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Portfolio Bojana Kavrakovska MArch( Prof) University of Auckland

Thesis Project ( 5th y) “ Relating new school and retirement home within historic naval fort, Devonport, Auckland“

exploring community living of old and young people measurements on the site hand drawing method techniques incorporating lighting contrast techniques combining wood and cardboard modelling techniques combining charcoal drawing techniques and digital ones describing own design work applying different theories book layout

Diagrams of design of a new school and retirement home ( Pencil on paper).

Diagrams of finding pathways between residential units ( Pencil on paper).

Retirement units with underground crisscrossings ( Clay and cardboard models).

Diagrams of system of stairs between the living units and the underground crisscrossings ( Pencil on paper).

Experimentation of layered environment and system of stairs ( Cardboard and wood models).

Light studies (Cardboard and wood models).

Section 1 (scale 1:600)

Section 2

(scale 1:600)

Section 3

(scale 1:600)

Section 4

(scale 1:600)

Section 5

(scale 1:600)

Structure of the tunnels exploration ( pencil on paper, clay model).

System of crisscrossings at the area ( Cardboard, paper, wood, clay model).

System of crisscrossings at the area ( Cardboard, paper, wood, clay model).

Rebuilding Christchurch Montessori School ( AD2 4th y) Christchurch design course with Cameron Sinclair proposing urban development for the city intensive Photoshop/Illustrator method of producing

Chatham Islands community centre project ( AD1 4th y) wooden techniques for models intensive hand drawing/sketching techniques/oil paintings/ digital media

Arch Media ( 2nd y) hand drawing techniques of pencil sketching and watercolouring

Art Gallery at Auckland city project commissioned by Wallace Trust ( Design 5 3rd y) methods of mapping and modelling


Architecture Masters graduate from The University of Auckland, School of Architecture and Planning, with excellent skills in hand drawing an...

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