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Using Prezi. What is it? Here are some tips for getting going on Prezi – an alternative presentation tool to Powerpoint. You can be creative by zooming, adding embedded YouTube videos or links to websites. Using the free software, your work is saved to the internet automatically. You can also download it although it cannot then be edited.

Getting started First create an account by logging in with your email address and any password you like. However, if you have an academic email address (use your college one) you can access a greater number of features under the free Edu Enjoy account.

Click here then choose Enjoy Edu.

Now you are logged in, you should see this screen……

Click on New Prezi to begin….

Now choose a template or start a blank prezi….

Editing text

This appears when you click on screen. It allows you to add and make changes to text.

You can edit, delete, change the size of and move your text.

New toolbar This new toolbar is located at the top of the screen and you have various options:

Add a new frame, arrow or highlight part of your Prezi.

Choose from lots of themes if you need inspiration! Incorporate YouTube videos, shapes and images using this icon. Bring old Powerpoint slides to life by importing them into Prezi. Use one or all of them – up to you. Fantastic!

Present, save, undo and redo and create a new Prezi here.

Sharing You can share your prezis in various ways:

Let others work on your Prezi by clicking this button at the top of the screen‌‌

1.Decide how you want to use your prezi‌do you want it to be shared by others, if so can they re-use it?

2.Click on the Embed button to copy the html code. You can now embed your prezi in Moodle or other web sites.

3. Download as a portable prezi as a zip file using this icon in order to present your work off line. Bear in mind that without the internet, any web links you have won’t work.


1. If you wish to print, click on the download as PDF icon. 2. The slides will now download for you to save as a printable PDF document. Save in your preferred destination.

3. The document will consist of an overview of the Prezi and then a screenshot of each of the slides.

Make it interesting for your audience! Embed YouTube videos to get your point across……

Don’t make too many zooms as it may make your audience feel sea sick!

Add relevant ideas in new slides. Check that each of your slides contains text and images that fit on the screen when played.

Now make your fab presentation and have fun!

Check out this Youtube video:

Prezi handout  
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