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St Peter’s Church, Elworth

Welcome Welcome to the January/February edition of Speak magazine. Hope everyone had a very happy start the New Year! 2014 is going to be a very busy year for the church. We have lots of events coming up for all, so make sure you have your diary handy and make sure you get involved in everything you can. Bethany Jones Editor

Vision statement We are committed in love to worshipping God: • • • •

By proclaiming the Gospel in word and action By encouraging growth By serving others By leading people into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Contact Vicar:

Revd David Page

01270 762415

Church Office:

01270 762213

Magazine deadline March/April 2014 edition

10th February 2014

We welcome your submissions for inclusion in the magazine. Please ensure that material is preferably emailed to or dropped in to the church office. Thank you. 2

David’s page… One Gospel for all Paul’s letter to the Galatians in the New Testament is an explosion of freedom and joy which describes the life of blessing that God calls His people into. It shows us how we can find deep significance, security and satisfaction in a hostile and destructive world. How does Paul do this? He does it by bringing us face to face with the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus, the Saviour. It is frequently thought in church circles, that “the Gospel” is something for those who are not yet Christians. We see it as a basic set of statements by which someone enters the Kingdom of God. We often think that once we have become a Christian, we don’t need to hear or to study or to understand the Gospel – we need more “upgraded” resourcing. But in the six chapters of Galatians, Paul highlights a bombshell truth. The Gospel is all that we need for the Christian life. Yes, it is the way to enter the Kingdom of God, but it is also the way that we live for Jesus in His kingdom. The Gospel changes and continues to transform us, into being communities, churches and people of Jesus. In the New Year, the book of Galatians is going to be at the centre of our study in church (at the morning services) and in our home groups during the week. We will see Paul demonstrating to the new Christians in Galatia, and to us, that the spiritual problem is not only caused by failing to be obedient to God, but also by relying on our obedience to Him. Paul declares to them and to us that all that is needed is the Gospel of God’s undeserved favour through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. That the problems of life are not solved by being “better Christians” but by just living out the implications of the Gospel. Paul claims that the Gospel is just as much for those who have followed Jesus for many years as for as those taking their first steps on the journey of faith. Quite simply, Paul’s message is that we are more wicked than we ever dared believe, but more loved and accepted in Jesus than we could ever dare to hope. It is because of this Gospel that our lives are radically changed. It isn’t because we do good things that God loves us. He just loves us and wants us to do good things, not to earn our way into His kingdom, but to demonstrate that we are in His kingdom. “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5 : 1 Come along with us over the next few months and let the Gospel explode into your life and set you free. 3


W h at ’s o n …

The Christingle service is always special and is a lovely way to raise money for The Children’s Society. Last year a total of £1.2 million raised through Christingle services directly helped over 30,000 vulnerable children. But the service is extra special because it tells the story of Jesus as the Light of the World. The orange represents our world. The red ribbon shows us God’s love wrapped around the world and represents the blood of Christ shed on the cross. The sweets and fruit represent all the good things God has given us And the lighted candle shows us that Jesus is the Light of the World, bringing hope to people living in darkness. Through Christingle we can share God’s love and shine light into thousands of children’s lives.

Drivers needed Could you spare 1 or 2 hours once a week or fortnight?

Sandbach Communicare needs volunteer drivers to take people to Ashfields Surgery and local hospitals. If you can help please contact either Roy - 759250, Joyce - 763527 or Ann - 765223. Thank you 4

Ti m e t o g e t h e r An opportunity for any who have been bereaved to share ‘Soup and a Roll’ and a chat

12.00noon – 2.00pm St Peter’s Church Hall

Parish cycle of Prayer From January 2014, the monthly Prayer Diary will be replaced by a Parish Cycle of Prayer which can be used through a month and over a year. This is designed to help us as a church pray for the needs of the church and the parish together as the Body of Christ in this place. Also we hope to pray for the parish street by street, so look out in the weekly notice sheet for the names of the streets we are covering in prayer that week. The weekly sheet is also a great source of material for our prayers for the groups and special events that are taking place that week. So make 2014 a year to really reach out into our community with the Christian message of love and salvation for all. 5

W h at ’s o n . . .

Thursday 6th February

Children and Families Outreach Project

W h at ’s o n . . .

Messy Christmas

Can I begin this article by thanking the church family for their prayers and support with the children and families ministry over the past couple of months? We have been really blessed by the response of local people to the events on offer. On Saturday 30th November we welcomed ninety seven people to ‘Messy Christmas.’ Most of the Church Hall building was used in some way to accommodate a variety of activities from den building and ice sculptures to nativity puppets, Christmas decorations and a sing and share session for our babies and toddlers. The theme of Messy Christmas was Jesus’ birth and we thought about what it would have been like to have been born in a borrowed stable. We were challenged to think about the very difficult problem of homelessness today and people were invited to take a Children Society Christmas Candle to support the work of that charity. The whole thrust of Messy Christmas was to welcome the church family and families who might not come along on a Sunday to a time of worship and hospitality and our caterers did us proud with a delicious bangers and mash tea which everyone enjoyed and shared in. Our next Messy Church will be on Saturday 22nd March 2014 from 3.00pm – 5.30pm so please put this date in your diaries and come along if you can. If you can offer help in any way with our next event, please get in touch on 01270 768178. 6


We now have a regular group of children who come along every week to share in bible stories and related activities, songs and general fun. Most weeks, we have between forty-five and fifty children. I think this number truly demonstrates the need for this work at St Peter’s. Our theme over the past term has been preparing for Jesus’ birth and our stories and activities have reflected that theme. The Christmas party was tremendous fun. We shared in lots of party games and food and I think the children (and helpers) went home even more tired than they usually are after Xplore. Please continue to pray for the Children and Families work. These children are our future and we pray that they will rely on our Lord Jesus to take them through all the challenges that they face in life as they grow and develop into adults. One final word: Please look out for ‘Who Let the Dads Out?’ in February and March 2014 and please pray for our Holiday Club which is from Monday 14th – Friday 18th April. Cathryn Houghton 7

W h at ’s o n . . .

A quick update now on the progress of our Children’s Club, Xplore (a club on Fridays from 6.30pm — 7.45pm for primary aged children).

Who let the Dads out?

W h at ’s o n . . .

‘Who Let the Dads Out?’ is a church run parent and toddler group for dads / grandads / male carers and their children. Here are a few facts:⇒ Churches need to find new ways to reach the male population. Research suggests that if the male in a family engages with the church, the rest of the family is more likely to attend with him. ⇒

Family life can be strengthened through attending WLTDO? If a father engages in parenting, they are more likely to engage better with their partner.

Communities can be invigorated because men attending can develop a stronger network of friends within the local area, this helps in binding the community together.

Encourages the Christian faith to be passed from one generation to the next – the church can engage with fathers and can encourage them to explore faith issues.


Who let the Dads out?

Runs once a month on a Saturday morning.

A two hour session.

A relaxed welcome including tea/coffee and bacon butties and juice/snack for the children.

Age appropriate activities/toys for the children.

A craft activity.

Story or song time.

‘Who Let the Dads Out?’ needs: ⇒ A core team of approximately four people, preferably men. This would include: a welcome at the door, a mixer to circulate and chat, an activity leader to lead the craft / other activity and a cook to provide the refreshments. ⇒

Lots of toys

A leadership team who spend time listening to God, reflecting on the needs of the local community and communicating and liaising with the wider church family.

To be recognised and supported as a core ministry of the church by both the leadership and wider church family.

Please pray that our church dads/granddads/male carers will come forward to serve in this ministry which begins in February. 9

W h at ’s o n . . .

A typical ‘Who Let the Dads Out?’ group might look like this: ⇒ For dads / grandads / male carers and their pre-school age children.

Fo c u s o n … B a p t i s m

Great News is worth celebrating One of the most brilliant things which can happen to a family is the arrival of a child. From the beginning family and friends want to offer the child the best of everything in life. St Peter’s Church is also committed to help celebrate good news. Thanksgiving: saying ‘thank you…’ When faced with the wonder of a newborn baby, most new parents talk about having a strong desire to say thank you to God, for the privilege of parenthood. We include within a service the opportunity to give thanks to God, to name the child and to pray for the family. This can be a very special time, and is a good opportunity to come to church as a family, perhaps for the first time! Our expectation is that Thanksgiving is the start of a journey for the child, and our hope is that families will choose to attend regularly to ensure that the child will learn how to follow Jesus all of his or her life. Some parents choose a Thanksgiving, in the full knowledge that at some time in the future, their child will choose to be baptised as an independent sign of their commitment to Jesus, others may want to explore the possibility of Baptism for their child and we will gladly help them to do this. Preparing for Baptism… The baptism service involves making a public declaration of faith in Jesus Christ and a life-long commitment to God either for ourselves or for children who are too young to make the promises themselves. These promises must not be made lightly, so we offer help and guidance for parents and others to think about what this means. To help we offer an opportunity to do either of our short courses, START or Christianity Explained both of which are 6 sessions, which can take place once a week over a 6 – 8 week period. 10

Dates for Baptism Preparation this year will be as follows : 15th January 11th June 1st October -

26th February 16th July 12th November

Experience suggests that when both parents attend together they find the preparation most helpful. As a Church if we are to be faithful to the Bible, baptism is in principle to be for families where the Christian message is being received and those receiving it are active in prayer, committed to a personal relationship with Jesus and part of the life of the Church. Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28 : 19 - 20 Baptism: saying ‘I promise….’ Parents come to us asking ‘can I have my child christened?’ or baptised, which is the same thing. At the heart of a child’s baptism is the commitment of parents and godparents to put God at the centre of their child's life, and at the centre of their own lives. Baptism makes very big demands on those who are given responsibility for the child, because they are making declarations and promises about a commitment to God, building a relationship with Jesus and a faithfulness in the life of the church. No one is expected to make these promises without very careful consideration and prayer and the prayerful support of the Church Family. Michelle Walker 11

Fo c u s o n … B a p t i s m

During the course we will look at basic issues of life and faith, and think more about Jesus and what it means to follow him. We think this is immensely important, and so ask that parents make this a commitment.

Book review How to Pray by R.A Torrey Reviewed by Norma Chapman

C h u rch l i f e

This small book (94 pages) is regarded as a Christian Classic and has been in print for over 100 years. Torrey recognises that, like the disciples, we need help and guidance in learning how to go deeper into our relationship in prayer with God. The following is an extract from his book from the chapter ‘Abiding in Christ’. John 15v7 ‘If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you will and it shall be done for you’. Here he says is the essence of prayer. Not that God is a type of Santa Claus willing to grant our every whim, but by applying both parts of the verse we find the right way to pray in God’s will. Firstly ‘If you abide in me’. Jesus had just been comparing himself to a vine, His disciples as the branches. Those that remained in living union with the vine so that the sap or life flowed through them remained in living union with the vine. Their buds, leaves, blossoms and fruit were not theirs, but that of the vine. But other branches that were broken, or completely severed from the vine did not have the life or sap flowing through them and died or shriveled up. To ‘abide in Him’ is to be constantly looking to Him for the inflow of His life in us, and the outworking of His life through us, thinking His thoughts, feeling His emotions and forming His purposes in us. When we do this, and in so far as we do this, our prayers will obtain that which we seek from God. When our prayers fail it is because they are indeed our prayers. We have conceived the desire and framed the petition ourselves instead of looking to Christ to pray through us. But there is a second condition stated in this verse, though it is really involved in the first: “And my words abide in you” If we are to obtain from God all that we ask from Him, Christ’s words must abide or continue in us. We must study his words, fairly devour his words, let them sink into our thought and into our heart, keep them in our memory, obey them constantly in our life, let them shape and mould our daily life and our every act. It is in vain to expect power in prayer unless we meditate much on the words of Christ and let them sink deep and find a permanent abode in our hearts. They will be the mould in which our prayers are shaped, and our prayers will be necessarily along the line of God’s will. He emphasises that this is not merely intellectual study of the Word of God, but meditation upon it looking constantly to God by His Spirit to make that Word a living thing. The Word of God is the instrument through which the Holy Spirit works, it is the sword of the Spirit in more senses than one. This inspirational book is from a series of Christian Classics priced at just £1 obtainable from Christian Bookshops. Other chapters include: The importance of prayer, hindrances to prayer, when to pray, and praying for revival.


Church speak 4. Holy Communion

There’s Confession, as we admit our unworthiness; Absolution as we are assured God forgives or absolves our sin; a ‘Collect’, a prayer appointed for the Sunday which collects a theme together, perhaps of the season, like Christmas or Easter. We declare our faith together in a ‘Creed’, from the Latin ‘credo’, ‘I believe’. Central to Holy Communion is the ‘Prayer of Consecration’ (Prayer Book), or ‘Eucharistic Prayer’ (Common Worship), in which we remember Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, recall his instruction and offer our thanks and praise. Eucharistic comes, this time from the Greek ‘eucharisto’, ‘I thank’. At major Christian festivals a ‘Proper Preface’ may be inserted which expands on the event in Jesus’ life we are commemorating. The Revised Common ‘Lectionary’ (reading list) provides a three-year cycle of the most important Bible passages, and is shared by Churches of many traditions across the world including Anglicans, Methodists and Roman Catholics. A Lectionary reading is usually used at Ettiley Heath, and forms a kind of ‘default’ position at St Peter’s when we’re not following our own sermon series. Andrew Bailey


C h u rch l i f e

Of the two Sacraments we considered last time, Holy Communion has its own store of Church speak! Whether from the old Prayer Book or contemporary Common Worship, Communion has standard elements.

The Foyer Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10.00am - 11.30am

C h u rch l i f e

Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate — 50p There are magazines and leaflets available for you to look through or to take away. FairTrade goods are available for purchase, our receptionists are happy to help if you have any queries about these, or anything else that happens throughout the week.

Coffee Stop

Vty° a warm and friendly welcome is assured The Coffee Stop Café is open on Friday mornings, 9.00am - 12noon, in St Peter’s Church Hall. The café offers excellent value for money with toast and toasted teacakes also available. Warm drinks, juice, children’s drinks and sweet treats. It also offers a warm friendly welcome from its volunteer staff, so why not give it a try? 14

Do your shopping online and raise funds for St Peter's!

You can access many well known High Street names through easyfundraising, and when you make a purchase, the retailer pays a donation to St Peter's. It’s that simple!

Feel like you’re drowning in debt? Call Lifeline Debt Advice and let them be your lifeline... Has the ‘credit crunch’ had an impact on your finances? Are you struggling to balance the budget each month? Many people are tempted to ignore the bills and final demands which drop with increasing regularity through the letterbox, hoping that the problem will go away. Unfortunately all too often it doesn’t and the situation soon becomes unmanageable.

Lifeline Debt Advice has trained advisers who operate out of the Wesley Centre in Sandbach. Our aim is to help anyone who has money or debt problems and the service is totally free and confidential. Consumer Credit Licence No: 618245/1

If you are in need of help please call us on

01270 750358 to arrange an appointment.

(If no-one answers leave a message and we will get back to you.)


C h u rch l i f e

Visit and select ‘St Peter's Church, Elworth’ as your favourite cause.

Small Groups

C h u rch l i f e

Small Groups provide an opportunity for people to make friends, grow in their faith and discuss life together in a smaller setting than the Sunday Service. They are informal, friendly and supportive, providing an ideal setting in which to meet new people. Groups run throughout the week. For further details contact the Church Office on 01270 762213

How you can make lasting difference to the work of the Church A gift in your will can help not only this church, but the Church in general in its work in our community and nation - and transform its future. Many of us give a proportion of our income to support the church every week. But we are stewards of everything we own, not just our income. Writing a will helps to secure the future of the people you love. Leaving a gift in your will helps to secure the future of the church. This could help with repairs or alterations, work with young people, running courses, reaching out to elderly people, perhaps even funding a youth worker or missioner. A gift could be for general use or for a specific project. The Diocese has provided some useful leaflets which are available at the back of church on this subject of giving through legacies for those who are interested. Also you can contact

Norma Chapman 16

Holidays 2014

Whether on holiday at home or abroad it can be enriching to worship with local Christians. The Intercontinental Church Society (ICS) is an Anglican mission agency which sends chaplains to churches in Europe, North Africa and South America, and supports them in their ministry. The current edition of ICS’s Directory of English-speaking Churches Abroad lists such churches of Protestant traditions from China to Chile, and India to Iran, with times of services and contact details. It’s available for people to borrow from the table in the hall. Here in Britain Journeying is a small Christian company which arranges inexpensive holidays for couples and singles to explore more remote areas of the UK, often with some Celtic Christian origins. Scargill House is a holiday/conference centre in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales run by a volunteer Christian community. Scargill provides themed house-parties, and holiday weeks for families with activities for children and young people.

Andrew Bailey 17

C h u rch l i f e

Planned a holiday this year? Among a bewildering choice there are many Christian holidays available. If you’re thinking of investigating the origins of our faith, McCabe Pilgrimages and Worldwide Christian Travel are two companies which specialise in tours of the Holy Land and other Bible lands, with options of meeting local Christians.

C h u rch d i a r y

Monday 6th January 2014 Epiphany Service 7.30pm Church

Sunday 26th January 2014 Christingle 10.30am Church Hall

Saturday 1st February Who let the Dads out?

Monday 3rd February Prayer Meeting 8.00pm Church Hall

Thursday 6th February Time Together 12noon—2.00pm Church Hall

Saturday 1st March Who let the Dads out?

Saturday 22nd March Messy Church 3.00—5.30pm Church Hall

Monday 14th — Thursday 17th April Holiday Club

Sunday 27th April 2014 Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) Church Hall

You can now like us on Facebook, just search for ‘St Peter’s Church, Elworth’ For more information, please speak to Bethany Jones 18

From the registers We celebrate the marriage of: Robert Johnson and Pamela Baranowski We join in sadness with the families of the late: Stephen Beardmore; Frank Collister; Robert Cooper; Jean Darby; Basil Morgan; Irene Peers; Matthew Stephenson; Derek Trump

Opening times St Peter’s Church is open every Tuesday morning between 10.00am and 11.00am for prayer and reflection. In addition to the regular Tuesday mornings, it will also be open when events, either local or national, lead to a need for quiet contemplation and prayer.

Junior church Junior Church runs concurrently with the 10.30am service at St Peter’s and is for 3 to 14 year olds, split into various groups: Lego (3 to 6 years) Adventurers (7 to 11 years) Youth Church (11 to 14 years)

Editorial disclaimer Whilst every care has been taken in the compilation of this magazine, we cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. The Editors are responsible for content selection and reserve the right to amend articles and withhold items as deemed necessary. Articles submitted after the deadline date may not be included in that edition of the magazine and the Editors’ decision is final. Should you have any concerns regarding the content in the magazine or wish to submit an article for inclusion, please contact us by email on or phone the Church Office on 01270 762213. Bethany Jones and Diane Noble, Editors

St Peter’s PCC, Elworth - Registered Charity Number 1130803 19

Sunday services for January and February 9.00am St Peter’s

10.30am St Peter’s

10.30am Ettiley Heath

6.30pm St Peter’s

5th January

Holy Communion

All Age Worship

All Age Service

Evening Prayer

12th January

Holy Communion

Holy Communion

All Age Service

Evening Prayer

19th January

Holy Communion

Morning Worship

All Age Holy Communion

Evening Prayer

26th January

Morning Prayer

All Age Christingle Service

All Age Service

Holy Communion

2nd February

Holy Communion

Holy Communion

All Age Service

Evening Prayer

9th February

Holy Communion

Morning Worship

All Age Service

Evening Prayer

16th February

Holy Communion

Morning Worship

All Age Holy Communion

Evening Prayer

23rd February

Morning Prayer

All Age Worship

All Age Service

Holy Communion


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