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and Health Studies.

11. MeetUp See what's happening in your area and meet up with like minds to learn new skills, often free of charge. Meetups are a great way to trade experiences and learn new perspectives.

12. Trivium Education Critical thinking is an incredibly important skill, but it's not often taught in public school curriculum. Brush up on your rhetoric, grammar, and logic with Trivium's free resources.

15. PBS Video

19. iCONIC Tour

Watch well-researched, in-depth documentaries from PBS, free of charge online.

16. Project Gutenberg Study classic literature for free with over 50,000 titles available to download from the Project Gutenberg library.

14. University of the People Billing itself as the world's first nonprofit, tuition-free, accredited, online and CNBC put together iCONIC, a three-part conference series that's visiting my own hometown of Boston on September 22, 2016, after its first stops in Seattle and Denver. On top of the excellent speakers, the networking is an incredibly effective way to learn what's truly working for dynamic businesses across the country.

20. FutureLearn Packed with free online c o u r s e s from over 40 universities, FutureLearn is a U.K. site that serves over 3.6 million learners worldwide.

13. HubSpot Academy HubSpot, that online marketing software giant out of Boston, offers comprehensive, user-friendly digital marketing courses. Understanding marketing is critical for any entrepreneur, whether it's a function of your daily duties or not. HubSpot Academy was one of my own top five digital marketing course picks.

courses, including an introduction to computer programming course that's fantastic for entrepreneurs and beginners. It was my top choice among the nine best places to learn how to code for free.

21. Rescue Time 17. Pocket Save articles, videos and other interesting and educational content you come a c r o s s online to consume l a t e r . Pocket lets you save from your browser, or from apps like Twitter or Flipboard, and you can access the content later without an internet connection.

Learn more about where and how you spend your time, allowing you to find efficiency throughout the day. 

18. MIT Open Courseware American university, UoPEOPLE offers degree programs in Business Administration, Computer Science

The iconic university offers totally free programming html

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BBN May 16  

BBA 13th Annual Procurement Exchange Summit; National Small Business Week; World Trade Week

BBN May 16  

BBA 13th Annual Procurement Exchange Summit; National Small Business Week; World Trade Week