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Shaqir Hussyin Breaks Almost all Product sales Report With regard to Carbon Copy PRO -- Sponsoring 26 BlackBox Members inside Sixty minutes & Is victorious Leading Advertising Award In Las Vegas Before 1000 Folks Shaqir Hussyin is the winner the CCPRO Online Marketing and advertising Award, as well as Smashes the actual document for many sales ever made in one evening... Las vegas 2010 before 1000 business people.

Smart entrepreneurs travelled all around the world to get a 1 day event held by the CCPRO group. Everyone else celebrated and applauded as founders Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson presented Shaqir Hussyin with the award in front of greater than 1,000 Online marketing entrepreneurs for that Master Marketing Award and then for beating the in history sales record of promoting most BlackBoxes in one day. "This is an awesome and deserved and needed award for young visionary entrepreneur Shaqir Hussyin," Parkinson declared as cameras flashed all around them on stage in Vegas at the elegant Venetian hotel. Carbon Copy PRO will be the premium internet marketing community for those serious level entrepreneurs boasting over 10,000 members which have utilsied one of the most leading edge tools and techniques to create and grow their online empire, this crisp November day at the Venetian Hotel, Vegas, was a totally crazy day fun full of value, marketing insights and life changing info that may change the marketing world forever. To talk about exactly the same stage as Simon Sinek, David Bach, Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson and many types of another Carbon Copy PRO top earner's was truly a blessing along with a humbling experience. Shaqir says, "it's been an aspiration to obtain on stage effortlessly these guys, after all this community helped shaped me who I am TODAY." To be promoted for the "L3" leadership level, an individual needs at least 75 active, personally sponsored members. "During these previous couple of months, my business has skyrocketed, and my students that signed up to learn by me with all the CCPRO system gained fast results, and consistent momentum within their online journey," says Hussyin. "I do not think I possibly could have stopped it even if I needed wanted to." Recently announced Shaqir Hussyin is among the leading trainers in the marketing community, training around 10,000 entrepreneurs in the CCPRO community. Students rave about the quality of insider training Shaqir

exposes around the webinars from how to generate 400 leads per day, how to use the to bank $10k product sales. Shaqir Hussyin reveals a special chance of the readers of this exclusive edition press release: "Spots are open form of hosting mentoring by Shaqir Hussyin; serious candidates can complete a free application, and get a complimentary Half hour strategy session." Grab your free report and bonuses by



Hussyin, who may have only been associated with Internet marketing for just two years, may be dominating the CarbonCopyPro Leader Boards since this past summer where he has been moving involving the 1st to 4th top spots in each and every sales category. He's neck in neck with top producers that have as much as a decade's experience in the under their belts. He's generated over 400 leads daily from PPC, SEO, & Social internet marketing, to increase this this young marketing rockstar sold 27 BlackBoxes within just an hour or so. Nobody inside the entire marketplace had ever carried this out. Shaqir Hussyin lives london, emphasizing high-end consulting, speaking at marketing events, schools and corporate companies to assist them to exponentially boost their main point here. A globe-trotting entrepreneur furnished with his Mac and iPad working mobile from beaches to cafes allround the planet. Due to the Internet, he coaches his marketing students in 15 countries on five continents. For more information and also to engage in this fast growing team of great entrepreneurs, contact Shaqir via:

Shaqir Hussyin Breaks Carbon Copy Pro Product Sale  
Shaqir Hussyin Breaks Carbon Copy Pro Product Sale  

The No BS Marketing Consultant Speaker and Globe Trotting Entrepreneur