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ATTENTION B.E.S.T. Parents •

Welcome to the 20th Year of BEST Shooting School.

Shooting developmental drills, classroom management, and individual improvement expectations are being elevated every year!

Please note the rules of BEST and communicate with your child the importance: o Eye-ball the instructor during all fundamental teaching segments. o Absolutely no “non-basketball” talk is allowed during a BEST session. o No walking is allowed during a BEST session—game speed urgency is required.

We strongly encourage parent visitation if your schedule allows for any or all BEST sessions.

If you have a conflict with your scheduled BEST session you are encouraged to attend another site. (Please visit the courses page to see the summer schedule.)

Shot goals (3,000 by session four, 5,000 by session 6) must be met to earn the BEST t-shirt.

T-shirt registration will take place during session four. If you miss this session PLEASE email your instructor sometime during that week so a t-shirt can be ordered.

Students are expected to bring the Training Booklet to every BEST session.

Shooting workouts will be assigned after every BEST session. We want the students to stay on pace for the shot goals. If your child is unable to reach the shot goal by the desired date (other camps or family vacations) a parent can sign for the t-shirt and monitor the completion of the goal.

Please email or call your instructor with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your participation in the BEST program. We promise to work extremely hard to make this summer the BEST yet in the skill development of each participant’s game.

BEST Shooting School Class Materials  

BJ Mulder's BEST Shooting School Class Materials for 2013 Summer Courses.