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THE BIG NOT HING “This world is too big for me’’ said a 4 year old Selim Lemouchi whilst looking out from his family home. It’s safe to say that this guy was not born to be a happy soul. But no one would ever have predicted the compelling life which was to follow. As artistic director of the in Eindhoven-based hard rock band The Devil’s Blood, he succeeded in putting occult rock on the world map. Yet we mustn’t thank him, for it was Satan who had directed it all. On the 4th March 2014 he chose to end his life, and this is a snapshot into the life of the most intrinsic rock musician that The Netherlands has ever known.


t is a hot May day in the Kruidenbuurt area in the south of Eindhoven. The sun is shining and there is a strong stench of rotting meat in the air, but aside from that, everything else remains as bleak and normal as ever in the working-class neighbourhood. With its houses all pressed closely together, not a front garden in sight, and nothing really notable aside from lots of window decorations; red and white football stickers are common, and on one of the corners someone has a hung a rainbow flag: a sign of peace. Then, upon arriving at number 1 Distelstraat you see HAIL SATAN written in black lettering on the


door, and under the doorbell is a sticker which reads ‘killing is cool’. Jérôme Siegelaer presses the bell. As the door opens, in bursts Jena (Jérôme ‘s labraweiler) and proceeds straight through the house to the back garden, specifically to the shed. Probably because in the shed is about a kilo of meat, bones, and a massive dead dove for good measure. The stench is unbearable. Later that same month, on the 21st May 2010, The Devil’s Blood will headline at Rockhard Festival in Germany, and Selim has enlisted the help of good friend and visual artist Jérôme to make some special images for the show; and this is where the fetid collection of rot-

The illustration is made using the blood of Farida and Jimmy Lemouchi, and the members of The Devil’s Blood (with thanks to Gerry).

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Giving all for the big nothing - Selim Lemouchi  
Giving all for the big nothing - Selim Lemouchi  

A lot of fans of The Devil’s Blood asked for an English translation of the article about Selim Lemouchi. Laura Caffrey (living in Holland, o...