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Beginners Piano Lessons - What is the Best Age to Start? By Andrea Monk Learning the piano is one of the most stimulating and rewarding hobbies that you can ever take up. Whether you just want to play "Happy Birthday" or conquer the entire works of Beethoven, you will have great fun learning this beautiful instrument. At different stages of life, you have different desires and commitments. Here are the 4 best ages to start. #1 - The best age to start learning the piano is 8. Some children are ready at 7. By the age of 8, they can count, do simple sums, know their alphabet and read. They have the benefit of 3 to 4 years ahead of them before homework looms onto the horizon. How do you know if this is the right time for YOUR child? Basically, they are ready to learn to play the piano when they are confident at reading and express a keen interest in making music. #2 - It is a great hobby to take up at senior school. Your child has gained independence and is now used to broader subject ranges. It can be a juggling act between piano practice, homework, after school clubs and seeing their friends. But if your child is organised and disciplined, they will have no problem fitting it all in. #3 - From the end of mainstream education to starting a family is an age of new freedom. Once studying is over, there is much more free time available. As an adult, you choose activities because YOU want to do them. This is a fantastic time to learn the piano. #4 - The fourth ideal age is from your middle years, right through retirement. Your children are now independent and you have freedom again. Learning to play the piano is great for filling the "empty nest" syndrome. This is a time when you can really put yourself first and do what YOU want to do. This information is brought to you by Rocket Piano – Learn to Play Piano Today! at:

Beginners Piano Lessons