309 BRUNT, Ronald Herbert (Bully) 14.05.1919 322 310 m to BRANCH, Nora Patricia BRUNT, Steven Bruce 22.02.1959 323 309 m to CORFIELD, Helen Hilary

BUCHANAN, Annabelle 220 Milne (Bella) 07.09.1842 118 m to WILLIAMS, Alien Marsh 309 BUCHANAN, David Kemp 20.01.1922 342 BUCHANAN, Eric Kemp 06.10.1920 342

BROSNAHAN, David Charles 26.02.1966

524 m to HILL, Irene

m to BLADCIE, Georgina Margaret Wyllie BROSNAHAN, Maree Therese 12.06.1963

523 m to KEMP, Ada Charlotte

m to NATZKE, Peter William

BUCHANAN, James Leslie 06.02.1891 341






BUCKLAND, Barbara Jean

** ** **1|!*


m to HOARE, Reginald Merrick BUDDLE, Prudence Anne



BUCHANAN, John Howard BUCHANAN, Sarah Nidra


BURBURY, Nigel Duncan 22.05.1953 562 m to STAINER, Jacqueline BURBURY, Seth Patrick 22.11.1985 562 BURBURY, Zoe Louise 05.01.1982 562 BURDETT, John Lloyd 31.01.1944 393 BURDETT, Margaret 19.02.1948 393

m to WILLIAMS, Joseph Heathcote

m to HUNT, Gordon Mathew

BURDETT, Sidney Hamilton 04.01.1904 393

m to LUDBROOK, Antony Peter Rex

BUDGE, Louise Margaret m to LUDBROOK, Peter Wilson BULL, Rosanne Stewart m to LUDBROOK, John Wilson BULLOCK, Esther Rosemary BULLOCK, Lucy Catherine BULLOCK, Owen Fred



m to LUDBROOK, Brenda

BURDETT, William Sidney 17.03.1942 393 27.06.1945



161 161 161

10.10.1990 02.01.1967

and FORRESTER, Susie BURGE, George Arthur **.**.1871 255 m to WILLIAMS, Maude Mary Anne

BURNETT, Hubert Gibson (Burnie) 05.09.1883 102 m to WILLIAMS, Eva Temple BURNETT, Peggie Patience 28.02.1922 102

m to LAND, Catherine Alison

BULLOCK, Thomas Owen


BUNNY, Beveley Ann


161 263

m to BANNISTER, Martin Hursthouse

BURNS, Ailsa Hannah 09.01.1907 367

m to ARMISTEAD, Cyril James BUNNY, Emma Jane


BUNNY, Felicity


BUNNY, Georgina Elizabeth


BUNNY, Henry Edward


BUNNY, Jillian Mary


92 92 92 92 90



BUNNY, Kirsty Diana


BUNNY, Penelope Ann


264 264

m to CAMPBELL, Andrew BUNNY, Peter Edward



m to LUDBROOK, Samuel Lawrence

BURPEE, Sandra Jean *^**^*** 535 m to NELSON, John Mason

BURR, Bessie Joyce **.**. 1894 229 m to WILLIAMS, Samuel Roy BURR, Mary Russell (Meg) 28.11.1890 232 m to WILLIAMS, Charles Athol BURT, Patricia Alice 05.02.1940 169

m to (l)BARTON, Richard Hugh

BUNNY, Jillian Mary m to (2)STRANG, William Ritchie

m to WILLIAMS, David Rodney BURTON, Andrew David 16.02.1979 541 BURTON, Claire Louise 09.09.1981 541 BURTON, Robert William 07,04.1948 540 m to CURRIE, Elizabeth Anne

m to EASTWICK, Dinah Jane

BUNNY, Philippa Leslie





BUSBY, Agnes 05.09.1872 199 BUSBY, Alexander John Meares 27.04.1989 213

m to PHILP, John Robert Mills

BUNNY, Ralph

BUSBY, Angela Dorothy 25.10.1952 213 BUSBY, Annabel Elizabeth 07.02.1992 214

m to WILLIAMS, Elisabeth Carieton

BUNNY, Rupert BUNNY, Simon BUNNY, Thomas William

25.01.1973 30.11.1982 17.10.1938

92 92 264

BUSBY, Beatrice 13.06.1879 207 m to JEFFERD, Charles Toms

BUSBY, Beatrice **.**. 1911 212

m to LEWIS, Diana Katherine

BUNNY, Timothy Carleton m to TINGCOMBE, Penelope Carol BUNNY, Virginia Susan

BUNNY, Wendy Katherine BUNNY, William lan



13.11.1970 08.04.1909

264 264 263






562 561


BUSBY, Catherine Helen 01.07.1984 213 BUSBY, Eleanor Maud (Lena) 07.04.1885 215 m to JEFFERD, Frederic Reader

BUSBY, Elizabeth Anne 09.07.1936 563

m to WILLIAMS, Wyvern Annie

BUNYAN, Heather m to FAULKNER, Graham Eric

BURBURY, Amy Margaret m to McGLASHEN, Colin

BURBURY, Caleb Denys

BURBURY, Duncan Edward m to WILLIAMS, Christine Louise (Kirsty) .irsty)


BURBURY, Joseph William BURBURY, Kathleen Mary (Kate)

m to MEARES, Helen Angela





m to SINCLAIR, Robin Brignall BUSBY, Kathleen Mary 11.08.1874 199 m to CANNING, Davis

BUSBY, Mary Dorothy (Molly) 28.12.1914 212 04.09.1955


m to COWAN, James Linburn

BUSBY, Miriam Dow 31.05.1954 213

m to HOLDEN, Warren Lyall

BURBURY, Keziah Grace

BUSBY, John Gordon 21.10.1916 213 BUSBY, Judith Margaret 17.09.1918 214

BURBURY, Helen Christine Eleanor m to WILDING, Edwyn Peter

m to WILLIAMS, Adrian Herbert BUSBY, EIsie 24.01.1877 207 BUSBY, George Alexander 01.05.1881 212 m to WATERHOUSE, Dorothy Blanche BUSBY, George Henry Wilson 30.09.1996 214 BUSBY, Helen 24.05.1883 215 BUSBY, James William ffickey 15.04.1987 213




BUSBY, Richard

CADWALLADER, Rebecca Mary 16.08.1988 128 CAIRNS, Stephanie 22.10.1947 388





m to LUDBROOK, William Banks (Bill) CAMERON, Alistair Hamish 23.01.1969 394 CAMERON, Andrew Lee 25.06.1970 263

BUSBY, Sarah Jane


BUSBY, William


213 199

CAMERON, Anne Florence 08.03.1938 261 m to BORTHWICK, Hamish Charles

Alexander Dearden m to WILSON, Janet Robyn

BUSBY, Sarah m to WILLIAMS, John William

CAMERON, Archibald

m to DA VIES, Marianne Caroline

BUSBY, William Richard



BUSBY, William Stavers


m to HICKEY, Marguerite Elizabeth BUSH, Antony Cromwell


BUSH, Bridget Mary


William David 19.05.1997 262 CAMERON, Bette Joan 07.10.1940 126 m to PARKER, Peter Richard

212 213

CAMERON, Caroline Anne 26.11.1971 394 CAMERON, David 12.11.1937 262

245 245

m to DILLON, Joanna Lee

CAMERON, Hamish Hector 09.06.1938 394

m to MEE, Spencer Michael

BUSH, David Horndon



m to WARDELL, Theresa Anne

CAMERON, Heather Janet 15.12.1970 514

m to REEVES, Fiona Margaret

BUSH, Paul David Homdon



m to BOURN, Simon Charles Robert

CAMERON, Nicola Jane 10.10.1965 262

m to WARREN, Nicola Frances Caroline ;ne

BUSH, Rebecca Livingston BUSH, Virginia Barbara


BUTLER, Deia Lynn



245 245 357

m to DA VIE, Andrew Robert

CAMERON, Penny Jo-Anne 03.03.1963 575 m to GARDINER, Thomas Falkland CAMERON, Timothy Charles 27.04.1967 262

m to SUTCLIFF, Christopher Sean


m to McKEAN, Jo-Ann Mirielle

** ** !j!*!|!*

CAMPBELL, Adrienne Joan 26.08.1940 493

m to BESTEBREURTJE, Martha Jane BYLES, Nancy Dianne 03.05.1948 283

m to (l)VANSTONE, Kevin Wilfred CAMPBELL, Adrieime Joan 26.08.1940 493

m to WIGLEY, Richard Thomas Cranstoun





CACCIA-BIRCH, Anthony Michael (Tony)

04.03. 1959


m to (2)SIMS, Leonard Graham CAMPBELL, Andrew 29.12.1961 264 m to BUNNY, Penelope Ann

CAMPBELL, Benjamin Kersey 24.07.1984 296

m to HURLEY, Therese Maureen

CACCIA-BffiCH, Anthony William Fabio (Tony) m to WILLIAMS, Nancy Mary CACCIA-BIRCH, Candace Demi CACCIA-BIRCH, Damon John

CAMPBELL, Charlotte 24.02. 1898


03.09. 1994 03.11. 1967

291 290

Diana Frances 19.12.1997 264 CAMPBELL, Diane Margaret 17.08.1942 493 m to HEMINGWAY, David CAMPBELL, Fay Heather 14.01.1948 494

21.12. 1984


CAMPBELL, Graeme Haldane 08.03.1950 494


CAMPBELL, Grant **,**^** ^96


290 292

13.10 .1929


CAMPBELL, John Haldane

m to COUPER, Peter John

m to NICKLIN, Lee Ann


m to GARNER, Beverley


William CACCIA-BIRCH, Julian Mario


m to KERSEY, Gillian Camilla Vera CAMPBELL, Jennifer Fay 12.03.1949 529

m to HALLING, Ruth Ann CACCIA-BIRCH, Margaret

Jennifer (Jendy)

m to MACLEAN, Malcolm James

(Jock) 10.10.1916 493

m to ROBINSON, Stephen Elsworth


m to GRAY, Lesley Margaret 02.07 .1933


CAMPBELL, Thomas Kersey 15.12.1987 296 CAMPBELL, Yvonne Mary 16.11.1940 353

13.04 .1963


m to SANDHAM, Salvadore John (Sam) 10.08 .1978 CACCIA-BIRCH, Rebecca Lee CACCIA-BIRCH, Virginia Rose

293 293

CAMPION, Andrew John 01.10.1983 141 CAMPION, Daniel Russell 31.08.1976 140 CAMPION, James John Michael 01.10.1953 140

Antoinette m to VIVIAN, John Hussey Hamilton

CACCIA-BIRCH, Nicola Mary (Nici)

m to HAWKES, Martyn Yerrow

m to MACKAY, Susan Jane

CANDY, Kerry Fay 01.05.1958 222 m to DODGSHUN, David Christopher CANN, Marion Elizabeth 10.01.1877 80

m to (l)BERENS, Richard Wilfred Beauvoir CACCIA-BIRCH, Virginia Rose 18.10.1940 293 m to (2)FORTESCUE, Mark Charles Grenville (Billy)

CACCIA-BIRCH, William John

31. 10.




m to WILLIAMS, Ernest Harry

CANNING, Anne Louise 08.06.1951 207

m to STEPTOE, Brenda Irene 10. 10. 19. 12.

1990 1962

128 128

m to PHILLIPS, Richard Cameron

CANNING, Beatrix Busby ^Btittg>pNKIN, Douglas Sydney (Pat) 29.01. 1905 204

m to GIESEN, Mary Suzanne





CAVE, Adrian Michael

m to BUSBY, Kathleen Mary

CANNING, Davis (Peter)



m to SWAN, Nancy

CANNING, Davis Andrew CANNING, Davis Charles



206 206


207 200





CAVE, Annabel Jane


CAVE, Christine Mary


CAVE, Christopher Francis CAVE, Katherine Susan


CAVE, Nicholas William CAVE, Philip Russell

m to MUSPRATT, John Scott

CANNING, Elsie Mary McQueen (Nunie)

31.07.1898 01.07.1896 05.05.1955

12.02.1995 04.02.1874

616 142


m to WILLIAMS, Wilfrid Gaster CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret




m to NELSON, Lionel (Jack) CHANDULAL, Anna Jacqueline





04.01.1995 Joshua Buchanan 26.09.1903 CHAPMAN, George Palmer m to WILLIAMS, Barbara Isabel Martyn 20.11.1946 CHAPMAN, Helen Rebecca

141 81

m to MACKAY. Hamish Buchanan



Amelia Alice


CANNING, Nichola


CANMNG, Robert Alexander


m to PATTISON, Fanny CANNING, Simon Davis


CANNING, Susannah Margaret


CANNING, Walmsley


206 206 207 206 206





CHATNELD, Bronwyn Ruth


CHATFffiLD, Frances Joan CHATFIELD, Max Lawrence


137 137 137

CHAPMAN, Jennifer m to WH.LIAMS, Timothy Nolan

CANNING, William Busby


CAREY, Georgina DeLisle

** ** ****

204 246

CHAPMAN, Judith Martyn m to MYERS, Michael Norman

m to McBAIN, Rupert John Maynard




CHATFIELD, Phillipa Mary 27.02.1986




CHATFIELD, Samuel Peter 25.09.1975 CHEER, Elsie Maie 21.01.1909 m to HARVEY WILLIAMS, Richard Stuart CHEESEMAN, Margaret 21.03.1920


m to FAULKNER, lan Douglas Alien CHERNOFF, Cheryl Louise 23.10.1958


liams m to WARREN, Jennifer Anketell Williams

CARR-SMITH, Tina m to ROBINSON, Martin Thomas CARMNGTON, Martin Lawrence

18,07.1967 st* ** ****






CfflBNALL, Alice Margaret 03.02.1991 CfflBNALL, Brett Edward 05.10.1960

131 158

CARTER, Matthew John


CARTER, Megan Anne CARTER, Michael Eric Bruce

21.12.1988 17.06.1951

585 584

m to WILLIAMS, Rachel Margaret

m to WATSON, Edith Ruth

375 375 375

CfflBNALL, Grace Clare CfflNELLATO, Samuele

06.12.1993 585

Ludbrook 22.08.1995 CfflNELLATO, Stefano 22.12.1954

367 367

and LUDBROOK, Geraldine Ann

m to FINLAYSON, Jacqueline

CARTER, Richard Colin CARVER, Mary Elisabeth

137 137 581

m to CROSSE, Andrew Sebastian Ord

m to DEANS, Susan Mary

CARTER, Craig Michael CARTER, Dudley Robert


m to SUNDERLAND, Joan Mary Ruth

CARGILL THOMPSON, William David James


m to SHARPE, Brian William

m to COX, Doreen Mary

Edmund Alwyn James

616 615

CHALK, Madeline

m to MACKERSEY, David John

Alexander Martin Williams



m to MAUNSELL, Bridget Diana

CANNING, Julian Margaret (Julie)


m to PARSONS, Maree Colleen

m to BARRETT, Bertha

CANNING, John Robert


616 616 616

CAVE, Rebecca Mary

m to WYNNE-LEWIS, Thomas Herbert rt (Toe) (Toe)

CANNING, John Davis (Jack)

616 616

and de REUCK, Jacques Paul Robert

m to POORE, Roger R

CANNING, Elizabeth Barrett

CAVE, Andrew Hugh m to HAMLING, Guy Coulton

m to HUNTER, Mary

CANNING, Diana Bridget CANNING, Diana Marion

01.11.1934 615

m to RUSSELL, Katherine Mary

09.08.1984 24.08.1959

375 534

m to GOURLAY, Neil Harrison

CHRISP, Aana Elizabeth 22.05.1994 CHRISP, Annabel 22.05.1994 CHRISP, lan Duncan 10.04.1962

608 608

20.10.1954 CASH, Donna m to BESTEBREURTJE, Anton Jamess





CHURCHES, John Douglas 11 .02.1953

608 340

!]S!i! >i!!|! !|!!|!**


m to KEMP, Gail Beryl CIGRAND, Elizabeth **^*^***


m to MONCKTON, Andrea CASSIE, Morris James

m to WILLIAMS, Amanda Mary

CHRISP, Matthew Arnold 15.03.1992

m to ARNOLD, Laurence Edward

m to FALLOON, Anna Louise

CASTEL, Nora m to WILLIAMS, Nigel




CLAPHAM, Deborah Jane


24.06.1970 338

m to MYOCEVICH, Shane John

CLAPHAM, Marie Louise CLAPHAM, Peter Stanley


338 338



CLARK, Bernard



m to WILLIAMS, Chrys Teresa CLARK, Gwen



*!(; !|!!|! if;***




CLEVERLEY, Daisy Grace CLEVERLEY, Faith Isabella


CLEVERLEY, Hannah Rose COATES, Caroline Rose


COATES, Claudia Zohrab COATES, Gabriella Mating COATES, Mark Harding

26.01.1994 15.09.1965

189 189 189 363 363 363 362

COBB, Doreen Margaret m to WILLIAMS, Fritz Leslie




*!j! ** *>)!**


COCHRANE/WBLLIAMS, Michaela25.09.1997

109 331 331 331


and PRICE, Kathleen Joan

COOK, Wendy Marian 30.11.1943

19.05.1995 21.07.1997


m to WILLIAMS, Kelly Brian COOPER, Anthony S ********


COOPER, Brigit Nancy 14.01. 1936


m to (l)NELSON, Sydney Charles COOPER, Brigit Nancy 14.01. 1936


m to (2)POTTER, David COOPER, Edith Ida 07.05.1873


COOPER, Edward Cecil 18.02.1902 21.01.1941


m to ZOHRAB, Alien Edward Hadfield COOPER, Philip Rodney 06.04.1946 COOPER, Robin Diana 20.09.1937

351 350

m to ROGERSON, Timothy Cunliffe COOPER, Vivienne Jean 14.04.1939


m to BROWN, Noel Graeme

m to KEMP, Gertrude

28.09.1950 331

m to FULTON, Graham Robert

331 331 332

m to (2)SILICH, Lynette COLLINS, Diana Lesley 18.07.1948


m to WILLIAMS, Christopher Keith COLLINS, Patricia Joan 08.10.1951

COPELAND, David James 23.05 .1950


m to MACMORRAN, Janet Mary COPELA^DO, Jennifer Anne 05.12.1983 COPELAND, Timothy George 07.08.1981 COFFIN, Belinda Mary 23.11.1986 COPPIN, Christopher 29.08.1956

347 347 125 125

m to PARKER, Nichola Anne

COFFIN, Rose Elizabeth 21.07.1981 COFFIN, Sophie Anne 26.09.1983 CORBETT, Jennifer Mary 05.07.1953


CORFE, Wilma 27.06.1945


m to LUDBROOK, John Wilson CORFIELD, Helen Hilary 09.06.1962


m to BRUNT, Steven Bruce

COLLINS, Rosemary

CORKILL, Alexander Wallace 22.02.1988 CORKILL, Alison Maclean 01.10.1961

28.04.1938 272

m to MARX, Andrew John Locke

COLLINS-COWAN, Heidi **.**. 1977 COLLISTER, Emma Louise 21.03.1986 COLLISTER, Jeremy Paul 04.08.1988 COLLISTER, Paul Christopher 26.10.1958 m to MACLEAN, Kirsty Mary COMPTON, Karen 15.01.1952

212 520 520 520 497

542 543

m to CRUM, David Gordon

CORKILL, Bruce Andrew 01.02.1952


m to WALLACE, Marilyn Ann CORKILL, Gillian Mary 18.03.1954


m to LAWRENCE, Richard Hume CORE3LL, Ruth Margaret 13.06.1960


m to NOAKES, Charles Patrick

m to GRAY, Camplin William CONNELL, Isabelle Annie 13.08.1847


m to WILLIAMS, Henry Edward CONNOLLY, Joanne Elizabeth 16.02.1958


m to WILLIAMS, Andrew William COOK, Angus George 30.04.1968 COOK, Daphne 30.01.1922

307 179

m to DA VIES, lan Godfrey

125 125 285

m to GORDON, James McKay

m to WILLIAMS, Rodney Heathcote



m to HADFIELD, Catherine Isabel (Kit)

and WILLIAMS, Michael Ormond

mto(l)??, Catherine COLLETT, Roy Earle 16.10.1951


COOKE, Phillipa Jean 25.08.1961

COOPER, Janet Alice

COLLETT, Rebecca Julie 27.08.1975 COLLETT, Roy Earle 16.10.1951


m to WILLIAMS, George Alexander

m to ZOHRAB, Sarah Jane

COLLETT, Anthony Earle 24.09.1978 COLLETT, Brad Robin 08.08 . 1980 COLLETT, Earle Glennie 31.08.1920


m to NELSON, Janet

m to WD.SON, Marianne Rachel 18.10.1994


m to DONKIN, James Brian

m to SINCLAIR, Donald Richard

COLLETT, Raey Heather


m to WILLIAMS, Michael Duncan

m to WILLIAMS, Edward Egerton


COOK, Mary Ann 08.06.1960 COOK, Richard Godfrey 27.07.1941 m to COTTERELL, Susan Mary COOK, Richard Paul 05.12.1963 m to HETHERINGTON, Wendy COOK, Sarah Jill 31.01.1964

CLAPHAM, Terrence

CLELAND, Lindsay


m to REED, Vernon David Lang

m to KEMP, Christine Rose

Peter (Terry)

COOK, Dorothy Helen 23.09 . 1897 m to HARVEY WILLIAMS, Samuel Frederick

CORKILL, Susan Jane 07.09.1957 m to PYNENBURG, Ronald John Christopher

CORKILL, Thomas Mackenzie (Tom) 16.09.1926


m to MACLEAN, Mary Way



CORRAN, John David



COWAN, Bryce

CORRAN, Samuel John CORRAN, William Henry COTCmNG, Elizabeth Rose COTCfflNG, Heather Kay COTCfflNG, Helen Edith

10.02.1990 06.10.1991 12.01.1986 21.04.1985


321 321 230 231 229

COWAN, Elizabeth Mary

COTCHING, Jean Eleanor


COTCfflNG, John Alexander


231 230

25.07.1983 03.08.1976 21.04.1920


03.04.1975 28.01.1991 07.08.1973


230 231 230 231



COX, Doreea Mary m to CANNING, Walmsley



COXWELL, Cecil Maurice







m to WILLIAMS, Nancy Edith Harvey

COXWELL, Jillian Cecilia m to MUNN, Dugald John David



CRAMPTON, Kathleen Mary

m to WILLIAMS, Cyril James Wilder (Jim) (Jim) 15.12.1967







26.11.1991 24.05.1959

210 210



CROPPER, James Nicholas



CROPPER, Nicholas


265 265


m to REED, Judith Mary CROPPER, Samuel Charles



CRAMPTON, Nancy m to WILLIAMS, Robert Cooper







CRAWFORD, Claudia Margaret CRAWFORD, Georgina Elizabeth CRAWFORD, Oliver Garfield Jefferd CRAWFORD, Timothy Garfield

m to NELSON, Hilda Margaret 22.04.1916 06.05.1969 16.02.1940

643 307 306

m to JEPFERD, Sally Elizabeth

CRONIN, Michael George m to MACLEAN, Fiona Mary

m to COWELL, Lesley Jennifer Mary



m to (l)COOK, Richard Godfrey

COTTERILL, Susan Mary m to (2)KILGOUR, Hugh David COUPER, Andrew John and LEVITT, Chia COUPER, Heather Lesley COUPER, Lindsay Peter COUPER, Mabel Joan Mary


CROSBIE, Gayleen 26.04.1976


02.03.1981 26.08.1977 19.09.1927

m to CAMPBELL, Fay Heather COUPER, Raewyn Anne COUPER, Stewart Robert


COVENTRY, Alexander William COVENTRY, Jamie Donald COVENTRY, Joseph Rhys


COVENTRY, Joshua Scan


COVENTRY, Laura Jane COVENTRY, Richard Andrew


494 494 136





Sebastian Ord m to CHERNOFF, Cheryl Louise CROSSE, Carson Barrington




CROSSE, Christopher IIbert


159 158 157

CROSS, Sally Georgina m to DODGSHUN, Paul Sydney

CROSSE, Andrew 494


COVENTRY, Richard Donald



m to LUDBROOK, Sally June COVENTRY, Samuel Hannen




387 387



14.11.1996 30.05.1996

18.03.1887 CROSSE, Ernest Courtenay m to WILLIAMS, Joyce Elizabeth Leslie

CROSSE, Joan Elizabeth (Sem) 13.09.1923 m to SUNDERLAND, Joseph Langdale (Joe)

m to HANSON, Kerrin


CROSSE, Joan Elizabeth (Sem) 13.09.1923


m to SUNDERLAND, Joseph Langdale (Joe) CROSSE, John Anthony 17.11.1925


m to COWLEY, Lisa

m to HANNEN, Lynley

265 329

m to BRUNT, Richard Neil

494 494 387 388 387 387 387 387


** >|!!|S It***

m to BUTTON, Keith

CROSS, Linda Rosalie

iduke m to SUNDERLAND, Thomas Marmaduke 22.11.1939 COUPER, Peter John

COVENTRY, William Michael


m to COVENTRY, Richard Andrew

m to WILLIAMS, Mona Caroline

COTTERILL, George William COTTEMLL, Hugh Geoffrey COTTEMLL, Michael Geoffrey

212 572


22.12.1942 Jennifer Mary m to COTTERILL, Michael Geoffrey

230 230 229

m to STEWART, Eric Joseph

COTTERILL, George Robert


m to PAYTON, Richard William

m to HOLDEN, Andrew William

COTTERILL, Geoffrey Evelyn


COWELL, Lesley

m to HANNA, Rodney Jack



COWAN, Paul COWE, Melinda

m to RENDALL, Judith

COTTEMLL, Caroline Mary


m to BUSBY, Mary Dorothy (Molly)

m to AVERY, Elizabeth Anne

COTTER, Justine Mary


COWAN, James Linburn

m to WEBER, Kathleen Mary

COTCfflNG, Philip John COTCfflNG, Sally Rebecca COTCfflNG, Sarah Helen COTCfflNG, William Edward


m to NAIRN, Stuart John

m to HAY. Kenneth David

COTCHING, Juliet Edith COTCfflNG, Matthew Thomas COTCfflNG, Nigel MacKenzie


m to BLUNDELL, Maire

m to BONE, Heather Louise

m to CROSSE, Pamela

CROSSE, Kaylen Ashley 28.01.1988 CROSSE, Keaton Mackenzie 13.03.1995


158 159

CROSSE, Lucy Sarah


CROSSE, Madison Courtenay

10.10.1989 16,06.1990

CROSSE, Natasha Alexis CROSSE, Pamela


158 159 158 158





DA VEY, Jillian Myrtle 02.11.1946 591 m to WILLIAMS, William Rolleston Standish (Bill) DA VD5, Andrew Robert **^*^**** 262 m to CAMERON, Nicola Jane DAVIES, Alexander Phillip 19.12,1996 183 DA VIES, Alexander Phillip 19.12.1996 183 DA VIES, Andrew Michael 28.04.1995 573

m to CROSSE, John Anthony

CROSSE, Robert Oliver Courtenay

DA VIES, Christopher ap Rhys 12.02.1892 189

m to BALUCH, Susan Beth

CROSSE, Simon Courtenay

m to (l)UPJOHN, Sheila Margaret Holland CROSSE, Simon Courtenay 02.05.1930

m to HAWKES, Lilian Margaret

DA VIES, Christopher Pearson 11.11.1849 118


m to WILLIAMS, Mary Anne DA VIES, Christopher Pearson 12.05.1811 177

m to (2)GALPIN, Carolyn CROSSE, Trenton Royce


CROWL, Julia Mary


159 90

DA VIES, Christopher Pearson 11.11.1849 218

m to BARTON, Richard Mark CRUM, David Gordon



m to WILLIAMS, Mary Anne DAVDES, Christopher Todd 24.09.1950 191


544 543 544 529

m to WILLIAMS, Marianne

m to CORKILL, Alison Maclean

CRUM, Elizabeth Alison CRUM, Emma May CRUM, Georgina Mary

CULLEN, Claire Marjorie

m to FLEET, Susan 28.01.1989

23.11.1993 01.08.1936

m to MACLEAN, John Raglan CURME, Daniel Ross


CURME, Elizabeth Anne


DA VDES, Edith Race 05.05.1890 184 m to MILLER, Harold Gladstone

DA VIES, Eileen Pearson 10.08.1884 218 DAVEES, Eliza Pearson 27.10.1860 223 DAVffiS, Elizabeth 09.08.1991 191 DA VIES, Emma Caitlin 21.04.1997 573

541 540

DAVIES, Ethleen Rose 28.07.1885 184 DAVIES, Freda Lilian 21.11.1885 218

m to BURTON, Robert William 19.02.1878

541 533

m to DODGSHUN, Gordon Mawley DA VIES, George Henry 25.01.1844 177

CURRCE, Jean Elizabeth



DA VIES, George Neville 20.09.1921 190

m to SYME, David Atkin CURRIE, Joyce Bertha Earle



DAVIES, George William


541 533

CURRIE, Emma Lynn CURRDS, George William


m to GODFREY, Rose Alma

m to MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth

m to SHERRIFF, Dudley Albert CURRIE, Leslie Pamela CURRIE, Margaret Isabel

m to TODD, Valerie Ethel

Godfrey 18.07.1882 178 29.08.1908

m to KELLY, Nora Creina

DAVIES, Gwen Rosemary Alma 01.09.1923 178 m to ARNOLD, Edgar Lamson Jnr

m to BLYTH, Harrison David

CURME, Neil Robert CURRIE, Paul Timothy


541 541

DAVIES, Gwen Temple 12.06.1887 184 DAVBES, Helen Rose 24.01.1925 192 m to VICKERMAN, John D'Arcy



DAVffiS, Henry **.**.**** 198


CURRIE, Robert George

Manson (Robin) m to (l)POWER, Marie Willamere CURRIE, Robert George Manson (Robin)

DAVIES, Henry 19,08.1845 198 DAVIES, lan Godfrey 18.01.1925 179 18.01.1918


m to COOK, Daphne



DA VIES, Isla Yasmin 07.02.1995 574 DAVBES, James Pearson (Jim) 18.01.1927 195


541 246

DAVIES, John Douglas Geoffrey 03.02.1926 180


DAVIES, John Godfrey 17.11.1952 182


m to (l)MATHEWS, Deborah DAVEES, John Godfrey 17,11.1952 182

m to (2)GRAY, Patricia Isabel

CURRIE, Ross William m to FENNAMAN, Donna Lyn CURRIE, Yield Margaret CURTIS, Ann Constable

m to HALSE, Loeta 26.01.1937

m to HARRIS, Gertrude Melba Elizabeth

m to McBAIN, John Hubert

Da COSTA, Christianne


m to BRANCH, Robert Henry

DALY, Moira MEargaret

** !|!* ****

m to REED, Robin Standish 22.09.1906


m to WILLIAMS, Barnabas Wilder (Barney) iarney) 24.10.1965 DARVAS, Katherine Ann


DALZIELL, Kathleen Kelly

m to HARVISON, Linda Christine DARWIN, Claire Louise

DARWIN, Helen Elizabeth DAVENPORT, Moya Tiare m to GRAY, Peter David Kenneth

20.08.1960 30.09.1994 22.05.1990 18.03.1952

m to RAINEY, Jonathan Barton

DA VIES, Kathleen Edith

m to HUNT, Andrew James

DARWIN, Bruce William

m to (2)HICKS, Lynda Carmen DAVBES, John William 12.08.1952 191 DAVIES,Judy 03.05.1960 574

Rosalie 03.02.1926 183

160 160 160 492

m to BOARD, Timothy DAVIES, Kathleen Heathcote 28.11.1857 223 DAVIES, Kathleen Rosemary 17.03.1949 181


m to (l)McCORMACK, David lan

DA VIES, Kathleen Rosemary 17.03.1949 m to (2)McLENNAN, Murray Matthew DAVIES, Leofric Pearson 11.09.1883


DA VIS, Lawrence Selwyn 30.07.1920 m to WATKINS, Lois Edith


DA VIS, Lynnette Kathleen 18.02.1953


DAVIES, Luke Rhys DA VIES, Margaret


DA VIES, Margaret Dorothy


184 196 574 196

m to BRAMLEY, Frank William (Bill) DA VIES, Marianne Caroline 17.09.1950



m to ELLIOTT, Graeme Birt DA VIS, Prudence Helen 19.11.1954 DA VIS, Serena Marianne 05.07.1983 DA VIS, Wayne Rex 30.03.1949 m to BENNISON, Anne Katherine Mary

DAY, Crispin Mark Jeremy 15.08.1960 DAY, Jeremy John 09.10.1921 m to HARVEY WILLIAMS, Barbara Louise De COSTA, Anna Mathea ********

m to FORBES, Bmce Alan 04.05.1847


01.05.1959 m to PICKFORD, William Andrew Sterndale rndale DAVDES, Melonie Jane 18.08.1968


DAVffiS, Marianne Caroline m to BUSBY, William

DA VIES, Megan


DA VIES, Michael de la Cour



m to GARDINER, Jill DAVIES, Nina Pearson



de GRUCHY, Margaret Jane 13.05.1938 m to LOWRY, Thomas Russell (Tom) de REUCK, Alexandre Paul 01.01.1996 de REUCK, Jacques Paul Robert 19.05.1951




574 569

de REUCK, Pascal Ywan 18.03.1994 DEANS, Alastair Colin 27.10.1934


02.10.1966 m to MORKANE, Sarah Ruth May DEANS, Amelia Kate 16.12.1988 DEANS, Ben William 15.07.1985 DEANS, Colia 05.08. 1894



DAVIES, Richard Rhys



m to GODDING, Lindsay Clare DA VIES, Rosemary AIIison


DA VIES, Rosemary Prudence


180 192

m to HEO, Jeong-Hee

m to WILLIAMS, Barbara Hope DEANS, Daniel Walter Colin 24.07.1961 DEANS, Derek Douglas 15.08.1995 DEANS, Fiona Jane Russell ********

and LORBER, Steven

DAVIES, Sally DAVffiS, Samuel Godfrey DAVIES, Samuel Jihan


DA VIES, Simon James


DAVDES, Stephen Godfrey


574 182 574 573 180





08.06.1984 20.12.1989

m to (2)HERRICK, Karin

DAVIES, Susan (Sue)



DAVffiS, Thomas

** ** ****

DAVDSS, Thomas Henry DAVIES, Thomas Marsh

11.07.1989 16.11.1855

198 183 223



256 614 614 613 255

m to HARRIS, Phoebe Ashford DEANS, Jane Gertrude 09.01.1920 DEANS, Katherine Russell 29.08. 1958 DEANS, Matthew Philip 27.02.1991 DEANS, Michael Robin 23.02.1932

613 614 613 255

DAVEES, William Edward


DAVIES, William Pearson


DAVIES, William Todd


DA VIS, Catherine Eve


255 256

m to CARRINGTON, Martin Lawrence DEANS, William **.**.****

m to PALMER, Robert William

223 223 191 344


m to RUSSELL, Katherine Mary

DEANS, William George Russell 28.04.1955 613 m to WAKEMAN, Ann Louise

DEANS, William Russell 12.11 .1921 613


342 342 79



12.10.1979 03.12.1980

m to OSBORNE-SMITH, June Sheila (Topsy) DELAHUNTY, Adrienne Jane 09.09.1961 119

m to WILLIAMS, Edward Marsh

DA VIS, Josephine Gail

613 613 255

DEANS, Henry George 09.02.1987 DEANS, James Michael 28.03 . 1960

m to MIDDLETON, Jocelyn Lee DEANS, Sophia Hope 10.08.1990 DEANS, Susan Mary 25.06.1961

m to BARR, Agnes Lyall

DAVIS, Holly Kathleen DAVIS, Jane


18.01.1968 256 Rosemary DEANS, Oscar Charles 256 MacFarlane 12.06.1997 613 DEANS, Philip Russell 17.08.1957

m to MURRAY, Bruce Raymond

m to WATKINS, Reginald James DAVIS, FIeur Sharon

616 256

m to GOODWIN, Annette Beatrice

DA VIES, Susan Margaret

DAVBES, Wendy Elizabeth


DEANS, Mina Barbara

m to PANTON, Hamish Bruce



m to HUMPHREY, Russell Neil

m to (l)TOWNER, Michele

DAVIES, Stephen Godfrey


m to MacFARLANE, Barbara Anne

DEANS, Alastair Timothy

m to WILLIAMS, Hamish Warwick Hassall assail

DAVffiS, Phillip Geoffrey


and CAVE, Katherine Susan

m to YOUNG, Susan Gaye

DAVIES, Philippa DAVIES, Philippa Jane

580 580

m to SHERRIFF, David William

and OJALA, Robin Athol

m to PEDERSON, Peder DAVEES, Peter Cornwall

343 343 342

m to BEZETT, Grant Michael


m to GRIMMOND, David Michael Betham DELL, Gladys Mary 24.12.1922 519 m to MACLEAN, Alan Haydon Awdrey

DEVER, Philippa m to WILLIAMS, John Harold DEW, Leane Lillian

^ 4:^: ^i^^f

DODGSHUN, Kim Hamish


22.02.1968 ** ** **S|!!|!

23.01.1998 28.09.1952

223 222









DODGSHUN, Susan Mary m to HOLLAND, Keith John


222 219

DODGSHUN, Sydney Yorke




221 220


m to GRIGG, Rosamond Mary

DODGSHUN, Paul Sydney

m to KERSEY, David John Richard



DODGSHUN, Lily Juliet DODGSHUN, Michael Gordon


m to STEELE, Grant Roderick

DIAS, Gillian


m to HARDING, Wendy Lisa

12.06.1989 10.10.1960

569 569

m to (l)CROSS, Sally Georgina

DODGSHUN, Paul Sydney

m to WILLIAMS, Rachael

m to (2)HUNT, Bronwyn Margaret

DICKERSON, Hollie Elizabeth Marjorie

DICKERSON, Monique Anne DICKIE, Jill Morag

DODGSHUN, Philippa Robyn 04.02.1995 15,09.1991 05.03.1948

569 569 272

m to JACKMAN, Peter Heathcote

m to MARX, David George Locke

DDLLON, Brigid Louise Lee


DILLON, Joanna Lee


263 262

m to WOODWARD, Dorothy Virginia

DODGSHUN, Truby Edward DODGSHUN, Wendy Elizabeth

m to CAMERON, David DILLON, Jonathan Patrick Lee DILLON, Lisa Francis DILLON, Mark Peter Lee


DD.LON, Patrick Francis Lee


263 263 263 263

DDJLON, Patrick Philip Lee



m to WILLIAMS, Joan Elfie DILLON, Rachel Anne



m to MACLEAN, Jillian Mary DONALD, Betty Knox 20.01.1925 479



m to WILLIAMS, Alien Craig DONKIN, Andrew John 15,03.1963 204



(Pat) 15.05.1899 204



m to CANNING, Beatrix Busby (Betty) DONKIN, James Brian 31 .10.1943 205



DONKIN, James William Busby 31.10.1975 205

14.03.1975 18.02.1981

m to WILLOCK, Michael John DODS, June Shiriey 25,05.1925 218 m to DODGSHUN, Joseph Terence (Joe) DOHERTY, Claire Simone 29.05.1980 531 DOHERTY, Joanna Megan 27.09.1982 531 DOHERTY, Matthew James 28.09.1978 531 DOHERTY, Paul Michael 28.02.1950 531

m to THODEY, Susan Lee

m to SAVORY, Robert

DINNIE, Betty Lois m to GRAY, Colin Falkland

DINSDALE, Agnes Hill (Nancy)

DONKIN, Douglas Sydney

;r m to WILLIAMS, Timothy John Wilder

DISBROWE, Christina Frances

m to COOK, Wendy Marian

m to FORSTER, David Blair

DISBROWE, Edward Francis


156 156



DONKIN, Jennifer Mary 03.04.1937 205 m to SUTHERLAND, John Edwin DONKIN, Kate Victoria 21.05.1974 205 DONKIN, Nicholas Robert 11.05.1968 205 DONKIN, Patrick Canning 21.09.1934 204



DONKIN, Timothy Patrick 08.08.1964 205



DOVE, Arthur Julian Hadfield 25.08.1902 359


222 221 222

m to WILLIAMS, Lois Gwendoline

DISBROWE, Hamish John DISBROWE, Noel John Edward


m to WHITE, Alison Johanna Lovell

DISBROWE, Pamela Lois m to ATTWOOD, John DISBROWE, Suzanne Cathryn

m to BARKER, Janet Leslie

m to TUCKER, Nic

DODGSHUN, Anna Christine

m to BARTHOLOMEW, Betty Eyre Godson DOVE, Julian Llewellyn ******** 359

m to GADDUM, Thomas Peter

DODGSHUN, Annabel Joy DODGSHUN, Ben Sydney DODGSHUN, David Christopher

29.05.1984 21.06.1954

m to HADFIELD, Catherine DOVE, Susannah Mary 26.04.1955 359 m to SHUCKSMITH, Tom DOWDING, Annabel Margaux 10.11.1990 116 DOWDING, Charles John Child 03.05.1956 116

m to CANDY, Kerry Fay

DODGSHUN, Felicity Mary


DODGSHUN, Gordon Mawley


222 218

m to WILLIAMS, Susan Diane

m to DA VIES, Freda Lilian

DODGSHUN, lan Christopher


DODGSHUN, lan Samuel


DODGSHUN, Joseph Paul DODGSHUN, Joseph


222 222 221



Terence (Joe) m to DODS, June Shirley

DOWDING, John Colin Guy 08.12.1987 116 DOWDING, Miranda Jacqueline 22.07.1994 116 DRABBLE, Amy Anne 17.10.1991 337 DRABBLE, Carol Ann 11.07.1965 337 DRABBLE, Graham Peter 11.06.1967 337 m to NATZKE, Susan Anne

DRABBLE, Michael Graham 28.10.1988 337

DODGSHUN, Kenneth Christopher




m to SNUSHALL, Wenda Joy


DRABBLE, Neal Bruce 09.12.1969 337

DRABBLE, Peter John 11.06.1943


DUNACfflE, Susanna Jane DUNCAN, Belinda Jane

m to KEMP, Delwynne Gae

DRAIN, Joanne Elisabeth 14.01.1960


525 81

DUNCAN, Belinda Jane


25.07.11973 -

m to WILLIAMS, Andrew John

m to BLYTH, James William DRUCE, David 28.11.1922




m to JACKSON, Dorothy Elizabeth Josephine DRUMMOND, Dan Francis 24.02.1923

m to WILLIAMS, Andrew John DUNCAN, Forbes David Jasper



DUNCAN, John David


81 81





m to O'RORKE, Edith Jacqueline DUNNE, James Martin Gerard DUNNE, Martin Francis





DUNNE, Peter John Gerard






615 154

** ** *!!<**




and LUDBROOK, Kerry Scott DRYSDALE, Eliza Claire 08.05.1986 DRYSDALE, Laura Ruth 11 .08.1988 DRYSDALE, Neil Edward 16.07.1954

DYKE, Jennifer Anne m to TOMBLESON, John Roger

486 486 486

DYMOCK, Caroline Sybilla


DYMOCK, Henry Douglas


DYMOCK, Philip Douglas


83 83 82

m to WILLIAMS, Philippa Marianne DYMOCK, Rachel Marianne



m to HARTLEY, Simon John DYMOCK, Susannah Mary




83 278







EFVERS, George Wynn


EFVERS, Henry Beetham EIVERS, James Robert EIVERS, Linda Marion m to GADDUM, Richard Harold

12.01.:1986 21.02.11950

607 607 607 113

EFVERS, Michael Patrick



m to WILLIAMS, Phillida Anne ETVERS, Rebecca Sylvia


607 607 378

m to WILLIAMS, Myra Colgate (Winks)

DRUMMOND, Kathleen Frances (Kay) m to STAINES, David Paul DRUMMOND, Pamela Anne

Gerard m to SEVERNE, Veronica Jane

m to MACLEAN, Timothy Williams

DRUMMOND, Sallie Elizabeth m to MOORE, Peter Winston Gifford

DRYDEN, Shirley Diane

m to MURPHY, Jonathan Robert

m to TOMBLESON, Elizabeth Phillipa DRYSDALE, Renee Louise 25.01.1994

DRYSDALE, Stuart Douglas


du BERN, Daniel Christopher Emile


du BERN, Gregory Emile


487 486 527 527

m to WILLIAMS, Richard John

EASTWICK, Dinah Jane

m to MACLEAN, Margaret Helen

m to BUNNY, Peter Edward

du BERN, Nicholas

William Emile


11.09.1982 du BERN, Oliver James Emile DUCKWORTH, Andra Julia Mary 06.04.1943

m to (l)BAIN, Angus DUCKWORTH, Andra Julia Mary 06,04.1943

527 527 628

EDWARD, Breacher Pulisa m to REED, Simon Edward

EGERTON, Dorothy Lesley m to WILLIAMS, Claud Herbert


m to (2)GRACEY, Peter

DUCKWORTH, Auberon Charles Alan Campbell



m to WILLIAMS, Christina Elsie

DUCKWORTH, Belinda Cecil Anne

23.01. 1945


m to KUSEL, Michael

EFVERS, William Michael ELLETT, Christine Robyn

DUCKWORTH, Jane Margaret Christina Victoria

01.01. 1941


28.06. 1950



m to GRAY, Anne Cecile

DUFF, Jason James

DUFFY, Christina Mary

1971 15.12. 1965


501 639






24.0L,1963 03.02 .1957

ELLIOTT, James Kennedy m to REED, Elfie Clare Temple



m to WARK, Laith DUGDALE, Susan Mary

14.12 .1958

558 525

ELLIOTT, Nigel Kennedy ELLIOTT, Shannon Marie




ELLIOTT, Tamson Lois ELLIS, Darnica Catherine

ELLIS, Kodie Ray

268 343 343 350 350

DUNACfflE, Gillian Clare

03.07 .1969

m to RIELLY, Jon


15.03 .1934


m to DAVIS, Lynnette Kathleen

558 557

m to ROSS, Jennifer Helen Maclean

DUNACfflE, Rachel Anne

27.02 .1971


m to GREEN, Michael James Bay

ELLIOTT, Helen Mary

DUGDALE, Melanie

127 127



m to QUINN, Eimear

DUGDALE, Megan Vera


127 267

ELLIOTT, Graeme Birt 24.03,.1960


09.01 .1945

m to SEWELL, Dinah Eketuranga

DUGDALE, Brett Ellis


m to PARKER, Julie Diane

ELLINGHAM, Peter Scott ELLIOTT, Ann Eila

m to THOMSON, Michael Charles

DUGDALE, Alan Ellis

,1983 25.03.:

m to LUDBROOK, Samuel Blomfield

m to BLAKENEY, Hugh DUFF, Barry


m to MACKAY, Hamish Buchanan





ELLIS, Luke James 06.07.1988

350 FAULKNER, Muriel Mary

ELLIS, Robert Bryan James 21.03.1959

349 m to WILLIAMS, David Empson

m to WILLIAMS, David Empson EMPSON, Judith Mary 11.01.1888 m to WILLIAMS, Edward Gordon ENGLAND, Jonathan 21.06.**** and WATSON, Julia Mary ENGLAND, Lucy **.**.1996 EVANS, Grahame Edwyn 28.05.1944 m to MACLEAN, Alloway Anne EVANS, Raymond Peter Roy 1 1.08,1971 EVANS, Sonya Anne 20.09.1972 EVANS, Tracy Leanne 10.07.1974 EWEN, Jennifer Helen 09.01.1950

FAULKNER, Nigel Douglas




118 FAULKNER, Peter James


130 161

m to HARVISON, Suzanne Ruth

488 FAULKNER, Rachel Jane FAULKNER, Robert Andrew 489 FAULKNER, Rodney George FAULKNER, Rory lan

01.11.1997 30.10.1912

521 FAULKNER, Sophie Violet 521 FAULKNER, Thomas


296 Christopher lan


14.03.1944 24.04.1974


367 m to MONCKTON, Andrea FELL, Christopher Anthony 153 FELL, Jonathan Mbnckton


295 m to CURRIE, Ross William

!|!!|1 ** ****

FENNAMAN, Donna Lyn FERGUSSON, Anne Mary FERGUSSON, Augusta Susan

m to CASSIE, Morris James

FALLOON, Henry Peter

William FALLOON, John Gavin


295 m to MARX, George Francis Locke


295 FERGUSSON, Edith Margaret m to SCHOLFIELD, Ralph FERGUSSON, James Andrew

m to WILLIAMS, Wendy Esme Gerard 20.10.1966 295 FALLOON, Tessa Wendy

FALLOON, William Paul Elliott FANNING, Benjamin Philip FANNING, John Joseph


132 216 217 216 541


273 271






295 FERGUSSON, Jean Annie




130 m to ORR-EWING, Edward Lindsay 130 FIELD, Suzanne Mary m to BLUNT, Michael Hugh



07.03.1961 15.02.1964

376 376





130 m to LUDBROOK, Patricia Marian 129 NNLAYSON, Margaret Anne m to MACALISTER, Philip Duncan



152 FINLAYSON, Marian Elizabeth





circa 1916






26.11.1996 12.02.1926

269 268







130 FINLAYSON, Charles Cecil 130 NNLAYSON, Cynthia Joy


124 m to HURLEY, Peter James


FINLAYSON, Jacqueline fs^ ** ^HHi^S

594 m to CARTER, Michael Eric Bruce


m to WILLIAMS, Charles Leonard Frederick Turner

FAULKNER, Frances Monica 07.10.1971 FAULKNER, Frederick Edward 23.04.1911 m to MURPHY, Ethel Mary FAULKNER, Frederick Edward 23.04. 1911 m to MURPHY, Ethel Mary FAULKNER, Georgia Lucy Eve 20.06.1998 FAULKNER, Graham Erie 14.01.1947 m to BUNYAN, Heather

FAULKNER, lan Douglas Alien 16.10.1920 m to CHEESEMAN, Margaret

FAULKNER, Isabelle Margaret 30.10.1956 FAULKNER, Jean Anabelle 03,03.1907

m to KLOETEN, Derek 131 FIRTH, Joyce Patricia 131 m to WILLIAMS, Stephen Empson FISHER, Jacqueline 131 m to BRANCH, Leslie Roy

FITZGERALD, Caroline Temple 131 FITZGERALD, Edward 125 Temple Guy m to McCLELLAND, Lisa Jane

m to PARKER, Richard Charles

FAULKNER, Jeremy John 30.08.1974 m to BEUTH, Heidi FAULKNER, Joanna Mary 23.10.1968 FAULKNER, Kirsten Ellen 10.08.1993 FAULKNER, Kirsty Mary 02.01.1946 m to FANNING, John Joseph FAULKNER, Melanie Sue 18.08.1995 FAULKNER, Michael Eric 04.05.1972 FAULKNER, Muriel Mary 23.10.1914 m to WILLIAMS, David Empson


132 130 132


m to WILLIAMS, Muriel Buchanan

FAULKNER, Eugenie Louise

131 129 129

m to WILLIAMS, Enid Githa

m to FAULKNER, Kirsty Mary

FANNING, Matthew Thomas FAULKNER, Adrian Frederick FAULKNER, Albert Joseph


520 FAULKNER, Sheila Prudence

m to MURPHY, Selwyn Robert

FALLOON, Anna Louise


FELL, Anthony John

m to LUDBROOK, Geraldine Ann

FALKNER, Charmian Jocelyn


520 m to HAINES, Sarah Christina

m to WILLIAMS, Gerard John Paul (Gerry)



119 m to SIDGWICK, Nicola Gill FAULKNER, Penelope Jane

m to NELSON, Maria Jane

ELWORTHY, Josephine ********


131 FITZGERALD, George Pattrick FITZGERALD, Gerald 129 m to WILLIAMS, Belinda Temple

161 FITZGERALD, Patrick 130 David Temple m to PATTRICK, Wendy Ruth

161 FITZGERALD, Samuel 131 Alexander Beaumont



FITZROY, Louisa Gwendoline 1'Strang

FRASER, Harry ** ** smsm:


Alexander Claus

FRASER, Heidi Ann FRASER, Isla Mary

m to WILLIAMS, Ronald Wanklyn

FLAHAULT, Madeleine Anne



m to GRAY, Ivan Donald

FLEET, Susan



FRASER, Judith Amanda


FLETCHER, Jane Margaret


FLETCHER, Margaret Mary


208 208 240

FRASER, Ngaira Jayne FRASER, Thomas Jock Oswald


30.04.1972 08.06.1947



FORBES, Adam Beaumont FORBES, Bruce Alan


208 208 208


FORBES, Derek Geoffrey


FORBES, Jedd Alan FORDE, Glen


208 182 182

*!)! ll!* 4!*!|!*


359 331

m to BINGHAM, Andrew William FULTON, Graham Robert



FULTON, Mark Robert


FULTON, Samantha Marie FUNNELL, Angela Jane m to WILLIAMS, Mark Busby GADDUM, Amelia Jane GADDUM, Annabelle Margo


331 331 564

182 182 582

02.08.1960 07.07.1980


GADDUM, Benjamin Guy




GADDUM, George Edward Ross


GADDUM, Georgina Midge


GADDUM, Hamish James


GADDUM, Harry Richard


GADDUM, Jacqueline Marion


02.11.1994 06.06.1990 13.10.1965

156 156 536





FORTESCUE, Sabina Therese

m to WILLIAMS, Colin Sydney Wallis 05.02.1980 GADDUM, James Robert 10.03.1982 GADDUM, Jonathan Joseph


FOSTER, Louis Ayres

** !i!* *1|!!|;*

293 336

m to CACCIA-BIRCH, Virginia Rose

GADDUM, Nicholas Richard


GADDUM, Oliver Edward Peter GADDUM, Peter Richard

08.03.1985 26.02.1926





114 219

m to WILLIAMS, Ann Wallis

GADDUM, Richard Harold 29.12.1920


m to EIVERS, Linda Marion

;r m to WILLIAMS, Timothy John Wilder 20.11.1953 FOX, Susan Alison and WARREN, Mark Aidan Temple


GADDUM, Rupert Benjamin GADDUM, Thomas Peter

FRAENKEL, Linda Jean


GALBREATH, Helen Margaret



GALBREATH, Jennifer Mary GALBREATH, Robin Scott




GALPIN, Carolyn


m to NELSON, Paul Sunderland






575 572

m to LUDBROOK, Joanna Jane Sayers•s


GARDINER, Allayne Diana GARDINER, Alien Francis


624 624

GARDINER, Alien William GARDINER, Anthony Reade


GARDINER, Edith Mildred


m to WILLIAMS, Agnes Maria

m to KELLY, Teresa Mary 26.07.1971 11.05.1970


572 576




m to ABERNETHY, Nancy

m to HARVEY, Simon

FRASER, Fern Joy


GANNAWAY, Ivan Raymond

m to HARRISON, Simon Clear

FRASER, David FRASER, Deborah (Debbie)


m to CROSSE, Simon Courtenay

FRASER, Catrin Jane

FRASER, Clyde Edward George


567 567 567

m to WILLIAMS, Mary Jean

m to WILLIAMS, Margot Temple

Elizabeth (Kate)


m to DODGSHUN, Anna Christine

m to WILLIAMS, Thomas Hugh 19.11.1917

114 113 219 114 115 113 219 113 219


m to MAY, Donna Bronwen


114 114

m to JONES, Kirsty Barbara


FRASER, Alec Mac

219 114

m to LEE, Richard Noel

m to PETERSEN, Richard David

FOWLER, Patricia Faith


GADDUM, Benita Barbara


m to DISBROWE, Christina Frances

FORTESCUE, Mark Charles Grenville (Billy)


582 582 393


and BURDETT, William Sidney

Rose Frances


m to COLLETT, Raey Heather

m to PICOT, Michelle Anne

FORSYTH, Deborah Kay


m to HADFIELD, Alexander Charles (Aleck) FULTON, Caryl Renee 25.10.1973

FULFORD, Marion Francis

m to DA VIES, Marianne Caroline

FORSTER, Harry Disbrowe


m to MOORE, Amanda Mary

m to JEFFERD, Angela Leigh

FORSTER, George Distrowe


m to SEWELL, Graham Bernard

m to WARREN, Peter Cory

FORSTER, David Blair


m to SHERRIFF, Peter Dunlop

FLETCHER, Andrew Donald




m to MACLEAN, Norman Haydon

m to DA VIES, Christopher Todd



112 112 517



m to MOORE, Alister George





GIESEN, Mary Suzanne

m to WILLIAMS, Alien Marsh

GARDINER, Evelyn Ruth GARDDWR, George Falkland


575 573

GIESEN, Natasha Elizabeth GIESEN, Robert John






Christopher Graeme IVlenzies GU.BERTSON, Graeme Menzies







GARDINER, John Cameron



GARDINER, Lexia Merle


575 558


m to HICKS, Gladys

GARDINER, Jennifer Jane









GODDING, Lindsay Clare



m to DA VIES, Richard Rhys GODFREY, Rose Alma




122 122

George Martin Jefferd James Jefferd Nicholas John m to JEFFERD, Patricia Anne

m to SEWELL, Bernard Malcolm

GARDENER, Rachel Elizabeth


GARDENER, Robyn Marianne


576 574

GLEESON, Mary Frances

(Peggy) m to WILLIAMS, Garthowen

m to REID, John Anthony

GARDINER, Samantha Jane


GARDINER, Sydney Reade


575 576



m to BAKER, Christine Helen

m to DA VIES, George Henry



GOOCH, Amelia Catherine GOOCH, John

** !):* ****


m to WILLIAMS, Dinah Gordon GOOCH, Johsua Samuel


GOOCH, Michael John


m to PITCEATHLY, Amanda Stuart GOOCH, Rebecca Sarah GOOD, Jane Elizabeth


m to CAMERON, Penny Jo-Anne

GARDNER, Susan Mary m to WILLIAMS, Peter Wallis

GARNER, Beverley m to CAMPBELL, Graeme Haldane

GARRETT, James William GARSETT, Rachael Erin GARRETT, William Edward John


04.11.1992 25.03.1963

89 89 89





m to WILLIAMS, Alfred Owen

GATTI, Alice

m to LUDBROOK, Michael Geoffrey ^sfi Sf-ie •if^^-ie GEARY, Dave m to WILLIAMS, Nicola Mina 09.04.1944 GIBB, Helen Mary







GORDON, Grace Margaret


GORDON, lan McKay


304 285




304 285

GORDON, David John GORDON, Gonda



m to A VERY, Jonathan

m to MANTHEL, Jane Marguerite

m to WILLIAMS, Susan Temple

GORDON, James McKay

GIBSON, Margot Lucy Marianne




284 127

GIBSON, Nicholas John Llewellen

GEESEN, Adele Jean


m to WILLIAMS, Jennifer Lillian

m to LUDBROOK, Guy Lawrence

GIBSON, John Llewellyn


m to BANNISTER, Dorothy Margot GOODWIN, Annette Beatrice


m to DEANS, Michael Robin

m to WILLIAMS, Simon Henry

GIBBS, Diana Margaret

123 550 103 103 103

312 367


122 122

GOODIN, Ellen Jessie GOODEN, Kristopher Martin GOODIN, Steven Jeffrey




m to MACLEAN, Mark Haydon

m to OVERBYE, Alison Frances



m to WILLIAMS, Felicity

m to PIKE, Diana

GARDENER, Thomas Falkland

127 127


274 274

m to HILL, Robert Francis

GARDENER, John Alien



m to DA VIES, Michael de la Cour

GARDENER, Jocelyn Mary


m to MURRAY, Sandra

m to HAMMOND, Mark James



m to CADWALLADER, lan Clyde


m to (l)MARSH, Spencer Wallace

GIESEN, Adele Jean



m to (2)ROWE, Martin Andrew GIESEN, Andrew John Charles



m to CORBETT, Jennifer Mary

GORDON, Michael Charles GORDON, Peter McKay

m to WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Keiller (Betty)

GORDON, Richard GORDON, Simon GORDON, Susan Elizabeth

GIESEN, Daniel John Andrew


GIESEN, Hamish John Blyth GUESEN, John Hugh



02.08.1990 09.12.1986 14.10,1960

285 285 285

m to JENKINS, Todd Preston

GOULD, Dorothy Sylvia

m to MORRIS, Adrianne Mary Helena1


128 128 127

m to WILLIAMS, Algar Temple GOURLAY, Alison Margaret

*!f! ** !|!!|!!|!!|!






m to SMITH, Alastair

GOURLAY, Angus Kenneth

m to PARKER, Suzanne Jean

GIESEN, Lisa Marie


GIESEN, Margaret Henrietta


m to LUDBROOK, Cecil Edward Blomfield

127 372



GOURLAY, Arabella Alison GOURLAY, Dugald GOURLAY, Hamish John Stewart

07.06.1990 19.05.1996

534 534

GRAY, Charles Leonard Alan 28.07.1912 489 m to (l)BmBY, Phyllis Mary



GRAY, Charles Leonard Alan 28.07.1912 491 m to (2)TARRY, Phillis Marjorie GRAY, Charles Roderick


534 534 533

(Rory) 20.10.1924 510 GRAY, Cherdon 29.12.1979 500 GRAY, Colin Falkland 09.11.1914 491

GOURLAY, Harrison Robert John

GOURLAY, James Daniel GOURLAY, James Stewart

1)!* ** ****


m to DINNIE, Betty Lois GRAY, Dianna Frances 10.02.1952 498 m to STEVENSON, Fredrick GRAY, Donald Camplin 24.07.1886 496

m to MACLEOD, Sara Helen

GOURLAY, John Charles Stewart m to STEVENS, Gillian Louise







GOURLAY, John Francis Stewart m to BLYTH, Gillian Jean

GOURLAY, Neil Harrison

m to HAY, Frances Ethel

GRAY, Dorothy Eva 17.01.1905 489 GRAY, Douglas Wanklyn 03.11.1896 509 m to HALL, Emma Millicent

GRAY, Edith ffilda 08.04.1907 489

m to CARVER, Mary Elisabeth


** ** ****


m to DUCKWORTH, Andra Julia Mary 31.05.1953 GRAHAM, Alistair Menzies


GRAY, Edith Lucy 18.03.1893 505 m to ORMEROD, Olin Barton GRAY, Fabian Douglas Hall (Tim) 08.03.1931 511

de facto PUTT, Margaret Ann (Peg)

GRAHAM, Lesley May



m to NEWMAN, Eve Rosanne

GRAY, Felicity Elizabeth 15. H. 1947 492

m to WILLIAMS, Keith Colgate 16.02.1960


m to (l)HILL, Richard GRAY, Felicity Elizabeth 15.11.1947 492

GRAHAM, Susan Fay



m to AVERILL, Timothy Rochford GRAY, Agnes Mary



m to (2)BACHALI, Colin GRAY, Godfrey Brett 21.09.1914 497 m to HEGARTY, Sheila Monica

m to SMYTHE, Brian J GRAY, Agnes Sara



m to BLUNT, Hugh Roper GRAY, Alexander


GRAY, Amy Margaret


GRAY, Amy Mary


501 509 480

m to WATSON, Robert Wallis GRAY, Ann Julia





GRAHAM, Lilias m to BELL, Johnathan Dillon

GRAY, Helen Lee 01.09.1965 505 GRAY, Ivan Donald 14.02.1923 500 m to FLAHAULT, Madeleine Anne GRAY, Jacqueline Sheila Michelle 07.05.1959 502 m to HINCHLIFFE, Neil GRAY, James Errol 10.02.1917 499 m to YELLOWLEES, Ruth Grace GRAY, Jane Elizabeth 25.04.1953 501

m to NEWMAN, Trevor

GRAY, Anne Cecile

m to ALLEN, John Francis

GRAY, Jennifer Mary Ann 10.09.1963 511

m to (l)DUFP, Barry GRAY, Anne Cecile



m to (2)RODRIGUES, Maurie GRAY, Anthony Charles



m to (l)RATHBONE, Prudence Anne 23.07.1948 GRAY, Anthony Charles


m to (2)MABEY, Gail Ann McLaren 26.04.1965 GRAY, Anthony Malcolm **.**.1958 GRAY, Audrey Louise 14.11.1933 GRAY, Audrey Louise m to HOLDSWORTH, John Chambers

512 499 504

GRAY, Barbara Judith



m to SALISBURY, John Gordon GRAY, Barbara Monica m to HAMILTON, John Charles



m to GREEN, David GRAY, Jonathan Charles 12.01.1974 491 GRAY, Juliet Helen **.**. 1954 500 GRAY, Kenneth Neil 09.11.1914 492 GRAY, Kerry Anne 19.12.1956 499 m to (l)WILLIAMS, Brian GRAY, Kerry Anne 19.12.1956 499 m to (2)LAURENT, Wayne GRAY, Kirsten Anna 13,08.1977 497 GRAY, Kirsty Marianne 22.09.1978 491 GRAY, Lesley Margaret 22.01.1918 493 m to CAMPBELL, John Haldane (Jock) GRAY, Liam David 09.06.1996 502 GRAY, Maisie Dunbar 06.12.1897 346

GRAY, Belinda Elizabeth GRAY, Benjamin C


GRAY, Beveriey Jane


GRAY, Camplin William


491 497 494 497



m to (2)WALLACE, Graeme GRAY, Mary **.09.1938 489



GRAY, Mary Damaris Bryony 03.09.1927 510 m to HOLLINRAKE, Harold Acheson (Bud)


m to COMPTON, Karen

GRAY, Charles

m to HADFIELD, Gordon Horatio

GRAY, Margaret Gillian 31.08.1946 491 m to (l)MARTELL, Philip GRAY, Margaret Gillian 31.08.1946 492

m to WILLIAMS, Emily Jane m to BIRD, Ruth Esther


', Maxwell Camplin





GREEK, Madelaine 23.05.1998 GREEK, Peter *^**^*»*

m to (l)SEAMARK, Winifred

GRAY, Maxwell Camplin

m to LUDBROOK, Joanna Jane Sayers

GREFFE^, Fleur Trinity GMFFIN, Matthew Robert GRIFFIN, Rachel Clare GMFFIN, Richard Geoffrey (Rick)

m to (2)REED, Christine Stewart

GRAY, Michael Colin GRAY, Mikala


GRAY, Norman William


GRAY, Olive Sheila


492 501 505 495







GRIFFITHS, Bridget Jane 541


GRAY, Peter David Kenneth


18,03.1966 622 18.03.1966 622

m to LITTIN, Jeffrey Donald

GRIFFITHS, Richard Paul

m to CURRIE, Robert George Manson (Robin)

GRAY, Patrick Timothy

30.07.1949 590

m to ROBERTSON, John Barry

m to (2)SHERRIPF, Francis Patrick (Paddy)

GRAY, Patricia Isabel

16.11.1977 590 16.10.1980 590 29.05.1979 590

m to WILLIAMS, Sarah Standish

m to (l)TOMBLESON, Michael JohnI

GRAY, Olive Sheila

383 383

492 492

21.09.1968 623

m to LAMBERT, Laura

GRIFFITHS, William Hugh

17.10.1940 622

m to DAVENPORT, Moya Tiare GRAY, Robert Charles



m to (l)WHITE, Anne GRAY, Robert Charles



m to (2)LYONS, Kim GRAY, Robert Leonard



m to SOWMAN, Lindsay John GRIGG, Ella Victoria 21.02.1995 305

GRAY, Robert Mowbray


GRAY, Robyn


495 490

GMGG, Harry M:atthew 29.10.1996 306 GRIGG, Humphrey Gilbert 06.05.1932 304

m to KELLY, Joan Margaret

15.03.1961 304 GMGG, Belinda Margaret m to STENFERT KROESE, Johannes Arie (Joost) GRIGG, Breanna Chloe 28.11.1987 305 GRIGG, Celia Phyllis 22.10.1962 305

m to LANGFORD, Margaret

m to WILLIAMS, Felicity Marian GRIGG, Laura Constance Mary 04.10.1997 490 GRIGG, Millicent Susan 06.02.1996 490

m to PLOWMAN, Michael Vernon

GRAY, Samuel


GRAY, Scan Michael


GRAY, Susan Mary


497 505 490



GMGG, Peter Gilbert Kenneth 28.05.1965 305

m to PASSMORE, Robert Gordon

GRAY, Sydney Thomas

m to O'CONNOR, Elizabeth Jane

GMGG, Rosamond Mary 06.08.1957 222

m to LANE, Doris Audrey

GRAY, Tania Maree GRAY, Tiare Ka'uilani Davenport

GRAY, Timothy Donald




492 499


m to DODGSHUN, Michael Gordon GMGG, Simon Christopher 14.11.1964 490 m to PASSMORE, Jillian Mary

GRIMMOND, Annabella Josephine O'Hagan 30.09.1997 120 GRIMMOND, Barry Betham 24,05.1931 119

m to LOCK, Cherece Norice

GRAY, Todd Errol


GRAY, Zane


GREEN, Caroline Eila GREEN, Danielle


Kiri-Hana Daisy


GREEN, David

501 500 268

m to WILLIAMS, Nicola Mary

GRIMMOND, Che Isaac Delahunty 29.12.1997 119


512 511

GRIMMOND, Christine

267 512 267


Susan Betham 16.02.1959 119 and SOUCH, Catherine Jane

m to GRAY, Jennifer Mary Ann

GREEN, Edward James Patrick


GREEN, Holly Rosanne GREEN, Michael James Bay m to ELLIOTT, Ann Eila GREENE, Antony Wilson Clayton

02.02.1988 04.06.1943

Michael Betham 27.08.1961 119 m to DELAHUNTY, Adrienne Jane

GRIMMOND, Julian Thomas Betham 26.11.1967 120 se^e ** !|;*!it*




m to PICOT, Alison Mary


m to HUTTON, Anthony Maurice

GROSSE, Frederick 22.05.1936 215

m to LUDBROOK, Ronald Henry


and O'HAGAN, Frith Liza GROOME, Carol Elizabeth ******** 325



m to SINCLAIR, Victoria Ray GROTMAN, Deryn Elizabeth 11.01.1936 358



m to MARSHALL, Alan Roger GROVER, Pamela Jean 30,09.1945 513



m to ANDREWS, John Robert Haydon GUNSON, Muriel Beryl 15.09.1930 338


621 621

m to NELSON, Derek Anthony

GREENSLADE, Mavis m to HADFIELD, Selwyn Tancred

GREENWOOD, Paul Desmond m to WILLIAMS, Caroline Anne

GREENWOOD, Phillipa Rita GREENWOOD, Scott Timothy



m to KEMP, Colin William

GURDIT-SINGH, Chandra Maria




518 518 518

HADFIELD, Gray Edward HADFIELD, Gwendolyn

m to McLEOD, Warren Morrell
















01.03.1978 10.10.1938

360 348 354



HADFIELD, Octavius


HADNELD, Rebecca Jane


HADFIELD, Richard Henry


HADFIELD, Samuel Mark HADFIELD, Selwyn Tancred


357 348 348 348 354

;mpler m to (l)HARPER, Rosamond Mary Templer 31.01.1907 HADFBELD, Selwyn Tancred


m to (2)GREENSLADE, Mavis HAGEDORN, Caroline Rosemary



HAGGENMACHER, Carl Martin 16.05.1954 ifl0.09.l948 HAGGENMACHER, Thomas Uriichl0.09.l948 26.08.1898 HAGGENMACHER, Ulrich

133 133 133

Margaret m to PEATE, Clement Cecil

HADFEELD, Henry Barry Gray m to HOWELL, Nina Millicent

m to MACLEAN, Wendy

GYDE, Michelle Anne



HADFBELD, Henry Samuel m to TUCKEY, Elizabeth Rhodes

m to BISHOP, John Brenchley

GYENGE, Emma Jan GYENGE, George John

03.08.1989 06.10.1957

HADFIELD, Hilda Mary

126 126

m to HAWKES, Charles Adderley

HADFIELD, Julie Lee HADFDELD, Mary Ann Elizabeth HADFIELD, Melissa Maisie HADFIELD, Michael Strachey

m to PARKER, Jan Mary

GYENGE, Simon George


HADFIELD, Alan Henry


126 346

HADFIELD, Alexander

Charles (Aleck)



m to SILVER, Patricia Rose

m to FULFORD, Marion Francis

HADFIELD, Octavius

HADFIELD, Alexander Charles Fulford



m to WILUAMS, Catherine (Kate)

m to ALTMAYER, Ann Elizabeth

HADFBELD, Alice Mary Caroline (IVIoIly)



m to SWITEK, Evek

HADNELD, Amelia Ann Elizabeth (Amy) HADFIELD, Amelia Caroline HADNELD, Amelia Jean HADFIELD, Annie


09.08.1869 23.08.1989 07.06.1858

360 364 349 357

HADFIELD, Anthony Barry



m to BRIGHT, Belinda Mary HADFIELD, Barbara Elizabeth




348 359

m to BERSCH, Elizabeth Luise

m to MACMORRAN, George Hamish 10.10.1862


HALE, Richard




HALL, Alma



HALL, Emma Millicent

Charles Raymond




31.05.1949 24.01.1911 27.06.1981 05.08.1909

348 363 360

HALSE, Loeta









499 499 498

m to DAVIES, James Pearson (Jim)





m to WOOD, Ada Mary Louise 08.12.1903

HADFIELD, George Joseph


HADFIELD, Georgina



360 364 357 359

05.08.1992 10.10.1950

HAMD.TON, Katherine Lee


HAMILTON, Lorna Mary HAMILTON, Nichola Clare


HAMILTON, Sarah Louise


HAMILTON, Timothy John HAMLING, Guy Coulton




498 499 498 498 498 616

m to CAVE, Annabel Jane

m to ALLOWAY, Arthur 14,03.1899


m to GRAY, Maisie Dunbar

HADFIELD, Grant Gordon


m to GRAY, Barbara Monica

HADFIELD, Ernestine Miriam HADFIELD, Francis Carleton

HADFIELD, Gordon Horatio


m to CACCIA-BIRCH, Julian Mario

m to SMYTH, Alice Mary

HADFIELD, Ernest Frederick


m to GRAY, Douglas Wanklyn

m to ZOHRAB, John Fortescue

HADFIELD, Elisabeth Andrea HADFIELD, Elizabeth Aime HADFIELD, Elizabeth Rose HADFIELD, Ellis


m to KEMP, Frank James

m to SUTCLIFF, Paul Richard

HADFffiLD, Dorothy


m to SALMOND, Nicola Susan

m to HEWITT, Mary Ellen

HADFIELD, Dawn Gay (Sue)


m to FAULKNER, Rodney George 10.10.1903

m to COOPER, Edward Cecil

HADFIELD, David Carieton


m to TYLEE, Michael Palmer

HAINES, Sarah Christina

m to DOVE, Julian Llewellyn

HADFEELD, Catherine Isabel (Kit)


m to NELSON, William Palmer

m to MARSHALL, John Willoughby

HADFIELD, Cameron William HADNELD, Catherine



HAMMOND, Charlotte Sarah


HAMMOND, Mark James



m to SEWELL, Alison Mary


m to GARDINER, Jennifer Jane

575 575

HAMMOND, Matthew Lynn 26.11.1940 332

HARPER, Robert Mitchell

m to NEWLAND, Heather Angela HAMMOND, Nicholas John 25.08.1986 575 HAMMOND, Olivia Jane 28.09.1988 575

HARPER, Rosamond Mary

HAMMOND, Prudence Jane 08.02.1955 347

HARPER, Timothy Tane (Timm)












*!|! ** ***S|!


m to HADFIELD, Selwyn Tancred

m to TOMBLESON, Natalie Claire

m to MACMORRAN, Duncan Brown

HARRIS, Andrea

HANKINS, Janet 20.11.1966 361 m to HARDIE BOYS, Michael John HANNA, Athole Brian 06.04.1961 377

m to STEVENSON, Matthew

HARMS, Gertrude Melba Elizabeth

m to JONES, Andrea Mae HANNA, Douglas Ludbrook 21.03.1959 377

m to DAVIES, John Douglas Geoffrey

HARRIS, Joyce Mary

m to HART, Janet Lilian

HANNA, Hilary Mac 12.03.1990 377 HANNA, Jeremy Douglas 21.03.1991 377 HANNA, Kimbal Snelling 19.05.1934 377

m to WILLIAMS, Philip Leslie Bruce HARRIS, Marelynne Joyce 14.06.1922


m to KEMP, Bruce Francis

HARRIS, Phoebe Ashford 02.02.1963

m to LUDBROOK, Mary Jane

HANNA, Mark James 11.06.1989 377 HANNA, Patrick Michael 13.12.1993 377


m to DEANS, Tames Michael

HARRIS, Rosalind Aime 26.01.1914 m to WILLIAMS, Derrick Lovell HARMSON, Anja Jehanne 03.09.1986 HARRISON, Annabel Tsering 15.06.1981 HARMSON, Celia Lobsang 25.06.1986 HARRISON, Jeremy Clear 13.08.1953

HANNA, Richard Andrew 09.06.1992 377 HANNA, Rodney Jack 06.11.1964 378 m to COTTER, Justine Mary HANNEN, Lynley 27.08.1964 387 m to COVENTRY, William Michael HANNON, Janet Lynne 08.08.1968 117 m to WILLIAMS, Harold Michael HANSEN, Bridget Heidi 05.03.1993 231 HANSEN, Clare 12.04.1991 231 HANSEN, Eva Dawn 28.10.1921 210

312 96 96 96 96

m to (l)POIRET, Martine HARRISON, Jeremy Clear 13.08.1953


de facto (2)WATKINS, Margaret Ann HARRISON, Jessica Dolma 07.03. 1983 HARMSON, John Clear 20.06.1925

96 96

m to WILLIAMS, Juliet Carleton

m to JEFFERD, Harris Busby HANSEN, Hilary 30.05.1989 231 HANSEN, Warwick Harry 18.02.1958 231

HARRISON, Simon Clear 16.02.1956


m to FRASER, Catrin Jane Elizabeth (Kate)

HARRISON, Xanthe Rose

m to AVERY, Juliet Elizabeth HANSON, Kerrin 21.07.1965 387 m to COVENTRY, Tom James HARBORNE, Maureen **.**.**** 323

m to BUTTON, Keith

HARDIE BOYS, Amelia Patricia 15.02.1996 361 HARDIE BOYS, Charlotte 08.04.1998 361 HARDIE BOYS, Deryn Mary 17.12.1957 360 HARDffi BOYS, Isaac John 19.01.1998 361


96 86

** ** ***!!! HARROP, Pamela m to PILKINGTON, Adrian Hugh HARRE, Miro 26.08.1968


and PARKER, Tanya Sally HARRE, Urma Ra Awatea 30.07.1 996 HARRE, Wiremu 20.07.1998 HART, Janet Lilian 16.03.1957

128 128 377

m to HANNA, Douglas Ludbrook

HARVEY WILLIAMS, Anna Mary 06.02.1989 HARVEY WILLIAMS, Anne 31.07.1965

HARDEE BOYS, Max Hadfield 19.04.1995 361 HARDDE BOYS, Michael 06.10.1931 360

579 580

m to HOGG, Lloyd


m to ZOHRAB, Edith Mary HARDffi BOYS, Michael John 07,04.1959 361

Barbara Louise 19.04.1932


m to DAY, Jeremy John

m to HANKINS, Janet



Frederick Amadeus 16.07.1991

Hadfield 16.11.1963 361



m to MacLEOD, Kirsty

HARDIE BOYS, Rachel Maryann 09.10.1961 361

Thurstan 02.10.1930

m to WATTERS, Jonathan William Fitzgerald HARDIE, Margot Constance 13.11.1932 367

m to TANNER, Penelope Anne


HARVEY WILLIAMS, Richard Stuart 17.04.1905

m to LUDBROOK, John HARDING, Wendy Lisa 06.03 .1968 223


m to CHEER, Elsie Maie

m to DODGSHUN, Kim Hamish HARLEY, Caroline May 08.01.1951 144 m to WILLIAMS, Anthony Owen (Tony) HARLEY, Jeannette Constance Kerr 20.04.1923 139

HARVEY WILLIAMS, Samuel Frederick

20.08.1900 577

m to COOK, Dorothy Helen


m to MACKAY, Colin Keith HARPER, Benjamin William 12.08.1994 486


Philip 22.07.1957 m to SAMUEL, Angela Mary


HARVEY, Lucy Caroline Simpson

HAWKES, Russell Clive




HAWKES, Steven Ross HAWKES, Wayne Charles

10.04.1963 28.10.1961

** ** sHlll^^


HAWIONS, Felicity Anne

s»* ** ****


HAY, Abigail Mary

m to WILLIAMS, Alfred Henry


m to FRASER, Deborah (Debbie) HARVEY-WELLIAMS, Caren Mac 12.09.1971 12.09.1971

m to MACLEAN, Peter Alloway




m to PICOT, Richard Leonard

HARVEY-WILLIAMS, Malcolm Richard


353 353 353 520

HAY, Frances Ethel

31.05.1981 17.04.1884

230 496

m to GRAY, Donald Camplin HAY, Johanna Elizabeth


230 229

HAY, Kenneth David m to COTCHING, Helen Edith HAY, Richard Charles


m to ASHFORD, Eva Anne

11.10.1940 01.05.1983

230 230 490 490

HARVEY-WBLLIAMS, Paul Richard HARVISON, Grant Robert


HARVISON, Jane Louise


582 161 160

HARVISON, Linda Christine



m to DARWIN, Bruce William HARVISON, Robert Ernest



ie m to WILLIAMS, Leslie Elizabeth Esme 26.12.1960 HARVISON, Suzanne Ruth

HAZLETT, Jacquetta Annabel



HEAP, Andrew (Andy)

** in* **>>:*


HEATH, Helen Whithell





m to LUDBROOK, Edward Reginald 15.05.1980 HEDGE, Anna Louise 15.03.1950 HEDGE, Brian James

284 283



HEDGE, Nicola Mary

06.11.1982 23.03.1977


HEDGE, Rachel Georgina HEER, Christine Barbara


m to REDDING, Keith James

HAY, Sarah Caroline HAYCOCK, Eloise Susan


HAYCOCK, Phillip


m to PASSMORE, Helen Jane HAZLETT, Alexandra Kate HAZLETT, Angus Charles Luke




HASLETT, Anthony Selwyn Ludbrook (Tony) HASLETT, David Murray


HASLETT, Lauren Margaret


HASLETT, Murray Selwyn


375 373

HEER, Christoph Heinrich


HEER, Heinrich Herrmann


135 134

374 374

HEER, Heinrich Johannes m to (l)PIRINEN, Anja Katri HEER, Heinrich Johannes






134 135

m to BERSCH, Barbara Margaret

m to LUDBROOK, Beatrice Margaret

HASLETT, Samuel Anthony


HASLETT, Sarah Jane


m to THOMSON, Geoffrey lan HASSALL, Henare Jane

m to (2)KuFFER, Susanna 25.05.1934 02.05.1956


HEER, Heinrich Olavi



HEER, Katrin HEER, Mathias Fridolin

549 550 351

HEER, Peter Christian

m to KLEE, Susan Alison


HAVER, Benjamin Victor Peter

HAVER, Timothy James HAWKES, Charles Adderley

24.01.1981 03.12.1982 29.03.1892

HAWKES, Gordon HAWKES, Grant Douglas

HAWKES, Jocelyn Adderley








HEGARTY, Sheila Monica HELMORE, Victoria Frances m to WILLIAMS, Mark Antony



353 352



493 493


HEMINGWAY, Lance Campbell HEMINGWAY, Warren David HENDERSON, Hannah

m to GRAY, Godfrey Brett

14.08.1986 03.08.1934


m to CAMPBELL, Diane Margaret 03.08.1934

m to (2)RAINE, Glyn Bulmer HAWKES, Kate Maree


HAWICES, Lilian Margaret


353 189

m to DAVIES, Christopher ap Rhys HAWKES, Martyn Yerrow



m to CAMPBELL, Yvonne Mary

134 135


353 351 353

m to (l)WATSON, Edward Jacques

HAWKES, Jocelyn Adderley


m to WARREN, Thomas Nation

m to BERRY, Jenifer Jane

HAWKES, Jessica Jane


m to RUEDI, Ursula


m to HADFIELD, Hilda Mary

HAWKES, Gary Martyn


284 283 135

m to VAN MERKESTEYN, Johannes Philippus Roeland

m to TURNER, John Douglas

Shearburn m to WILLIAMS, Warwick Rodney HAVER, Anthony Henry Peter

129 272

m to WILLIAMS, Rosemary Anne

m to HOLLAND, Susan Margaret

HASLETT, Diana Beatrice

129 129 128

m to MARX, Annabelle Mary 20.07.1986

m to HONEYBONE, Sally Ann Ludbrook


m to PARKER, Victoria Susan

m to FAULKNER, Peter James

HASLETT, Amanda Jane


Eleanor Evelyn m to REED, Thomas Walton



494 494




HEO, Jeong-Hee

fflLSON, Rebecca Anne


Middelberg fflLSON, Richard

m to DA VIES, Phillip Geoffrey

HERRICK, David Edward HERRICK, Dennis Anthony



100 100

Patrick Nelson

m to (2)BEALE, Barbara Lillian HERRICK, Dennis Trevelyan m to BIRCH, Mary Rowena (Molly) HERRICK, Gabrielle Frances HERMCK, Jasper Lucas


fflLSON, Robin John Douglas




fflNCHLIFFE, Charles Louis fflNCHLIFFE, Max Donald fflNCHLIFFE, Neil

01.01.1969 10.10.1910

100 81

!)!* SfSf **1|;*


fflSCOCK, Keith Russell


100 307

HOARE, Anne Temple Githa



HOARE, Charles Mark


HOARE, Clare Githa


HOARE, Diana Charlotte m to TAUNTON, William


271 271 271





271 269





10.01.1986 16.08.1952

200 200


HEWITT, James Donald

15.12.1965 27.10.1940


HOARE, Merrick Colt Temple HOARE, Paul Reginald

^Ht #!|! ***1|!


HOARE, Reginald Arthur



HOARE, Reginald Merrick

m to PETERSEN, Susan Jean


m to LOWRY, Edward Patrick

m to WILLIAMS, Elva Mildred (Una)

m to HADFIELD, David Carleton

m to BUCKLAND, Barbara Jean

m to NEWLAND, David Bruce

HODGSON, Miriam Frances 31.10.1952




m to LUDBROOK, Robert Henry


m to BUSBY, William Stavers

Alexander Simon

HODSON, Richard John

m to GARDINER, George Falkland

fflCKS, Lynda Carmen



m to POORE, Marion Rosalind



m to SALMOND, Nicola Susan

fflGGINS, Edward Victor


124 124 577 267 576 576

*>1< ** ****






fflGGINS, Zoe


HELL, Andrew Francis HILL, Anna Elizabeth HILL, Anna Michelle HILL, Catherine Ann




HOGG, Lloyd


200 580



17.12.1991 13.05.1997




HOLDAWAY, Allan m to WOOD, Sarah Ann Louise

HOLDEN, Andrew William

m to COTTERILL, Caroline Mary 21.09.1970 HOLDEN, Anthony Bruce 22.08.1975 HOLDEN, Christopher Peter 24.11.1931 HOLDEN, Diana Margaret m to WILLIAMS, John Morris (Moss)) 18.02.1945 HOLDEN, Edward Bruce

and BROWN, James Seymour

HULL, Irene m to BUCHANAN, Eric Kemp HILL, James Charles


HODSON, Rosemary Elizabeth Marion

HODSON, Roger John

m to DA VIES, John Godfrey

fflGGFNTS, Don

HILL, Matthew Charles HILL, Penelope Christine


fflLL, Richard

** !|!* Si;***




HILL, Sarah Anne Te Ahumai


fflLL, Stephen

!|S* ** ****

267 577 492

HOLDEN, George Richard HOLDEN, Huia Maria


HOLDEN, Jack Sidney Duncan HOLDEN, Jane Barker




166 166 166



26.07.1978 16.06.1960

307 109 563 300

m to WILLIAMS, Jeremy Kenneth 21.02.1944

107 294

m to WILLIAMS, Peter William Gerard HOLDEN, Roger Thomas 17.04.1939


m to BAKER, Elizabeth Ann HOLDEN, Ronald Ben 15.07.1972 HOLDEN, Warren Lyall 30.07.1946

108 563

HOLDEN, John Digby HOLDEN, Mary Louise Phyllis

itine m to SEYMOUR, Roberta Huia Christine

fflLSON, Alastair fflLSON, Jane Jollie

108 107 302

m to WILLIAMS, Erica

m to REED, Caroline Sarah

m to GRAY, Felicity Elizabeth HILL, Robert Francis m to GARDINER, Jocelyn Mary fflLL, Samuel Te Wiremu



HEWITT, Hamish William

fflCKS, GIadys

502 502 502

m to TWEEDIE, Vere Justin

536 537 536

fflCKEY, Marguerite Elizabeth

18.07.1993 02.11.1995

502 140


fflCKEY, Janet


m to MACKAY, Susan Jane

m to COOK, Richard Paul

HEWITT, Mary Ellen



HEWnT, Anna Charlotte

HEWITT, Jane Mary


m to GRAY, Jacqueline Sheila Michellee fflNCHLIFFE, Oscar George 20.06.1991

m to DA VIES, Stephen Godfrey



m to NELSON, Anne Caroline

m to WILLIAMS, Letty Martya



m to MroDELBERG, Karen Elizabeth

m to (l)USSHER, Robin Frances

HERRICK, Dennis Anthony


637 637


m to BURBURY, Kathleen Mary (Kate)

m to TUCKER, Timothy Peter


HOLDERNESS, Patricia Mary 30.04.1914 m to WILLIAMS, Brian Leslie HOLDSWORTH, Bernard John 21.06.1971

HOLDSWORTH, Cynthia Amy 10.11.1959 m to JURIE, Gerald Michael HOLDSWORTH, Deborah Jean 23.09.1955 HOLDSWORTH, John Chambers 04.08. 1929


HOWLETT, Elizabeth

505 504

HOWLETT, Nigel John

Susan Bishop m to BISHOP, Catherine Elizabeth

HUDSON, Paul William 504 504

HULME, Lilyan Linda


HUME, Doris


HUME, Elizabeth Anne

HOLLAND, Susan Margaret 06.01.1966 m to HASLETT, David Murray Ludbrook HOLLINRAKE, Douglas Harold 13.03.1971

504 219 219

HUMPHREY, Cushla Bianca HUMPHREY, Daisy Jane HUMPHREY, Russell Neil

219 374

HUNT, Andrew James

HOLMWOOD, Peter Charles 21.12.1970 HOLMWOOD, Richard 04.06.1936 m to WILLIAMS, Felicity HONEYBONE, Sally Ann 25.08.1959

HUNT, Bronwyn Margaret m to DODGSHUN, Paul Sydney HUNT, Geoffrey Douglas HUNT, Gordon Mathew

511 510

HUNT, Gordon Sidney HUNT, John Hamilton

HUNT, Luana Angela BUNT, Stephanie Louise


HUNTER, Mary 334 116

Williams 31.03.1995

116 116 115

HURLEY, Jackson Kevin HURLEY, Marc Angus HURLEY, Nicole Sara HURLEY, Peter James


m to LAND, Roger Gordon Robert

HOPE-LEWIS, Eileen 16.10.1884

27.04.1969 633 08.03.1972 394 05.12.1997 632 26.07.1948 206 21.08.1992 376 10.03.1997 376 05.02.1995 376 26.07.1990 376 31.07.1958 376

m to FINLAYSON, Cynthia Joy 11.12.1962 290 HURLEY, Therese Maureen m to CACCIA-BIRCH, Anthony Michael (Tony) HUTCHESON, Richard **.**.**** 432

m to WILLIAMS, Penelope Ann

HOOLEY, Elizabeth 08.12.1958

24.03.1975 394 16.11.1934 632

m to CANNING, Davis Charles

HURLEY, Alix Laura

HOOGERBRUG, Kate Williams 21.05.1992 HOOGERBRUG, Nicholas

HOOGERBRUG, Peter 10.05.1957

27.04.1967 632 17.05.1950 393

m to NELSON, Jennifer Helen

HUNT, Julie Elizabeth

m to NEWLAND, Alan John

HOOGERBRUG, Olivia Williams 21.05.1992

02.08.1955 221

m to BURDETT, Margaret

510 511 274 274

m to HASLETT, Anthony Selwyn Ludbrook (Tony)

HONEYFIELD, Sally 13.11.1950

01.05.1965 632

m to DARVAS, Katherine Ann

m to GRAY, Mary Damaris Bryony

HOLLINRAKE, Kathryn Ann 05.06.1964 HOLLINRAKE, Marisa Jane 20.11.1965

02.09.1986 614 10.08.1995 614 10.10.1959 614

m to DEANS, Fiona Jane Russell

HOLLINRAKE, Harold Acheson(Bud) 15.06.1929

20.01.1955 137

m to SUNDERLAND, Richard John

m to DODGSHUN, Susan Mary

HOLLAND, Olivia Amy 16.04.1988

** ** !|!*** ^-JQ

m to WILLIAMS, Edward Desmond

m to SMITH, Spencer Cannon

HOLDSWORTH, William Bernard 25.06.1957 HOLLAND, Abby Victoria 07.05.1990 HOLLAND, Keith John 31.03.1957

07.03.1964 282

m to PATCHETT, Philip Edward

HOLDSWORTH, Sarah Louise (Sally) 28.11.1961

** ** **!i;* 335

m to MAY, Donna Bronwen

m to GRAY, Audrey Louise

HOLDSWORTH, Rachel Margaret 06.06.1969

30.01.1997 552 11.01.1962 552


m to PUTT, Margaret Ann (Peg)

HUTCfflNSON, Lisa Tulei

m to WILLIAMS, Guy Coldham HOPWOOD, Kerin Wallace 21.10.1943


m to ZOHRAB, William John HORN, James Poppleton 06.02.1977 HORN, Katie Natasha 07.11.1979 HORN, Sarah Eugenie 22.09.1973 HORN, Stewart Poppleton 10.01. 1948

479 479 479 479

Paoli 23.09.1989 282 HUTCfflNSON, Michelle Hazel 08.06.1987 282 HUTCfflNSON, Toa Sanele 11.04.1960 282 m to PATCHETT, Jennifer BUTTON, Alexander Maurice 30.01.1995 325 HUTTON, AIexia Lynnette 08.05.1949 324

HORSFALL, Jane Vivienne 14.11.1968


m to BRESSOLLES, Michel Paul Marie HUTTON, AIison Eileen 10.01.1950 327

m to OVERBYE, Hugh William HOULDING, Anthony Peter 26.08.1978 HOULDING, Peter Karl 23.05 . 1947

310 310

HUTTON, Angus Evan 17.11.1974 327 HUTTON, Anna Maria 17.07.1852 318


m to BRANCH, Henry (Harry) BUTTON, Anthony Maurice 07.04.1953 325

Isabella (Kathy) 17.06.1952


m to (l)GROOME, Carol Elizabeth HUTTON, Anthony Maurice 07.04.1953 325

m to WOODS, Christopher Samuel HOWELL, Nina Millicent 22.07.1928


m to (2)WILLIAMS, Loretta BUTTON, Bruce 06.10.1951 327

m to HADFIELD, Henry Barry Gray HOWIE, Inez Rose 23.05.1900


m to WILLIAMS, Gay Constance

m to BEATTIE, Andrew James

m to WILLIAMS, Barbara Mary

HOULDING, Philip John 12.08.1979 HOWARD, Katherine

m to MACLEAN, Leonard Herbert Lionel

m to (l)LAWSON, Ruth Elizabeth





INNES-JONES, Evan Duncan 28.04.1950

m to (2)ASHTON, Seona Winifred

HUTTON, Daryl Eru HUTTON, Dawn Marie


m to BOARD, Jennifer Susan

324 326 326 323

IRVINE, Rachael Marjorie 15.11.1970 m to PETERSEN, Michael Carl


329 327

mWIN, Jeremy Jon 31.08.1937 395 m to LUDBROOK, Diana Elizabeth IRWIN, Mark Wilton Rex 26.04.1965 396



mWIN, Wendy Diana 13.04.1963 395 m to THOMAS, Hamish Hugh Stewart




m to (2)WHITE, Derek HUTTON, George Thomas Frederick



m to (l)BARTON, Catherine Came BUTTON, George Thomas Frederick






318 327 325

BUTTON, Donna Marie

04.10.1979 20.03.1960 27.01.1976

HUTTON, Edward George


INNES-JONES, Rebecca Kelly 04.09.1973 INNES-JONES, Scott Arden 17.04.1976

m to ARNDT, Alice May

HUTTON, Edward Michael HUTTON, Elizabeth Alice


m to RAY, Shishir Ronjon


JACKMAN, Nicola Jane

m to (l)MERCES, Tyrone Angela

m to (2)MESSER, Alison BUTTON, Georgina Ann m to BISSET, Noel John HUTTON, Henrietta Jane HUTTON, Ivan Justin HUTTON, James Frederick m to BRADSHAW, Enid Mae

183 184 536

Heathcote 25.09.1981 221 JACKMAN, Peter Heathcote 01.10.1950 220 m to DODGSHUN, Philippa Robyn JACKMAN, Rachael Anne Heathcote 11.06.1983 221 JACKSON, Barbara Ann Mary 27.06.1926 228 JACKSON, Blair Nicholas 11.10.1990 86 JACKSON, Caroline Maria 02.04.1996 228

JACKSON, Dorothy Elizabeth Josephine 15.09.1930 229

10.04.1973 30.06.1925

m to DRUCE, David JACKSON, John 19.11.1960 228 m to??, Christina





JACKSON, Joy 29.08.1965 228 JACKSON, Keri Patricia 26.12.1993 87 JACKSON, Kim Alexander 19.08.1962 341 JACKSON, Leigh Ann 30.12.1957 341



JACKSON, Margaret Hughlings 06.03.1906 286



m to WILLIAMS, Michael George Mackie JACKSON, Michael Gerard 02.04.1963 86



m to PILKINGTON, Lesley Anne JACKSON, Michael Rhodes 02.01.1929 228

HUTTON, Kristen Mere


BUTTON, Louisa Merryn HUTTON, Maia Thomas m to BEVERIDGE, Joyce Elizabeth


324 326 327

HUTTON, Jill m to WEBER, lan Albert

BUTTON, June Katherine

m to MORROW, Peter Wayne

m to LUTZ, Leonard Desmond

BUTTON, Karl Edward m to TOMS, Mary Olive

HUTTON, Keith m to (l)HARBORNE, Maureen


m to PARKER, Margaret Alice Janette

m to (2)CROSBIE, Gayleen

HUTTON, Marianne Elizabeth Georgina (Bessie)


JACKSON, Nicholas 02.01.1964 228 JACKSON, Sally Margaret 21.06,1960 341

JACKSON, Thomas Cecil Rhodes 21.08.1902 228 m to WILLIAMS, Dorothy Frances



14.10.1980 23.12.1920

328 327 324



HUTTON, Robert Clayton



m to TAKIARI, Atarua (Topsy) HUTTON, Sarah Maree


HUTTON, Thomas Biddulph


325 317

JACKSON, Wilfred Dale **.**. 1932 341 m to KEMP, Alison Leigh JACOB, Cathleen Emma 16.04.1924 321

m to KEMP, Francis James

HUTTON, Melinda Jaclde BUTTON, Nigel Braithwaite HUTTON, Noel Edward m to TE WHARE, Hiamoe (Barbara) BUTTON, Peter Clayton


m to BRANCH, Colin Rex JAMES, Rebecca Susan 30.04.1965 564 m to WILLIAMS, Guy Leonard

JAMES, Reina Christina 26.04.1947 627 m to (l)SUTCLIFFE, Michael JAMES, Reina Christina 26.04.1947 627

m to BEVIN, Linda Florence

m to (2)REINSTEIN, Michael JAMES, Sidney 08.05.1913 627 m to WILLIAMS, Mary Meggie JAMIESON, Moira Jane **,**,**** 627

m to WILLIAMS, Sarah

BUTTON, Tony Clayton


INGLE, Alexandra Caroline


INGLE, Henrietta Mary INGLE, Michael Peter

29.11.1972 18.07.1933

326 587 587 587

m to WILLIAMS, Barnabas Wilder (Barney) JARAY, Robert Samuel 19.08.1945 519 m to MACLEAN, Shona Leith

JAYNE, Elizabeth ValerieLee 26.10.1931 243

m to WILLIAMS, Caroline Margaret

INGLE, Victoria Louise


INNES, Caroline Mary


m to JEFFERD, David Harris

587 217


m to WARREN, Martin Moutray

JEFFARES, Kerri Mac 12.01.1962


JOBSON, Donald 02.11.1946

m to TOMBLESON, Robert Grahame


m to JEFFERD, Diana Dawn


211 211 537


JOBSON, Nicola Margaret 13.08.1973 JOBSON, Timothy Dixon 01.12.1977 JOLL, Christopher Mark 26.09.1967 m to ROBERTS, Sandra Ruth

JEFFERD, Anthony Roger 12.06.1973 JEFFERD, Bruce Donald


JOLL, David Matthew 08.06 . 1965 JOLL, lan Matthew 04.12.1934

537 537

Reeves 24.09.1959


JONES, Andrea Mac 27.08.1963 m to HANNA, Athole Brian


211 207

JONES, Evan **.**.1907


Charles Reeves 13,06.1953


m to RATTRAY, Sally Janet JEFFERD, Angela Leigh 07.10.1948 m to FLETCHER, Reid

m to SYME, Lesley Ann

m to ROBINSON, Nicola Margaret JEFFERD, Caroline Rose 04.12.1978 IEFFERD, Charles Toms 18.10.1889

m to WILLIAMS, Joan Wilder JONES, Forrest Zachary 15.08.1993 JONES, Helen 28.04.1870 m to WILLIAMS, Hugh George JONES, Kirsty Barbara 22.08.1956

m to BUSBY, Beatrice

JEFFERD, David Harris 10.07.1952


m to INNES, Caroline Mary

IEFFERD, Diana Dawn 02.02.1947


m to GADDUM, Benjamin Guy JONES, Margaret Hingston 15.11.1933 m to LUDBROOK, Peter Henry Whibley JONES, Paul Robert 18.07.1965

m to JOBSON, Donald

JEFFERD, Edward Michael 05.06.1988 JEFFERD, Frederic Reader 04.07 . 1886

209 215

m to BUSBY, Eleanor Maud (Lena)

JEFFERD, Frederka Caroline Innes 29.04.1988 JEFFERD, Georgina Kathryn 09.10,1975 JEFFERD, Harris Busby 06.02.1921

217 211 210

JONES, Samuel Eli 21.02.1996 JONES, Samuel Robert 09.05.1997 JONES, Winston Forrest 29.09.1956


JORDAN, Crispin Hugo 14.01. 1970

m to REEVES, Margaret Shirley Leigh JEFFERD, John Reeves Rattray 24.01.1985 IEFFERD, Julia Florence 16.02.1983

JEFFERD, Patricia Anne 29.08.1950 m to GIRLING-BUTCHER, Nicholas John JEFFERD, Peter William 26.03. 1956 JEFFERD, Roger John 12.05.1948 m to VICKERS, Kathryn JEFFERD, Rosemary Margaret 26.03. 1952 m to PETTIGREW, Colin Stanley JEFFERD, Sally Elizabeth 08.11.1961


JOYCE, Sarah Louise 01.01.1959

limes 22.06,1986

JEFFERD, William Busby (Digger) 25.08.1920 m to McILDOWIE, Mary Judith JEFFRIES, Adrienne Gay 04.05.1957


JURIE, Amelia Holdsworth 22.10.1986 JUME, Gerald Michael 01.07.1959 m to HOLDSWORTH, Cynthia Amy JUME, Timothy Andrew 15,08.1988 JURIE, William Southworth 30.09.1984 KAMEKAMEKA, Kalisi **.**.****

209 209 210

526 504 504 505 504 238

KEARNS, Bernard John 13.01.1925

239 238 544

m to MACLEAN, Patience Elliot KEARNS, Elizabeth Patience 24.03.1950


m to (1)RH)DER, Peter John KEARNS, Elizabeth Patience 24.03. 1950


m to (2)BEALE, William John KEARNS, Jennifer Mary 07.07.1951


KAMEKAMEKA, Tomasi 23.12.1995

218 210 208 218 211 209

m to SMITH, Benjamin

KEARNS, Katherine 210

Susan (Kate) 10.01.1954 KEARNS, Kristin Clare 14.06.1956 KEARNS, Leah Prudence Jane 02.11.1961

217 210

545 545 545

m to SMITH, Murray

KEARNS, Nicholas Bernard Francis 21.09.1958



m to NORRIS, Amanda Christina

KEENAN,Ruth 08.09.1958



m to ROBSON, Brian James

KEILLER, Muriel Cecile 06.02.1903



m to WILLIAMS, James Busby (Jim) KELLER, Paul Justin ********



m to SEYMOUR, Martine Te Ahumai Pitihira

m to GORDON, Susan Elizabeth JOBSON, Anna Dawn 03.11.1971


m to WARREN, Mark Greville

KAMEKAMEKA, Raijele 24.12.1997

m to SUNDERLAND, Richard John JENKINS, Todd Preston **.**.****

357 310 356

m to ROSS, James Alexander

m to CRAWFORD, Timothy Garfield JEFFERD, Thomas Harris JEFFERD, Timothy Donald 06.06.1991


m to TURNER, Caroline Mary

IEFFERD, Kate Margaret 07.10.1994 JEFFERD, Marianne 28.07.1954 211 Caroline Busby m to MACKIE, Neil Matthew JEFFERD, Mark 07.06.1967 JEFFERD, Matthew John 02.09.1989


m to SUTCLIFF, Susan Dawn

m to WILLIS, Thomas David

JEFFERD, John Busby (Jack) 19.07.1918


m to BROAD, Penelope Catherine

m to HANSEN, Eva Dawn

JEFFERD, Janet Mary 25.05.1918 m to MONCKTON, Christopher Martin JEFFERD, Jillian Mary 05.09.1950

357 251


KELLY, Aimee Catherine

KEMP, Elizabeth Ann 08.10.1956 329

Alice 01.04.1971 623

KEMP, Emily Mary 09.08.1992 330

KELLY, Elizabeth Janet 31.10.1951 624

KEMP, Francis James 08.08.1855 329

and TAYLOR, Michael KELLY, Emily Georgina 28.08.1974 623

KEMP, Frank James 01.11.1924 329

KELLY, George Murray Swinburne 14.02.1904 622 m to WILLIAMS, Patricia Wilder KELLY, Jessie Elizabeth 04.04.1973 623

KEMP, Gail Beryl 04.06.1953 340 m to (l)CHURCHES, John Douglas KEMP, Gail Beryl 04.06.1953 340

m to HUTTON, Marianne Elizabeth Georgina CBessie) m to HALL, Alma

m to (2)BARTLETT, Michael John KEMP, Carry Athol 04.06.1953 340

KELLY, Joan Margaret 28.03.1943 622 m to GRIFFITHS, William Hugh KELLY, Michael George

m to MITCHELL, Delwyn Jan KEMP, Gerald Bruce 13.03.1947 605

(Mick) 14.10.1944 623

m to WILLIAMS, Susan Rosemary

m to SLY, Christine

KEMP, Gertrude 25.05.1930 331

KELLY, Nora Creina 13.04.1894 178

m to COLLETT, Earle Glennie

m to DAVIES, George William Godfrey KELLY, Teresa Mary 19.08.1949 623 m to (l)FRASER, Clyde Edward George KELLY, Teresa Mary 19.08.1949 624 de facto (2)MORRISON, Roderick Charles Malcolm KEMBALL, Katharine Veronica 05.05.1926 614 m to SEVERNE, John de Milt KEMBALL, Vero Elliot 23.01.1893 614

KEMP, Hamish Gerald 05.06.1982 605 KEMP, Hariey James 29.04.1979 340 KEMP, Harriet Louisa 27.04.1995 330 KEMP, Hayward Francis 22.08.1889 332 m to ALLISON, Ruby Mary KEMP, James Ernest 26.01.1960 330 m to PERRIN, Sally Mary KEMP, Jeremy Arnold 09.03.1980 605 KEMP, Kathleen Louisa 28.06.1898 342

m to RUSSELL, Janet Margaret

KEMBER, Alexandra Celia 11.03.1984 253 KEMBER, David Greville 29.09.1947 253

m to WATKINS, Reginald Frank Rupert (Rex) 22.11.1940 634 KEMP, Kenneth Peter

m to WILLIAMS, Charlotte Hester

m to NELSON, Rosemary Margaret

KEMBER, Henry Morvyn 13.04.1982 253 KEMP, Ada Charlotte 13.08.1895 341

KEMP, Lauren Tracey KEMP, Louise Janet

m to BUCHANAN, James Leslie


340 340




m to AUBREY, Peter Robert

KEMP, Alfred Ernest 13.01.1888 329


m to MAY, Dory

m to ROBSON, Kenneth Roy

KEMP, Alison Leigh 17.02.1933 341

08.03.1962 634

m to JACKSON, Wilfred Dale KEMP, Allison Fae 07.08.1953 337

KEMP, Melanie Susan

m to WILSON, William Frederick KEMP, Athel Lewis 22.01.1894 336

KEMP, Michael William


KEMP, Michelle Marie


340 339



m to SILVER, Brett

m to BOYLAN, Aaron Michael

m to NICOL, Jessie Isabel

KEMP, Morven Baith m to (l)AYNSLEY, John Charles KEMP, Morven Baith m to (2)AYNSLEY, Lindsay Cyril KEMP, Paul Richard m to ALLEN, Elizabeth

KEMP, Bronwen Rata 03.12.1928 335 m to MAY, John Brooke

KEMP, Bruce Francis 20.04.1924 336 m to (l)HARRIS, Marelynne Joyce KEMP, Bruce Francis 20.04.1924 338 m to (2)RENNER, Beatrice Mary KEMP, Caroline Rose 27.07.1978 605 KEMP, Catherine Janet 09.12.1973 634 KEMP, Christine Rose 31.12.1949 338

KEMP, Ralph

15.03.1931 336 08.01.1965


20.09.1892 335

m to LEWIS, Gwladus Rata

KEMP, William Henry (Bill)





m to BIRCHALL, Beverley Edna

m to CLAPHAM, Peter Stanley

KEMP, Colin William 23.11.1926 338


m to GUNSON, Muriel Beryl KEMP, Delwynne Gae 19.08.1946 337

m to WILLIAMS, Martin Brian KERSEY, Arthur Oliver


m to (l)DRABBLE, Peter John KEMP, Delwynne Gae 19.08,1946 337

27.03.1894 296

m to WILLIAMS, Shona Mackintosh

KERSEY, Christina Marie KERSEY, David John Richard

m to (2)??, Colin KEMP, Dennis Bruce 12.08.1959 338


296 296






m to DIA.S, Gillian

KEMP, Dianne Isabel 07.11.1949 337 m to MAYBURY, David James KEMP, Dwillis Ettie 26.02.1922 335

KERSEY, Elena Aysha KERSEY, Gillian

m to WILLIAMSON, Arthur Robert Maxwell KEMP, Edith Sarah 02.03.1891 332 m to WILSON, James Frederic (Fritz)


Camilla Vera m to CAMPBELL, Grant

KEY, Muriel 29.08.1922

517 LAND, Rosemary Margaret



m to MACLEAN, Christopher Edward Awdry (Ted) KTOD, Kathleen Marion **.**. 1896

m to TUFFERY, Graham 149 LANE, Doris Audrey








252 252 252

m to WILLIAMS, Garth Gaster KIDDLE, Jillian Amelia 17.08.1961

m to GRAY, Sydney Thomas

95 LANGFORD, Margaret

m to WILLIAMS, Christopher Henry

m to GRAY, Robert Leonard

IOLGOUR, Hugh David 24.12.1934

307 LANGSTAFF, Ellen Elizabeth

m to COTTERILL, Susan Mary

KILGOUR, Katherine Fiona KING, Angela

m to REED, Nigel Vernon 25.05.****

307 LARKIN, Adam 352 LARKIN, Daisy


366 m to WILLIAMS, Sarah Marianne


LARKJN, Thomas Cedric

m to RAINE, Christopher Charles



m to LUDBROOK, Henry Samuel (Harry)

KIRETATRICK, Amanda Margaret



109 m to WILLIAMS, Jeremy Warwick


109 LAURENT, Jacqueline LAURENT, Wayne

m to WILLIAMS, Robyn

04.07.1977 17.11.1917 18.09.1971 25.09.1965 17.11.1985 04.10.1960

252 570 499 499

KIRKPATRICK, Sarah Kate KffiKPATRICK, Victoria Jane


110 m to GRAY, Kerry Anne


KLEE, Anika Margaret KLEE, Lionel Victor


110 LAWRENCE, Bridget Rosemary 549 LAWRENCE, Christine Rae


549 m to WARREN, Mark Aidan Temple


549 Benjamin



549 LAWRENCE, Jocelyn Elizabeth


542 278


m to WILLIAMS, Christopher Henry Lowry 25.02.1960 549 LAWRENCE, Rebecca Ann


KLEE, Susan Alison m to HAVER, Anthony Henry Peter

KLEE, Victor George


m to FINLAYSON, Marian Elizabeth 05.12.1985 KLOETEN, Harvey Nicholas 02,12.1970 KLOSE, Malcolm Jeffrey

375 LAWRENCE, Richard Hume



m to CORKILL, Gillian Mary 375 LAWS, Doreen Eda 478 m to WARREN, Alwyn Keith







>);* ** ****






114 115 114 641



11.05.1995 12.03.1957

115 114

LAWSON, Christine

m to WILLIAMS, Tara Gay

KNIGHT, Clara Olive


123 m to LUDBROOK, Michael Geoffrey


234 m to HUTTON, Bruce

LAWSON, Ruth Elizabeth

m to WILLIAMS, Alien Douglas



and WILLIAMS, James Richard (Joe) KMSHNAN, Simmi **.**,**** m to RAINE, Peter Anthony

KROGH, Severin Cal 14 08.1917 m to WILLIAMS, Margaret Anne (Peggy) KUSEL, Matthew 15.04.1972 KUSEL, Michael 15.08.1945

352 m to NELSON, Cristobal Miguel LEACH, Nora 565 m to BRANCH, Leslie Roy LEE, Andrew Milton

628 LEE, Daniel Guy


628 LEE, Hamish Richard


LEE, Mike

m to DUCKWORTH, Belinda Cecil Anne

KUSEL, Sophie


KiiFFER, Susanna


m to HEER, Heinrich Johannes


543 243

m to BELL, Henry Dillon

m to MACLEAN, Margaret Esther


it;* ** ****

LAWRENCE, Christopher

m to PECK, Margaret Lynn

KLEE, Rebecca Ellen


628 and THOMSON, Anne Mary (Min) 135 LEE, Patricia Eileen m to BLUNT. Richard Mark

06.07.1968 515

m to BOURN, Melanie Jane

LEE, Rebecca Margo LEE, Richard Noel

LAFOTANOA, Sophie Alice


515 m to GADDUM, Annabelle Margo

LAMB, Georgina LAMB, Peter

** *<! !(;***

489 LELIEVELD, Adrianus

^H: *!|< ****

489 Marinus Cornelis m to WILLIAMS, Estelle Ruth



623 LENNOX-KING, Matthew Oliver LENNOX-KING, Oliver


105 104

and WATSON, Belinda Rosemary

LAMBERT, Laura m to GRIFFITHS, Richard Paul


LAMBESS, Julie Anne


168 m to REED, Sidney Mary Jane


LENNOX-KING, Peter Richard 161 LENNOX-KING, Sophie Isabel LEVITT, Chia

m to BLITHE, Allan Noel LAND, Catherine Alison m to BULLOCK, Owen Fred LAND, Robert Alan m to WILLIAMS, Alison Esme LAND, Roger Gordon Robert m to HOOLEY, Elizabeth


30.01.1979 08.12.1983 ^ ^ *st;^^

105 105 494

161 and COUPER, Andrew John

LEVITT, Daniel Floyd 25.05.1960





LEWIN, Noeline Mary Theresa 01 . 12.1934 m to LUDBROOK, Peter Henry Whibley LEWIS, Cassie Lara 08.07.1997 LEWIS, Cleo Zara 12.05.1996

LEWIS, Diana Katherine

381 LOWRY, Edward Guy 24.05.1970 619 LOWRY, Edward Patrick 17.06.1939 619


319 319 264





** ** ****





482 482 482

m to HEWITT, Jane Mary

LOWRY, Elizabeth Helen 18.02.1932 277 m to WILLIAMS, Gerard Robin

m to BUNNY, Thomas William

LEWIS, Gwladus Rata

LOWRY, Georgina Catherine 23,02.1964 619 m to MASON, Martin Gilbert LOWRY, Kate Margot 06.07.1971 619

m to KEMP, Ralph

LEWIS, James (Jim)

LOWRY, Margaret Ann 24.09.1934 618 m to PINCKNEY, Peter William LOWRY, Mark Wilson 21.03.1973 620 LOWRY, Patrick Henry 16.03.1968 619 LOWRY, Thomas Coleman (Tom) 17.02.1898 617

m to WATSON, Gillian Mary (Jill)

LEWIS, May m to WILLIAMS, Bruce Buchanan

LEWIS, Roger

m to RUSSELL, Margaret Gertrude (Margot) LOWRY, Thomas Graham

m to SCOTT, Claire Alexandra

LTODELL, Alice Noni LTODELL, Eleanor Louise


LffiDELL, Neil (Nav)

>|S* ** it:***

William 16.12.1969 619 LOWRY, Thomas Russell (Tom) 13.05.1936 619 m to de GRUCHY, Margaret Jane

de facto PUTT, Margaret Ann (Peg)


169 169 169

LOWTHER, Bertie 20.11.1989 292 LOWTHER, Flora Miriam 21.03.1988 292 LOWTHER, Georgia Lilah 18.04.1991 292 LOWTHER,Hugh 12.01.1956 292



LOWTHER, Lucia Violet 05.02.1994 292



LUCY, Alice Helen 11.08.1989 232 LUCY, James Michael 07.07.1985 232 LUCY, Michael Francis 30.01.1961 232


622 622

LH.LICRAP, Angus Brodie


LILLICRAP, Caitlin Michelle


LILLICRAP, Cameron Paul m to WILLIAMS, Michelle Karen

LINDEMAN, Johannes Petrus Geradus

m to VIVIAN, Amanda Ursula Georgina

m to TRIPE, Susan Elizabeth

LINWOOD, Gillian Jane m to WYNNE-LEWIS, John

LITTIN, George Jeffrey

LITTIN, Jeffrey Donald


m to OJALA, Helen Jean

LUCY, Patrick William 17.03.1987 232



LUCY, Samuel Timothy 02.12,1995 233 LUDBROOK, Alexandra Julie 06.09.1980 388 LUDBROOK, Alice Mary 02.01.1963 368

LITTLE, Harold LITTLE, Henry Michael

** 11:* ****

LUDBROOK, Alien Kenneth 16.11.1914 393

LITTLE, James Robert

** ** *S|!*!|!

273 273 273

m to GRIFFITHS, Bridget Jane

LITTLE, Craig John m to WILLIAMS, Clare Gledhill

m to WILLIAMS, Audrey Temple LOCHHEAD, Cameron








m to NORMAN, Grant Robert

m to O'CONNOR, Doris Elizabeth LUDBROOK, Amy Rose 08.02.1982 392 LUDBROOK, Andrew Duncan 18,02.1959 380

LOCHBEAD, Kate Alexandra Helen m to WILLIAMS, Michael John LOCK, Cherece Norice

m to ATCHISON, Suzanne Joy

LUDBROOK, Anna Jeanne 13.07.1977 392 LUDBROOK, Antony Peter Rex 13.08.1941 396 m to BUDDLE, Prudence Anne

LUDBROOK, Barbara Rosemary 20.10.1930 370

m to GRAY, Timothy Donald

LOCKHART, Julia Campbell



m to WHITE, Robert Edwin

LUDBROOK, Bartholomew 22.03.1985 392 LUDBROOK, Beatrice Margaret 09.10.1929 373

m to WILLIAMS, Simon Nicholas 13.09.1928


LORBER, Joseph


LORBER, Steven


192 192

LOFFLER, Evelyn Carolina

m to HASLETT, Murray Selwyn

m to MACLEAN, Richard Hector

and DAVIES, Rosemary Prudence

LORBER, Thomas Todd




LOVETT, Catherine Paige


192 192 355

m to AVERILL, George Rochford Hanson

LUDBROOK, Caroline Jean 07.08.1905 394

m to SUTCLIFF, Edward Paul LOWRY, AIessandra Mary


LUDBROOK, Belinda Mary 24.09.1968 396 LUDBROOK, Brenda 13.08.1916 393 m to BURDETT, Sidney Hamilton LUDBROOK, Campbell John 02.04.1971 390 LUDBROOK, Caroline 22.06.1929 381

m to WARDELL, Herbert James 21.09.1965


m to WYNNE-LEWIS, Richard Eric

LUDBROOK, Cecil Edward BIomfield

LOWRY, AIessandra Mary




LUDBROOK, Cortenay 17.11.1989

LUDBROOK, David Whibley 28.02.1931

m to WYNNE-LEWIS, Richard Eric LOWRY, Caroline Jane


LOWRY, Caroline Mary


m to MARIE, Philippe Gilbert Alfred

26.06.1902 372

m to GIESEN, Margaret Henrietta

619 620


m to SAYERS, Nancy Helen Mary

392 382

LUDBROOK, David Wilson




m to BEGG, Janet Lillian

LUDBROOK, Deborah Ana


LUDBROOK, John Hereward LUDBROOK, John Kinsella


m to WHITE, Spencer Allan

LUDBROOK, Diana Elizabeth





14.01.1929 25.10.1910

370 389






390 391 385

m to (l)BULL, Rosanne Stewart

LUDBROOK, John Wilson

m to (2)WALDIN, Warren Bridge

LUDBROOK, Diana Robin


m to WILSON, Mary Rose

LUDBROOK, John Wilson

m to (l)IRWIN, Jeremy Jon

LUDBROOK, Diana Elizabeth


m to (2)WHITWORTH, Judith Ann

m to (2)CORFE, Wilma

LUDBROOK, Jolyon Wilson


LUDBROOK, Doris Gwyneth




m to WILLIAMS, Gordon Stewart LUDBROOK, Doris Jean

LUDBROOK, Josephine Susan m to PETHERBRIDGE, Gerald




372 386

LUDBROOK, Julia Mary

LUDBROOK, Dorothy Winsome

LUDBROOK, Katherine Ann


391 379



LUDBROOK, Kenneth James









LUDBROOK, Kirsty Anne



LUDBROOK, Lawrence Julian Wilson







m to PARKER, Anthony Gordon Hastie e (Tony)

m to BROWN, Marcus Andrew

m to BROWN, Terence Jewell

LUDBROOK, Edward Reginald m to HEATH, Helen Whithell

LUDBROOK, Edward Sayers

m to YOUNG, Julie Anne 23.09.1962

LUDBROOK, Kenneth William


m to BANKS, Barbara Susan (Tosti)

m to BARKER, Victoria Jane

LUDBROOK, Elisabeth Hana


LUDBROOK, Kenneth William


m to WAKE, Suzanne

m to WILSON, Campbell Munro

LUDBROOK, Emma Whitworth LUDBROOK, Erica Stephanie LUDBROOK, Geoffrey Sayers LUDBROOK, Geoffrey Valentine m to WHEBLEY, Lucy

LUDBROOK, Geraldine Ann

29.06.1982 22.02.1974 16.06.1959 17.08.1904

LUDBROOK, Kerry Scott

368 388 382

and DRYDEN, Shiriey Diane


m to MEARS, Joanna 09.12.1958

LUDBROOK, Lilian Mary


m to WILLIAMS, Kenneth Stuart

m to (l)FALCHETTA, Piero

LUDBROOK, Geraldine Ann


LUDBROOK, Lillian Mary


m to WILLIAMS, Kenneth Stuart

and (2)CHINELLATO, Stefano LUDBROOK, Grace Alexandra LUDBROOK, Guy Lawrence

389 367

LVDBROOK, Louise Rachel LUDBROOK, Lydia Mary




m to (l)ASCHE, Catherine Gillian LUDBROOK, Guy Lawrence


Margaret LUDBROOK, Maria Rosanne LUDBROOK, Marion Jane







368 389 389 390 391

391 390 392 377



LUDBROOK, Michael Geoffrey


m to (2)GffiBS, Diana Margaret

LUDBROOK, Hamish John Gibbs LUDBROOK, Hamish William LUDBROOK, Hannah Elizabeth LUDBROOK, Hannah Mary LUDBROOK, Henry Charles

12.12.1983 14.03.1987


LUDBROOK, Matthew David EUett LUDBROOK, Michael Geoffrey

10.08.1897 02.06.1987 22.08.1997 14.01.1974

LUDBROOK, Michael Geoffrey

369 392 383 369

LUDBROOK, Michael Wilson




04.04.1964 Sayers m to (l)GANNAWAY, Ivan Raymond1 LUDBROOK, Joanna Jane


m to FINLAYSON, John Angus LUDBROOK, Peter Henry



01.03.1996 31.07.1969



22.01.1960 15.09.1931

369 391 375





m to WEBB, Gillian Margaret

LUDBROOK, Joanna Jane







m to (l)JONES, Margaret Hingston LUDBROOK, Peter Henry


m to (2)LEWIN, Noeline Mary Theresa

LUDBROOK, Peter Wilson

m to PERRY, Roland Maunsell



and (3)SKINNER, Laura Margaret Gwendolyn

368 369

LUDBROOK, Jocelyn Anne

379 380

m to (2)LAWSON, Christine

LUDBROOK, Miriam Robin LUDBROOK, Nicholas John LUDBROOK, Patricia Marian

Sayers m to (2)GREER, Peter



m to (l)GATTI, Alice

m to KINSELLA, Hana

LUDBROOK, Hereward Reginald LUDBROOK, Hugo LUDBROOK, India Jane LUDBROOK, Ingrid Trudi LUDBROOK, Isabella Ailsa Gibbs LUDBROOK, Jason Mark


m to HANNA, Kimbal Snelling

LUDBROOK, Henry Samuel



m to (l)HARDIE, Margot Constance


m to BUDGE, Louise Margaret



LUDBROOK, Rachael Elisabeth LUDBROOK, Reginald Humphrey

23.08.1965 25.10.1912

369 395

MACKAY, Denis Handcock 19.03. 1916


m to (l)YOUNGER, Mary Elizabeth MACKAY, Denis Handcock 19.03.1916


384 369

m to (2)BIGGS, Clare Migaon MACKAY, Fiona Jane 24.08.1981 MACKAY, Fiona Marjorie 11 .07.1964 MACKAY, Graeme Alexander 16.11.1942

138 140 183

390 395 368

MACKAY, Hamish Buchanan 11.08.1955

m to WILSON, Jean Margaret

LUDBROOK, Richard Hastie Parker LUDBROOK, Richard Lawrence

06.10.1960 06.09.1946

m to RUKEN, Johanna

LUDBROOK, Richard Michael LUDBROOK, Richard Neville LUDBROOK, Robert Henry


18.04.1907 27.12.1934

m to BOARD, Julie Anne

m to (l)ELLIOTT, Helen Mary MACKAY, Hamish Buchanan 11 .08.1955 m to (2)RYAN, Josephine Wallace MACKAY, Hamish Buchanan 11 .08.1955 m to (3)CHANDULAL, Anna Jacqueline MACKAY, Jan Howard 10.01. 1956 MACKAY, Lionel James 28.01. 1949

m to HODGSON, Miriam Frances

LUDBROOK, Roger Samuel Ellett LUDBROOK, Ronald Henry

31.05.1966 18.05.1899

m to GREENING, Dorothy LUDBROOK, Rosa Caroline


LUDBROOK, Sally June


379 369 394 387 396 366

Mytton Handcock 15.02.1884 m to WILLIAMS, Marjorie MACKAY, Lisa Katharine 06.11.1984



MACKAY, Mariele Grace 07.10.1952

LUDBROOK, Samuel Blomfield


LUDBROOK, Samuel Lawrence


392 367

MACKAY, Matthew Buchanan 18.05.1989 MACKAY, Penelope Christine 22,07.1953 and STARNES, Colin Keith MACKAY, Peter Buchanan 20.07.1925


m to WILLIAMS, Caroline Elizabeth m to ELLETT, Christine Robyn

m to BURNS, Ailsa Hannah 27.11.1972

LUDBROOK, Sara Joanne




LUDBROOK, Thomas Antony


369 389 390 392 396

LUDBROOK, William Banks (Bill)






325 325 325 325 325


MACKAY, Rachel Jane 20.08.1954 MACKAY, Rory Thomas Hugh 26.11. 1988 MACKAY, Rosemary Chan 01.07.1989 MACKAY, Ruth Ellen 31.05.1979 MACKAY, Stephanie M:ariele 22.04.1987 MACKAY, Sui Chan 31 .03.1958 MACKAY, Susan Jane 20.06.1953 m to (l)HISCOCK, Keith Russell MACKAY, Susan Jane 20.06.1953 m to (2)CAMPION, James John Michael MACKAY, Timothy John 19.05. 1950

m to McELLIGOT, Rosamund Jean


LUTZ, Heidi Marie


LUTZ, James Francis


LUTZ, Kurt William


MACKENZIE, David Charles m to SUNDERLAND, Sarah Anne MACKERSEY, Anna Margaret




m to HUTTON, June Katherine

LUTZ, Mark Edward




325 502





m to GRAY, Anthony Charles

MACALISTER, Jamie Lachlan MACALISTER, Philip Duncan

03.01.1995 04.11.1960

376 376

m to FINLAYSON, Margaret Anne

MACALISTER, Scott Angus MACDONALD, Catherine Flora

03.05.1996 04.05.1947

139 183 140 138 139 140 140 140 139

S^s ** *!|!>|!*



207 206 206

07.06.1982 30.09.1953

376 517

MACKIE, Charles Jefferd


MACKIE, Melanie Caroline


MACKIE, Neil Matthew


212 211 211

m to JEFFERD, Marianne Caroline Busby


lj!!|S <;!(! *!|;*!|S





548 518

m to WILLIAMS, George Coldham MacLAURIN, Catherine

Annie (Nancy) m to WILLIAMS, John Dow

m to MACLEAN, Gavin Wareham

MacFARLANE, Barbara Anne


m to WILLIAMS, Nicholas Duncan

m to NELSON, James Edward

MABEY, Gail Ann McLaren

141 139

m to CANNING, Julian Margaret (Julie) 20.05.1932 279 MACKIE, Angela Ruth

m to GRAY, Robert Charles

MABEY, Bridget Ann

139 138

m to PATTERSON, Katharine Linda Holmes CKate)

m to POWELL, Jennifer Mary

LUTZ, Leonard Desmond


m to NATHAN, Valerie Constance

m to CAIRNS, Stephanie

LUTZ, Beate Karin LUTZ, Carl Frederick

140 138

m to SMITH, Martin Clive

LUDBROOK, Samuel Richard

LUDBROOK, William Williams


m to MARTYR, Alison Margaret


LUDBROOK, Samuel BIomfield


MACKAY, Lionel John

m to COVENTRY, Richard Donald

LUDBROOK, Samuel Antony LUDBROOK, Samuel Blomfield



m to DEANS, Alastair Colin MACKAY, Brian French


MACKAY, Colin Keith


m to HARLEY, Jeannette Constance Kerr


MACLEAN, Adrian Mark MACLEAN, Alan Haydon Awdrey

140 139


m to (l)WARNER, Margaret


MACLEAN, Alan Haydon Awdrey 02.08.1917


m to (2)DELL, Gladys Mary 25.05.11945

547 520

MACLEAN, Amanda Mary



MACLEAN, Anne Margaret Palmer





MACLEAN, Alison Margaret MACLEAN, AIIoway Anne


m to ROSS, Charles Macdonald

m to TULLOCH, Leone Leith

MACLEAN, Barbara Awdry 16.04.11942


08.11.11985 08.09.:1923

517 528 521



Steele m to McMECHAN, J Peter

MACLEAN, Belinda Elsie MACLEAN, Benjamin John MACLEAN, Christopher David MACLEAN, Christopher Edward Awdry (Ted)



MACLEAN, Jason John 02.05.1973 MACLEAN, Jean Elizabeth 18.08.1925 MACLEAN, Jillian Mary 21.04.1951

519 550 531

m to DOHERTY, Paul Michael MACLEAN, John David Bruce 04.04. 1949 MACLEAN, John Raglaa 02.03.1919

521 527

m to (l)TURNER, Beatrice Maitlaad MACLEAN, John Raglan 02.03. 1919


m to (2)CULLEN, Claire Marjorie MACLEAN, Judith Evelyn Mary 27.05.1 962


m to BENNETT, Mark Ferguson

m to (l)WAREHAM, Elsie Elaine

MACLEAN, Christopher Edward Awdry (Ted)


m to WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean MACLEAN, Janet Beatrice 19.02.1935 m to BISHOP, John Vincent

m to EVANS, Grahame Edwyn

MACLEAN, Antony Russell

MACLEAN, James Nelson (Jim) 02.03.1919

MACLEAN, Julia May 25.09.1994 MACLEAN, Kate Jean 05.06 . 1985 MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward 26.01.1883

527 532 524

m to (l)PALMER, Beatrice Daisy MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward 26.01. 1883


m to (2)McWBLLIAM, Muriel Mary Annie 04.06.11915






MACLEAN, Kenneth Joseph Palmer (Joe) 12.01.1917

m to (2)KEY, Muriel

MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon

MACLEAN, Kirsty Mary 27.09.1951

m to WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen

MACLEAN, Christopher Nelson

MACLEAN, Leonard

m to BAIRD, Jessie Elizabeth (Betty)

Herbert Lionel 22.07.1881 24.10.11960




MACLEAN, Leonard

and RODGERS, Pauline May

MACLEAN, Donald mchard MACLEAN, Dorothy


MACLEAN, Dorothy Margaret



550 546 548

MACLEAN, Edith Sarah

(Sallie) MACLEAN, Elizabeth Susan MACLEAN, Ella Frimley MACLEAN, Ella Frimley Tylee MACLEAN, Eric Wanldyn


546 551 610 533 541



23.09.11890 18.06.11932 ,1987 08.03.:

,1987 08.03.:

m to CAMPBELL, Jennifer Fay MACLEAN, Margaret Elizabeth 04.10.1884


m to CURRIE, George William MACLEAN, Margaret Esther 11.01.1923




MACLEAN, Marianne Kate 14.05. 1984

530 148


m to SMITH, Jacqueline Marianne (Jacqui)

MACLEAN, Mark Haydon 22.12.1956


MACLEAN, Gavin Wareham m to MACDONALD, Catherine FloraI



MACLEAN, Hamish John


MACLEAN, Helen Margaret


530 523

m to GOOD, Jane Elizabeth MACLEAN, Mary Way 22.05. 1925 m to CORKILL, Thomas Mackenzie (Tom) MACLEAN, Melanie Ruth 11.01.1979

m to REID, Vernice Ethel

MACLEAN, Michael Anson 19.12.1930


17.09.'.1984 16.03..1960 02.03..1919

553 610

550 542 530 546

m to (l)WILLIMENT, Winifred Mary

MACLEAN, Michael Anson

m to BROSNAHAN, Terence Charles 28.03..1937


MACLEAN, Margaret Joan 16.08.1912 m to ANDREWS, Frederick Robert William MACLEAN, Mark **.**.****


MACLEAN, Helen Mary MACLEAN, Holly Frances MACLEAN, Holly Frances Tylee MACLEAN, Hugh William MACLEAN, James Nelson (Jim)

548 529

m to du BERN, Gregory Emile

m to ANSON, Janet Margaret

MACLEAN, Frederick Hector


m to (2)HOWIE, Inez Rose MACLEAN, Lesley Janet 29.09.1962 MACLEAN, Malcolm James 29.10.1948

MACLEAN, Margaret Helen 01.10.1954

m to CRONIN, Michael George MACLEAN, Francis

Sydney (Frank)

Herbert Lionel 22.07.1881

m to KLEE, Victor George

m to TURNER, May Harcourt

MACLEAN, Fiona Mary


m to (l)WARD, Dorothy Isabel

MACLEAN, Christopher Whitcombe


m to COLLISTER, Paul Christopher

MACLEAN, Christopher Stephen


m to WHITCOMBE, Joan Mary Somerset




547 518

m to (2)PAINE, Anne

MACLEAN, Nicholas Charles MACLEAN, Nigel Alan

532 528 234

m to WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean



m to ROSS, Jennifer Mabel

MACLEAN, Norman Haydon m to FRASER, Isla Mary

20.02.1946 517

MACLEAN, Olivia Rachel MACLEAN, Patience Elliot

30.07.1986 14.01.1928

531 544

MALDEN, Henry *^**^*** 699 m to NELSON, Winifred Gwendoline MALONE, Gabrielle Lillian 06.04.1945 279 m to WILLIAMS, Gerard Robin

m to KEARNS, Bernard John

MACLEAN, Paul Haydon MACLEAN, Paul Timothy MACLEAN, Peter Alloway


550 532 520



17.01.1984 11.04.1983

MANDENO, Frances Mary 30.04.1982 233 MANDENO, Kate Phoebe 21.05.1980 233 MANDENO, Thomas Graham 14.02.1946 233

m to (l)HAWKINS, Felicity Anne

MACLEAN, Peter Alloway

m to WILLIAMS, Anna Jane

MANMON, Gerald de Vere 05.06,1959 281

m to (2)THORN, Mary Eleanor MACLEAN, Peter Samuel



m to TYLEE, Ann Patricia (Ani) MACLEAN, Peter Samuel



m to TAYLOR, Davina Elizabeth Mary MANNION, Neil de Vere 03.06.1934 280 m to WIGLEY, Marjorie Julia Cranstoun

MANNION, Penelope Cranston 30.05.1961 98 m to ROBINSON, Alastair Garth

m to TYLEE, Ann Patricia

MACLEAN, Piera Rose Palmer




MACLEAN, Rera Rose MACLEAN, Richard Hector


533 550

m to LOFFLER, Evelyn Carolina MACLEAN, Roger Francis



m to PRIESTLEY, Dinah Margaret MACLEAN, Roger Stephen



m to MEEK, Zelie Elizabeth MACLEAN, Samuel Thomas


MACLEAN, Samuel Whitcombe


MACLEAN, Sarah Frances


532 527 526

Palmer Tylee

MANNION, Penelope Cranstoun 30.05.1961 281 m to ROBINSON, Alastair Garth MANNION, Rachael 03.02.1988 281 MANNION, Sarah 22.11.1989 281 MANNION, Timothy 07.07.1992 281 MANTHEL, Jane Marguerite 285 m to GORDON, lan McKay MAME, Alexandra GiseleHelene 27.10,1974 620

MARIE, Cedric Gilbert Thomas 28.09.1973 620

MAME, Philippe

m to MATHESON, James Michael

MACLEAN, Sarah Vyvien MACLEAN, Shona Leith

10.07.1985 03.02.1949

550 519

Gilbert Alfred *^*^**** 520 m to LOWRY, Caroline Mary

MARRAN, Rosamunde 17.12.1975 371

m to (l)WEBB, lan

MACLEAN, Shona Leith




530 531

m to WILLIAMS, Michael Stewart MARSH, Aaron Spencer 22.07.1984 127 MARSH, Mavis Primrose 28.05.1942 321

m to (2)JARAY, Robert Samuel

MACLEAN, Simon Paul MACLEAN, Timothy Williams


m to BRANCH, Henry Christopher

MARSH, Spencer Wallace 29.12,1948 127

m to DRUMMOND, Pamela Anne

MACLEAN, Victoria Claire



m to GEESEN, Adele Jean



MARSH, Zane John Wallace 16.04.1982 127 MARSHALL, Alan Hadfield 20.09.1899 358



m to PEARCE, May Vater MARSHALL, Alan Roger 10.10.1932 358


m to GROTRIAN, Deryn Elizabeth MARSHALL, Caroline Margaret 14.05.1958 358


m to WALLACE, David MARSHALL, David 09.07.1967 359


MARSHALL, John Pearce **.**. 1930 358

m to SHAKES, Brian Grant


MACLEAN, William Haydon

:e m to (l)McBETH, Keitha Kate Florence

MACLEAN, William Haydon


m to (2)AWDRY, Mildred Ethel 15.05.1943 MacLEOD, Dale m to RENNIE, William James (Bill) 11.06.1964 MacLEOD, Kirsty m to HARDIE BOYS, Philip Hadfield 14.03.1960 MACLEOD, Sara Helen

m to SHEILD, Sarah Jane Alexandra

MARSHALL, John Willoughby 22.03.1851 357


m to HADFIELD, Annie


m to GOURLAY, James Stewart

MACMORRAN, Alexandra Rose



08.06.1984 13.09.1953

347 347



Willoughby Hadfield 11.03.1897 358 MARSHALL, Julia 10.01.1963 358

MACMORRAN, David George Dunbar MACMORRAN, Duncan Brown

MARSHALL, Marjorie

m to HAMMOND, Prudence Jane

MACMORRAN, George Hamish

Catherine 23.11.1894 357 MARSHALL, Nina Evelyn 27.03.1903 359

m to HAD FIELD, Barbara Elizabeth


m to NORMAN, Per Arne

MARSHALL, Lucy Alexandra 17.11.1996 359


m to COPELAND, David James 08.06.1984 MACMORRAN, Kathryn Prudence 08.06.1984 MACMORRAN, Thomas Duncan



!|!!i! !K!(! !|;!i!**


m to PARMITTER, Charles Adrian

MARSHALL, Sally Elizabeth 21.02.1961 358 347 347 303

m to SPENCER, Hugh Peter MARTELL, Philip **,**,**** 491

and WILLIAMS, Fiona Margaret


m to GRAY, Margaret Gillian

MARTYR, Alison Margaret 16,07.1950


MAY, Dory

m to MACKAY, Lionel James

MARX, Andrew John Locke 20.03.1933 m to (l)COLLINS, Rosemary Evangeline MARX, Andrew John Locke 20.03.1933 m to (2)REID, Amanda MARX, Annabelle Mary 08.12.1967 m to HEAP, Andrew (Andy) MARX, Caroline Elizabeth 01.09. 1964 MARX, David George Locke 28.01.1936 m to DICKIE, Till Morag MARX, Francis Angus Locke 03.12.1981 MARX, George Francis Locke 10.09,1890


MAY, John Brooke

MARX, Julian James Locke 25.09.1983 MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude 25.03.1867 m to WILLIAMS, Herbert William MASON, Bronwynne Yvonne 16.05.1948 m to MONCKTON, John Jefferd MASON, Evelyn Muriel 02.03.1886 MASON, Martin Gilbert **.**.****

MASON-ELLIOTT, Diana Mary 28.04.1949

03.06.1983 15.08.1986


MAYBURY, David James


m to KEMP, Dianne Isabel

272 272

MAYBURY, Dyllon John MAYBURY, Rhys James MAZUR, Stephanie

273 271

m to WARREN, Mark Greville McBAIN, Caroline Mary


10.06,1973 ^ ^^ *^^t

337 337 238

08.01.1980 246

272 273

Georgina Snowdrop McBAIN, Hubert m to WARREN, Mary Williams

08.02.1991 246 19.10.1894 245


McBAIN, Hugh

10.10.1945 246

m to THRUPP, Deirdre Ellene Margaret Victoria


McBAIN, James 16.12.1938 246 McBAIN, John Hubert 15.10.1936 246


m to CURTIS, Ann Constable


McBAIN, Miles Edward 25.02.1982 247 McBAIN, Richard James Thrupp 14.03.1978 246 IMcBAIN, Rupert John Maynard 10.01. 1965 246


McBAIN, Simon James Thrupp 23.07.1975 246 McBAIN, William Hugh 06.02.1968 246


m to CAREY, Georgina DeLisle

m to NELSON, George Stephen

MATHER, Richard Arthur Cooper 08.02.1948 m to WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Erica Mary

McBETH, Keitha Kate




526 526


Florence m to MACLEAN, William Haydon

07.01.1879 512

McBREATY, Deborah ** ** !|!***


25.10.1953 Pearcey m to SHERRIFF, David William McCLELLAND, Lisa Jane 11.11.1966 m to FITZGERALD, Edward Temple Guy McCORMACK, David lan 24.04.1944


Leigh Jordan m to MEYER, John Andrew

m to MACLEAN, Sarah Frances

MATHESON, Patricia Joanna

16.07.1977 09.11.1986

MATHEWS, Deborah


MCCARTHY, Brigid Joan

526 527 182

m to DAVIES, John Godfrey


298 298 337

MAY, Sarah Louise MAY, William Henry Barton

m to LOWRY, Georgina Catherine

MATHESON, Michael Joseph



m to WILLIAMS, Wyvern Henry



McBAIN, Harriet

MARX, John Francis William 17. 12.1973

MATHESON, James Michael


m to KEMP, Bronwen Rata

m to FERGUSSON, Augusta Susan

MATHESON, Alannah Mary MATHESON, Donald


m to KEMP, Alfred Ernest

^sse ** ****


m to WILLIAMS, Sarah Amanda Maria

MATTHEWS, Lesley Anne 13.11.1933



m to DA VIES, Kathleen Rosemary

McCORMACK, Reuben David 14.11.1974 McCORMACK, Sada Elizabeth 22.01.1978

m to PARKER, James Alien

MATTHEWS, Rhoda Anne Marriott (Bobbie) 01.04.1916


McCORMICK, Fiona Anne 14.12.1955

m to NELSON, Guy Harold MAUDSLEY, Joan Marie 31.01.1916


m to WILLIAMS, Allan Miles Martyn MAUDSLEY, Valmai June 09.06.1917

McCORMICK, Joanna Mary 12.06.1985 McCORMICK, John Gerard 21.10.1955


181 181 483

m to PUTT, Gerard Charles

84 84

m to WILLIAMS, Dinah Marion

MAUGER, Patricia **.**.****


m to WILLIAMS, Owen Neville (Peter) MAUNSELL, Bridget Diana 12.08.1957

McCORMICK, Sarah Louise 13.10.1982 McELLIGOT, Rosamund Jean 22.05,1885 m to LUDBROOK, William Williams


McENNIS, Melissa

m to WILLIAMS, Henry Edward Martyn

84 392

Margot-Marie 10.03.1964



m to BLITHE, David Leslie McFADYEN, Margaret-Anne 10.01.1931


m to CANNING, John Robert MAY, Anthony Stanley 22.03.1944 m to BARTON, Belinda Mary MAY, Celia Annette 06.10.1957



m to SMOUT, Ashley Neill MAY, Donna Bronwen 17.02,1951

m to WILLIAMS, Ralph Wanklyn McGILL, lan William 29.03.1939



m to (l)HUDSON, Paul William MAY, Donna Bronwen 17.02.1951

m to REED, Kirsty Evelyn McGLASHEN, Colin 08.07.1953



m to (2)FOSTER, Louis Ayres


m to BURBURY, Amy Margaret

McGLASHEN, Hamish Ralph 19.10.1988 563

MEARS, Joanna 10.10.1954 392

McGLASHEN, John Richard 13.03.1986 563 McGREGOR, Robin 26.12.1937 260

m to LUDBROOK, Lawrence Julian Wilson

MEE, Eva Nicola 21,09.1995 245 MEE, Spencer Michael 10.07.1957 245

m to BORTHWICK, Robin John

McILDOWIE, Mary Judith 24.06.1927 217 m to JEFPERD, William Busby (Bigger) McKAY, Heidi Charlotte 26.03.1986 McKAY, Kimberley Anne 31 . 10.1981 McKAY, Logan Roy 03.03 . 1987 McKAY, Neil Albert 09.10.1952

m to BUSH, Bridget Mary MEE, Tom Spencer 21.05.1998 245 MEEK, Zelie Elizabeth 11.03.1927 522

167 167 167 167

m to MACLEAN, Roger Stephen MERGES, Joanna Clair 15.04.1983 328 MERGES, Sharleen Louise 19.12.1978 328

m to SEYMOUR, Pamela Hilary Anita McKAY, Raymond Neil 22.01. 1985 McKEAN, Jo-Ann Mirielle 26.10.1967

167 262

m to CAMERON, Timothy Charles McKENNA, Jeanne 09.11.1933

m to HUTTON, Gail MERWOOD, Isabelle Jane 21.04.1997 566 MERWOOD, Robert David 29.03.1967 566


m to NELSON, William Lionel McKENZIE, Christina Barbara **.**.****

m to WILLIAMS, Judith Mary MESSER,AUson 13.02.1878 327


m to WILLIAMS, Edric Beetham McLACHLAN, Cameron John 28.09.1984 McLACHLAN, Clare Elizabeth 30.06.1987

MERGES, Tyrone Angela **.**,**** 328

McLACHLAN, Edward Morris 14.11.1921

385 385 643

m to STEWART, Ann McLACHLAN, Peter Raymond 11 .06.1956


m to PETHERBRIDGE, Barbara Ann McLACHLAN, Renaye Ashley 10.07.1990 McLACHLAN, Sophie Alexandra 10.07.1990 McLAUGHLIN, Amy Marie 05.11.1983 McLAUGHLIN, Avon **,**,****

m to BARKER, Nicola Temple McLAUGHLIN, Benjamin 22.06.1981 McLAUGHLIN, Hamish 06.12.1984 McLENNAN, Alisha Kate 20.11.1987 McLENNAN, Harrison Matthew 20.11.1987 McLENNAN, Murray Matthew 12.06.1950

m to HUTTON, George Thomas Frederick

MEYER, Charles Temple 30.10.1972 274 MEYER, Helen Frances 23,09.1952 94 m to WILLIAMS, John Terence

MEYER, John Andrew 27.10.1970 274 m to McBREATY, Deborah Leigh Jordan MEYER, John Hunter 18.05.1945 274 m to WILLIAMS, Gabrielle (Gay) MIDDELBERG, Karen Elizabeth 04.11.1966 637

385 386 555 555

m to HILSON, Richard Patrick Nelson

MIDDLETON, Jocelyn Lee 10.03.1962 613 m to DEANS, Philip Russell MILLER, Freya Beth 01.09.1993 188 IVHLLER, Harold Gladstone 15.05.1898 184

555 555 182 182 181

m to DAVIES, Edith Race MILLER, Helen Jane 22.04.1961 186 m to BASSETT, Timothy Charles MILLER, John Owen 08.07.1924 185 m to O'BRIEN, Janie

m to DAVIES, Kathleen Rosemary

MILLER, Maryrose 15.10.1926 186

McLEOD, Elizabeth Jervis (Liz) 24.09.****


m to WILSON, Godfrey Edward Armstrong

MILLER, Michael

m to PUTT, Gerard Charles

McLEOD, Lance Par! 20.04.1989 McLEOD, Rebecca Leigh 10.02.1985 McLEOD, Warren Morrell 06.08.1958

518 518 518

Bernard Leofric 20.08.1962 186 MILLER, Norman Michael 06.05.1961 188 and WILSON, Jessica Mary

MILLER, Rachel Godfrey 21.05.1928 189 MILLS, Catherine Leslie 05.11.1885 90

m to GURDIT-SINGH, Chandra Maria

McMECHAN, AIicia Barbara Margaret 25.04.1997 McMECHAN, AIistair Donald 28.09.1974 McMECHAN, Catherine Elaine 05.07 .1970 McMECHAN, J Peter 30.10.1940

516 516 516 516

m to WILLIAMS, Henry Carleton

MILLS, Dorraine 02.06.1964 88 m to OVERBYE, Carl Vincent

MINOGUE, Michael Wilfrid 19.09.1945 121 m to RENNIE, Linda Mary Moeroa

m to MACLEAN, Barbara Awdry Steele

McMECHAN, Julian James 24.10.1969 McMECHAN, Rachel Jane 11 .09.1977 McMELLAN, Geoffrey **,**.****

m to ROGERSON, Philippa Clare McMILLAN, Scott Edward 09.09.1997 McNEIL, Simon John 20.05.1970

516 517 351

MINTY, Dene Jonathan 02.04.1963 91 m to BARTON, Amanda Lucy

351 310

m to BROAD, Erica Mary

McSWEENY,Eve 06.06.1900


m to RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton

McWILLIAM, Muriel Mary Annie 28.03.1883


m to MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward MEARES, Helen Angela 10.04.1918


m to BUSBY, John Gordon

MINTY, Hannah Lucy 20.03.1993 91 MINTY, James Jonathan 29.02.1996 91 MTTCHELL, Anna 09.06.1984 153 MITCHELL, Delwyn Jan 18.01.1957 340 m to KEMP, Carry Athol MITCHELL, Lucy 22.12.1979 153 MITCHELL, Pierre Claude 06.04.1948 152 m to NEWTON, Elizabeth Enid MITCHELL, Rodney Peter 27.09.1959 170 m to WILLIAMS, Sharon Margaret


MOLLET, Edith Moncrieff (Molly)


MOTLEY, Samantha


MONCKTON, Mark Mason




216 216

MUNN, Dugald John David





28.06.1983 05.10.1957

155 155







11,01.1914 m to FAULKNER, Frederick Edward 01.07.1950 MURPHY, Jonathan Robert


m to COXWELL, Jillian Cecilia

MUNN, Nancy Elizabeth

m to MASON, Bronwyime Yvonne

m to MORGAN, Philip

MURPHY, Andrew Keith MURPHY, Belinda Mary

MDNEYPENNY, Robena 09.09.1919


m to BIRKHEAD, Colin

MURPHY, Deborah Enid 22.04.1972 15.05.1942

638 637

m to BELL, Jonathan Charles

MURPHY, Elizabeth Muriel m to REED, Richard Sydney

m to NELSON, Mary Jane Rosamond

MOODDE, Sarah Caroline


MOODffi, Thomas John


MOORE, Alister George


638 638 Ill



MURPHY, Ethel Mary m to FAULKNER, Frederick Edward

MURPHY, Ethel Mary

m to PRASER, Fern Joy m to FRASER, Thomas Jock Oswald

MOORE, Gregory John Gif ford


MOORE, Jonathan Bruce


MOORE, Matthew David MOORE, Patrick Michael


MOORE, Peter



150 535 535 112 535

MOORE, Peter Winston 16.02.1942

m to DURDY, Fay MURPHY, Katherine Sarah


MURPHY, Matthew Robert


MURPHY, Monica Constance


MURPHY, Nora Margaret m to WILLIAMS, John Benedict

!(;* ** ****


MURPHY, Philip James (Pip)












155 260


MURPHY, Robert Keith 535

m to WILLIAMS, Enid Constance

MUSPHY, Robyn Jocelyn

MOORE, Richard Fraser George MOORE, Susanna Rose


MOORE, Tony Peter Gifford


MORA, Georges



112 Ill 150 253

m to TOMBLESON, Geoffrey

MURPHY, Sally Vena m to TRAFFORD, Hugh

MURPHY, Selwyn Robert m to FALKNER, Charmian Jocelyn

m to WILLIAMS, Caroline Marsh 26.08.1985 MORA, Samuel Beetham 22,07.1995 MORATTI, Jake Antonio 04.10.1941 MORATTI, Stephen Tausia Pitihira m to SEYMOUR, Martine Te Ahumai Pitihira

254 167 167

MORGAN, Philip

!|!!j< ** *>|!!»!|!


MURPHY, Symon James MURRAY, Andrew Brent

MURRAY, Angela Joy



MURRAY, Bruce Raymond



MURRAY, Catherine Rose


MURRAY, Hamish


m to DEANS, Alastair Timothy 16.01.1963


19.06.1986 07.01.1951

615 615



MORRIS, Sarah MORRISON, Roderick


Charles Malcolm


de facto KELLY, Teresa Mary





485 260 127


MURRAY, Kyla Nicole MURRAY, Matthew Colin


MURRAY, Michael Thomas


m to WILLIAMS, Charles Kenneth


129 484 485

IMURRAY, Henrietta Sara

m to SEVERNE, Christina Anne

MORRIS, Phyllis Constance

180 129

m to PARKER, Caroline Ann

m to GIESEN, Andrew John Charles

MORMS, David MORRIS, Gordon

179 179

m to DA VIES, Susan Margaret (Sue)

MORMS, Adrianne Mary Helena


m to BORTHWICK, Belinda Hope

m to MUNN, Nancy Elizabeth

MORKANE, Sarah Ruth May

155 155 152

m to WHITE, June Katherine

m to DRUMMOND, Sallie Elizabeth 09.12.1997


m to NEWTON, Edward Thomas Charles ries

m to WOOD, Helen Amanda

MOORE, Rachel Elizabeth


m to JACKSON, Leigh Ann



Antonia Clare 06.08.1964 m to WILLIAMS, Timothy Charles Bentham ntham

MORROW, Samuel William

m to JEFFERD, Janet Mary

MOORE, Amanda Mary




MOODIE, Gabrielle Anne MOODIE, John Eisdell




Louise (Penny) m to ORMEROD, Charles Fray

341 341

MORROW, Logan Wayne MORROW, Peter Wayne

MONCKTON, Christopher

MONCKTON, John Jefferd



m to (2)CASHMORE, Richard Martin



m to WYNNE-LEWIS, Peter Thomas

m to (l)FELL, Anthony John




m to WILLIAMS, George Coldham



circa 1896

m to PUTT, Sarah Ethel Jane

MURRAY, Michelle Sarah MURRAY, Phoebe Robin MURRAY, Sandra



m to GIESEN, Robert John

18.11.1997 19.04.1961

MUSPRATT, Belinda Ann



NELSON, Daniel Guy NELSON, David Nicholas NELSON, Derek Anthony

m to RAYNER, Jonathan

MUSPRATT, Christopher


MUSPRATT, Emma Susanna


202 201

m to CANNING, Elizabeth Barrett MUTCH, AIison Louise

18.06.1962 16,10.1925

201 201


NELSON, Francis Ernest


611 609



m to WILLIAMS, Winifred Beetham


m to MASON-ELLIOTT, Diana Mary NELSON, Graham Edward 16.03.:1959

m to ARMSTRONG, Jonathan Winchester ster

MYERS, Michael Norman


NELSON, Guy Harold


m to CHAPMAN, Judith Martyn MYBGtLL, Mary Anderson

NELSON, Guy William NELSON, Hilda Margaret


m to CLAPHAM, Deborah Jane (Debbie) ** ** **>|s* NAmN, Paula ** ** **** NAIRN, Stuart John

212 212

611 642



NELSON, James Edward



m to MABEY, Bridget Ann NELSON, James Francis (Jim)



NELSON, James Francis (Jim)



m to (2)RICHARDS, Yvonne NELSON, James Palmer






m to WILLIAMS, William NELSON, Jane Palmer








m to (2)COOPER, Anthony S NELSON, Jennifer Catherine NELSON, Jennifer Helen

13.05.11969 24.02.11940

350 632



m to SARLL, Georgina Sybil Gratwick NELSON, John Mason 21.05.:1944


NELSON, Hugh Douglas m to SMITH, Cynthia Helen Margaret

m to (l)PALMER, Patricia Florence

m to COWAN, Elizabeth Mary


*!]! !|<!|! *!|i!j!*

NANT, Jacqueline m to WILLIAMS, Gary Standish NATHAN, Valerie Constance


212 478






523 523

m to ORR, Helen Anne

m to MACKAY, Peter Buchanan m to WARREN, Geoffrey John 11.12.1956

m to TYLEE, Robert Michael

NELSON, Janet m to (l)ALLEN, Robert

m to BROSNAHAN, Maree Therese

NATZKE, Phillip Charles


NATZKE, Susan Anne


523 337

m to DRABBLE, Graham Peter

NATZKE, Todd Grice NEAL, Brian Keadrick


NEAL, Cara Louise




523 164 164 164

m to HUNT, John Hamilton

NELSON, John Dudley

m to WILLIAMS, Chrys Teresa

NEAL, Matthew Lance NEEDHAM, Reece



164 309

m to BURPEE, Sandra Jean

m to BROAD, Anna Morris

NELSON, Katherine Anne


NELSON, Kathleen Margaret m to THOMSON, Charles Herbert


611 638

NELSON, Linda Ruth





10.06..1973 06.07..1963

636 349





NELSON, Michael Craig NELSON, Michael John


NELSON, Monica Jane Sinner NELSON, Paul Sunderland

01.12..1995 02.12..1947

350 635 642 Ill




309 309 636 609 636 Ill 636



NELSON, Mary Jane Rosamond m to MOODIE, John Eisdell


350 Ill 610

NELSON, Michael

NEEDHAM, Richard Morris


NEEDHAM, Thomas John NELSON, Alice Margaret


NELSON, Alice Ruth NELSON, Amy Estelle


NELSON, Angus Mac NELSON, Anne Caroline


06.11.1983 13.06.1981

m to SINNER, James Albert

NELSON, Lionel (Jack) m to CHAMBERS, Esther Margaret

NELSON, Liza Rachel NELSON, Maria Jane m to ELLIS, Robert Bryan James

m to HILSON, Robin John Douglas

NELSON, Beatrice Esther mtoSCHUCARD,Carl

NELSON, Brett Gregory NELSON, Briar NELSON, Charles William NELSON, Christine Winifred Palmer

03.01.1980 28.03.1966




633 642

m to PASTON, John William

NELSON, Claire Miriama NELSON, Cristobal Miguel


m to COTTERILL, George Robert

339 338

NEAL, Lance

349 636


m to WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham

MYOCEVICH, Kristen Rose 20.10.1995 MYOCEVICH, Shane John 17.07.1965

NATZKE, Michael William NATZKE, Peter William


m to MATTHEWS, Rhoda Anne Marriott iott (Bobbie) (Bobbie)

(Molly) 28,03.1889

NATION, Dinah GIadys


636 636 633

NELSON, Emma St John

NELSON, George Stephen 29.01.1967


m to GREENOUGH, Joan

m to SAINTY, Jillian Lawrence

MUSPRATT, James Canning MUSPRATT, John Scott



m to ADAMS, Jean Emily 27.05..1968

m to FRASER, Carol

NELSON, Richard Rupert fcionWEBSTER, Elizabeth

m to LAWSON, Wendy


NELSON, Rosemary Margaret 06.02.1938

NEWTON, Edward Thomas


Charles 24.01.1909

m to KEMP, Kenneth Peter

NELSON, Rosemary St John 05 ,06.1968


NEWTON, Elizabeth Enid 26.02.1949

m to ACLAND, John Barton

NELSON, Ross Duncan 01.11.1980 NELSON, Saffron Rachel 16.04.1972 and BENNETT, Simon R NELSON, Samuel William 05.06.1975 NELSON, Sarah Kate 11.11.1974 NELSON, Sarah Kate **,**,****

NELSON, Sarah St John 01.08.1977 NELSON, Scott Alexander 20.09.1970 NELSON, Susan 25.05,1969 NELSON, Sydney Charles 23.05.1933 m to COOPER, Brigit Nancy NELSON, Tara Joanne 10.10.1982

636 633

m to MITCHELL, Pierre Claude NEWTON, Guy Thomas French 27.09.1992 NEWTON, Mark Jeremy 01.02.1982 NEWTON, Prunella Jean 19.10.1950 NEWTON, Thomas Alexander 20.12.1980

611 633 642 611 635 635 349

NICHOLAS, Wendy Elizabeth 29.03. 1966

NELSON, Virginia Frances 29.12.1946 NELSON, Warwick Sydney 07.10.1961 NELSON, William 15.02.1843

NICKLIN, Lee Ann ^**^***

636 635 633 638 349 474

NICOL, Jessie Isabel 01.09.1901


m to KEMP, Athel Lewis NILSSON, Sally Vivianne 13.09.1945


m to BARTON, Alan John NIMON, Sara 20.11.1966


631 635 635

NDCON, Annie **.**. 1894


m to BRANCH, Leslie Roy NOAKES, Annabel Kate 08.11.1995 NOAKES, Charles Patrick 17.05. 1961

543 543

m to CORKILL, Ruth Margaret

NOAKES, Tessa Mary 29.01.1994 NOLAN, Mary Joyce 27.10.1916

610 609

m to HONEYFIELD, Sally NEWLAND, Clare Agnes 03.12.1917 m to WILSON, Harold Ralph NEWLAND, David Bruce 25.01.1945

NORMAN, Grant Robert



642 334

m to LUDBROOK, Alice Mary NORMAN, Lucas Robert



NORMAN, Oliver John NORMAN, Per Arae

368 368 358


m to MARSHALL, Julia NORMS, Amanda Christina

NEWLAND, David Lean 16.05.1912 m to WILSON, Mary Elizabeth (Betsy) NEWLAND, Elizabeth Mary 27.03.1949 NEWLAND, Heath David 18.06.1971 NEWLAND, Heather Angela 25.07 . 1942

** ** !|:***






** !j!* !)!***

NORRIS-KEARNS, Fraser Lyle NORTON, Kiri Terehea

^^ 4:* ^***

545 545 198

NORMS, Dinah Allison


m to WILLIAMS, Anthony Leonard

334 334 332


m to BRAMLEY, Michael Guy

m to HAMMOND, Matthew Lynn

NEWLAND, James Kemp 16.12.1973 NEWLAND, Jocelyn Mary 21.03.1953

334 334

m to REMETIS, Peter

NEWLAND, Natalie Jane 21.03.1977 NEWLAND, Nicholas Matthew 03.03.1978 NEWLAND, Philip Justin 09.09.1974 NEWLAND, Varien Clare 16.08.1943

334 334 334 333

NURSE, Charles William NURSE, David Harry


NURSE, Guy Andrew


NURSE, William Andrew


83 84 83 83

m to WILLIAMS, Julia Mary O'BMEN, Janie



s|!* ** ****






and GRIMMOND, Julian Thomas Betham O'KELLY, Margaret Mary 13.09.1955



m to MILLER, John Owen

0'CONNOR, Doris Elizabeth

m to STEELE, Roderick George

m to LUDBROOK, Alien Kenneth

NEWMAN, Eve Rosanne 31.10.1933


m to GRAY, Fabian Douglas Hall (Tim) ** *!|! **** NEWMAN, Trevor


0'CONNOR, Elizabeth Jane m to GRIGG, Peter Gilbert Kenneth

O'HAGAN, Frith Liza

m to GRAY, Ann Julia





m to WHITE, Christopher Stephen

NEWTON, Edward Humfrey


m to KEARNS, Nicholas Bernard Francis

m to HICKEY, Janet

NEWTON, Claire Elizabeth


m to WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham (Bill)

m to MALDEN, Henry

NELSON, Ximena Jean 11.02.1975 NEWLAND, Alan John 17.07.1946

543 93

m to WILLIAMS, Terence Leslie Carleton

NOLAN, Patricia Elizabeth 30.05. 1924

m to HAGEDORN, Caroline Rosemary

NELSON, Winifred Gwendoline 15.07.1897


m to PARKER, Philip Peter

m to McKENNA, Jeanne

NELSON, William Palmer 01.02.1939


m to CACCIA-BIRCH, Damon John

m to WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline

NELSON, William Hugh 03.08.1972 NELSON, William Lionel 07.06.1943

153 153 153 153 320

m to BRANCH, Henry Kenneth

m to WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline

NELSON, William 15.02.1843


m to BONE, David Forbes

NICHOLLS, Elsie 29.11.1896

NELSON, Thomas Michael William 07.08.1969 NELSON, Timothy Denis 08.07.1943


m to MURPHY, Monica Constance

m to WALKER, Catherine Mary


m to TWEEDIE, Simon Vere

O'RORKE, Edith Jacqueline



m to DUNCAN, John David O'RORKE, Forbes



O'RORKE, Mary Letitia


OJALA, Eric Mervyn


81 232

m to WILLIAMS, Patricia Mary OJALA, Helen Jean





m to WILLIAMS, Quentin PARKER, Alice Susan 25.07.1996 126



PARKER, Anthony Gordon

PANTER, Elysia Ruth 11.01.1990 289 PANTER, Genevieve Kathleen 16.10.1991 289

PANTON, Charlotte

m to WILLIAMS, Letty Martyn

Grace Davies 27.07.1990 573 PANTON, Hamish Bruce 06.12.1955 573 m to DA VIES, Susan (Sue) PANTON, Marcus Henry Davies 06.09.1995 573 PANTON, Sophie Rose Davies 05.09.1992 573 PARK, Marion Tory 24.07.1919 567

m to LUCY, Michael Francis

OJALA, Robin Athol and DA VIES, Melonie Jane

ORMEROD, Charles Fray

Hastie(Tony) 16.01.1930 383 m to LUDBROOK, Diana Robin BARKER, Caroline Ann 03.09.1969 129 m to MURRAY, Hamish PARKER, Diana Elizabeth 18.09.1968 384 PARKER, Geoffrey Kent 05.11.1961 384

m to MONEYPENNY, Robena Louise (Penny)

ORMEROD, Olia Barton




m to GRAY, Edith Lucy

ORMEROD, Robin Ann ORMEROD, Shiriey ORMOND, Phillida Ann


509 506 617

m to RUSSELL, John Rolleston ORR, Helen Anne





m to ROBERTSON, Angela Grace PARKER, James Alien 08.06.1930 125 m to MATTHEWS, Lesley Anne PARKER, Jan Mary 18.06.1960 126

** ** ****


BARKER, John Ludbrook 21.06.1966 3 84 PARKER, Julie Diane 28.02.1968 127




m to NELSON, James Palmer

ORR-EWING, Edward Lindsay m to FERGUSSON, Jean Annie

OSBORNE-SMITH, June Sheila (Topsy) m to DEANS, William Russell OVERBYE, Alison Frances

m to GYENGE, George John

m to ELLINGHAM, Mark PARKER, Kay Suzanne 01.09.1957 125 m to SMITH, Frederick Colin PARKER, Lydia Lucy 19.04.1990 384 PARKER, Madeleine Rose 29.09.1993 384

m to GARRET!, William Edward John

OVERBYE, Andrew Michael OVERBYE, Carl Vincent

20.06.1994 12.08.1963

89 88

PARKER, Margaret Alice Janette 10.09.1930 228 m to JACKSON, Michael Rhodes PARKER, Michael Kenneth 03.09.1959 126 BARKER, Nichola Anne 19.07.1956 125

m to MILLS, Dorraine

OVERBYE, Daniel Liam OVERBYE, Hugh William


90 89




90 89


m to HORSFALL, Jane Vivienne

OVERBYE, Jon Douglas

m to COPPIN, Christopher PARKER, Peter Richard 15.09.1933 126

m to WILLIAMS, Stella Frances

OVERBYE, Joshua Nathan OVERBYE, Ralph Douglas


m to CAMERON, Bette Joan

PARKER, Philip Peter 22.09.1961 126

m to SCHMIDT, Michelle Ann

OVERBYE, Richard James OVERBYE, Sarah Michelle

11.11.1991 05.10.1992

OVERBYE, Sinead Anne PAGE, Andrew Edward

05.10.1996 13.02.1964

89 90 89 240

m to NIMON, Sara

PARKER, Richard Charles 01.10.1904 125 m to FAULKNER, Jean Anabelle

PARKER, Simon Charles 28.09.1938 128 m to REYNOLDS, Sally PARKER, Suzanne Jean 07.03 , 1935 127

m to WARREN, Juliet Roese

PAGE, Matthew Edward PAINE, Anne

17.07.1996 23.12.1933

240 548

m to GIESEN, John Hugh PARKER, Tanya Sally 12.06.1965 128

m to MACLEAN, Michael Anson

PAINE, David Charles Haydon PAINE, Fiona Margaret PAINE, Niven Charles


514 514 513





m to MARSHALL, Nina Evelyn PARMITTER, Charles Nigel **.**. 1939 359 PARMITTER, Pauline Huberte **.**. 1936 359



PARSONS, Maree Colleen 12.09.1964 615



m to CAVE, Philip Russell PASSMORE, Helen Jane 01.04.1964 490


PASSMORE, Jillian Mary 29.04.1966 490

05.04.1972 29.10.1973

and HARRE, Miro PARKER, Victoria Susan 31.05.1967 128

m to ANDREWS, Keitha Susan

PALMER, Beatrice Daisy m to MACLEAN, Kenneth Edward

PALMER, Patricia Florence m to NELSON, James Francis (Jim)

PALMER, Robert William

m to HAZLETT, David BARKER, Wendy Jane 11.06.1964 126 PARMITTER, Charles Adrian **.**, 1903 359

m to DAVIES, Wendy Elizabeth

PAMMENT, Gillian Lynn

m to HAYCOCK, Phillip

m to WILLIAMS, Simon Charles Alien 18.09.1958

m to GRIGG, Simon Christopher

m to ROBINSON, Jessica Ruth Caccia


490 PEMBERTON, Douglas Gregory



1988 1983 25.11. 1954

593 592 194



** ** ****


1940 1996 14.09. 1937

395 536 535




282 PETERSEN, Richard David





PATCHETT, Marianne 14.12.1965

m to FORSYTH, Deborah Kay 282 PETERSEN, Samuel James 282 PETERSEN, Susan Jean

1995 1967

536 536

PATCHETT, Philip Edward 20.08.1960

282 m to HEWITT, James Donald

m to HULME, Lilyan Linda PATTERSON, Bonnie Jean 21.10.1977

PETERSEN, Thomas William 103 PETERSON, Bruce St Clair


1997 1953

536 486




** ** ****



22.06. 1988


206 Julian




** **








386 330

PASSMORE, Robert Gordon 04.11.1934 PASSMORE, Robert Mark 04.12.1968 PASTON, Andrew John 13.12.1976 PASTON, James William 01.02.1972 PASTON, Joanna Katherine 18.08.1978 PASTON, John William 14.07.1936 m to NELSON, Christine Winifred Palmer PASTON, Mark Nelson 13.12.1976 PASTON, Simon Christopher 28.12.1974 PATCHETT, Anthony Siosi 06.07.1985 PATCHETT, Fonima Sarah 01.10.1988

PATCHETT, Irving Anthony Hetherington 02.01.1939

490 PEMBERTON, Joshua Gregory 612 PEMBERTON, Matthew Gerald 612 PERCIVAL, Raewyn Jean

PATCHETT, Irving Thomas 01.06.1975 PATCHETT, Jennifer 07.04.1962 m to HUTCHINSON, Toa Sanele PATCHETT, Joseph Lisati 28.09.1986

PATTERSON, Katharine

612 PERRIN, Sally Mary

m to MACKAY, Timothy John PATTERSON, Melanie Jane 13.04.1974

612 PERRY, Roland Maunsell 612 m to LUDBROOK, Jocelyn Anne

282 PERRY, Virginia Helen 282 PETERSEN, Benjamin Carl PETERSEN, David Marius

PATTERSON, Owen Jack (Owie) 16.11.1953 m to BANNISTER, Eva Jane PATTISON, Fanny 12.08.1913


282 m to SYME, Diana Mary 282 m to IRVINE, Rachael Marjorie



139 PETHERBMDGE, Barbara Ann m to McLACHLAN, Peter Raymond


m to VON HUBEN, Rence

m to CANNING, Robert Alexander

PATTMCK, Wendy Ruth 11.09.1963 m to FITZGERALD, Patrick David Temple PAXMAN, Arthur Keith 12.05.1922 de facto REED, Celia Elizabeth PAYTON, Dermot Hurlston 19.02.1945 m to WILLIAMS, Megan PAYTON, Emma Louise 11.03.1972 PAYTON, Lucy Jane 10.10.1973 PAYTON, Richard William 02.02.1970

269 PETHERBRIDGE, Peter Michael m to ??, Marita

104 PETHERBRIDGE, Rosalind and BIGENI, Mike

571 PETHERBMDGE, Teagan PETITT, Nancy 572 PETTIGREW, Alice Sarah


572 PETTIGREW, Anna Margaret


PETTIGREW, Colin Stanley

m to COWE, Melinda

495 m to JEFFERD, Rosemary Margaret

m to TOMBLESON, Guy Leonard PEARCE, May Vater **.**. 1901 m to MARSHALL, Alan Hadfield PEARCE, Susan Elizabeth 29.01.1945

PETTIGREW, Emily Rose 358 PHELPS, Gay

m to WILLIAMS, Richard Alister (Buzz) PEARSON, Fiona Campbell 15.12.1945 m to WILLIAMS, Francis James Nigel

PEATE, Anthony Roger 04.01.1967 PEATE, Clement Cecil 08.04.1902 m to HADFIELD, Gwendolyn Margaret

588 PHELPS-BROWN, Kathryn (Kate)

209 256

13.04 .1961


01.05 .1959


19.07 .1981

207 207

363 m to PINCKNEY, David William

363 PfflLLIPS, John Robert PfflLLIPS, Richard Cameron 363 m to CANNING, Anne Louise

363 PfflLLIPS, Sarah Anne PfflLP, John Robert Mills


549 m to BUNNY, Philippa Leslie

!t!!|l !|<!|S !|Si|!**

PfflLP, Matthew John 223 PfflLP, Nicholas James PfflLP, Sarah Elisabeth


593 m to PLOWMAN, Graham John

m to DAVES, Nina Pearson

26.05 .1944

09.05 .1982

m to WILLIAMS, David


m to KLEE, Lionel Victor

10.07 .1948

209 209 209

m to WILLIAMS, Thomas Coldham

258 PHELPS, Kathleen Fay


m to WAGNER, Natalie

** ** ****

572 m to ROBSON, John Roy

PEACOCK, Ruth 24.06.1953

PEMBERTON, Daniel William

** **

m to LUDBROOK, Josephine Susan

m to WIGGINS, Damien



m to KEMP, James Ernest

m to TOMBLESON, Natalie Claire

Linda Holmes (Kate) 14.09.1953

PECK, Margaret Lynn



612 m to VICKERMAN, Anthony Rhys

PETERSEN, Michael Carl

m to WIGLEY, Marianne Cranstoun

PEATE, Lachlan Richard PEATE, Roger Hadfield


m to WILLIAMS, Louise Rachel

m to GRAY, Susan Mary

07.03 .1950 16.01 .1978 27.08 .1937 22.08 .1968 02.11 .1971 06.12,.1965

207 91 92 92 91

PICKFORD, James Todd PICKFORD, William Andrew Sterndale


POORE, Elizabeth Julia




m to WILSON, John Paul 26.07.1962


POORE, Judith Rosamund




m to PIERCE, Alan Douglas POORE, Marion Rosalind







** *!]! *!|;*!|:



350 350

m to DA VIES, Megan

PICOT, Alison Mary 08.07.1962 m to GREENE, Antony Wilson Clayton PICOT, Andrea Jane 10.07.1960

m to HODSON, Richard John


POORE, Roger R m to CANNING, Diana Marion

m to SMITH, Peter

PICOT, Jaclyn


PICOT, Michelle Anne



581 582

and WILLIAMS, Miles Stuart


m to FORDE, Glen

PICOT, Richard Leonard

** !i!* **!|1*


m to ROGERSON, Emma Louise


m to HARVEY-WILLIAMS, Jennifer Joyce

PIERCE, Alan Douglas 03.03 .1957


m to POORE, Judith Rosamund

PIERCE, Ashley 05.02.1984 PIERCE, Emily 06.01.1986 PIERCE, Mary Isabel 16.04.1871 m to WILLIAMS, Percy Temple PIKE, Diana 15.07.1935 m to GARDINER, John Alien PILKINGTON, Adrian Hugh 01.09.1958

201 201 283

m to (l)VAN DER VELDE, Martinus J PILKINGTON, Lesley Anne 24.09.1959

m to COOPER, Brigit Nancy POWELL, Jennifer Mary m to LUTZ, Kurt William

^^ ^ ^^^4;


POWELL, Judith Ann



m to SUNDERLAND, Graeme Bruce 28.01.1918



m to CURRIE, Robert George Manson (Robin) PRESTON, Harriet Ann 01.11.1957



m to WATSON, Hugh Geoffrey PRICE, Carolyn Joy 09.04.1950



m to WILLIAMS, Gary Standish PMCE, Kathleen Joan 27.08.1972



POWER, Marie Willamere

m to HARROP, Pamela

PILKINGTON, Lesley Anne 24.09.1959

and CLAPHAM, Terrence Peter (Terry)

m to (2)JACKSON, Michael Gerard

PRTOHAM, Anthony Robert 16.04.1964 m to WILLIAMS, Anna Belinda PRIESTLEY, Dinah Margaret 01.10.1964

PILIONGTON, William Archibald 12.02.1914


m to WILLIAMS, Anne Patricia

PINCHEN, Wilfred 13.02.1944


m to TOMBLESON, Anne Juliet PINCKNEY, Anna Mary 25.05.1970 PINCKNEY, David William 16,09.1963

618 618

117 547

m to MACLEAN, Roger Francis

PROBY, Joanna Margaret 22.11.1946


m to WOODS, Edward Richard

PUCKEY, Annie Matilda Sophia Marilla 26.06.1858

m to PHELPS-BROWN, Kathryn (Kate)

PINCKNEY, Georgia Harriet Ann 16.01.1993 PINCKNEY, Peter William ** .04.1927



m to WD-.LIAMS, William Temple

PUCKEY, Cora Matilda

618 618

Whewell 07.08.1867


m to WILLIAMS, Norman Theodore

m to LOWRY, Margaret Ann

PURCHAS, Esme Guyon 30.09.1899


618 618 618 134

m to WILLIAMS, Philip Leslie Bruce PURDIE, Cora Gwendoline Jean 08.06.1925 PURDffi, Edmund Hamilton ********

170 170

PITCEATHLY, Amanda Stuart **.**.****


m to GOOCH, Michael John PLOWMAN, Andrew John 19.11.1975 PLOWMAN, Catherine Louise 07.07.1970

491 490

PUTT, Amber 05.06.1977 PUTT, Amy Belinda 27.07.1986 PUTT, Colin Kelston 15.09.1926

PINCKNEY, Rose Alexandra Phelps 13.07.1995 PINCKNEY, Thomas Peter 05.07.1965 PINCKNEY, William Guy 01.01.1997 PIRINEN, Anja Katri 18.08.1945

m to WILLIAMS, Janie Theodora

m to HEER, Heinrich Johannes

PLOWMAN, Graham John 25.07.1967


m to PHILP, Sarah Elisabeth PLOWMAN, Gregory Michael 13.08.1972 PLOWMAN, Michael Vernon 22.04.1941

490 490

m to GRAY, Robyn

PLUMMER,June 03.04.1912

m to WATSON, Margaret Jane

PUTT, Gerard Charles 19.07.1955 m to (l)McCORMICK, Fiona Anne PUTT, Gerard Charles 19.07.1955

m to STRACHAN, Andrew Kenneth


m to WILLIAMS, Herbert Meyric POIRET, Martine 12.12.1953


m to HARRISON, Jeremy Clear POORE, Caroline Louise 31.03.1955


483 484 481 483 483

m to (2)McLEOD, Elizabeth Jervis (Liz) PUTT, Henry Richard (Harry) 1 1.06.1960 PUTT, Margaret Ann (Peg) 05 .06.1953 m to (l)HUTCHESON, Richard

484 482

PUTT, Margaret Ann (Peg) 05.06.1953


de facto (2)LIDDELL, Neil (Nav) PUTT, Margaret Ann (Peg) 05.06.1953


m to SPENCER, Montgomery Martyn


de facto (3)GRAHAM, Alistair Menzies

PUTT, Robert Colin


PUTT, Sarah Ethel Jane

25.11.1962 m to MURRAY, Michael Thomas (Mick)

PYNENBURG, Rachael Elizabeth PYNENBURG, Ronald John

482 484




PYNENBURG, Samuel Nicholas PYNER, Acacia Marjorie


PYNER, Jeremy Dorian


543 641 641

Standish 06.04.1880 m to WILLIAMS, Rachel Millicent REED, Andrew Patrick 26.10.1950 REED, Barbara Ann 05.08.1916


QUENAUX, Stephonie


641 330

REED, Caroline Amy 31.10.1983 REED, Caroline Sarah 03. 10.1953



RAINE, Amanda Leigh RAINE, Casey


RAINE, Christopher Charles


353 352 352

m to DUGDALE, Brett Ellis **.**.1992





RAINE, Mitchell


RAINE, Peter Anthony


352 352

REED, Erin Muriel 23.04.1982 REED, Frederick Ross Lang 06.12.1996 REED, Guy Nicholas 24.09.1981 REED, Janet Millicent 07.01. 1927 REED, Jeremy William 29.09.1954

m to HAWKES, Jocelyn Adderley

RAINE, Mark Nevil m to BEARE, Lynette

m to (l)RITCHIE, Alison RAINE, Peter Anthony

RAINEY, Annabel Mary Davies



REED, Judith Mary 25.10.1947 m to CROPPER, Nicholas

03,10.1973 20.04.1989

352 574

REED, Kelly Rachael 06.05.1978 REED, Kirsty Evelyn 13.05 . 1951


574 574

REED, Louis Davie Lang 30. 10.1993 REED, Lucy Rachel 03.04.1952 m to SANDFORD, lan David REED, Megan Charlotte 26.06.1976 REED, Nicholas Ralph 01,08.1953

RAINEY, Elizabeth May Davies RAINEY, Jonathan Barton


Barton RALEIGH, James Alexander


RALEIGH, Michael John

** ** **!!!*


574 205 205



m to SYKES, David Martin

REED, mchard Sydney 08.02.1913 m to MURPHY, Elizabeth Muriel REED, Robin Standish 02.08.1938

RASMUSSEN, Christopher Michael

m to WILLIAMS, Annette Gledhill RATHBONE, Prudence Anne


151 151 151





24.03.1982 17.02.1984

REED, Ruth Agnes 12.01.1914

m to HUTTON, Elizabeth Alice RAY, Susant Oliver RAYNER, Alexander Machon RAYNER, Jonathan

REED, Sidney Mary Jane 21.11.1944

it* >|!!H *S|!S|<*



327 201 201

06.04.1993 21.06.1959

m to (l)REEVE, Anthony Martin Felton 21.11.1944 REED, Sidney Mary Jane m to (2)LENNOX-KING, Oliver 29.03.1948 REED, Simon Edward

m to SMITH, Alister Meyric William

107 265 105 265 266 106 105 106 267 266 106 103 104 107 104 104 105

m to EDWARD, Breacher Pulisa

REED, Thomas Matthew Lang REED, Thomas Walton

21.08.1990 06.12.1910

265 265

m to HENDERSON, Hannah Eleanor Evelyn

m to MUSPRATT, Belinda Ann

RAYNER, Nicholai William Hockin

105 266 106 108 106

m to WILSON, Frank Henderson

m to JEFFERD, Andrew Charles Reeves

RAY, Shishir Ronjon


m to DALY, Moira Margaret

m to GRAY, Anthony Charles

RATTRAY, Sally Janet


m to STUDHOLME, Annabel Louise

REED, Nigel John Vernon 12.09.1951 REED, Nigel Vernon 31.10.1913 m to LANGSTAFF, Ellen Elizabeth REED, Olivia Ruth 27.09.1983

m to SUTHERLAND, Cindy Anne

RASMUSSEN, Kate Elizabeth RASMUSSEN, Wayne John


m to McGILL, lan William

m to DAVIES, Judy RAINEY, Thomas Michael

RAMMERS, Casandra (Sandy)


m to BENNETT, Nicola Josephine REED, Joseph Mungo **.**. 1986

m to (2)KRISHNAN, Simmi

RAINE, Rohan

106 267

m to ELLIOTT, James Kennedy

m to KING, Angela

RAINE, Glyn Bulmer

106 107

m to HILL, James Charles

REED, Celia Elizabeth 14.11.1941 de facto PAXMAN, Arthur Keith REED, Christine Stewart 21.06.1921 m to GRAY, Maxwell Camplin REED, Eila Josephine 25.12.1949 m to SEARLES, Clive Barrington (Barry) REED, Elfie Clare Temple 20.11.1917

m to ROBSON, John Roy

QUINN, Eimear


m to BAKER, Peter de Bree

m to THOMSON, Christine Margarett

PYNER, Morgan Charles


REED, Alfred Vincent

m to CORKILL, Susan Jane 14.01.1979

160 160

m to HARVISON, Jane Louise

REDDING, Sarah Elizabeth 18.10.1991 05.12,1990


REDDING, Amy Louise 11.01.1990 REDDING, Keith James 18.02.1959

REED, Vernon David Lang 09.09.1955 24.06.1995 16.06.1970

201 570


m to COOK, Mary Ann


REED, Vernon Herbert

07.05. 1871


RITCfflE, AIison

m to WILLIAMS, Eila Mabel

REEVE, Anthony Martin Felton m to REED, Sidney Mary Jane REEVES, Angus James Stanley REEVES, Fiona Margaret

ROADLEY, Elaine ** ** ****


02.08. 1975

641 245

ROBERTS, Sandra Ruth 14.11. 1967 12.12.








09.02.1993 05.11.1956

623 623 98



ROBINSON, Amelia Frances


ROBINSON, Andrew William ROBINSON, Belinda Eleanor

20.11.1992 01.07.1963

98 99 382



29.07.1960 11.09.1960

289 202




203 97 97

ROBERTSON, Angela Grace


ROBERTSON, John Barry m to GRIFFITHS, Anna Maree


REEVES, Nicholas Charles

27.08. 1976

REID, Amanda

14.04. 1945

641 272

ROBERTSON, Laura Bridget ROBERTSON, Timothy William ROBINSON, Alastair Garth

m to JEFFERD, John Busby (Jack)

ROBINSON, Alastair Garth m to MANNION, Penelope Cranstoun

08.09. 1962


m to GARDINER, Robyn Marianne

1997 03.09. 1895 30,09.

575 548

m to AVERILL, Samuel Rochford

ROBINSON, Benjamin Francis

m to MACLEAN, Frederick Hector


04.08. 1953




ROBINSON, Donald Guy Thomas


ROBINSON, Guy Francis

Julia Kate

m to JAMES, Reina Christina


19.07. 1946

m to WYNNE-LEWIS, Susan

m to NEWLAND, Jocelyn Mary

RENDALL, Judith m to COTCHING, William Edward RENNER, Beatrice Mary


m to MANNION, Penelope Cranston

m to MARX, Andrew John Locke

REDO, Samuel John Antone RED), Vernice Ethel


m to PARKER, Geoffrey Kent

23.04. 1924

REID, John Anthony

!]!* ** ****

m to JOLL, Christopher Mark

m to THOMSON, Anne Mary (Min)

REEVES, Margaret Shirley Leigh


m to WIGLEY, Benjamin Alexander Cranstoun

m to BUSH, David Horndon

REEVES, lan James Stewart


m to RAINE, Peter Anthony

01.03. 1955

and STONE, Rosemary 31.01. 1926

ROBINSON, Guy Thomas ROBINSON, Henrietta Anne ROBINSON, Hugh Amuri


m to KEMP, Bruce Francis

RENNBE, Amber Caroline Manea RENNIE, Ben Maoate

30.11. 1979

RENNIE, Christina

26.06. 1946

122 121 121



05.08. 1980

18.03.1980 29.09.1912

m to WILLIAMS, Virginia Carleton

ROBINSON, Hugh Amuri ROBINSON, Hugh Carleton

13.11.1981 02.10.1951

97 97

m to BOWLER, Rosalee Vita

m to ANGELOV, Rossen Dimitrov




ROBINSON, Jacob Alexander

03.06.1988 11.10.1991

RENNIE, Linda Mary Moeroa m to MINOGUE, Michael Wilfrid



ROBINSON, Jaime Alice ROBINSON, Jessica Ruth

489 203 98 203



RENNIE, Sarah RENNIE, William James

12.10 .1974

121 122

ROBINSON, Joy Virginia ROBINSON, Kaye Patricia


11.01 .1948


99 110

04.08 .1943


ROBINSON, Martin Thomas



ilHs ** ****

RENNIE, James Maoate


m to WILLIAMS, Clemency Agnes Empson npson

RENNDE, John David


m to SILKE, Cathleen Rachel


Caccia m to PANTER, David Anthony

m to WILLIAMS, Arnold Christopher

m to MacLEOD, Dale


m to CARR-SMITH, Tina

m to PARKER, Simon Charles


12.01 .1945


01.08 .1915


m to DUNACHIE, Gillian Clare RIJKEN, Johanna

19.11.1953 05.08.1960



281 99 97

** ** ****


21,11 .1916


ROBINSON, Rebecca ROBINSON, Rebecca Virginia ROBINSON, Samuel Amuri

03.11 .1973


m to WOOD, Penelope Anne

** **: ****


20.01.1989 12.07.1986

m to BLASIUS, Betty Ann (Betts)

ROBINSON, Nicola Margaret

m to WILLIAMS, Morvyn (Tim)


ROBINSON, Nicholas John 642

m to KEARNS, Elizabeth Patience

RIDDIFORD, Philippa Therese


** ** ****

m to TURNER, Robert Stewart

WDDER, Peter John

ROBINSON, Natalie Cranston ROBINSON, Nelson Carleton

489 281 99 98 98


RHODES, Victoria Patricia Mary m to WILLIAMS, Nicholas Martyn RICHARDS, Yvonne m to NELSON, James Francis (Jim)


m to JEFFERD, Bruce Donald Reeves3 12.05.1991 12.04.1950

ROBINSON, Samuel Jesse


ROBINSON, Stephen Elsworth


m to CACCIA-BIRCH, Margaret Jennifer (Jendy)

m to LUDBROOK, Richard Lawrence


100 288

ROBmSON, Thomas ROBINSON, Thomas Neil ROBINSON, Toby Joseph Elsworth


10.11.1994 10.11.1994

281 99

ROSS, Thomas Charles ROWE, Emma Adele Selena ROWE, IMartin Andrew


289 489

m to GIESEN, Adele Jean RUEDI, Ursula

** ** !|!!|!!|!!(i

m to WATSON, Belinda Rosemary

ROBINSON, Tui Mercedes St Helen ROBINSON, Vita Juliet ROBSON, Amber Jean ROBSON, Brian James

RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton 12.05.1986 20.12.1982 22.10,1977


100 98 330 330


330 330 330





ROBSON, Eugene Quenaux


ROBSON, Hamish ROBSON, John Roy



19,09.1960 24.01.1982

RODER, Martin Louis


330 331 331 372

Katharine 07.01.1936 m to BLAKER, John RUSSELL, Ethel Ida 05.12.1886



RUSSELL, Gerald Arthur 31.10.1889 RUSSELL, Guy Campbell 14.12.1897 RUSSELL, Janet Margaret 25.09.1898 m to KEMBALL, Vero Elliot RUSSELL, John Rollestoa 06.06.1938 m to ORMOND, Phillida Ann RUSSELL, John Tinsley 11.11.1904

m to WILLIAMS, Megan Elizabeth and MACLEAN, Christopher Whitcombe 21.06.1940


617 254 255 617 617 254







255 255 614 617 616

m to ROLLESTON, Rosamond

m to GRAY, Anne Cecile

m to POSSEGER, Mark

RUSSELL, Katherine Mary 11.08.1897


m to DEANS, William RUSSELL, Katherine Mary 05.07.1939 m to CAVE, Adrian Michael


RUSSELL, Margaret

m to McMILLAN, Geoffrey

ROGERSON, Susan Claire


m to BIRCH, Charles Victor

ROBSON, Nigel Bruce ROBSON, Rita May

ROGERSON, Philippa Clare


RUSSELL, Elizabeth

ROBSON, Marcel Quenaux

ROGERSON, Emma Louise


m to McSWEENY, Eve RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton 02.12.1964 RUSSELL, Arthur Edward 24.08.1845 m to WILLIAMS, Ethel Alice RUSSELL, Beatrix Hamilton 22.02.1888 RUSSELL, Daniel John 27.09.1970

m to KEMP, May



RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton 11.01.1903

m to (2)QUENAUX, Stephanie

RODGERS, Pauline May


m to WILLIAMS, Gertrude Mary Beetham

m to (l)PETITT, Nancy

ROBSON, Kenneth Roy

** i|!* ****

526 127 127

m to HEER, Peter Christian

m to KEENAN, Ruth

ROBSON, John Roy

07.08.1990 09.08.1991

Gertrude CMargot) 06.07.1906


m to LOWRY, Thomas Coleman (Tom)

m to BRUNT, Roger Martin


RUSSELL, Rachel Ann 07.06.1967




m to SLEIGH, Michael James RUSSELL, Rachel Gertrude 06.10.1939 RUSSELL, Sam Walcot 22.09.1968

617 617






Alexander 27.09.1954 m to WOODS, Sarah Elizabeth RYAN, Josephine Wallace 22.07. 1960

ROPER, Lucy Marilyn White


ROSS, Angus Eric ROSS, Carolyn Anne ROSS, Charles Macdonald


371 526 525 524

ROGERSON, Timothy Cunliffe


m to COOPER, Robin Diana

ROLLESTON, Rachel Pane m to WILLIAMS, Gerald Standish

ROLLESTON, Rosamond m to RUSSELL, John Tinsley

ROPER, Adrian Richard and WHITE, Melanie Lisa

26.05.1987 13.10.1906 27.05.1985

ROSS, James Alexander


SAATHOF, Alice 13.02.1958

525 526

SABIN,Tracey **.**. 1965


m to WARREN, Neil Mandeville SADLER, Elizabeth Barbara ********


m to WILLIAMS, Samuel Marsh

m to JOYCE. Sarah Louise 28.08.1941




SAINTY, Alexander Charles 04.08. 1989 SAINTY, Isabella Louise 01.02.1996 SAINTY, James Stair 25.04.1987 SAINTY, Jillian Lawrence 12.08.1953


201 201 201 201

m to MUSPRATT, Emma Susanna

SALISBURY, Ann 15.10.1983 SALISBURY, John Gordon 17.06.1949

m to MACLEAN, Nigel Alan ROSS, Kenneth Charles m to VERSCHOORE, Hilda Armanda Esther Francisca

m to GRAY, Barbara Judith SALISBURY, Robert 21.07.1981

ROSS, Martin John 28.11.1955 525

SALISBURY, Susan 03.03. 1980



m to WARREN, Andrew Geoffrey Fiennes

ROSS, Jennifer Helen Maclean m to DUNACHIE, Paul McNeil ROSS, Jennifer Mabel


m to MACKAY. Hamish Buchanan

m to MACLEAN, Anne Margaret Palmer

ROSS, Emily Jana


m to BEST, Jane Susan


500 500 500 500

SALISBURY, Tamara SALMONS, Anne Claire

500 123

SEARLES, Josephine Thea 17.07.1988 267


m to BEATTIE, John Stuart SALMOND, Caroline Margaret



SELDON-TRUSS, Adrien **.**. 1928 503



m to BLUNT, Richard Mark SEVERNE, Amanda Carol 13.10.1953 615

SALMOND, Nicola Susan



m to BAYFORD, Robin SEVERNE, Christina Anne 18.04.1956 615

m to (l)HALE, Richard SALMOND, Nicola Susan



SEVERNE, John de Milt 15.08.1925 614



SEVERNE, Veronica Jane 23.08.1952 614



SEWELL, Alexander James 04.12.1990 558 SEWELL, Alison Mary **,*^**** 343


SEBTI, Simin 15.09.1962 605 m to WILLIAMS, James Nelson Marcus

m to ARLIDGE, Robert Brett

SALMOND, Graham Wilson m to TRIPE, Susan Elizabeth

m to MORRIS, Gordon

m to (2)HIGGINS, Don

SALMOND, Tessa Hope

m to KEMBALL, Katharine Veronica

m to WILLIAMS, Christopher Dan

SAMUEL, Angela Mary

m to DUNNE, Martin Francis Gerard

m to HARVEY WILLIAMS, Simon Philip

SANDFORD, lan David



m to HADFmLD, Grant Gordon

SEWELL, Benjamin Mark 06.06.1993 559 SEWELL, Bernard Malcolm 09.04.1932 558

m to REED, Lucy Rachel

SANDHAM, Ethan John


SANDHAM, Jenna Jean SANDHAM, Salvadore


290 290

John (Sam) 14.03.1959


m to GARDINER, Lexia Merle SEWELL, Dinah Eketuranga 10.10.1929 557 m to DUGDALE, Alan Ellis 8EWELL, Fraser Bernard 30.10.1994 559 SEWELL, Graham Bernard 14.10.1960 559

m to CACCIA-BIRCH, Nicola Mary (Nici)

SARLL, Georgina Sybil Gratwick m to NELSON, John Dudley SATTRUP, Helen Rymer m to WILLIAMS, Jan Standish



1913 1933


m to FRASER, Ngaira Jayne

SEWELL, Grant Kay 27.09.1962 557 SEWELL, ffillary Janet 20.11.1964 557


SEWELL, Kay William

SAVORY, Charlotte Catherine Anne

Warneford 28.09.1928 556 29.09. 1968

SAVORY, Peter John

1972 12.06. 1988 18.09. 1959

m to WILLIAMS, Leslie Gail SAVORY, Rebecca Charlotte


SAVORY, Robert

15.03. 1936

SAVORY, Josephine Elizabeth SAVORY, Kate Sarah



262 262 565 565

m to ATKIN, Janet Ellen

SEWELL, Kenneth Malcolm 30.12.1958 558 m to BROSNAN, Judith Anne SEWELL, Lucy Jayne 30.04.1992 559 SEWELL, Marie Vera 10.01.1927 555

566 261

m to BARKER, George Temple SEWELL, Marion Ruth 13.04.1965 559 SEWELL, Olga Helen 23.07.1934 559 SEWELL, Philippa BIackwood 29.03.1963 560

m to DILLON, Rachel Anne

SAVORY, Samantha Jane

24.02. 1990

SAVORY, Victoria Lucy Lee SAVERS, Nancy Helen Mary m to LUDBROOK, David Whibley

22.06. 1970 07.09.


566 262 382

SCHMIDT, Michelle Ann




** ** ****


m to WILLIAMS, William Andrew SEWELL, Taare Warneford (Rua) 27.04.1901 555 m to WILLIAMS, Vera SEYMOUR, Charles Conway 24.10.1952 301

m to OVERBYE, Ralph Douglas

SCHOLFffiLD, Ralph

m to WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Kerry

** ** ****


SEYMOUR, Henry Conway Charles 11.07.1992 301 SEYMOUR, Jamie Anne 24.06.1989 301



SEYMOUR, Martine Te


319 233

m to FERGUSSON, Edith Margaret

SCHUCARD, Carl m to NELSON, Beatrice Esther

SCOTT, CIaire Alexandra

Ahumai Pitihira 07.05.1968 167

m to LEWIS, Roger

SCOTT, Daniel John SCOTT, Heather Frances

31.10 .1924

m to (l)KELLER, Paul Justin

SEYMOUR, Martine Te Ahumai Pitihira 07.05.1968 167

m to WILLIAMS, Eric Temple

SCOTT, John Richard

25.06 .1947


SCOTT, Lucy Elizabeth

21.11 .1982

SCOTT, Sophie Margaret

11.06 .1976 ** ** .1910

SEAMARK, Winifred

m to (2)MORATTI, Stephen Tausia

SEYMDUR, Pamela Hilary

m to WATSON, Gillian Mary

319 319 496

Anita 21.03.1963 167 m to McKAY, Neil Albert

SEYMOUR, Roberta Huia Christine 22.12.1961 166

m to GRAY, Maxwell Camplin

m to HILL, Stephen

SEARLES, Clive Barrington (Barry)

08.06 .1933


08.03 .1986


Hereaitirangi 04.04.1938 166

m to REED, Eila Josephine

SEARLES, Dominic Nigel

SEYMOUR, Royston


m to WILLIAMS, Anne Christine

SHAKES, Brian Grant


SILVESTER, Danielle Kate SDLVESTER, Jamie Peter SDLVESTER, Peter Kenneth


m to MACLEAN, Victoria Claire

SHAKES, Jessica Elizabeth SHAKES, Thomas David SHANKS, Colin m to WATSON, Wendy Jane SHANKS, Hannah Maree


08.12.1990 09.04.1958 26.05.1993

SHANKS, Kate Rosemary SHANKS, Ross Alexander


SHARPE, Brian William



522 522 488

SIMMONS, Jocelyn

SIMS, Leonard Graham

SHERRARD, Amanda Lee


SHERRARD, Karn Michael


SHERRARD, Lester Albert


495 495 495

SINCLAIR, Deborah Jane SINCLAUt, Donald Richard










380 485 485

m to BUSBY, Judith Margaret

SINCLAIR, Victoria Ray



SLAVICH, Andrew John


SLAVICH, John Kenneth


SHERRIFF, David William

14.06.1972 13.09.1976

m to NELSON, Linda Ruth

SINNER, Michael Nelson SKINNER, Laura Margaret Gwendolyn and LUDBROOK, Michael Geoffrey

m to (l)De COSTA, Anna Mathea

SHERRIFF, David William

m to (2)McCARTHY, Brigid Joan Pearcey rcey

SHERRIFF, Dudley Albert



m to TOMBLESON, Jacqueline Mary



SLAVICH, Kirsty Alice SLAVICH, Stephanie Mary SLEIGH, Charles Ralph



SLEIGH, Michael James


SLOMAN, Ellen Dinah

m to CURRIE, Joyce Bertha Earle

SHERRIFF, Dudley Patrick SHERRIFF, Francis Patrick (Paddy) SHERMFF, John Richard



485 485 617 617



26.06.1987 16.01.1998

m to RUSSELL, Rachel Ann

m to GRAY, Olive Sheila 12.02.1944

m to WILLIAMS, Paul Henry Metcalfe

m to WINCHCOMBE, Ngaire Frances 13.04.1972


SLY, Christine

538 539

SMITH, Alastair 08.04.1945


SHERRIFF, Margot Elizabeth



m to WILLOCK, Patrick David SHERRIFF, Megan Frances


539 538 538 537

15.11.1974 26.05.1940









m to GOURLAY, Alison Margaret

SMITH, Albert Sydney Gray SMITH, Alister Meyric William

m to TULLOCH, Jessie Mary



m to KELLY, Michael George (Mick)

SHERRIFF, Laurence

m to REA, Maree Ann

SMITH, Andrew Simon Maxwell SMITH, Anna Christine


SMITH, Anthony William


148 570 570



SMITH, Benjamin Paul


SMITH, Benjamin Timothy SMITH, Cynthia Helen


125 625



SMITH, Elliot Joseph


SMITH, Frederick Colin


545 125

m to WILLIAMS, Cynthia

m to FRASER, Judith Amanda

SHERRIFF, Sallie Joyce


SfflNGLETON, Susan


540 356

SMITH, Benjamin m to KEARNS, Jennifer Mary

m to SUTCLIFF, Michael Robert *>!; ** !|!**!|!






m to DOVE, Susannah Mary

m to FAULKNER, Nigel Douglas m to COLLETT, Roy Earle 25.09.1944 23.10.1959

Margaret m to NELSON, Hugh Douglas


m to PARKER, Kay Suzanne

m to RENNIE, John David


SMITH, George Michael SMITH, Hannah Maree


570 125




SMITH, Harry Alexander

m to KEMP, Melanie Susan

SILVER, Charlotte Kate


SILVER, Patricia Rose


m to HADFIELD, Michael Strachey

215 215





SINNER, James Albert

SHERRIFF, Danielle Frances

SILKE, Cathleen Rachel


539 537 539 539 538


SILICH, Lynette


m to GROSSE, Frederick

SHERMFF, Alan Samuel SHERRIFF, Ben Dunlop SHERRIFF, Craig William

SIDGWICK, Nicola Gill


m to CLELAND, Lindsay

SINCLADEl, Robin Brignall

m to TOMBLESON, Carol Mary


493 493

m to CAMPBELL, Adrienne Joan


m to MARSHALL, David

SHERRIFF, Nigel Dudley SHERRIFF, Paul William SHERRIFF, Peter Dunlop


m to ADAMS, Donald Wilson


Patrick (Paddy)


m to WILLIAMS, James Timothy William SIMS, Antony Balfour 18.11.1971

488 488 488 82


SHERRIFF, Kari Fraser SHERRIFF, Kirsty Jane


m to VANSTONE, Robyn Lesley

m to CHAPMAN, Helen Rebecca

SHEH.D, Sarah Jane Alexandra


493 493 493

29.06.1995 09.09.1997

634 354



SMITH, Helena Jean 15.11.1997 SMITH, Henri William 30.11.1989 SMITH, Jacqueline

545 SPEEDY, Hale David 29.04.1991 524 570 SPEEDY, Lewis Havelock 11.09.1961 523

Marianne (Jacqui) 13.08.1970 m to MACLEAN, Mark SMITH, Jarrad William 12.08.1995

148 SPEEDY, Meredith Ann 12.01.1990 524

SMITH, John Rhys Baxter 31.12.1944 m to WOODS, Marianne Sybil SMITH, Jonathan Andrew 04.07.1986 SMITH, Joyce Edna (Julie) 19.04.1921 m to WILLIAMS, Alien Craig SMITH, Louis Stevenson 27.12.1993 SMITH, Martin Clive 24.08.1953 m to MACKAY, Mariele Grace

SMITH, Miriam May 17.11.1988 SMITH, Murray 17.06.1956 m to KEARNS, Leah Prudence Jane

SMITH, Patrick John 01.10.1945 m to WILLIAMS, Virginia Margaret (Gee)

SMITH, Peter

st* ** *»!;)!*

m to PICOT, Andrea Jane

SMITH, Richard Stanley Peche


and WILSON, Sarah Anne

SMITH, Rory Benedict SMITH, Samuel Godfrey Oscar Wilson SMITH, Simon Anthony


21.12.1988 24.03.1960

m to STEVENSON, Sara 30.12.1961 SMITH, Spencer Cannon m to HOLDSWORTH, Sarah Louise (Sally) SMITH, Spencer John 08.10.1993 SMITH, Thomas Henry 13.07.1994 SMITH, Toby James 10.10.1988 SMITH, Toby James 31.03.1988 SMITH, Wendy June 01.03 . 1958 SMOCK, Victoria 05.01.1946

m to WILLIAMS, Peter Wallis SMOUT, Anna Claire 25.09 . 1993 SMOUT, Ashley Neill 20.06,1956

m to BROSNAHAN, Susan Annette

SPEEDY, Samuel Havelock 31.03.1988 524

571 SPENCER, Edwin Wffloughby 25.10.1992 358 147 SPENCER, Fergus Montgomery 19.08.1983 200 SPENCER, Guy Barrett 17.11.1985 200 544 SPENCER, Henri Marshall 07.06.1996 358 479 SPENCER, Hugh Peter 25.09.1960 358 m to MARSHALL, Sally Elizabeth 570 SPENCER, Montgomery Martyn 30.08.1951 200 138 m to POORE, Caroline Louise

SPENCER, Pamela Helen 13.09.1946 159 545 m to WILLIAMS, Anthony Philip Marsh 545 STAINER, Jacqueline 12.03.1954 562 m to BURBURY, Nigel Duncan 625 STAINES, David Paul 28.03.1946 150 m to DRUMMOND, Kathleen Frances (Kay) 581 STAINES, Mark Paul 23.11.1972 150 STAINES, Rachael Frances 04.07.1970 150 STANDISH, Edith Frances 20.03.1880 583 187 m to WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) STANDISH, Kate Constance 08.03.1878 478 545 m to WILLIAMS, Frederick Wanklyn STARNES, Colin Keith 20.10.1953 139 187 and MACKAY, Penelope Christine 570 STARNES, Hannah Jane 27.12.1987 139 STARNES, Em Rachel 24.12.1983 139 505 STEEL, Christopher **,**^*** 239 m to WARREN, Rachel Dinah 505 STEEL, Katherine Anna 25.02.1973 83 138 STEEL, Marcus James 05.12.1974 83 126 STEEL, Samuel Harris 01.02.1978 83 625 STEEL, Warwick James 01.11.1948 83 570 m to WILLIAMS, Gabrielle Henrietta 118 STEELE, Dallis Clare 18.11.1965 333 m to BARRETT, Simon Ritchie 336 STEELE, Duncan Jarrod 19.10.1970 333 336 STEELE, Grant Roderick 11,12.1967 333 m to DEW, Leane Lillian

m to MAY, Celia Annette

SMOUT, Graham Nicholas 02.03.1988

336 STEELE, Roderick George 19.08.1939 333

SMYTH, Alice Mary 14.12.1908 m to HADFIELD, Ellis Charles Raymond SMYTH, Christopher 31.07.1963 m to THOMSON, Elizabeth Kate SMYTH, Ryan James 05.05 . 1993 SMYTH, Stacy Adam 26.01.1995 SMYTHE, Brian J 09.10.1946

359 m to NEWLAND, Varien Clare STEELE, Tate James 17.01.1997 333

m to GRAY, Agnes Mary

SMYTHE, Leanne Em 15.10.1973 SMYTHE, Michael Colin 28.12.1976 SMYTHE, Rachel Anne 05.04.1972 m to BAUER, Arne Andrew

SNUSHALL, Wenda Joy 12.07.1930 m to DODGSHUN, Kenneth Christopher SOUCH, Catherine Jane 12.04,1961 and GRIMMOND, Christine Susan Betham SOWMAN, Francesca Nola 06.10.1984 SOWMAN, Lindsay John 26.11.1956

639 STENFERT KROESE, Johannes Arie (Joost) 04.11.1957 304 640 m to GRIGG, Belinda Margaret

640 STENFERT KROESE, 497 Marcus Benjamin 03.06.1993 304

STENTERT KROESE, Nico 498 Pieter 24.11.1996 305 498 STEPHEN, Caroline Mary 21.10.1983 301 497 STEPHEN, Hanna Elizabeth 27.03.1985 301 STEPHEN, John McKenzie 07.12.1953 301 221 m to WILLIAMS, Natalie Margot STEPHEN, Tessa Kate 09.09.1991 301 119 STEPTOE, Brenda Irene 26.08.1935 290 m to CACCIA-BIRCH, William John 305 STEVENS, Gillian Louise 01.08.1962 534 305 m to GOURLAY, John Charles Stewart

m to GRIGG, Celia Phyllis



11.08. 1952

SUNDERLAND, Richard Andrew SUNDERLAND, Richard John


m to GRAY, Dianna Frances


30.10. 1979 30.07. 1973

498 498


137 137





Marmaduke m to COUPER, Mabel Joan Mary SUTCLIFF, Cameron Paul SUTCLIFF, Catherine Harper




SUTCLIFF, Christopher Scan


355 356 357




355 356 356

m to (l)JEFFRIES, Adrienne Gay

SUNDERLAND, Richard John

m to HARRIS, Andrea


m to (2)HUME, Elizabeth Anne 27.07. 1977 13,06. 1962


498 570

m to MACKENZIE, David Charles


m to SMITH, Simon Anthony


16.03. 1975 13.12. 1941

498 643

11.05. 1907




04.04. 1946




STOFFELS, Marie Louise

17.11. 1948


m to WARDELL, John Rex STONE, Rosemary

22.09. 1949


and ROBINSON, Guy Francis STOREY, Cindy-Anne

11.05. 1971


m to McLACHLAN, Edward Morris

STEWART, Eric Joseph m to COTTERILL, Enid Mary

STEWART, Janet May


SUTCUFF, Edward Paul m to LOVETT, Catherine Paige

SUTCLIFF, Joshua David SUTCLIFF, Lindsay Jane SUTCLIFF, Michael Robert

m to WORLEY, John Henry



m to TURNER, Henry Thomas

m to BORTHWICK, Andrew Hamish STRACHAN, Andrew Kenneth

** ** ****

SUTCLIFF, Mitchell Scan SUTCUFF, Paul Richard m to HADFIELD, Dawn Gay (Sue) SUTCLIFF, Susan Dawn


490 308

01.07. 1919


02.09. 1940

STRATFORD, Anthony Warwick STRATFORD, Benjamin John

05.02. 1974

STRATFORD, Peter James


04.05. 1972

1975 26.02. 1977 01.10, 1939

640 640 640 640 640

SWAN, Nancy m to CANNING, Davis (Peter)

^ ^ ^^t^





** ** ****




SYKES, Joanna Mary 22.07.1988 SYKES, Leslie Kathleen 13.03.1955

06.04 .1957

136 136 136 138

05.12 .1958

16.03 .1968

m to POWELL, Judith Ann 12.05 .1952

137 137

01.05 .1917


05.10 .1988

m to CHATFIELD, Max Lawrence

SYKES, Luke Wiremu 27.01.1987 SYKES, Murray Girvan 25.07.1931 m to WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jane SYKES, Peter Brian 18.04.1956 m to BIDMEAD, Vicki Ann SYKES, Raylene Patricia 19.12.1959 m to BECKER, Paul Daniel SYKES, Robert Isaac 18.10.1957 SYKES, Samuel Joseph 10.07.1990 SYKES, Troy Wayne 21.10.1979 SYME, David Atkin 20.11.1900

01.05 .1917


22.10 .1956

137 135

m to CROSSE, Joan Elizabeth (Sem)

SUNDERLAND, Peter Thomas SUNDERLAND, Richard m to WILLIAMS, Norah

166 166 165 164 165 164 164 165 165 165 166 535

m to CURRIE, Jean Elizabeth

m to CROSSE, Joan Elizabeth (Sem)

SUNDERLAND, Joseph Langdale (Joe)



SUNDERLAND, Graeme Bruce

SUNDERLAND, Joseph Langdale (Joe)




04.02 .1956

627 627

09.04.1962 205

m to HADFIELD, Alice Mary Caroline (Molly) SYKES, David Martin 08.06.1962 m to RAMMERS, Casandra (Sandy) SYKES, Elisa Marie 27.06.1983

SUNDERLAND, Diana Maud SUNDERLAND, Elizabeth Jane


18.08.1965 27.12.1945

m to DONKIN, Jennifer Mary

m to WILLIAMS, George Alexander

Christopher Langdale

03.01.1966 356

205 205 205

Charles Douglas


m to REED, Nicholas Ralph


356 354


m to THOMSON, Nancy Patricia



m to RALEIGH, Michael John

m to BUNNY, Jillian Mary

STUDHOLME, Annabel Louise


m to JAMES, Reina Christina


m to WILLIAMS, Patrick Heathcote Temple emple

STRATFORD, Samuel Charles STRATFORD, Warwick


m to JONES, Winston Forrest

STRACHAN, Joanna Jane 06.08. 1940 m to WILLIAMS, John William Stuart

STRANG, William Ritchie


m to SHINGLETON, Susan

m to PLOWMAN, Catherine Louise

STRACK, Monica Jean


m to BUTLER, Deia Lynn

m to TAYLOR, Mervyn (Buster)



25.07 .1880

SYME, Diana Mary 18.03.1942 m to PETERSEN, David Marius SYME, Janet Elizabeth 23.02.1940


m to WOOD, David Edwin

535 535

SYME, Lesley Ann 22.09.1944 m to (l)JOLL, lan Matthew

537 THOMSON, Christine Margaret

SYME, Lesley Ann 22.09.1944 m to (2)TAYLOR, Colin Stewart TAIT, Susan Proudlock 15.07.1909

537 THOMSON, David Guy THOMSON, Elizabeth Kate

m to WILLIAMS, James Leonard Harvey

TAKIARI, Atarua (Topsy) 10.06.1931 m to HUTTON, Robert Clayton TANNER, Penelope Anne 23.07. 1931 m to HARVEY WILLIAMS, Nevil Thurstan TAPLIN, Joseph Hugh ******** m to WILLIAMS, Sarah Catherine (Kitty) TARRY, Phillis Marjorie 25.11.1915 m to GRAY, Charles Leonard Alan

TAUNTON, William

!|i!|! ** ****

29.08. 1947



1994 1969

374 639



25.03. 1958

639 374

578 THOMSON, Hana Laura

15.01. 1996


THOMSON, Malcolm 313 William (Bill)

m to PYNER, Jeremy Dorian

581 m to SMYTH, Christopher

THOMSON, Gene Michael 326 THOMSON, Geoffrey lan m to HASLETT, Sarah Jane

20.06. 1942


m to BENNETT, Lyndon 491 THOMSON, Margaret Ann 07.03. 1890 m to WILLIAMS, Denys William Wanklyn klyn




14.03. 1944


17.01. 1998 23.03. 1917

639 640 521



271 THOMSON, Michael Charles

TAYLOR, Annabel Josephine


643 THOMSON, Nancy Patricia

TAYLOR, Colin Stewart


537 m to STRATFORD, Warwick

THOMSON, Tania Maire THOMSON, William James

m to SYME, Lesley Ann

TAYLOR, Davina m to MANNION, Gerald de Vere TAYLOR, Grace TAYLOR, Jennifer

** ** *!|!!|!1|!

281 THORN, Mary Eleanor m to MACLEAN, Peter Alloway


624 THRUPP, Deirdre Ellene

*!|! ** !i!**!i!

280 Margaret Victoria

643 THURLING, Mary May

11.02. ****



m to WILLIAMS, Ulric Gaster 624 TIMMS, Heather Jean m to WILLIAMS, Philip Nicholas

01.12. 1963


14.09. 1946



643 m to BUNNY, Timothy Carleton

** ** ****

362 TODD, Shirley Anne

and KELLY, Elizabeth Janet

TINGCOMBE, Penelope Carol

TAYLOR, William Ronald Stewart



324 TODD, Valerie Ethel

m to WILLIAMS, Alister Coldham THODEY, Susan Lee


THOMAS, Bronwyn

256 TOMBLESON, Adam John TOMBLESON, Anne Juliet


263 m to PINCHEN, Wilfred


TOMBLESON, Annie Louise 287 TOMBLESON, Anya Marie 287 TOMBLESON, Carol Mary

m to DILLON, Patrick Francis Lee

THOMAS, Andrew Henry Walter THOMAS, Annabel Diana THOMAS, Benjamin Stewart THOMAS, Briar Sara




487 495


10.03 .1986 28.02 .1953

487 154

TOMBLESON, Guy Leonard

25.10 .1949


m to PEACOCK, Ruth TOMBLESON, Isaac Martin TOMBLESON, Jacqueline Mary


25.01 .1991

487 485



08.02 .1986 02.08,,1988

m to MURPHY, Robyn Jocelyn


157 641

12.04 .1954

m to SLAVICH, John Kenneth


m to WILLIAMS, Arthur Frederick

12.12 .1983

23.12 .1959

154 487

m to DYKE, Jennifer Anne

m to (l)REEVES, lan James Stewart 06.09.1948


and (2)LEE, Mike

m to NELSON, Kathleen Margaret


23.01 .1957



THOMSON, Benjamin Samuel THOMSON, Charles Herbert




TOMBLESON, Emma Rachael TOMBLESON, Geoffrey

m to WILLIAMS, Cathrin Mackie

THOMSON, Anne Mary (Min)


395 m to DRYSDALE, Neil Edward

m to TOWNSEND, Roslyn Diana

THOMSON, Anne Mary (Min)


19.04 .1982

395 m to SHERRARD, Lester Albert

287 TOMBLESON, Caroline Robyn 569 TOMBLESON, Elizabeth Phillipa

m to IRWIN, Wendy Diana

Elisabeth Antonia




THOMAS, Hamish Hugh Stewart 1 1.02.1961

THOMAS, Paul Litster


495 487 495


m to WILLIAMS, Hamish Warwick Hassall

THOMAS, Michael William Donald


m to DAVmS, George Neville

m to HUTTON, Noel Edward



m to WYNNE-LEWIS, David Canning

m to ZOHRAB, Joanna

TE WHARE, ffiamoe (Barbara)



m to STEWART, Janet May

TAYLOR, Michael

29.09. 1972

m to McBAIN, Hugh

m to WILLIAMS, Nicholas Duncan

TAYLOR, Mervyn (Buster)


m to DUFPY, Christina Mary

m to HOARE, Diana Charlotte

Elizabeth Mary


04.05.1991 15.05.1908

374 638


TOMBLESON, Joshua Ryan TOMBLESON, Leah Anne TOMBLESON, Martin Grahame m to WATSON, Edith Ruth

14.03 .1986

04.04 .1994 03.12 .1923

487 488 485

TOMBLESON, Michael John 25.08.1921

495 TURNER, Caroline Mary 12.04.1968 643

m to GRAY, Olive Sheila TOMBLESON, Natalie Claire 18.08.1955

m to JORDAN, Crispin Hugo 486 TURNER, Henry Thomas 28.09.1931 642 m to STEWART, Sally 486 TURNER, Jane Diana 09.01.1985 373 TURNER, Jenifer Jane

m to (l)PETERSON, Bruce St Clair TOMBLESON, Natalie Claire 18.08.1955 m to (2)HARPER, Timothy Tane (Tunm) TOMBLESON, Robert Grahame 28.08.1958

487 Mandeville 04.09.1936 239

m to JEFFARES, Kerri Mae

TOMBLESON, Sophie May TOMS, Mary Olive

m to WARREN, Roger Greville

10.12.1988 21.06.1949

m to HUTTON, Karl Edward

TOWNER, Michele

*!|! ** !|!!|!*»

m to DAVIES, Stephen Godfrey

TOWNSEND, Charles Tweedie Edward

TOWNSEND, Edward Charles

22.04.1981 25.10.1942

m to TWEEDIE, Sarah Patricia

TOWNSEND, James Pendrill Charles

495 TURNER, John Douglas 15.09.1954 373 324 m to HASLETT, Diana Beatrice TURNER, May Harcourt 26.11.1892 541 180 m to MACLEAN, Eric Wanklyn TURNER, Robert Stewart 19.09.1966 642 m to RICHARDSON, Sandra 270 TURNER, Sarah Margaret 06.09.1982 373 269 TURNER, Thomas James 16.11.1996 642 TURNER, Thomas John Haslett 22.02.1987 373 TWEEDIE, Amanda Jane Anne 02. 11.1948 270

270 m to WRIGHT, John 287 TWEEDIE, Angus 28.01.1985 270 TWEEDIE, Francesca 26.12.1986 270 m to THOMAS, Michael William Donald TWEEDIE, Helen 07.06.1991 271 TOWNSEND, Victoria TWEEDIE, Oliver 09.06.1988 270 01,03.1983 270 Sarah Hoare TWEEDDE, Sarah Patricia 04.02.1947 269 TOWNSEND, William

TOWNSEND, Roslyn Diana



Southcote Edward 14.05.1974 TRAFFORD, Hugh 24.12.1947

270 m to TOWNSEND, Edward Charles 154 TWEEDIE, Simon Vere 26.05.1954 270

m to MURPHY, Sally Vena TRAFFORD, Julia Sally 25.12.1973 TRAFFORD, Olivia Rose 16.09.1979

154 TWEEDEE, Vere Justin 21.08.1914 269

TRAFFORD, Timothy Selwyn Maurice 20.02.1975 TRIPE, Richard Edward 12.04.1905 m to WILLIAMS, Amy Margaret (Meg) TRIPE, Susan Elizabeth 06.07.1932 m to (l)SALMOND, Graham Wilson TRIPE, Susan Elizabeth 06.07.1932 m to (2)LINDEMAN, Johannes Petrus Geradus TUCKER, Nic **.**.**** m to DISBROWE, Suzanne Cathryn

TUCKER, Timothy Peter 31.05.1968 m to HILSON, Jane Jollie TUCKEY, Arthur William **.**. 1886 m to BRANCH, Preda Christine

TUCKEY, Elizabeth Rhodes 25.09.1869

m to O'KELLY, Margaret Mary

154 m to HOARE, Anne Temple Githa TYLEE, Alice Elizabeth Jane 01 .03.1990 610 154 TYLEE, Ann Patricia 31.08.1958 610 123 m to MACLEAN, Peter Samuel TYLEE, Ann Patricia (Ani) 31.08.1958 532 123 m to MACLEAN, Peter Samuel

TYLEE, Elizabeth Mary 124 Haines 24.02.1995 610 TYLEE, George Richard 156 Nelson 07.09.1986 610 TYLEE, Michael Palmer 04.10.1956 610 637 m to HAINES, Robin TYLEE, Robert Michael 26.11.1930 609 318 m to NELSON, Jane Palmer

TYLEE, Tessa Alice 03.07.1960 610

346 UNWIN, Evelyn ffndy) 17.11.1908 120 m to WILLIAMS, David Empson

m to HADFIELD, Henry Samuel

TUFFERY, Cappi 04.05.1993 TUFFERY, Dawn 09.10.1982 TUFFERY, Graham 10.01.1958 m to LAND, Rosemary Margaret

162 UPJOHN, Sheila 162 Margaret Holland 28.11.1930 158 162 m to CROSSE, Simon Courtenay

USSHER, Robin Frances 11.12.1943 100

TUFFERY, Tallulah 24.01.1989 TUFFERY, Tobias 12.06.1984

162 m to HERRICK, Dennis Anthony 162 VALLANCE, Eila Mary 31.05.1891 273

TUFFERY, Yasmin 23.02.1991

162 m to WILLIAMS, Erl Temple 539 VAN DEN BEUKEN, Nellie 02.03.**** 493

TULLOCH, Jessie Mary 06.12.1946 m to SHERRIFF, Laurence Patrick (Paddy) TULLOCH, Leone Leith 25.06.1912 m to MACLEAN, Antony Russell TURNER, Beatrice Maitland 17.01.1926 m to MACLEAN, John Raglan

TURNER, Caroline Emily (Enuny) 19.03.1872

m to VANSTONE, Nicholas Philip 519 VAN DER VELDE, Martinus J 20.04.1955 86 m to PILKINGTON, Lesley Anne 527 van der VLOODT, Catharina Margaret Johanna 05.10.1993 197 van der VLOODT, 593 Frederik Hendrik 23.07.1958 197 m to BRAMLEY, Susan Margaret

m to WILLIAMS, Arthur Edward


van der VLOODT, SopUe Ealand 24.08.1996 197

VAN DER ZIJPP, Bridget Anne 14.04.1962 281 VAN DER ZIJPP, Jacob 08.05.1930 281 m to WIGLEY, Sarah Charlotte Cranstoun

VAN DER ZIJPP, Jane **.**. 1968 282

VAN DER ZIJPP, Sally Ge 16.07.1960 281

VAN MERKESTEYN, Babette Christina 05.02.1980 135

VAN MERKESTEYN, Johannes Philippus Floris 02.06.1981 135

VAN MERKESTEYN, Johannes Philippus Roeland 17.04.1949 135 m to HEER, Christine Barbara

VAN MERKESTEYN, Roeland Matthias Crispin 10.07.1989 135

VANDERKOLK, Christopher Diederick 23.03.1988 132 VANDERKOLK, Nicholas lan 25.10.1985 131 VANDERKOLK, Samuel John 23.09.1992 132 VANSTONE, Ashley Nicole 20.11.1989 493 VANSTONE, Kevin Wilfred **.**.**** 493 m to CAMPBELL, Adrienne Joan

VANSTONE, Nicholas Philip 17.10.1962 493 m to VAN DEN BEUKEN, Nellie VANSTONE, Robyn Lesley 21.03.1964 493 m to SILVESTER, Peter Kenneth VEITCH, Katherine Anna 16.07.1950 93 m to WILLIAMS, Andrew Carleton (Dan) VERBIEST, Jonathan Oscar 06.01.1989 298 VERBffiST, Mark 07.04.1958 298 m to BARTON, Sarah Jessica (Sally) VERBIEST, Simon Alan John 22.11.1986 298

VERSCHOORE, Hilda Armanda Esther Francisca 25.05.1961 525 m to ROSS, Kenneth Charles Lynton

VICKERMAN, Anthony Rhys 14.04.1954 194 m to PERCIVAL, Raewyn Jean

VICKERMAN, Brooke Jean 20.08.1980 194 VICKERMAN, Christopher John 18.08.1989 193 VICKERMAN, David D'Arcy 14.04.1954 193 m to WAIN, Judith Lynette VICKERMAN, Hamish Anthony 28.01.1983 194 VICKERMAN, James D'Arcy 18.08.1989 193 VICKERMAN, John D'Arcy 17.10.1915 192 m to DA VIES, Helen Rose

VICKERMAN, Judith Anne 04.08,1955 194 m to BEVIN, Nicholas Peter

VICKERMAN, Kendyl Rose 05.06.1984 194 VICKERMAN, Lauren Virginia 05.04.1987 193 VICKERS, Kathryn 09.08.1951 211 m to JEFFERD, Roger John VICKERS, Rhoda 05.02.1892 150 m to WILLIAMS, Garth Gaster

VIGORS, Sarah Ann (Sally) 26.11.1946 589 m to WILLIAMS, James Leonard Heathcote

VINCENT, Paul David 22.03.1959 292 m to VIVIAN, Louisa Caroline Sarah

VIRTUE, Bonnie Kathleen 03.04.1988 343 VIRTUE, Tina Isabel 02.09.1984 343 VIVIAN, Amanda Ursula Georgina 22.11.1958 292 m to LOWTHER, Hugh

VFVIAN, John Hussey Hamilton 01.01.1925


m to CACCIA-BIRCH, Miriam Antoinette

VTVIAN, Louisa Caroline Sarah m to VINCENT, Paul David

13.02.1963 292

VIVIAN, mchard Anthony Hussey



^ ** ****


m to AUSTIN, Anna Clementine


m to PETHERBRIDGE, Matthew Julian WADE, Geoffrey William 05.01.1975 WADE, Michael Douglas 18.05.1949 m to WILLIAMS, Christina Lindsay Ferguson WAGNER, Natalie 18.09.1931 m to PEATE, Roger Hadfield WAIN, Judith Lynette 05.04.1956 m to VICKERMAN, David D'Arcy WAKE,Suzanne 31.12.1959 m to LUDBROOK, Kenneth William

567 567 363 193 389

WAKELIN, Greta Rosemary Ethel 28.03.1938


m to WATSON, Gerard Robert Gray

WAKEMAN, Ann Louise 11.01.1962 m to DEANS, William George Russell WALDFN, Warren Bridge 03.11.1921 m to LUDBROOK, Diana Elizabeth WALKER, Catherine Mary 17.06.1955 m to NEWTON, Edward Humfrey WALLACE, Anna 07.06.1986 WALLACE, Benjamin 07.01.1985 WALLACE, David 26.03.1955

613 396 153 358 358 358

m to MARSHALL, Caroline Margaret

WALLACE, Duncan Ross 13.02.1967


m to WILLIAMS, Amanda Jane

WALLACE, Graeme m to GRAY, Margaret Gillian

st* ** ****


WALLACE, Jonty WALLACE, Marilyn Ann

26.01.1990 05.09.1950

358 542







** iis* ****


m to CORKILL, Bruce Andrew

WALLACE, William Duncan Anthony

WALLIS, Elsie Nora Underwood m to WILLIAMS, Harold Edward

WALLIS, Kathleen Mary m to WILLIAMS, William Martyn

WALLS, Elizabeth Marion Gwendoline

m to WILLIAMS, Alien Donald Buchanan

WANKLYN, Janet May









m to WILLIAMS, Patrick Gordon

WANKLYN, Sarah m to WILLIAMS, William Leonard

WANKLYN, Sarah m to WILLIAMS, William Leonard WARD, Dorothy Isabel

m to MACLEAN, Leonard Herbert Lionel

WARDELL, Amanda Josephine 02.03.1977 WARDELL, Herbert James **,**,****

m to LUDBROOK, Caroline Jean


395 394

WARDELL, John Rex 20.06.1945 m to STOFFELS, Marie Louise WARDELL, Melissa Ann 25.04. 1974 WARDELL, Peter John 20.04.1979 WARDELL, Tanya Eloise 21.09.1971 WARDELL, Theresa Anne 25.11.1941

394 395 395 394 394

WARREN, Rachel Dinah 25.09 . 1963


m to (l)STEEL, Christopher WARREN, Rachel Dinah 25.09.1963 and (2)ARCHAMBAULT, Marc


WARREN, Rebecca 23.03.1983 WARREN, Roger Greville 24.07.1928

238 239

m to CAMERON, Hamish Hector

m to TURNER, Jenifer Jane Mandeville

WAREHAM, Elsie Elaine 19.12.1920 m to MACLEAN, Christopher Edward Awdry (Ted) WARK,Laith 29.01.1971

516 557

m to DUGDALE, Melanie WARNER, Margaret 26.02.1923


m to MACLEAN, Alan Haydon Awdrey WARREN, Alwyn Keith 23.09.1900


WARREN, Simon WARREN, Sophie Jenifer


WARREN, Susan Mary


238 240 238





19.06.1996 18.05.1887

244 212












m to WILLIS, Peter lan

WARREN, Thomas John Cory (Jack) m to WILLIAMS, Lucy Frances

WARREN, Thomas Nation

m to LAWS, Doreen Eda

WARREN, Andrew

m to HEERDEGEN, Joanne Lee

WARREN, William Peter Averill WATERHOUSE, Dorothy Blanche

Geoffrey Fiennes 22.06.1954 m to SAATHOF, Alice WARREN, Bruno William 14.07.1986 WARREN, Celia Jean 24.11.1962

m to BUSBY, George Alexander

WATKINS, Elizabeth

WARREN, Christopher

Josephine m to WILLIAMS, Kenneth Sydney

Williams 15.09.1959 WARREN, David Roger 07.06.1959 WARREN, Emma Louise 09.11.1988

WATKINS, Lois Edith

WARREN, Fiona Mary 30.09.1961 m to BAYENS, Philip WARREN, Geoffrey John 27.08.1927 m to NATION, Dinah Gladys WARREN, Greville Williams 02.10.1899

m to DA VIS, Lawrence Selwyn

WATKINS, Margaret Ann de facto HARRISON, Jeremy Clear

WATKINS, Reginald Frank Rupert (Rex) m to KEMP, Kathleen Louisa

m to WRIGHT, Norah de Vesci

WATKINS, Reginald James

WARREN, Hannah Olivia 23.04. 1991

m to DAVIS, Catherine Eve

WARREN, Henry George Fox 23.09.1997

WATSON, Alice Elizabeth


Anketell Williams 16.09.1931

WATSON, Belinda Rosemary


320 489

m to CARGILL THOMPSON, William David James WARREN, Jonathan Peter 24.03. 1964 WARREN, Juliet Roese 10.11.1965

and (l)LAMB, Peter WATSON, Belinda Rosemary



m to (2)ROBINSON, Tony WATSON, Donald Cameron





WARREN, Jennifer

m to PAGE, Andrew Edward

m to BRANCH, Joan Mavis

WARREN, Lucy Alice 06,06.1988 WARREN, Marcus Daniel 16.01.1983 WARREN, Mark Aidan Temple 3 1.08.1959

WATSON, Edith Ruth

m to (l)TOMBLESON, Martin Grahame

WATSON, Edith Ruth 06.07.1933

m to (l)LAWRENCE, Christine Rae WARREN, Mark Aidan Temple 31.08. 1959

m to (2)CARTER, Dudley Robert (Nick) WATSON, Edward Humphrey 31.03.1989

and (2)POX, Susan Alison WARREN, Mark Greville 31.08.1958

WATSON, Edward Jacques ****.****

488 320 352

m to HAWKES, Jocelyn Adderley

m to (l)MAZUR, Stephanie WARREN, Mark Greville 31.08.1958 m to (2)KAMEKAMEKA, Kalisi WARREN, Martin Moutray 12.03. 1934

WATSON, Gerard Robert Gray 05.08.1936


m to WAKELIN, Greta Rosemary Ethel

WATSON, Gillian Mary 27.01.1948


m to (l)SCOTT, John Richard

m to JAYNE, Elizabeth Valerie Lee

WARREN, Mary Williams 31 .10.1904 m to McBAIN, Hubert

WARREN, Neil Mandeville 29.06.1961

WATSON, Gillian Mary (Jill) 27.01.1948


m to (2)LEWIS, James (Jim) WATSON, Hugh Geoffrey 26.07.1956


m to PRESTON, Harriet Ann

m to SABIN, Tracey

WATSON, Jane Catherine 08.10.1952

WARREN, Nicola Frances

319 319

28.10.1937 244

WATSON, John Anthony 05.11.1949 WATSON, Julia Mary 09.03.1961


WARREN, Peter Cory 22.06.1935

240 240

m to (l)FLETCHER, Margaret Mary WARREN, Peter Cory 22.06.1935

and ENGLAND, Jonathan WATSON, Margaret Jane 16.10.1929




m to BROWN, Valerie Louise

m to BUSH, Paul David Horndon

WARREN, Olivia Evelyn 28.04.1992

m to (2)AITKEN, Penny


m to PUTT, Colin Kelston

WATSON, Mark Robert




319 320 488 480

WHITE, William Espie 01.05.1993 WfflTEHOUSE, Jacqueline 29.09.1936 m to ZOHRAB, Alien Edward Hadfield WHITFD5LD, Karen Patricia ********

m to WHITFIELD, Karen Patricia

WATSON, Matthew Don WATSON, Oliver James WATSON, Robert Paul WATSON, Robert WaUis


09.02.1989 09.03.1903

WfflTWORTH, Judith Ann 01.04.1944


319 488 489 488








WATSON, Timothy Gerard WATSON, Wendy Jane



WIGGINS, AIlysha Jane Winnona 14.01.1995 WIGGINS, Damien 30.03.1972 m to PATTERSON, Melanie Jane WIGLEY, Alick Cranstoun 26,12.1968

m to SHANKS, Colin

m to HARDIE BOYS, Rachel Maryann1 WEBB, Gillian Margaret 04.03.1951 m to LUDBROOK, Michael Wilson WEBB, lan 14.05.1946 m to MACLEAN, Shona Leith

WEBB, Michael


WEBER, Amy Louise


WEBER, lan Albert


m to HUTTON, Jill WEBER, Kathleen Mary

391 519 519 328 328





Cranstoun 08.03.1910


m to WILLIAMS, Sarah Cooper (Sally) WIGLEY, Marianne Cranstoun 26.03.1940


WEBER, Trudy Ann


WEBSTER, Elizabeth

** ** ****

WfflBLEY, Lucy 24.05.1900


WIGLEY, Marjorie Julia Cranstoun 18.05.1937

m to MACLEAN, Kenneth Joseph Palmer (Joe) WHITE, Alison Johanna 02. 09.11932 Lovell m to DISBROWE, Noel John Edward 23. 09.11953 WHITE, Anne

WIGLEY, Sarah Charlotte Cranstoun 18.07.1938 m to VAN DER ZHPP, Jacob WIGLEY, Timothy **.**. 1970 WILDER, Maud Margaret (Pearlie) 17.05.1879 m to WILLIAMS, Cyril Nelson Beetham WILDING, Edwyn Peter 15.05.1930


WILKINS, Guy Michael 12.07.1995


WHJUNS, Marcus 08.03.1961




m to NEWTON, Claire Elizabeth WHITE, Derek

** ** ****


22 .10.11996 16 .05.11991 27 .01.1,1923

371 380 154

WHITE, June Katherine

Christopher Charles 19.03.1945 WILLIAMS, Adrian Herbert 10.05.1930

260 260 260 260 171 479

101 277


m to WILLIAMS, Peter Standish WHITE, Lucinda WHITE, Melanie Lisa

m to WILLIAMS, Thomas Sydney WILLIAMS, Agnes Lydia 09.07 . 1855

22 .06..1994 31 .05..1965

380 371

29 .04.1997 02 .09..1930

381 370

m to WILLIAMS, Thomas Sydney WILLIAMS, Agnes Maria 21.07.1862 m to GARDINER, Alien Francis WILLIAMS, Alan Stephen 02.04.1986 WILLIAMS, Alastair Henry 17.07.1979 WILLIAMS, Alden Norman 27.05 . 1986

04 .12..1956

370 380

and ROPER, Adrian Richard

m to LUDBROOK, Barbara Rosemary .1957

621 563

m to BUSBY, Elizabeth Anne

18 ,11.:,1917

WHITE, Spencer Allan m to LUDBROOK, Deborah Ann


WILLIAMS, Agnes Lydia 09.07.1855

WHITE, Laila Moore (Kewpie)

WHITE, Robert Edwin



m to MURPHY, Philip James (Pip)

WHITE, Peter


m to BELL, Nicola Mary

WILKINS, Marcus George 24.08.1991 WILKINS, Patrick James 15.01.1993 WILLIAMS, Ada Frances 06.05.1869 WILLIAMS, Adam Gareth 02.08.1985

WHITE, Christopher Stephen

WHITE, Jonty


m to BURBURY, Helen Christine Eleanor

m to GRAY, Robert Charles

m to HUTTON, Gail WHITE, Edwin Arnold Brassey


m to BYLES, Nancy Dianne

m to LUDBROOK, Geoffrey Valentine Somerset 14.04.1916


m to MANNION, Neil de Vere WIGLEY, Richard Thomas

m to NELSON, Richard Rupert Lionel

WfflTCOMBE, Joan Mary

283 282 283

m to PATCHETT, Irving Anthony Hetherington

Cranstoun 24.10.1947

328 328 633


Alexander Cranstoun 07.12.1945 m to ROADLEY, Elaine WIGLEY, Bryce Thomas 29.05.1976 WIGLEY, Cindy **.**. 1972 WIGLEY, Deborah Jean 26.03. 1975 WIGLEY, Edward Thomas

m to COTCHING, John Alexander

WEBER, Rachael Marie

103 103

WIGLEY, Benjamin

WATTERS, Jonathan

WHITE, Rosemary Gillian


m to LUDBROOK, John

WATSON, Sarah Jane WATSON, Thomas George Mark

William Fitzgerald


m to WATSON, Mark Robert

m to GRAY, Amy Mary

WATTERS, Emily Maryann WATTERS, James Michael Fitzgerald

371 361

WILLIAMS, Alden William 26.09.1905 WILLIAMS, Alexandra Morgan Joy 02.11.1987


572 163 313 592 588 278

WILLIAMS, Alfred Henry


08.05.1864 577 m to HARVEY, Lucy Caroline Simpson WILLIAMS, Alfred Owen 27,02.1856 142

20.07.1950 233

m to MANDENO, Thomas Graham

WDLLIAMS, Anna Lydia WILLIAMS, Anna Maria WILLIAMS, Anna Mary WILLIAMS, Anna Nicola WILLIAMS, Annabel Jan WILLIAMS, Anne WILLIAMS, Anne Christine

m to GASTER, Alice WILLIAMS, AIgar Temple 03.10.1877 268 m to (l)BOYLE, Janet WILLIAMS, AIgar Temple 03.10.1877 269 m to (2)GOULD, Dorothy Sylvia

WILLIAMS, Alice Catherine 18.09.1986 234 WILLIAMS, AUsa Jayne 03.03.1972 109 WILLIAMS, Alison Esme 15.10.1933 161

06.07.1854 25.02.1839 23.10.1949 22.10.1987 20.02.1985 **.**.1940


228 473 592 607 590 149 166

m to SEYMOUR, Royston Hereaitirangi

WILLIAMS, Anne Patricia



WILLIAMS, Alister Coldham 09.03.1908 256

m to PILKINGTON, William Archibald WILLIAMS, Annette GIedhill 21.08.1949


m to TESCHEMAKER, Nancy WILLIAMS, Alister Samuel 15.05.1970 258

m to RASMUSSEN, Wayne John WILLIAMS, Anthony **.!!.1938


WILLIAMS, Allan Miles

WILLIAMS, Anthony John

m to LAND, Robert Alan

Martyn 07.08.1916 84

Oswald 31.03.1918

m to MAUDSLEY, Joan Marie

m to WILLIAMS, Margaret Octavia


WILLIAMS, Anthony John

WILLIAMS, Alien Craig 07.04.1915 479

Oswald 31.03.1918

m to (l)SMITH, Joyce Edna (Julie) WBLLIAMS, Alien Craig 07.04.1915 479


m to WILLIAMS, Margaret Octavia

WILLIAMS, Anthony Leonard 24.08.1934

m to (2)DONALD, Betty Knox

WILLIAMS, Alien Donald


m to NORMS, Dinah Allison

WILLIAMS, Anthony Owen

Buchanan 04.02.1917 124

(Tony) 05.04.1939

m to WALLS, Elizabeth Marion Gwendoline

WILLIAMS, Alien Douglas 10.04.1882 123


m to HARLEY, Caroline May


m to KNIGHT, Clara Olive WILLIAMS, Alien Marsh 27.01.1852 118

Philip Marsh 11.04.1930


m to SPENCER, Pamela Helen

m to (l)BUCHANAN, Annabelle Milne (Bella) WILLIAMS, Alien Marsh 27.01.1852 132

WILLIAMS, Antonia Helen 27.08.1940 m to BOWERING, John WILLIAMS, Arnold Beetham 19.04.1870

m to (2)GARDINER, Eliza Amy WILLIAMS, Amanda Jane 30.09.1966 586

252 608

m to BEALE, Emma Reremoana

m to WALLACE, Duncan Ross


WILLIAMS, Amanda Lee 08.11.1992 566 WILLIAMS, Amanda Mary 27.06.1963 608

Christopher 14.09.1957 m to ROBINSON, Kaye Patricia

m to CHRISP, lan Duncan


WDJLIAMS, Arnold Henry

WILLIAMS, Amy Margaret


(Meg) 13.12.1910 123

11.11.1960 607


m to TRIPE, Richard Edward

WILLIAMS, Andrew Carleton (Dan) 27.03.1943 93 m to VEITCH, Katherine Anna

WILLIAMS, Andrew James 18.07.1986 234 WILLIAMS, Andrew John 29.08.1965 81 m to DUNCAN, Belinda Jane

Kenneth Beale 07.11.1915 WILLIAMS, Arthur Edward 17.09.1869

608 593

m to TURNER, Caroline Emily (Emmy) WILLIAMS, Arthur Frederick 26.04.1860


m to THOMPSON, Leslie Elisabeth Antonia WILLIAMS, Audrey Temple 12.03.1911


m to LITTLE, James Robert

WILLIAMS, Andrew John 29.08.1965 308

WILLIAMS, Barbara Hope 22,10.1906

m to DUNCAN, Belinda Jane


m to DEANS, Colin

WILLIAMS, Andrew Keith 30.08.1978 152




Leonard Heathcote 17.01.1949 589 WILLIAMS, Andrew Michael 25.08.1978 279

Isabel Martyn 06,01.1909

WILLIAMS, Andrew William 20.03.1959 235

WILLIAMS, Barbara Mary 29.11.1940


m to HOULDING, Peter Karl WILLIAMS, Barnabas Wilder (Barney) 17.07.1917


m to CHAPMAN, George Palmer

m to CONNOLLY, Joanne Elizabeth

WILLIAMS, Angela Gay 26.07.1973 257 WILLIAMS, Angus Eric 17.05.1974 94 WILLIAMS, Ann Wallis 22.03.1926 113 m to GADDUM, Peter Richard (Dick) WILLIAMS, Anna Belinda 02.01.1964 117 m to PRIDHAM, Anthony Robert WILLIAMS, Anna Belle 03.04.1991 566

m to (l)DALZIELL, Kathleen Kelly

WILLIAMS, Barnabas Wilder (Barney) 17.07.1917


m to (2)JAMIESON, Moira Jane WILLIAMS, Belinda 09.07.1963

WILLIAMS, Anna Elizabeth 13.01.1976 258



WILLIAMS, Belinda Patricia WILLIAMS, Belinda Temple

31.08.1982 18.04.1928

606 268

WILLIAMS, Christine Louise (Kirsty)

m to FITZGERALD, Gerald

WILLIAMS, Ben Meyer WILLIAMS, Benjamin Gerald WILLIAMS, Bennet Standish WILLIAMS, Bevan Sydney

WMJAMS, Christopher Dan


95 592 478 584

m to WILLIAMS, Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettie) WILLIAMS, Bevan Sydney 29.03.1904


WILLIAMS, Christopher

01.06.1978 20.12.1977 20.05.1977

WILLIAMS, Christopher David WILLIAMS, Christopher Henry

WILLIAMS, Brian Fenton

WILLIAMS, Brian Leslie m to HOLDERNESS, Patricia Mary WILLIAMS, Bruce Buchanan

** ** ****


1947 26.07. 1975 19.01. 1904

479 88 163


John Pierce

WILLIAMS, Christopher Keith

11,12. 1967

571 621

302 164



WILLIAMS, Clare Gledhill



m to LITTLE, Craig John WILLIAMS, Clare Jane WD.LIAMS, Claud Herbert

20.12.1977 18.02.1876

591 85





16.04.1895 28.08.1894

157 118









01.11.1877 Beetham m to WILDER, Maud Margaret (Pearlie) ie)


m to (l)CLARK, Bernard WILLIAMS, Chrys Teresa

13.11. 1832

366 579 587




Agnes Empson

m to MORA, Georges 24.02. 1831


m to RENNIE, James Maoate


m to HADFIELD, Octavius

Leslie Arthur 31.01. 1939

296 287



11.10. 1982

WILLIAMS, Colin Sydney WILLIAMS, Colin Sydney Wallis

m to THOMAS, Paul Litster 08.02.

m to GADDUM, Jacqueline Marion


m to BLITHE, Graham William 01.06. 1882


m to SMITH, Anthony William

WILLIAMS, Cyril James Wilder (Jim)

m to WILLIAMS, Henry (Hal) 01.06,,1882


m to CRAMFTON, Kathleen Mary

m to WILLIAMS, Henry (Hal) 23.01 .1899

171 232

WILLIAMS, Charles Athol

23.01 .1899


m to (2)WILLIS, Genevra WILLIAMS, Charles Kenneth

27.11 .1899

WILLIAMS, Celia Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Charles Athol

** ** ,1944

WILLIAMS, Cyril Julian WILLIAMS, Cyril Nelson

m to (l)BURR, Mary Russell (Meg)

WILLIAMS, Daphne Jean 300



m to MORRIS, Phyllis Constance

WILLIAMS, Charles Leonard Frederick Turner


m to EGERTON, Dorothy Lesley

WILLIAMS, Claudia Kate WILLIAMS, Clemency

m to INGLE, Michael Peter

WILLIAMS, Cecil Margaret

284 151

m to (2)NEAL, Lance

m to LUDBROOK, Samuel Blomfield WILLIAMS, Caroline Harvey 19.02. 1964 WILLIAMS, Caroline Margaret 19.02. 1940

WILLIAMS, Cecil Margaret

16.08.1955 08.10.1951


Kenneth WILLIAMS, Chrys Teresa

m to GREENWOOD, Paul Desmond

WILLIAMS, Cecil Jeanette


m to COLLINS, Diana Lesley



19.07. 1969

WILLIAMS, Catherine Diana (Koo) WILLIAMS, Cathrin Mackie

168 95


WD.LIAMS, Christopher

WILLIAMS, Caroline Anne

WILLIAMS, Catherine (Kate)


WILLIAMS, Christopher 17.12.

WILLIAMS, Camilla June

WILLIAMS, Caroline Marsh


23.10.1954 Henry Lowry m to LAWRENCE, Jocelyn Elizabeth

m to LEWIS, May

WILLIAMS, Caroline Elizabeth


m to KIDDLE, Jillian Amelia

m to GRAY, Kerry Anne

WILLIAMS, Brian Craig


m to SALMOND, Tessa Hope

m to WILLIAMS, Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettie)



m to BURBURY, Duncan Edward


594 621












m to PHELPS, Kathleen Fay 11.10 .1907

WILLIAMS, David Empson


m to (l)ELWORTHY, Josephine

m to FAULKNER, Eugenie Louise

WILLIAMS, Charlotte Hester m to KEMBER, David Greville

24.04 .1944

WILLIAMS, Charlotte Hope WILLIAMS, Christian Leonard WILLIAMS, Christina Elsie

21.02 .1983

WILLIAMS, David Empson


m to (2)UNWIN, Evelyn (Indy) 09.09 .1980 25.11 .1918

571 571 627

WILLIAMS, David Empson m to (3)FAULKNER, Muriel Mary

WILLIAMS, David Empson m to FAULKNER, Muriel Mary

m to DUCKWORTH, Auberon Charles Alan Campbell


WILLIAMS, Christina Lindsay Ferguson 17.06.1948 567

Heathcote Beetham

m to WADE, Michael Douglas

m to WILSON, Kirsty Anne

WILLIAMS, Christina Mary 21.04.1969 587


WILLIAMS, David Rodney



WILLIAMS, David Temple WILLIAMS, Deborah


WILLIAMS, Elva Mildred

WH.LIAMS, Deborah Mary


268 499 301

WILLIAMS, Denys William Wanklyn



WILLIAMS, Emily Clare 11.10.1970 585


87 84 312

WILLIAMS, Eloise Juliana 13.03.1992 302

WILLIAMS, Elsie Jane

m to BURT, Patricia Alice 01.05.1979

Beetham 16.12.1874 620 (Una) 29.12.1879 269 m to HOARE, Reginald Arthur WILLIAMS, Emily Jane 07.03.1856 480

m to THOMSON, Margaret Ann

WILLIAMS, Derek Leslie WILLIAMS, Derek Martyn WILLIAMS, Derrick Lovell

30.03.1943 19.04.1914

m to GRAY, Charles

WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline 20.02.1846 474 m to NELSON, William WILLIAMS, Emma Caroline 20.02.1846 631

m to HARRIS, Rosalind Anne

WILLIAMS, Desmond Ormonde Beale

WILLIAMS, Diana Caroline WILLIAMS, Dinah Gordon

m to NELSON, William WILLIAMS, Emma Gertrude 28.10.1866 171 WILLIAMS, Emma Jean 02.05.1974 478 WILLIAMS, Emma Louise 09.01.1972 588 WILLIAMS, Emma Ruth 19.12.1980 313


608 306 122



WILLIAMS, Enid Constance 05.06.1890 152 m to MURPHY, Robert Keith


296 309 155 228

WILLIAMS, Enid Githa 09.08.1881 271

03.11.1917 30.01.1939

m to GOOCH, John

WILLIAMS, Dinah Marion m to McCORMICK, John Gerard

WILLIAMS, Donald Campbell WILLIAMS, Donald Hume WILLIAMS, Doris Ethel

21.11.1966 03.04.1898

22.02,1892 WILLIAMS, Dorothy Frances m to JACKSON, Thomas Cecil Rhodes

m to FERGUSSON, James Andrew

WILLIAMS, Eric Temple 04.05.1924 233 m to SCOTT, Heather Frances

WILLIAMS, Erica 03.06.1947 108


553 627





m to VALLANCE, Eila Mary WILLIAMS, Ernest Harry 03.09.1873 80 m to CANN, Marion Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Estelle Ruth 16.12.1949 567

WILLIAMS, Edward Egerton



WILLIAMS, Esther Margarita 20.03.1895 229

m to (2)CLARK, Gwen WILLIAMS, Edward Gordon



WILLIAMS, Ethel Alice 30.03.1863 254

m to EMPSON, Judith Mary WILLIAMS, Edward Heathcote


WILLIAMS, Edward Marsh


277 79

WILLIAMS, Edith Mary WILLIAMS, Edric Beetham


m to HOLDEN, Edward Bruce

WILLIAMS, Erl Temple 07.02.1885 273

m to McKENZIE, Christina Barbara

WILLIAMS, Edward Desmond m to HUME, Doris

WILLIAMS, Edward Egerton

m to LELIEVELD, Adrianus Marinus Cornelis

m to (l)ANDERSON, Nancy

m to A VERY, Norman Alfred

m to RUSSELL, Arthur Edward WILLIAMS, Eva Temple 03.12.1882 102 m to BURNETT, Hubert Gibson (Burnie)

WILLIAMS, Evelyn Gillian (Jffl) 08.02.1919 297

m to DA VIS, Jane 03.02.1876


WD.LIAMS, Elfie Clare WILLIAMS, Elisabeth



Carleton m to BUNNY, Ralph



WD.LIAMS, Eila Mabel

m to BARTON, Alan Roy Bidwill WILLIAMS, Evelyn Maud 24.11.1863 283 WILLIAMS, Felicity 09.08.1945 274

m to REED, Vernon Herbert

m to (l)HOLMWOOD, Richard

WILLIAMS, Felicity 09.08.1945 274 621

m to (2)GILBERTSON, Graeme Menzies WILLIAMS, Felicity Marian 30.10.1933 304



m to GRIGG, Humphrey Gilbert WILLIAMS, Fiona Margaret 21.04.1958 303



and MAITAI, Matau WILLIAMS, Frances Rachel 18.01.1976 591 WILLIAMS, Francis Henry 26,03.1859 235




WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Erica Mary


m to MATHER, Richard Arthur Cooper

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jane m to SYKES, Murray Girvan

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean m to MACLEAN, James Nelson (Jim)

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean

James Nigel 29.05.1942 588

m to MACLEAN, James Nelson (Jim)

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Keiller (Betty)

m to PEARSON, Fiona Campbell 03.06.1926


WILLIAMS, Francis James Volkner (Frank) 14.12.1866 583

m to GORDON, Peter McKay

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Kerry



m to STANDISH, Edith Frances WILLIAMS, Fraser Andrew 01.03.1996 561



WILLIAMS, Frederick Wanldyn 13,10.1854 477



m to SEYMOUR, Charles Conway

WILLIAMS, Ellen Jane WILLIAMS, Ellen Mary

m to (l)BRAITHWAITE, Elina Mary


WILLIAMS, Frederick Wanldyn





WILLIAMS, Hamish Richard WILLIAMS, Hamish

m to (2)STANDISH, Kate Constance

WILLIAMS, Fritz Leslie







06.04.1994 06.05.1892

569 85 112

WILLIAMS, Harold Michael 06.05.1962


Warwick Hassall m to (l)THOMAS, Bronwyn

m to COBB, Doreen Margaret

WILLIAMS, Gabrielle (Gay)




Warwick Hassall

m to MEYER, John Hunter

WILLIAMS, Gabrielle Henrietta

m to (2)DAVIES, Philippa Jane 26.04.1949


WILLIAMS, Hannah Lucy WILLIAMS, Harold WILLIAMS, Harold Edward

m to STEEL, Warwick James

WILLIAMS, Garth Gaster



m to (l)KIDD, Kathleen Marion

WELLIAMS, Garth Gaster m to (2)VICKERS, Rhoda WILLIAMS, Garthowen


m to WALLIS, Elsie Nora Underwood 15.03.1894


m to HANNON, Janet Lynne

564 603



m to (l)GLEESON, Mary Frances (Peggy) igy) WILLIAMS, Garthowen 26.09.1906


WILLIAMS, Harriet Rose 17.11.1997 WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham 02.12.1868 m to MYHILL, Mary Anderson (Molly)


WILLIAMS, Heathcote Beetham (Bill)




m to NOLAN, Patricia Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Helena Jayne




579 473



m to (2)ALISON, Audrey May

WILLIAMS, Gary Standish


m to (l)PRICE, Carolyn Joy

WILLIAMS, Gary Standish m to (2)NANT, Jacqueline WILLIAMS, Gay Constance

23.09.1947 27.10.1950


m to WILLIAMS, Jane Elizabeth

WILLIAMS, Henry (Hal)

m to HORN, Stewart Poppleton

WILLIAMS, Geoffrey Martyn


WILLIAMS, George Alexander m to (l)COOPER, Edith Ida WILLIAMS, George Alexander

24.11.1861 24.11.1861

561 277

WMJAMS, Henry (Hal)




m to WILLIAMS, Cecil Margaret WDJ.IAMS, Henry Carleton












255 251

m to WILLIAMS, Cecil Margaret

m to MILLS, Catherine Leslie

m to (2)SUGDEN, Ann


WILLIAMS, Henry Edward

m to (l)BRAITHWAITE, Ethel Norma WILLIAMS, George Coldham 26.04.1858


m to CONNELL, Isabelle Annie WH.LIAMS, Henry Edward

m to (2)MACLAGAN, Isabel WILLIAMS, George Coldham 26.04.1858


Martyn m to MAUDSLEY, Valmai June

WILLIAMS, George Coldham


WILLIAMS, Herbert Meyric

m to (3)MOLLET, Edith Moncrieff (Molly)

WILLIAMS, George Mackenzie Oswald

WILLIAMS, George Timothy WILLIAMS, Gerald Standish

m to PLUMMER, June 15.06.11985 15.06.11971 10.08.11915

WILLIAMS, Herbert William

110 625 590

m to MASON, Bertha Louisa Gertrude

WILLIAMS, Hilda Temple WILLIAMS, Hugh George

m to ROLLESTON, Rachel Pane

WILLIAMS, Gerard John Paul (Gerry)

m to JONES, Helen 18.03.11949

WILLIAMS, Hugh Patrick




m to (l)LOWRY, Elizabeth Helen

WILLIAMS, Gerard Robin



WILLIAMS, Ginger Hana

29.04.: ,1992

WILLIAMS, Gordon Stewart


95 371




257 564

Leonard Harvey

Leonard Heathcote m to VIGORS, Sarah Ann (Sally) WILLIAMS, James Nelson












m to BEETHAM, Mary-Margaret

WILLIAMS, James Nelson 14.09..1963

m to BERTRAM, Mary-Margaret

WILLIAMS, James Nelson


m to JAMES, Rebecca Susan

WILLIAMS, James Nelson

WILLIAMS, Hamish m to BEAMISH, Angela



m to HOPE-LEWIS, Eileen

Beetham Nolan

94 258

m to TAIT, Susan Proudlock

m to RUSSELL, Andrew Hamilton

m to LUDBROOK, Doris Gwyneth

277 285





WILLIAMS, Guy Coldham WILLIAMS, Guy Leonard


m to KEILLER, Muriel Cecile


WILLIAMS, Guy Coldham


WILLIAMS, James Busby (Jim) WILLIAMS, James Chapman WILLIAMS, James George 12.01.11880

Mary Beetham

WILLIAMS, James Alexander


m to (2)MALONE, Gabrielle Lillian

WILLIAMS, Gerard Temple (Husky) WILLIAMS, Gertrude

09.08.1936 251

m to BROWN, Kathryn Jean

m to EWEN, Jennifer Helen

WILLIAMS, Gerard Robin






m to SEBTI, Simin


WFLLIAMS, Jon Standish

Richard (Joe) 30.10.1957 and KOEK, Liz WU.LIAMS, James Samuel 10.08.1991

23.02. 1931


04.09. 1965


Matthew Leonard

15.07. 1981

621 WILLIAMS, Joseph Harvey WILLIAMS, Joseph Heathcote

11.06. 1990

589 579 132

234 m to SATTRUP, Helen Rymer

WILLIAMS, Jonathan lan 163 WILLIAMS, Jonathan

WILLIAMS, James Timothy William 19.10.1940 m to SIMMONS, Jocelyn WILLIAMS, Jane Charlotte 07.10.1988 WD^LIAMS, Jane Elizabeth 23.10.1827 m to WILLIAMS, Henry

WILLIAMS, Jane Keiller

473 WILLIAMS, Joyce Elizabeth Leslie

10.08.1945 286

m to ARMSTRONG, Anthony Winchester WILLIAMS, Janet Challis 31.03.1909 WILLIAMS, Janet Mary 16.07.1918 m to WILLIAMS, Leonard Heathcote (Bill) WDJJAMS, Janet Mary 16.07.1918 m to WILLIAMS, Leonard Heathcote (Bill) WILLIAMS, Janie Theodora 25.03.1894 m to PURDffi, Edmund Hamilton WILLIAMS, Jennifer Lillian 08.12.1961

WILLIAMS, Judith Keiller WILLIAMS, Judith Margaret (Judy)

588 588

604 WILLIAMS, Judith Mary 170 WILLIAMS, Julia Elizabeth WUJLIAMS, Julia Mary

WILLIAMS, Jeremy William Thomas 31.05.1965 m to COUSENS, Andrea

WILLIAMS, Jessica Amy 23.03.1992 WHJJAMS, Jessica Elizabeth 09.10,1985 WILLIAMS, Joan Elfie 04.04.1913 m to DILLON, Patrick Philip Lee WILLIAMS, Joan Wilder 12.06.1911

m to MURPHY, Nora Margaret

WILLIAMS, John Dow 14.04.1902

303 WILLIAMS, Keith Gaster 261 WILLIAMS, Keith Maxwell WILLIAMS, Kelly Brian

m to DEVER, Philippa

WILLIAMS, John Morris (Moss) 24.01.1929

m to MEYER, Helen Frances

WILLIAMS, John William 06.04.1827 m to BUSBY, Sarah

WILLIAMS, John William (Jack) 11.12.1867

301 83



06.03. 1955 17.09. 1908

18.04. 1921

590 268 96

24.08. 1978 03.02. 1979 07.10. 1989

10.04. 1976 21.02. 1939 29.10. 1961 19.09. 1995 05.11.


85 94 303 144 568 564 569 150

23.07. 1885

1954 18.06. 1958


149 88 163 301 299

499 WILLIAMS, Kenneth Stuart

13.09 .1870


22.10 .1927


15.05 .1957 16.12 .1966

235 294

116 WILLIAMS, Lauren Alexandra Rose

12.07 .1987


WILLIAMS, Leonard 302 Heathcote (Bill)

27.05 .1912


27.05 .1912


WILLIAMS, Lesley Sarah WILLIAMS, Leslie Edward 284 WILLIAMS, Leslie

01.01 .1989 20.10 .1877

163 90

Elizabeth Esme

01.03 .1932



168 m to LUDBROOK, Lilian Mary

WILLIAMS, Kenneth Sydney 171 m to WATKINS, Elizabeth Josephine

WILLIAMS, Kimble Charles 308 WILLIAMS, Kirsty Ruth m to BARCLAY, Warren Ross

m to WILLIAMS, Janet Mary

94 WILLIAMS, Leonard Heathcote (Bill) 277 m to WILLIAMS, Janet Mary

m to HARVISON, Robert Ernest

WILLIAMS, John William Stuart 29.07.1934

09.06. 1989

13.09 .1870

WILLIAMS, Kenneth Michael

m to WILLIAMSON, Jessie Mackie

m to STRACHAN, Joanna Jane


169 WILLIAMS, Kenneth Stuart 115 m to LUDBROOK, Lillian Mary

m to HOLDEN, Diana Margaret

WILLIAMS, John Terence 07.10.1950

09.08. 1965

622 m to COOKE, Phillipa Jean

m to MacLAURIN, Catherine Annie (Nancy)

WILLIAMS, John Harold 27.10.1966


560 m to GRAHAM, Lesley May

m to BELL, Jeanette Storey

WILLIAMS, John Benedict 10.07.1940



300 m to HARRISON, John Clear

m to JONES, Evan

WILLIAMS, Joanna Maree 12.06.1969 WILLIAMS, Jock Harold 25.08.1959 WILLIAMS, Jodi 24.08.1980 WILLIAMS, John 21.10.1935


303 m to NURSE, William Andrew

300 WILLIAMS, Juliet Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Kate 479 WILLIAMS, Katerina Milner 570 WILLIAMS, Kathleen Penelope WILLIAMS, Kathleen Sheila WILLIAMS, Kathryn Anne 586 WILLIAMS, Katie Emma WILLIAMS, Keith Colgate

m to LARKWORTHY, Mary Jane

07.04. 1931

m to MERWOOD, Robert David

WILLIAMS, Jeremy Kenneth 11.08.1954

WILLIAMS, Jeremy Warwick 04.09.1964


m to WRIGHT, David Philip

WILLIAMS, Julia Mary 229 WILLIAMS, Juliet 561 WILLIAMS, Juliet Carieton

WILLIAMS, Jeremy Peter 15.10.1949



m to CROSSE, Ernest Courtenay

m to GORDON. David John WU.LIAMS, Jennifer Mary 21.08.1931 WILLIAMS, Jennifer Robyn 15.09.1967 WILLIAMS, Jennifer Rose 18.01.1988 m to HOLDEN, Jane Barker

21.01. 1854

234 m to BUCHANAN, Sarah Nidra (Ally)



WILLIAMS, Leslie Gail 13.05.1960 565


m to SAVORY, Peter John WILLIAMS, Letty Martyn 25.01.1906 80










284 151

m to GALBREATH, Robin Scott

WILLIAMS, Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettie)

m to (l)O'RORKE, Forbes WILLIAMS, Letty Martyn 25.01.1906 81

m to WILLIAMS, Bevan Sydney

WILLIAMS, Mary Margaret Wilder (Bettie)

m to (2)HERRICK, Jasper Lucas

WILLIAMS, Libby Anne 27.06.1989 607 WILLIAMS, Linda 14.03.1970 170 WILLIAMS, Lois Gwendoline 25.04.1900 155

m to WILLIAMS, Bevan Sydney

WILLIAMS, Mary Meggie m to JAMES, Sidney

m to (l)DISBROWE, Edward Francis WILLIAMS, Lois Gwendoline 25.04.1900 156

WILLIAMS, Mary Temple WILLIAMS, Matthew lan WILLIAMS, Matthew

m to (2)ANDERSON, Horace WILLIAMS, Loretta 21.11.1947 325

Leonard Heathcote

m to HUTTON, Anthony Maurice

30.08.1978 23.08.1958

WILLIAMS, Louise Rachel 30.04.1951 592

WILLIAMS, Matthew Stuart


m to PEMBERTON, Douglas Gregory WILLIAMS, Lucy Anne 20.09.1964 171

WILLIAMS, Maude Mary Anne


WILLIAMS, Lucy Frances 13.01.1868 236

WILLIAMS, Maurice Miles WILLIAMS, Maurice Stanley WILLIAMS, Megan

m to BURGE, George Arthur

m to WARREN, Thomas John Cory (Jack) WILLIAMS, Lucy Veronica 25.10.1981 279


WILLIAMS, Megan Elizabeth

Catherine (Kate) 07.04.1841 473








170 302


m to RODER, Martin Louis

WILLIAMS, Margaret

WILLIAMS, Melanie Anne


Anne (Peggy) 18.09.1931 565

Charles Temple

m to KROGH, Severin Cal

WILLIAMS, Margaret Ellen 03.12.1857 512


m to MACLEAN, Christopher Haydon WILLIAMS, Margaret Octavia 31.05.1920 108

Christopher John WILLIAMS, Michael Duncan

m to WILLIAMS, Anthony John Oswald WILLIAMS, Margaret Octavia 31.05.1920 609



m to COOK, Sarah Jill 30.09.1902 George IMackie m to JACKSON, Margaret Hughlings WILLIAMS, Michael John 08.10.1951

m to WILLIAMS, Anthony John Oswald WILLIAMS, Margery Turner 16.03.1906 593 WILLIAMS, Margo Joyce 24.10.1976 93 WILLIAMS, Margot Temple 09.04.1921 110

WILLIAMS, Michael Ormond 01.01.1974

WILLIAMS, Michael Stewart 474 228 138 624

m to LILLICRAP, Cameron Paul

WILLIAMS, Miles Stuart 23.09,1955 234


and PORTEOUS, JU1 WILLIAMS, Mona Caroline 18.12.1900 306

258 163

m to COTTERILL, Geoffrey Evelyn WILLIAMS, Morvyn (Tim) 29.01.1910 252


m to RIDDIFORD, Philippa Therese WILLIAMS, Muriel Buchanan 23.08.1883 124

m to FUNNELL, Angela Jane

WILLIAMS, Mark Charles 26.07.1973 WILLIAMS, Martin Brian 06.03.1934 m to KENDRICK, Heather

WILLIAMS, Martin Jon Evan 29.11. 1966

m to FAULKNER, Albert Joseph

WILLIAMS, Martyn Robert Henry 28.03.1976 WILLIAMS, Mary **.**. 1948 WILLIAMS, Mary 21.04.1826

85 170 226

m to WILLIAMS, Samuel WILLIAMS, Mary Anne 11.01.1850

WILLIAMS, Myra Colgate (Winks) 10,09.1920 149 m to DRUMMOND, Dan Francis

WILLIAMS, Nancy Edith

m to WILLIAMS, Samuel

WILLIAMS, Mary 02.11.1870 WILLIAMS, Mary 21.04.1826

247 472

Harvey 19.02.1907 583 m to COXWELL, Cecil Maurice

WILLIAMS, Nancy Hope 20.12.1910 259


m to BORTHWICK, Patrick John WILLIAMS, Nancy Mary 03.12.1904 287


m to CACCIA-BIRCH, Anthony William Fabio (Tony)

m to DAVIES, Christopher Pearson

WILLIAMS, Mary Anne 11 .01.1850

03.02.1966 371

WILLIAMS, Michael Thomas 19.02.1969 588 WILLIAMS, Michael Warwick 25.06.1962 570 WILLIAMS, Michelle Karen 18.10.1965 169

m to HELMORE, Victoria Frances

WILLIAMS, Mark Busby 05.03.1960


m to MARRAN, Rosamunde

m to MACKAY, Lionel John Mytton Handcock

WILLIAMS, Mark Antony 11 .12.1945


and COCHRANE, Hayley

28.04.1820 177

m to DAVIES, Christopher Pearson

WILLIAMS, Marianne 22.08.1843 WILLIAMS, Marianne Jane 12.09.1852 WILLIAMS, Marjorie 30.05.1890


m to LOCHHEAD, Kate Alexandra Helen

m to FRASER, Alec Mac

m to DAVIES, Christopher Pearson


144 144 571


m to PAYTON, Dermot Hurlston

WILLIAMS, Mabel Buchanan 05.02.1880 118

WILLIAMS, Marianne

590 309 255


WILLIAMS, Natalie Margot



WILLIAMS, Peter Temple WILLIAMS, Peter Wallis

m to STEPHEN, John McKenzie



WILLIAMS, Nicholas Duncaa


m to (l)MACKIE, Angela Ruth WILLIAMS, Nicholas Duncan

118 279


310 117



















17.06.1940 10.03.1899

568 567










02.02.1972 03.03.1998

88 309



30,01.1897 28.10.1960

277 278




m to (l)GARDNER, Susan Mary

WILLIAMS, Peter Wallis m to (2)SMOCK, Victoria



WILLIAMS, Peter William Gerard

m to (2)TAYLOR, Jennifer

WILLIAMS, Nicholas

m to HOLDEN, Mary Louise Phyllis

Ewen Marc


WILLIAMS, Nicholas Leslie WILLIAMS, Nicholas Martyn

16.08.1976 18.08.1949

WHJLIAMS, Philip John WILLIAMS, Philip

296 95 85

Leslie Bruce

m to RHODES, Victoria Patricia Mary

WILLIAMS, Nicola Emma WILLIAMS, Nicola Mary

m to (l)PURCHAS, Esme Guyon 05.09.1991 15.09.1936


607 119

Leslie Bruce m to (2)HARRIS, Joyce Mary

m to GRIMMOND, Barry Betham

WHJJAMS, Nicola Mina


WILLIAMS, Philip Nicholas


m to TIMMS, Heather Jean

m to GEARY, Dave



WILLIAMS, Philippa Anne


m to BROAD, Kim Lowther

m to CASTEL, Nora

WILLIAMS, Noel Braithwaite WILLIAMS, Norah m to SUNDERLAND, Richard WILLIAMS, Norman Theodore


155 135




148 571 117


WILLIAMS, Philippa Marianne m to DYMOCK, Philip Douglas

WILLIAMS, Phillida Anne m to EIVERS, Michael Patrick

WILLIAMS, Priscilla Jane WILLIAMS, Quentin

m to PUCKEY, Cora Matilda Whewell

WILLIAMS, Olive Gaster WILLIAMS, Oliver Meyric WILLIAMS, Olivia Rose

19.05.1971 16.08.1996

m to PARK, Marion Tory

WILLIAMS, Oscar Timothy Leonard



WILLIAMS, Oswald Temple (Gos)

m to DICKERSON, Gregory WILLIAMS, Rachel Margaret m to CHIBNALL, Brett Edward



WILLIAMS, Rachel Millicent m to REED, Alfred Vincent Standish

m to WOOD, Violet Lethridge

WILLIAMS, Owen Neville (Peter)

WILLIAMS, Ralph Wanklyn 02.06.1914






m to McFADYEN, Margaret-Anne

WILLIAMS, Raymond Claud WILLIAMS, Rebecca Letty WILLIAMS, Richard AIister (Buzz)

m to MAUGER, Patricia

WILLIAMS, Patricia Mary m to OJALA, Eric Mervyn

WILLIAMS, Patricia Wilder

m to PEARCE, Susan Elizabeth

rne m to KELLY, George Murray Swinburne

WILLIAMS, Patrick Gordon



WILLIAMS, Richard Dow WILLIAMS, Richard John


m to WANKLYN, Janet May


m to EASTON, Anna

WILLIAMS, Richard John



WILLIAMS, Patrick Henry WILLIAMS, Patrick John WILLIAMS, Paul Henry

21.05.1966 16,12.1996

171 279

WILLIAMS, Richard Paul

Metcalfe m to SLOMAN, Ellen Dinah



Holden WILLIAMS, Robert Cooper


295 277

WILLIAMS, Paul Michael


m to CRAMFTON, Nancy WILLIAMS, Robert Euan



WILLIAMS, Penelope Ann


606 115

m to HOOGERBRUG, Peter WILLIAMS, Penelope Jane





581 279 109


85 283



05.10.1941 Priscilla Gerard mond m to ASHLEY-WILSON, Roger Richmond




Heathcote Temple


m to STRACK, Monica Jean

m to BALL, Marion Helena

WILLIAMS, Robert John Harvey

m to BLUNDELL, Richard D

WILLIAMS, Penelope Mary WILLIAMS, Percy Temple


m to PIERCE, Mary Isabel

WILLIAMS, Peta Lyn WILLIAMS, Peter Standish


149 478




m to BONHAM CARTER, Daphne Mary


m to KIRKPATRICK, lan Andrew

WILLIAMS, Robyn Leslie WILLIAMS, Robya

WILLIAMS, Rodney Heathcote

m to WHITE, Laila Moore CKewpie)

WILLIAMS, Peter Temple



m to COLLINS, Patricia Joan

WILLIAMS, Ronald Wanldyn m to FITZROY, Louisa Gwendoline



WILLIAMS, Stella Frances 26.07.1939 88


m to OVERBYE, Jon Douglas




WILLIAMS, Rosemary Anne


95 283



Christopher 27.08.1976 151 WILLIAMS, Stephen Empsoa 02.11.1911 120

m to HEDGE, Brian James

WILLIAMS, Rosemary Keiller WILLIAMS, Rosemary Lucy Turner

WILLIAMS, Russell Philip Seton WILLIAMS, Ryan Gilmour WILLIAMS, Samuel WILLIAMS, Samuel

m to FIRTH, Joyce Patricia

WILLIAMS, Stephen William 31.12.1954 235 **.**.1941




162 278 101 226




579 no 589 171



WILLIAMS, Susan Diaue 07.10.1962 116 m to DOWDING, Charles John Child WBLLIAMS, Susan Dinah 09.11.1968 294 WILLIAMS, Susan Elizabeth 02.04.1957 278 m to BOOL, Murray Lawrence

WILLIAMS, Susan Faith 23.12.1947 625 m to ANDERSON, Timothy Derek WILLIAMS, Susan Rosemary 10.03.1950 605

m to WILLIAMS, Mary

WILLIAMS, Samuel m to WILLIAMS, Mary WILLIAMS, Samuel Harvey WILLIAMS, Samuel Heathcote WILLIAMS, Samuel Leonard

WILLIAMS, Samuel Marsh

m to KEMP, Gerald Bruce 18.06.1987 28.04.1979 10.08.1908

WILLIAMS, Susan Temple 03.12,1953 284 m to GIBSON, John Llewellyn

WILLIAMS, Sybil Mary 07.07.1914 144 m to WOODS, Samuel Edward

WILLIAMS, Sydney Leonard 14.12.1866 593 WILLIAMS, Tara Gay 02.11.1972 478

m to SADLER, Elizabeth Barbara 07.02.1893


WILLIAMS, Samuel Timothy


WILLIAMS, Sara Margaret




94 286 317

Maria m to MATTHEWS, Douglas



WILLIAMS, Sarah Catherine WILLIAMS, Sarah Catherine (Kitty)





m to BEETHAM, Anne Palmer (Annie) WILLIAMS, Thomas Coldham 05.12.1939 256






Gwynne Horsley 11.05.1874 264 WILLIAMS, Thomas Hugh 02.01.1964 117



WU.LIAMS, Samuel Roy

m to KLOSE, Malcolm Jeffrey WILLIAMS, Tarka James

m to BURR, Bessie Joyce

Arnold 12.04.1978 589 WILLIAMS, Terence Leslie Carleton 01.07.1916 93

m to HUTTON, Thomas Biddulph WILLIAMS, Sarah Amanda

m to NOLAN, Mary Joyce

WILLIAMS, Tessa Margaret 10,04.1989 110 WILLIAMS, Tessa Rose 21.11.1996 566 WILLIAMS, Tessa Sian 29.03.1990 278 WILLIAMS, Thomas Coldham 18.07.1825 250

m to TAPLIN, Joseph Hugh WILLIAMS, Sarah Cooper


m to PHELPS, Gay

stoun m to WIGLEY, Edward Thomas Cranstoun

WILLIAMS, Sarah Marianne

m to FRAENKEL, Linda Jean WILLIAMS, Thomas Leonard 04.01.1858 235 WD.LIAMS, Thomas Sydney 27.11.1847 101

m to LARKIN, Thomas Cedric

WILLIAMS, Sarah Standish

;k) m to GRIFFIN, Richard Geoffrey (Rick)


280 155 605 170



WILLIAMS, Scott Douglas WILLIAMS, Selwyn


WILLIAMS, Serena Mitra WILLIAMS, Sharon Margaret



m to WILLIAMS, Agnes Lydia

WILLIAMS, Thomas Sydney

m to MITCHELL, Rodney Peter

WILLIAMS, Shona Mackintosh

473 571

WILLIAMS, Timothy Charles Beatham 21.08.1962

m to KERSEY, Arthur Oliver (John)


m to MOTLEY, Samantha Antonia Clare







WILLIAMS, Simon Henry


309 312

Charles Alien

27.11.1847 277

m to WILLIAMS, Agnes Lydia WILLIAMS, Thomas Sydney 09.02.1831 WILLIAMS, Thomas William 20.03. 1976

m to PAMMENT, Gillian Lynn

m to GIBB, Helen Mary



Leonard Heathcote


Charles Standish 22.03.1964 WILLIAMS, Timothy Edward 06.09,1971

WILLIAMS, Timothy John Wilder

585 257

21.08.1915 624

m to (l)FOWLER, Patricia Faith


WILLIAMS, Timothy John

WILLIAMS, Simon Nicholas


m to LOCKHART, Julia Campbell WILLIAMS, Sonia-Rae


WILLIAMS, Sophie Ann


590 279

Wilder 21.08.1915

WILLIAMS, Timothy Nolan 560 570



m to (2)DINSDALE, Agnes Hill (Nancy) m to CHAPMAN, Jennifer





Heathcote Beetham 23.12.1980 606 WILLIAMS, Tui 21.07,1992 234 WILLIAMS, Ulric Gaster 22.05.1890 149

Robert Maxwell 31.10.1912 m to KEMP, Dwillis Ettie WILLIAMSON, Jessie Mackie 26.08.1876

WILLIMENT, Winifred Mary 06.03. 1933

m to SEWELL, Taare Warneford (Rua) 15.01.1940 251

WH.LIS, Genevra 17.10.1909 m to WILLIAMS, Charles Athol WDLLIS, Hannah Nancy 05,01.1980 WILLIS, Henry David Jefferd 28.11.1981

m to BLAKENEY, Henry John Mervyn

564 170

WILLIAMS, Violet Isabel 17.09.1885


WILLIS, Jacob lan 31.05.1983 WILLIS, Matthew Samuel 07.04.1979 WILLIS, Peter lan 14,02.1951

m to BIRCH, Cyril William WILLIAMS, Violet Maud 12.05.1881


WDLLIS, Sally Marianne 14.02.1985

m to WILSON, Scott Harvey

WD.LIS, Tarquin Geoffrey 22.11.1982 WILLIS, Thomas David 14.01. 1950 m to JEFFERD, Jillian Mary WILLOCK, Andrew Seymour 16,05.1974 WILLOCK, Deborah Margot 24.12.1981 WILLOCK, Joanna Mary


WILLIAMS, Virginia 625

m to SMFTH, Patrick John

WILLIAMS, Warwick Rodney 10,10.1934


(Janna) 21.04.1972

295 142

m to CHALK, Madeline

WH.LIAMS, Wilfrid

540 540 540

m to SHERRIFF, Margot Elizabeth WILLOCK, William Patrick 13.04.1983


WILSON, Aaron Bernard 05.10.1973 WBLSON, Andrew Munro


Ludbrook 09.10.1967 WILSON, Anna Munro Ludbrook 17.10.1964 WD.SON, Campbell Munro 23.05.1939 m to LUDBROOK, Elisabeth Hana WILSON, Frank Henderson 17.12.1904

m to NELSON, Jane

m to SEWELL, Philippa Blackwood


m to BATHGATE, Vivienne Cecilia WILLIAMS, William Hamilton 05.11.1962

621 235 229 473



m to MILLER, Maryrose


m to WANKLYN, Sarah

WILLIAMS, William Martyn 24.09.1927

378 378 378

WILSON, Godfrey Edward Armstrong 02.09.1926

m to WANKLYN, Sarah WILLIAMS, William Leonard 22.07.1829

540 337

m to REED, Ruth Agnes

WILLIAMS, William John Samuel 08.01.1926 WILLIAMS, William Leonard 22.07.1829

220 220


WILLIAMS, William Cyril 29.10.1946

220 540

m to DODGSHUN, Wendy Elizabeth WILLOCK, Nicola Jane 08.03.1979 WILLOCK, Paddy Sherriff 01.10.1985 WILLOCK, Patrick David 28.11.1949

m to BARNES, Kathleen Penelope (Penny) WILLIAMS, William 18.07.1800

WILLIAMS, William Athol (Bill) 20.09.1928

217 238 217

WILLOCK, Michael John 16.03. 1947

Maurice Chalk 31.08.1912

WILLIAMS, William Andrew 12.08.1964

217 217 238 238 238

m to BROAD, Michael Lowther

m to HASSALL, Henare Jane Shearburn

WILLIAMS, Wendy Esme Gerard 12.07.1938 m to FALLOON, John Gavin WILLIAMS, Wilfrid Gaster 19.09.1882


m to WARREN, Susan Mary

m to ROBINSON, Hugh Amuri Margaret (Gee) 25.08.1949


m to MACLEAN, Michael Anson

WILLIAMS, Verity Maria

m to BERSCH, Ludwig WILLIAMS, Virginia Carleton 05.11,1923


m to WILLIAMS, John William (Jack)

m to THURLING, Mary May WILLIAMS, Ursula 15.05.1891 555 WILLIAMS, Vera 19.05.1893 555

WILLIAMS, Victoria Kathryn 09.02.1994 WILLIAMS, Victoria Maree 25.01.1969



m to WALLIS, Kathleen Mary

WILSON, Harold Ralph 10.09.1918


m to NEWLAND, Clare Agnes WILSON, James Frederic (Fritz) 05.04.1888


m to KEMP, Edith Sarah WILSON, Janet Robyn 24.10.1958



m to BUSBY, Richard Alexander Dearden

Rolleston Standish (Bill) 20.07.1947


WILSON, Jean Margaret 28.02.1915



m to LUDBROOK, Reginald Humphrey WILSON, Jessica Mary 20.10.1957


m to DAVEY, Jillian Myrtle

WILLIAMS, William Temple 16.03.1856

and MILLER, Norman Michael

m to PUCKEY, Annie Matilda Sophia Marilla 18.01.1872


WILSON, John Bernard 28.07.1984 WILSON, John Paul 05.10.1955

200 200

WILLIAMS, Wyvern Annie



m to BUNNY, William lan WILLIAMS, Wyvern Henry

m to POORE, Elizabeth Julia WILSON, Kirsty Anne 06.02.1961






WILLIAMS, Winifred Beetham m to NELSON, Francis Ernest

m to MASON, Evelyn Muriel


10.02.1997 234


m to WILLIAMS, David Heathcote Beetham

WILSON, Laura Munro Ludbook 30.01.1966 WILSON, Lois Ann 27.04.1952

378 335

WILSON, Marianne Rachel 16.05.1959 188 m to CLEVERLEY, Barthold

WILSON, Mary Elizabeth

WRIGHT, Eleanor Mary Tweedie




CBetsy) 10.02.1916 332

270 270

m to TWEEDIE, Amanda Jane Anne

m to NEWLAND, David Lean WILSON, Mary Rose **.**. 1913 389

WRIGHT, Mark Andrew


WRIGHT, Norah de Vesci


m to LUDBROOK, John Kinsella WELSON, Paul Benedict 11.03.1954 187

m to WARREN, Greville Williams WRIGHT, Thomas Henry Fitzherbert WYNNE-LEWIS, David Canning

WILSON, Sarah Anne 25.01.1956 187 and SMITH, Richard Stanley Peche WILSON, Scott Harvey 20.09.1964 170 m to WILLIAMS, Victoria Maree

WILSON, Sharyn Ailsa 13.07.1975 338 WILSON, William Frederick 07.11.1946 337 m to KEMP, Allison Fae

WINCHCOMBE, Ngaire Frances 03.03.1949 538 m to SHERRDFF, John Richard WOOD, Ada Mary Louise 19.02.1878 360

30.01.1988 01.01.1932

m to TODD, Shirley Anne WYNNE-LEWIS, Gemma Kate WYNNE-LEWIS, Harry Thomas





626 236

270 202 202 203 203

m to LINWOOD, Gillian Jane WYNNE-LEWIS, Jonathan


WYNNE-LEWIS, Katherine


WYNNE-LEWIS, Peter Thomas


204 204 202



m to MORRISSEY, Joanne

m to HADFIELD, Ernest Frederick

WYNNE-LEWIS, Richard Eric

WOOD, Catherine Elizabeth 27.12.1963 535 WOOD, David Edwin 28.08.1938 535

m to LOWRY, Alessandra Mary (Sana)

WYNNE-LEWIS, Richard Eric

m to SYME, Janet Elizabeth


m to LOWRY, Alessandra Mary (Sana))

WOOD, Helen Amanda 08.08.1965 535


m to MOORE, Peter

WOOD, Penelope Anne 25.05.1956 97 m to ROBINSON, Samuel Amuri WOOD, Sarah Ann Louise 27.02.1969 535 m to HOLDAWAY, Allan WOOD, Violet Lethridge 19.09.1882 108

20.05.1960 30.07.1961

619 202 202

m to ROBINSON, Donald Guy Thomas WYNNE-LEWIS, Thomas Herbert (Toe) 18.06.1897 m to CANNING, Elsie Mary McQueen (Nunie) WYNNE-LEWIS, Timothy David 19.10.1967

m to WILLIAMS, Oswald Temple (Gos) WOOD, Wendy Alison 10.03.1937 259


m to BORTHWICK, Thomas Malcolm WOODARD, ?? **.**.**** i7g



203 203 499










m to GRAY, James Errol

m to ARNOLD, Gigi WOODS, Christopher Samuel 15.01.1943 146

YOUNG, Julie Anne

m to HOWARD, Katherine Isabella (Kathy) WOODS, Edward Richard 20.09.1941 145

YOUNG, Susan Gaye

m to LUDBROOK, Kenneth James m to DAVIES, Peter Cornwall

YOUNGER, Mary Elizabeth

m to PROBY, Joanna Margaret

m to MACKAY, Denis Handcock

WOODS, Francis Henry 20.05,1981 147 WOODS, Isabella Gabrielle 29.11.1977 146 WOODS, James Christopher 28.01.1972 146 WOODS, Lydia Mary Charlotte 04.03.1989 147 WOODS, Madeline Bridget 12.08.1979 147 WOODS, Marianne Sybil 11.05,1948 147

ZIMNSKY, Michael Paul

m to BESTEBREURTJE, Hendriekje Maud

ZOHRAB, Alien Anthony ZOHRAB, Alien Edward Hadfield







** ** !|!*>|!>|!

363 362 360

m to (l)WHITEHOUSE, Jacqueline

m to SMITH, John Rhys Baxter

WOODS, Rosemary Clemence 30.12.1945 147 WOODS, Samuel Edward 13.07.1910 144

ZOHRAB, Alien Edward Hadfield

m to WILLIAMS, Sybil Mary WOODS, Samuel Richard 07.05.1973 146 WOODS, Sarah Elizabeth 16.01.1949 148

m to (2)COOPER, Janet Alice ZOHRAB, Andrew

m to RUTHERFORD, Gordon Alexander

ZOHRAB, Anna Rosemary


ZOHRAB, Edith Mary


m to HARDIE BOYS, Michael

WOODS, Thomas Edmund Christopher 13.06.1983 147 WOODWARD, Dorothy Virginia 07.12.1926 219

ZOHRAB, Gina ZOHRAB, James Hadfield

** *!|! ****


363 362

m to BOYD, Patricia Rosemary

m to DODGSHUN, Sydney Yorke

363 362

ZOHRAB, Jeffrey

!|!!|! !|S* *!);!!!*

ZOHRAB, Joanna


Davida 02.07.1990 270

m to TE AUKURA, Isaia ZOHRAB, John Fortescue

19.09.1902 360

WMGHT, David Philip 24.11.1942 626

m to HADFIELD, Dorothy

WORLEY, John Henry **.**.**** 543

m to STEWART, Jill

WRIGHT, Anjelica Jane

m to WILLIAMS, Judith Margaret (Judy)


ZOHRAB, John Hadfield ZOHRAB, Julia ZOHRAB, Krista ZOHRAB, Mark Clifford

01.04.)1933 ** ** ****


361 363 362 362

13.03.1967 ZOHRAB, Penelope Susan (Penny) 24.09,1964 362 m to ALLISON, Andrew Richard (Andy) ZOHRAB, Robert Hadfield 10.07.1972 362

ZOHRAB, Sarah Jane 09.04.1968 362 m to COATES, Mark Harding ZOHRAB, William John 30.03.1942 363 m to HOPWOOD, Kerin Wallace