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Table of Contents Beverages Lambeth Groves 4 Jone’s Soda 5 Fizzy Lizzy 5 Lorina 6 Hint Water 6 Honest Tea 7 San Benedetto 7 Johnnie Ryan Sodas 8 Mash 8 Reed’s Original Ginger Brew 9 Nantucket Nectars 9 Boylan Soda 10 Bruce Cost 10 San Pellegrino & Panna 11 Sweet Leaf Tea 11 Resource 11 Water 11 Saratoga Spring Water 12 Solé Water 13 Lurisia 13

Breakfast Morrisons Umpqua Oats

14 15

Caviars / Salmon Caviars - Pearls of the Sea MacKnight Salmon

16 16

Charcuterie Daniele 17 Bellentani 17 Trois Petits Cochons 18 Fabrique Delices 18

Cheeses Yancy’s 19 Montchevre 20 Sun-Ni 20 Sumerdale Cheese 21 Cabot 21 Saxon Cheese 22

Bett’s Cheese Spreads Irish Cheeses Sartori French Cheeses

22 22 23 24

Condiments Domaine des Vignes 25 La Dote 25 Maille 25 Tiptree 26 Bonne Maman 26 Dalmatia 26 Savello USA 27 Mitica 28 Divina 29 La Caperelle® 30 Agra 30

Crackers New York Flatbreads 31 Carr’s Crackers 31 Bremner Crackers 32 34º Crisps 32 Meliora Crackers 32 La Panzanella 33 Bello Rustico Crostini 33 John Wm Macy’s Cheesesticks 34 Kame 35 Wellington 35 Snack Factory 36 Z Crackers 36

Gelato & Sorbet Ciao Bella


Gluten Free Get Fresh Bakehouse Three Bakers Mon Cuisine Taft Saitan

38 39 39 40

Pastas Cortazzo 44 Nuovo 44 Andean Dream 44 Cara Nonna 45

Snacks Route 11 Potato Chips 46 Popchips 47 Uncle Jerry’s 47 Dirty Potato Chips 48 Popcorn Indiana 49 Kind Bars 50 Clif Bar/Zone Perfect/Luna Bar 51

Sweets Daelia’s Biscuits Joey’s Sweet Sam’s Marich Twisties Zitner’s Gourmet Twist Taste It Present Hahn’s Crumb Cakes Baker’s Perfection Classic Cake McDuffies Bakery

52 52 53 54 55 55 55 56 56 57 58

Syrups Ghirardelli 58 Monin 59

Teas / Coffees illy Coffee Damman Tea Tazo Tea Mighty Leaf Tea

60 61 61 62

BK Nuts, Fruits & Cheese Program 63

Hors d’oeuvres Twin Marquis Dufour

Kabobs 43

41 42

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Fresh Citrus Juices From citrus groves in Indian River County, Florida to your menu, BK Specialty Foods brings you the highest quality juice products on the market. Lambeth Groves Citrus Juices are made using only the finest Florida fruits.

Lambeth Groves

Sample different applications like marinades, dressings, dessert fillings, and frozen beverages. Try some today!

Orange Juice

(Fresh Squeezed)

4/1 gal, 9/64 oz, 16/32 oz, 12/16 oz, 25/12 oz

Grapefruit Juice

(Fresh Squeezed)

4/1 gal, 9/64 oz, 12/16 oz

Lime Juice (Fresh/Frozen) 16/32 oz

Lemon Juice (Fresh/Frozen) 16/32 oz Look on reverse side!

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Pure Cane Soda

Jones Soda Cans 12/16 oz

JU650 JU651 JU653

Strawberry Lime Green Apple Berry Lemonade

Jones Soda Glass Regular & Zilch (Zero Calories) 6/4/12 oz

JU433 JU435 JU406 JU407 JU412

Zilch Black Cherry Zilch Vanilla Bean Strawberry Lime Green Apple Cream Soda

JU413 JU418 JU423 JU421 JU422

Root Beer Berry Lemonade Pure Cane Cola Blue Bubble Gum Fufu Berry

Jones Soda Woopass Cans 24/16 oz

Jone’s Soda

Energy Drink/Helps in Muscle Recovery/Polyphenols/B-Complex/Yerba Mate/Catechins

WA104 Whoopass Energy Drink

WA106 Whoopass Energy Drink Sugar Free

Beverages Made with 60%* Whole Fruit Juice and Sparkling Water No Added Sugars or Preservatives sofi™ Silver Medal “Outstanding Product Line”, NASFT

“Fizzy Lizzy is in. Orangina is out.” - New York Times “Fizzy Lizzy is our favorite.” - House and Garden “Best Grapefruit.” - Real Simple

Fizzy Fizzy Lizzy Lizzy 24/12 oz FIZLIZ02 FIZLIZ03 FIZLIZ04 FIZLIZ05 FIZLIZ07 FIZLIZ09 FIZLIZ10

Grapefruit Cranberry Pineapple Yakima Grape Fuji Apple Raspberry Lemon Tangerine Passion Fruit * on average

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Hint Water Hint Premium Essence Water A pure, healthy water lightly infused with natural flavors. Unsweetened. Lightly flavored. Zero calories.

Hint Fizz Unsweetened Sparkling Water. Refreshing. Zero Calories.

12/16 oz HINT0005 Pomegranate Tangerine HINT0016 Mango Grapefruit HINT0030 Blackberry HINT0031 Watermelon HINT0032 Raspberry Lime HINT0033 Strawberry Kiwi

24/16 oz

HINT0100 Peach HINT0101 Strawberry Kiwi HINT0102 Blackberry

Lorina 12/750 ml LORINA06 Pink Lemonade LORINA07 Sparkling Lemonade

12/ 1 liter LORINA50 Sparkling Lemonade LORINA51 Pink Lemonade LORINA52 Blood Orange 6

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

Crystal PET (Plastic) 12/14.2 oz LORINA60 Lemonade LORINA61 Pink Lemonade LORINA62 Blood Orange LORINA75 Pomegranate


Glass 12/16 oz HON20000 HON51680 HON56332 HON56333 HON62472 HON62474 HON62475 HON70000 HON70236 HON70736 HON72000 HON73000 HON83000 HON12318

Community Green Lori’s Lemon Green Dragon Peach Oolong Assam Glass Black Forest Moroccan Mint Mango White Half & Half Lemon Tulsi Just Black Just Green Tea Pomegranate Red Zero Calorie Passion Fruit Green

Great-tasting Truly Healthy Organic Beverages Plastic 12/16.9 oz

HON20552 Sweet Tea HON22201 Honey Green HON50278 Peach White HON42479 Pom/Blueberry HON61402 Limeade HON70236 Half & Half (16 oz) HON72100 Cranberry Lemonade HON73035 Super Fruit Punch HON81404 Black Lemon HON85000 Orange Mango

Honest Tea

Premium Water and Tea from Italy

San Benedetto

SB1218N Still Plastic 24/16.9 oz SB1215 Sparkling Water Glass 12/1 Liter SB1217 Still Water Glass 12/1 Liter

Plastic SB1214 Lemon 6/1.5 Liter SB1211 Peach 12/16.9 oz

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

SB1213 Peace 6/1.5 Liter SB1212 Lemon 12/16.9 oz SB1253 Green 12/16.9 oz



Johnnie Ryan Sodas 100% Pure Cane Sugar Made of the finest extracts and flavorings available!

Cola, Orange Soda, Ginger Ale, Cream Soda, Cherry & Root Beer

Extreme Water Drink! Natural Fruit Essence!



Mango Blood Orange Blueberry Pomegranate Grapefruit Citrus Lemon Peel & Ginger

Mash 8

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Nantucket Nectars makes real products with real ingredients, made by real people who care about the craft and quality of juice. 20/17 oz 2400360 Peach Orange 2402001 Apple Juice 2402003 Orange Juice 2402010 Cranberry Juice 2402412 Orange Mango 2402416 Lemonade 2402435 Half & Half 2402455 Pomegranate Pear 2402460 Red Plum 2402465 Pomegranate Cherry

Nantucket Nectars

Reed’s Original Ginger Brew Non-alcoholic. Freshly brewed in a brewery using fresh ginger root, spices, fruit juices, and filtered sparkling water. 24/12 oz 2120001 Original Ginger Brew 2120002 Extra Ginger Brew 2120003 Premium Ginger Brew 2120004 Raspberry Ginger Brew 2120005 Cherry Ginger Brew

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Boylan Soda Loose 24/12 oz - Kosher 02230001 Original Birch (K) 02230002 Creamy Red Birch (K) 02230004 Grape Soda (K) 02230005 Orange Soda 02230006 Gingerale (K) 02230007 Black Cherry 02230008 Cream (K) 02230009 Root Beer 02230010 Diet Root Beer 02230014 Diet Cream 02230011 Seltzer Plain 02230012 Lemon Seltzer 02230029 Orange Seltzer 02230700 Raspberry Seltzer

02330015 02230050 02330017 02330018

Diet Black Cherry (K) Lemon Soda Sugar Cane Cola (K) Diet Sugar Cane Cola

Bruce Cost

Made with fresh ginger & pure cane sugar only 24/12 oz 55235201 Original Ginger Ale 55235202 Jasmine/Green Tea 55235203 Pomegranate 55235204 Passion Fruit


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Sweet Leaf Tea Glass 12/16 oz

SLT06800 Original SLT06801 Mint/Honey Green SLT06805 Diet Sweet tea SLT06808 Half & Half SLT06819 Lemon SLT80003 Raspberry SLT80004 Lemonade

100% USDA Organic, No High-Fructose Corn Syrup All-Natural, No Artificial Ingredients

San Pellegrino & Panna

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water W9700002 W9700010 W9200001 W9700006 W9700008

Glass 12/1000 ml Glass 15/750 ml Glass 24/500 ml Glass 24/250 ml Plastic 24/500 ml

Panna Still Water W9700003 Glass 12/1000 ml W9700007 Glass 24/500 ml W9701000 Glass 24/250 ml 02020099 Plastic 24/500 ml


PE100929 Pet Sparkling Water 24/16.9 oz

Can 12/11.5 oz

Glass 4/6 pk/4 oz W9700001 Chinotto W9700004 Aranciata W9700005 Limonata

W9743345 Aranciata W9743347 Limonata W9733351 Pompelmo (Grapefruit) W9743349 San Rossa (Blood Orange)

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

Resource Water 12134444 Pet Bottle 24/700 ml



Saratoga Spring Water America's Finest Spring Water Since 1872

Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles

PET Spring Water SARAT008 SARAT011 SARAT115


Flat Cap PET 24/16.9oz Flat Cap PET 12/1.0 liter Flat Cap PET 12/1.5 liter

Still Water Glass 24/12oz Still Water Glass 12/28oz Sparkling Glass 24/12oz Sparkling Glass 12/28oz

Flavored Sparkling Essence SARAT100 SARAT150 SARA1000

Lemon Lime Sparkling 24/12oz Orange-Tangerine Sparkling 24/12oz Wildberry Sparkling 24/12oz

Saratoga Spring Water Saratoga Spring Water 12

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Light sodium Mineral Water from Italy

00010100 00010120 00010200 00102030 00010220

Sparkling Water 12/1 liter Sparkling Water 20/500 ml Natural Water 12/1 liter Natural Water 12/750 ml Natural Water 20/500 ml

SolĂŠ Water A premium Italian bottled mineral water, SolĂŠ water flows from the same pure and pristine Alpine source today as it has done for centuries. A family run operation in Lombardy, Italy, ensures that each bottle produced is as pure as its beginnings. With its low sodium content and slightly sweet taste, SolĂŠ is as close to nature as mineral water can get. 02070301 Blue Still Water 12/750 ml 02070302 Gold Sparkling Water 12/750 ml

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Breakfast created in the family tradition Delicious Yogurt Muffins

Chocolate Choc. Chip


Blueberry Crumb

Banana Nut

Marble Crunch


Banana Chip

Berry Blast

Apple Bran

Lemon Iced


Coffee Cake


10:20 AM

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Yogurt Loave s Morrisons French Vanilla Chip

Black and White

Cranberry Orange

Carrot Cream Cheese

Delicious Yogurt &family Loaves Delicious Yogurt LoavesMuffins created in the tradition Almond Poppy

Iced Lemon

Chocolate 14

Raisin Bran

Chocolate Cheesecake


Iced Marble Low Fat Multiberry

Pineapple Coconut

Whole Grain Coffee Cake

Cranberry Apple Whole Grain

Blueberry Banana

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Blueberry Banana Whole Grain

Banana Chocolate Crunch


Time Out : Kid inspired but adults sneak it! Originally this treat was created for our kids but really it brings out the kid in all of us! Chocolate.....Peanut Butter..... oatmeal? Are you kidding me? You will be asking yourself “where has this been all my life?”

Old School: Granny Smith gone wild! This mouth watering breakfast in a cup is packed full with apples, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts and almonds...wildly delicious!

Kick Start: The name says it all! Your daily necessity. A delicious and nutritious nut and fruit medley with a cinnamon and carmely surprise...... it's sooo good!

R U Nuts?: Nut lovers only! If you’re not the fruity type, you will want to indulge yourself in this unforgettable, crazy, yummy, delight.

Not Guilty : Start your New Year off right with clean eating for a clean conscience! Not Guilty- this all natural, no sugar added oatmeal is filled with apples, blueberries, flax and chia seeds. Simply delicious.

Jackpot: A winning combination of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and pecans. We’re betting you’ll love it!

Mostly Sunny: Living in rain country, Umpqua residents long for “mostly sunny” forecasts! This fruit mixture captures a variety of the natural northwest flavors. Today’s forecast has you in mind and will bring sunshine to any day! Not Guilty : Start your New Year off right with clean eating for a clean conscience! Not Guilty- this all natural, no sugar added oatmeal is filled with apples, blueberries, flax and chia seeds. Simply delicious.

Variety Pack: All of our flavors in one 12 pack case: R U Nuts, Monkey Bars, Kick Start, Mostly Sunny, Old School, Jackpot & Lei’d Back

Umpqua Oats All Natural Oatmeal Nutritious, Delicious, and Fast!

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Caviars / Salmon

Caviars - Pearls of the Sea

Pearls Of The Sea Caviar offers the best quality caviar choices of ecologically sustainable sturgeon caviars and wild sturgeon along with other delectable and delicious wild caviars.

MacKnight Smoked Salmon Produced from the world’s best farm-raised Atlantic salmon 031ND4OZ 031NDS0S 031SD4OZ 031SK4OZ 031SKG4Z 031SKP4Z 031SKSOS


Norway Style Salmon 4 oz Norwegian Dawn Salmon Side 3 lb Scottish Dawn Salmon 4 oz Scottish King Salmon 4 oz Scottish King Gravlox 4 oz Scottish King Pastrami 4 oz Scottish King Salmon Side 3 lb

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Daniele Proudly made in the USA Hand crafted Charcuterie


03000382 03000383 03000395 03030301 03030302 03030310 03030311 03030320 03030330 WHAM1000

Salami with Wine Chub 10 oz Salami with Herb Chub 10 oz Salami Chub Assortment 16/10 oz Abruzzese Sweet Chub 8 oz Abruzzese Hot Chub 8 oz Sopressata Sweet Chub 9 oz Sopressata Hot Chub 9 oz Genoa Salami Chub 9 oz Salami with Pepper Chub 9 oz Pre-sliced Prosciutto 32/3 oz

-Aged for a minimum of 270 days -Traditional Italian Style; dried at low temperatures, not heat treated or cooked -Made from whole muscle meat products; no trimmings and less fatty BELL3630 BELL3650 BELL3690 BELL6320 BELL8400 BELL8500

Black Pepper Salami 12/7 oz Red Pepper Salami 12/7 oz Tuscan Herb Salami 12/7 oz Dry Salami Chub 12/7 oz Sliced Prosciutto 12/3 oz Sliced Sopressata 12/4 oz


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Trois Petits Cochons

Over 35 years of award-winning Pâté & Charcuterie GM5 VG5 W7000016 W7000018 W7000089 W7000SHP W2800001 W7000036 W7000037 W7000048 W7000049

Grand-Mère Pâté 8/5.5 oz Vegetable Pâté Slices 6/5.5 oz Truffee Mousse Pâté 6/8 oz Duck Porto Pâté 6/8 oz Royal Goose 6/8 oz Saucisson with Herbs 12/8 oz Cornichons Pack 12/12 oz Whole Grain Mustard 6/7 oz Dijon Mustard 6/7 oz Whole Wheat Mini Toast 25/2.75 oz Mini Toast 25/2.75 oz

Fabrique Delices

Pate Campagne with Cognac

Duck Mousse with Port Wine

Pheasant with Figs & Pistachio

Chicken Terrine with Pistachio



Pate Campagne with Cognac Pheasant with Figs & Pistachio Pate Provencal Chicken Terrine with Pistachio Duck Mousse with Port Wine (Pork Free) Smoke Salmon & Spinach Mousse Peppercorn Mousse (Pork Free) Truffle Mousse (Pork Free) 3 Layer Vegetable Pate

Pate Provencal

FD102 FD782

Duck Galantine Truffle/Pistachio (5 lb) Whole Smoked Duck Breast (1 lb)

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Yancy’s artisan cheeses are all hand-crafted with exceptional body and texture using special curing techniques developed to emphasize taste--which no longer is commercially available in cheddar types from most of the large cheese makers today.


Horseradish Black Whole Wheel 10 lb


Cheddar Garlic Whole Wheel 10 lb


Jalapeno Peppadew Whole Wheel 10 lb


Cheddar Buffalo Whole Wheel 10 lb


W/Champagne Whole Wheel 10 lb


Pepperoni Cheddar Wheel 10 lb


Strawberry Chardonnay Wheel 10 lb


Cheddar Wasabi Wheel 10 lb


Roasted Tomato Wheel 10 lb


Garlic Buffalo Wheel 10 lb


Steakhouse Onion Wheel 10 lb


Maple/Bacon Cheddar Wheel 10 lb

W5000370 W5000365 W5055571 W5055573 W5055581

Smoked Gouda w/Bacon Wedges 10 lb (Cut weight varies) W/Champagne Wedges 10 lb (Cut weight varies) Horseradish Wedges 10/7.6 oz Cheddar Garlic Wedges 10/7.6 oz Cheddar Buffalo Wedges 10/7.6 oz

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Montchevre goat logs are 100% Natural and contain no artificial flavoring and no conservative agents.



Sun-Ni String Cheeses W5000006 W5000485 W6000002


String Marinated 5 lb String Cheese Knot Marinated 10/8 oz String Cheese Knot Original 10/8 oz

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Somerdale Cheese from England

Cheddar 12/8 oz W5000037 W5000041 W5000135 W5000951

Black Wax Purple Wax Red Wax Cryo Serious Sharp


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044




Crab Chesapeake Red Pepper(K) Blue Cheese & Herb (K) Herbs Spices (K) Cheddar Sherry (K) Sundried Tomato (K) Buffalo Wing (K)

6/7 oz Retail WBETT127 WBETT128 WBETT140 WBETT501

Cheddar Horseradish (K) Blue Cheese & Herbs (K) Chesapeake Crab Buffalo Wing

Bett’s Cheese Spreads Saxon Cheese

Saxon Creamery Cheese is made with Saxo Homestead Farm Milk! SAX00100 SAX00300

Green Fields 6 lb Big Ed’s 12 lb

Irish Cheeses Celtic Cheddar 5 lb W1528010 W1528011 W1528012

Cheddar with Whiskey Cheddar with Red Wine Cheddar with Porter

Knockanore Cheddar 5 lb W1528080 W1528082

Oak Smoked Cheddar Raw Milk Cheddar Oak Smoked Cheddar


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Global Award-Winning Cheese The votes are in. Sartori is officially recognized as a world-class, awardwinning cheese maker, with more than 100 top honors in just the past few years — including “Best New Cheese in the World” at the World Cheese Competition. Our SarVecchio® Parmesan was Grand Champion — best of the best — at the US Cheese Championship in 2009. W5010923 W5010927 W5010970 W5011801 W5011804 W5011840 W5011842 W5011883 W5010062

Extra Aged Asiago Wheel 20 lb Sarvecchio Parm Wheel 20 lb Extra Aged Fontina Wheel 20 lb Basil Asiago Wheel 20 lb Asiago with Rosemary 20 lb Caprimenthe Wheel 20 lb Salsa Asiago Wheel 20 lb Fontina Mediterranean 20 lb Dolcina Gorgonzola Wheel 6 lb

W5010799 W5010967 W5011859 W5011870 W5011871 W5011875 W5011878 W5011882 W5010521 W5010520

Romano Wedges 12/5 oz Extra Aged Fontina Wedges 12/5 oz Salsa Asiago Wedges 12/5 oz Sarvecchio Parm Wedges 12/5 oz Extra Aged Asiago Wedges 12/5 oz Rosemary Asiago Wedges 12/5 oz Basil Asiago Wedges 12/5 oz Mediterranean Wedges 12/5 oz Montamore Wedges 12/8 oz Montamore Wedges 10/1 lb

Bellavitano W5011815

Gold Wheel 20 lb


Pepper Wheel 20 lb


Raspberry Wheel 20 lb


Espresso Wedges 12/5 oz


Raspberry Wedges 12/5 oz


Gold Wedges 12/5 oz


Balsamic Wedges 12/5 oz


Merlot Wedges 12/5 oz


Black Pepper Wedges 12/5 oz


Assorted Wedges 4/5 lb

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Our Exclusive French Cheese Selections W0600090 W0627000 W0606275 W0600293 W0600063 W0600097

Jacquin Valencay Pyramid Ash Explorateur 8 Oz Cows Milk Fromage Des Les Clarines 8 Oz Delice De Bourgogne Coupe 2000 Gr Pierre Robert Cheese 1.1 Lb St. Marcellin Coup 8/3 oz

WSFO6149 W0600290 W0600808 W0600099 W0600807 W0600127 W0600007 WDB07954

Pardou Arriou Ossau 4.5 kg Gruyere Comte French 7 lb Livarot Graindorge Coupe 3 lb Petit Billy Triballat Coupe 6/200 gram Pont l’Eveque Coupe 3 lb Selles Fresh Goat Jaquin Ash 6/5 oz St. Andre Triple Cream 4.5 lb St. Nectaire Miramort 3 lb

Jacquin Valencay Pyramid Ash

WFSO9473 W5000172 W0600133 W0600068 W0600093 W0600293 W0606098 W0600098 W0601979

St. Angel 1.5 lb Bleu d’ Auvergne 3 lb Bucheron Goat 3.5 lb Chaumes Washed Rind 4.25 lb Crottin de Chavignol Goat 12/3 oz Delice de Bourgogne Coupe 2000 gram Edel de Cleron 4 lb Fleur Verte 2600 gram Fontaine Triple Cream (St. Andre) 5 lb

Crottin de Chavignol

Bleu d’ Auvergne 24

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Premium Mustard & Vinegars 00010004 00011000 00011011 00011012 00011200 00011206

Dijon Mustard 72/1.4 oz Aged Red Wine Vinegar 500 ml Cider Vinegar 500 ml White Wine Vinegar 500 ml Aged Sherry Vinegar 500 ml Raspberry Vinegar 500 ml

Domaine des Vignes Vinegars & Mustard


00017503 W8317501 W8317505 W8317506 W8317507 W8317510 W8317511

Cornichons 6/12.3 oz Champagne 6/16.9 oz Raspberry 16.9 oz Tarragon 16.9 oz Red Wine 6/16.9 oz White Wine 16.9 oz White Wine 6/16.9 oz

Mustard 6/7 oz

W8352000 Dijon W8352001 Whole Grain W8352002 Honey Dijon W8352003 Olive Dijon W8352004 Herb Dijon

La Dote

Balsamic Vinegar from Italy The long aging in oak barrels gives this special edition a play of sweetness and acidity, and woody notes. 6/250 ml

FE002506 Marasca FE002508 Bronze FE025010 Silver FE025012 Gold

FE005004 Bordoles 12/500 ml FE025014 Opera 250 ml FE0250CR Balsamic Glaze 250 ml FE0500CR Balsamic Glaze 500 ml FE500CBB White Vinegar Bordoles 12/500 ml

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044




Specialty Preserves & Marmalade from UK 00068511 00068611 00068811 HOUSE198 HOUSE203 HOUSE204 HOUSE205 HOUSE206

6/12 oz

Apricot & Armagnac Cranberry & Cointreau Orange & Malt Whiskey Marmalade Strawberry Preserve Raspberry Preserve Apricot Preserve Lemon Curd Peach Preserve

Bonne Maman Preserves 60/1 oz BONNEAP Apricot BONNEBB Blueberry BONNCH Cherry

BONNEHO Honey Acadia BONNERS Raspberry BONNEST Strawberry

Dalmatia DIV00120 DIV26110 DIV26200 DIV26210 DIV26300 DIV44401


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

Red Pepper Fig Spread Orange 12/8 oz Black Olive Tapenade 12/6.7 oz Green Olive Tapenade 12/6.7 oz Ficoco (Fig & Chocolate) 12/8 oz Fig Spread 12/8.5 oz

Savello USA


Italian Specialty from

Savello USA

Fregola Sarda

Oil 00331101 00331110 00331112 00331125 00331126 00331127

Calogiuri Orange Extra Virgin

Anchovy Fillets 8.4 oz

Calogiuri Lemon Extra Virgin Oil 6/250 ml Calogiuri Chili Extra Virgin Oil 6/250 ml Garlic Extra Virgin Oil 6/250 ml Rosemary Extra Virgin Oil 6/250 ml Oregano Extra Virgin Oil 6/250 ml Basil Extra Virgin Oil 6/250 ml


Carasau Flatbread

Moscato Wine Jelly

00452005 Tuna in Oil 24/160 gram 00452010 Callipo Tuna in Oil 12/7 oz

Anchovy 00455701 00455702 00455708 00455744 00455771

Anchovy Fillets 24/2.8 oz Anchovy Pepper Fillets 24/2.8 oz Anchovy Fillets 6/8.4 oz Anchovy Paste 15/2.1 oz Scalia Marinate Anchovy 12/7 oz

Pasta, Rice & Beans 00503201 00524402 00524403 00532700 00532701

Dolcetto Wine Jelly

Silano Brand Gnocchi Potato Dry 12/500 gram Roncaia Arborio Rice 12/2 lb Roncaia Carnaroli Rice 12/2 lb Fregola Sarda Large 12/500 gram Fregola Sarda Medium 12/500 gram

Flatbread 00606901 Carasau Flatbread Plain 12/8.8 oz


Fig Compote

Prunotto 00701601 00701602 00701603 00701606 00701607 00701645 00701646 00701647

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

Apricot Jam 9/7 oz Peach Jam 9/7 oz Strawberry Jam 9/7.5 oz Chestnut Jam 9/7.5 oz Fig Compote 9/7 oz Balsamic Vinegar Wine Jelly 12/3 oz Moscato Wine Jelly 12/3.8 oz Dolcetto Wine Jelly 12/3.8 oz


Condiments 速


Mitica bybyForever Cheese Mitica Forever Cheese Masters of the Mediterranean

W0989001 Chocolate Almonds 2/2 Kg

W0989002 Quicos De Chocolate 2/2 Kg

W2500015 Date Walnut Cake 11 lb from Spain

W0989003 Apple Paste 24/4 Oz

W2500012 Lavender Honey 10/7 Oz


W2500022 Caramelized Walnuts 8 lb from Spain

W2500020 Fig Almond Cake 11 lb

W0989004 Fig Paste 24/4 Oz

W2500023 Orange Blossom Honey 10/7 Oz

W2500013 Walnuts In Lemon Honey 9/13.5 Oz

W2500014 Chocolate Fig Cake 11 lb

W0989005 Pear Paste 24/4 Oz

W2500025 Tomato Jam 6/8 Oz

W0989000 Retail Dried Fig 10/5.3 Oz Migos

W2500024 Chestnut Honey 8/17 Oz

W2500250 Plum Paste 24/4 Oz

W0989006 Torta De Miel Honey-12/250 gm

700R2218 W2509000 Strawberry Balsamic Compote Saba Grape Must Glaze 6/7.85 Oz 6/200 Ml

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Superb Quality Mediterranean Products from


Divina’s reputation for superb quality is unrivaled in the marketplace. Our award-winning Roasted Red and Yellow Tomatoes are tender and luscious, delicately marinated in oil and herbs. Other Divina favorites such as Greek Olive Mix, Sicilian Castelvetrano Olives and Gigandes Beans represent the work of true artisans who draw upon generations of experience to create a complete meze-tapas experience.

DIV00022 DIV00600

Retail Peppadew Red Mild 12/14 oz Dolmas Grape Leaves 12/7 oz

DIV01241 DIV20040 DIV20045 DIV20220 DIV20221 DIV20241 DIV20261 DIV20291 DIV20275 DIV20276 DIV20310

Organic Greek Olive Mix 12/14 oz Green Olive with Feta 6/5.3 oz Mt. Athos with Blue Cheese 6/7.7 oz Kalamata Olive Pitted 6/6 oz Kalamata Olive Greek Olive Mix 6/7 oz Organic Whole Kalamata 6/7 oz Organic Kalamata Pitted Green Olive with Jalapeno 6/7.7 oz Green Olive with Garlic 6/7.7 oz Kalamata Olive Spread 6/7.5 oz

DIV20110 DIV20130 DIV20160 DIV20620 DIV20630 DIVD0125

Roasted Red Peppers 6/13 oz Yellow Peppers 6/13 oz Red & Yellow Peppers 6/13 oz Red Pepper with Feta 6/6 oz Green Peppers with Feta 6/6 oz Roasted Red Pepper Spread 34 oz

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Agra Vegetables

AG000003 Borrettane Onions in Balsamic 3 lb AG000004 Borrettane Onions in Bittersweet 3 lb

AG000002 Artichokes w/stem in oil 3 lb

AG000014 AG000015 AG000016 AG000017

AG000005 AG000006 AG000007 AG000008

Whole Small Green Olives .5 kg Destoned/Pitted Green Olives .5 kg Green Olives Bolognese .5 kg Green Olives Bolognese 3 kg

AG000018 Seasoned Black Olives .5 kg AG000019 Green Cerignola “Medium” 2.9 kg AG000020 Green Cerignola “Big Olives” 2.9 kg

Green Pesto Sauce “Genovese” 14/8 oz Green Pesto Sauce 12/17.5 oz Cream of Black Olive 14/8 oz Cream of Black Olive .5 kg

AG000009 AG000010 AG000011 AG000012

Cream of Green Olive .5 kg Cream of Green Olive 14/8 oz Black Truffle Sauce 14/8 oz Hot “Sfiziosa” Sauce 14/8 oz

La Caperelle® La Caperelle® capers and pickled fruits and vegetables give the home cook and professional chef a wide range of flavors to enhance hundreds of dishes. 73124004 W7924009 W8324007 30

Capers 12/3.5 oz Green Peppercorn in Brine 12/3.5 oz Caperberries 12/8.5 oz

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New York Flatbreads

20050020 Poppy W55000001 Everything

12/5 oz

W730009 Sesame W730010 Garlic

Carr’s Crackers CAR57306 CAR57111 CAR57322 CAR57373 CAR57592 W7900011 W7700021 CAR57461 W7700016 W7700026

Table Water Half Box 24/2.25 oz Roasted Garlic 12/4.3 oz Table Water H20 12/4.3 oz Toasted Sesame 12/4.3 oz Cracked Pepper 12/4.25 oz Rosemary 12/5 oz Poppy/Sesame 12/6.5 oz Entertainment 12/7 oz Whole Wheat 12/7 oz Assorted Biscuit Selection 12/8.8 oz

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044




34Âş Crisps Using a handful of natural ingredients, these wafer-thin crackers are carefully baked until they are subtly toasty and overtly tasty! 18/4.5 Oz 71000362 71000348 71000379 71000355 71000423

Cracked Pepper Crisps Natural Crisps Rosemary Crisps Sesame Crisps Whole Grain Crisps

Your Full Service Specialty-Food Distributor Restaurants




Food Service


Bremner Crackers

Meliora Crackers

Backed by five generations of quality and integrity, Bremner’s biscuits are made with only the finest ingredients. Delicate, subtle & savory, they are the perfect vehicle for soft textured cheeses that require the perfect cracker. Great for snacking on their own also. From the good old USA.

Special Price $8/case

Hurry! Supplies are limited!

W7800001 Plain 12/4 oz W7800004 Sesame Seed 12/4 oz W7800002 Plain 6/12 oz W7800007 Sunflower Oil 12/4 oz W7800003 Wheat 12/4 oz

Meliora Crackers from Italy The charm of old stone ovens, and the tastes and smells from a long time ago come back in the Meliora snacks. Made with simple ingredients, wholesome in nature, even better than good bread! 8/200 gram


Salt/Rosemary Scrocchiette Rectangle Shape Tomato/Paprik Scrocchiette Rectangle Shape Plain Sfogliette Oval Shape Garlic/Parsl Sfogliette Oval Shape Tomato/Basil Bruschettine Mini Bruschette Garlic/Orega Bruschettine Mini Bruschette Onion/Cheese Tocchetti Log Shape Salt/Rosemary Tocchetti Log Shape

BK Specialty Foods 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044 CallT.Your BK Sales Rep to Order! (800) 354-9445


12/7 oz

Bello Rustico Crostini

The tender, crisp bite of Bello Rustico® Crostini and a clean, sweet flavor and finish make this line the top-selling Italian crostini in the USA. The Bello Rustico® recipe is classic: flour, water, yeast, sea salt, and a drizzle of high-quality extra virgin olive oil from Puglia’s famous olive-oil capital Bitonto. Fresh dough is rolled thin and oven-baked until golden brown and perfectly crisp. 20331827 Parm/Pecorino W7900001 Fennel W7900002 Plain W7900004 Sesame

W7900009 Rosemary W7900014 Herb/Parsley W7900015 Salt/Pepper

La Panzanella All Natural Italian Croccantini

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John Wm Macy’s Cheesesticks


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Zero trans fats, zero saturated fats, are cholesterol free and Kosher dairy certified.

06013300 06013301 06013302 06013303

Traditional 12/4.4 oz Sesame 12/4.4 oz Cracked Pepper 12/4.4 oz Assorted 12/8.8 oz

06013304 06013305 06013309

Garlic/Herb 12/4.4 oz Stone Wheat 12/10 oz Seven Grain 12/4.4 oz


All Natural Asian Style Crackers 12/3.5 oz Gluten Free W7700002 Plain W7700003 Sesame W7700010 Seaweed W7700013 Wasabi

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Award-winning Z Crackers Changing the way we think about crackers. ™

Once you taste one, you’ll want more. A healthy addiction!

Z Crackers

Snack Factory 20200000 Original 20200001 Garlic 20200002 Everything


Pretzel Crisp 12/7.2 oz 20200015 20200016 20200005

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Jalapeño Jack Chipolte Cheddar Buffalo Wing

Ciao Bella Ciao Bella


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Gluten Free

Get Fresh Bakehouse

Gourmet Gluten Free Baked Goods Chocolate Chip Cookies A simple, classic cookie. Grab a glass of milk and you’re good to go.

Oatmeal Plus Cookies GF Oatmeal cookies are a real treat and our combination of “add-ins” really make them special. This cookie is chock full of dried cranberries, walnuts, and white chocolate chips.

Bill’s Excellent Butterscotch Walnut Sugar Cookies Wow, that’s a mouthful and a tasty one at that! This cookie has a great flavor profile that’s brought out by the combination of butterscotch, walnuts, sugar, and a touch of salt. Midnight Double Chip Cookies For fans of dark chocolate, this cookie really hits the spot. A dark chocolate cookie with semi-sweet and white chocolate chips.

Brownies A rich brownie with a smooth cake-y texture highlighted by walnuts and both semi-sweet and white chocolate chips. Note that we also make a nut free version of our brownie.

“Runaway Winner” All individually wrapped! GET10111 GET10115 GET10121 GET10041 GET10042 GET10045


Best GF Chocolate Chip Cookie

IW Retail Choc Chip Cookie 12/4 ct IW Retail Assorted Cookie 12/4 ct (12 of each flavor) IW Retail Choc Brownie 8/4 ct IW Choc Chip Cookie Bulk 54 ct IW Fresh Oatmeal Plus Cookie Bulk 54 ct IW Fresh Choc Brownie Bulk 54 ct

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Gluten Free / Vegan

Three Bakers Wonderful Gluten-Free Breads Delicious and Healthy! 00000002 Hamburger Buns 6/4 ct/3 oz 00500133 Cinnamon Buns 4/4 ct/ 4 oz

00600001 00600002 00600003 00600004 00600005 00600007 00600008 00600009 00600013 00600018 00600020 05BC

Vegan Ravioli 160/1 oz (K) Vegan Stuffed Shells (K) 118/1.5 oz Vegan Egg Roll (K) 30/5 oz Vegan Chicken Kiev (K) 20/4.5 oz Vegan Chicken Breaded Pattie (K) 48/3 oz Vegan Chicken Nugget (K) 118/.8 oz Vegan Diced Chicken (K) 10 lb Vegan Falafel Balls (K) 160/1 oz Vegan Sesame Chicken Nuggets (K) 200 ct/10 lb Vegan Burger (K) 48/3.2 oz Vegan Chicken Cutlet 60 ct/3.2 oz Vegan Burger Crumbles (K) 10 lb

00600012 00600014 00600015 ALOMMMPO MCK15

Vegetarian Meat Balls (K) 160/1 oz Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage 24/6 oz Vegetarian Salisbury Steak 24/8 oz Plain Omelet (K) 12/4 oz Spanish Omelet 12/4 oz

Mon Cuisine BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Gluten Free / Vegan

Taft Saitan


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

Hors d’oeuvres

Twin Marquis

Soba Noodle

Pan Fried Noodle

TM106111 Bull Head Shallot Sauce 26 oz TM999999 Twin Sweet Chilli Sauce 24/375 ml TM104211 Twin Retail Cooked Lo Mein Noodle 12/16 oz TM104921 Twin Retail Soba Buckwheat Noodle 12/16 oz TM105034 Twin Retail Stir Fry Noodle 10/16 Oz TM104310 Twin Retail Udon Noodle 12/16 Oz TM105058 Twin Retail Uncooked Wonton Noodle 20/12 oz TM104419 Twin Retail Uncooked Lo Mein Noodle 20/16 oz TM104112 Twin Retail Hong Kong Pan Fried Noodle 20/16 oz TM101517 Twin Wonton Wrapper Hong Kong Style 16/14 oz OSWONTON Wonton Wrappers Squares Frozen (Shang) 14 oz TM251137 TM251120 TM241121 TM241206 TM241190 TM241213 TM251106 TM241091 TM241138 TM241114 TM241244 TM241220 TM251083 TM251069 TM241251 TM251076

Chicken Spring Roll 12/5 ct Chicken Egg Roll 12/4 ct Chicken/Cabbage Dumpling 15/21 oz Chicken/Celery Potsticker 9/16 oz Kung Po Chicken Potsticker 9/16 oz Miso Chicken Potsticker 9/16 oz Pork Egg Roll 12/4 ct Pork/Cabbage Dumpling 15/21 oz Shrimp Dumpling 15/21 oz Spicy Pork/Cabbage Dumpling 15/21 oz Teriyaki Tofu Potsticker 9/16 oz Thai Chicken Potsticker 9/16 oz Thai Curry Samosa 12/8 ct Vegetable Egg Roll 12/4 ct Veggie Potsticker 9/16 oz Veggie Spring Roll 12/5 ct

Bull Head Shallot Sauce

TM310049 Tang's Retail Veggie Dumpling 9/16 oz TM310025 Tang's Retail Chicken/Veg Wheat Dumpling 9/16 oz TM311046 Tang's Retail Whole Wheat Noodle 12/16 oz


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Hors d’ oeuvres


The distinctive and uncompromising quality of Dufour’s award-winning products has earned us the reputation as the “Chef’s Secret Source”. Dufour Pastry Kitchens is renowned for the outstanding and superb quality of its frozen ready-to-bake products. Our hand-made Hors d’Oeuvres combine contemporary complex tastes based on classic concepts developed right here in our own Kitchens.

Partylites (12 x 12) Four Cheeses & Roasted Garlic Parisian Mushroom Pate Roquefort Mascarpone Puffs Swiss Cheese Crescents Toasted Pecans & Squash Puffs Mini Empanadas (12 x 12) Southwestern Black Bean Cheese Empanada w/Fresh Chilis Phyllo Pastries (12 x 12) Mushroom Truffle Risotto Spanakopita Wild Mushrooms with Roquefort Indian Salsa in Curry Phyllo Triangle Ultimates (12 x 12) Moroccan Magic Stilton with Cranberries Mediterranean Shrimp Spicy Crab Roll Crispy Pomegranate Cigar Savory Artichoke Cheesecake (10 x 12)


Mini Tartlets Smoked Swiss & Bacon Cups (10 x 12) Tart Shells 1 1/2” Traditional (12 x 19/228) 9” Pate Sucree (1 x 20) All-Butter Puff Pastry Dough Retail Classic All-Butter Puff Pastry (1 x 10) Retail Chocolate Puff Pastry (1 x 6)

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

Hors d’ oeuvres






Layered, stacked, wrapped, rolled, filled, folded, stuffed or skewered: Kabobs’ handcrafted hors d’oeuvres and entrées are made with imagination, creativity and the freshest, finest, hand-selected ingredients readily available. The result? Dazzling bites of delectable flavor and texture, beautifully balanced and glamorously presented.


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Nuovo - Specialty Pasta & Chef-Created Fine Food 70565813 Gluten Free 5 Cheese Ravioli 6/9 oz 70593500 4 Cheese Sacchette 6/9 oz 7204911 Toasted Pignoli Pesto Sauce 2/32 oz

Andean Dream Andean Dream Pasta contains 24 grams of protein and 21 amino acids in an 8 oz. box. Our pasta cooks to an excellent flavor and texture, never mushy. Especially easy to cook, it can be enjoyed year-round because it is versatile and light. Andean Dream Quinoa pasta is not only gluten free, but is also organic, and kosher. It is also completely corn and soy free.

Quinoa Pasta 12/8 oz 00375410 Fusilli 00466805 Rotele 28561100 Elbow

Gluten Free, Organic and Kosher! Ingredients: Organic Royal Quinoa and Rice Flour

100% Natural, No Preservatives, No Trans Fats, Gluten Free! 12/25 oz CORTAZ01 Marinara Sauce CORTAZ02 Arrabbiata Sauce CORTAZ03 Pomodoro Sauce



Quinoa Pasta

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Cara Nonna Dry Pasta & Snacks Imported from Italy From the Apulia region in Southern Italy, truly delicious pasta made in the traditional style from durum wheat. Extruded through bronze dies and dried at low temperature for a long time.

Pasta 12/1.1 lb

Egg Tagliatelle

Egg Tagliolini

Penne Rigate Paccheri Linguine Al Bronzo

Acini Di Pepe


Tri-Color Fusilli

Squid Ink Tonnarelli


Tri-Color Galletti




Pappardelle Lunghe

Lasagna della Nonna

Tarallucci 20/200 gram

CARA3050 Finocchio (round shape) CARA3053 D’Oliva (round shape) Tarallucci

Tarallini 12/400 gram CARA3015 Finocchio CARA3029 D’Oliva

Lasagna Verde All’Uovo Tarallini

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

CARA0001 Orecchiette CARA0002 Strozzapreti CARA0013 Paccheri CARA0017 Rigatoni CARA0023 Farfalle Rigate CARA0035 Gnocconi CARA0038 Rotelloni CARA0040 Trottole CARA0042 Bretelloni (8/2.2 lb) CARA0052 Linguine Al Bronzo CARA0055 Spaghetti Al Bronzo CARA0083 Egg Amorelli Allegri All’Uovo CARA0087 Tri-Color Gigli CARA0098 Tri-Color Fusilli CARA0103 Tri-Color Galletti CARA0118 Tonnarelli Squid Ink CARA0122 Cappellacci 8 agli Sapori CARA0128 Penne Rigate CARA0133 Fettucce Al Bronzo CARA0141 Egg Pappardelle Rought Dought CARA0142 Egg Fettuccine Rought Dought CARA0143 Egg Tagliolini Rought Dought CARA0144 Egg Tagliatelle Rought Dought CARA0150 Capricci CARA0165 Egg Lasagna Della Nonna CARA0166 Egg Lasagna Verde All’Uovo CARA0183 Capelli D’Angelo CARA0184 Eliche CARA0188 Orzo CARA0191 Grande Babbo CARA01PP Acini Di Pepe CARA0207 Ziti CARA0216 Pappardelle Lunghe CARA0066 Egg Pappardelle



t h g i a r t S the Farm from

e l t t e K e h t to to You

Route 11 Potato Chips


Seasonal Specialties All of our chips are


except for the Sour Cream & Chive

Route 11 Potato Chips R O U T E 11 P O T A T O C H I P S . 11 E D W A R D S W AY . M O U N T J A C K S O N , VA 2 2 8 4 2 . w w w. r t11. c o m


( 5 4 0 ) 4 7 7- 9 6 6 4 . ( 8 0 0 ) 2 9 4 -7 7 8 3 . F A X ( 5 4 0 ) 4 7 7-2 3 01

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Uncle Jerry’s

Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels No preservatives, fat free, made without oil, shortening, or sweeteners of any kind!

UJ000001 UJ000002 UJ000003

12/8 OZ Specials Plain Extra Dark Extra Dark Low Salt

UJ000004 UJ000005 UJ000006 UJ000007

Plain Low Salt Plain Extra Salt Whole Wheat Salted Whole Wheat Sesame Low Salt


- All-Natural Ingredients: No Trans Fat, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Preservatives, - No Hydrogenated Oils, No Soy, No Nuts and No MSG - Gluten-Free - Kosher certified by KOFK Kosher supervision. BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion and Cheddar flavors are Kosher designated “dairy.” All other flavors are non-dairy and Kosher designated “parve.” - Vegan: Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Salt & Pepper, Jalapeño - Vegetarian: Cheddar, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion (contains dairy)

00021812 00074400 00076601 00078800 00711032 00722038 00755036 00777038 00700128 00700227 00070050 00070061 00700425 00700722

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

Multi Pack 12/6/.08 oz Salt & Pepper 24/.8 oz Jalapeño 24/.8 oz Cheddar 24/.8 oz Original 24/.8 oz BBQ 24/.8 oz Salt & Vinegar 24/.8 oz Sour Cream & Onion 24/.8 oz Original 12/3 oz BBQ 12/3 oz Salt & Vinegar 12/3 oz Jalapeño 12/3 oz Salt & Pepper 12/3 oz Sour Cream & Onion 12/3 oz



Dirty Potato Chips All Natural. Cholesterol Free. No MSG. No Preservatives. No Hydrogenated Oil.

12/5.5 oz

25/2 oz

W6900001 Sea Salted W6900002 Sour Cream W6900003 Jalapeno Heat W6900004 BBQ W6900007 Cracked Pepper W6800008 Salt/Vinegar W6955019 Basil/Sundried Tomato

W6900020 Salt/Vinegar W6900022 Jalapeno Heat W6900024 Cracked Pepper W6900025 BBQ W6900026 Sour Cream W6900027 Sea Salted W6900029 Salt Free W6900030 Maui Onion W6900034 Funky Fusion W6952019 Basil/Sundried Tomato

25/1.5 oz W6900031 Sweet Potato W6952062 Medley W6951061 Reduced Fat Sea Salted


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Popcorn Indiana 72000653 Kettlecorn 48/1 oz 71004247 Sea Salt 48/.5 oz 71004216 Movie Theater 48/.7 oz 71004230 White Cheddar 48/.8 oz

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Snack Ingredients you can see & pronounce®

Bars - 6/12/1.4 oz Gluten Free 00017011 00017014 00017219 00017221 00017250 00017256 00017824 00017217 00017218 00017827 00017825 00017828 00017826 KIND9999

Kind Bars

Plus Cranberry Almond Plus Mango Macadamia Plus Blueberry/Pecan Plus Pom/Blue/Pistachio Plus Dark Choc Cashew Plus Dark Chocolate/PB Fruit & Nut Delight Fruit & Nut Cinn/Pecan Fruit & Nut Strawberry/PB Fruit & Nut w/Yogurt Almond & Apricot Almond & Coconut Nut Delight Assorted

Clusters - 6/11 oz Gluten Free 00017283 00017284 00017285 00017286 00017287


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

Dark Choc/Cranberry Cinnamon/Oat/Flax Seed Vanilla/Blueberry/Flax Honey Oats/Coconut Maple/Walnut/Chia/Quinoa

KIND’s growth leads the category with consistent, solid productivity and a 92% referral rate.


Whole, organic ingredients. Good nutrition. And great taste. Whether you’re on a 150-mile bike ride or making your way through a long day, it’s the energy bar for everyone.

Created by and for women, LUNA bars were the first bar just for us, with the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to stay healthy. Wholesome nourishment and delicious indulgence, they are made with 70% organic ingredients and just plain yummy!

12/2.4 oz 467580 Peanut Crunch 472167 Chocolate Chip 560813 Oatmeal/Raisin/Walnut 653816 White Chocolate Macadamia 745299 Banana Nut 964015 Chocolate Brownie Enjoying tasty ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars is just the first step towards living a delicious, nutritious lifestyle. Learn more about the ZonePerfect Nutrition Program™ and discover more ways to nourish your mind, body and soul.

15/1.69 oz 105072 Chocolate Raspberry 599910 Peanut Butter Cookie 716282 Choc Chunk 787416 Vanilla Almond 921973 Nuts Over Chocolate 959080 Smore’s

12 ct Kosher Z0128017 Chocolate Mint Z0169672 Fudge Graham Bar Z0169673 Chocolate Peanut Butter Z0255869 Chocolate Caramel Z0402560 Dark Chocolate Almond Z0456376 Chocolate Almond Raisin Z0474104 Strawberry Yogurt

Clif Bar/Zone Perfect/Luna Bar BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Daelia’s Biscuits for Cheese

Daelia’s Biscuits for Cheese were inspired by our love of cheese and our pursuit of a good cheese companion. All products are made from fresh natural ingredients and are baked to order for the retailer to maximize freshness. 12/4 OZ DB020012 Almond with Raisin DB030012 Hazelnut with Fig DB050012 Pumpkin Seed with Rye

Joey’s Individually Wrapped Cookies 24 ct 4 oz JOEY002 JOEYS970 JOEYS989 JOEYS999

Black & White Orange & Black (SO) All White Red & White

Other Varieties

JOEBRNDF Fudge Brownie 1/18/4 oz JOELINZ Linzer Tart 1/12/4 oz JOEYS200 Mini Black & White Unwrapped 80/1.5 oz


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Sweet Sam’s

IW Marble 12/4 oz IW Iced Lemon 12/4.5 oz IW Double Choc 12/4 oz IW Banana Walnut 12/4.2 oz IW Iced Carrot 12/3.5 oz SS200517 SS200518 SS200519 SS200520 SS200522

IW Vanilla Whoopie Pie Chocolate Filled 8/3 oz #SS200727

IW Plain Crumb Cake 12/4.2 oz # SS200546

IW Choc Chunk Brownie 12/4.2 oz #SS200555

IW Choc Chip Cookie

IW Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 12/4 oz

IW Chocolate Whoopie Vanilla Filled 8/3 oz #SS200728

12/4 oz #SS200551

IW Choc Ganache Cupcake

6/6 oz #SS200594

IW Cookies & Cream IW Peanut Butter Choc Cupcake Cupcake 6/6 oz # SS200597

6/6 oz #SS200598


IW Red Velvet Cupcake

IW Carrot Cream Cheese Cupcake

6/6 oz #SS200595

6/6 oz #SS200596

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Marich Premium Chocolate

Simple Pleasure 2-12/2 oz W9600336 W9602745 W9602764 W9602773 W9602993

Chocolate Cherry Holland Mint Chocolate Toffee English Toffee Caramel Mint Maltball

Seasonal Bulk 10 lb W9600025 W9600028 W9600210 W9600400 W9600408


Halloween Fruit Sours Halloween Select Mix Christmas Holland Mints Valentine Select Mix Valentine Jordan Almonds

Gables 12/4.5 oz

W9600032 W9600033 W9600037 W9600040 W9600885 W9604956 W9642946

Chocolate Covered Blueberries Dark Chocolate Brandy Cherry Dark Chocolate Chipotle Almonds Espresso Beans House Blend Triple Chocolate Toffee Milk Chocolate Cherries Organic Chocolate Toffee Pistachios

W9600051 Pumpkin Caramels 12/8 oz W9686000 Champagne Truffles 12/10 oz W9602952 Choc Espresso Beans 24/1.76 oz

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Zitner’s Gourmet Twist Pretzels

W9600017 W9600018 W9600019 W9600072 W9600073

Milk/Chocolate Caramel 3 lb Dark Chocolate Caramel 3 lb Chocolate Peanut 3 lb Dark Chocolate 3 lb M&M Pretzel Box 2.5 lb

W9600074 W9600075 W9600076 W9610275 W9612500

Non-Pareil 3 lb Milk Jimmies 3 lb Milk Chocolate with Stripes 3 lb Vanilla Crunch 3 lb Vanilla with Dark Stripe 3 lb


Wafer Rolls from Greece 12/400 gm W7700022 Vanilla Wafers Tins W7700024 Espresso Coffee Wafers Tins W7700025 Hazelnut Wafer Tins


At Taste It Presents, our hand-crafted, gourmet desserts are sensitively prepared and created using the world’s finest ingredients.

Taste It Present 47058004 47059999 4705CBCR 4705RSCP 4706SFOG

David’s Raspberry Mousse

Mango Mousse Cups 12/3.5 oz Chocolate Mousse Cups 12/3.5 oz Créme Brulee Crock 12/4 oz Raspberry Mousse Cup 12/4 oz Small Sfogotelli 72 ct

Créme Brulee

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Premium Quality Hahn’s Coffee Cakes & Crumb Cakes 47064441 47064442 47064990 47064992 47064995 47065001 47065000 47062108 47064997

Old Fashioned Crumb Cake 4/24 CT, KDAIRY Chocolate Lover’s Crumb Cake 4/24 CT, KDAIRY Plain Crumb Cake Single Tray 24 CT Sold By The Individual Tray, KDAIRY Apple Crumb Cake Single Tray 24 CT Sold By The Individual Tray, KDAIRY Raspberry Walnut Crumb Cake 24 CT Sold By The Individual Tray, KDAIRY Retail Plain Crumb Cake 24/16 oz Retail Chocolate Crumb Cake 24/16 oz Crumb Cake 8/12 ct Cut Product Kenny’s Krumbs 12/12 OZ- Hahns Product Crumb Topping Sold By The Case

Our traditional cookies are bake with the finest natural ingredients, con preservatives and have 0 grams tran

Enjoy them in Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip, Chip Pecan, Oatmeal Raisin Pecan, Triple Choco Chocolate Key Lime and White Chocolate Macad

Baker’s Perfection 800.264.2278 | SQF 2000 – level 2 certified

Baker’s Perfection offers you a “Personal Baker” for your unique needs that C h eand e s e ultimate s T r a w s dessert / Cook ie sTr aws you will be proud to serve. *10” Cakes - 16 cut

Chocolate Lava

White Cloud

Cake Pops 56

Mini Pastry

Raspberry Cake

Vesuvius Cake

BP000949 BP000950 BP000952 BP000953 BP000954 BP000955 BP000777 BP002001 BP000788 BP000507 BP002003 BP002007 QNT0007 QNT0019 QNT0025 QNT0030

Banquet Mini Pastry 144 ct Banquet Raspberry Cake 10” Banquet White Cloud 10” Banquet German Chocolate 10” Banquet Lemon Coconut 10” Banquet Cookies & Cream 10” Lemoncello 10” Vesuvius Cake 10” Napoleons Large 10 ct Assorted Cake Pops 25 ct New York Cheesecake 12 ct Individual Chocolate Lava 12 ct Individual Quiche Lorraine 10” Uncut Quiche Spinach Tomato 10” Uncut Quiche Broccoli Cheddar 10” Uncut Quiche Four Cheese 10” Uncut

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044



Classic Cake "Best of Philly" Bakery 2008


Chocolate Entrement

Quarter Sheet Mini 35 ct CC000007 Chocolate Entrement CC000008 Carrot CC000009 Opera CC000010 Raspberry Marble Cheesecake CC000011 Plain Cheesecake CC000055 Pumpkin

Brownies & Crumb Bars 12 cut CC000030 CC000032 CC000033

Brownies Plain Brownies Caramel Lemon Crumb Bars

Cupcakes 48 ct CC000013

Vanilla & Chocolate Iced

Raspberry Marble Cheesecake

Cheesecake 10” 60 oz 16 cut CC000018 CC000019 CC10702

NY Style Strawberry Swirl Chocolate Swirl

Retail Cheesecake 6/8” Uncut CCSR0001 CCSR0002 CCSR0003 CCSR0004

Plain NY Style Strawberry Swirl Chocolate Swirl Black Forest

Strawberry Swirl 8”

BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044

Plain Cheesecake 10”


Sweets / Syrups

McDuffies Bakery Biscotti & Shortbread Cookies Biscotti 30/1 oz

MCDF0363 Almond MCDF0364 White Choc Cranberry MCDF0366 French Vanilla

Shortbread MCDF0601 MCDF0602 MCDF0606 MCDF0607 MCDF0609 MCDF0613 MCDF8503

Plain 120 ct Chocolate Chip 120 ct Choc Mousse 120 ct Lemon 120 ct Butterscotch 120 ct Praline Pecan 120 ct Plain 24/1.5 oz

Gourmet Chocolates from Ghirardelli

Sauce 64 oz

White / Sweet Ground / Caramel / Chocolate

Frappe 3 lb

Double Chocolate / White Double Hot Cocoa 4/2 lb Chocolate/Cocoa 10 lb, 30 lb White Chocolate/Cocoa 10 lb, 25 lb Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa 6/15 ct Semisweet Chips 1000 ct 25 lb Barista Dark Chocolate Drops 10 lb



BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


MONIN is the world’s leading producer of the finest flavored syrups, gourmet sauces and fruit smoothie and cocktail mixes available. With over 200 products made from premium and authentic ingredients, MONIN ensures ultimate taste and ultimate creativity for successful specialty beverage solutions.


BK Specialty Foods T. 800.354.9445 F. 215.724.4044


Teas / Coffees

illy Coffee

FF X7 Iper Black Espresso Machine

Unic 2 Group Iper Machine

Espresso Machine

Iper 6/21 ct 00007734 Espresso Med Roast 00007735 Espresso Dark Roast 00007736 Decaf Espresso

Iper 6/14 ct 00007746 Decaf Espresso

Iper Espresso Duo Pack 45/2 pack

00002414 00002419 00002422 00002427 00207003 00004004

Unic 1 Group Iper Unic 2 Group Iper Rumba 1 Group Twin Rumba 3 Group FF X7 Iper Black Filter Resin Espresso Cartridges

00007896 Medium Roast 00007897 Dark Roast 00007898 Decaf

Iper Capsules 25ct/6 bags 00007731 Medium Roast 00007732 Dark Roast 00007733 Decaf

Retail Grind 6/8.8 oz

Retail Whole Bean 6/8.8 oz

Pods 10/18 ct

00000489 00000490 00000494 00000769 00003476 ILLY493

00000496 00000495 00007721 00007881 00007882 00007883

00000905 Normal Roast 00000906 Normal Dark Roast 00007718 Decaf Espresso


Espresso Medium Roast Espresso Dark Roast Medium Roast Dark Roast Moka Medium Roast Decaf Fine Grind

Decaf Whole Bean Medium Roast Whole Bean Dark Roast Monoarabica Ethiopia Monoarabica Brazil Monoarabica Guatemala

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Pods 12/18 ct 00007737 Medium Roast 00007738 Dark Roast 00007759 Decaf

Teas / Coffees

4 x 24 ct

Loose 2/1kg 00060100 00060101 00060102 00060103 00060105

Lemon Green Gout Russe Black Jardin Bleu Black Vanilla Decaf Black Versailles Green

00064993 00064994 00064995 00064996 00066701 00066702 00066706 00066707 00068055 00068056

00064970 Breakfast 00064971 Darjeeling 00064972 Earl Grey Blend 00064973 Ceylon O.P. 00064975 Green Gunpowder 00064977 Green Tea with Mint 00064979 Green Jasmine 00064991 Passion Fruit Blend 00064992 Vanilla Blend

Blood Orange Blend Pomme D’ Amour Blend Gout Russe Blend Four Red Fruit Blend China Black Iced Tropical Blend Ceylon Decaf Mango Decaf Herbal Mint Chamomile Herbal

Damman Tea Tazo Tea Tea Bags 6/24 ct

TAZ20017 Lotus Decaf TAZ20130 China Green Tips TAZ21010 Chai Decaf TAZOAWA Awake TAZOCAL Calm TAZOERL Earl Gray TAZOGIN Green Ginger TAZOLMN Organic Chai TAZOOM OM Green TAZOOR Wild Orange TAZOPAS Passion TAZOREF Refresh TAZOZEN Zen TAZOASR Assorted (Awake, Calm, China)

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Teas / Coffees

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Our handcrafted silken biodegradable pouches are packed with artisan blends of whole tea leaves, fruits, herbs, spices and flavors too big for ordinary tea bags. Enjoy the liberation of pure tea goodness and rediscover the pleasure of the way tea was naturally meant to be.

00060003 Organic Detox 50/1 oz MLT10003 Organic Breakfast 100 ct MLT10004 Organic Earl Grey 100 ct MLT10008 Organic Mint Melange (O) 100 ct MLT10013 Organic Hojicha 100 ct MLT10018 Organic Green Dragon 100 ct MLT10064 Organic Detox Infusion 100 ct

MLT30003 Retail Organic Breakfast 6/15ct MLT30001 Retail Chamomile Citrus 6/15 ct MLT30002 Retail Green Tropical 6/15 ct MLT30007 Retail African Nectar 6/15ct MLT30009 Retail Orange Dulce 6/15ct MLT30014 Retail Vanilla Bean 6/15ct MLT30050 Retail Variety Pack 6/15ct

00010065 Chocolate Mint Truffle 100 ct MLT10001 Chamomile Citrus 100 ct MLT10002 Green Tea Tropical 100 ct MLT10005 Bombay Chai 100 ct MLT10006 Ginger Twist 100 ct MLT10007 African Nectar 100 ct MLT10009 Orange Dulce 100 ct MLT10010 Decaf Earl Grey 100 ct MLT10011 White Orchard 100 ct MLT10012 Marrakesh Mint 100 ct MLT10014 Vanilla Bean 100 ct MLT10015 Darjeeling Choice 100 ct MLT10016 Spring Jasmine 100 ct MLT10017 Rainforest Mate 100 ct

MLT60001 Iced Tea Peach/Ginger 100/1 oz MLT60030 Iced Tea Mango 100/1 oz MLT60040 Iced Tea Black Currant 100/1 oz MLT60051 Iced Tea Island Breeze 50/1 oz MLT60065 Iced Tea Organic Black 100 ct MLT70017 ML Brand English Breakfast 100 ct MLT70019 ML Brand Himalayan Darjeeling (O) 100 ct MLT70021 ML Brand Orchid Oolong 100 ct MLT70029 ML Brand Green Passion 100 ct

MLT10200 Multi Pack Black Tea 90 ct (Breakfast Americana, Earl Grey, Vanilla Bean) MLT10201 Multi Pack Green Tea 90 ct (Green Tea Tropical, Spring Jasmine, Marrakesh Mint) MLT10202 Multi Pack Herbal Infusion 90 ct (African nectar, Chamomile Citrus, Organic Mint Melange)

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Mighty Leaf Tea 62

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BK Special Products

BK Specialty Foods BK Specialty Foods offers varieties of nuts, olives, dried fruit and cheeses labels for your retail needs. Please ask us for details.

Sample Lables

Nuts W6200003 Marcona Almonds Tub 5 kg WRICLE50 Roasted Unsalted Mixed Nuts 15 lb WRICLE85 Butter Toffee Cashews 20 lb BK000168 Butter Toffee Pecans 20 lb W2500022 Caramelized Walnuts 8 lb BK000032 Caramelized Pecans Spain 9 lb BK000640 Pumpkin Seeds Shelled 5 lb BK009999 Cheese Topper (Fruit & Nut Mix) 12 lb and more!

Butter Toffee Pecans

Marcona Almonds

Cheeses W4908991 Brie Maubert Plain 7 lb W0900002 Red Wax Gouda Holland 10 lb W1299999 Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 1/4 Wheel W1200009 Asiago Black Wax Aged Half Wheel 10 lb W1200027 Ricotta Salata Soft 7 lb W5000142 Fresh Mozzarella Loaf 5 lb W0900041 Prima Donna Red Extra Aged 26 lb W1200019 Pecorino Romano Italy 1/4 Wheel 15 lb W1200176 Manchego DO 3 Months 7 lb W1200002 Gorgonzola Dolce 1/4 Wheel 3.5 lb W1200030 Provolone Belgioioso Imported 15 lb and more!

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