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Pastry, Confectionery and Ice Cream

Smile. From now on you have a new partner. Quality defines your world.

Passion, consistancy, expertise. These are the common characteristics of every great pastry chef. Irinox contributes by adding ease and certainty to everyday work, thanks to equipment that guarantees the best product preservation so that maximum quality is available at all times.

EASE production is made easier because Irinox is involved through out the production process. CERTAINTY Irinox technology assures your products will not deteriorate providing consistent product.


PASTRY IS ART, CREATIVITY AND RESEARCH Professional pastry chefs want to be sure of satisfying, surprising and exciting their customer’s palate. For this reason they select raw materials with great care, experiment with new recipes and require reliable technologies that facilitate and preserve their work.


Irinox is a silent partner in organizing your work.

Quality and time: the fundamental ingredients for success. Successful operators unite their passion for pastry, confection and or ice cream with management skills to run their businesses in an organized, profitable way. With input from thousands of operators worldwide, Irinox has invented the Dynamic Fresh System®. With this system, operators can control daily product quality, reducing production costs, waste and inventory stockpiles to make their kitchens more successful. How can I offer my customers constant quality every day? With the Dynamic Fresh System® you can establish product quality of the highest standard every day, due to the combined action of Multi Fresh®, which chills or freezes products to your needs with the necessary speed and delicacy, and the Cp Multi Irinox holding system that holds products perfectly at a constant temperature and with combined management of temperature and humidity. Pastry chefs can be certain that they will have the same product quality every day!

Is it possible to reduce waste while maintaining a broad assortment for customers? Thanks to Dynamic Fresh System® stocks of any product can be organized and kept at positive or negative temperatures, ready to be regenerated and sold immediately, to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. 4

Each pastry chef can choose whether to hold finished products or semi-finished products that can rapidly assemble the most complex cakes. The Irinox system allows you to satisfy your customers every time and, above all, economize resources.

How can I manage with absent or tardy staff? The Dynamic Fresh System® is a reliable system that allows you to really run your business even if a staff member is missing. It is an extra hand that allows you to control production and maintain unaltered quality, consistency, flavor and aroma in finished products and semi-finished products over a long period of time. This system helps you manage the unexpected lack of personnel without stress, because part of the daily production is made to create a stock of products available for sale.

How can work times be optimized? Production planning makes it possible to fully exploit working hours and find the time to dedicate to all the tasks involved in running a pastry shop or department (ie finish and decorate products, plan new products, take care of customers, take part in training courses, etc.). Planned production means optimized work cycles, more effective use of staff and good use of equipment, including that for cold preservation. Every day you can choose what has to be done, leaving time free for experimenting new recipes and taking care of public relations so that customers always get the very best.

Is there a solution for maintaining aroma? The higher the temperature of a product, the more it loses moisture and aroma; also lost flavor, nutrients and weight cannot be recovered. Dynamic Fresh System® has a ventilation system optimized for each product and designed so as not to

blast the warm product with cold air, but rather to extract heat. Thus the heat can be removed much more delicately and effectively.

How can I have a well-assorted display? An inviting aroma and a display showing a good variety of products is the best presentation for any operation; for this reason the pastry chefs must always have products ready and available to satisfy customers at any time. With the Dynamic Fresh System®, daily (leavened products and creams) and weekly (cakes and semi frozen products) production can be planned so that products are always available when required. For example, semi-finished products can be assembled rapidly when requested, when a stock has been produced in advance.


Still easier. Still more efficient. Unbeatable. means guaranteed freshness. Irinox has been in Pastry, Confectionary and Ice-Cream and restaurant operations for years. Our long experience and collaboration with experts worldwide, along with a team of specialized technicians, and a continuous relationship with the research community, has led to the innovative Multi Fresh® for your operations.

No more complicated programming. Just choose the product you want and the way you want to blast-chill it and Multi Fresh® will continually adjust the temperature, humidity and air speed for optimal menu quality. You’ll see more delicate and specific blast-chilling and shock-freezing, which will not harm or dry out foods but preserve their quality.

Two machines in one: the new Multi Fresh® allows operators to work in...

Standard Mode Its four standard cycles include options for blast-chilling or shock-freezing delicate or texture-sensitive products.

Dynamic Mode

Multi Fresh® is much more than a blast-chilling and shock-freezing system: it is a trusted kitchen assistant.


A kitchen assistant with step-by-step suggestions. A wide range of cycles dedicated to hot baked or ambient temperature products.


On the sales counter, every operator must have a wide variety of oven-baked goods to satisfy every customer request. Multi Fresh® proposes a work process that follows the production method step by step, like tarts, for example.


Baked products Oven 10 Trays 40 Tarts

Baked products feature natural softness, crispness and intense flavor derived from mixing flour and prime ingredients and finishing with fruit, chocolate or jam. Multi Fresh® locks in the initial production quality and prevents baked products from becoming too dry or not crisp enough by means of slow controlled ventilation and maintenance of ideal humidity in the products. Irinox presents an automatic system that is the right combination of ventilation and temperature to cool baked products as rapidly as possible, but with extreme delicacy, maintaining and enhancing their texture and finish.

Blast chilling cycle at + 39° F

3 tarts in the shop

+ 5 tarts at +39° F (positive CP)

Remaining 32 tarts

Freezing cycle at 0° F

When the cycle dedicated to “Tarts” is selected Multi Fresh® suggests and implements each of the stages in the process. When a temperature of +37°F has been reached Multi Fresh® warns that it is time to display some of the tarts in the showcase and store the remainder in the CP Multi (positive temperature) holding cabinet. This makes it possible to have a stock of baked products available to fulfil unexpected orders. Multi Fresh® also signals when it is time to remove the tarts from their tins (difficult if the products are not at the right temperature for these manual operations) and automatically activates the shock freezing process for the tarts. Thus confectioners can create a stock of cakes that will help plan production daily, weekly, monthly.

MULTI FRESH® WORKS WITH YOU, NOT ONLY BY DAY Multi Fresh® has a special cycle dedicated to croissants and leavened products. This is an ideal cycle for all leavened products, used for rising (e.g. overnight) and holding them ready for baking when required.

A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF MIGNONS OR PETITS FOURS WITH MULTI FRESH® With Multi Fresh® you can have trays of mignons ready at 28.4°F for display in your window. This cycle dedicated to small cakes can be used to take frozen products to a set temperature, by means of right combination of temperature and ventilation.

Holding at -4° F





Products at ambient temperature

Delicate, soft, creamy, mousse and Bavarian creams are refined sweets cakes always present in the display of a modern pastry shop. Flavored with fruit, cream or chocolate, they can be made with traditional or innovative ingredients. Multi Fresh® makes these recipes even easier and guarantees softness and creaminess.

Mousse preparation

Chilling cycle (+39°F)

Ring removal

Freezing cycle at 0°F

In the example on the left, which shows the different stages of preparation for a mousse, Multi Fresh® makes the job even easier. Start by choosing the “Mousse ring” cycle, which starts the first blast chilling function to a temperature of +37°F and allows the cream to pre-crystallize perfectly. The use of a ring is certainly the best solution to give shape to a soft mousse, but it is important to remove it before the mousse is frozen (removal is difficult after freezing). Multi Fresh® warns when it is the right time for turning the mousse out of the ring. When the ring has been removed Multi Fresh® continues the work process, going on to shock freeze to a core temperature of up to -4°F. This is followed by holding at -4°F in Irinox Cp Multi holding cabinets.

Holding at -4°F


Sale at +39°F




Ice cream

Multi Fresh® is used to keep hand-made ice cream better, with customized cycles. Ice cream comes out of the batch freezer at a temperature of 19/16°F; at this point it still contains 30% activity water, which is responsible for rapid aging. Placed in the display or in an ordinary freezer the water in ice cream congeals slowly and forms macro-crystals that ruin the structure, causing it to lose creaminess, volume and the typical flavor of freshly made ice cream in a few hours. Shock freezing to a core temperature of 0°F forms small micro-crystals that make it possible to maintain initial quality intact for a longer time. With Multi Fresh® you can manage production in 2 ways: cycles for immediate display and cycles for planned display.

Immediate display Ice cream production

Surface freezing


(8-10 minutes)


19/ 16°F immediate


Multi Fresh® has a cycle for “stabilizing” the ice cream flavors you wish to offer to your customers every day. The temperature of 10°F is not random, it is the ideal temperature for any ice cream display case.

Multi Fresh® makes it possible to stabilize product structure and keep creaminess and volume intact, preventing the surface of the ice cream from melting and taking on an unattractive shiny appearance.

Planned display within Ice cream production 19 / 16°F

Shock freezing to a core temperature of 0°F (50-70 min)



(10/ 7°F)




Sale (10/ 7°F)

within 5-7 days

If you wish to produce a stock of ice cream (e.g. for the weekend) or anticipate your production of cakes, semi-freddi and petit fours, the shock freezing cycle to a core temperature of 0°F allows

Ice cream Thawing cycle Due to controlled temperature and ventilation Multi Fresh® can take ice cream rapidly from storage temperature (-4/-13°F) to window display temperature (window at 10°F).


you to keep the product at -4°F in the CP Multi for up to 6 months, maintaining excellent quality. When the ice cream is required, just take it to 10°/7°F.

Advantages of the Irinox system Increased shelf life of ice cream during holding Better operation of display case Much higher quality Reduction of production costs Reduction of energy consumption Reduction of overrun losses (air) 13

innovation We’ve listened to our customers and designed an innovative appliance blending rapid thawing, production efficiency, energy savings, and shhh...silence.



Energy Saving


This innovative and dedicated cycle-perfect for meat--blends warming temperatures and ventilation to thaw frozen product without damaging its structure, flavor or any natural properties.

Irinox‚ ongoing research guarantees continual improvement in our worldrenowned performance. Multi Fresh® offers 30% to 40% higher efficiency than previous models and product chilling times are even faster for maintaining perfect quality. Even at high room temperatures (+107°F), Multi Fresh® guarantees top-notch performance.

With increased efficiency come increased production yield and an equivalent energy savings. Plus, Multi Fresh® is designed to respect the environment, using components which optimize energy savings and have a low environmental impact.

The work environment is quieter and more pleasant with the new, powerful but silent compressors in Multi Fresh®. Its low-consumption internal fans feature automatic speed variation activated only when needed, ensuring a quieter atmosphere and considerable energy savings.



Irinox has patented Multi Rack®, an adjustable tray holder, which allows operators to double the number of trays loaded in each model. It is easy to set the distance between one tray and the next, allowing better air distribution on the product and greater temperature uniformity on all levels.

The probe automatically detects core product temperature in any spot where it is inserted, and prevents food surfaces from freezing. Its new shape and construction allow easy extraction even from frozen products, without the risk of overheating and damaging food structure. Irinox‚ exclusive, patented door-hooking system makes the Multi Sensor® probe an even smarter choice.

This system addresses all of the cleaning and sanitation needs for Multi Fresh®, even the most difficult to access parts. Sanitizing is air-powered, using Bioxigen® technology to act directly in the atmosphere and on the surface of food products. With Sanigen® , Multi Fresh® users are guaranteed the absence of unpleasant smells throughout work cycles and at the end of the day.


Oven compatibility

Remote condensing unit

The Multi Fresh® control panel is door-mounted at eye level, making it much easier for the chef to monitor the work cycle status. With a quick glance, operators can follow work in progress even at a distance.

The structure and size of Multi Fresh® units are designed to be compatible with the carts and trolleys of major oven manufacturers and more perfectly integrate the blast-chilling and shockfreezing system into the day-to-day processes of professional kitchens.

With their compact shape and size, Multi Fresh® condensing units are a new idea. Using state-of-the-art components, these units include a unique, easy-to-access control panel. The condensing unit can be positioned indoors or outdoors, and is available in a super-silent version.


Attention to details is the secret of the Irinox manufacturing quality. Intuitive controls

Easy service assistance



Indirect air distribution


Convenient cleaning of fans and evaporator s#OMPONENTSDESIGNEDFOREASYACCESS and cleaning. s%VAPORATORSTREATEDWITHSAFEANTICORROSIVE for longer life.


Air circulates throughout the height of the chamber, guaranteeing chilling uniformity and maintaining original product moisture.

Rounded corners Guaranteed better cleaning and uniform air circulation.

USB key inlet Innovative door closing s3AFEDOORCLOSINGWITHADAMPENED magnetic system. s$OORGASKETWITHLONG LASTING low-temperature-resistant material. s$OORGASKETDESIGNED for easy cleaning. s4HICK (/ BASEDPOLYURETHANE resin insulation


Customised recipe book A specific recipe book can be created with customized cycles for an operator’s specific products. Choose the name of the cycle, the air temperature and speed, core temperature and cycle duration and Multi FreshŽ will work according to the set parameters.




Immediate earnings thanks to Short crust pastries, sponge cakes, creams, mousses, and cream puffs represent many of the basic products sold in pastry shops. These products generally stay fresh for 1 – 3 days. Poor refrigeration often results in negative effects on a product’s appearance and taste, producing waste, and dollars lost. This is why pastry chefs must constantly produce to provide a great tasting, beautiful product every day. If a product is not of the highest quality, it can not be sold! Pastry chefs who use our system confirm the fact that products can be preserved and sold for a longer period of time by extending the shelf life by 1 to 3 days. By using the Irinox MultiFresh System products last longer while reducing waste and labor costs. CASE STUDY: A pastry shop that produces an average of 1,600 full dessert servings per week with two people in production can increase profit as described below, considering an average sales PRICEOFPERSERVINGSORPERINDIVIDUALSERVING

Production Phase Analysis

Savings by Using Irinox Technology

Average Gain per Week using Irinox Technology

Total Profit Recovered per Week using Irinox Technology

Loss of Product Volume due to Moisture Evaporation by room temperature cooling

6 to 11 %

96 to 176 Servings

$300 to $550

Labor Cost Savings

1 hour per day per person

1 hour x 2 people x 5 days x $15


Product Saved due to Extended Shelf Life

5% to 10%

80 to 160 servings

$250 to $500


50 weeks 5 YEARS3

$700 to $1,200 $35,000 to $60,000 $175,000 to $300,000


The average loss of volume for pastries during production is 10% to 15% of the total product weight, while the average loss of volume for pastries when using the Irinox is 4% or less


The labor cost is calculated at $15 per hour. Overtime at one-and-a-half would be $22.50 per hour.


Five years is considered to be the amortization period of the Dynamic MultiFresh System. The System is expected to last at least three times as long.

We can also add energy saving to the fiscal recovery calculated above. With actual savings of $35,000 to $60,000 per year AN)RINOX7ORK3YSTEMCOMPOSEDOF-ULTI&RESH, "LAST#HILLER3HOCK&REEZER AND-ULTIFRESH#0(OLDING#ABINETSwill have a pay back in approximately 18 months. Important Note: The above data is provided by courtesy of Chef Sebastien Canonne, M.O.F., Dean and Co-Founder of the French Pastry School, Chicago, IL. 18


The Multi Fresh family

EF 10.1 9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F) TRAY CAPACITY 5 lt gelato pans šSHEETPANSvXv vXvXšv $)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

EF 20.1 LB

3 3 3 v v v

%,%#42)#!,$!4! 0,97 kW max absorbed power  ! max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F) TRAY CAPACITY 5 lt gelato pans šSHEETPANSvXv vXvXšv $)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

The broad range of units within the Multi Fresh® line meets the needs of all restaurants, institutions and food service operators. These models do it all.

EF 30.1 44 lb

6  4 v šv v

%,%#42)#!,$!4! max absorbed power 1,3 kW max absorbed current 6,4 A voltage 6 (Z0(

9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F) TRAY CAPACITY 5 lt gelato pans šSHEETPANSvXv vXvXšv $)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

MF 30.2* 66 lb

 16  v v v

%,%#42)#!,$!4! max absorbed power 3,6 kW max absorbed current  ! voltage 6 (Z0(

9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F) TRAY CAPACITY vXvXšv vXSHEETPANS $)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

MF 45.1L* 66 lb

 4 v šv v

%,%#42)#!,$!4! max absorbed power  K7 max absorbed current 11,7 A voltage 6 (Z0(

9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F) TRAY CAPACITY vXvXšv vXSHEETPANS $)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

MF 70.1L* 100 lb

16  v v v

%,%#42)#!,$!4! max absorbed power 4,5 kW max absorbed current  ! voltage 6 (Z0(

9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F) TRAY CAPACITY vXvXšv vXSHEETPANS $)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

155 lb

  v v v

%,%#42)#!,$!4! max absorbed power 6,6 kW max absorbed current  ! voltage 6 (Z0(

*model compatible with oven trolley available, technical layout on request. 20


Accessories Portable printer For printing out times and temperatures for the run cycles (optional)

MF 100.1* 9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F)

MF 130.2* LB

CAPACITY ROLL INRACKXPANSONLY $)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F)

MF 180.2* 300 lb


$)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

v v v

%,%#42)#!,$!4! 1,6 kW max absorbed power  ! max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

%,%#42)#!,$!4! 1,6 kW max absorbed power  ! max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

#/.$%.3).'5.)4! 9,7 kW max absorbed power 33 A max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

#/.$%.3).'5.)4! 9,7 kW max absorbed power 33 A max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

MF 250.2 9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F)

9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F)

MF 350.2 2T 400 lb

9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F)

MF 500.2 3T 770 lb

9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F)

Irinox sanification system available on all models

CAPACITY ROLL INRACKXORXPANS or 1 combi-oven trolley


CAPACITY ROLL INRACKXORXPANS or 3 combi-oven trolley

$)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

$)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

$)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

v v v

v šv v


1100 lb

v šv v

%,%#42)#!,$!4! 3 kW max absorbed power 9,6 A max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

%,%#42)#!,$!4! 5,9 kW max absorbed power  ! max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

%,%#42)#!,$!4!  K7 max absorbed power  ! max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

#/.$%.3).'5.)4!  K7 max absorbed power 67 A max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

#/.$%.3).'5.)4!  K7 max absorbed power 111 A max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

#/.$%.3).'5.)4! 49,6 kW max absorbed power 153 A max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

Bus converter Signal converter for data transfer to remote computer

rol Haccp Cont IRINOX |


HACCP Control Software Saved data can be transferred to a PC and run by Irinox Multifresh Haccp software

MF 500.2 2T 550 lb

9)%,$0%2#9#,% (from 194°F to 37°F) (from 194°F to 0°F)

1100 lb

CAPACITY ROLL INRACKXORXPANS or 1 combi-oven trolley


$)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

$)-%.3)/.3 width depth height

v v v

v šv v

%,%#42)#!,$!4! 3 kW max absorbed power 9,5 A max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

%,%#42)#!,$!4! 5,9 kW max absorbed power  ! max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

#/.$%.3).'5.)4!  K7 max absorbed power 67 A max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

#/.$%.3).'5.)4! 49,6 kW max absorbed power 153 A max absorbed current 6 (Z0( voltage

*compatible - version with oven trolleys available on request - special condensing unit (water cooled, noiseless.. ecc) available on request. 22


Three in one. Three functions, one unique holding cabinet. Irinox Cp Multi.

Irinox Cp Multi. positive, negative, chocolate holding POSITIVE HOLDING 32° / 60°



7ITHTHE#0-5,4)&UNCTION YOUWILLSTORETHEPRODUCTSATTHEPRE SELECTEDTEMPERATURE WITHOUTSUDDENTHERMALCHANGES preserving consistent product quality for long periods of time. The cabinet’s large body was designed to create space for products and supplies to be efficiently organized and allowing for easy access.

CHOCOLATE 57° / 60°


chocolate bars, sugar decorations and products with chocolate icing, a constant temperature of 57°F/60°F and a very low level of humidity (40%-50%) are necessary, which the Irinox Multi Function cold storage cabinets guarantee.


7ITH#0-5,4)&UNCTION EACHPROFESSIONALCHOOSESTOSETTHEMULTICOLDSTORAGECABINETACCORDINGTOTHEIROWNNEEDS with the possibility of changing the temperature and humidity at any moment. Irinox’s continuous research on the quality of preservation allows you to adjust the temperature and humidity to any type of product, with the possibility of updating the Irinox Software and adapting it to a particular product (i.e. ice cream, fresh pasta, etc.)


4HE#0-5,4)&UNCTIONINCORPORATESAVENTILATIONSYSTEMTHATALLOWSSUDDENTEMPERATURECHANGESINSIDETHECOMPARTMENT to be held to a minimum, ensuring maximum temperature uniformity and preserving high quality products. The internal temperature of the compartment is always consistent, with mild ventilation.


Innovative control system for humidity in the cabinet with the possibility of setting 6 different levels, from 40% to 95%, ANDSELECTINGATEMPERATUREFROM &TO  &4HE#0-5,4)FUNCTIONPRESERVESEACHTYPEOFPRODUCTATTHEMOSTSUITABLE temperature and degree of humidity, guaranteeing top quality personalized food preservation



POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, CHOCOLATE HOLDING CP Multi Function Holding Cabinet, an innovative work system that ensures perfect preservation. 4HE#0-5,4)&UNCTIONCOMBINESCONTROLOFTEMPERATUREFROM  &TO  & ANDHUMIDITY FROMTO WITHASTORAGECAPACITYEQUALTOTHATOF STANDARDCOLDSTORAGECABINETS The Preservation System, designed by Irinox, allows you to choose the desired temperature and humidity level and is ideal for your food safety needs, offering flexibility and ensuring that the product quality is maintained for a longer period of time. 24


Let’s work together for your success Since 1989, Irinox has been bringing the world Quality Rapid Chilling, the best solution to naturally preserve food quality.

Our experience and knowledge can guide your growth and success

Joining the Irinox world gives you more: Irinox Club is reserved for customers at, where you can find useful information to work better and smarter, including recipe books, in-depth analysis, suggestions, and advice.

A Team of Consultants and Experts unites top professionals putting their experience and knowledge to use for Irinox customers, and offering personalized courses and advice for your continual professional growth.

Master confectioners are available for training courses and consultancy. Irinox works in close harmony with the most famous professionals in the trade and facilitates meetings to compare notes with Irinox customers and other professionals who adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement in their work.

Academy meetings for personal growth and development unite Irinox personnel, consultants, sales managers, technicians and collaborators from the Irinox universe.

Seminars and meetings for in-depth information on how to successfully implement and use the Dynamic Fresh SystemÂŽ, and make it profitable from day one.

Partnership with top universities, researchers and associations around the world who help sustain the culture of quality foodservice.






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