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Niphot Chooswadichai 5207640045 At first I tried to do solo project about old people and take a photo in the almshouse because my house nears Bangkhae Home Foundation. In the beginning I decided to take photo of old people in the city.

But after I took photos of old people, I found these kids so I decided to take their photo too.

After I looked at this picture [3 kids], it influences me to change the topic to “poor kids and rich kids�, so I went to Slum at Khlong Toei to take more pictures of these kids.

I quite enjoy taking photo of these kids. In the next day, I went to a park near Jatujak market.

At the next class I show the picture to Ajan Piyatat, and he said that I have to take a lot more photo in order to get a good grade. I think that this topic might take too much time because I also have project from other subject and also final exam. So I rethink and noticed that not a lot of people thinking of going to a park, which I think that it quite a shame because for me the park is a very interesting place. Also there are lots of activities that you can do there. So I choose to do topic about park.

After I have been to many parks, I can feel that I got many things back from those places. For example, I got new friends and times to rest my mind. [Some snapshot during the project.]

This project gave me a lot of patient and effort. It takes me to the place that I’m not normally go. After I finished my project I looked at it and proud of myself. If I get the low grade I won’t regret.

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The feeling while I doing the solo project

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