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National Hospice Month Since 1978, November has been designated as National Hospice Month. Coping with a loved one’s life-limiting illness is not easy. In fact, it may be the hardest work a person will ever do. Working with different health providers, navigating the maze of care needs, figuring out insurance coverage, in addition to taking care of one’s family can be overwhelming. Hospice of Dubuque is here to help. Most of the population understands that hospice cares for people at the end of life and many have had family or friends served by a hospice, but there is so much more to know. Hospice of Dubuque takes the time to discuss the illness and available care options with the patient and his or her loved ones. At a time when hope seems out of reach, the patient’s and family’s wishes are the priority and Hospice of Dubuque listens so decision making and goal setting can be facilitated. Comfort, respect and dignity for the dying individual, coupled with support and companionship for the entire family are the foundations of hospice care. During November, Hospice of Dubuque conducts its annual appeal to fund the cost of caring for those who are uninsured or underinsured, and to support the organization’s bereavement services and educational programs. Moreover, the annual appeal is an opportunity for Hospice of Dubuque to share information regarding hospice as an end-of-life care option. Being informed is the best way for individuals to ensure their wishes and those of their loved ones are met. For more information on Hospice of Dubuque services, contact our office at 563.582.1220.

November is National Hospice Month

“Someday” Linda Wolf, Community Relations We each have a list of things we hope to do “someday,” whether it’s something we’ve always dreamed of accomplishing or a smaller goal like becoming more organized. For those with a terminal illness, “someday” may never come. Once someone has been made aware that their time is limited, his or her goals take on a new importance and “someday” is now. Last wishes are as unique as the individuals themselves, with no two people hoping for exactly the same experience. What matters is patients are given the opportunity to express their desires and receive support necessary to continue to live as fully as possible. The Hospice of Dubuque care team discusses personal goals with patients and then, if possible, attempts to make them happen.

Fall 2011 Issue Executive Director


Dr. Brian Sullivan


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Hospice of Dubuque patient, Karen, told her social worker, Stephanie, that getting a tattoo was something she had always wanted to do. To help her patient achieve this goal, Stephanie arranged an appointment for Karen’s tattoo. With the approval of her doctor, and her Hospice of Dubuque nurse Megan at her side, Karen arrived at Trigger Happy Tattoo Parlor. Jason, the tattoo artist, designed the tattoo Karen wanted—a small heart with the name of her daughter, who had died at a young age. Karen told Stephanie, “It’s a great way to remember my daughter, even though I will see her soon. I’ve decided not to sit on the pity pot and wait to die. I’m going to do something positive every day, for as long as I can.” Karen’s positive attitude inspires others to begin turning “someday” into now.

The hospice toolkit Medical Directors

Mark Hermann, MD, Co-Medical Director Brian Sullivan, MD, Co-Medical Director

Administrative Staff

Lavonne Noel, Executive Director Jackie Brehm, Financial Director Nancy Diehm, Psychosocial Director Bonnie Hancock, Patient Care Director Katy Morrow, Nursing Services Director Renee Frith, Nursing Services Director

Officers, Board of Directors

Brad Heying, President Susan Bushman, Vice President Fr. William Joensen, Secretary Bruce Rehmke, Treasurer

Members, Board of Directors Greg Birkett Cindy Burdt Carole Carroll Larry Cremer Vicki Dirksen Jared Freiburger, DO Tom Giese Amy Gilligan Eileen LeMay Allen Meurer, MD Rev. Kathleen Milligan Francis “Chip” Murray Stephanie Savage Chris Schiesl Betty Takes

Members, Foundation Board Don Freymann Rita Helle Mike Martin Bill Maiers Bob Miller Bruce Rehmke Chuck Schrup III Ken Snodgrass

Lavonne Noel, Executive Director The members of the Hospice of Dubuque Interdisciplinary Team bring many tools as they enter clients’ homes to provide end-of-life care. First and foremost, these exceptional clinicians bring their hearts and minds so they can deliver the most compassionate, skillful care possible. These intangible tools are at the center of the Hospice of Dubuque mission of providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones. Through expertise in the management of pain and other symptoms, the patient’s physical comfort is addressed. And through Hospice of Dubuque’s compassionate presence, the spiritual, social and emotional needs of patients and those closest to them are also addressed. Yes, the heart and mind of a hospice worker are powerful tools indeed. The more tangible tools that Hospice of Dubuque brings into clients’ homes include prescription medications, medical supplies and medical equipment such as oxygen, a hospital bed or a commode. These tools remain in the home to provide comfort and safety for the patient and to serve as assistive devices for the caregivers. Other tools accompany the Hospice of Dubuque clinicians on their visits. A nurse might carry a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff and medication conversion chart. A social worker may bring information on advance directives or reading materials for caregivers. The hospice aide might bring a favorite lotion so her patient can enjoy some soothing touch. The spiritual care coordinator might bring calming pictures to share with a dementia patient or a special prayer for an anxious caregiver. Each hospice clinician carries a toolkit, specific to his or her discipline, so the most effective, responsive care can be provided at the bedside.

Soon, the Hospice of Dubuque staff will be adding laptops to their hospice toolkits. When receiving healthcare services, people have become accustomed to, and in many cases, have come to expect, that their care practitioner will utilize a computer to access their medical record and enter updated information. In contrast to a traditional paper medical record, an electronic format provides increased efficiency and portability in the maintenance and exchange of health information. The members of the Hospice of Dubuque team are looking forward to having electronic access to each client’s complete, current medical record while providing care in the client’s place of residence. Conversion from paper to electronic medical records also provides Hospice of Dubuque with a less labor-intensive means for collecting the necessary information to meet growing regulatory demands. The addition of laptops to many of the hospice clinician’s toolkits will be completed this fall. As the Hospice of Dubuque staff enters this new era of medical documentation, they will continue to utilize all the items in their toolkits to bring comfort and dignity to dying individuals, and to provide support to caregivers and family members. As in the past, each clinician will bring into the client’s home a toolkit of intangible and tangible assets—his or her heart and mind, medical equipment, various supplies and the latest addition to the toolkit, a laptop computer—with the focus continuing to be providing the most responsive, compassionate care possible. Thank you to the Dubuque Racing Association/Mystique Casino and the Hospice of Dubuque Foundation for the grant funding that made these technological upgrades possible.

Debbie Horch of Positive Creations has created a beautiful card for the upcoming holiday season entitled Port of Dubuque. The package of eight blank cards sells for $8 with proceeds benefiting Hospice of Dubuque. If you plan to buy cards for the upcoming holiday season, or would like to keep some on hand for other occasions, these beautiful cards may be purchased at our office.


Congestive heart failure Dr. Brian Sullivan, Co-Medical Director Over the past decade, there has been increased utilization of hospice services by patients with terminal illnesses other than cancer. Ten years ago, over half of hospice patients had some form of cancer as their primary diagnosis. Nationally, that has now decreased to less than one out of three hospice patients. This reflects the fact that less than 25% of all deaths are due to cancer. As hospice utilization has increased over the past 10 years, the distribution of primary hospice diagnoses has increasingly reflected the incidence of diagnoses in the community at large. The most common cause of death in the United States is cardiovascular disease, so it is not surprising that there has been an increase in the number of hospice patients with cardiovascular diagnoses. One of the most common cardiovascular diseases leading to hospice care is congestive heart failure. The prevalence of congestive heart failure is increasing in the United States. One reason is that more people are surviving to an older age with chronic conditions like hypertension, coronary artery disease and diabetes that put them at risk for heart failure. Advances in treatments for heart failure and other cardiac problems that lead to heart failure have also allowed people to live longer with the disease. Thanks to these advances, some patients live for many years with excellent quality of life. However despite optimal therapy, some patients with advanced heart failure experience worsening of their symptoms which may include shortness of breath with minimal activity or even at rest. The severity of these symptoms may mean that the patient needs assistance with everyday activities such as dressing and bathing. He or she may also experience repeated hospitalizations for exacerbations of the congestive heart failure.

“Less than 25% of all deaths are due to cancer”

For a person in this situation, repeated hospitalizations for these symptoms may become more of a burden than a benefit. The patient’s primary goal of care may change from wanting to prolong his or her life to wanting to maximize quality of life. This patient may choose to manage symptoms at home rather than in the hospital at which time hospice may be an option for care.

Van’s Fall Wine Tasting Van’s Annual Fall Wine Tasting will be held Wednesday, November 2, from 5:30—8 pm, at Timmerman’s Supper Club. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door, with all ticket sale proceeds benefiting Hospice of Dubuque and the July 3 Fireworks and Air Show by the Jaycees and Radio Dubuque. The evening will include a free commemorative wine glass, hors’d oeuvres and an opportunity to sample over 100 wines, 20+ single malt scotches and bourbons. Many vendors will be available to describe the history and style of the wines. Tickets are available at Van’s Liquor Store, Hospice of Dubuque and Timmerman’s. For more information, call Van’s Liquor Store at 815.747.3631 or email Jeff at

BestFest 2012 Plan now to attend BestFest 2012 on Thursday, March 22, at the Grand River Center. Voting will take place throughout the month of January. Remember—your favorites can’t win if you don’t vote! More information will be available in the Winter 2012 Newsletter. If you are interested in helping count votes for BestFest in January, call Linda or Tiffany at 563.582.1220 or email

Big Apple Bagels Throughout the month of November, Big Apple Bagels will be supporting Hospice of Dubuque by contributing 20% of their profit on Monday mornings from 7—9 am. Stop in for a bagel and cup of coffee! Big Apple Bagels was the proud recipient for “Best Bagel” at BestFest 2011.


Tour de Dubuque Over 170 motorcycle, bicycle and classic car enthusiasts joined Custom Riders, Inc., the Dubuque Bicycle Club and area car clubs for the 13th Annual Tour de Dubuque ride on Saturday, August 27. Riders enjoyed the beautiful scenery as they followed routes which included stops in Guttenberg, Balltown, Petersburg and finally ending at Summer’s Last Blast in downtown Dubuque. Because of the generosity of many, Hospice of Dubuque received $11,500 from this year’s ride. These funds will be used to enable Hospice of Dubuque to continue serving the needs of patients and grieving families, regardless of their age, diagnosis or ability to pay.

The Tour de Dubuque is a very personal journey for many who ride in memory or in honor of family, friends and loved ones, as reflected by our Tour de Dubuque List. Jake Adams Patricia Althaus Pam Arensdorf Penny Baumhover Chuck Berwanger Harold Birky Jimmy Bolsinger Wally Brecht Hal Buesing Adam Burbach Jody Burds James & Mary Burdt Mary Burns Nancy Bye Peter Carroll Chuggy Andrew Connolly Cookie Bob Corkery Ed Correll Peggy Crahan

Mike Davis Anita Davison Joe Decker Richard DeStafano Debbie Duve Ramona Esch Mildred Fessler Carl Freymiller Gary Friday Ruth Frommelt Myrtle Garner Catherine Gau Tex & Kitty Gau Leo “Mert” Glaser Lefty Green Tony Grutz Dean Guler LeRoy Hansel Jean & Bud Hayes Brenda Heim Elaine Heiring

Bill Helling Greg Hinderman Gary Hinderman J. C. Hoerner Herbie Hoffmann Jessie Juarez Kay Juarez Norma Kean Julie Keller Mildred Kelly Amy Kintzle Earl Kintzle Bob Kirchhoff Donald Klein Mary Jane Krier Alice Kroh Sally Kueter Gladys Kurt Bernadette Kurt Lawrence Kurt Gail Lahey

Bob Lake Marjorie Jack & Lenore Leytem Jeff Loney Lloyd P. Luber Deb Lyne Rosemary Manahl Donny Manahl Patti Martin John McAuliffe Glatha & John McCallum Jane McGovern Robert McGovern Harry McLees Tom Merritt Morgan K. Mueller Jerry Muntz Jim Murray Joan Nichols Pam Park

Bob Patters, Sr. Nancy Pauly Richard “Dick” Pike Vince & Joan Pitz Violet Plume Lonnie Plumley Loren Redman Sarah Reiss Laura Robertson Tom Roling Richard Rosekrans Irene Sabers Tom Sacco Larry Sawvel Ruth Sawvel Jim Schiesl Clarence Schmitt Edwina Schmitt Jean Schubert Duane Schumacher, Sr. Axel Seikola

Kevin & Arlynn Seipp Sam Santello Elaine Shafer Fred Shafer Tom Skemp Frank J. Smith Smokey Dan Snyder Grace Stecher Allen Stoffregen Jim & Bill Turnmeyer Dennis Vaassen Mary Wiederholt Floyd Wiederholt Stan Williams Jim Willis Cecil Woodworth Howard Zimmerman Bea Zollo

Donated prizes were awarded to those collecting the highest amount in pledges. The winners in each category included: Motorcycle Debbie Gau Jim Kirchhoff/Kevin Pike Jack Sawvel


Bicycle Mike Heiring/Dan Roling Steve Heer Phil Olson

Classic Cars Gary Hancock Shawn Fluhr/Dale Baumhover David Hanson

Big Duffer Hospice Golf Outing On Saturday, June 23, The Big Duffer Hospice Golf Outing raised $4,128 for terminally ill and grieving individuals in the tri-state area. Thank you to the great committee that planned and organized the outing and those who participated by golfing or donating prizes toward the event. Hole sponsors for the day included: • • • • • • • •

Pat O’Neill Family—in memory of Jack & Dorothy O’Neill Mike Martin—in memory of Marilyn Martin Giese Electrical—in memory of Ed, Joe & Bill Giese Curtis and Heather Rickertsen—in memory of David Kokjohn Tandem Tire & Auto Service Oky Doky on Hill Street Mercy Family Pharmacy Jim and Pam Miller

• • • • • • • • • • • •

American Trust & Savings Bank Spahn & Rose Lumber Co. Dupaco Community Credit Union Edwards Cast Stone The Friedman Group The Duffer’s Tour Advantage Sheet Metal Tricor Insurance E. J. & Lea Droessler & L May Eatery Conlon Construction Denny Fleer/Sandy Bertsch/Cenpaco Joe Brown

Bill’s Tap Fish Fry A large crowd enjoyed the Bill’s Tap Fish Fry for Hospice of Dubuque on Monday, August 1, in Farley. Those who attended enjoyed a wonderful meal provided by Randy and Annie Schroeder and their family and friends. A special thanks to the many volunteers that were involved in the success of the night—especially Far-Fry and those frying fish for hours in the heat and humidity. As a result of everyone’s hard work, $10,780 was raised for Hospice of Dubuque. Thank you; we are grateful for the outpouring of support!

Irish Hooley Michael Lange, on behalf of the Irish Hooley, presented a check for $15,000 to Executive Director, Lavonne Noel. Thank you to Premier Bank, the major sponsor, and all who attended and supported this year’s Irish Hooley. We also thank the following businesses and individuals for providing help to make the Irish Hooley possible: American Legion Post #6, Beichler Electric, City of Dubuque, CIE Tours, Claddagh Irish Dancers, Dubuque 365, The Dubuque Advertiser, Dubuque Fire Pipes & Drums, Dubuqueland Irish, Dubuque Fairgrounds, Hospice of Dubuque volunteers, Hotel Julien Dubuque, Matthews Distributing, McGraw-Hill Education, Morrison Brothers, Tandem Tire, The Irish Cottage, The Star Restaurant, Shamrock Imports, Bob & Nan Smith, Stone Cliff Winery and Wirtz Beverage.

Mark your calendars for next year’s Irish Hooley—Saturday, August 25, 2012!

Thank you to the Tour de Dubuque planning committee, including: Bob Steinmann, Tony Lake and Jim Kirchhoff of Custom Riders, Inc., Mike Heiring of the Dubuque Bicycle Club, Shawn Fluhr representing the area car clubs, Mary Larmore of 7G Distributing and Carole Carroll from the Hospice of Dubuque Board of Directors. Also, thank you to 7G Distributing for the use of their facility for committee meetings and registration. Lastly, thank you to those who participated, either by riding, sponsoring the event or pledging a donation to a rider.


Fall 2011 Honorariums/Memorials We gratefully acknowledge these monetary donations, and donations made to our loan closet, received between July 11 through October 4. If a name is inaccurate or missing, please call Community Relations at 563.582.1220.


Carl Angling Birthday Vi Cooper Clara Crane Jerry & Ida Ann Evans Mark & Mary Goldsher Anniversary Mike & Lisa Hinz Viola Jantz Amy Jewell Loras & Mary Ann Kramer 50th Wedding Anniversary Sr. Eleanor Lambert 60 year Jubilee Patricia Manders F. Kent Meyers Merlie Schmitt Leslie Waldbillig


Larry Ahlers Janice Alexander Doug Bahl Joseph R. Barker Betty K. Bass Brad Bass Florabelle Bass Marshall Bass Velma Baum Ruth Baumhover Ralph Bauer Ron Beaver James Bell Art Benetti Theresa A. Benson Ed Bergfeld Joe Bernardi Marguerite Berndt Richard Biechler Leila Jayne Boleyn Michele “Mickie” Breitbach Thomas “Tom” Breitbach Arlene Broughton Alice Klein Brimeyer Mary & Verle Bryant Lois Bublitz Regina Bughman-Matous Dean Buhle Merle Burken Mary Jane Busch Gretchen Bussan Mary Buswell Bill Caine David Canganelli Judi Chandlee Thomas E. Christ Della Chorak Betty Clemen Clemens Family

Jim Collins Andrew Connolly Ronald Conzett Bob Cronin Roger Cruise Christian J. Davidsaver Anita Davison Richard A. Dolter Ardith Donovan Lori “Pris” Donovan-Koppes Aimee Dowell Ernie Droessler Edward Dunn Lyda S. Eggers Gary Elgin Dominic & LouMae English Clara Evans Julie Broadwell Faley JoAnn C. Fangman Thomas L. Feipel Evelyn Feldermann Marjorie Fellenzer Helen Finkenauer Jean Ann Fleege H. Virginia Fleege Lucille Foglesong Marylee Fox Guido “Pete” Franzen Dale French John Freund Mary Fritz Irene Funke William Galle Mary Gau Thomas “Tom” Gibson Ed, Joe & Bill Giese Norma Glynn David John Gonner Rosemary Gorrell David Gratz Rosie Green Cheryl Gruber James Gruber Donald Hackbarth Earl Hantelmann Ruth Ann Haines Nancy Hale Peggy Hallahan Joseph Hannam Richard “Dick” J. Hantelmann Thomas Hantelmann Alvin “Al” Harrenstein Kenneth Harris James Harrison Peggy Harrison Ralph Haxmeier Robert Hayes Joseph E. Hein Tom Henkels Rosemary Herman

Alvin & Mercedes Herrig Cletus Herrig Gerald Hingtgen Florence Hird Carol Hoeger Robert J. Hoerner Rita Hoffmann Robert Hoppman Marge Hrynkow Shirlee Hubanks Cletus J. Hughes Rose A. Hughes Joann Hunstad Merle Hunt Martha Hutchins Pauline “Polly” Johnson Norma Kean Deanna “Dee” Kelley Charlotte G. Kelly Mildred Kelly Iola Mae Kerper Kathleen “Katie” Kieler Earl Kintzle Florence Klein Merle Klingman David F. Kluesner Luvern Koelker David Kokjohn Daniel Kopp Lorraine (Abitz) Kopp Cletus & Geraldine Koppen Wayne Kramer Rev. Daniel Krapfl Karen Krapfl Shirley & Don Krayer Arnold Kueter Flora Lambert Denny Larsen Rebecca “Becki” LeClere Elmer Leslein Richard Lincoln Norman Link John & Betty Lippert Evelyn Loney John & Ruth Ludescher Meta Luedtke Eugene Lytle Ruth Mahmoud Bernice Mai Ronald N. Maiers Harold Manternach Vern & Vi Markus Charles Martell Marilyn Martin Patrick Marzen Ruth Maury Bob McAllister Robert McAndrew Cletus & Virginia McCabe Dr. David McCoy

Sandra McMahon Bernice Meyer Jeff Meyer John F. Meyer Margie Meyer Shirley A. Miller Rita Mitchell Evelyn & John Mulvenna Dorothy Murray Harry Neiers Shawna & Daniel Neis Bill Noel Florence Noel Jack & Dorothy O’Neill Martha Olinger Lester Osterhaus Margaret Ann Otting Anthony Panto Irene Peiffer Carl J. Pfeifer Leona Pfiffner Judy Pfohl Helen Pins Loretta Pitz Jamie J. Pottebaum Rosemary Radtke Rawson Family Lucille Riedl Madeline & James Riley Margaret Roddy Jay Rokusek Donald F. Russell Hilda Santjer Lorraine “Lori” Schadle Pat Schlueter Gene Schroeder Jim Schroeder Kim Schumacher Eleanor Schwendinger Marsha Shaffer Virginia Siegworth Donna K. Sieverding Sr. Dorothy M. Sievers Marie Snyder Sue Sprouse Edward Spoerre Dorothy Staheli Olive Steiner Orville T. Steines, Sr. Robert Steuer Jean Wahlert Stoltz Bernadette Sweeney James Tasker Anna Mae Tauke Linda Thomsen Anna Mae & Alfred Tobin Ada Tomkins William R. Tully, Jr. Grant Vogt Agnes Vorwald

John Vrotsos Clarence Wachendorf Hank Waechter Billie Jean Wagner Pat Walker Robert A. Weber Myrtle Weipert Emma Wessels Ann Westhoff Wayne G. Weyhgandt Kathryn Whitlow Betty Willy Mildred Woerdehoff

Groups or Businesses

Common Cents Resale Deloitte United Way Giese Companies Grandview United Methodist Church Women Heritage Manor Hoffman Schneider Funeral Home Kathy’s Krystals St. Columbkille Catholic Church Sisters of the Presentation Sunnycrest Manor Tri-State Vein Center Trigger Happy Tattoo Parlor

Matching Gifts

Alliant Energy Foundation IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign McGraw-Hill Companies Employee Giving Campaign Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts

Are you trying to think of a gift for the person who has everything? Honorarium gifts can be made at any time of the year to Hospice of Dubuque and a card will be sent to notify the honoree of your generosity.

Hospice of Dubuque is committed to respecting your privacy. You have received the Hospice of Dubuque newsletter because you or a family member have used Hospice of Dubuque services, made a donation or volunteered for a fundraiser. We never disclose our mailing list to anyone. If you prefer to have your name removed or choose to receive the newsletter by email, please contact us at 563.582.1220 or community_


We Honor Veterans Hospice of Dubuque was recently awarded status as a Level One Partner in the national We Honor Veterans Campaign, a joint venture of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Level One status was achieved through the completion of several educational activities by hospice staff members and the incorporation of veteran-specific procedures in the hospice admission process. The campaign logo (shown above) can now be proudly displayed on all agency promotional material and allows Hospice of Dubuque to join with other hospice providers across the country to honor our nation’s veterans. To coincide with the We Honor Veterans Campaign, Hospice of Dubuque staff and volunteers were seen in several area parades throughout August and September. Thank you to all who participated in the parades, those who walked or expressed support from the crowds, in honor of our veterans. Hospice of Dubuque is not affiliated with the Hospice Education Institute. Hospice of Dubuque does not share its mailing list with any other organization.

Year-end giving opportunities It’s that time again. The calendar year is winding down. Solicitations are arriving in the mail and donors are making decisions about their 2011 charitable contributions. From time to time, donors ask if Hospice of Dubuque accepts gifts of stock. The answer is “yes!” Gifts of stock are welcome at any time. If interested in making a gift of stock to Hospice of Dubuque, please contact Jackie Brehm, Hospice of Dubuque Financial Director. Jackie will provide you with the contact information for the local broker who assists Hospice of Dubuque in accepting gifts of stock. The process is easy and efficient. If you are interested in charitable giving through your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Congress has extended federal tax-free gifts from IRAs through 2011. The tax legislation permits individuals over age 70 1/2 to arrange direct gifts from their IRAs to qualified charitable organizations up to a maximum amount of $100,000 per person per year. The impact of taking an IRA distribution can vary from person to person; therefore, individuals should discuss their plans with their financial advisor. To make an IRA gift directly to Hospice of Dubuque, contact the custodian or trustee of your IRA account as soon as possible. You must complete the distribution by December 31, 2011. Thus, if you plan to give all or part of your required minimum distribution (RMD) to Hospice of Dubuque, be sure to allow sufficient time for the completion of the transaction before the end of the calendar year. Please also send notification of your intended gift to Jackie to ensure proper receipt of your contribution. Details regarding gifting an IRA: • Donors must be age 70 1/2 or older on the date of the distribution. • Maximum distribution is $100,000 per person per year. • Distributions can be made ONLY from a traditional or Roth IRA. Other retirement plans, such as pensions, 401(k) plans and others are not eligible. • Distribution must come directly to Hospice of Dubuque from the IRA administrator. • This gift qualifies toward your annual required minimum distribution (RMD). • There is no charitable deduction, but the amount sent is excluded from your federal adjusted gross income.


Anticipatory grief Jessica Finkenauer, Bereavement Coordinator, LMSW As a family member, close friend or caregiver of a terminally ill loved one, you may experience a concept known as anticipatory grief, a feeling of loss before a death occurs. This concept is most likely not foreign to those who have been faced with a loved one’s terminal diagnosis or severe decline. You expect your loved one to die, but you are faced with the uncertainty of when this will happen. As you wait in angst, and try to treasure each moment and memory made with your loved one, you are held down by feelings of worry, anger, frustration, denial and sadness, and contemplate what life will be like without this person. It is important that the fears and feelings of anticipatory grief are not ignored. Our Hospice of Dubuque team members care not only for our patients, but also for you, family and friends, as you take this final journey with them. We want you to feel comfortable discussing your feelings of anticipatory grief and we want to help ease your mind and make this journey as calm and meaningful as possible. If this situation sounds familiar to you, it is important that you remember to take care of yourself, talk about your feelings and seek help if necessary. If you are a caregiver, it is especially important to acknowledge your fears and frustrations in order to prevent burnout, isolation, resentment and guilt. A member of the Hospice of Dubuque staff is always available to listen, help guide you and provide comfort and reassurance to you during this trying time.

Congratulations to Hospice of Dubuque Board Member, Greg Birkett, for being honored with the Ben Hammack Award for Volunteer Service from his colleagues at IFPA (Independent Free Papers of America). Greg was also honored by the Hospice & Palliative Care Association of Iowa at their annual volunteer recognition ceremony in Des Moines on September 13, 2011. Greg is the 2011 Hospice of Dubuque Dr. Larry Kukla Volunteer of the Year.

Congratulations and well deserved, Greg!

Bereavement Support Groups If you are interested in attending an upcoming Bereavement Support Group or would like more information, call Jessica, Bereavement Coordinator,at 563.582.1220.

Winter 2012 Support Groups Wednesday Afternoons February 22—March 28, 1—3 pm Tuesday Evenings February 21—March 27, 6:30—8:30 pm

Congratulations to ...

Sympathy to ...

Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers...

Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers ...

Connie Bries, and her husband Ronnie, on the celebration of their 40th Wedding Anniversary, September 18.

Phyllis Ungs, on the death of her brother-in-law, Jim Nolan, of California.

Hospice of Dubuque Staff...

Hospice of Dubuque Staff ...

Elizabeth Riffle, on her marriage to Tim Altman, September 10.

Jessica Finkenauer, on the death of her grandmother, Helen Finkenauer, July 6.

Nancy Harrelson, on the birth of her grandson, Caleb Michael, September 12. Caleb is the son of Michael and Shannon Harrelson. Edna Scherbring, on her marriage to Norb Ahlers, September 24.

“I can’t say enough about the excellent care Mother received with Hospice of Dubuque.” - Corine M.


Kristina Heinzen, on the death of her grandfather, Bill Caine, in late June. Karen Hayes, on the death of her sister-in-law, Sue Sprouse, September 3. Elizabeth Riffle-Altman, on the death of her grandmother, Virginia Fleege, September 21.

Hospice of Dubuque welcomes employees ... Katie Ganter, RN, joined Hospice of Dubuque in August as a Hospice Nurse. She received her BSN from South Dakota State University. Katie has had a variety of nursing experiences—emergency room, public health and homecare—and most recently worked at Southwest Health Center. Katie has been married to her husband, Fred, for 26 years and they have three sons. Her free time is spent on the bleachers following her sons’ sporting activities. She also enjoys cards, reading, shopping and camping.

Michelle Hein, RN, joined Hospice of Dubuque in August as a Hospice Nurse. She is a graduate of Northeast Iowa Community College and previously worked at the Sisters of the Presentation. Michelle is married and has two boys, ages 13 and 11, and two dogs. Michelle enjoys spending time with family and friends and following her sons’ activities.

Hospice of Dubuque bid farewell to Meganne Masko in June when her husband, Matt, accepted a call as pastor in North Dakota and Meganne was appointed Assistant Professor of Music Therapy at the University of North Dakota. We wish them the best in their new endeavors.

Special thanks to ... Hospice of Dubuque extends a thank you to IBM for the opportunity to participate in their annual Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign kick-off on September 28. Hospice of Dubuque also thanks the many IBM employees at the Dubuque Technical Services Delivery Center who, each year, support Hospice of Dubuque through their employee giving. Hospice of Dubuque extends deep appreciation to the Schoen Family Charitable Trust for a grant received in July. Funds enabled the purchase of new equipment, which the nursing staff can use at the bedside to evaluate patients’ respiratory care needs. Helen Hall, Gavin Hall and Noah Hoffmann, for the $16.50 donation from the proceeds of their summer kool-aid stand (pictured left).

Debbie Horch, of Positive Creations, for a donation of prints

Rita Schuster, and those who donated lap blankets for patient use

Tammy Trebian of Common Cents Resale, for the $525 donation from a portion of monthly sales

Hannalore Plein, for her donation of books to our lending library

Target, for the $50 gift card for bereavement supplies

Matt, Will and Emma Decker for the donation of three blankets, made as a 4-H project—in memory of Florence Klein

Marie Robertson, Jean Kilby and Rosemary Cronin for the donations of yarn for our Sit and Stitch Volunteers

Dubuque Home Builders & Associates, for a 2011 allocation gift of $500

If you have borrowed books from our lending library, please remember to return them so they are available to others who may need them. Reminder: The drop box at the Hospice of Dubuque office is closed between October 15 and April 15.


Amazing Connections Debbie Horch, Volunteer Coordinator It amazes me when I call someone for a volunteer assignment and they reply, “This is wonderful—I know that family.” Call it fate, or divine intervention, I call it an amazing connection.

Grace Clemen, Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer When I received a call from the Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer Coordinator, I realized my “new” friend, Anna Mae, was from my hometown of Luxemburg. Anna Mae and her husband had raised their family on a farm a few miles from town and I was a classmate of their oldest son, Jerome. After the Tauke’s retired and moved to town, they built their home next to my sister, Dianne, and a few houses up from my mother. Becoming her friend was easy—we had so much in common. We both had lived on a farm, raised our own meat, had an orchard with many different fruit trees and a large vegetable garden. We also spent many hours canning, freezing pies and making jams. Anna Mae remembered picking up large round rocks every spring before they could work the ground and my own children often recall doing the same thing and always wondered where the rocks came from every year since it was always the same field. Once, when I noticed a rabbit outside Anna Mae’s window, we shared the frustration of having rabbits in our gardens and flowers. We would share stories of snowstorms and having to milk the cows only to have it go down the drain because the roads were blocked and the milk trucks could not get through. As Anna Mae recalled farming before electricity, it helped me realize how much easier farming is today, although it is still hard work. Grace and Anna Mae visit at Luther Manor. Our sympathy to the family and friends of Anna Mae on their recent loss. Anna Mae died peacefully, September, 27 at Luther Manor.

The time I spent with Anna Mae was never something I had to do, but something I chose to do. Seeing her face light up and eyes sparkle when I would walk in the door will always be a gift to me.

Therese Maiers, Daughter of Anna Mae For 35 years my parents lived in the small town of Luxemburg. Grace’s sister, Dianne, was their next door neighbor. It was so ironic that Grace became Mom’s hospice volunteer. Having Grace come into her life was like Mom’s “home” had come to Luther Manor. Grace knew many of the same people as Mom and they were both farm girls. Mom did not always remember Grace’s name, but she would smile when she walked in the door and called her “Dianne’s sister.”

Stitches of love Amy Mescher, Hospice Aide As a Hospice of Dubuque Aide, I consider it a gift to be at someone’s side on their final journey. The time I spend with my patients is rewarding and I hold many special memories with each of them. One of my patients, Ed, was a simple and kind gentleman. We shared many experiences during our times together as he spoke of his love for his family, his dog Rosie, his faith, going to fish frys and a deep love and respect for the countryside. We also found ourselves intertwined with a love of quilting. Quilting was one of Ed’s passions and, as our friendship grew, he asked me to pick a quilt as a remembrance. I found it hard to pick from the pile of quilts that filled the room. Each quilt contained his stitches of love—one was prettier than the next. Carefully and with much thought, I chose one that reminded me of Ed and our time together. Ed signed my quilt and I traced his hand on the back of it as a reminder of the loving hands that spent many hours quilting. Now that he is gone, I am reminded of Ed by the blocks of country flowers, soft hints of blue with shades of green and pink hues in my quilt. These memories keep me warm when I am wrapped in his stitches of love.


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Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer Christmas Open House Thursday, December 1 4:30–6:30 pm

2011 Volunteer In-Service Calendar Debbie Horch, Volunteer Coordinator All meetings will be held at 6 pm in the Theisen Education Center, 1670 JFK Road October 27, 2011

Compliance Review, HIPAA and OSHA Update Jennifer Cavanagh, Hospice of Dubuque Program Compliance Coordinator, will review the compliance program and HIPAA. This mandatory meeting will include the yearly OSHA in-service.

Hospice of Dubuque Theisen Education Center

November—Happy Thanksgiving No Meeting

Volunteer of the Year Award Presentation 5:30 pm

Volunteer Christmas Open House 4:30—6:30 pm

December 1, 2011

Lunch and A Movie

Thank you to all the volunteers who attended the Lunch & A Movie in August. Lunch was provided by the Asbury Hy-Vee and desserts were donated by our staff. We hope you enjoyed the “award-winning” movie, Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers—We Salute You.

Welcome new volunteers The education program for volunteers interested in patient care began in September. Fourteen individuals have started their journey to join the Hospice of Dubuque team. We thank these individuals for their commitment to our mission. 11

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A quarterly publication of Hospice of Dubuque Volume 24, Number 3 Fall 2011


Our Mission Providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones


Mark Your Calendar! “Our daughter’s care was excellent. Each team member always listened

November - National Hospice Month

to her wishes and

Big Apple Bagels Mondays in November, 7-9 am

made her final wishes come true. Hospice of

November 2, 2011 - Van’s Wine Tasting

Dubuque was wonderful

January - Voting for BestFest 2012

to our family.”

March 22, 2012 - BestFest

- Brenda D.

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Fall 2011 Newsletter  

Fall 2011 Newsletter

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