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Ultrasonic Cleaner Uses Mix soapy water with ultra high frequencies and you get a really effective method for cleaning things. Ultrasonic cleaning units are used by jewelers, gunsmiths, and factory maintenance engineers to clean deep down dirt and grime. Because ultrasonic cleaning units work so well to remove stuck on dirt lab technicians, doctors, and dentists use them to keep equipment clean.

1. Factory Use Maintenance and repair engineers see a lot of dirty greasy parts. Built up dirt and grease makes machinery work less efficiently and cleaning these parts by hand takes up valuable time needed for other tasks. Ultrasonic cleaning units will clean parts in about ten minutes. The dirty machine part is placed inside the reservoir and soap or enzymatic cleaner is added to the water. Ultra high frequency sound waves agitate the liquid causing bubbles in the water to oscillate rapidly. This cavitation process causes the cleaning action of the liquid to penetrate every part of the item being cleaned.

2. Jewelers and Watchmakers Ultrasonic cleaning is often called "cold boiling" because the sound waves create the same bubbling process in the water. In cold water the bubbles can't persist and they collapse causing a shock wave. Jewelers and watch makers use the shock waves produced in small ultrasonic cleaners to remove dirt and built up grime from watches and jewelry. According to Haier, a manufacturer of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, these small ultrasonic cleaners produce 42,000 ultrasonic waves per second.

3. Guns and Bicycles Bike shops see a lot of gunk on bike chains and bearings. Ultrasonic cleaners penetrate down into the tiny crevices and joints of the bike parts to get all the grime out. After cleaning a bike chain needs to be lubricated. Because bike parts are exposed to air heavy lubricants do not really work well. The lubricant needs to get down into the links and bearings on bike parts. The same ultrasonic cleaner that took the grime off can now be used to put lubricant on the bike parts.

According to Crest Ultrasonics, the unit comes with a separate lubricant pan and the cavitation that cleaned before now penetrates the lubricant deep into the parts in just a few minutes. Gunsmiths and gun owners clean a lot of weapons. A pistol or rifle that gets fired a lot will accumulate dirt and carbon build up that needs to be cleaned away. Ultrasonic cleaners filled with rust inhibiting cleaning solvents remove all the grime in short order. After cleaning the guns get air dried and then go into the ultrasonic cleaner lubrication pan where the sonic transducer emits sound waves that penetrate the lubricant into the weapon.

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