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Breaking up sure stinks, no one really wins; you may be wondering what are the 5 guaranteed ways to get over heart break. These proven methods which I am about to explain will take you a long way out of your funk. Remember that feelings are real, don't deny them or "force" yourself not to feel what you feel. The one good thing about bad feelings is that they reconnect you to your real self. One: take the simplest physical approach, do a personal make over. Get a haircut, try out a new style, change the color of your hair. Go out and spend some money at a clothing store and get a new outfit or two (don't go nuts with the credit cards though.) This little exercise will help you to get out of your funk, and establish that that old relationship was the "old" you and that is now behind you. Further yet, take up an exercise program, stop the junk foods, get healthy. When you eat better, you automatically feel better; you're less prone to feel sorry for yourself when you're actively engaged in loving yourself and your body. Two: join a group or activity, nothing takes you out of a funk like getting involved with something exciting and engaging with a group of other people. Hey you might even meet someone new, which is another way to get over a heart break. When you associate with people who are involved with a cause, there can be a greater chance at longevity of the relationship because it's not all about "you". Three: as I mentioned above another way to get over a broken heart is to let the emotions flow through you, don't resist them or complicate them with feelings of injustice, jealousy, or offense. When you let yourself feel the emotions without resistance, you allow the necessary changes to your psyche to occur; after all relationships are supposed to help facilitate change in our lives, let it happen and be grateful! Four: this is a mental activity, understand that you are changing and that relationship (such as the one you're trying to get over) become no longer relevant to you life, therefore you breakup. Change is always difficult, and some pain might be involved. Be grateful that you are changing, learning, and growing. Being stuck in the same personal rut is a fate worse than death, pretty soon we're going through the motions but feeling empty inside. When you understand the process, peace is one of the immediate results and even a sort of happiness. Five: get out of yourself, stop being fixated on being "happy". Happiness is not a goal, it is a byproduct of doing things that help others and doing significant things to help the world. You can't get happiness by relationships, certain foods or tastes, using alcohol or drugs; it just comes when you get out of your "self" and all its little, petty, and delusory concerns. Follow any number of these 5 guaranteed ways to get over a heart break and restored happiness

will be yours once again before you know it. Be glad you had a relationship to get over with! Be happy you are moving on, something or someone new and more important you are now moving to! Good for you!

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==== ==== The Majic Of Making Up <a href="" target="_top">Click Here!</a> ==== ====

5 Guaranteed Ways To Get Over Heart Breaks