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Architecture & Interior Design: Sarco Architects, Square Feet: 5,920 (13,885 with terraces) Bedrooms: 6 Baths: 8 Altitude: 135–150 feet (lower terraces to green roofs) More lots available: Architect Roderick Anderson admires the way Philip Johnson’s iconic Glass House in

Connecticut blurred lines between inside and outside. So, with Casa Magayon, he says,

“I wanted to design a house that flows with the natural terrain and maximizes the views of the water and the connection to the jungle.”

So he built a series of interconnected glass-sheathed modules laid right into the dense vegetation that are a model of energy efficiency. Unused modules can be shut down

when the couple visits alone and the outdoor corridors between them do not require

air conditioning. Wide overhangs shade outdoor spaces, and the narrow widths of the

modules allow air circulation and further reduce cooling needs. A green roof improves thermal insulation and provides a space for taking in jaw-dropping views. Most

thrilling, though, is the deck that juts out over the vertical drop. Says Anderson, “It’s a lookout where you feel like you’re in the air and completely one with nature.” u

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