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BASIC CLASS AND TERMINOLOGY GUIDE Black Belt Leadership Academy – Name of Martial Arts Academy you belong to Tang Soo Do - Name of the Martial Art we study Tang - China Soo - Hand Do – Way Moo Do Ki Gong Kwan – Name of Martial Arts Organisation that Black Belt Leadership Academy is part of Moo – Martial/Warrior (prevent conflict) Do – Way Ki - Energy Gong - Achievement / Mastery Kwan - School / Organisation Sa Bom (Nim) - Certified Instructor (Ko Dan Ja) Kyo Sa (Nim) - Certified Instructor (Yu Dan Ja) Jo Kyo (Nim) - Assistant Instructor Nim - A term of respect similar to 'Sir,' 'Ma'am,' or 'Honourable' Students and Parents should address the Instructor as follows: ‘Sa Bom Nim’ or ‘Sir’ or by Title and Name i.e. ‘Master Molyneux’ Sun Beh (Nim) - Senior member Hu Beh - Junior member Yu Dan Ja - Degree, holder of midnight blue belt Geup - Grade, holder of coloured belt under midnight blue (Yu Dan Ja rank) Ko Dan Ja - Senior Dan Kwan Won - Student member Do Jang -Training hall (studio) Do Bohk -Training suit (uniform) Dee – Belt Kuk Gi - National flag Kwan Gi - Flag of a style or school


ETIQUETTE ON ENTERING AND LEAVING CLASSES All Students should remove footwear (Shoes/socks etc) before entering the training area (Dojang), All Mobile Phones should be switched off before entry to Do Jang (Students and Parents/Guests) All Students, Parents and Guests should stand to attention and perform a martial arts bow and say ‘Good Morning Sir’/ ‘Good Evening Sir’ to Instructor and await a response before entering the Do Jang. Safety Equipment should be put on immediately upon or before entry except safety helmets which should be positioned on floor in line adjacent to training floor or as directed. Water may be brought into the Do jang – all bottles should be positioned in line with safety gear bags. Water breaks will be advised by Instructor – students should not leave the class line up to take a drink. If Students are feeling unwell or need to leave the Do Jang at any time then please stay in line and raise hand and advise instructor immediately. Students should commence personal preparation for class once in Do Jang (warm up/ practice etc) until instructed to line up for commencement of class. Students should not engage in sparring with others or weapons practice during this time. On leaving the training area everyone should ensure that all personal belongings are collected and then stand to attention at Do Jang Door, perform a martial arts bow and say ‘Good Bye Sir’ or ’Good Morning/Good Evening Sir’. Footwear should only be put back on once outside of the Dojang.

BASIC COMMANDS/TERMS USED IN CLASS Ki Cho - Basic Hyung - Form Mahk Kee – Block Kong Kyuk – Attack Ha Dan - Low part Choong Dan - Middle part Sang Dan - High part Ahp – Front Yup – Side Dwi - Back Cha Gi – Kick Ki Hap - Yell / Shout (Energy Focus) Shi Sun - Focus of eyes or direction of line of sight BON - numbers (KOREAN) (CHINESE) Ha Na – One – IL Dool – Two - E Set – Three - Sam Net – Four - Sa Da Sot – Five - O Yuh Sot – Six - Yuhk Il Gop – Seven - Chil Yo Dull – Eight – Pahl Ah Hope – Nine - Ku Yohl – Ten - Ship

STARTING AND ENDING CLASS Cha Ryut – Attention Kuk Gi Ba Ray - Salute to flag Ba Ro – Return An Jo – Be Seated Muk Nyum – Meditate Ba Ro – Return Il Oh So – Stand Up Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Nyeh - Bow to Certified Master Instructor

Names of Forms (Hyung) Level 1 Ki Cho Hyung IL Bu - Basic Form No 1 Ki Cho Hyung E Bu - Basic Form No 2 Ki Cho Hyung Sam Bu - Basic Form No 3

Level 2 Pyung Ahn Cho Dan - Peaceful Confidence Form No 1 Pyung Ahn E Dan - Peaceful Confidence Form No 2 Pyung Ahn Sam Dan - Peaceful Confidence Form No 3

Level 3 Pyung Ahn Sa Dan - Peaceful Confidence Form No 4 Pyung Ahn O Dan - Peaceful Confidence Form No 5 Passai Hyung

Other Techniques One Step Sparring Techniques – IL Soo Shik Self Defence/ wrist releases – Ho Shin Sool Free Sparring – Ja Yu Deh Ryun Ssang Chul Bong - Nunchaku

UNIFORM (DO BOHK) and SAFETY REQUIREMENTS Please look after your uniform (Do Bohk) and belt (Dee) and only wear them for class training or home practice. Academy T shirts should be worn by students who wish to wear something underneath the Do Bohk top - please note that coloured garments (T shirts/ football tops etc) must not be worn under your uniform top. All uniforms should have a Black Belt Leadership Academy patch and Leadership Programme badges affixed. Only badges presented by Black Belt Leadership Academy shall be worn on Do Bohks. For safety reasons all jewellery, necklaces, earrings, watches etc should be removed and the Leadership Programme safety equipment worn as directed in class. All safety equipment should be kept in good order and replaced when required. Warning: Martial arts weapons are only for training under expert supervision in class – students should inspect weapons before each use to ensure they are in proper condition. If you need to get replacement items of safety equipment or need a new uniform you can or purchase online via the Black belt leadership Academy website IMPORTANT NOTE Only uniforms and other apparel, safety equipment and weapons supplied by MDK Achievement Centres Black Belt Leadership Academy are authorised to be worn or used in the Black Belt Leadership Programme Classes and all such items must be maintained in good order and replaced as necessary when unsuitable for further use.


Basic Class and Terminology Guide 2013  
Basic Class and Terminology Guide 2013  

Basic Class and Terminology Guide