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Using Reflective Attire In Mines Could Save Lives According to a recent OSHA fact sheet, about 6,000 people die from injuries sustained in the workplace annually. Add to this the 6 million workers that are injured while on the job and the cost is shocking. Coal mining is one job that's fraught with dangers. When coal mine workers are required to wear regulation protective attire, headwear, and footwear, some accidents can be avoided. In the coal mining industry, reflective clothing is one type which is very useful. Some mining injuries come about due to the dark area in which they work. Workers might be run over by heavy mining equipment if they are not wearing the appropriate clothing. To help assist with safety, here are a few various other reflective accessories and clothing that miners can put on. Belts Most work uniforms need a belt today. If the job calls for any amount of bending and lifting, this is particularly true. The need to constantly hitch up pants during a shift can be a handicap to those that neglect to wear a belt. For those who work long hours beneath the earth, a reflective mine belt is an excellent option. There could be specific tools required to do a specific job and some of these belts come with places to attach them. The most important benefit to this kind of belt, however, is that it is reflective, and therefore, could prevent injury. Gloves Protecting the hand is just one of the benefits of wearing the right pair of mining gloves. Good padding, extra knuckle protection and the ability to make sure the gloves are securely anchored on the wrists are requirements of many types of mining jobs. So that workers can be seen although lighting might not be at its best, reflective striping is also needed in this type of glove. All types of miners may benefit from this type of glove from mechanics, to construction workers. Hard Hats As is the case with any construction industry job, a hard hat is crucial. Even more lives might be saved by hard hats that are enhanced with noticeable reflective striping. The more places a worker can make use of reflective material the better and especially in low light situations. The hard hats used in above ground applications are different than those that are used for mining. Because numerous areas underground are tight spaces, they tend to be flatter on the top. The possibility of getting caught or bumped is increased with a rounded hat. The Benefit of Overalls Another great item of clothing for mine workers are overalls that are enhanced with reflective strips. So that they will hold up to the demands of the job, they are built to be tough with metal hardware and triple stitching. To enhance convenience for the worker who might need to carry tools as a part of their job, a good pair of overalls usually has tool pockets and loops too. Take Advantage of Reflective Space Miners have several choices in terms of the pieces of reflective clothing that they can wear, Pioneer Supply

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Using Reflective Attire In Mines Could Save Lives however the one that provides the most visible space for big reflective stripes is a shirt or jacket. While a hat, gloves and belts will all add to the overall visibility, the shirt and jacket usually have the largest useable area for reflective material. By making sure to require mine workers to wear only shirts that satisfy reflective clothing requirements, mine owners are offering safety, protection, and letting their workers know that safety is a top priority at the mine. According to a recent OSHA fact sheet, about 6,000 people die from injuries sustained in the workplace annually. Add to...

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Using Reflective Attire In Mines Could Save Lives