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Jenna Meiring, creative mind behind Jenna Sighed, is a mostly self-taught musician who draws inspiration from many different sources be it black or death metal or classical or pop or rock. And this flair for music is nothing new to Jenna – she composed her first melody at the age of seven (which she had to ask her mother to write out for her)! Jenna attended piano lessons from the tender age of seven, from 1995 until 1999 and this led her to her first love: guitar. When she picked up the guitar in 2000, at the age of twelve, and spent much of the following year learning to play the music of Metallica, Korn, and other such artists, one could say Jenna’s love for the instrument (and for metal) was firmly entrenched. At the end of 2002, at the age of fourteen, Jenna, along with two of her other school friends, formed her first alternative band, Pensive. Pensive played to somewhat limited audiences, mostly covering grunge songs – but it kept Jenna’s love for music alive and when, in 2005, the band broke up in order to focus on finishing school, there was most certainly no end in sight. For, while Jenna had some down time, she discovered her second love – the violin. In early 2007, after completing her Matric and gathering some steam (a new instrument added to her repertoire); Jenna joined the band Through Knives. Through Knives was a thrash metal band that lasted only ten months: the band broke up after just one show, due to creative differences. In the following months, she and the lead vocalist from Through Knives worked together, trying to find other artists to work with. In April of 2008, they teamed up with two friends and formed Black Soul Café, a progressive metal band in which Jenna played lead guitar, violin and backup vocals. Black Soul Café gigged in Pretoria and Johannesburg for most of 2009 before breaking up. Following the break-up of Black Soul Cafe, Jenna played with Necromantian from May 2009-June 2010. She participated on the ‘Gateway’ EP released by Salute Records in 2010. Despite her involvement in bands, Jenna spent a lot of time working on music on her own. In 2002, she had started playing piano again, and it became one of her favourite composing instruments. A prolific songwriter, she wrote around thirty songs in 2003, during her time at boarding school, and upon returning home continued to write. She performed at school functions and sang in several choirs, at one stage, in 2004, with Richard Cock in Songs of Praise. After starting formal training in violin and getting back in touch with music theory, Jenna’s song writing became more versatile and sophisticated, but it wasn’t until she started singing training that she truly felt ready to start promoting herself. This finally gave Jenna the confidence to pursue her own project, Jenna Sighed. But, this is always easier said than done – one has to find the right line-up, and that’s taken time. Nonetheless, by early February 2012 Jenna Sighed settled on the following line-up: Wesley van Eeden on bass, Storm Awesome on drums, Martin Dugdale on guitar and Jenna Meiring on lead guitar, violin and vocals. So, with Jenna Sighed being the main drive, there will be no holds barred over what she can achieve. So listen up, boundaries will be pushed, music will be made!

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