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Imagine Social Media A Communications (r)evolution 4 February 2010


1. Where| Is the communications industry? 2. What | Can it do for business? 3. Why | Does it matter? 4. How | Can we start? 5. So What? | Conclusion

Where is the communications industry?

Time to reach an audience of 50 million people


Radio Years TV

4 years

2 years The Internet

Direct Mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Communicator Communicator

Audience Audience

Technology Technology

Audience Audience Trusted Trusted Personal Personal Source Source

Stranger Stranger

Communicator Communicator

Audience Audience Technology Technology Secondary Secondary Audience Audience

Secondary Secondary Audience Audience Technology Technology

Trusted Trusted Personal Personal source source

Stranger Stranger

Audience Audience Stranger Stranger



Delayed Print

What can it do for business?



Social Networks

Data Visualization

Online Video

Known Watchouts • Regulatory Requirements

• • • • •

– FDA • Off-Label Promotion • Adverse Events Reporting – FTC Intellectual Property Confidentiality Employee Relations Information Security Privacy Laws

Why does it matter?

Media Ecosystem


Trends Two way communication with journalists, academics, researchers, scientists, advocates and peers. Ability to identify preferences, habits and output of key audiences, and nanotarget with BD’s messages and tailored approach. Create messages and content that appeal to the users and deliver through their channels.

Strategic Outcomes


• Return on Investment or Risk of Inaction? • Value of Listening, Engaging • Company Culture, Social Responsibility = Learning about customers and personalities

How can we all start?

What is Your Role?

So? Conclusion

Questions for Discussion • What are the 5 things about BD that give you the most pride about working here? • What are the 5 top opportunities you see for you to use social media to do your job better? • What are the 5 scariest things about using social media as a part of a business strategy? • What are the five biggest challenges to BD in adopting social media as a business strategy?

BD presentation  
BD presentation  

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