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BestFest 2011 The voting has begun for BestFest 2011! This year’s event will be held Thursday, March 3, from 5:00 to 7:30 pm at the Grand River Center. Cast your votes today by visiting or filling out a ballot throughout the month of January in the Dubuque Advertiser. Once all the votes have been counted, winners will be contacted and encouraged to participate by showcasing samples of their products at BestFest 2011. The night will include raffle and attendance prizes in addition to the winner of the Best Band playing from 6:30 to 9:00 pm. To join in the fun and the best the tri-states has to offer in food, products and entertainment, be sure to get your tickets early. BestFest has limited tickets and promises to be a sold out event. Advance tickets will be available February 1 at all Dupaco Community Credit Union locations and the Hospice of Dubuque office. The price per ticket is $25. Hospice of Dubuque is proud to be associated with BestFest and the major sponsors: Bud Light, Coca Cola, Diamond Jo Casino, Dubuque Advertiser, Dupaco Community Credit Union, Grand River Center, John Deere, OnMedia and Radio Dubuque.

The Hospice of Dubuque elves helped Harry decorate for Christmas. For the complete story visit our website or Facebook page.

The entire community is encouraged to be part of the fun by supporting their favorite businesses and voting today! Your favorite business can only win if you vote! Then, plan on joining us Thursday, March 3, at BestFest 2011!

“Bud Bus” online prize package A popular addition to BestFest is the prize package to the highest online bidder for the “Bud Bus”, courtesy of major sponsor, Bud Light. The package includes admission tickets for the winner and 10 friends, an opportunity to enter BestFest 2011 before the doors officially open, as well as other prizes. Bids will be taken beginning February 1. Check out the websites at and for updated information.

Winter 2011 Issue Brian Sullivan, MD


Barb Zoeller Retirement


Upcoming Events, Special Thanks


Annual Report Honorariums, Memorials Volunteers

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With Thanks Hospice of Dubuque received $4,669 from a 2010 DRA grant to enhance educational information regarding Hospice of Dubuque services. The grant included materials to inform the community of the recent open house for the remodeled offices and media coverage to educate the community on hospice services throughout National Hospice Month. Hospice of Dubuque would like to thank Mystique Casino and the Dubuque Racing Association for their generous support over the years.

Medical Directors

Advance care planning in chronic illness

Mark Hermann, MD, Co-Medical Director Brian Sullivan, MD, Co-Medical Director

Brian Sullivan, MD, Co-Medical Director

Administrative Staff Barbara Zoeller, Executive Director Lavonne Noel, Financial Director Nancy Diehm, Psychosocial Director Bonnie Hancock, Patient Care Director Katy Morrow, Nursing Services Director Renee Frith, Nursing Services Director

Officers, Board of Directors Brad Heying, President Susan Bushman, Vice President Fr. William Joensen, Secretary Bruce Rehmke, Treasurer

Members, Board of Directors Greg Birkett Cindy Burdt Carole Carroll Larry Cremer Vicki Dirksen Jared Freiburger, MD Tom Giese Amy Gilligan Eileen LeMay Allen Meurer, MD Rev. Kathleen Milligan Francis “Chip” Murray Stephanie Savage Chris Schiesl Betty Takes

Members, Foundation Board Don Freymann Rita Helle Mike Martin Bill Maiers Bob Miller Bruce Rehmke Chuck Schrup III Ken Snodgrass

Thank you to the following families and businesses that have provided in-kind gifts to Hospice of Dubuque:

A cornerstone of hospice care is helping patients decide how future medical interventions match their personal goals and values at the end of life. This kind of advance care planning is a process of communication between the patient, family/loved ones and health care providers which leads to the clarification of treatment preferences and ultimately to the development of individualized goals of care. This process is helpful not just for hospice patients, but also for the elderly and those with significant chronic illness. The goals of advance care planning are threefold: 1. Enhance patient and family understanding about the illness, including prognosis and likely outcomes of alternative treatment options. 2. Define the patient’s priorities in end of life care and develop a care plan that addresses these priorities. 3. Shape future care to fit the patient’s preferences and values. How does one facilitate a discussion regarding advance care planning? While this type of discussion routinely occurs with hospice patients and families, it occurs less regularly in settings outside of hospice. Here are some tips on facilitating such a discussion among loved ones: Select a time and place that is conducive to the conversation. Make sure there is plenty of time available and distractions are minimized. Take the lead in starting the discussion. Many patients are reluctant to initiate this conversation themselves. Open the door by asking a question such as “How do you feel things are going?” One can direct the discussion by asking a question such as “Have you given any thought to how you wish to be cared for if your illness gets worse?” Explain the rationale for the discussion. “I want to make sure I have a clear understanding of your wishes.” Identify a surrogate. In the event a time comes when the patient cannot make their own health care decisions, it is important that it be clear who the patient wants to make decisions for them.

Phyllis Gross Family, for the donation of a CD player for patient use.

Continue the discussion with the patient’s physician or health care provider. The conversation between the family and loved one may lead to further questions regarding treatment options or prognosis. Schedule an appointment with the health care provider specifically to discuss these issues if necessary. “If my condition gets worse, are there other treatment options that would be helpful?” “What can I expect as this condition progresses?” “How will this condition affect my ability to function day to day?”

Midwest Business Products for the donation of the new printer.

Honest discussions between a patient and their loved ones can help ensure that the patient receives care that is consistent with the patient’s goals and values at the end of life.

The family of Scott Eisenhuth, for the copies of the book, Final Gifts, to our lending library, in memory of Scott. The family of Norma J. Furry, for the donation of a fall and Christmas wreath


“My mom felt she did not need hospice, but I did. As an only child I was overwhelmed with how to provide her with everything she needed. I did not even know how to begin. The Hospice of Dubuque staff took care of both of us!” Anonymous

Barbara Zoeller announces retirement Greg Birkett, Hospice of Dubuque Board President It was with much sadness that the Board of Directors accepted Barbara Zoeller’s letter of retirement at their October board meeting. Barb had been contemplating her retirement for some time, but due to her dedication she remained to lead the organization through the new Medicare conditions and the recent Building for Compassion capital campaign. With those large projects behind, she felt it was a good time to start a new phase in her life. Barb has served Hospice of Dubuque since 1987 and has been responsible for molding the organization into what it is today. Her advocacy and passion has made Hospice of Dubuque one of the finest hospice’s in the country. Barb will remain in her position through spring and has agreed to help in any way during and after the transition period by assisting the new Executive Director. The board is pleased to announce that Lavonne Noel, Finance Director for Hospice of Dubuque for over 20 years, will become the new Executive Director. Lavonne has worked side-by-side with Barb through the growth of the organization and is the perfect candidate to continue Hospice of Dubuque’s mission of providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones. Lavonne understands the inner workings of the organization and the hospice industry. Together with the leadership team and staff that is in place at Hospice of Dubuque, Lavonne will take the organization confidently into the future. We wish Barb much happiness in her retirement and Lavonne much success in her new role as Executive Director.

From presents to presence Rev. Penny Thomsen, Spiritual Care Coordinator After the holidays, we may find ourselves feeling a bit blue. The newness of the gifts we’ve given and received has faded and we are suddenly back to life as usual. We may find ourselves dissatisfied with our regular routines. For families who have lost their loved ones during the holidays, an additional and profound sense of loss has invaded their lives. And yet, in the midst of these losses and dissatisfaction, we each can remember to continue giving even more lasting and meaningful gifts to each other throughout the entire year—gifts of our presence. Being present with each other in ways that bless, encourage, strengthen and renew is not easy. It requires self-discipline, intentionality and withholding judgment. Being present asks us to be the best listeners we can be and it requires us to be solely focused on the person we are giving ourselves to at that moment. Even though quite challenging, the rewards of being present to others are lasting and eternal. These gifts never fade and they do not need to be replaced. Instead, they are planted in our loved ones’ hearts forever. I have been so privileged to witness the families of hospice patients be present with their loved ones in 2010 in so many amazing and loving ways. So as the 2011 New Year unfolds before us, let us all continue giving many gifts of the heart planted by our “ministry of presence” and in the process, be excellent examples of how to share God’s love in the world.

“...remember to continue giving even more lasting and meaningful gifts to each other...”

My thanks and gratitude goes out to my patients and their families for the privilege of being a part of their final journey. I hope somehow I have helped make their last days a little more comfortable.

Hospice of Dubuque has become associated with an easy way to choose and send a card to a loved one from the comfort of your home or office. SendOutCards is a way to make a difference in the lives of others, by sending "Acts of Kindness" in unexpected greeting cards, while also supporting local charities. Phillip and Jessica Mihalakis are the Dubuque Owners/Managers of SendOutCards and have included Hospice of Dubuque as one of the local causes they support. Check out their website today at or call them directly at 563.543.3157.


The “face-to-face” encounter Katy Morrow, RN, BSN, Nursing Services Director In 2011, Hospice of Dubuque’s patients will begin to receive scheduled visits from our medical director, Brian Sullivan, M.D. and our new nurse practitioner, Lisa Tyler, ARNP. A new provision that was enacted as part of the health care reform law dictates that anyone receiving the Medicare Hospice Benefit for more that 180 days must receive a “face-to-face” visit from the hospice medical director or the hospice nurse practitioner prior to the patient starting his or her next 60 day hospice service period. Thereafter, these “face-to-face” visits must continue to occur at least every 60 days. The purpose of the medical director or nurse practitioner encounter is to ensure that each patient continues to qualify for the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Part of the assessment will include evaluating whether the patient still has a prognosis of six months or less if the illness runs its normal course. This new requirement will complicate the process of readmitting patients that have previously received hospice services. Patients leave hospice care for a number of reasons. With the hospice plan of care in place, some patients begin to feel well enough to explore aggressive treatment. Some become so well that they can no longer continue as hospice patients because their prognosis has become greater than six months. Some patients leave our service area to visit relatives or a favorite place as part of their “wish list”. Whatever the reason for leaving, if a patient later desires, and is eligible for, hospice services and he or she has previously completed the first two 90 day benefit periods, the patient will require a face-to-face visit from the Hospice of Dubuque medical director or nurse practitioner before being readmitted to the hospice program. Patients who are discharged from hospice care have always been assured that, when their circumstances change, the Hospice of Dubuque Interdisciplinary Team is ready to serve them. If a patient was discharged because his health improved, he is reminded that anytime his health declines and he wants to return to hospice care, Hospice of Dubuque will be ready to readmit him. Or if a patient went out of town, she knows that Hospice of Dubuque will be here when she returns to the service area. Due to this new regulation, we now need to have the patient seen by Dr. Sullivan or Lisa Tyler before the readmission can occur. Both are busy practitioners who, while very committed to providing care to hospice patients, are only available on a part-time basis. Thus, the challenge will be for Hospice of Dubuque to readmit patients as quickly as possible, while minimizing the disruption to these practitioner’s busy schedules. Since this is a challenge for hospice providers across the country, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization has been petitioning federal regulators for reconsideration of this mandate. If the federal government would allow even a few days after readmission for the face-toface encounter to occur, services could be reinitiated more responsively. We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we are grateful for the assistance of Brian Sullivan, M.D., and Lisa Tyler, ARNP, in meeting this new regulation.

A magical experience Bev Unsen, Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer Christmas came a week early for Hospice of Dubuque patient, Marilyn Lemmer, as she was able to have a dream fulfilled—to see The Nutcracker ballet performed by the Dubuque Ballet Academy. Marilyn’s day began at Dubuque Nursing & Rehab with her Hospice of Dubuque nurse, Ann, and the staff from the Telegraph Herald taking photos and interviewing Marilyn. As her volunteer, I was honored to accompany her on the shuttle ride, provided by Advanced Medical Transport, to The Grand Theatre. Marilyn seemed to take everything in stride. Shortly after arriving at the theatre, Marilyn was greeted by Marina O’Rourke and the cast from The Nutcracker who showered her with hugs and well wishes. The cast told Marilyn that today’s performance was being danced for her. The performers presented Marilyn with a rose and an autographed program, which she kept checking throughout the afternoon. Once The Nutcracker began she was totally mesmerized. She told me, “I have goosebumps, it’s so beautiful.” For almost two hours her eyes were captivated by the beautiful dancers on the stage. Marilyn had a great experience and I feel very fortunate to have been able to be with her for her “dream day”. To see her eyes light up when the performance started and how she truly enjoyed the entire day was magical. I guess my Christmas came a week early too!


Bowling for Hospice of Dubuque Looking for a way to spend a Saturday afternoon in January? How about bowling up some fun while supporting your community nonprofit hospice. Bowling for Hospice of Dubuque will be held Saturday, January 29, at Bowling & Beyond. This year there will be three sessions of bowling, 12 noon, 2 pm and 4 pm. Sign up at any of the following locations: Jumpers, Knicker’s, P.J.’s, Sandy Hook, Screaming Eagle or the Hospice of Dubuque office. The cost is $25 per couple and payment is required at the time of sign up. The day will also include an auction, raffle and party to follow at Knicker’s. This enjoyable event fills up fast, so sign up today! For more information, call Hospice of Dubuque at 563.582.1220.

Dancing with the Stars: Dubuque Style The Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism has announced the celebrities that will take the stage for the second annual Dancing with the Stars: Dubuque Style. This contest involves 10 local chamber celebrities dancing for their selected charity. Hospice of Dubuque is excited to have been selected as the charity of dancer, Joey Anderson. Joey and her dance instructor, Adam Kieffer, will be dancing to a rumba on April 16 at the Hotel Julien. Each $1 vote cast for Joey will also be a vote for Hospice of Dubuque since 100% of the proceeds from this event go to the selected charities. Watch for more information on this fun event in the upcoming months and plan on voting and cheering on Joey as she dances her way to stardom!

Upcoming Bereavement Support Groups If you are interested in attending an upcoming Bereavement Support Group, or would like more information on the classes, call 563.582.1220. SPRING SUPPORT GROUPS Mondays, April 11– May 16 Wednesdays, April 13– May 18 Time to be determined Time to be determined

Special thanks to ... Van’s Liquor Store, for the donation of $1,566 from the ticket sales of their Annual Fall Wine Tasting Night, held November 3. Kathy’s Krystals, and owner Kathy Jo Steger, for the donation from a percentage of her jewelry sales at the Dubuque Farmer’s Market. Blockbuster Video for sponsoring a recent fundraiser inviting customers to buy a bundled package of pop/popcorn/candy for Hospice of Dubuque families. Laura DuBord and The Market House Restaurant for their November donation of $310. Each November, during National Hospice Month, The Market House Restaurant supports hospice care in this area. The members of the band, Menace, for the donation of $375 from the raffle of an autographed guitar held New Year’s Eve at Knicker’s. Common Cents Resale, for the $700 donation from a percentage of donated sales throughout the last three months. Ron Wartick, for sponsoring Hospice of Dubuque in Birdie’s for Charity at the John Deere Classic. The employees of Cartegraph who joined together throughout the third and fourth quarters of 2010 to raise $1,849 for Hospice of Dubuque. The employees held various fundraisers including, bake sales, a chili cook-off, Halloween costume party, coffee bar and raffles. In the photo to the right, Emily Steffen and Natalie Sacco present Barbara Zoeller with the check from these fundraising efforts.


Fiscal 2010 Annual Report

November 1, 2009—October 31, 2010

A mission of compassionate care Clinical excellence & consumer satisfaction • 97% of patient/family goals were met.1 • 92% of patients’ pain was at the patient’s desired level of comfort within 48 hours or less after admission to Hospice of Dubuque.2 • All respondents (100%) to the 2010 NHPCO Family Evaluation of Hospice Care survey indicated that:3 ■ Hospice of Dubuque helped with the patient’s feelings of anxiety and sadness. ■ Hospice of Dubuque helped with the patient’s breathing. ■ The client received enough instruction on patient care to feel confident in role of caregiver. ■ The client received the desired amount of information on pain management medications. ■ Their loved one received excellent or very good care from Hospice of Dubuque. ■ They would recommend Hospice of Dubuque to others.

Community covenant • Compared to the previous year, 17.5% more patients were admitted in fiscal 2010.1 • Hospice of Dubuque served 50% of all Dubuque County decedents.4 • Nearly 4,000 hours of volunteer service, resulted in approximately $80,000 in cost savings for the organization this fiscal year.1 • 89% of all patients referred to Hospice of Dubuque were admitted, compared to 75% nationally.5 • Over 2,000 community members received bereavement services from Hospice of Dubuque in 2010.1 1 Hospice of Dubuque’s 2010 Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Program 2 Outcome Concepts Systems (OCS) QAPI Snapshot 3 National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) Family Evaluation of Hospice Care 4 Dubuque County Recorder Death Statistics Nov 2009—June 2010 5 National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) National Hospice Data Set


For over 27 years, tri-state residents have valued the services provided by Hospice of Dubuque and have supported this organization’s mission of compassionate care. With this support and a commitment to the mission, Hospice of Dubuque has expanded its services through the years to respond to community needs. Through the generosity of tri-state businesses and individuals, Hospice of Dubuque relocated to a permanent home in 2010. The new facility provides for operational efficiency, accessibility and adequate space for current and future needs. The move to the new facility was accomplished in May and the community was welcomed to an open house in September. The quality indicators to the left outline Hospice of Dubuque’s effectiveness in serving the residents of the tri-states. Hospice of Dubuque continues its covenant with the community by providing compassionate care and expert symptom management. National benchmarking provides feedback to the organization, and also provides consumers with comparative information for evaluation of their community nonprofit hospice. The Hospice of Dubuque Interdisciplinary Team is highly skilled at enabling clients to remain in their place of residence through death. In fiscal 2010, 96% of Hospice of Dubuque’s patients died at their residence, compared to 69% nationally, with the remainder dying in inpatient facilities. Not only are families assisted to keep their loved ones at home, Hospice of Dubuque consistently exceeds state and national benchmarking results for pain and symptom management. The expertise of the Hospice of Dubuque clinicians enables clients to achieve comfort and dignity throughout the dying process. Again this year, 100% of family survey respondents indicated they would recommend the services of Hospice of Dubuque to others. The mission of compassionate care also drives decisions regarding Hospice of Dubuque staffing patterns. Hospice of Dubuque’s registered nurses initially meet with referred client families, so that symptom management needs can be identified and addressed immediately upon admission to the hospice care program. In addition to scheduled visits by the Hospice of Dubuque Interdisciplinary Team members, the registered nurses are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to client needs. Hospice of Dubuque’s mission has guided all organizational and patient care decision-making since 1983 and will continue to direct the organization into the future.

Hospice of Dubuque Mission Providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones

Patients served in fiscal 2010 Age: 00—49 50—69 70—79 80—89 90—99 100+

2% 16% 18% 38% 25% 1%

Gender: Male Female

42% 58%

Duration of hospice care: < 8 days 31% 8—180 days 59% > 180 days 10%

State: Iowa Illinois Wisconsin Type of diagnosis: Cancer Dementia Heart Lung Other

85% 9% 6%

37% 19% 12% 7% 25%

Reimbursement source: Medicare 92% Medicaid 2% Insurance 5% None 1%

Looking forward Competition from for-profit hospices will continue. Nationally, the percentage of for-profit hospices has been steadily increasing over the past few years. The National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization reports that, in 2009, 47% of all hospices in the United States were for-profit hospices. Due to the high Medicare population, the Midwest region, and Iowa in particular, has been targeted for business development by for-profit hospices. Thus, to receive the end-of-life care this community has come to expect, tri-state residents must ask for Hospice of Dubuque by name. Governmental mandates will also continue, with regulatory requirements and scrutiny expected to increase both in quantity and scope. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has already increased data collection requirements and has adopted a more restrictive interpretation of the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Additionally, Medicare rate reductions are anticipated, along with continued evaluation of the hospice reimbursement methodology. A requirement that hospices implement electronic medical records is also expected. As always, the challenge will be to meet these mandates, while staying true to the Hospice of Dubuque tradition of compassionate care.

Fiscal 2010 Revenues

Fiscal 2010 Expenditures

93% Service Income 7% Gift & Investment Income

94% Programming: Hospice Services Bereavement Community Education 6% Other Expenses

Thank you to: • the individuals and families that the Hospice of Dubuque staff and volunteers are privileged to serve.

• the Hospice of Dubuque Board of Directors and the Hospice of Dubuque Foundation Board of Directors for their leadership and commitment to the mission.

• Medical Directors, Drs. Mark Hermann and Brian Sullivan, for their expertise and guidance in providing this service.

• the Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers, for their dedication to the individuals and families served by this organization.

• the highly skilled and compassionate Hospice of Dubuque staff members, who carry out the mission of compassionate care each day.

• the tri-state community for valuing the work of Hospice of Dubuque and supporting the mission for over 27 years.

Welcome to: • Members, Board of Directors: Amy Gilligan, Eileen LeMay and Chris Schiesl.

• Nurses: Angela Nauman and Elizabeth Riffel • Social Worker: Amy Ellerbach • Spiritual Care Coordinator: Penny Thomsen

Congratulations to: • Paula Giese, who was honored as the 2010 Dr. Larry Kukla Volunteer of the Year. Paula’s contributions to Hospice of Dubuque were recognized at the fall conference of the Hospice & Palliative Care Association of Iowa.

With appreciation to: • Darlene Conzett for her years of service on the Hospice of The Building for Compassion capital campaign was launched in the spring of 2009 with the goal of funding Hospice of Dubuque’s new facility. Hospice of Dubuque thanks the tri-state community for their generous response to this capital campaign, which is separate from Hospice of Dubuque’s operational budget. At the conclusion of fiscal 2010, this campaign has raised 90.5% of the cost of the project.

Dubuque Board of Directors. Since 1987, Darlene has completed two nine-year terms on the Board. During her tenure, Darlene chaired the committee that conducted the Medicare feasibility study, served as newsletter editor for ten years, served as board president for two terms and board secretary for a number of years. She also helped with staff education for the conversion to clinical software in 2001. Darlene was named the Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer of the Year in 1994.


Winter 2011 Honorariums/Memorials We gratefully acknowledge these monetary gifts, and donations made to our loan closet, received between October 8 and January 4. If a name is inaccurate or missing, please notify Community Relations at 563.582.1220.

Honorariums Dr. Bruce Abele Dr. Honorio Caceres Thomas Christ Donald E. Conzett, Jr. Nick Conzett Kate Dean John Donahue Dale French Mary Fritz Gary Hancock Diane M. Hanson, 40 years with Alliant Energy Chris Healy, Birthday Ken & Audrey Hindman Irv Hubbard Jon Kabara Dr. Osamah Khatib Carol Kleitsch Nancy Knipper & Michelle Watters Regina Licht Patricia Manders Dr. William Manzel Bertha McAleece Margie McMahon Ronald L. Metz Marilyn Meyer Libby Miller Bernard L. Murray Dolores Nauman Family O’Connell/Shanahan Families Roxanne Pfab Eileen Rosenow Donna K. Sieverding Margaret Simon Stephen Spates, MD Dr. Brian Sullivan Rev. Penny Thomsen Bob & Carol Wagner Wegmann/Horsfield Families

Memorials Lavon Abitz Jeanne Adams Margaret E. Adolphs Clarence J. “Jim” Ahmann John Altfillisch Carolyn Anderson John R. Anderson Mary Jo Anderson Luane C. Anglin Edith Apel Mona Arbogast Mrs. Lee Arthofer Robert L. Ball Grace R. Banfield Monica Barrett Richard Bartell Darrel & Roberta Barth Paul Barton Marshall & Florabelle Bass Jodi Bausman Leta Beadle Catherine Bechen Kay Beinborn John Bell Donald Bennett Melvin Bennett Theresa Benson Marvin Berg Marguerite Berndt Emma Berning Betty Berrie Robert M. Bertsch


Clarence & Wilfred Bettcher Carmen J. Bickert Lina Bilka Milton Blosch Sylvia Blum Donald Boardman Betty Boge Leo G. Boge Robert Boleyn Joyce Borgerding Lois P. Bowerman Bruce Bowman Carol A. Boyes Pete & Harriet Boyes Dorothy Brandel Mary Elayne Breitbach Albin Bries Herbert Brimeyer Mary & Verle Bryant Dorothy & Erwin Buelow Jim Buelow Robert Buelow Mary Buesser Virginia R. Buol Patricia Burgmeier Patrick J. Burke DuWayne Burns Wilma Burns Joan Burrows Francis & Esther Busch Anne Bussan Gretchen Bussan Howard Campbell Robert Carmack Peter Carroll Shirley Cartee Helen Chapman Ray Chezer Agnes Christopherson Rick Collins Connolly/McAuliffe Families Cletus Connolly Marvin Connolly Wilbert Connolly Mary Coohey Charlotte Cook Nan Corken Catherine Cornwell James Cotant Maxine Cottrell Robert F. Cronin Dorothy Crowley Ruann Curran Rosemary C. Cushing David B. Czarnecki Donald Davis James C. Davis John H. Dean John L. Dean Kathy Decker Mary & William Decker John Derks LeRoy Dietrich Monica Digman Sandra S. Dix Richard A. Dolter Eileen & Bill Donovan Ivan & Evelyn Dow Patricia Driscoll Henry L. Droessler Robert Drozda Mary Ellen Duccini Lorraine Dunkel Ray Dunne Norbert Dupont Eldora Eddy

Alice Eggleston Bob Eichacker Sharon Eiffes Larry Eimers Elaine D. Einsweiler Paul & LaVonne Eisbach William A. Eisbach Scott Eisenhuth Dorothy Jean Emerson Dominic & LouMae English Scott Ensign Neil Ernster Harold Ernzen Norman D. Faber Donald Farquar Jane Federwitz Thomas L. Feipel Mary Agnes Feltes Mary Y. Fleckenstein Jean Ann Fleege Florence Flesch Rosalie Flood Patsy Foley Sandy Foster Kay & Jim Fox Marylee Fox Mrs. Madonna J. Frain Cheryl A. Franzen Bernadine Freiburger Steve Frericks Laura Frey Earl Friederick Rosalie Friederick Katherine Friedman Joe Frommelt Phyllis Fry Edward Funke Norma J. Furry Keith Gaber Doran Gau Carol M. George Mary Gette Bill Giese Bonnie S. Gloeckner Elaine Goedken Richard Gorrell Jeanne Gott Darlene Wiegand Graf Ralph “Red” Graham Egbert & Margaret Green Lucy Green Phyllis Gross Mary J. “Betty” Grutz Carol Gudenkauf Gary A. Gukeisen Tom & Mike Gulick Charles Guns Jim & Lora Habel Ken Haberman Frank & Carma Hall Teresa Hall William R. Hallahan, Sr. Charlotte Hanley John H. “Doc” Hanley Michael Hanson Thomas H. Hantelmann Kenneth Harris Peggy & James Harrison Agnes Squire Hartig David Stuber Hartig Hazle Hartshorn Ralph Haxmeier Earl & Jean Hayes Marcie Heer Matt Hefel Eileen Heiberger

Patricia Heiberger June Heiderscheit Ruth E. Heike Kathryn Heim Olive Heim Dennis Heinricy Carl Heitz Clara Heitzman Merlin Helbing Matt Helle Robert Helling Elizabeth Henker Peter A. Henrichs Harry G. Herold Claude Hill Mr & Mrs Courtland Hillyard Beverly Hodge Evelyn Hohnecker Ken Holthaus Eleanor Honda Zeta Hoppenjan Thomas W. Hoppman Virginia Hoppmann Harold Hoeweler Art & Alvina Hoxmeier Marge Hrynkow Diane M. Hubbard JoAnn Hunstad Lorlee Ann Ihm William “Bill” Ihm Edwin C. Jertson Barbara Johnson Pauline Johnson Marie Johnston Donald Jungk George Kahler Jean & Bob Kaiser Justin (J.T.) Kaiser Ron Kann Ed Karwoski Linda Kauffmann Virginia Kean Dee Kelley Linda Kelley Mary V. Kenneally Iola Mae Kerper George Ketoff, Jr. Amy L. Kienzle George Kinmonth I. W. Kircher H. Wayne & Marion L. Kirmse Mary Kirsch Emmet Klein Robert Kleinschrodt Carl F. “Dutch” Knautz Raymond Koenig Betty Koerperich Tilly Konrardy Carol Konzen Jack Kramer Bill & Gert Kraus Veronica Kremer Marie Kronlage Ed & Helen Krueger Arnold Kueter Gregory Kueter Stella Krug Howard Kuhl Robert G. Kueter Elmer F. Kunkel Mark Kupferschmidt Betty Kurt Mary Lou Kurt Kelli Kutsch Cyril J. Lahey Theresa Lahey

Robert & Darlene Lange Myrene Lattner Mae Laughlin Bruce Lauritsen Irene Lawson Becki LeClere Audrey Lee Sally A. Leeser Florence M. Leifker Anita Lenz Terry Leshock Ellie Leuchs Mike Levins Mary Susan Lewis Jack & Lenore Leytem Dennis Licht Elsie L. Lightcap Bob Lindauer Dale Linden Lyle P. Link Sylvester Link Stanley & Mary Logsdon Donald Lombardi John & Ruth Ludescher Dick Ludwig John Lyden Garland Lynch Jeanette C. Lynch Helen Maiers Ronald N. Maiers Richard Majerus Frank & Dale Makovec Steve W. Makovec Luella Manternach Orland Manternach Mrs. Paulene Marsden Alvin Marshall Marilyn Martin Amelia Mazzanti Hilda McCarron Donald “Joe” McCarthy Tania McClain Delbert McCullough Marien McDermott Elinor McDevitt Patricia & Wayne McDonnell James McGeeney Charles McKinney Patricia McLaughlin Isobel McPhail Richard McQuillen Diane Meehan Elsie Meehan A.L. “Gus” Meloy Mr. & Mrs. Cyril Meloy Louis G. Metz Jerome J. Meyer Melvin E. Meyer Verda Meyer Robert Miehe Mildred Miller Shirley A. Miller Shirley L. Miller Margaret Miner George Mootz Ed Mottet Harold & Hank Muchow Pat Mulgrew Gemma Myers Charles Nauman Diane Nauman Henry Nauman Bob & Charlotte Neenan Shawna Neis Richard Nesteby Catherine “Kay” Neyens

Mae Noel Wayne “Bud” Noel Claire & Bill Noonan Maleta Norman Alois Oberbroeckling Cleone O’Brien Steven O’Brien Mr & Mrs Francis O’Connor Del O’Hea Charlotte O’Rourke Margaret Odem Pearl Ohnesorge Lester A. Osterhaus Juanita Ostwinkle LeRoy Pape Patricia Papenthien Dale Patton Ruth Perkins Walter F. Peterson Carl J. Pfeifer Carl & Frances Pfeiler Carol L. Phillips Dorothy Phillips Bob Pierce Richard C. Pike Arthur Pins Clarence J. Pins Loretta Pitz Donald Ploessl Lavern Ploessl Joan & Reading Pollitt Clarence & Myrtle Porter Arthur Potter Lenore Prandy Fred Price Angela Prieto Thomas Prochaska Jan Quere Ardith Ransdell Rawson Family Eunice Redding Alice Reed

Fred Reiter Judy Rettenmeier Ann T. Richardson Katie Ridenour Jean T. Riesberg Jeanette Rigdon Shirley Riniker George & Susanna Robey Mr & Mrs Joe Rokusek Lawrence C. Roloff Benjamin Rosenthal Charles “Chuck” Rosenthal John & Irene Rosenthal Jeanette Rottinghaus Jack Ruley Gerald & Mary Runde Selma Ruth Saeugling Hipolito Sanchez Mike Sand Joyce Sanderson Kenzo Sato, MD Viola Scharpf Lois Steffen Scherbring Joseph & Greta Schiessl Donald R. Schlader Margaret Schleicher John A. Schlueter Patricia Schlueter Philip, Steven & Karen Schlueter Jim Schmid Delores “Jean” Schmidt Gerald Schmitt Dr. James Peter Schmitz Edward Schneider, Jr. Erwin Schneider Mary Ellen Schroeder Otto “O.J.” Schultes Jean Schuster Frank J. Schwartz Colleen Schwers Rita M. Schwendinger

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Dorothy Taylor Jolene Temperley Mary & Melden Temperly August “Bud” Thill Ann Thompson Alfred Tigges Robert Timmerman Norma Timmers Viola Tjarks Anna Mae Tobin Florence Tranel Art Trausch Bob Trilk Bernice F. Troester Mark, Betty & Dick Turnis Jeannette Udell Edna Udelhofen Tony Van Natta Herbert Van Zile Mary Jane Vincent Betty Vogel Walter Voigts Hank Waechter Caroline Wagner John D. Wagner Dave Walech Ronald Walters Rose Walton Bernard Weber, Jr. Bernard Weber, Sr. Phil Weber David Wegmann Patricia Weidemann Lynne Welter Daniel Welu Dick Werner Mrs. Josephine Wheeler Werner Wiese Patricia J. Willett James Williams Marie Wilwert Sheila Winch

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Groups or Businesses Addoco, Inc. American Home Patient American-Iowa Mfg. Berger Benefit Catholic Daughters of America Court #1287 Curtis-Straub Co. Dubuque Bank & Trust Co. Dubuque Rheumatology, P.C. Dubuque Thunderbirds Booster Club Dunleith Township Community Durrant Group E. J. Voggenthaler Co. Holy Family Church, Peosta Immanuel Women’s Fellowship Medline Mississippi Valley Running Assoc. St. Raphael’s Cathedral Sunset Park Place The Friedman Group The Market House Restaurant United Methodist Women, Galena Westminster Presbyterian Women, Galena Women of the Moose Wa-Tan-Ye Club

Hospice of Dubuque is committed to respecting your privacy. You have received the Hospice of Dubuque newsletter because you or a family member have used Hospice of Dubuque services, have made a donation or have volunteered for one of our fundraisers. You can be assured we will never disclose our mailing list to anyone for any reason. If you would prefer to have your name taken off the list, or choose to receive the newsletter by email, please contact us at 563.582.1220 or

Thank you to the following organizations that have provided matching gifts to Hospice of Dubuque: Alliant Energy Foundation Matching Gifts Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign McGraw Hill Employee Giving Campaign

A group of musicians from Hempstead High School arrived at the Hospice of Dubuque office to spread some holiday cheer by Christmas caroling for the staff. We thank them for brightening our day.

Thank you to the families and friends of Hospice of Dubuque who sent cards, provided gifts or made a donation in place of a gift exchange or in memory of a loved one throughout the holiday season. We appreciate your gesture of support.


Hospice of Dubuque welcomes ... Amy Mescher recently joined the Hospice of Dubuque team as a Hospice Aide. Amy has 13 years of experience and is also attending NICC to further her education in health care. The blessings in Amy’s life are her three children, Samuel, Jacob and Sarah. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, nature, her horse, Leo, and dogs, Charlie, Marley and Duke.

Lisa Tyler, ARNP, has joined the Hospice of Dubuque team as the organization’s first nurse practitioner. She will help implement the agency’s response to new Medicare regulations. (See article on page 4) Lisa earned her MSN as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Clarke College in 2001, and practices in the Acute Care Department at Medical Associates. We appreciate Lisa’s willingness to take on additional part-time duties at Hospice of Dubuque and look forward to her participation as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team.

... and bids farewell Hospice of Dubuque bids farewell to Hospice Aide Jane Schadle, Team Nurse Ruth Turnis and Community Relations Facilitator Shelby Wartick in November. We wish Jane and Ruth happy retirements, and we wish Shelby well in her new endeavors.

A heartfelt thank you to Darlene Conzett for her years of service on the Hospice of Dubuque Board of Directors. Since 1987, Darlene has completed two nine-year terms on the Board. During her tenure, Darlene chaired the committee that conducted the Medicare feasibility study, served as newsletter editor for ten years, served as board president for two terms and board secretary for a number of years. She also helped with staff education for the conversion to clinical software in 2001. Darlene was named the Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer of the Year in 1994.

Congratulations to ... Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers ...

Hospice of Dubuque Staff ...

Ellen Coughlin on her marriage to Quentin Maxwell, October 23.

Kathy Pitz, and her husband Harv, on the birth of their granddaughter, Ellie Kathryn Pitz. Ellie was born October 19 to Brian and Megan Pitz.

Ellen Berning, and her husband John, on the birth of their grandchildren, Damien Matthew Brown, Tessa Ann Belken, Truman Vincent Oberfoell and Aloysius Elroy Berning. Damien was born March 26 to Tina and Jeff Brown, Tessa on August 24 to Jolene and Terry Belken, Truman on September 25 to Becky and Bob Oberfoell and Aloysius on November 4 to Matthew & Natalie Berning. Jim Kean, and his wife Kathy, on their 50th wedding anniversary. Connie Bries and her husband Ron, on the birth of their granddaughter, Selah Nettie Foster. Selah was born November 25 to Tammy and Pedro Foster of San Diego. Bev Rech, on the birth of her great grandson, Maxwell Paul Rodgers. Maxwell was born September 14 to Alicia and Ben Rodgers. Linda Goldsmith, and her husband Jeff, on the birth of their granddaughter, Madeline Weil Sherrod. Madeline was born December 10 to Melissa and Brandon Sherrod.

Jen Cavanagh, and her husband Brad, on the birth of their son, Andrew Michael Cavanagh. Andrew was born October 19 and joins brother Sam in the Cavanagh home. Barb Kennicker, and her husband David, on the birth of their grandson Lucas Kelly. Lucas was born November 10 to Amy and Travis Jackson. Amy is also the Speech Therapist at Hospice of Dubuque. Amy Jewell, on the birth of her granddaughter, Bronwynn Noel. Bronwynn was born November 11 to Lexi Jewell and Josiah Schadle.

Hospice of Dubuque Board ... Sue Bushman, ARNP, for being inducted into the NICC Hall of Fame. Sue received this honor for her 35 years of work in the health care industry.

Sympathy to ... Hospice of Dubuque Staff ...

Hospice of Dubuque Board ...

Rosie Carr, on the death of her brother, Cletus Connolly, November 2.

Eileen LeMay on the death of her mother, Angela Prieto, November 14.

Angela Nauman, on the death of her mother-in-law, Diane Nauman, December 18.


Greg Birkett honored as the 2011 Dr. Larry Kukla Volunteer of the Year Greg Birkett was awarded the 2011 Dr. Larry Kukla Volunteer of the Year Award on December 2 at the annual Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer Open House. Greg became a member of the Hospice of Dubuque Board of Directors in 2002 and has served two terms as Board President. Throughout this time he attended and sponsored many community events for Hospice of Dubuque while serving on, and chairing, the Public Relations Committee. Greg spearheaded the building of the 25th Anniversary float and could be seen pulling the float in many of the area parades. As the chairperson of the Ad Hoc Space Committee, Greg was instrumental in moving the organization to its present location, recruiting and supervising volunteers for the initial demolition of the new building and attending the weekly construction and renovation meetings. His dedication to the building project included many additional hours of oversight and follow-up. Thank you, Greg, for taking this leadership role and being a true advocate for Hospice of Dubuque. Congratulations!

2011 Volunteer In-service Calendar Mary Franzen, Volunteer Coordinator ***All meetings will be held at 6:00 pm at the Hospice of Dubuque office at 1670 JFK Road unless otherwise noted.

January 27, 2011 Join in the fun of ballot counting for BestFest. Please call Mary or Linda at 582.1220 prior to the 27th if you are interested in helping. Vote counting will take place from 6 to 8 pm. Be sure to check the website for meeting information for February and March. As usual, volunteers will be contacted by phone or email regarding upcoming meetings. ________________________________________

Volunteer mileage reminder Volunteers should remember to keep track of mileage associated with patient visits or other Hospice of Dubuque related events at which they are volunteering their time. These miles may be used for a deduction on your taxes.

Happy New Year! On December 2, Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers enjoyed the annual Christmas Open House and received their 2010 Christmas ornament.

A gracious man

Welcome new volunteers

The entire staff of Hospice of Dubuque was saddened by the death of volunteer, Bob Drozda, on October 27. We extend our sincere sympathy to his family and friends and are thankful for the time and talents he shared with others as a Hospice of Dubuque volunteer. Bob was the Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer of the Year for 2006.

Eleven people completed the seven week volunteer education program in the fall of 2010. David Blake, Grace Clemen, Judie Harron, Diane Hartogh, Mary Ellen Jensen, Betty Kremer, Susie Marino, Judy McDermott, Roberta Oberhoffer, Gerald Slattery and Bev Unsen are now qualified to be direct patient care volunteers. Congratulations and thank you to these generous individuals.


1670 JFK Road, Dubuque, IA 52002 Nonprofit Org. US Postage


A quarterly publication of Hospice of Dubuque Volume 23, Number 4 Winter 2011

Our Mission Providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have been a caregiver for three or four people

Mark Your Calendar!

who have been under hospice care and in my

Bowling for Hospice - January 29

estimation they experience

BestFest - March 3

such a peaceful, tranquil

Dancing with the Stars - April 16

death. It makes death a

Tree of Life - May 24

positive experience rather

For more information on these events or how to participate, please call 563.582.1220 or check out

than one to be feared. You do a marvelous job. Dignity is maintained in life and death.â&#x20AC;? Jane A. Wagner 12

BestFest 2010

Winter 2011  

Hospice of Dubuque Newsletter

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