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Consider these statistics: 1) 64.5 percent of adult Americans (about 127 million) are categorized as being overweight or obese. Or Diabetes now affects nearly 21 million Americans Well, the above figures have certainly scared the American health authorities. This has also spun the medical authorities into action. In fact, for quite a few years, researchers have been trying to locate the causes, which are responsible for the rising incidence of obesity and diabetes in America. The researchers, finally, concluded that the diet-which is filled with fats, oil, processed food and refined flour etc- is the primary reason for the upsurge in the number of unhealthy Americans. The solution? Changes in the dietary habit and switching over to the traditional wholesome meal. In fact, some from the medical fraternity have come up with their own diet charts that not only promise to fight those bulges but will also help to maintain your health. Take for instance Dr. Arthur Agatston. A Miami based cardiologist, he is credited with the invention of the South Beach diet. South Beach diet is one of the few diets that have taken the dieting community by storm. There are few principles, which are the nuclei of the South Beach diet. They are: 1)There are two kinds of carbohydrates- good and bad. 2)One should avoid the consumption of bad carbohydrates. This is because they are high in glycemic index. They rapidly get dissolved in the blood causing a sharp increase in the blood sugar levels. This is bad for the heart as well as the overall health. Instead, one should consume more of good carbohydrates found in food prepared from whole grains, lean poultry cuts etc. They are slowly dissolved in the blood and hence do not cause sharp fluctuations in the blood sugar level. 3)Similarly, one should stay away from saturated fats that cause arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular complications. The South Beach diet is divided into three phases. The first phase is the strictest and lasts for fourteen days. It calls for total abandonment of items made from refined flour, wheat, fruits etc. Instead, the dieters are put on foodstuff that is low in glycemic index. In the other two stages, fruits, grains, low fat milk products are gradually introduced into the diet. However, restrictions remain imposed on processed food. South Beach diet recommends the trial and error method. This is because the dieter has to work with various permutations and combinations of different food items and quantities to come up with a plan that is more suitable to

an individual body. South beach diet makes sure that you do not consume the sinful food. It also allows the body to ingest nutritious food that is high in good carbohydrates. Similarly, it also increases the intake of mono saturated food. However, the diet has been criticized for being rich in animal protein. Similarly, the food items recommended by the South Beach diet is low in fiber. And that can lead to constipation in many cases. South Beach diet, thus have its own shares of pros and cons. However, the common man swears by its success. Sources: [] []

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