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How to Clean a Contact Lens Machine A contact lens machine is a machine that cleans contact lenses using a saline solution and ultrasonic waves. Although there are different brands and models of contact lens cleaning machines, the principle is still the same. You place the contacts in a contact lens basket, fill the cleaner up with a saline or contact lens cleaning solution and turn the machine on. In as little as five to 15 minutes, your contact lenses will be cleaned. After each use, the contact lens machine must be drained and cleaned so debris and germs washed off the lenses do not get filtered back onto the lenses. Things You'll Need  

Lint-free cloth Cloth or rag

Instructions 1. Unplug the contact lens cleaning machine. Remove the electric adapter cord from the back of the machine. 2. Open the machine door located on the top of any brand and model of contact lens machine. If the contact lens cleaning basket is still in the machine, lift it up to remove it. 3. Rinse the cleaning basket under cool, clean water. Allow it to air dry. 4. Place a lint-free cloth in the machine to soak up any remaining solution. If desired or if the machine is not used often, refill the machine with warm water. Soak up the warm water. It is important to do this if the machine is not often used or will not be used for awhile as any small amount of saline can turn into saline crystals, which can be difficult to remove. 5. Dampen a cloth under warm water. Squeeze to remove excess moisture. Wipe the outside of the machine with the cloth as needed to remove dirt, dust and lint.

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How to clean a contact lens machine  
How to clean a contact lens machine