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Glimpses of Life by Björn T. Prehna

Episode I -

“Golden Fields of Summer“ My face was warm; golden light streaming out from the distance, tickling in a gentle touch along my cheek. It seemed as if years had passed since the amber hue had least been wrapped around my body, soothing heat beating out from beneath the solemn weight against my heaving chest.

„Daddy?“ „Mmmhh?“

Slowly, ever so slowly, I let my face sink down to the familiar sight of the fluffy flock of caramel coloured hair, a slightest shimmer of gold and bronze hidden deep beneath the facets of an illuminated halo. Under my joy-leaden eyes I saw her turn, her head tilted in the slightest fragment of solemn motion, until her gazes were straight, wistfully looking up at me from under the rim of her softly woven strands; two deep oceans of sparkling light and joyful curiosity.

“They are almost done, right?”

I looked up from her comfortable pressing gazes, the sight of life, her little, fragile frame safely tugged on my lap, with the squealing linoleum and the flowing flocks of settling dusts on the floor around us; illuminated by golden shine. They would be finished soon enough, warmth radiating at our faces with every passing shard of time; we just sat there in silent consent, watching them change. Through the small window we saw them, a little family of many, turning from their ordinarily dull facade magically into the homely drapery of gold. I dropped my eyes back down onto her neat, bronze hair, feeling the urgent excitement seeping from her every inch. For her this was nothing but a fun moment, probably nothing she would hold on to as overly special in the years to come, but for me the sight of amber shimmer and light brought back savoured, untouched memories. I could remember the golden haze of barley in the summer, a light breeze seeping through the endless sea of liquid sunshine, reaching so far that the burning ruby sky was gently caressing along its rims. There had been the sound of cheerful laughter, of two sets of light feet running through the golden maze with the wind gently blowing all around. And there had been warmth; peacefulness hidden behind a set of deep auburn orbs, shining even brighter than the light of the tiring sun. I could remember the small smiles, the unsaid words flowing through the vast straws, promises and wishes uttered to the breeze from between a sea of never-ending fire, as the wind had carried unheard sounds deeper within its swirling, golden depths. She moved a little on my lap, her head pressing ever so slightly further towards the soothing, amber light, that radiant spring of homely warmth. I could smell them now, could take in their sweet, dream-catching flavour of warmly shining memories. We were almost finished.

A little chuckle cut the awe of summer-driven haze. I turned my head and saw Her strolling into the little room, the same pair of auburn eyes I had looked into beneath the haze, mirrors of the ones starring dreamily from atop my lap. Their shine hadn’t changed, not even the sunlit glimmer had been swept from their depths throughout the years. She sat down next to us in the wide, golden shine of our little room, her eyes slowly lowering to meet us, with that hidden, unspoken laughter and the image of a small but burning smile tucked on her lips. I could feel her rest against my side; take in the warmth and happiness seeping out from everywhere as the three of us looked on in awe as the golden smell took hold in every moment. Those were the Golden Fields of Summer that laid spread out beneath my feet; filled with the sound of rushing, lightweight steps and the melody of joyous laughter. A never-ending sea of growing warmth flowing out into eternity and at the very end, in the far off golden haze of autumn I could see the sun gently embracing its earthbound, hidden smile.

Glimpses of Life - Episode 1 - Golden Fields of Summer  

The first entry in the "Glimpses of Life" series. Many more to come. If you want to read other works by this author, check out: http://www.l...

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