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Coming Soon How To Bury The Dead Ansely Moon (9/11) I Didn’t Mean To Be Kevin Caleb J. Ross (11/11) Orange Girl and Other Poems Josie Stahl (1/12) Code For Failure: A Gas Station Novel Ryan Bradley (4/12) While You Are Sleeping I Will Evolve Into A Bird Nathan Tyree (7/12) The Blush Rachel Kendall (9/12) Can't Kill A Man Born To Hang Karl Koweski (11/12)

A Sh i ny, u nus e d h e ar t J. A. Ty l er J. A. Tyler is the author of ten books: Inconceivable Wilson F ic ti o n (Scrambler Books, 2009), Sinatra (Vox Press, 2010), In Love $ 12. 9 5 With a Ghost (Cow Heavy, 2010), A Man of Glass & All The Ways I SB N TB A We Have Failed (Fugue State Press, 2011), Girl With Oars & Man

Dying (Aqueous Books, 2011), Wilson (Re)-Conceived (Scrambler Books, 2011), When We Hold Our Hands (Dark Sky Books, 2012), & The Zoo, A Going (Dzanc Books, 2013). He is also founding editor of Mud Luscious Press, based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

B or der Th e or y Ste f an ie W i e lk op o l an i s b n 9 7 8 0 9 8 2 7 4 4 0 4 8 P oe tr y $9.95

An intensely moving debut collection of poems rooted in different moments of life that weave back and forth in time. Unafraid to confront the ecstatic or the brutal side of a woman's experience in love, loss and self-identity, Wielkopolan transforms these moments by using language that is alternately casual and startling, fierce and transcendent.

P . U . D . Z. S. J ac k S o n B at es I S B N 9 7 8 0 9 8 2 7 4 4 0 3 1 F ic t io n $ 14. 9 5 The male of the species is a brute - and when Fern discovers

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that her mate has devised an insidious method of tormenting her from the grave, she's left with no choice. She learns to put aside her prejudices and joins forces with a psychic, a potbellied pig, and a nice lady who keeps goats and makes kickass muffins. It's not a conventional circle of friends, but once the aliens show up, what else is a female Sasquatch to do?

All titles 6x9 Trade Paperback

Black Coffee Press

L os i ng D ay li gh t

D r i nk i ng U n ti l M or ni ng

ISBN 9780982744024

ISBN 9780982744017

Th om as M ic h a e l P oe t r y $ 12. 9 5

Jus ti n G r imb o l F ic ti o n $ 12. 9 5

H a n dpr in t o n t h e W in ds h ie l d ISBN 9780982744000

Ke vi n R ic h ar d W h it e $ 9. 9 5


This is a deeply personal, moving account of one man coming to terms with his life, his marriage and the eventual demise of the two. An appealing and empathetic collection of poetry that delves into human motivations and crises without lurid sensationalism.

This beer-soaked, degenerate coming-of-age story follows the day-to-day trials of the grimly hysterical world of Grimboli, a chronically unemployed nobody, For some, the glass is half full. For others, it’s half empty. For Grimboli, it has cigarette butts floating in it.

A first collection of poetry that tethers painful losses with reckless passion and honesty. There are droplets of bright, beautiful language throughout. From lilting lines about love to haunting fragments betokening death. Kevin White articulates the ways that our memories of the world, of self, and of others endure and help make us whole. Page 3

L ov e l ik e a M o l ot ov C oc k t a il t o th e c h es t

Sh e.

C e l lu l oi d C o w b oy

ISBN 9780615349718

ISBN 9780615322223

ISBN 9780615261102

Sc o t t c . r og er s F ic t i o n $ 12. 9 5

Th om as M ic h a e l P oe tr y $ 9. 9 5

Sc o t t C . R og er s F ic t i o n $ 14. 9 5


Jesse James, a former child prodigy, finds himself a thirty-something apathetic burned out literature professor returning home to Detroit to care for his dying father. Battered by memories and paralyzed by the death of his mother he seeks to reconstruct his dismantled life and exorcise his demons through a series of well-intentioned misadventures, such as taking a job that picks up dead bodies, which lead him right back where he started. Told in a unique and subtle voice, Love Like a Molotov Cocktail to the Chest is ironic, optimistic and down right funny and unforgettable


A collection of heartache that details one soul in the aftermath of broken love.

What if you've been a screw-up your entire adult life? You are now over thirty with nothing to show for it but a string of meaningless bullshit jobs, broken relationship after broken relationship and a 1975 AMC Green Gremlin with a broken heater. You live in a shitty flat in Detroit with a cupboard of stale coffee, a few bottles of light beer in the fridge, and a shoe box of pot that has probably been cut with cat shit. And until this week you have been slouching your way through life and pissing on anything meaningful. But that's all about to change. You are now given a final chance to make something out of this life, if only you can survive this one week.

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All titles 6x9 Trade Paperback

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Our mission is simple: We are dedicated to providing a fo[] rum for writers with fresh voices who would otherwise be silenced if left to the mercy of mainstream publishing.

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