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How do I use……..?

Evernote is a brilliant app you can download from Create yourself an account where you can collect notes, grab information from the internet and save favourite images in the same place. Download the app on your mobile devices and then you can access everything you have saved with Evernote as long as you have downloaded the app on them already.


Download the app and fill in the information to create your account. Then click ‘register’. 2. Creating a note:

Click on ‘new note’.

Now type into your new note. Change the fonts, sizes and colours. Don’t forget to give it a name!

Evernote will save your work automatically.

3. Adding images. There are a couple of ways to do this:



This image file is on the computer desktop. Open up Evernote and create a new note as above. Simply drag and drop the image into the body of the note. Done!

Do the same for images on the web. Simply click and drag the image you want right into a new note as above.

4. Evernote Sync. This means that everything you upload to Evernote is synched to all your mobile devices automatically.

Upload shopping lists to your computer, check your phone while in the supermarket, then check out a recipe on your laptop in your home.

5. Saving web content.

Highlight text on the internet you want to keep.

Click on the Evernote button in the browser bar. A new note is automatically created containing the highlighted we information.

6. Now check out this video on the Evernote website.

How to use Evernote  

Step by step guide for using Evernote

How to use Evernote  

Step by step guide for using Evernote