'When I'm Back' by Wanit Charungkitanan

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w h e n i ’m b a c k

wa n i t c h a r u n g k i ta n a n

t r a n s l at e d b y

p e e r i ya p o n g s a r i g u n a n d j o h n v i a n o third place b k k l i t t r a n s l at i o n p r i z e f o r p o e t r y

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We are saying goodbye today Although we are scared and don’t know what to say I am a free ship wandering in the sea Without you, I don’t know where to be I wish we had more days to embrace I’ll cry my eyes out when I don’t see your face We used to smile together—just us two How do I smile now, without you? Your footprints are still on my heart No matter how far we are apart I miss those days when your footprints walked beside mine How much longer can I pretend to be just fine? Your laughter in my ears, still echoing In my heart I hear every feeling We teased, laughed, and played I can only wish the memories stayed We gazed at the stars together Now it’s only me in the cold weather I saw love in our eyes on those days How do I feel it when we have parted ways?

Will you love me just the same? I wonder I long for us to be here together This is not a promise under the moon It’s just my request—don’t forget me too soon Talk of love is hard to verify Love faces its challenge when we say goodbye We know where our hearts are, we all do Near or far—love will prove if it’s true I’m not a prince in shining armor My love for you is my only charm You are the person who will open the door for me— The door to a better life—you have the key I’d like to thank you for the joy you bring You gave me a chance and I could do anything You took a risk in believing in me For once in my life, I know where I want to be Do not wonder when we’ll see each other Do not count the days; they feel like forever Please miss me sometime, some day All I would ask of you is to pray

Collect the flowers of my heart Do not let them wither when we part You may cry just one tear If that makes you feel that I’m near I guess I’ll have to say goodbye somehow And this love poem may have to end now A goodbye is a hello in long waiting When I’m back will you be there, darling?

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