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Cleaning, Solvent Degassing, and Analytical Samples Ultrasonic cleaning equipment and ultrasonic cleaning accessories solve a broad range of analytical sample preparation, parts cleaning and degreasing challenges in the industrial and pharmaceutical laboratory. Models such as the Elmasonic S ultrasonic cleaners uniquely combine high power with quiet operation. Available in 13 stainless steel tank sizes from 0.2 gal (0.8 L) through 24 gal (90 L) and equipped with 37 kHz high-performance transducers, Elma S ultrasonic cleaners operate in Normal, Sweep and Degas modes controlled by an intuitive operating panel. Units are equipped with a timer, temperature control and automatic 12-hour safety shutoff if set to run continuously. In the Normal mode these ultrasonic cleaners produce a stabilized frequency field, forcing the ultrasonic cleaning solution to circulate and mix. Mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, and dissolving samples are most efficiently accomplished in this mode. Reproducible sample preparation is assured by a microprocessor that senses the load and modulates the generator to deliver the same mixing for every run. Pharmaceutical laboratories internationally prefer the Elmasonic S from Tovatech to prepare samples for content uniformity testing and drug potency assays. In Sweep mode, frequencies are shifted continuously to ensure that cavitation occurs uniformly throughout the tank. Glass, metal, and plastic surfaces are most thoroughly cleaned in this mode. Degas mode is used to remove entrained air in fresh ultrasonic cleaning solutions thereby assuring the most efficient cleaning. This mode is also effective for degassing HPLC solvents. Elmasonic S series accessories include baskets, jewelry racks, cooling coils, flask clamps, beakers, insert covers for 1 or 2 beakers, instrument holders, test tube racks and electric hot air dryers. Tovatech is a distributor of laboratory equipment to the US, Canada, and Mexico. The company specializes in digital scales, pharmaceutical laboratory equipment and ultrasonic cleaners. Tovatech is staffed by chemists and engineers dedicated to providing the right equipment for the food, drug, chemical, healthcare, and equipment manufacturing and maintenance sectors.

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Cleaning, solvent degassing, and analytical samples  
Cleaning, solvent degassing, and analytical samples