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May / June 2014

St Peter’s Church, Elworth

Welcome Welcome to the May/June edition of Speak magazine. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! If you are a fan of ‘Call the Midwife’, we have a very interesting article on pages 8 and 9 you should read. We have a lots of diary dates for you to jot down on your calendar. Don’t forget about Warmingham Wakes coming up on the 3rd May! Bethany Jones Editor

Vision statement We are committed in love to worshipping God: • • • •

By proclaiming the Gospel in word and action By encouraging growth By serving others By leading people into a personal relationship with Jesus.

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Monday 2nd June 2014

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David’s page… The challenge of change We live in a world today which seems to be changing at an ever faster pace. Not just the passing of the seasons and the years, but also our use of language, time, our morality and our understanding of the world we live in. The question is, do we realise the impact of these changes? Most of the changes we see around us are forced upon us and we feel obliged to accept them. Indeed, we are often made to feel inadequate or chastised if we stand against them. Yes, change is necessary for growth and development, but is all change good? Amongst all the flux of the world, one thing is unchanging and that is God, and if God is unchanging so is His gospel message to us. But even we, twenty first century, enlightened, “good” people are tempted to change that which John in the last book of the Bible warns us not to change. “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.” Revelation 22 : 18 -19 So why does John give us such a strong warning not to meddle with the teaching of God? Why, because it is Good News. God has chosen to reach out to us even when we have turned our back on Him. The Easter events don’t make us self righteous but call us to trust the God of grace who says walk with me wherever I go. In our recent study of the book of Galatians, we heard Paul say exactly the same thing as John recorded in those verses. All you need is Jesus (not love as the mantra of the 1960’s proclaimed). Trust in His saving act on he cross and His promise, evidenced in the resurrection, of eternal life. Subtracting the divinity or humanity of Jesus, or adding extra demands, changes and destroys the message of Jesus. That is the warning of both Paul and John. 3

David’s page cont’d…

W h at ’s o n …

Whether we think a mac is a coat or a computer, whether we prefer traditional hymns or modern songs in our worship, or whether we like sitting on pews or chairs in church, is all a matter of culture and history and is changeable. However, let us keep faithful to the God who does not change and whose message is the same forever. Let us obey His commands even when it leads us to be denigrated by the society that we live in. It might be tough but remember the promises of Jesus and the purpose of His mission. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3 : 16 “.....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10 : 10 In this ever changing world, trust the One who never changes.

Ti m e together An opportunity for any who have been bereaved to share

‘Soup and a Roll’ and a chat

Thursday 5th June 12.00noon – 2.00pm St Peter’s Church Hall 4

Wa r m i n g h a m Wa k e s 2 0 1 4 St Leonard’s Church Warmingham

Warmingham Wakes 2014 Saturday 3rd May from 2.00pm at Church House Farm, Warmingham (by kind permission of Mr J and Mrs E Richardson) The Wakes Queen’s Procession leaves the village hall at 1.45pm Opening Ceremony and Crowning 2.00pm The Famous Duck Race


Maypole Dancing performed by Warmingham School Children’s Fancy Dress Dog Show Stalls: Cakes, books, white elephant, tombola, plants, raffle and many more. Sideshows and rides. Delicious afternoon teas and refreshments, ice cream 5

W h at ’s o n . . .

invite you to

W h at ’s o n . . .

Sandbach Communicare Sandbach Communicare is a community based group that provides transport to the doctors and to hospital appointments in the local area, where the patient for a variety of reasons, cannot make their own way to that appointment. All appointments are arranged by Ashfields Primary Care Centre. We have been operating since 1984 and the operation is generally, self-funded, but we do rely on volunteers to provide their cars and their time to maintain the service. Volunteers costs are covered by Sandbach Communicare. If you feel that you can give approximately four hours every three weeks to help, we would be very pleased to hear from you. You need to own a reliable car with fully comprehensive insurance and have a wish to help people at their time of need. If you feel that you would like more details or would like to volunteer, please contact the secretary Roy Farley on 01270 759250 or email Thank you

Who let the Dads out? 10.00am till 12noon in St Peter’s Church Hall on Saturday 7th June Saturday 5th July Saturday 6th September Saturday 4th October 6

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Call the Midwife This TV programme has proved to be very popular and is based on the true story of Jennifer Worth. The BBC have been inundated with positive mail saying how moving people have found the story lines, with many men surprisingly admitting to not only watching it, but having been moved to tears at times. The programmes are based on Jennifer’s time as midwife in a poor area of East London and working with an order of nuns who were also midwives. Reading the books which the series is based on rather than just watching the TV programmes, Jennifer’s Christian faith becomes much clearer. Following her death in 2011, her family compiled a book (Letters to the Midwife) published this year (2014) of letters of appreciation sent in great volumes from people who had been so touched by her books and also extracts from her diary which are very interesting. Jennifer arrived at the fictious Nonnatus House (based on a real unnamed establishment) with little knowledge of the Christian Faith, and over the years as she worked alongside the nuns she saw the reality of their faith worked out in their lives. She formed an especially deep bond with Sister Julienne (in reality her name was Sister Jocelyn) and formed a lifelong friendship with her until Sister Jocelyn died many, many years later. The following is an extract from Jennifer’s diary from April 1959. In “Call the Midwife” Jennifer refers to a broken shoulder, which prevented her from taking her Part 2 midwifery exams. She had to take time off to recover and went to the Community of the Presentation in Folkestone, a nursing community, which took people for convalescence. Prior to going she said she felt an inner voice saying to her “Stop in this headlong flight of yours and think”. During this period and especially in Holy Week she had a profound spiritual experience which changed her whole life. She says in her diary: “My thoughts have led me thus far; I believe utterly in God, creator of all things and loving protector of all things. This must have consequence for the whole of life. At present I can do only do one thing - abandon and break up my old self and habits, and start again in a more Godly fashion. 8

Call the Midwife

For almost a week I was literally not responsible for my own actions. My mind and my soul were in turmoil. I had to get away, to be alone in order to think. I feel calmer now. Hours of solitary pondering have made me see just as clearly that a revelation is just the beginning. How did this all come about? First through prayer for light, then through logical thought (even female logic!). The Rector taught me to pray, and knowing my blindness I prayed for light. I received it like a glass of cold water hitting my face. I had to get away to nurse a far greater break than just my shoulder. Prayer and thought have shown me that there is only one possibility - to follow the way of Christ, who said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by me’ I know nothing. I must go right to the bottom to learn. How is it that I have come to all this at 23? Most people are 53, if at all, before they realise that the works of the world are empty nothingness if separated from God.” She writes later to Sister Jocelyn to say how her Aunt Doris had remarked how changed she was. She had a sort of peace about her, had become more ‘sensible’. She says “she did not realise that it was not me ‘growing into’ anything, but grace bestowed on me from without. It is acquired and retained by utter faith in and reliance upon God, and by prayer.” What a pity the BBC showed the really good stories, but missed the BEST story.


Fo c u s o n …

Over Holy week I was shaken to my rather shaky foundations. As clear as daylight shone for me the eternal truth that there is but one God, the almighty creator, the only reality and that Christ is the son of God. I have never been so shaken. As though it were written in great letters across the sky I can see that there is no life outside God.

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Vty° a warm and friendly welcome is assured The Coffee Stop Café is open on Friday mornings, 9.00am - 12noon, in St Peter’s Church Hall. The café offers excellent value for money with toast and toasted teacakes also available. Warm drinks, juice, children’s drinks and sweet treats. It also offers a warm friendly welcome from its volunteer staff, so why not give it a try? 10

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Thursday 5th June Time Together 12noon—2.00pm St Peter’s Church Hall

Saturday 7th June Who let the Dads out? 10.00am—12noon St Peter’s Church Hall

Sunday 29th June Junior Church Celebration 10.30am St Peter’s Church Hall

Saturday 5th July Who let the Dads out? 10.00am—12noon St Peter’s Church Hall

Saturday 6th September Who let the Dads out? 12noon — 2.00pm St Peter’s Church Hall

Sunday 7th September Commissioning Service 10.30am St Peter’s Church

Saturday 13th September Last Night of the Proms Time TBC St Peter’s Church Hall

Sunday 28th September Harvest

Saturday 4th October Who let the Dads out? 12noon — 2.00pm St Peter’s Church Hall

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Sunday 2nd November Shoebox Sunday

Sunday 14h December Junior Church Nativity 10.30am St Peter’s Church Hall

Sunday 21st December Carol Service 6.30pm St Peter’s Church


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