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About the Company

The founder of J.H. Specialist Roofing, James Hopkins, began roofing in 1993 at the age of 16. He developed his skills and trade to a level which exceeded customer expectations. In early 2010, James decided to form his own roofing company and provide a standard of roofing which is rarely seen in the South East of England. The company specialises in many roofing products and materials, including single layer polymeric roofing mebranes, such as Alwitra and Exteva, Green roofs, Brown Roofs, Sedum, Solar Photo Voltaic and more traditional roofing work, including Slate, Lead, Tiles and all aspects of UPVC work. The following pages in this booklet are examples of the fine work that J.H. Specialist Roofing has completed for its clients.

Raynes Park (Before)

St. Johns Wood

Raynes Park (After)

J.H. Specialist RoofingLimited



J.H. Specialist Roofing has a long and trusted relationship with Mick Smith, Technical Sales Advisor for International Construction Bureau (ICB) in London. They have produced many high quality finishes using this product which is demonstrated in the gallery below.


East Horsley



Lead Roofing is one of the oldest and most durable building materials. Lead has been known to last for more than 500 years. Lead is the most recycled and recovered building material in use today. It will last longer and age more beautifully than any of its synthetically produced substitutes. J.H. Specialist Roofing has experineced workers with years of expertise in lead roofing. James says,“I only hire and employ the very best lead worker so that the standards of J.H. Specialist Roofing are at the forefront of roofing professionalism in the UK.�

De Beauvoir Rd

De Beauvoir Rd

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Salcott Rd

J.H. Specialist RoofingLimited

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