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schafft damit aber nur den Versuchsaufbau für den eigentlichen Dreischritt des diagrammatischen Denkens, der nun dem Leser offensteht:

2nd, Upon scrutiny of this diagram, the mind is led to suspect that the sort of information sought may be discovered, by modifying the diagram in a certain way. This experiment is tried. 3rd, The results of the experiment are carefully observed. This is genuine experiential observation, even though the diagram exists in the imagination, for after it has once been created, though the reasoner has power to change it, he has no power to make the creation already past and done diffe ent from what it is. It is, therefore, just as real an object as if it were drawn on paper. Included in this observation is the analysis of what is seen and the representation of it in general language. What is so observed is a new relation between the parts of the diagram not mentioned in the precept by which it was constructed. 4th, By repeating the experiment, or by the similarity of the experiment to many others which have often been repeated without varying the result, the reasoner infers inductively, with a degree of probability practically amounting to certainty, that every diagram constructed according to the same precept would present the same relation of parts which has been observed in the diagram experimented upon.62 Das Diagramm ermöglicht also dem Leser, in einem zweiten Schritt mit dem Diagramm zu experimentieren. Dieser Schritt entspricht dem logischen Schluss der Abduktion, welche die für das Experiment nötige Hypothese generiert. Ein diagrammatisches Experiment durchzuführen kann dabei Verschiedenes bedeuten: Auch wenn die Hemmschwelle bei

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62 Peirce: NEM, 4:275f.