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Ben Kuzma   Spoken  Word   Government     What  is  it?   Know  one  really  knows  but     its  keeps  our  lives  in  check.     Would  they  lie  to  us?  YOU  have  to  determine  that  for  yourself.     Then  again,  who  am  I  kidding  they’re  humans,  of  course  they  would  lie.     Would  you  want  your  people  to  know  everything?     Don’t  believe  everything  that  you  hear.     Would  you  believe  if  you  heard     that  your  president  had  been  shot?     Of  course  not,  he  is  the  president  after  all.     But  the  government  and  news  stations  lied  to  cover  it  up.       The  would  rather  lie  and  have  the  façade  that  everything  is  ok,     when  in  fact  there  are  snakes  within  our  own  government!     Don’t  believe  everything  that  you  hear.     Look  at  the  video  from  the  man  on  the  moon,     and  you  tell  me  if  it’s  real.   The  flag  is  waving;  if  they  were  bright  enough  they  would  know   that  there  is  no  wind  on  the  moon  and    I’m  supposed  to  believe  everything  the  government  tells  me.   Yea  right,  I  can  develop  my  own  opinions  and  believe  what  I  want;     after  all  there  is  freedom  of  speech,  right?     Don’t  believe  everything  that  you  hear.     9/11  or  911  has  many  views,  most  of  which  the  PEOPLE  of  the  American   government  didn’t  question  it  whatsoever.     As  horrific  a  sight  as  it  was,  they  didn’t  look  at  the  video  again.     Step  back  and  take  another  look  at  the  buildings,   can  they  fall  at  the  speed  of  free  fall  when  a  plane  crashes  into  the  top  floor?     Think  again,  only  time  building  fall  at  free  fall  is  in  a  process  called     BUILDING  IMPLOSION.       And  the  pentagon?     No  wing  indentations,     weird  when  a  plane  with  WINGS  crashed  into  it,   or  so  the  government  has  said.     Don’t  believe  everything  that  you  hear.     People  in  this  day  in  age  will  believe  anything  that  they  are  told     and  don’t  question  anything  the  government  says  or  does.   And  Osama  bin  laden?     He’s  dead,  so  the  government  has  said,  look  at  videos  on  Osama  Bin  Laden     and  you  tell  me  whether  he  looks  the  same  in  any  video.     Exactly  he  looks  different  in  every  video.     Sometimes  you  have  to  have  your  own  opinion     especially  if  it  may  stick  out  of  the  majority.  

Don’t conform  just  because  everyone  else  is  doing  it,     and  never  ever     believe  everything  that  you  hear.  

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