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Wells Fargo is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month and the 2012 Salute to Black Women Business Conference & Awards Luncheon honorees.

National Women's History Month 2012 BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION As Americans, ours is a legacy of bold independence and passionate belief in fairness and justice for all. For generations, this intrepid spirit has driven women pioneers to challenge injustices and shatter ceilings in pursuit of full and enduring equality. During Women's History Month, we commemorate their struggles, celebrate centuries of progress, and reaffirm our steadfast commitment to the rights, security, and dignity of women in America and around the world. We see the arc of the American story in the dynamic women who shaped our present and the groundbreaking girls who will steer our future. Forty-one years ago, when former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt confronted President John F. Kennedy about the lack of women in government, he appointed her the head of a commission to address the status of women in America and the discrimination they routinely faced. Though the former First Lady passed away before the commission finished its work, its report would spur action across our country and galvanize a movement toward true gender parity. Our Nation stands stronger for that righteous struggle, and last March my Administration was proud to release the first comprehensive Federal report on the status of American women since President Kennedy's commission in 1963. Today, women serve as leaders throughout industry, civil society, and government, and their outstanding achievements affirm to our daughters and sons that no dream is beyond their reach. While we have made great strides toward equality, we cannot rest until our mothers, sisters, and daughters assume their rightful place as full participants in a secure, prosperous, and just society. With the leadership of the White House Council on Women and Girls, my Administration is advancing gender equality by promoting workplace flexibility, striving to bring more women into math and science professions, and fighting for equal pay for equal work. We are combating violence against women by revising an antiquated definition of rape and harnessing the latest technology to prevent dating violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault. From securing women's health and safety to leveling the playing field and ensuring women have full and fair access to opportunity in the 21st century, we are making deep and lasting investments in the future of all Americans. Because the peace and security of nations around the globe depend upon the education and advancement of women and girls, my Administration has placed their perspectives and needs at the heart of our foreign policy. Last December, I released the first United States National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security to help ensure women play an equal role in peace-building worldwide. By fully integrating women's voices into peace processes and our work to prevent conflict, protect civilians, and deliver humanitarian assistance, the United States is bringing effective support to women in areas of conflict and improving the chances for lasting peace. In the months ahead, my Administration will continue to collaborate with domestic and international partners on new initiatives to bring economic and political opportunity to women at home and abroad. During Women's History Month, we recall that the pioneering legacy of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers is revealed not only in our museums and history books, but also in the fierce determination and limitless potential of our daughters and granddaughters. As we make headway on the crucial issues of our time, let the courageous vision championed by women of past generations inspire us to defend the dreams and opportunities of those to come. NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 2012 as Women's History Month. I call upon all Americans to observe this month and to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8, 2012, with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities that honor the history, accomplishments, and contributions of American women. I also invite all Americans to visit to learn more about the generations of women who have shaped our history. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this first day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand twelve, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-sixth.





Salute to Black Women 2012




Salute to Black Women 2012


s the Black Business Association of Los Angeles sponsors its 2012 Salute to Black Women Business Conference and Awards Luncheon in celebration of National Women's History Month, I am particularly pleased to once more be a part of this event. This year's theme—Women's Education-Women's Empowerment—is one with which I can truly identify. As both a former community college instructor and member of the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees (my first political office) I know the value of education and how it serves as that first vital stepping stone to empowerment for women, particularly those from underserved communities. I also know how critical education is to setting the stage for empowerment. That sense of empowerment is only a first step. Subsequent steps can be taken at events like ours recognizing women who have achieved success, particularly in the economic and entrepreneurial arenas. At the same time, our business conference gives up-and-coming entrepreneurs an opportunity to rub shoulders and engage in exchanges with already successful women. This year, we are especially proud of the group of young girls ages 13-18 who will be sitting in special workshops being exposed to potential role models they can emulate. They are learning at a young age, exactly what it takes to be successful, from women who have been there and done it, and those who continue to strive to achieve. As Chairwoman of the Black Business Association, I congratulate this year's outstanding group of Honorees. We are so proud of them and all of their accomplishments. Thank you all for you being a part of this event and your support throughout the year. Finally I urge you to not only read our theme but also help make it arealty.


Gwen Moore Chairwoman, Black Business Association




Board of Directors Chairman - Gwen Moore, GeM Communications Secretary - Denise Peoples, Peoples Choice Staffing, Inc. Treasurer - Lamar Lyons, Rideau Lyons & Co. Inc. Clarence Scott, Brandon Supply Corporation, Inc. Nathan Freeman, Figueroa Media Group, Inc. Ted Davis, ISComp Systems. Inc. Zeke Patten, Patten Energy Enterprises, Inc. President & CEO - Earl “Skip” Cooper II

Corporate Partners AEG American Honda Motor Co, Inc. AT&T Bank of America The Boeing Company California Lottery Citi City National Bank Comerica Bank Department of Water & Power Donald Sterling Corporation EastWest Bank IBM HSBC JP Morgan Chase Kaiser Permanente

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elcome to the Black Business Association's (BBA) 2012 Salute to Black Women Business Conference and Awards Luncheon. “Women's Education–Women's Empowerment” is the theme for this year's conference and we have put together an educational and inspirational program that looks forward to the future and honors five outstanding women and an educational organization that have opened doors for the next generation of women leaders. The 2012 Salute to Black Women Business Conference and Awards Luncheon is a wonderful opportunity for the BBA, to once more, turn the spotlight on to highlight the many accomplishments of African American women as well as inspire the many young women in attendance today. Held during National Women's History Month, the event this year enables the BBA to pay homage to women who have made their mark in one area that has become a key “hot button” issue of today—education. Some of our honorees this year have played critical roles at various levels of education and absolutely demonstrate that empowerment is a result of being educated. Other honorees have taken the business education they have acquired in school and in their companies and leveraged it in ways that have empowered them to address a wide variety of concerns. During our business conference, you will see these women, executives, community and political leaders, entrepreneurs and others in their element serving as role models; exchanging tips and ideas on how to achieve success; and congratulating one another on their accomplishments. During a special workshop, “Role Models for Success,” we focused on young girls—ages 13 to 18 years old—and expose them to already successful women. We want to be a part of the effort to give them a jumpstart on a future where they definitely have the opportunity to equal and surpass the outstanding accomplishments of their grandmothers and mothers. I am extremely pleased with our distinguished honorees that we are recognizing this afternoon for their life commitment toward the advancement of African Americans. As a people, we should acknowledge and pay homage to African American women not just for one day or one week or one month, but every day of the year. It is my hope that you enjoy today’s BBA's Salute to Black Women Business Conference and Awards Luncheon and leave inspired, encouraged and empowered. We look forward to seeing you in 2013 as we plan a bigger and better event which will feature a major Vendor Fair! So mark your calendars and inquiry early. So, we thank our BBA partners, friends, supporters and others for taking time to share this day with us as we recognize past and current successes and lay the pathway for future endeavors by the next generation.


Earl “Skip” Cooper, II President and Chief Executive Officer Black Business Association


About the Black Business Association Since 1970, the Black Business Association (BBA), A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, headquartered in Los Angeles, has been instrumental in the incubation and development of more than 15,000 African-American businesses. Nationally, we have access and influence with more than 80,000 African-American-owned and women/minority-owned firms via strategic alliances with more than 500 women/minority trade associations in more than 42 states nationwide.

Our Mission The Black Business Association’s mission is to advocate and promote the development of AfricanAmerican owned businesses with the goal of creating a firm economic base that support the selfdetermination and survival of the African-American and urban community by: C Identifying and creating financial opportunities for the growth and stability of AfricanAmerican owned businesses; C Being a community voice that advocates for the success of small businesses; C Being a conduit for the merging of resources, values, profits, technology and people; C Promoting development and support of minority business enterprises within the domestic and international economies by encouraging and generating greater access to market opportunities and capital; C Providing training for entrepreneurial professional development; C Supporting and contributing to the economic base and progress of the AfricanAmerican community; and C Developing coalitions that support our political endeavors to effectively achieve public recognition and political influence for African-American business owners.

Advocacy The Black Business Association maintains very effective working relationships with elected and appointed officials for the support of African-American business development. Locally, statewide and in Washington, DC, we are constantly aware of pending legislation that might affect our member’s businesses, their growth and even their ability to conduct business. When legislation is being considered that affects our mission, the BBA quickly mobilizes to work with key policy makers to support, defeat or modify the bill and pursue the BBA position. As an organization, we are constantly at the helm, securing innovative means and policies that protect our constituency and their business interests.

The Black Business Association Mailing Address: P.O. Box 43159, Los Angeles, CA 90043 Tel: (323) 291-9334 | Fax: (323) 291-9234 | URL: | E-mail:




Donald T. Sterling Corporation


Salute 2012 Honorary Committee Members Senator Barbara Boxer Senator Diane Feinstein Congresswoman Maxine Waters Congresswoman Karen Bass Congresswoman Barbara Lee Congresswoman Laura Richardson Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell Councilwoman Jan Perry Councilwoman Jacque Robinson Honorable Yvonne Brathwaite Burke Renee Becker, Esq. Charisse Bremond Weaver, Brotherhood Crusade Natalie Cole, OurWeekly Caprice Collins, Esq. Karen Earl, Jenesse Center, Inc. Janet DuBois, Actress Forescee Hogan Rowles, Community Financial Resource Center Norma T. Hollis Candida Mobley, Voices, Inc. Starlett Quarles Angela Reddock, Esq. Karen Slade, KJLH Radio Marva Smith Battle Bey, Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corp. (VSEDC) Faye Washington, YWCA of Greater Los Angeles The Regalettes, Inc.


Mistress of Ceremonies Norma T. Hollis America's Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®

Norma T. Hollis, a member of the Black Business Association, helps people find, live and share their authentic voice. She defines authentic voice as the “person you were born to be” and “the voice you were sent to the world to share”. She has developed the Authentic Voice System and is transforming lives worldwide with a focus on helping people align their gifts and talents within fulfilling and sustainable career paths. Norma offers many products and services that enable people to know themselves on a deep level, monetize their gifts and talents, become self-sufficient through their gifts and talents then step into their authentic voice and life assignment. Her path to authenticity began in the field of education as an early childhood development specialist. She directed private and non-profit child care programs in Michigan and California. Most noted for her work with Head Start, Norma reached the top of this industry, directing $10 million programs serving up to 1500 children. Through this process she developed a deep understanding of human development and the gifts and talents we are born with. She became a champion of children's spirituality to help parents and caregivers deepen their understanding of natural gifts and talents and direct parenting in the path of the child's authentic voice. She also became a spiritual director to gain a deeper understanding of gifts and talents as it relates to spiritual growth and development at all ages. In her second career Norma was an entrepreneur for 15 years in the professional speaking industry. She was the first African American woman to own a speakers bureau focused on African Americans and she started the very first directory of African American speakers on the internet. This led her to understand not only what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur but also how speakers use their natural gifts and talents to share their authentic voice through their message and delivery on stage. She is now in her third career as a thought-leader, transformational speaker, coach, author and authority in the field of authenticity. Norma has an international clientele of speakers, authors and entrepreneurs as well as others who seek to follow the path of their authentic voice. She currently certifies Authenticity Ambassadors and Coaches to teach the Authentic Voice System and expand the message of authenticity in corporate, youth, personal development and community environments. She's fulfilling her mission of touching your authentic core and impacting personal development worldwide.



Norma T. Hollis America's Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®


Gwen Moore President, GeM Communications Chairwoman, Black Business Association

Earl “Skip” Cooper, II President and CEO, Black Business Association


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ernona Clayton is the Founder, President and CEO of the Trumpet Awards Foundation, Inc. and Creator / Executive Producer of the Foundation's “Trumpet Awards�. The Trumpet Awards is a prestigious event highlighting African American accomplishments and contributions. Initiated in 1993 by Turner Broadcasting, the Trumpet Awards has been televised annually and distributed internationally to over 185 countries around the world. Ms. Clayton began her television career in 1967 and became the south's first Black person to have her own television show. Xernona Clayton was employed at Turner Broadcasting for nearly 30 years where she became one of their highest-ranking female corporate executives and served as liaison between Turner Broadcasting and civic groups in Atlanta and across the country. Ms. Clayton's dedication to her community is reflected in the many years she has spent promoting human relations. In 1965 she accepted a position with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and worked closely with the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & also traveled extensively with Mrs. Coretta Scott King. Dedicated to promoting racial understanding, Xernona Clayton has been a leader in civic projects & civil rights activities. Her persistent fight against the dragons of prejudice and bigotry was never more apparent than in 1968, when the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan denounced the Klan and credited Xernona's influence with his change. A recipient of numerous media awards, Xernona has been widely honored for her contributions to humanity. In recognition of her contribution to broadcasting, the American Intercultural Student Exchange (AISE) created a scholarship in her honor where she chooses an outstanding minority high school student to spend a year living abroad with a European family, all expenses paid. The Xernona Clayton Scholarship is dedicated to increasing open relationships, internationally, through a global high school student exchange program. Additionally, the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists named its scholarship in her honor and annually presents the Xernona Clayton Scholarship to a student pursuing a career in communications.


Xernona Clayton Founder, President and CEO Trumpet Awards Foundation, Inc. SALUTE TO BLACK WOMEN 2012 HONOREE


r. Diane E. Watson is a living example of “Women's Education and Empowerment�. She received an Associate of Arts from the Los Angeles Community College District, and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in education from California State University, a Master of Science from California State University, Los Angeles, and a Ph.D. in educational administration from Claremont Graduate University. Diane Watson began a career in education serving as a teacher in 1956. Inspired by a long-standing desire to fortify school systems and help students by intensifying school standards from their foundations, Ms. Watson industriously served Los Angeles public schools as an elementary school teacher and school psychologist, and she also functioned as the first African-American woman to serve the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education. With a deep-rooted past in the public school system, Dr. Watson has maintained a lifelong loyalty to the field of education, having built a legacy. Her endeavors to strengthen academic standards and to increase school integration initiatives rendered her a renowned advocate for academic success among students across an array of populations throughout her professional career. Ms. Watson worked proudly as an elected official for 25 years. She served in the California State Senate for 20 years where she honorably represented the 33rd Congressional District and its constituents, and implemented policies and procedures on health care, social services, education and housing. She was appointed by former President Clinton as United States Ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia until 2001. In 2003, Ms. Watson was sworn in as a member of the 108th Congress, after the death of Congressman Julian Dixon, who possessed the seat for 22 years. While serving the California State Senate, Ms. Watson became recognized as a statewide and national advocate for numerous issues, those of which included health care, women, and children. Her efforts led to the execution of legislation to sponsor breast cancer research, and in 1997, Ms. Watson initiated legislation to strengthen food health safety requisites for restaurants. She attributes her success in her role to her education, goal-oriented nature, and the support she has received from her family. Dr. Watson continues to strive for excellence in her professional pursuits, which encompass her goals to serve her community as a teacher, mentor and leader.


Dr. Diane Watson Educator and Former United States Congresswoman SALUTE TO BLACK WOMEN 2012 HONOREE


r. Julia Hare is widely regarded as one of the most dynamic motivational speakers today. She educates and energizes audiences across the world with her bold talks on love, marriage and the black community. She is national executive director of The Black Think Tank, a consulting firm she co founded with her husband, Dr. Nathan Hare, in 1979. Both psychologists, they have been married for 50 years and have co-authored six books, among them The Endangered Black Family, Bringing the Black Boy to Manhood: The Passage, The Miseducation of the Black Child, and Crisis in Black Sexual Politics. Her most recent book is How to Find and Keep a BMW (Black Man Working). Dr. Julia Hare, was founding publisher of” Black Male/Female Relationships” from 1979 to 1982. This followed her experiences as a prizewinning public school teacher and radio talk show host and television personality. Dr. Julia Hare was recently selected to the Marquis Who's Who in America, in 2010; also Who's Who in the World. It's little wonder that Dr. Julia Hare has created so many supporters in America. Her debates at universities and convention centers are nothing short of electrifying. Not since Malcolm X and Martin Luther King have we seen someone whose oratory skills and potent message have so stirred black America. The things she has to say about the black family, relationships and the role of black men, have struck a chord with not just African Americans but also many across the world. Thanks to internet sites like You Tube, Dr. Hare's powerful and at times amusing comments on modern black life, have reached out to people everywhere. In Britain many 'in the know' are starting to talk about her. Recently the exciting UK publication called “The Voice” published a major feature on this amazing orator. Dubbed as 'Lady Malcolm X' with a determination reminiscent of Marcus Garvey and a touch of the eloquence of Dr Martin Luther King, Dr. Hare speaks frankly about common issues affecting the black race today.


Dr. Julia Hare Community Advocate/Educator & Executive Director, The Black Think Tank SALUTE TO BLACK WOMEN 2012 HONOREE


everly Kuykendall is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of expertise who holds a BS degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly University and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Federal and Commercial Contracts, Inc (FCCi), helps businesses leverage key relationships for strategic growth in both the public and private sector. Since 1997 FCCi has built a reputation of delivering bottom line results by teaming small and large business for federal prime and subcontracts. FCCi's scopes of services include the development of strategic alliances between large business and small business. They help their clients meet their small business and diversity needs for government agencies, corporations, healthcare providers and education institutions who must comply with federal outsourcing mandates involving small business and diversity. Beverly helps guide clients through the many ins and outs of government utilization of small business through her active participation in programs sponsored by entities such as the Department of Defense, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Department of Veterans Affairs, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Commerce, Historically Black Colleges and Universities and others. In addition, Beverly has extensive experience as a federal procurement specialist, advocating for 8(a), SDVOSB, HUBZone and other small businesses. Ms. Kuykendall is co-founder of the National Minority Medical Suppliers Association; past president of the National Association of Market Developers; and co-founder of the Healthcare Supplier Diversity Alliance. She is also a member of the National Contract Management Association, Association of the United States Army and the National Speakers Association. She has been a keynote speaker, panelist and workshop presenter for a number corporations as well as government agencies, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, General Services Administration (GSA), FAA, SBA and others. Beverly Kuykendall currently functions as a mentor to USCs Diversity Department and works with the MBDA Business Center assisting minority businesses as a strategic partner with the Mayor's Office of Economic and Business Policy. Beverly also serves as a board member and strategic advisor to the National Association of Minority Contractors of southern California. Described by the agency as a “client who has clients” Beverly has a relationship with the Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) in Washington, DC; this positions her to provide representation to FCCi Clients as solutions to strategic initiatives supported by the agency. Working closely with women-owned businesses to develop workable strategies and tactics to secure government contracts and understanding how to establish and leverage influential relationships for business growth has caused Beverly Kuykendall to be secured by WBEC-West, for a 6-city speaking tour, entitled, “Leveraging your WOSB and WBE Certifications”. The Women's Business Enterprise Council -- West or WBEC-West is one of 14 Regional Partnering Organizations (RPOs) affiliated with the Women's Business Enterprise National Council, known as WBENC. In addition, the southern California Minority Business Development Council is set to launch a pilot program series entitled, “Let's Get Federal TV” featuring Beverly providing strategic advice regarding securing government contracts on Live U Stream TV.


Beverly Kuykendall President and Chief Executive Officer Federal and Commercial Contracts, Inc. (FCCI) SALUTE TO BLACK WOMEN 2012 HONOREE


ary Kimbrough and Jackie Ryan, co-owners of Zambezi Bazaar have provided education and empowerment to their community for over Fifteen years through their retail store that delights its consumers with things that are important to its culture. “We sell only black genre, because all of the other cultures have their advocate. We are advocates for our shared racial historical experience.” Zambezi Bazaar and their Cultural Merchandise are located in the Crenshaw districts Historical Leimert Park. It is known as the perfect little shop when you're looking for those items to give you an Afro-centric feeling. They carry books, pillows, hand woven throws, handmade jewelry, magnets, figurines and other accessories. Selling items that remind the community of its history is what Zambezi Bazaar does best. "We sell things that are important to our culture," said Jackie Ryan and Mary Kimbrough co-owners of Zambezi Bazaar. Keeping the products and prices in line with the customer's needs is very important to Zambezi. "Our products are at a price that people can afford…and the most important part is for us to listen to our customers. Our customers made us - they told us what type of product that they wanted, how much they wanted it to cost, what they wanted it to look like." As community tutors, at Zambezi Bazaar “Out of Print Literature” is very popular." It is collectable on the world market... People are looking for “out of print” books and magazines that have our cultural heroes, not only in America but in Africa."Zambezi Bazaar carries items like the issue of Ebony Magazine with Nat King Cole and his daughter Natalie on the cover, in mint condition. There are also issues of Time Magazine with black figures on them. Greeting cards are another big seller at Zambezi Bazaar and they only sell greeting cards that reflect the African American image and the African American spirit. Co-owners Jackie Ryan & Mary Kimbrough say "We stick to what's important to us. What we look like, what we do, what our hair looks like, where we go to church."


Mary (Nzinga) Kimbrough & Jackie Kimbrough Ryan Co-Owners, Zambezi Bazaar SALUTE TO BLACK WOMEN 2012 HONOREE


alifornia Alliance of African American Educators (CAAAE) is to provide programs and services to students, families, and teachers in order to create culturally conscious African American students who are life-long learners and critical thinkers. At California Alliance of African American Educators (CAAAE), work to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve the educational opportunities and achievement for African American students. California Alliance of African American Educators membership is open to public and private school educators, administrators, board trustees, college and university staff, program developers, support providers, undergraduate and graduate students, parents, community stakeholders, civic leaders and corporate representatives. CAAAE was founded by Ms. Debra Watkins in 2001 who is its full-time Executive Director and President. Ms. Watkins is an educator who had a passion to coach other educators on how to close the achievement gap for black and brown students. Approximately 30 years ago she served as president and one of the founders of the Santa Clara County Alliance of Black Educators. CAAAE 's is fast becoming known as an innovation educational institution. CAAAE's, Dr. Frank S. Greene (2009 BBA Business Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree) Scholars Program K-12 math, science and technology initiative received a commendation from the San Jose City Council. CAAAE has also been recognized by San Jose's Mayor and Council Members for their commitment to the youth in the community.


CAAAE (California Alliance of African American Educators) accepted by Ms. Debra Watkins, Founder, President/Exec Director SALUTE TO BLACK WOMEN 2012 HONOREE


Women's Organizations National Women's History Project Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director and Co-Founder, President of the NWHP Board of Directors 3440 Airway Drive, Suite F Santa Rosa, CA 95403 Phone: (707) 636-2888 |Fax: (707) 636-2909

Salute to Black Women's Business Conference, Vendor Fair & Awards Luncheon – Black Business Association (BBA) Shea DoQui, Salute to Black Women Program Coordinator PO. Box 43159|Los Angeles, CA 90043 (323) 291-9334 | Fax (323) 857-4610 American Association of Blacks in Energy Arnetta McRae, President and CEO 1625 K Street NW, Suite 405 |Washington, DC 20006 Phone: (202) 371-9530 |Fax: (202) 371-9218 American Health & Beauty Aide Institute Clyde Hammond, Chairman P.O. Box 19510 | Chicago, Illinois 60619-0510 Phone: (708) 633-6328 |Fax: (708) 633-6329 Assn. of Black Women Entrepreneurs, Inc. (ABWE) Dolores Ratcliffe, President PO. Box 49368|Los Angeles, CA 90049 (213) 624-8639 Black Women's Forum 3870 Crenshaw Blvd # 210 Los Angeles, CA 90008 (323) 292-3009 Black Women for Wellness Janette Robinson Flint, Executive Director 4340 11th Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90008 Phone: 323-290-5955 | Fax: 323-815-1692 women for wellness

Black Women's Network Shelia Smith Johnson, President P.O. Box 56106 |Los Angeles, CA 90056 Phone: (323) 964-4003 California Alliance of African American Educators (CAAAE) Debra Watkins, Founder, President/Exec. Director P.O. Box 3134 |San Jose, California 95156 PH: 408.977.4188 Fax: 408.453.0997 Community Financial Resource Center Forescee Hogan-Rowles, President & CEO 4060 S. Figueroa Street |Los Angeles, CA 90037 Phone: (323) 233-19OO Fax: (323) 235-1656 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cynthia M. A. Butler-McIntyre, National President 1707 New Hampshire Ave., NW Washington, DC 20009 Phone: (202) 986-2400 Fax: (202) 986-2513 Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. Patricia A. Daniels, President National Headquarters 2657 West Grand Blvd. |Detroit, MI 48202-1203 Phone: (313) 873-2691 Fax: (313) 873-5254 Jenesse Center, Inc. Karen Earl, Executive Director P.O. Box 8476 | Los Angeles, CA 90008 Phone: (323) 299-9496 Fax: (323) 299-0699 Jenesse Hotline: 1-800-479-7328


National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. M. DeLois (Dee Dee) Strum, National President 1925 Adam C. Powell Jr. Blvd., Suite 1L New York, NY 10026 Phone: (212) 222-5660 | Fax: (212) 222-5675 National Council of Negro Women, Inc. Dr. Barbara L. Shaw, Chair 633 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20004 Phone: (202) 737-0120 | Fax: (202) 737-0476 The Black Think Tank Dr. Julia Hare, Executive Director 1895 Jackson St. #606|San Francisco, CA 94109 Phone: 415-474-1707 | Fax: 415.771-3485 Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Joann Loveless, International Grand Basileus 1000 South Hill Dr., Suite #200 Cary, NC 27513 Toll Free: (888) SGR-1922 | Phone: (919) 768-9720 Fax: (919) 678-9721 Trumpet Awards Foundation Ms. Xernona Clayton, Founder/President and CEO Centennial Tower|101 Marietta Street, STE 1010 Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Office: (404) 878-6738|Fax: (404) 586-8193 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Sheryl P. Underwood, International Grand Basileus, Pacific Region 1734 New Hampshire Avenue NW Washington, DC 20009 Phone: (202) 387-3103 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. – Los Angeles 15530 S. Normandie Ave., #J Gardena, CA 90247 Phone: (310) 327-3336

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Buena Visions Buena Johnson Artist Phone: (310) 750-0550 Cake Buzz Sean Allen & Grace Phone :( 310) Dazzle & Design Linda Patterson, CEO Phone: (310) 774-6537 Jeffery Stephenson's Fine Art Jeffery Stephenson Phone: (310) 722-0693 or (213) 307-0701 Tracy Lynn Jewelry LC Green Phone: (310) 466-1470 West Love Barry & Diane Sheldon 3939 Sutro Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90008 Phone: (323) 294-3406

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SCE is proud to support the Black Business Association 2012 Salute to Black Women Business Conference & Awards Luncheon and salutes BBA for its dedication to advocating and promoting the development of African Americanowned businesses. SCE congratulates today’s honorees.

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The Omni Los Angeles Hotel would like to congratulate all of the 2012 Honorees of the Black Business Association's Salute to Black Women Business Conference & Awards Luncheon for their positive impact on the African-American community and our society at large.

Acknowledgments The Black Business Association wishes to thank the following companies and individuals who contributed to the success of our 2012 Salute to Black Women Business Conference & Awards Luncheon In-Kind Contributions A Divas Hidden Hair, Bloomingdales, West Love, Zambezi, Dazzle & Design, Tracy Lynn Jewelry Jeffery Stephenson Fine Art, National Women's History Project, L & L Studios, Chef Marilyn, Southern California Edison and Northrop Grumman

Special Thanks National Women's History Project Southern California Edison Northrop Grumman SuiteEvents L & L STUDIOS LA Business Printing Omni Hotel California Flower World Dazzle & Design Marvelous Marvin The Bag Ladies DB lnternational Lion Communications BoJangles CAAAE Youth Coordinator

Molly Murphy MacGregor (707) 636-2888 Vincent Craney Gloria Pualani Sarah Harris (323) 988-7290 Shea DoQui (323) 291-8707 Eric Johnson (310) 649-5855 James Long (213) 356 - 4017 Curtis Simpson (323) 778-2272 Linda Patterson (310) 774-6537 Marvin L. Jones (3IO)477-2O3O Sheryl Goldie (3IO) 822-1706 Dennis DeLoach (323)253-8918 La Sandra Stratton (773) 957-53L2 Robert Hollis (310) 327-2208 Germain Jackson DeCree

Salute Partner Salute Partner Salute Partner Graphic Design/Promotion/Registration Event Planning/Coordinator Printing Director Catering/Convention Service Flowers Event Decor Entertainment Specialty Gift Bags Award Framing Communications Banner & Signage Youth Attendees

Workshop Presenters Northrop Grumman, Norma Hollis, Starlett Quarles, Louticha Grier

Dessert Reception Gwen's Specialty Cakes Romeo's Full Service Catering Kobbler King Chef Marilyn's My Sweet Beginning Big Man Bakes Dove Chocolate Discoveries Uncle Oat-A-Mola Cookies Gramma Betty's Fine Chocolate

Gwen (310) 677-9979 Crystal McPherson (310) 733-9997 Brian McMillian (323) 731-9286 Chef Marilyn (323) 737-8101 Tenea Harris(323) 573-3892 Chip Brown (213) 622 -2127 Vanessa Rivera (562) 756-2616 Starlett Quarles??? Dashon Queitte (714) 521-0555

Photography & Video Production Photography by Foxx Media Group Majeed Photo Synthesis Top of the Line Communications

Ian Foxx (323) 868-2621 Sabir Majeed (323) 270-3731 TC Richard (951) 242-0333

Photographer Photographer Video Production

Earl "Skip" Copper, ll Phallu Morgan Shea DoQui Patricia A. Chapman-Basquez Brett Byers Buena Johnson Narimisha Osai

BBA President & CEO BBA Marketing & IT Director BBA Salute Program Coordinator BBA Vendor Registration & Desert Reception Coordinator BBA Programs Director BBA Office Assistance BBA Event Courier & Support

Event Coordination

Volunteers DeAdra Davis, Victoria Williams, Diona Okunbo, Xavier Harris, William E. Martin, Akili Tate, Alyssa Basquez, Chandler Wallace, Kyndhhl Savannah Carter

Thank you for joining us today and we look forward to seeing you next year...for a Bigger and Better... SALUTE TO BLACK WOMEN BUSINESS CONFERENCE, VENDOR FAIR AND AWARDS LUNCHEON! Mark your calendars for MARCH 30, 2013