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Hotel Concept Marcus

Hello all! Today we have opened “New Nordic VIP-5 Condominium, Hotel Concept Marcus�. We got customers in the first 3 rooms already yesterday, and we expect more in the days to come. On Saturday from 14.00 we will have a combined opening party and celebrate Norways national day. We welcome all to come and see, and apartment 107 (first on the right hand side from Reception) will be keept open all day from 09.00 to 18.00 for all to see. This is a studio, in all the Hotel we totally have 71 units from 30 to 175 sq/m. Plus 2 shops, restaurant, and 2 bars to open during May/ June 2014. Regards Kurt Svendheim, CEO New Nordic, Pattaya/ Jomtien i Thailand.

Hotel Manager and his staff are in place

The restaurant New`s Cafe

Pew Fashion Shop

Reception Hotel Concept Marcus

Studio Room 102

The building is looking great

Hotel Concept Marcus looks good from all angels

Geat swimming Poll and Garden aerea

New Nordic Hotel Concept Marcus