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SLACK BABBATH B L A C K blackartprojects ABN 19 223 523 412 +61 (0) 438 007 541


Chalk Horse 8 Lacey Street Surry Hills Sydney, Australia 24 April - 4 May, 2013

Tom O’Hern is a Hobart based artist. He draws pictures of hairy men and dead animals and cars on fire and skeletons and penises. Slack Babbath is a collection of painting (drawing), animation (drawing) and drawing about devil worship, death and witchcraft. “I used to go out with this girl who owned a goat. It was a really big goat. Like the biggest you’ve seen. It would get lonely in the paddock where it only had this old nanny goat for company, and it would come up to the house. In the middle of the night you’d hear a bit of noise and turn on the light. The goat would be pressed right up against the window, bleating and wanting to come in. Apparently in the Middle Ages people used to gather in cemeteries to worship the devil by kissing goats on the bum. I find this incredibly hard to believe. They have horrible bottoms. I think the goat is dead now. It was a while ago. Meanwhile four of my friends were starting a band playing thrash metal. None of them wanted to play bass so it just ended up drums, three lead guitars and no vocals. I really wanted them to ask me to join but I could only play the clarinet and it wasn’t really what they were after.”

Slack Babbath (2012) acrylic on linen 218 x 245 cm

Piss Widow (2011) ink on paper 151 x 106 cm

Anticripes (still) (2012) video loop, soundtrack T: (03) 6234 9364 E: Twitter: @islandmagtas Facebook: /islandmag